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Y t
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Chicago Jan The railroads ol
the United States constructed a tola
of 3748 miles of new lines durinG
the proeentyear which la i niv Increas
of 534 miles when romp ed with
the previous year With the excep
tion of 1908 the present year bas
nroved the lightest twelvemonth
period eo far as new railroad con
ft ruction It i concerned in elgfa
The record of construction MOws
clearly that the railroads built only
such lines as they were compelled tc
build through business expediency
TUoet of the mileage was constructed
Into new territory which was demand
Ing traffic facilities A large portlor
> of the new construction was In the
Pacific northwest where the Harri
man the Hill and tho St Paul Inter
ests engaged In competitive occupa
Hon of new territory
Tajter Currency Is Xot New Idea
Paper monty properly guaran
tredIs now generally recognize
throughout the world as the inost eat
lefactory and convenient form of cur
rency It Is not however as Is I very
generally supposed a comparatively
modern Idea says Harpers Weekly
The celebrated traveler Marc <
Polo of Venice was the first pewoi
to announce to Europe the cxlrtenci
of paper money la China under l thc <
Moguls It was subsequentl Intro
duced by the Moguls Into Persia
where their notes wore called djaou
or djaw a word evidently doritet
from the Chinese word schalo elgjnl
fylng a wont of specie
f The fact of the Moguls hevlnc In
China and Persia made use of paper
money has induced the belief that
they were the originators of It Eui
In the history of Tchlnghtzkham qnc
ot the Mcnul dynast In China pub
lished In tho year 1739 the authOr
speaks of the suppression of the
paper money which was la i use under
the dynasty of the Soung who reigned
In China previous to the Moguls and
he also mentions a n4w species of
notee which Woro substituted for the
old In the year 1264
The average daily clearings of the
Xew York clearing house last yeai
amounted to 241413023
A Reliabl Remedy
Elys Cream Balm
li quickly abutted
Gitti Rtlitl ii 1 Ones
It cleanses soothes
deals and protects
lilA di mm
kane resulting from Catarrh and drives
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I Question of Irlccs However Is Etc 1
> meat That Clouds the
It l
iTho year 1910 opens auspiciously
There are many problems to bo solv
ed and many difficulties to bo over
I come but tho prevailing spirit Is 00
lOt optimism The main fact for all
observers to note Is l that the world
Is passing through one of those un
usual periods ot activity which come
at long intervals and which as yet
shows no symptoms of having ex
hausted itself
This forward movement In which
the United States leadIs world
wide and has now lasted consider
ably over a decade having been on
ly temporarily arrested by the panic
of 1907 It must he attributed to
many causes but chiefly to Inven
tion discovery exploitation of new
resources development of manufac
tures and political and social better
mnt generally In the field of elec
tricity remarkable advances have
been made during the last twenty
years affording industry a tremend
ous impetus and labor a much wider
and more profitable field of employ
ment The gasoline motor Is pro
ducing a revolution nQt merely In
the field of recreation but also In
the industrial sphere Many new
occupations have been created nnd
much new territory developed irri
gation Is accomplishing wonders
railroads and steamships are push
ing farther and farther Into the re
mote places of the earth telephones
and automobiles are eliminating
time and distance while wireless
telegraphy and aerial navigation
have already opened new and fascin
ating possibilities
In the social Scale the trend Is al
so forward Never was so much be
ing done in tho worlds history for
uplift of the working classes Hell
glon art and philanthropy are all
doing prodigious work for the moral
Intellectual and physical betterment
of the race Notwithstanding the
great amount of scandal exposed in
qur social political and business life
it is safe to say the moral standards
of tho country were never higher
than today and many of the prac
tices of a generation ago would not
be tolerated for a moment In these
times Consider the hundreds of
millions of dollars given annually
for philanthropy education and
scientific research the United States
leading tho world In this respect
Even our political life is being lifted
through exposure to a higher plane
than twenty years ago though this
may be difficult to bellovo when con
fronted by the dally details of poW
tical misdeeds spread broadcast
through the press and our muck
raking magazines But while moral
social and political forces have had
their share in uplifting the masses
nothing has accomplished more In
this respect than the persistent oper
ation of the laws of economics harsh
as they sometimes appear Oppor
tunity to work Is mans first require
ment No progress Is possible in
the face of misery and poverty and
all the better things In life are de
pendent upon a proper use of a well
earned prosperity Happily labor has
been in good demand the world over
for several years past and wages
have steadily risen In consequence
so that among workingmen the stan
dard of living was never so high as
today This Is not only a true sign
of progress but tho surest antidote
against discontent and socialism
Tho Outlook
While the outlook for 1910 as al
ready said is hopeful It Is I not with
out its perplexities Chief of these
S tho burning question of prices
The process of readjustment from a
low level to a higher one Is always
Inconvenient and sometimes painful
Thus far the benefits of the rise in
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Selection of ItCKUlntho Medicine
With advanced ago comes inactive
bowel movement and sluggish liver
Nature Is unable to perform her
proper functions and requires asslet
ance Otherwise there is constant
suffering from constipation and its
attendant evils Old folks should
never uso physic that Is harsh and
We huvo a safe dependable and
altogether Ideal remedy that Is par
ticularly adapted to tho requirements
of aged people and person of weak
constitution who puffer from consti
pation or other bowel disorder Wo
ire o certain that It will completely
relieve these complaints and give ab
solute aatisfactloa In every particular
that we offer thorn with our personal
suarantee that they shall cost the
ser nothing If they fall to substan
tiate our clalu > f This remedy JI i
called Retail Orflles
Rexall OrJcilIos are eaten like
candy They have n soothing heal
ing strengthening tonic and regula
the action upon tho dry mucous lin
ing and the relaxed muscular coat of
tho bowel They produce a natural
successive contraction and relaxation
at the muscular fibres of tho bowel
walls generating a wavelike motion
which forces tielr contents onward
and outwurd thus simulating nature
In perfect bowel movement They
tone up and strengthen the norves
and associate organs to more vigor
ous and healthy activity Thoy ma
o taken at any time without Incon
venience do not cause any griping
nausea flatulence or other disagree
able effect Try Rexall Orderlies on
our guarantee 30 tablets 25 cents
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ou can obtain Rexall Remedies In
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Rexall Store W B McPhereon
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values which has been going on since
1900 have been confined to compara
have had their full share many fr
tunes having been made by tile ad
vance in security values Our rail
roads and our great industrial plants
I ave been modified by the Increased
cost of doing business and by losses
Incurred during tho panic of 1907
Organized labor seems to have ob
In wages which was generally main
tained In spite of the panic two
years ago The Increased cost of
living about which so much com
plaint Is heard has somewhat modi
fied tho gains above mentioned but
labor generally Is well employed and
living upon a better scale than ten
or fifteen years ago Those who have
not benefited by tho advance In
prices are such as are dependent up
on fixed Incomes and the unorgan
ized classes of workers To these
the rise in values has often been a
positive hardship for it Imposed
either additional expenses or rigid
economies without offsetting gains
The process of readjustment to a
higher level Is still Incomplete and
the coming year Is likely to expert
I ence more or less unrest In conse
quence It may as well be admitted
that we are on a permanently higher
level and that the costs of doing
business will remain high for some
years to come
What aro V the causes of present
high prices This Is an exceedingly
complex question owing to the nu
merous elements which enter Into I
tho making of prices The gold sup
ply advance in land trusts tariffs
short crops trade activity currency
inflation growth of population
taxes extravagance etc all enter
Into the making of prices in varying r
degree Probably no single cause is
of greater Importance than the gold
supply the worlds product now
amounting to fully 442000000 I
against an average of J235000000 I
from 1896 to 1900 Many political I
economists lay much stress upon this I
fact giving It far greater promin
ence than any other but men In
close touch with practical affairs
recognize that supply and demand
Increased population the advance In
land and many other causes already
mentioned play a very Important
part It is selfevident that neither
cotton nor wheat nor wool would
have sold at recent high prices had
It not been for the scarcity of these
articles while It Is equally certain
that copper would be Belling at much
higher prices today were it not for
sversupply Nevertheleas the in
creased gold supply has unquestion
ably given the dollar less purchasing
values hence a permanent elevation
In I tho price leve of all commodities
The increase In the gold supply has
Jso been an important factor in ex
lanslon of credit which Is one of
the main stimulants to business ac
city As to the future course of
prices their trend promises to be up
ward until an increase In supplies I
produces reaction and the big prof
S which our western farmers have I
> 4en making for several years should
result In a much larger output from
the soil during the next few years
ufacluring will also be stlmu
ated b y present jqondltlpns and hjgu
prices must bo exnectcd until pro I
luctlon overtakes consumption
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When this hapens the cost of living
will decline a contingency which
may not bo so far distant as some
times appears In fact tho comln
year will probably show a decline
In the prices of food products under
an Increase of production
Our foreign trade has been In a I
very unsatisfactory condition during
the last cloven months There has
been an Increase of 332000000 In s
Imports and a decrease of 9000 I
000 In exports Tho excess of ex
ports In tho same period was only
219000000 against 559000000 f
a year ago This Is a complete re
versal of what Is usually considered I
a normal balance In our foreign comI I
merce High prices and anticipation I
of the tariff wore chiefly responsible I
for the Increase In Imports and dlI I
mlnuallon of experts The coming f
year should witness more normal I
movements and export should re I
gain their natural preponderance al
though with the Increase of popula
tion and development of manufac
tures we are likely to export limited I
quantities of Agricultural products
and Import large iiunntltlcs of raw
materials not produced In the Unit
ed States
Favorable Year
The year has been a favorable one
for the railroads Fortyfour roads
reported gross earnings of 618000
000 during eleven months of tho
year an Increase > f 67000000 or
nearly 10 per cent over the same
period the previous year This In
crease was no doubt partly due to
better rates as well as to an In
crease In tariff It Is 1 doubtful how
ever If the volume of traffic was
materially greater if as great as In
1907 As the railroads havenot yet
furnished statistics concerning ton
nage this last statement Is difficult
to verity although supported by
known facts It Is significant that
the tonnage passing through Sault
Ste Marie In the Orcnt Lakes dis
trict was C7895000 net tons for the
season of 1909 compared with 41
390000 tons In 1908 and 58217
000 tons In 1907 If the actual ton
nage passing through this great gate
way of commerce was less In 1909
than In 1907 and it ns Is known In
soma other particulars the volume of
commerce last year did not reach
the prepanlc level It Is hardly like
ly I that the railroads made any such
great Increase In the quantity ot trnf
Be as the Increaso In gross earnings
would Imply It must not bo forgot
ten that the tendency to measure
everything by present Inflated values
without regard to quantity Is mis
leading and that trade Is conse
quently not always as active as in
sometimes made to appear For in
stance bank clearings In the United
States amounted to 149762000
duo In the eleven months ending
November 30 against 11801600U
the same time last year hero is an
increase of liVer 2t per cent In tho
amount of clearings but no well
informed person supposes that our
trade hfifi been 30 1per cent greater
than Jatt year A turtber Illustra
tion Is found In the annual report
of the department of agriculture
Tho total farm value ot our CroN
this yqar Is tlnl ted at 8760000
000 ahuge and very flattering
araountraVd 1 iterVcnt more than
a year ago Out the total products
of our farms measured by quanti
ties showed no such gain Aatde
from tobacco and oats both of
whch wore b4g crops the yield was
generally moderate and only sllghtl
above last year Our corn crop In
creased 3 per cent wheat 10 per
rent rye was practically the same
barley Increicdf less than 2 per
cent potatoes decreased 07 per
cent hay decreased 8 per cent cot
ton decreased 25 per cent and In
farm animals there was an Increase
of only 05 per cent These figure
Iplalnl show that the present pros
perity of agricultural classes Is baited
much more upon high prices than
of Increased wealth The same ten
dency Is noticed In our foreign trade
exports usually showing a much
greater losa In quantity than In
value and tho Increase In Imports
often being more duo to tho rise In
prices than increase In quantity
Nevertheless the farmer Is I the basis I
pf our present prosperity Fortu
nately he has had another very prof
itable year and the result Is I an In
creased demand for all staple ar
ticles of merchandise and many
luxuries besides It Is time now that
ho devoted himself to Increasing his
product and maintaining his Income
by a larger output rather than by
oxhorbltant profits Ho Is the In
dlvldual who Is largely responsible
for tho present high cost of living
and every inducement Is l now offered
him to Increase his product Today
tho American farmer Is not doing hlef
full duty by his country
The most oxtraordlnary feature of
the year was the almost violent re
bound In Iron and steel In 1909
the output ot pig Iron was about 25
780000 tons compared with 15
036000 tons In 1908 and 25781
000 tons In 1907 This shows con
trary to general expectations that
the aggregate volume of business
was not much larger than two years
ago although present capacity Is con
slderably In excest havlng under
tone much recent enlargment so
that the outlook for 1910 Is for a
much larger production than the
above figures The new railroad con
struction amounted to only 3748
miles against 3214 miles In 1908
and 5212 miles In 1907 The out
put of cars and locomotives was only
slightly In excess of last year but
1910 will undoubtedly show a large
Increase The activity In building
absorbed largo quantities of stjruc
ural material the value of new
buildings planned for tho Borough
of Manhattan during the first eleven
months being 120000000 against
78000000 the year previous Oth
er liens of Industry have also been
more active tITan last year and yet
investigation shows that frequently
the volume Is only about propanic
level The cotton Industry was much
deranged by the rise In cotton but
upon the whole is enjoying a good
degree of prosperity Ml things
considered the Industrial situation la
sound satisfactory and promising
I A new tariff was enacted In Au
gust which though unsatisfactory
to a large portion of our people is
not UUsly to bo changed while busi
ness Is active When discontent
train develops then Wf may rxmet
n rpRiimntlon of tariff agitatIon Tho
for ft M Jf mulnll1 > injn p I
portant feclslonB tending to cheek
monopol4 notably tho Standard Oil
case ttu < financial circles havo fully
recovered from tho shocks thus
caused Centralization of financial
power has been altogether too rapid
such restraints
and tot great and rc
must be accepted ns wholesome even
If unpleasant Tit death of lIr
II unpiunoain
Hnrrlmnn removed 1 striking per
sonullty whose plans In this direct
Ion brilliant as they may have been
were often politically dangerous Und
economically unsound Manx of oui
federal and state legislators show a
hostility to corporations which Is 4
regrettable and not always Intelligent I
but tSU only bo aUrlI
gent > r just I
buted to the effect upon public opin
Ion of an ovrKraspIng financial C
lUlft v to whllll tllo tnstiltv will fbi I S
power financiers might
submit Our great
trouble In this direction
avoid much
It they would simply allow public
II iwj and 11ubllo welfare to tin amore
oplnlll1 the mak
Important factor In
more Ing of their future plans than they
hMO hitherto dQue HJ
taSirh2Srrttr markets exhibited re
mnrknble Our strength throughout the
stork having been plrslstont
year In an
held in strong hands often
ticipation of incfeascd dividends
Money was generally abundant but
the prospects are that 1910 will wit
firmer rates than 1909 Credit
sound though loans
have undergone great expansion
financial situation In this respect
HIP at
will bear watching A feature of
the remarkable Sloan
tho rtal year strength of the west and its
Inliellenlllnco oC tile east
for banking acllltllJl This 01
course Is due to tho continued pro
of that section ot thl coun
consequent increase In
and a
wealth It is a happy t1celopment
and will conduce to better feeling
understanding between
west The amount of
the cast and
failures during the year
business wu i only miOOOOOO compared
with 321000000 In 1908
Tho output of new securities In
heavy partly on
1909 was very
version account and additional large
offerings are In prospect In 1909 n
tho output was estimated at 1500
of about nO
000000 an
000000 over last year Dividend die
bursements In January are estimated
it over 202000000 against 182
000000 a year ago a number of
companies having resumed or in
creased their dividends
The tide Is rising strongly In tiltI I
direction of buslnws Improvement
infl aside from the usual reactions
which are always to be anticipated
1the 1
continued activity ThCl situation
hopeful Great Britain Is
abroad Is
more prosperous than a year ago IIII I
spite of her political troubles Frame
Ut rich and qulcscpnt Oermany is
making trtmondous strides Indus
trially having recovered from recent
depression and being fully prepared
to do her share of tho worlds work
Were Is not for the excessive bur
dens of mHltarlsm and socialism
Europe would bo In a better state
than for many years So far as the
Tnlted States Is concerned there Is
every reason for looking forward to
the now year In hopefulness
hopefulnossHNKY WS
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I a e S S
The tint month In the year has al
xays been a fateful r ono In English
ilstory but It began most specially to
recognized as such during tho
eign of Charles I It was on Jan
Jar 4 1G42 that tho attempt was
nude to arrest live member On
ho tenth of the month three years
nIne Archbishop lAud wee beheaded
and January 30 1G49 taw the kings
iwn head upon the block
There U probably no act of pants
ment whrh tins ever been tho caugo I
such amazing distensions and db >
ord os that which brought about the I
anIon < b tweeii Great Britain and
roland This came Into force upon
january 1 1801 H Was in tho satno
nonth that Richard Trovlthlck tho
ornfch invonlbr perfected tho first
team locomotive which over moved
ipon an English road
The great William Pitt the most
IlblO prime minister who ever con
trolled tho dcatmlc of the kingdom
awe Into office at Christmas 1783
md died tt January 1SOC Hit most
tval Charles James Fox bora In
lammo 1749 only survived Pitt six
One of the greatest boons that a
tation over revived from its govern
ment riis conferred upon Great
Irltan on January 1 1S40 namely
wnHj postage Adbwlvo rtampa bad
wen Inv nted by Mr Jsrnoc Chal
nets of Dundee SIX years provl
fjriy and IheMi superseded MuJ
readys envelope later In the seine
January has for a long time part
been n very notable month In the his
tory of tho IJrltlsh royal family On
January G 1858 the Princess Royal
was married to Prince Frederick Wil
liam of Prussia The Gorman kaiser
was born in January 1SC9
I Prince Henry of Hattouborgs death
occurred on January 20 1896 and
I tho duko Ot Tucks life came to alt
end on tho 2lit ot tho month 1901
One year later on January 22
1901 came tho end of the most
famous reign < In Kngllrii or nny other
I history Queen Victoria died at 030
on the fateful evening
I In the northern latitudes no nation
lights In winter If It can poselbly bo
avoided and yet January has cctni
somo of tho toughest struggles of
modern war January 1871 holds
the record for tierce lighting During
that month thoo were no fewer than
six terrific battle between the French
and the Germans The tart was Gen
oral Trochus grand sortie from Parly
which eiiied In hU defeat and In tho
extinction of thb last hopes of Paris
and her citizen
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