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t t e
Ticket Of flees I
City Office 428
e Kill ft Norton SU
r OfclOB 8UU0M
LT Paducah ee e 745 am
AT Jackson 1230 pm
Ar Nashville 130 11m
f Vr Memphis = > e 330 pm
llAr Hickman e r 135 pIn
Ar Chattanooga 927 pn
Lr Paducah 210 pm
Ar Nashville a tln 8C5 pm
Ar Memphis to > 840 pm
Ar Hickman 836 pm
Ar Chattanooga 0 244 am
Ar Jackson 735 pm
ArAtlanta 710 am
LV Paducah 600 pm
t pmt
t Ar Paris 9i5 pm
V Arrives 126 p m from Naahvllr
Memphis and all Southern points
Arrives 816 p m from Nashville
Memphis and all Southern points
750 IL m train connects at 1101
low Hock Jct with chair car and
DulCet Droller for Memphis
210 p m train connects at Hoi
low nock Jct with chair car and
Buffet Droller for Nashville
F L Welland City Ticket Agent
430 Broadway
E D Durnham Agent Fifth and
Norton Sts
R M Prather Agent Union Depot
Oomctcd to November llth JOOO
Arrive Pndurah
Louisville Cincinnati can 352 am
Loulsvlllo 416 pm
Louisville Cincinnati vast 010 pm
Mphis N Orleans south 128 pm
Mpbts N Orleans south 1120 am
Mayfloid and Fulton 740 am
Cairo Fulton Mayfleld 800 pm
Princeton and Evillo 610 pm
Princeton and Evllln 416 pm
Cairo St Louis Chicago 736 am
amI u I pm
MetIls Carbdale St L 1100 am
Mctltt Carbdale St L 335 pm
JcCI 1adnrak
Louisville Cincinnati cast 133 am
j Louisville 750 ai
Louisville Cincinnati eastll25ai
Memphis N Orleans south 357 at
Memphis N Orleans south 615 pm
Mayflcld and Fulton 420 pm
Marflcld Fulton Cairo 030 am
Princeton and E villa 133 a m
Princeton and Evillo 1125 at
Princeton and lldprillot 340 pt
ptt m
Cairo St Louis Chicago 620 pt
MetIls Carbdalo St L 9MO am
UotIls Carbdalo St L 420 pm
City Office
Union Depot
I Steamer Clyde every Wednesday at
Steamer Kentucky ivory Saturday
Only 800 for the round trip of five
days Visit the Military National
4 park at Pittsburit Landing
For any other Inforroatln apply to
1 gents JAMES KOOER Supt
i I 4 fijH
I F 11J
TRikt tfAt
I l
Loll s or Te tloM for it
at > otetttr
I In Tho Fourth Estate the
effectiveness of newspapers in
i j I I fearlessly exposing political
and Judicial corruption and the
safeguard thoy are to the publIc
arc interestingly and convinc
ingly act forth A young earnest
newspaper writer and editor is
the central figure and his bat
tles with q dishonest United
States udgoagainst blgodds and
against the cunningly under
handed machinations of the law
yer lobbyist Dupuy form one of
the most valuable as well as
most entertaining pieces of fic
lion of the day That the false
judges daughter the reigning
beauty in the fashionable life of
a leading city should play a
sensational part Imhis gripping
story of strong honest men and
of strong dishonest men fight
ing each other in a war of dol
lar evidences the romantic
possibilities of tho narrative
I i This sa story of I days
America a fact story torn out of
lifes book dealing with tile most
I vital issues that confront every
I kono of us Romance and humor
vie with stirring action for su
I premacy in this instructive and
fascinating novel which teaches
that the path of duty is the path
to love and happiness and that
I in success nobly won lie re
wards of greater and more last
ing value than in a triumph ig
nobly and more easily gained
IlIurke I said then warn three es
tate In ptrllwntnt but In the re
i porters calltry yonder there tat a
fum t
than they kit Carlyle
fuI I
IIE silence In tbo managing
editor roeuij of tbe Dally
IUD varicolwM abruptly broken
br tho entrance of Ross Me
Hcury through a private door His
eighteen yean of nctlvo newspaper
work In a career extending from cub
rcpurtcrhood to his present Important
offlco bad drilled Into him tbo necessity
even tbo habit of constant action
quick thought keen and accurate per
ception and readiness for emergencies
Uo hastily threw off his coat glanced
at several papers laid on his desk
while bo was Out at dinner and seated
himself In his managerial chair Uo
wrote a few rapid words on a pad of
paper at bis right hand as ho pushed
a button with his left to summon an
omco boy
Any one hero while I was Konol
McHcury queried sharply ns tho boy
entered Yes air Woman whoso boy vas
pinched wnhts to keep It out of th
paper Been outside two hours Sbos
slum ouUldojn bawls au bawls Dn
Tell her wore printing n newspa
per and Ive left Mgtbe night
Then there vaaa few phone calls
We handled > cm aitcel t th last Ho
J was n man nam
ed Nolan an bo
wanted ter see
youMcHenry im
mediately be
came Interested
Wbatd you
toll hlmr ho
asked rising
That you was
to th tbeaytcr
The managing
editor picked up
a Congressional
Directory nnd
sUUnl it forcibly
attho lad I
Well next
tttso young noxtl
you tell him Io
IFhatd you ItlCf dust stopped
him down to tho
night editors room Nolan remember
bill name Nolan lies tbo new owner
Cheese It another owner Nobody
keeps us long do thcrr
No responded McHenry laconical
ly Like certain other luxuries no
body keeps qs long yoro too ex
pensive Durkin
The boy grinned nnd hurried away
to summon tbonlght edltpr at McHcn
rys command ntid io dfsposo of the
bawling woSan
McHcnry seated himself and turned
to the ever ruddy telephone nt the
right hand corner of his desk I
Novelized by
From the Great Play
of the Same Name
by Joseph Medill
Patterson and Har
riet Ford 0 ill
Hello Miss Bcvwci Get mo Mr
NolanMr Michael Nolarion the wire
right away
As tbo managing editor hung up the
receiver Moore tho night editor en
tered carrying a bundle of galley
proofs In his loft band a schedule In
his right
Well Moore what have you got for
part 11 asked Mcllcnry
The night editor repeated rapidly In
a dead flat monotonous voice
Thirtyfive columns of ads Tele
graph editors hollering for twenty col
umns Ho Just got a couple of nice
flashes one from Plttsburg about a
man eloping with his daughter la law
very One people Another first class
murder from 8t Louis Local has
twentysis scheduled sports are very
heavy bowling fights checkers and
Kentuckys shut down on racing they
want two pages Weve got a tip that
Morgan has tho asthma Steel will
probably open soft on Monday
Mcllcnry took down the telephone
receiver and held it expectantly at bis
car no took the proofs from Moores
hand and began looking them over
They contained important articles
which had been set np but which be
had not previously seen
Hello theres a live one be sud
denly exclaimed glancing over one of
I ItcITcnrii turned to the telephone
I the sheets Dill Id like to run that
one Senator Decrlug dead yet
No not yet
The managing editor was disgusted
Pshaw I bo exclaimed Ill bet the
old codger dies for the afternoon pa
pers Wore having rotten luck lately
The telephone rang
Hello Whos tblsr cried McHcnry
savagely But his voice changed ab
ruptly to its most sugary tones
Ob Mr Nolan this Is Mr Melon
ry Yes why tho boy said Id gone to
the theater Hes new to newspaper
offices Yes Indeed He doesnt know
I wo newspaper men have little time for
I theatersno Indeed ha bal I was
I downstairs In tho press room all the
Umoycs Indeed trouble with tho
roller on cylinder 5 of the color
press and I happen to hare a bit of a
mechanical turn of mind yes Indeed
Anything I can do for you sir Hope
wo may have tbo pleasure of showing
you over Ibo ofllcc your office pretty
soon Yes sir Tonight Yes any
time Wore always hero ics sir
Thank you
Ho bung up tbo receiver and rOo
verted to his natural voice Its the
new boss Moore S coming down to
I wonder If that means more
changes observed tho night editor
as ho filled his pipe
Mcllcnry sighed
Aint a man who gets Into < this
business a sucker
The night editor smiled grimly
Wonder what kind of aJoko Is this
Nolan anyway ho asked
Tbo night editors brow wrinkled
All I know Is that bos a Colorado
miner with a bill of ore all his own
Ho glanced over the night editors
schedule What Is this T Tgolf or
Taft both golf 2 down conference
with Aldrich
MclIenry snorted
Gosh the Whlto House is dead since
Teddy leftt Ho pointed to the sched
ule Whats this Baltimore ono cal
Double divorce They exchanged
Good people
Not much
Fifty words Ml be enough Dead
heavy stupid paper grunted tho man
aging editor
All Stock
Union Mad
MILLSGUEDRY altOOBltY001UPANY Incorporated
11UILLsaUI GROOHItYOO3IPANYIncorporatedDistributors I
McHcnry rang for the boy Dnrkln
and on his belated arrival sent him to
summon the city editor What you
got saluted McHcnry as the editor
Downs tho city editor went straight
to tbo point
Are you going to use that follow np
story about Judge Bartclmy throwing
the Lansing Iron
company Into a
receivership be
I dunno Any
kicks on this
mordings story
I should say
yes tolephono
going all day
Mcllcnry turn
ed and pounded
the desk with his
If they kicked
on that theyd get
our jobs on this
He pointed atthrA
proof of the new Double divorce
Bartelmy story Theyndwiycd
which he bad partners
taken from Moore All the same the
judicial ermine Is getting rather soiled
these days It makes roo sore to think
of what theyre pulling off on the I
i federal bench Des bad all thrUugb
that Hartelmy Whoso story Is It
BrandsYep I
Yep responded the city editor
By heaven bel Is a newspaperman
Thats why bo wont last In this of
flee put In Moore sarcastically
Yep supplemented the city editor
McHcnrys face took on a resigned
expression oa ho said Well well
have to paw It up Ho paused Its
likely to be libelous
Ho laid aside the proof sheet and re
sumed his perusal of tho schedule of
articles Intended to bo used lu tho
next mornings paper
How about divorces McHenry
asked suddenly raising his head to
the city editor
The Samip divorce Is up again I i
Two now corespondents named Ho
pointed them cut among tho photos
McHenry drew a few lines on one
of tho photos and rang for the boy
Bring me an artist Durkin ho or
dered The artist soon appeared
Here spoke up the managing ed
itor take these corespondents and
run cm with the two you bad yester
day but fir those up different Put a
bat on one and the other In low neck
and put Sarrup himself In the mlddlo
with a dado of hearts around Me
Henry changed his mind MNo make
It a big question mark of cupids and
the caption Which of These Women
Does This Man Love Yes and frame
In his wife too Three columns
Yes sir responded the artist
starting away with the photos
But McHcnry called him back
Hey he cried Make that Which
Of These Beautiful Women Docs This
Man Lover
The artist bowed In acquiescence
and escaped
McIIenry took up another photo
Ha what a bonuty bo said en
thusiastically Whats she been do
Sho Is Judith Bartelmy the judges
daughter She gave a reception to
day answered Downs tbo city ed
itor toI
High society all there as usual I
suppose mused McHcnry The
Bartoltnys are an old family and
theyve held on to some of their
money Here Downs ho went on
play her up for twono three col
umns Maybe it will square it with
tbo judge for what wo did to him in
tbo paper this morning You explain
to an artist
All right
The new boss Nolan Is coming
down to look us over tonight added
Wonder where well all be working
next week was tho city editors re
ply over his shoulder as bo quickly
mado his exit
The boy came In and laid a card on
the managing editors desk
Miss Judith Bartclmy exclaimed
McHcury as he glanced at It Well
what do you think of that Moore
Its a kick sure and
By the way Interjected McHenry
deliberately this girl Judith Bartcl
my Isnt sho engaged to Wheeler
Brand t
Seems to me Ive heard something
of the sort assented Moore vaguely
Well samo here and Brand wrote
that story this morning showing up
her father tho judge as n trickster of
the worst most dangerous sort Now
tbo girl comes to this offlco probably
to defend her dad Soy Mooretho I
managing editor was becoming excited
things are getting warm around
hero Brand certainly had his nerve
woo him to band such a roast to his
prospective fatherinlaw
McUcury turned abruptly to ono side
and reached for hIs coat which he
quickly donned
Show her In he called to the boy
Moore hastily retreated from the
room as Judith Uarteliiiy entered
leailox jtlw Judcoa daughter alone
with ibo managing editor Mclfenry
bad long flattered himself thntJ1o had
met many attractive women In his
time but as bo rose to meet Judith
Uurtelmy and surveyed this Josh
ionably gowned young woman ho
mado a mental note that she surpassed
them all Her blond features were of
distinctly patrician cast Her blue
eyes bad the magnetic qualities so en
vied by the many less fortunate wo
men and the pure whiteness of WOol I
finely curved chin and neck was ad
vantageously revealed by the low cut
collar of her princess gown of wine I
colored silk which clung to a figure
that celebrated artists had pronounced
unusual In Its symmetry
I deslro to complain about the ar
tlclo attacking my father this morn
ing the girl began
Yes answered McHenry
I wish an apology for It
Is this a message from your fa
Thats not the point This Is the I
first time In his life that any one has
ventured to question hIS honor The
article Is false and I think your pa
per should apologize for It mined
Before saying as to that returned
the managing editor 1 should have
to refer tbo matter to tho new pro
prietor Mr Nolan You know It Is
not customary for a newspaper to
take back what it says
Tbo judges daughter raised her eye
brows In surprise as she drew close to
McUenrys desk where ho had resum
ed his seat
I should think youd have n good
many lawsuits she suggested
On no not many Wo go up to the
line but we try not to step over It
Ho picked up several newspapers from I
his desk For Instance scanning
tbo pl1pcrs1 dont think your father
will feel Inclined to sue us Ho roso
as It to end the Interview
Judith however was not to bo thus
disposed of
I dont want to detain you she re
marked but I should like to ask you
who was responsible for that article
She seated herself In a chair which
McHcnry Indicated
We never tell the name of our writ
ers answered the managing editor
Her father had diplomatically sug
gested to her that Wheeler Brand might
have written the story This she found
dlfllcult to believe But she must be
convinced and one of her motives In
visiting the newspaper bad been to
ask himto ask him to tell her that bo
was not the author of the new attack
on her father Sho must see him and
learn tbo truth from his lips alone
Is 1 Mr Brand In the office now she
Yes I think sod
Would It bo posslblo for mo to see
Why yes If you wish Ill send
for him
McUenry summoned the boy and
told him to ask Mr Brand to como
Wove notlcedshe hesitated all
his friends have noticed that hes be
coming very radical lately Judith
rose from the chair and stepped nerv
ously toward the editors desk
Ob ho laughed they all get that
when theyre young like tho measles
And thats something they all get
over Isnt It she asked eagerly
Yes1 responded McHcnry stirring
as though to leave the room
Judith stepped squarely In front of
ills desk
But I dont want to disturb you
Cant I go to his office
He hasnt got any office and theyre
nil bunched In the local room In their
shirt sleeves smoking You wouldnt
like It We havent a reception room
McHcnry laughed as bo spoke
In his shirt sleeves rolled to his el
bows with quick steps and squared
shoulders Wheeler Brand ono of the
ablest men on tbo city staff of the I
Advance strode into the office of the
managing editor through the door lead
Ing from the city and telegraph rooms
Yes sir ho greeted Sic Henry
Then ho stopped short both In his
steps and In his speech Ho bad
caught sight of tbo managing editors
visitor Why Judith bo gasped
What In heavens name are you doing
hero I At this point words failed
him and be stood staring at her with
his breast heaving violently as tho re
suit of his surprise
The girl was also deeply disturbed In
splto of her previous knowledge that
slip was to be confronted by the man
she loved
McHcnry thought that the moment
had arrived when his presence was
no longer necessary
Miss Bartelmy has asked to ECO you
for a few minutes be said rising and
starting toward a door You may
talk hero A handful of proof sheets
rustled In hIs grasp as he disappeared
Wheeler Brand started toward the
Is there anything the matter he
queried anxiously
She hesitated before answering
Then she spoko determinedly
Yes two things First you did not
come to my reception this afternoon
secondly there Is that article about
father this morning
I couldnt get off from the office to
attend the reception and I am awful
ly sorry he protested But as for
tho story about your father well did
ho send you here T
No he didnt send me But I
wouldnt help seeing bow disturbed bo
was and
Then ho knew you were coming
Why yes Judith was trying hard
to understand what bo meant by seek j
lug out her fathers knowledge of her
present mission ono which was to berI I
decidedly unpleasant
Wheeler was plainly Impressed and
unfavorably so at tho girls reply I1ndI I
ObI he ejaculated disappointedly
The quickly thinking girl detected I
tho significant tono of the newspaper I
writers reply and hastened to ex
1 beard my father say ct dinner
that he feared there would bo another
attack tomorrow she said and 1
hoped through you to prevent Us pub 1
Mention and to mako tho Advanco
gnologlio for what It tald Jhjji users
ing I dont see bow your paper dares
to publish such things
But Jndlth ho answered we
couldnt dodge a story as big ns that
We had to print It Thats what were
hero for
But elm was still insistent
Oh of course print the story but
I mean the Insinuation all through
Why by using such unfair means
newspapers can bring discredit on nny i
one Mr McHenry refused to apolo
glze Ho wouldnt even tell mo who
wroto It Do you know
Brand gave a vlolenr > start At first
In t present mood be Udrdly dared
answer the girl With determined
effort he pulled himself together and
answered her question
Yes I know who wrote It
Who Judith leaned toward him
gazing tntentlyinto his eyes
I wrote it ho announced
Judith started back aghast
You Wheeler Why she cried
I bad no choice He struggled to
maintain hls grip on himself
You bad no choice
Judith when this Lansing Iron case
first broke loose Brand responded
firmly I saw straight off that It was
ono of the slickest well that there
was a big story In It J didnt know
your father was Involved In this at
first I just followed Ibo path and
when I saw where It was leading me
I wanted to turn back because of you
but I couldnt Ho stopped for n mo I
sent then went on No no I could
not stop not oven for your
But It Isnt loyal of YOIJwas her
response It wasnt like YOUIO herl
t I f fu
I wrote It Judith he UI I
tack him suddenly In this way Its
almost as It you struck film from be
hind And do you not see Wheeler
that you are hurting me ns much ns
you Injure him 1 nm his daughter
Wheelers and If you ruin my father
you will ruin me
Sho covered her face with her bands
and her bosom heaved convulsively In
her anguish
Continued in Next Issue
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