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It I m t VabiuatiTttnint r sun
4Incident en Floor ol Senate
Yesterday That Indicat
ed it
gtFalling Out Dates Back to Oi
rii 1
t 4 ON lUllti OK HIlXfUj CLKICKS
Frankfort Ky Feb 3 Special
Whatever surprise may have been
produced In western Kentucky by
tho chargo In tho sonata jveterday
that Senator W V Eaton intro
ducal an amendment to a resolution
that rcnected on SorKoant > AlAvraii
Mott Ayres the surpriMJ Is I not
shared hero where It is well known
that the two Paducah gentlemen are
bad friends and tho knowledge of
this fact Is 1 what Induced Senator L
W Arnett to accuse Senator Eaton
on tto floor when Senator Eaton I
ofT I
T 1 24 < H > for nmtManco hire out of tho I
place It In tho hand of thc chief I
clerk George Peters
It 1 1 well to bear In mind thleI I
2400 Is I not money devoted lo tile
pay of regular employe at tho 111I I
lot but K an extra allononw to takoI I
earn of tome political promlMit rather I
llbor lly stun out In cffecUng the
organization of the senate The rcs
tfullon wag to place this for dlrtrlb
uUon among the extra help In tho
hands of StrKCntAtArnui Mott
Ayrm Senator Eaton moved to
mend by placing It Jq the bands otI I
0 Clerk Peteri and Senator Amctt ac 4
cuwd Senator Eaton of Intending a
reflection on Mr Ayres There AI I
Jut four vote In support of Sena
tor Eatons amendment I
IThe bid feeKng dat < > bock to tho
elNtion ot Mr Peters It w U un
dNllood that Senator Eaton was t to
If support Irwn KfUer for chrk be
t uo Keller had premised tQ mokw
tho widow of the late 1 oJrrk of tfce
tenato MIUam Cromwt11 lite hlotI I
iwltUntTho I
Tho election came on and Senator
Eaton voted for Gorge Peter IIIj j
dd omo other counte < l on < as KHI
ler men Then It dovvoppd that Ia
l lo ltlon at 14 a day had been llromI 1
trod 1 the win of Mrs Cromwvll and
Mott Ayres was approachod concern I
Ing the appointment Ho turned f
them down on Ibo scorn hnt all tho I
place had been pron rc < l awl to 4
make their x > rd good It Is told
UICFO leglvlators 1 h4o born paying
4that Kilnry 1 out of their own iKxlfts p I
C at tho ratn of 1 a day
1 When thu rrtohitlon was Intro I
4 t11I l plaolng the 2400 at the t ills t
+ posal of the scrgoanlfttarms the I
amendment was Introduced to ptaro
tbo monoy for distribution In tho 1
hands of the sonata clerk 1
Mr Eaton maid ho was not reflecU
log on the Integrity of the sorpeant I
at arms but merely dented that ItI I
go to tho clerk and that tho itcp
lents of tho pay bo FpcdOwh liowI I
ever tho Incident was not conducive
to moro cordial relations between
the Paducah gentlemen
r Barker For K U
Ill Krtnkfort KV Feb So SIclalI t I
Judge Murker of tho court of op
P < hI elected preaWcnt of the
tat tu Unlvorrtty
1Mrs Brokaw Wins
tdtineola t L I I Feb 3lu the opln
Jon filed by Judge Putnam of the su
premo court today Mrs Mary Blair
Drokaw was granted separation from
s and alimony of 15000 par year
Tho opinion holds her allegations of
cruelty proven but his Income Is I not
largo enough for the yjOM nilI
mony asked so It Is out In half i
William Bobo Dies
T William bolo I 82 Seats old died
n 1 of general debility this morning at
r 1 Ms hwrno at Maxon Mills The funeral
will Ixs held tomorrow morning nt
Palestine cemetery lie had rcsldcM
at Mnxon Mllln GO years nnd was a
woll reapected farmer Ho hi stir
vived by hb wjfo and tho following
children Mrs Martha Sumnor and
Mrs D Fatrghn Paducah Mrs Ruth I
Lton Ogdons Landing Mrs Emma
Klrkpatrlclf Samoth III and air
John Hobo Mnxon MIHs
Killed by Train In Kx > p Cut
Dardwell Ky I Fob SSam Wn
4 stead a farm laborer was struck and
Irf kilted by on Illinois Contrail train at
the deep cut two miles south of
WlcMine Ky He was W > years of
age and though a resident of ths
c vlclnltf tdr > several years wan for
merly of Hvndereou county Ky
Senator Lodges Resolution That
Committee be Appointed to Look
Into Cost of Living Recommended
Five Members Empowered
fo Oe Exhaustively Info
Question Complaint That
Census is Not NonPartisan
Washlntgon Feb 3Thfl Lodgo
revolution 1o Investigate the high
cost of living by n pjKxlal committee
of five senators today was favorably
reported on by tho flanco commit
tee to tbo senate It was then re
ferred to the committee on contin
gent expensed In order that the nec
essary funds bo provided I
Census Debate
Washington Fob 311 animated
political dvbato enlivened tho session
of the horse Charge of partisan
ship In taking the census were
numerous tho Democrats Insisting
that a nonpartlKim census to in wee
Able unless the enumerators ere ap <
pointed from men of iboth partlcw
After a long debate the bill amend
ing the census lart wan passed pro
viding for the onumerallon of cattle 1
slaughtered and hUIof produced tn
ho country slaughtering bOIl fl to
gether with1 a provision for tho
numeration of information concern
lug Irrigated lands
Ilol n on of ArknriNis rood a let
ter raid to have been written by
leptusenUtlvo Crow of Mlnwurl
oiling one of 119 constituents that If
10 received Ibo appointment na a een
aua omrniorator he would haw to flit
vrtftln the relative strength of the
Insurgents nerd regular ItoptibU
cwna Tli Ift filter 1 stated that tho cen
iu9 enumerators work would 110
such 00 an onthuslartlc Kopublkan
would be glad to do nnd hi no way
ronnkt with your duty as enumer
lto > 1nnn alto quoted a statement
to The effect that tho writer wanted
to know whethor the voters veto
h irsvutsor regular and > whether
hojr dhwffnctlon wa jny < vt ctiourfi I
to tako them out of ttwpirty
Crowt waa absent anti ItarthoUit
IIIld Crow nvIdentVr ivoko forhlnfc
tcCf And not for the appointing
later of tho ceneuK Tho dfrwtor
rJt the cental would authorize no man
10 givo such instructions raid liar
Uocher of Missouri mid bo would
offer an amendment Imposing a flno
rJf f lHf or imprisonment for on
O T upon any census employe who
juoRtlons Miybody about his politics
Does the gentleman thlhk tho
r ocretory of commerce and labor Is
ret + pons4bk tor these statements Uy
Grow Incurred Gardner of Mnesa
I have a resolution to offer in
liilring of Ibo secretary whether that
k the tau twpondexl Booker
Sims of Tennessee declared that
f a nonpartisan CMUllJII Is desired
the admtnlfltiatod would cvppnlnt both
lopubllcana and Democrats for the
> wk Others doctored that n non
NMtlratr enumeration rould be mado
it Republicans only were appointed
Tho man appointed In Chicago AS
supervisor was not n Hepublknn at
ill paid Matin of Illinois
Wan ho a Democrat iwld
pucker of Missouri
Wo call him a Democrat retort
td Mann
Charging that tho rulo of f tho con
sun provided that in the south no
n9 bo appointed to enumerate tljo
agrcW I lard wick of Georgia do
Glared that U wus being dono to rally
the cocrcd vote nnd rally colored
delegates In the national Republican
on vent Ion
Madden of Ullnote declared that
Joliet 111 Fob 3Flro in
an engine room of tho state
penitentiary today for a tlmo
threatened to precipitate a panic
among tho prisoners confined
there Authorities believe the
blaze was started by ono of the
inmates 4n order to firrndsh aa
opportunity for the prisoners to
csccipov Tho engine room Js a
t < hort distance from tho main
pYUon building An hour after
It started Jt threatened to spread
Ito I other structures Tho prison
fire department was nss te < l by
Uio city firemen and finally con
trolled it after tile engine room
was destroyed Ditrlnfe the fire
tho guard rvor tho prisoners
woe doubled and no mutiny was a
the cupervlsortf of the con PUS are op 1
pointed without political considera
tion saying that ho know that was
Uio rasa In Chicago
Ho did not believe the color of IL
citizen khoutd bar In taking the cetv
eua The president naked me to
Busweet a good man for mpervlmr of
the census In the place ofthe super
rlsor who des said HahiUn of Mis
souri But he insisted that ho must
be a HopubMcnn and I toM him 1
hail no advko to give
lardy of Texas claimed that par
tkuiit ut was the keynote of the fed
oral appointininttt In Texas
Tenn Feb
Memphis Tenn Feb 3Unkcrs
brokers and lii 4ners men heavily
armed are today patrollng tho fnth
looable residence nectloni hero wck
Ing a negro who hodup and robbed
six women within the last 21 hours
last l night tho negro held up Miss
Anna White within a Mock of the
residence of the mayor striking her
twice In the race and knocking her
down Five minutes later ho heldup
and robbed Mrs J C Gerklt Doth
are twlety leaders If the negro is
caught officers fear a lynching will
Would Clo In South Pole
Washington Feb 3 Commander
nobort K Peary dlscmerer of tho
north polo has made a proposition to
tho National Geographical rrolety
which if accepted will moan that nn
Amolcan cxiwJItlon wilt i > o on Its
way to discover tho unconquered
foutu polo next fail
Jofforeonvlllo Ind Fob 3 SIlO
oalOn behalf of the state nn In
junction watt granted here today In I
circuit court restraining time Cumber
land Telephone company from fur
nishing service to the n > ool rooms In
inI I
courts Is expected
Many Staffs Are Filed
By Tobacco Trader
tobacco Prams nine January 1 it It
charged liy buyers in tho western dis
trict that farmers who contracted tor
the delivery of their tobacco in Dot
comber have btcn selling it over at
III higher price and eulU have Jioon
brought In the magistrate courts
hero on coiUnacts A dealer Fltld ono
common practice Is to deliver tobacco
In on IU condition and It the bur
undertakes to dock tho difference In
value tho farmer wit decline to agree
nnd haul U to rome ono else Tho
contracts stipulate that the tobacuo
A Comparison of the Circula
tion of The Sun for Two Years
December 3907 average 381 9
December 1908 average 5126
December 1909 average G80G
This is the largest circulation
west of Louisville j
e < f
to to bo delivered In good condition
fop keeping
Sullll In Marshall
Denton Kyi Fob 3JI L Sher
rlll company big tobacco dealers
of May Hold brought suit Tuesday in
tho quarterly court at Benton against
the following farmers for a violation
of their tobacco contracts W R
Finch Robert Hamlet Joe Hunt
Claude Nlmmo J F Nana II R
IAmb N O Lamb Joe Hondrkkson
John Troas and W C Gntlln This
company claims from 20 lo 120 off
of each ono of there defendants
Jack Fisher of Benton Is attorney
for the plnlnflff Many suits win bo
brought not only In Marshall county
iflml Graves county but perhaps in
other counties for a violation of thotr
tobacco contracts
In llnukniptcy
A mooting of creditor was MA
Nwlorday In the case of Louis Oap
oral a bankrupt fruit dealer and
Marvin Cowoll was elected trustee
Ills bond was fixed at f 400
Sends Minister to Buy Mod
ern Instruments of War
fare in Europe
Depends Upon Greeks Re
cognition of Crete
Constantinople Feb 3Tho mn
ister of war today dispatched ton offi
cers to various European countries to
buy horses and guns In anticipation
Ij of a war with Greece Four torpedo
destroyers also were ordered The
third army corps stationed nt Sa
lonlku has been ordereii to cross the
frontier the moment the forthcoming
Greek parliament accepts the Cretan
Plenty of Work in Paris
Paris Feb 3Tho last twenty
four hours has shown the biggest Im
provcracnt of the flood conditions
since the Seine began to recede It
Is subsiding rapidly and now Is at a
stage of 21 feet 10 Inches at Pont
DAusterlltz Thousands of men
thrown out of employment by the
I flood were put to work today at
street nnd sewer repairing The
Improvement In suburbs Is not near
ly so marked as In Paris
I There was a drop of two feet in
I the Seine since yesterday A large
part of tho flooded section Is open
and tratflc throughout the city except
In the subways Is almost normal It
la doubtful If Paris over ibcfore pre
seated euch a dirty appearance Hugo
pies of flood refuse are a menace to
the health standing In many parts
of the city and owry house shows
muddy Plains Como of tho best nJoho
and marble buildings In tho fashion
able sections will have to bo treated
with sand blast rotfi ihn mates of
the flood can bo1 effaced ArratiR e
men Is are belnn made today to estab
lish free food depots
Sfrnmcra Cvlllili
Hamburg Feb 3 Tho German
steamer Susanna collided with and
rank the Swedish eamor Annla
today In tho loner Elbo Six of the
annlas crew were drowned
Bold Robbery
Chicago Feb 3Two men In
evening dress rode up to the side
walk In an automobile last night
nnd with drawn revolvers forced
Jacob Huts n restaurant proprietor
Into the machine took him Into an
alloy and robbed him They secured
his watch and 87 Then tho high
waymen rode away t
Coal Contract Let
Tho county will be furnished coal
by tho Central Coal and Iron com
pany A contract made by former
County JudO Llghtfoot before ho
went out of office was dug up Coun
ty Judge A W Darkley advertised
for bids for furnishing tho county
with coal but as the contract Is In
force a now contract will not be lot
The contract Is for 7 cents for
Magistrates John J Blelch and
Baxter Kuykendall aro expected to
return ably tomorrow morning from
LottUvllle where they went to Inspect
tho Jefferson county almshouse and
the Lakeland asylum They are mem
bers of tho poorhouse committee of
the fiscal court and made tho trip to
get tpolnters on framing1 n set of rules
for the McCracken count poor house I
Frankfort Ky Fob 3 Special
Tho monument In memory of Sen
ator William Goebol was unveiled
today at noon In tho presence of a
largo crowd The general assembly
adjourned for tho occasion Tho ex
ercises wero carried out as outlined
In tho program Many prominent
politicians and people over the state
were present
Chicago Market
May High Low scab
Wheat tiO 109l 110V
Corn G01W CC G03i
Cats 4C 403E 4CH
l rov 2 ISO < > 2157 2175
Unrd 12 50 1187 1197
lUbs UTS 1165 1105 I
TenYearOld Prisoner is Brought
to Paducah by Deputy Marshal
to Answer to Postal Law Warranl
Little Caldwell County Child
Accused 01 Opening Letter
and Appropriating Content
Released on Small Bond
One of time youngest prisoners ever
arrested by Elwood Neel deputy
United States marshal was Eddlo
Perkins 10 years od Tho lad was
arrested at Quinn OaldwoU county
on tire charge of taking a letter from
a rural letter box and appropriating
tho contents The boy is Oho sow of
It 0 Perkins Ho waived examina
tion and to avoid sending him to
Jail > W A Gardner United Stales
commissioner fixed tho bond at H0
I for fate appearance in federal court
next April Marshal Noel accom
panled the little fellow to the Union
station at noon oa tho boy returned
to his homo
Scliolnrshlp i rirc
Something more than glory wltt IKJ
gained by the winner of the oratory
cal contest between tho High school
of western Kentucky Tho Clark
School of Duslnegs in IoulsvUle has I
notified the officials that a business
scholarrfidp In tho school will be
awarded the winner of the contest
The contest will be hold at the Ken
tucky theater February 25
Era nwv lie ludu Feb 3 Special
The steamer Jewell and tho wharf >
boat of the EvansvilleLpuIsvHlc mall
lino In winter quarters In Green
river were burned this morning The
loss la l 40000 Ed Lopper who was
asleep on the wharfboat Is believed
to be fatally burned
FalLing on a whirling saw Lee
Waht a laborer at Cunninghams
mill had a narrow escape from death
yesterday afternoon His left hand
WAS caught tn the teeth and was
mangled badly but fortunately his
body was not drawn to the saw
Wahl resides near Lone Oak and was
retting easy today Ills thumb in
dex finger jlttle finger and third fin
ger were cut and mangled by tho
saw Dr R C Gore who dressed
the Injury Is uncertain whether ho
will rave the thumb and tore finger
VahI tripped over a piece of wood
and fell
New York XY Feb 3on niv
plication of District Attorney Whit
loon tho ere against Puglltot Jack
Johnson for beating up Norman Pan
der In a negro saloon last month was
today transferred from the court of
general cessions to the criminal di
vision of the supremo court for trial
Justice Goff recognized as tho stern
est Judge on the bench will preside
and the district attorney stated to
day that he will endeavor to havo tho
trial hold within two weeks although
no data Is yet set for it Johnsons
attorney Is displeased fearing n
prison sentence Johnson Is now out
on ball of 24500
Cherry > III Feb IFurther ox
ploration of the tunnels of tho St
Paul mine today made It certain
that It will bo many days before the
200 bodies still In the mine can < bo
recovered AH the tunncCs In the
Interior of the mine arc Mocked ns
the result of the fallns In of the
roofs and tho debris These must
be moved before tho bodies can be
released Work of clearing tho turn
nols Is extremely hazardous as the
tunnol roofs continue to cavein en
dangering time lives of tho workmen
tis believed there aro about 10O
bodies on the second level and oa
smouldering In tbo second lorel Tho
fire which caused the disaster la still
smoldering In the second level 2 > 50
feet west of the main shaft Behind
tho blaze are 100 bodlet
Munfordrtlle Ky Feb 3John
Sturgeon and his son who live near
Carmer were bitten by a mad dog
which they kllUd They left imme
diately for the Pasteur Institute in
Chicago carrying the dead dog inI I
them News from them sags the dois
had rabies and that they will haw
to remain there lh I re + wok for treat
Chicago Feb 3Decause
p ho thought the removal of
Chief Forester Plnchot was an
outrage Stanley Flydrlchowlz
former professor of philology
and philosophy Ira tho Univer
ally of Vienna Is dying In a
local hospital today Ho was
fatally beaten In n saloon
where ho had gone during reel
ologlcal research work Flyd
rlchowlz camo to this country
several months ago to study
sociological conditions and to
Investigate tho United States
forestry service Early today
he and his brother John step
ped Into a saloon to havo a
drink and Stanley started an
argument defending Pincher
S and In denunciation of Taft
In the fight ensuing tho Vlen
nese professor was beaten into
unconsciousness with chairs
and clubs His skull was frac
lured and ho cant recover
Robert McCall nnd John Herald
aro under arrest
Indianapolis Feb 3SI Louis
was selected by the United Mlno
Workers of America for the conven
tion of 1911 at 230 oclock this
morning The tumultuous cession
was not adjourned until 3 oclock
Indianapolis Toledo and Rochester
X Y alt tried for the convention
Hnd foot Mangled
Bardwell Ky Feb 3Rtljor WIl
Hams aged 17 years while Jumping
on and off a freight train here yester
day got caught under tho train and
had his foot and lower ankle badly
mangled necessitating amputation
up near the knee
President 0 H Sherrlll of this I
thtsI I
city will be toastmaster at the an
nual banquet of the Kentucky Retail
Lumibcr Dealers association at The
Sccdbuch Lo lsviih1 Februar i 8
Several Paducah lumbermen will at
o S
Paducah official weather fore
caster has remained In his holo today I
at tho residence of Captain Nathan
Smith C22 Fountain avenue The
Rttlo pet ground hog thut gave such
hope of having the backbone of win
ter broken sneaked back to his hole I
last evening and failed to venture
out today That accounts for tho
rain snow and generally disagree
able climatic conditions today Dul
ling the time tho ground hog ventured
out his holo was measured and it won
found to ho rix feet from the mouth
It was dug under tho house like a
tunnel and It is lined with bUs of
newspaper by the inhabitant
With a lino around tho Hottlo
Owem tho T HN Darts last evening
was unable to bud e the grounded
craft and U la now apparent that the
ferryboat wl1 lie In the cornfield
where she U stranded until another
Hood stale comes sufficient to lift
hw out of the water She Is lying In
a strained position Thero are three
holes smashed in her knuckles tho
bond In lip under surface toward till
etenv where the upward curve Joins
the lIt bottom of the hull Captain
noUlni has returned from hU quest
far a substitute empty handed but it
it expected that a boat will be to
cured tomorrow The Cowling tt
taking taro of tho ferry business
Mexican and Japanese Hiners
Are Killed By Terrific
Funeral Day in Kentucky
Mining Town
Austin Texas Feb 31t Is now
known that over 80 lives were lost t
In explosion yesterday in Jho coal
mine of tho Esperanto Mining com
pany at Las Eaporonzas Mexico
sixty miles from hero Another order
was received for cheap comna today
being rushed on a special train It
s believed all the bodies are re i
moved Nono In the fatal chamber
escaped death Half were Japanese
and half Mexicans The government
commission arrived today to Investi
gate It is claimed gases caused it
Ion resulting In the deathss of sixty
eight men and In tho Injury of near
ly as many more occurred in tho Pa
lau coal mino at Las Eaporanras
Mexico Tho explosion occurred In
No 3 shaft It la attributed to tho
Ignition of gas from tho cigarette of
a miner who was smoking contrary
to the rules
The miners consisting principally
of Mexicans and Japanese were
working as usual when a startling
report shook time workings Instant
I ly a cloud of dust end eirtoko issued
from the mouth of tho shaft As BO on
as tho air purified mifHctonUy a cago
carrying volunteers waif sent down
I followed by others loaded with mill
ers bent on rescuing their comrade
On roachfce the first and second lev
eh everything was found Intact aDd
the men safe Descending to the
third hovel tho rescuers found scat r
tered the bodies of suffocated victims
their facets indicating in many In
stances the bitter fight to reach pure
air and safety
After 01z hours of work In relays
53 bogies were brought to tho sur
face and nearly forty Injured were
removed to hispltals Later a ddzen i
more bodies wero recovered had
throe of the injured died la tho nps
pltate Who Injured owe their escape
from death to the fact that they Voro
working at points In the tlJirdt level
where they wero partly protected
from the rush of foul air
As tho bodies were brought to thet t
surface by twos and throes screamIng
Ing women and children crowded
about and in many Instances hope s
turned to despair as the bodice ap
peared and wero stretched In rows on
the ground Most of the killed were
Mexicans State representatives sit
pervised tho rescuo work and are
conducting an investigation under
telegraphic direction of tho governor
of Coahulla
Tho mine official have telegraphed
Monterey for coulns and havo pro
vided money and food for tho fami
lies of the victims Paau Is one of
time beet equipped coal mines Jn Mex
Ico adequately ventilated lighted
with electricity and the presence of
mine damp la unaccounted for
At Prakcsboro
Drakcsboro Ky Feb 3 Spec
lalAII tho bodies have been re
covered from the Drowder mine with
the exception of Foreman Ieto Kelly
Dratoeeboro Ky Feb 3 With
crepe on every other door along the
two straggling streets of the mining
town of Browder and motley funeral
corteges moving toward tho ceme e
tory largely occupied tOO effacing of
deaths work in tho Elk Valley coal
mine There were no attempts at
holding religious services over tho
mangled bodies
The last body brought up early In
the afternoon brought the count of
tho dead thirtyfour with ono mats
Ing Two of tho twenty gotten out
aUve are expected to dlo Nearly all
were Injured No attempt has yet
been made to call an inquest That
geological survey exports with mono
equipment will find nothing to do
whoa they arrive
Unclclill1l1l1l1 111llhlI
Washington Feb 3Th state
department announce that in alf
probability a final understanding
with Germany on the tariff Issue I will
be reached tomorrow Tho probable
terms of tho agreement could not bo
John Woods III
John Woods of tho Maxon Mllfii j
action of the county Is seriously ill
threatened with pneumonia HIS age 1
nmkel the tWnWR mow rtlcalI jjr
Woods 19 I the Tathcrlnaw of Cftrk
Fortson former deputy sheriff 4

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