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x PAGE > SIX > 3Tg i i4 HOT 1 PABUCAH JEVJSWlNQ BOW i 7 ° r Tmrn tr tCBMJAttrls F J
Oatarrh comes as a result ojf impurities and morbid matter In the
circulation and is a disease that only attacks mucous membrane The
entire inner portion of the body Is lined with a delicate skin or covering
of soft sensitive flesh Thousands of tiny bloQd vessels arc interlaced
throughout this mucous surface and it is through these that the inner
membrane receives its nourishment and is kept in healthful condition
When however the blood becomes Infected with catarrhal impurities the
tissues become diseased and Oatarrh gets a foothold in the system The
early stages of Catarrh are characterized by such symptoms as a tight
stuffy feeling in the head watery eyes buzzing noises in the ears with par
tial deafness and often difficult breathing and chronic hoarseness These
arc merely symptoms and while sprays inhalations and other local treat
ment may temporarily relieve them Catarrh cannot bo cured until the
blood Is purified of the exciting cause SSS cures Catarrh by cleansing
the blood of all impure catarrhal matter It goes down Into the circula
tion and attacks the disease at its head and removes every particle of the
catarrhal Impurity Then the mucous linings are all supplied with fresh
pure blood and allowed to heal instead of being kept in a constant state
of irritation by the catarrhal matter Special book on Oatarrh and any
Wn < irequcstwl by Kwciitlvo So Thai
Tiiislimiro Might Have
Frankfort Ky Feb 3 Although
the debt of tho state of Kentucky Is
now much greater than 500000
Attorney General James Urcathltt
gave Governor Willson his written I
opinion in which he states that tho II
general assembly has not the con
stitutional power to Issuo any great
or niriount of bonds than 500000
or create any greater debt although
the debt may be for tho purpose of
paying a larger deficit Attorney
General llrcathltt however says
that undcr Section 49 of the consti
tution that the general assembly has
tho power to create a bonded in
debtedness tt 000000
The opinion of Attorney General
llrcnthltt was given to Governor
Willson In answer to an inquiry a9
to whether or not the legislature
could create a 500000 debt In re
ply to this inquiry Attorney General
Rreathitt quotcq sectlons 49 and CO
of tho constitution and hands down
the following opinion which Governor
Wlllson regards very Important
Gen Itmttliltfft Sny
It Is apparent from a careful ex
i amination of the auditors reports
for several years back that the ex
penses of running the state govern
ment maintaining Its charities pay
ing Its normal school appropriations
paying for the now capitol and other I
extraordinary and usual expenses I
that tho revenues of the state de
rived from all sources have proven
to bo andare now insufficient to pay
the obligations and undertakings ot
the state It may bo conceded that
there Is now a deficit In the revenues
of tho stato amounting to more than
a million dollars This largo deficit
has been occasioned by the failure
of tho revenue to be sufficient to
meet the expenses and thereby treat
I tpp9
Mnrdl GmlXew Orleans
For the above occasion tho r I
C R R will sell tickets to
Now Orleans and return on
onI I
February 1st to7i Inclusive
for 1705 return limit Feb
ruary 19th with privileges atI I
extension until March 7th upI I
upI I I
on payment of 1 additional
Agent City Office
T A Union Depot
Ing a deficit in the revenues
revenUeSI I
It will be seen that section 49
of tho constitution supra which I
gives the general assembly the power I
and authority to contract debts to
meet casual deficits or failures In tho
revenue contemplates the state of I
caso existing at present in the reeI
nues of the state of Kentucky
Itoud Issue Limited
Section 49 should bo considered
and construed according to the plain
meaning ot tho language used as
there is no ambiguity and tho lan
guago taken in Its simple and every I
day meaning seems to limit tho pow
er of tho stato to the Issuing of five
hundred thousand dollars of its
bonds for the purpose of paying accidental
cidental or unexpected deficits
caused by a failure in the revenues
and that although this failure of
revenues may have resulted In n do
ficlt amounting to over a million of
I dollars of tho legislature when It
creates a debt of five hundred thou
sand dollars for tho purpose of P3I I
Ing the deficit Is exhausted In oth l
er words no part of Section 00 up
plies to the conditions now existing
in the revenues of the state of Ken
tucky and the only authorly for ere
ating a debt under existing condi
dons without a submission to the
people Is to bo found In Section 49
and to this extent I think the author
Ity of the general assembly Is rI 1
i and sufficient and that It can legally
I contract an Indebtedness to thelexj i
tent ct five hundred thousand doljars
for the purpose of paying as much j
as may be of the deficit In tho Sttto j
revenuese f I
Mr E A Ivolloy nolvldere Ill
writes Ult 111m an exengineer
with 22 years actlvo service to my
credit About three years ago my
kidneys woro affected so that I had
to give up my engine First I waS I
troubled with < severe aching pain
over the hips Then followed In
flammation of the bladder and specks
nppetrod before my eyes A sample
of Foleys Kidney Plus that I teed
ro benefited me that I bought more
I continued x > take them until now II I
can safely testify they have made I
mo a sound and well manOU
borts Drug Sore j
iVnnts Sloncy From tliirle Snni for
CVdcd Lands forI I
Frankfort Kyv Feb 2 Stjrcd
b y the suggestion from a Virginia
state official Kentucky probablytwlll tl
JoIn Its voice to that of Virginia In
limranding rrimbmteanont front the
federal government for the land I j
ceded for the creation of the states
or Ohio Indiana lllinoln Wisconsin t
and a part ot Minnesota It Is I
I o lmed that the condition of tbeI I
grant has been violated that the
parceled land was put to local pur
poses Instead ot being for too use
land benefit of the other states of the
federation aa was originally in
I tnItended
I Kentucky was a part of thg Old
Dominion at the time as was Wem t
Virginia The information reaching
bore its that each of the states would
bo entitled to about onesixth of the
amount ctalmed by Virginia or
Most people Know the feeling and
the miserable state of III health it In
Hcates All People should know that 1
oloys Honey and Tar the greatest
throat and Iqng remedy will quickly
cure the soreness and cough and re I
store a normal condition Ask for I
Poles Honey and Tar Gilberts
Drug Store I
Paris has a dozen or so old sal
llers who draw pensions that come
to them from the great Napoleon
In his will he left several million
francs to his comrades In arms but
In default of heirs of tho grand
army this money was put In the
treasury and today the Income is
given to old soldiers In French territory
Itory I
x IIa hard goal l However J
Plumbers and Steam Fitters arc Cup to snuff
and give general satiifaction Let us con
vince you
Both Phones 201 133 S Fourth St
Magnificent Stem of Conduit
Water Once Entering 1 Will Mow
in Kvcry Direction
TUB lUMAOi IS 100000000
Mr Calvin W Hcndrtck chief en
gineer to the sewerage commission
of the city of Baltimore soya the
Baltimore American has been
through the sewers or conduits
of Parts Hn Inspected tho two
years ago while In Europe gaUl
eying information to old hip In his
work on the great undertaking In
Baltimore He said that the conduits
in Paris arc among the great show
places In that city They are open
to visitors two days in eofh week
and l guides and interpreters go
through them with largo delegations
of men and women
i Mr Hcndrlck was allowed the
privilege of making a special Inspec
tion of the conduits ns ho was not
In Paris on one of the public visiting
days Engineers and Interpreters
were Malted to accompany him and
ho thoroby got a better Idea of trio
great conduits than visitors generally
ire enabled to t gather from their hut
red Inspections I SpeaMng of the
conduits and tho effect of the flood
on tho city of Paris Mr Heiidrlck
said Thoro ju probably no city In ex
stance thai would fool l air Inunda
tion of this kind more than Paris
on account of 1avlng 1 resorted to tin
terground construction to the extent
she has and olo on account of her
topography I a IrtTfeo I territory adjacent
10 the Seine being comparatively
ovti Thste two conditions make an
overflow farretchihg
Tho engineers of Paris air ahead
of any other city In providing under
ground gauges for their powers
slectrlcal conduits and pipes of all
kinds Thb his been accomplished
ly building largo subways In connec
connection I
Ion with the sewer construction the
sewers being In the Invert with offset
passages on either side over which
pipes are fattened on brackets en It
abling the workmen to Inspect the
pipes at any time without having to
excavate the streets Thll extend
for miles nnd miles in every dlrec
Jon are lighted by electricity and
have a car spanning tho severs In tho
Inert some of which are provided
with Brats < for the visitors to ride In
Pheo together with the pasrenger
subways mate a perfect labyrinth of
imlergrcund passages on very flat j
grades The wator once entering will
low in every direction and as the I
water ot the Seine is now In some
cases above the banks of the river j
there conduits are under pressure In i
ho opposite direction from tho nat
ural flow forcing tho water of tile
river and the flow of tho sewage out I
through various openings into the
streets making a great cesspool of
the city
The Seine would never Impress
one as being capable of creating such
havoc To us in this country It
would be a email river only n few
hundred feet wide At the time of
my visit It was a gay avoiuie of pleas
ure far below the street surface
panned by the most beautiful bridges
in the world with a greensward and
lines of magnificent trees It was
indeed a beautiful sight to look
upon I
This calamity comes in one tame
emIR aa a groat conflagration or
earthquake a convulrfoni of the ele
ments Uiat coud not be provided for
md has to bo met In tho best way
that human Ingenuity can meet con
ditions of this kind From all ac
counts the French people seem to bo
rising to the emergency In a heroic
manner and I feel l sure the sympathy
of tho whole world Is with them
themi i ap
palling not only1 to health but to
property As the various underground
papsages are built adjacent to largo
building l there can bo only one re
mit undermining Its Impossible
to calculate the damage that will
mmtuatly como from the flooding as
thC after results will be farrcachliig
such as future settling of buildings
injury to waterworks gas plantS
team plants private and public
buildings street railways under
ground railways parks roadways In
terruption of business and epidemic
I I would pay that KOOOOOOW was a
very conservative estimate of the toes
to France It will more likely reach
Charged Vltli Killing n White Man
Near Providence
Hopklnsvlle Ky Fob 2Drown
Caudle a negro who kited l a white
man near Providence Ky In Decem
ber was captured hero this morning
nw will be taken to DIxon tonight
> iudlo admits tho killing but ears
It was a question of who could shoot
first Ho professes to bo afraid of
mob violence and an effort will
probably be made by his attorney to
tave hm carried elsewhere than
Mxon for safe keeping
IJoncpWho was the greatest
lion third isnt IIh01
JoaxOee Ono of thorn Is chaff
Ing me around trying to make too
her fourth Philadelphia Record
Welcome Words To Women f
If you arc an intelligent thinking woman in need of relief from weakness rjcrvous
ness pain and suffering then it means much to you that there is one tried and true
honest squaredeal medicine OF KNOWN COMUOSIT1ON sold by druggists for the cure
of womans ills The makers of
Dr Pierces Favorite Prescription
for the cure of weak nervous rundown overworked debilitated painracked
women knowing this medicine to be made up of ingredients every one of which
has the strongest possible endorsement of fthe f leading I and standard Authorities of
the several schools of practice are perfectly willing and in fact are only too glad
to print as they do the formula or list of ingredients of which it is composed in
flaw English on every bottlewrapper Is this not a significant fact worthy of
careful consideration
Women use Dr Pierces Favorite Prescription in preference to all other ad
vocated medicines sold by druggists for their peculiar weaknesses and ailments
because it is
Till ONE REMEDY which contains no alcohol or liqblt > forming drugs Is not anything like advertised secret
compounds or patent medicines
THE ONE REMEDY for women devised by a regularly graduated physician of vast experience In womans all
meets and carefully adapted to her delicate organism re
THE ONE REMEDY good enough that Its makers are not afraid to print Its every Ingredient on Its outside
Its foolishoften dangerous to be overpersuaded into accepting a secret nostrum in place of this time
proven medicine of KNOWN COMPOSITION Worlds Dispensary Medical Association Buffalo N Ye
Vole Was IIX I tll all > and Mo Ptif
the SlinrtlcfT ltri > ul > llrmis Votttl
1galust t 1ISSIjr
Sprtngflold l Uv Feb tAfter a
hot debate lasting over two hours the
house by a vote of 100 to 39 moat
of tho Shurtleff Republicans voting
nay passed the HamHtonStaynmtoe
direct primary election bW which bed
been reported out by tho majority of
the special committee of 15 appointed
to draft a primary bill Itrowii of
UiSaNo the Deraoorattc loader poke
and voted against the bill declartag
that the provision which gh cs tho
senatorial committee the power to
letormlno hoi many candkl tee for
the lower house shall be nominated
by < tM pussy i Quid called the tupremo
court to decide the hill to be uncua
Chlporflefd J Republican of Fulton
count read nn opinion from ox
Mayor Dunne of Chicago In which
ho uatd he believed the net would bo
declared Invalid by the supreme
Hamilton and otbort defended the
bJll After the bill I had boon tocared
isted Hamilton moved to reeoiMlder
the vote b > which the bW was paused
This motion WAS tabled
The vote by Vhteh the primary bull
passer was as follows
For the bill Republican Abbey
pmdoc nardlll Black Burfett
Mutts Ompboll Church Chile Due
lee Flagu Fuiton GHle pe Oran
lagan Hanilltoit Pollebeck HuM
huller Kerrick King lOrkpatrlck
Cownlskl Lawrence bowie Iggett
Logan Leon JIacLoan Mills Mon
lellus Barker Perkins Punlr Price
Reynolds TUchter Rlgnoy Robinson
Smtlnn F V Sheppard Steers
Stevenson Terrill Ton AVelbvrn G
P Wilson P M Wilson Wright
York Zelngep ZIpf51 I Democrats
AUchulor Blair nails Ilrltvo
Burns Cermak Clark Corcoran Dll
Many Cntlmrtlrs Tend to rmic In
Jury tll the I < mrls
If you are subject to constipation
you should avoid strong drug and
cathartics They only give tem
porary relief anal their reaction IB
harmful and sometimes more annoy
ing than constipation They In no
way effect a euro and their ten
dency Is to weaken the already
weak organs with which they come
In > contact
We honestly believe that we hero
tho best constipation treatment ever
devised Our faith In It li no strong
that we sell It on tho positive guar
antce that It shall not cost the user
a cent If It does not give entire sat
isfaction and completely remedy con1 i
Upatlon This preparation IB called
tlexnll Orderlies These are prompt j
soothing nnd most effective In ac
lion Tile are made of a recent
chemical discovery Their principal
ingredient Is odorless tastfVesa and
colorless Combined with other well
known Ingredients long established
for their usefulness In the treat
most of constipation It forms a tab
let wbtch Is 1 eaten just like candy I
They may be taken at any tlm1 I
either day or night without fear of
their causing any Inconvenience I
whatever They do not gripe purge
nor cause nausea They act with
out causing any pain or excessive
looseness of tho bowels They are
deal for chHdrcn weak deVcato
persons and aged people as well at
for tile most hearty person
They como In two size packages
12 tablets 10 cents 3C tablets 23
cents Remember you can obtain i
hem only at our etore + The Rcxall
store W B McPhrsoir4 Fourth
ma Dro 41I1rli A 4 J J
11011 Knglwh Ethcrton Fahy FlnUy
Font Fetter Galilean flomiinn
Giynn J Groves W M r Groves IU1
ton Pmby Huston Kannnlly Lnku
MrConnell McGuire MclxiughUn
Morris It J Murphy William Mtw
phy 3turraw iljers OlRtton Otoole
IViuItrn Ittchardvoni RHoy Scott U
A Snapperd Starjn to Tliyillt
WnUli lfhee lan J F AVIIuon RV B
I WiUon 10
Against Uwblll Ropublteans
AdkiM lledt lluluOM Ilrowiibaek
Ihislu par4e Clilptrfiold Cur ran
luii > oa KH r Fleldvtnok Flonnl
pas ItoOu hope Iprtnnd Lane
Marcy I McXoJioU Nelson I Jorum
Rhamtlmn Siuojkn Troyer hurt
l rrJ l > mocrntB Abrahams s
llockeinoyer hewn Data Dowolf
Dovahua RtIp iet > lie el h Ink Mo
Collunt Naylor Shaw Sulllvatr Wer
deJI U
Ab Ont or not voting Crawford
Brl < 3k on Gras Hotodny MeKlttan
Ixxlorer Jewell Setuininchor anti
SolHtt Itppubl Bans and AMk < on
Lanlz ONvil aDd White Democrats
IOIItII for Cherry
Springfield Feb S After the com
mit t direct primary bttl h passed Uie
house 4 > y a cote of 100 to JO the
commtavJon form ot municipal gov
< mMnont bill ran a hot gauntlet of
aiiMndtftMto and wire advanced to
Inln remUuff The IITHMO passed the
bill donating 00000 to the Cherry
relief fund OhnuvlouFslmviliuna
Obiiolnii4 ProvUlun
S r ninokl Iii Feb 2ltk
Sptwker Shurt ffa oboextmts pro
vision that the commtarioaara boll
be alerted not lees 1 than D0 days after
a city ataiite the commission form
at government retained HId wit
CtttfteitloMit niiiumlmvnt offered fix
InfC the percentage for recall at 75
which makes It virUuHr prohRiHory
and with another amendin at taok d
on that when the commlMioH form
of government hM bHn lost In a city
it can not be voted on for two year
the comm form of government
otmbHug act was advanced to third
roadtog by the house and will bo
voted an txlay In al probability
and pawed
Our two chlden of six and eight
years here been s4nee Infancy sub
jest to colds and croup About three
peen ago I MMted to uio Fotoys
honey and Tar and it has never
failed to prevent and cure hoer
troubles it is tho only ntcdlclne I
ran got tho children to take without
11 row The above from W C Orn
ituln Green Bay Wis diipllcatos the
xp rtaaco ot thousands of other
users or Foleyg honey and Tar
Gilberts Drug Storo
i DnmnKciiH of Miinolou ItI
I Tho view of Damascus from tho I
j mountain whore Mohammed made
his great renunciation is ono of tho
marvelous views of silo world Again
and again I deserted tho mosques
tho bazaars tho marblo baths tho
courts of tho fountains tho shadowy
khans and tho gardens by tho
streams for that bare height on
which Abraham Is said to have had
tho unity of God revealed to hlm
1 Century
llc < ucnflic < Property Wblrli Wa
Found tilt to IMsl t
Tacoma Wnsh Fob Dead
men tell no talw but that they
fomotlnws play practical Jokes II at
tetled by Mr end Mrs B II Jones
of Portland Mo who hero arrived
hero after a fruitless trip to IXlens 1
burg Wnch to claim a bequest of
real uitato made to Mrs Jones In her
brothers will They rouM find no
trace of the property dotcrMxtl
Mrs Jones hat reenllod that her
brother when wan WHlhim Trnltrmm
was a greet practlnil Jokur He died
lK JUIMI willing hhi brother and two
sisters panels l of land in widely sepea
mind T MkM MM I Jones rotliw
ws iMNiueathed a tract IB Florida
and her tistur a half section In
Tho will whWi was not opened
until 1 Chcietma directed the fcatee
110 claim their lands without delay
Mr and Mm Jotiai are waiting to
bear tram the t 6Hcnclarl i who
have gage nouns to Inveatl ltIte be >
which have stood the test of time
doMrve n place in tho modlelTio client I
of ovory family Motltrs are today
administering to their children the
remedies their grandmothers uwd I
For thirty yearn Lydia K Pink
hates Vegetable Compound made
from roots and horbf has been cur
ing tile women of this country from I
tho worst form of female Ills and
merit alone could have stolid t aura n
tart of time and won tucu an curl
able record
rtocord1I0COTT i
UnlrrrMljr of lilrngo COKd I Will I I
Sot Marry 11hAkrrcI Men
Cbtaago Feb A > boycott
n alDet HHisUteao has be dfrkirrd
by the girl studoitto of the fnlTenlty
of Okleago apd Moral reeMcnU of
ltM > ch r Hall a won dormitory
where the ablation H s4sonest eon
mntod yeatunlay to onumcrato tko
various forme of dteflomflture bet
awmlt those who ignore the rule
The elM are to be real polite
about Ibtoo polite to tell a mss to
his face oil y he to snubbed They
act but dont talk about It
They have given onion to mW
to admit no jwnon they dont refer
to him as a man with a imirfache
The style to to leave him standing In
tho vestibule admiring Use archi
No coed of needier Hall may be
come engaged to a bowbtokered man
Any r 3dent of Dcedier Hall who
fis f
hi to be brought before a trial boanl
i and the proper poimty meted out to
I More ooplo aro taking Foleja
Kidney Ilemody ovary ysr It li I con
iklared tho mast effective remedy for
all kidn y and bladder trouble that
medical science can Revise I Fbleya
Kidney Ilemody contests Irroguhul
tlof bulldtt up tho jrlom and ro
Moue tort vltoMty Gilborfa Drug
Mr CrtniKiibotk A hunter In
Xowfotimlhrnd wo had lost his bear t
hews or flails htltwo f In a fnrmt liau
no dlUlmHr In fliKlinis h WI < as
owing to the constant west winds the
lops of all the trees point east Mm l
CrlniMlitoak > Hut i ppow he dos
not want to go lat Yonkors
Do You Ever
Examine the
Behind Your
Fire Insurance
Companies I
You may not believe It but It
Is not an uncommon thing for
some ono to suffer a fire Iou
and when they oomo to ad
just It find the company carry
I ing their Insurance Is a weak
proposition and only able to
pay about halt the ION
You fully Investigate a bank
before you deposit money with
It and it behooves you to fully
Investigate your Insurance
Wo court Investigations of ouri
companies and guarantee the
best lino of strong financial
Institution you will find any
Bfititftaes JW Residence 72f ff f f
You to well with our livery service
that you will employ It t again au4
often Ono of the ways wo take is Co
mako our charges BO reasonable the l
you will not deprive yourself of the tie r
pleasure of a drive on account of the t
expense Suppose you take ODe tot
day If the weather permits
< 00II
Uucoorate4I I
4tk A Ky ATC Doth IaonM 47S
LanqstaffOrm MfgCo h
Incorporated >
Largest Stock 1 t
Lumber Shingles and Lath
In the City
Our Shingles and Lath are all kept in sheds insuring our cus
tomers DRY BRIGHT stock
Low Prices Prompt Service
Both Phones 26
v 4 v

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