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Girls ia i Basketball Scrimmage
With Cain Girls This
i leys Will Meet Anta Bisls
Confident of a victorious battle
with the basketball teams of tho
Cairo High school the girls team
and first boys team of tbo Paducah
High school boarded the steamer
r Dkk Fowler this morning at the
foot of Broadway for tho Egyptian
city where the girls are fighting for
the honors this afternoon Tonight
tho boys teams wilt clash and Padu
cah does not fear the onslaught of
the mummies who have an
nounced themselves victors in ad
Tho tames will be played In tho
A Armory building the first game be
+ 1 ginning at 3 oclock this afternoon
a At 8 oclock tonight tho boys team
R will get together for a lively mixup
nnd as the locals are much stronger
than before It is thought they will
win easily
Tho Cairo girls aro playing their
first game of the season today Tbo
Paducah girls have played several
game aid It will not bo new sport
to tbem Tonight will bo tho third
tlmo the Cairo boys have met aliens
and although they expect a victory
Paducabs team Is not worried Following
lowing is tko llncup of the girls
a Stewart and Pauline Rock forwards
Ida Leo Stegar and Martha Cope
I1The boys team will lineup to
night as follows guards Sills and
h t Hughes rwardlllrowninc and
4OgIIvieJQerttrFaln Klag Ae
comp nyifff the players were tho fol
1 4 lowing Miss Elisabeth Graham and
Miss Edna McLaugblln of the High
school faculty Miss Ira Jones and
Leslie Eubanks and William Humph
The locals will return home to
morrow morning or evening
eveningi i
st Louis Financier Deed
fit Louie March 12ldard FI
Cert former irooprcJldent of tho
Kanras City Southern railroad and
preridsnt of the ten million dollars
Midland Security company organized
by John W Gate died here today of
4Little Girl Ilan Hnnt Pull
etJarp Ky March 12 Special
Uttlo Edna Pholps tthe Gyrarold
daughter of Mrs Eula Phelps was in
jured this morning by n hard fall
apofl a wash kettle In the card A
d long cut wan inflicted on tho fore
head and Ibe was knocked uncon
Bdoua but It to thought her Injuries
wJll not result flCrloual ly Dr O A
Eddlcman dropped tho Injury AI I
Alone In tho city Without friends
or money Mrs Ida Jamctxvn and a
c Mirilt child found tho rest room
of the Charity club 214 South Sev
enth street a haven lalll night Mra
Jameson rt ldel In Carwvlllt1 but
several days ago passed through Pa
ducah on route to Cairo where she
failed to find employment and her
4 means wore exhausted She reached
Paducah last night on tho passenger
train and Inquired of the police for
a nights lodging Sho was taken to
the poll co elation and thence to tho
rest room whore lodging forttho
night was given her and the child
This afternoon the waa given bane
portatlon < d tho homo of her otetor J
in Llriacstaa count
Polypus Not Octopus
Rome March IJ P I Morgan
s submitted to an operation for tho re
d moval of a natal polypus It waa
learned today It wue performed by
Profenor Rampolld ono of tho fore
most European surgeons and nasal
specialists It Is not dangerous and
probably wilt detain him hero several
weeks for recovery
President at t Pittsburgh
Washington March 12 President
Taft will leave for Pltttburgh today
to attend tho funeral of Thomas K
1L4 McLaughlln lorn Tafts brotherin
A law The news of his death wa re
e ceived too lato to cancel Invitations
to a rouelcal Jseuod by Mrs Taft It
was held aa ccheduledx Mrs Tafta
heaMh will pot permit her to go to
Local Unions Will Ask For Higher
Wages When Present Contracts Are
Ended With Employers For Year
All Declare Increased Cost ol
Living Has Made Advance
Imperative f Leatherwork
ers Are Debating
I Higher wage scales will bo asked
by practically all of the unions in
the building trades when the present
agreement with the contractors ex
pire Most of the scales will expire
April 1 and all tho demands have
been announced to tho contractors
Whether there will be any trouble In
reaching an agreement can not bo
foretold but the general Impression
la that there will not bo any strikes
Tho largest Increase Is asked by
tho carpenters as they want an In
crease of 7 14 cents an hour making
a scale of 4C cents an hour of 360
a day Tho contractors did have a
Paducah Builders association but
this was dissolved and now there Is
ft good prospect of It being revived j
The builders have not gotten togeth
er yet on tho demand from the car
penters but they expect to In a few
days The present scale will expire
May 1
It Is understood that the contrac
tors arc not against granting the In
crease In wages but may not agreo
on certain provisions The contrac
tors want a scale BO that when tht
carpenters do independent work for
people they will charge moro than
the scale This was a mooted ques I
tion last year between the carpenters
and contractors
The bricklayers have asked for an
increase of 246 cents an hour mak
lag tho scale 60 cents an hour or
520 a day of eight hours The
paper hangers havo asked for an In
crease of ono cent a roll for hanging
paper making ten cents a roll The
paper hangers are paid by piece
work and tho average pay Is about
3 a day Doth unions anticipate
no trouble In securing tbo advance
The plumbers union will not ask
for any increase thlsjiprlng as their
new scale went into effect January
1 when an increase of CO cents a
day was granted
The leather workers union scale
expired January 0 and has not beqn
renewed so far Heretofore tho local
Union has always arranged tho
scale but next Wednesday Jn Chi
cago tho representatives of the Na
tional Saddlery Manufacturers as
sedation and the Icathcrworkers1 will
convene for tho purpose of arranging
a general scale Tho loathorworkors
have asked for an eighthour day
and an Increase of ID per cent for
piece work No increase Is asked
for day work
A slight Increaso has been naked
by tho painters union Tho mom
here want 320 a day Instead of 3
a day
Tho union men hold the advance
of tho price of food products as re
sponsible for the advances requested
In tho wage scales They say the in
croaso In wages is necelsaryi
Tramp JtNtt Troubled
Tbo street car waiting room at
wentyolghth and Jefferson Etrcota
has been converted into a lodging
house by two tramps who are said
tn sleep there every night An offi
cer wilt bo empowered to oust the
sleeper tonight
Mr Warren Gets Contract
Mr C C Warren this morning secured
cured contract from tho Fall City
Construction company for till tho
Minting varnishing staining and
glazing on tho now City National
bank building
Liverpool March 12James
A Patten sailed for homo to >
day following an attack on him
I In tho Cotton Exchange He
said tho people of Manchester
aro narrowminded lie Is in no
way responsible for tho law of
supply and demand causing
the rise and fall of prices
Now Orleans March 12Vlncoot
Morccl a leading local Italian Is
dying as the result of two bullet
wounds received In a Black Hand
attack early today It was tho culmi
nation of a threat over eluce the or
ganized Italian society three years
ago after the Black Hand gang kid
naped and murdered tho Lamana
boy Every detective Is working on
the cote Tho Italian colony la greatly
Incensed They provided body guards
for their associates in Uio war on the
Black Hand Morecl was shot wbllo
returning homo early this morning
without warning
George Sehulto will erect a modern
brick building at the corner of Tenth
and Caldwoll streets on tho site of
tho old frame building known as tho
Bucket of Blood The contract
has been let to tho Murray Cole
l Construction company for 3000
The building will bo C0x32 two
btorie in height and a modern gro
cer will bo Installed
MajHeld Presbytery
The May field Presbytery of the
Cumberland Presbyterian church will
convene at the New Hope church to
the county April 2 The Presbytery
will remain In ecsston April 234 and
will be < attended Up delegates from all
over western Kentucky
A telegram from Stato Senator W
V > Eaton to The Evening Sun this
afternoon elates that the senate bas
passed tho amendment to Second
class city charters permitting their
general councils to Issue tea year spe
cial assessment Improvement bonds
and that It teon tho house calendar
This 1111 l the bill prepared bji l City So
licitor Campbell A substitute bill
was introduced In tike house and
passed and Is pending in the senate
Tho legislature adjourns Tuesday and
some anxlely is felt lees these meas
for recognition at the last moment
Alleged Rawer Pirate s
Are Held at Cairo III
Chief of Police Henry Slngory re
ceived a letter yesterday afternoon
from Chief of Police J 0 Oowell of
Cairo III Informing him of tho ar
rest of Jack Stogie and Frank Lance
alleged river pirates who are being
held there It was thought that Sla
glo was wanted at Paducah for i
breaking out of tho McCrockon coup
ty Jail last summer but tho man
wanted is hid brother Dave Slaglo
whose whereabouts aro unknown
County Jailer Houser was notified
but nothing will be done
Chtaf CowoH said Slaglo and lance
The predictions nnd tempera
tw for the past twentyfour
hours will be found at the top
of the seventh column on page
woro taken to Cairo from Memphis
whore they were caught with a skiff
filled with loot Doth are believed
to bo wanted at New Madrid Mo
for Jail breaking Dave Slaglo who
was being hold hero awaiting the
I grand jUlr8 Investigation into a
I charge of stealing brass against him
is said to have escaped from tho Now
Madrid Jail last I November with Jack
and Lance all of whom were capt
ured there on a robbery charge
Chief Slngery believes Jack Slaglo
and Lanco were tho thieves who stole
a skiff and other property from Will
Baker at the Illinois lakes early last
No Loss of Life
Julceburg Col March 12Wattlr
from r Jumbo Dam which broke yes
terday flooding the country for miles
U receding today No loss of life is
reported The property damage is
a r
Commissioner McNeill Says
Be Has No Authority
to Act
Appeals Made by Business
Men For Aid
Baltimore March 12oommla
i sioner McNelll declares ho baa no
authority to act There is no law
giving mo tho right to Intervene in
the Philadelphia strike I could not
act aa mediator under the Erdman
act as it relates to interstate dis
putts and the Philadelphia troubles
aro local
Philadelphia March 12Few
suggestions are made as to the man
ner of settlement of the strike here
President Taft when appealed to
referred tho matter to Commission
er of Labor Nell It Is reported to
day that Secretary of Commerce and
Labor Nagel may come with Nelll to
Investigate and endeavor to find a
way for the warring factions to come
to an agreement Several cars were
stoned today Prices of all food are
Of Ibo two local influences appeal
ed to stress was laid upon tho finan
cial power of tho city The citys
banks through the Clearing House
association are requested to HousoI I
Influences with the parttes dn dispute
to bring about arbitration or an equit
able settlement tho understanding
being that especial references was
had to the traction company Each
commercial body represented was
asked to bring t irery possible pros
euro to bear upoatho councilmen to
cause a special meeting of the dty
councils to bo called for action which
will Induce ere company and Its men
to Come to terms v °
The resolution toog a wider scope
however ln directing that 1 telegram
be sent at once to Seth Low presi
dent of the National Civic Federation
asking that the federation offer Im
mediately Its services as arbitrator to
tho two parties to the dispute the
company and tbo union organization
representing the men Several wpeak
era declared their belief that this af
forded tho surest and most direct way
of bringing matters to an Issue
Petition to loft
The traction company many
thought would not likely cast aside
an < offer from the national civil body
to act as mediator The strikers have
already announced that they would
welcome arbitration
All shades of opinion were repro
rented at tho meeting at the close
of which a committee of thirty was
named to put tho resolutions adopted
Into effect
A petition to President Taft pro
wntcd by Alfred II Love of the
Universal Peace Union was signed
by the business men at the closo of
tho meeting It suggested that the
committee for the promoUon of IIN
dustrtel peace which baa at Its dispos
al the funds donated by Theodore
Roosevelt from the Noble peace prize
awarded to him be asked to act in
the crisis hero Tho petition also
has been presented to the committee
of ten which was asked to secure
signatures from the labor side of the
existing controversy
Doubt was expressed In many quay
tera whether any action taken by the
business men would have any Imme
diate beneficial effect upon the situa
tion There was hope however in
tho results of the appeal for Intervea
Hon from outside while many of the
business men seemed convinced that
their firm stand for action at homo to
end tho strike would have Its due ef
feet and bring about results
Pratt Says Its n Rluff
The traction company through
i President Kruger announced Its
willingness to comply with Mayor
Reyburns request of tho afternoon
for concession to men who wore will I
Ins to return to work In his letter
to Mayor Reyburn President Kruger i
I take the responsibility of saying
hat aa far as there are vacancies
wo shall receive the men back until
March MJ 1910 under the terms of
our resolution of February 25 and
believe that In some way we can
give them the financial assistance
that you request Of course we
must loyally guard tjie rights of the
men who havo beenffoyal 1 to us and
we think It only fair tp point out in
this connection thatKo are naw rap
Idly filling our ranki1
C 0 Pratt leader of the striking
carmen declared ithat the action of
the mayor and the > responsive offer
of the company V1I8 ablurb In its
House and Senate Leaders Do Not
Agree About State Bond Issue and
Special Session Is Now Possible jj
London March 12Former
VicePresident Fairbanks and
wife sailed for the United
States today on tho steamship
Maurentla Mr Fairbanks said
it would bo hard to imagine a
more enjoyable trip than ho has
just closed Everywhere ho
was received cordially He said
If any ono doubts that the
United States Is a world power
all he has to do is to feel the
worlds political pulse as I felt
S it Tho News says ho may re
e enter politics soon
e S
usual dally statement the committee
of ten claimed Increases lathe ranks I
of the general strikerS during the day
and declared that the workers of theI I
state only awaited tho word to join
the movement here The statement
Indicated possibility of further trou I
ble In declaring t I
Mayor Keyburns Ilan
If within fortyeight tours tho I
present general local strike Is not set t
tied every labor organization now on
strlko will be instructed to formu
la o demands for wages hours of la I
bar and conditions of labor they deem 1
xjmbienmirato with tho Increased I
cost of living now upon us
Railroad employee minors
unions and labor organizations of ev
ery craft and trade throughout tho
state will be notified to take similar
Mayor Reyburn and several of the
directors of the Philadelphia Rapid
Transit company met In tho mayors
office to discuss tho situation Sub
sequently tho mayor sent a letter to
Charles O Kruger president of the
company suggesting that the com
pany extend tho time In which the
striking trolley men can return to
work He said many of tho men were
In want and suggested that each
married man who returned be given
10 and each single man B the
money to bo returned the company
out of the wages of the men at the
rate of 2 a week
Strikebreakers Grafters
Mayor Reyburn said that his con I
ference with the Rapid Transit offi
cials had to do with tho lack of die
cipline among the men now working
Some of these men the mayor
said are scandalizing the company
by the manner in which they are act 1
Ing They seem to feel they have no
responsibility They do feel how
ever that they can ring up fares
only when they see fit to do BO As
roon as dishonest men are found the
company discharges them at once and
places other men on the cars I
Washington March 12Senator
Aldrich plana another tour of tnt6UI I
31100 for the monetary commission
the coming fall in an effort to ascer
tain tho need of banks In the country
Various sections complain they aro
unable to got money promptly when
needed Aldrich will have several
members of the commission accom t
pany him to investigate It thoroughly I
110 hopes by rcxt tall tho bankers
moo ready to meet wltth the com t
mission to discuss practical lines of
needI I I
Fulso Story Starts Run
Cleveland 0 March 12An In
vestigation by the Society for Say
Ings to apprehend the author of false
rumors starting a run on tho big
bank has developed several chows
Detectives reported today that they
have information that soon wilt roo
lull lit an arrest
As a result of an examining trial
In Magistrate John J Bloichs court
at 10 oclock this morning Charlie
Taylor colored who was arrested
several days ago by Constable A C
Shelton wag bound over to the cir
cuit court grand Jury under UoO
bond on a charge of detaining a wo
man against her will Tho Initial
charge was breach of tho peace U 1
Is alleged that Taylor Insulted Mrs
11111 Ellen Vlckers Clara Tubbs and I
Maud Beckonbaugh white women
who reside in Mechanlcsburg boat Y
after Now Years day Taylor lives
in the county and is a slopffeur
Too Much Whitewash is i Ap
plied to Board of Prison
Commissioners by Senator >
Taylors Committee
Frankfort Ky March 12 Spe
c1almato and house leaders are
at outs over the bond issue but
Speaker Wilson and other leaders do
clare It shall not pass the house It
they sUck to their decision It means
an extra session
headed by Senator E M Taylor had
a repor on prisons prepared for pre
sentation to tho sonata this morning
but it was held up on tho excuse that
romo of the members of the commit
tee had not seen It The truth was
the powers that be would not stand
for it as It was so fulsome la the
praise of McCutchen Brown and
Fogg as to make them appear ridicu
lous In trying to whitewash them
the matter was evidently v overdone
The senate passed the bill creat I
ing the Kentucky library commission
to be appointed by tho goVC111orI I
Bond Issue StftnlUngI I
While the matter of voting a bond I
Issue to meet tho outstanding obliga I
tions of the state was considered out
of tho question as far as tho house
was concerned until now it is be
Continued on Page Seven j
Rabak Soudan March 12 United
Prey Staff Correspondent Colonel I
Roosevelt gave a dinner last night
aboard the steamer Dal in honor of
the United Press correspondent and 1
four other correspondents who camo I
up tho Nile to meet him at Ronflc
The dinner lasted far Into the night 3
Roosevelt asking questions faster
than the correspondents could answer I
After being out of touch so long ItI
la safe to say Roosevelt wITt boI I
thoroughly up todato when ho
reaches Cairo Ho was particularly I
Interested In Dr Cooks north polo 1
fiasco Learning tho details he Bald 1
he waif glad ho didnt follow his first 1
impulse to send Cook a telegram of
congratulations Ho declared tho
achievement of Peary ono of the
greatest exploration triumphs of the
ago He stilt refused to talk politics
Ho said he Is through with bunting
Tho African trip has been a success
scientifically and for pleasure and
he Is ready to quit He was pleased
with the attention given his return
to civilization
Roosevelt ia busy completing the
tory of his hunting trip and will
spend much tlmo until he reaches
Naples proparalng his lectures at
Paris London and Berlin After
Khartoum abort stops will too made
at Assouan end Luxor where thero
are old palaces
Tho Dal loft today for Khartoum
and will arrive tomorrow a day ahead
of schedule and four ahead of the
original plan Mrs Roosevelt and
Ethel will arrive Monday according
to word today Tho colonel is keenly
appreciative of tho interest in
America over his return I thought I
theyd gone the limit in such a won
dorful farewell Its good to know I
am still In good standing he said
Climbing Swine
St Louis March 12All records I
wore broken today the best hog s I
soiling at 11 They will continuo to
climb Chicago has the same price
Now Orleans March 12FlU
business and political loaders will
leave this afternoon on a special
train to Washington to lay before the
president and congress plans for a
worlds fair to celebrate the opening
of the Panama canal Theyi expect
to spend 35000000 ca the fair
Paducah Retail Houses Will
Show The New Lines
of 1910 Goods
Two Special Fashion EdititHi
Next Week
Bank clearings week1 = 063202
Same week last year 662518
The bank clearings this week show
that tho figures ere keeping pace
with tho clearings of last year with
much better prospects for the year
1910 Business during the woeto has
been good In retail lines and espei
dally so with the wholesale dealers
Owing to the fact thatEaster Sun
day will be two weeks from tomor
row retail trade Is lively with better
prospects for the next two weeks
tho merchants now In full force Next
week will be a gala week Thursday °
display of the latest creations in the
articles of wear and It is safe tp sky
this will bo of interest to the men as
much as tho women The mijlinecr
openings which are dear to the feani
nine heart will take place and the
latest styles in headgear from the
chanticleer to the tapestry fiat WWII
bo mown
The Evening Sun will issue two
fashion editions this year instead of
one edition Next Tuesday tho fashion
edition for the ladies wilt appear and
will bo brimful of the latest goesjp 4
concerning the spring fashion The
later Issue will be of inter to ifce
Wholesale Trade <
Paducah wholesale merchants re
port a lively trade as the pleasant
weather has stirred up business Sorno
of the manufacturers report thai
their business has Increased as high
as 4fr per cent over IbO corresponding
period of 1909 Traveling salesman
report a better feeling and expect this
year to be ono of the best
The merger of the First Notions
bank and the Globe Bank and Trust
company BUS the most important
news In financial circles The con
solidation will make a stronger bdnk i
out of two strong banks and the
good effects will bo felt by the bile
ness people Tho smaller franks wHl
profit by tho two recent mergers of
older financial institutions as it wM
give them more of the smaller hush
newt which tho larger banks will not
desire especially
Another announcement of Interest
was the decision of the board of di
rectors of tho First National bank to
e a handsome new building which
will be a credit to the cltjt AcUvQ
work of digging the foundation for
the office building of the City 111f
tlonal bank is under way and the r
outlook for tho steady employment
of labor this year is excellent
Bishop Spellmeyer Dead
Trenton N J March 12 Bishop
Spellmeyer presiding officer of tho
New Jersey Methodist Episcopal con
ference was found dead in bed at
Atlantic City this morning
Metropolis III March 12 Spe c
Ial1 double wedding In which
two sister prominent young women
of Dulaney Caldwell county Ken
tucky were the brides was solemn
ized quietly this morning at 9 oclock
oIn tho parlors of tho Julian hotel by
Marryln Squlro Liggett There
wore no attendants The contracting
parties wore Miss May Gregory
19 of Dulaney and Mr Jako Holt
21or Princeton Miss Helone Greg r
ory 18 of Dulaney and Mr Gray Py
Lewis 21 of Kuttawa Tho court
ship of the two couples dates backt t
several months and yesterday hey
decided to have a double wedding
Theq arrived on the steamer Dickv
Fowler this morning and loft for
Kentucky at 10 a m by rail
Chicago MarkeLt t
May High Low CINe
Wheat 113 113U 113
rfJa 44 45
Prov 2487 2665 2582
Lard 1410 1400 1407
Ribs 1355 1345 I 4t

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