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IOMUVM nrn 11
t Azrwufooir AND WKLY
01 mi PtJBLisniwa COXFAHT
r K mmnen rrueat
B 9 ASTON General Manager
agtM 1M eoe poitofflc at Paducah
t TooU second class matter
By Carrl r per week 1 0
By Hail per month In advance c SI
By Mall per year In adrane 100
avNi i
Per year by mall postage paid 1100
Address TUB BUN Paducah Ky
Ores 111 ouch Third Phony III
Editorial Roooui
BM Plena 1I1Nw Phone Ill
Payne and Young Chicago and Nsw
York BepreientaUTe
peGR eMl
11g g I
I 116791 156810 1
126785 166814 i
36794 17 6816
4 6890 186826
5 6797 196826
e 76790 216826 I
86791 226828
96794 236825
1O 6791 246825
err 11 6794 256828 I
12 6806 266826
146816 286816 s
16350 I
Average Feb 1910 fi812 I
Average Feb 1909 6297 a
Increase 1515 I
I Personally appeared before mo
this 1st day of March 1910 R D
MacMlllen Buslnest Manager of The t
Bun who affirms that the foregoing t
Is a true and correct statement of Its fl
circulation for the month of February t t
to the beet of hit knowledge and be I
Bet I
Notary Public I
1 4Notary 4 10 I
Dally Thought 1 J
Die when I may 1 want It said of 1
i me that I always plucked a thlstlo 1
7end planted a flower where 3 I
thought a flower would grow Abra <
ham Lincoln II I I
We suspect Senator And of Now 1
York of cvea concealing ono of tho
syllables of his name I
o 1
Ealllngor iprobably thought there I
was plenty moro water whero that
I came tram I
iljWas 0I I
Recent newspaper discussions of I
iomco building omenltl > Indicate that I
i elevator manners are not elevating c
r Going down perhaps J
e J
J We gather that the Louisville 0
i I Herald doubts whether the Rocke 0
feller Foundation will contain the t
J stone rejected by the buildersg
e o U
Ife1JeT I j Cudahy of Kansas City is
aId to have received numerous offers
plc go on the stage Mr Wills might
° + exhibit hlmeolf as the tattooed mana
t a
1 11 It Is more Important to make t
tL New Mexico and Arizona Republicans
P than U Is to insure decent rule for S
Utheir i valley settlers and representa
tive government at Washington It Is n
wise for congreoo to prohibit tho dill
e Iranchlsoment of Mexicans Other m
wise It would be well to permit tho ed
people of thosd growlns territories to si
r decide that question for themselves n
nnd also decide whether their 6OOa
Rtors R r shall to Democrats or publlb
cane Recent Immigration to New w
AIcxlco from Iowa according to theI
t I
+ Now York Sun shows that the tern
tory will bo Republican anyway ya
f t the time a state election can bo hold
But whether It Js or not It would be
ehamcful to compel tho white people
fci those states to submit to the domi
nation of Mexicans
Ship subsidy or no ship subsidy Is
+ J p Morgan organization of tho
banking system of South American at
republics will put the trade in Amerl
f can hands This Is a matter which Cu
p + line been overlooked in our efforts to
1 isecure i tho advantage on this hour o
epboro As long as European Institu
thins control the finances of the L
lathiAmerican states European busl
I Tiess men wit have the advantage bl
How important part they play In tho
1revolutions 1 down there we cannot at
tFsay but It la certain that complete
control of finances and trade by thq 01
United States will go far toward aid
lug the good offices of This govern J
irwnt In keeping down Insurrections
i end inducing tho South American of
dovo of peace to become less rolgra b
tory In tie habits
o IJ
Deford any of our amateur auto
killI y
some Pfd trlan and are lynched we tJ
offer a word ot warning There Js a
t largo number of new cars In tho city 1
Iand I It may bo more than human na by
turn can do to refrain from trying
them to Boos bow fast they will go w
1 but there Is a Umo and place for all eJ
i things Tho Sabbath day witnessed
one race on Broadway between Sev
enth and Ninth streets in which two
machines must have bested six miles J
an hour Jefferson street South G
c e Third street and undoubtedly many N
other streets witnessed Just as reck h
leSi disregard of the lives of citizens M
EThe police may not have seen any of
these eihibttlbufl If they didnt they Ic
1ace wtbtoli lc
other people saw and reported to
Tho Evening Sun today
The automobile owners secured
tho kind of speed law they desired
I from the general council and prom
i Ised to obey It No doubt most of
them do but there are too man y
who do not Tho automobile owners i
I for their own peace and comfort
should take some action to restrain
their moro venturesome and less sen i
slblo brethren Tho police Judge
1could also assist the reform by piling
0all the fines and costs ho can find In i
the statute book on tho next offend t
0er baled before him
In some cities It has been loon a
necessary to adopt ordinances pro
hlbltlng anyone running an automo i
1bile who has not passed an exam a i
ation and secured a license That
would be a hardship on many people
in Paducah and that Is why wo cau i
tion automobile owners to uso moral
suasion or whatever else will avail
to restrain the speed maniacs
Charles Fairbanks returns from
his round of the world with the an i 1
nouncement that to may reenter
politics He showed adroitness by
getting to cover Just before Theodore
Roosevelt reached tho first hole at
Khartoum Now watch tho lion h
Teddy get around that hazard In Italy
without a foozle
The Hon Roger Sullivan of Illi I
nois the Hon Charles Murphy of
Tammany hall the lion Norman
Mack of New York and tho Hon t
Tom Taggart of French Lick Springs
have selected Senator Culbertson of
Texas for the next Democratic
standard bearer Wo decline to ex
press an opinion until wo hear from
the Hon Hlnky Dink of Chicago
and the Hon Flngy Conners ot tho
Buffalo docks
docksroo o
How much silent love and sympa
thy goes wasted and unexpressed In L
this coM world I How often has dlf
fldence seen the object of its affec
lion die of cruel neglect when a word
might have saved itl Could some of
us overcome a natural timidity to
ward an unprompted expression of r
our real feelings how strong our
united Influence for good might bel
These trite observations are rug
gested by the fact that thirtysix
hours after the lower houso of tho I
legislature 1 killed upon a motion to t
reconsider i tho bill providing for
the teaching of tho elcnlents of agri
culture in the public schools our
morning contemporary blossomed I
forth yesterday In an editorial tho
length of tfcb pago and two columns
wide 1 from wljlch we gather sent
ments that indicate a long cherished
though silent regard for tho dc
ceased It is a beautiful tribute to
tho departed and might were Its 1
periods i better arranged have aroused I
tho populace een as Marc Antonys
speech over Caesars dead body Wo
could exhume tho unembalmod I
cone and show our contemporary
Just where the cruel words of the
Hon Eugene Graves stung the vitals
of the bill Does it not recall how
on Its first reading Gene said Any
tot of seven raised oa a farm could b
giro those professors points on agri
0 bitter words O wicked words f
Listen to our morning contempor
ary Gene and see how you two dJs 1
agree As yet tho rural popula I
tion is comparatively ignorant of tho t i
newest investigations In agricultural 1 I
But cruel as Genes words are j
more cruel still aro tho words
What might have been Had our
morning contemporary beer prompt l
il to speak about oneeighth or one
sixteenth for tbo Mvlog bill of what
said yesterday for tho dead oneI I
Gene Groves our Gene might have I
bitten out his tongue ere ho said
what ho said about his tots of seven 1
and them perfessers Well bet ai p I
hog Gene said them perfesscrs p I
n j
lendcky lenllI t I
T F Bailey of WlcUllffo diess
Louis P Zoellcr decorator of LouI
Isvllle diesI I I
Joseph Myers dies of appendicitis J 2
Brothers of Curt Jett trying to se
re his pardonh
f1C 1
f consumplloOnor
consumplloOnoA r
A A Van Burcn piano man of
Louisville dIese
Mrs Mary Martin 84 of Harrods s
burg burned to sleathII
jleathLargo a
Largo stock barn of Bud Harden
Ellzabetbtown burned a
Company C stato guards of Ow < 0
onsboro to be Inspected tonight b
ofJack f c
Jack Irwin begins at Elrzabcthtown c
HlckmanEbbort Wagon factory l
Owensboro to bo sold to highest t1
Little child of Mr and Mrs James t
Hamilton of Ellzabcthtown burned t
IrvIn Ragland tramp found In i
yards at Fulton with lets cut off by
train dies t
Jim Williams blacksmith of
Water Valley Graves county kicked <
mule and may die f
Trial of Morris Wllcoxsen charged
with murder of Hon J W Montgom B
cry at Glasgow begins t
John Ju Jones s
Mayfield March HJohn L i g
Jones one of tho pioneer settlers of f I
Graves county who came hero from
North Carolina died at the home of E
his daughter Mrs Battle Unsell I B
where he had gone on a visit t
He was over 90 years of ago and
leaves ten children He baa never
lost any of his culldrt t
> j c p
5 5
Fall from Grnce
Tho legislature opened with prajcr
rtOI1d closed by tutoring to order tho
Bible taught In public schools There
appears to have been a fall from i
grace all along the line Glasgow
Rather Heated Isnt t
1 It is known of all men wjio will nd
Rdi1mit o
poorest lot of statesmen over assem
bled at Frankfort and the tab lrp
seems to be tho most ipotont ono oat t
years There was half a dozen na
tors and representatives who have
absolute control over legislation and
the lobby controls these bosses They I
are playing politics till the limo with
no thought of patriotism no regard I
for tho welfare of tho state This
same bunch of peanut politicians
1havo arranged or think they have
arranged everything for the elate
election next year They havo divided I
up tho offices and mado oil arrange
Itmonts for everything In that partlcu
lar but thank Cod many a political 1
slate has been busted and no doubt
this can be smashed or at least badly
marred The people are in no humor <
to be tied up like bunches of onions
and sold and will not stand for J it l
ofand if It Js tried It means Demo
crnUc defeat for state officers In tho I
good year 1912 Bowling Green L
Nows j
CA Bond Issue
Kentucky has boon unique In mnny
respects possibly most unique In the I
fact that she has been without a
bonded debt as other states havo t
them The debt of Kentucky to tho I
school fund of Kentucky cannot be
considered a bonded debt any mere
than It can bo considered possible for
a man to owe money to himself Tho t
Arnott bond bill passing tho senate
is the first stoP to a bonded indebted
ecmesa on the part of Kentucky and I
while being without a bonded debt is i
a position of unlqucsncss a stato I
without money in her treasury Is al so
a position of uniqueness uncomfort
able uniqueness at that
Something had to bo done With I
appropriations for public uses whit
tied down to tho finest of points or
completely ignored because of the
financial condition of the treasury U
was either a bond Issue or nn Jepue
of interestbearing certificates Ken
rutty can afford the issue
Stories sent out from Frankfort t
about Governor WlUon whipping
the Democrats into lino for tho bond i
Issue j may be discounted But It is
far better for the state that tho dla
position of tho question bo made at n
regular session without tho possibility
of an extra session with tho Inters
mlnabTo i county unit bill amonG tho t
subjects c for discussion or for action
Owensboro Messenger
Tho End of tho Legislative Grind
Tuesday night at 12 oclock tho I
legislature adjourns Unless there la I
a special session called toy tho gor
error it will bo two years before an
other legislature convenes Tho two I
bodies of the legislature from Mcn
day morning till Tuesday night will 1 I
pass many measures of vital Import
ance Other measures oC equal Im
portance will be killed More work
will be accomplished In tho thirtysix
hours from 12 oclock noon Monday
till 12 oclock midnight Tuesday than
In any previous week during tho sea b
slop of the legislature S
Every bill that has passed evorr
bltt that 10 defeated Is a subject of
Intense Interest to Homo citizens of
Kentucky It would be illuminating
for those who aro Interested In Icgls
latlon which has not already been de
cIded to go to Frankfort Monday or
Tuesday preferably Tuesday after w
noon and night to watch tho grind
Ing of the legislative mill
Those who are Interested In bill s
which have beon defeated ought < o
prepare immediately to begin a cam
paIgn to educate public sentiment to
demand their passage at the next sea h
aloe of the legislature Such bills as
the bill providing for a uniform airs
tem of accounting In and Inspection
of public offices tho bill granting
eohoo suffrage to women tho Mil I
providing for adequate appropriations I
for the State university and tho state
Normal schools tho good roads bills
among tho most important bJollsI I
which won introduced and ought to
havo been pawed unanimously l by
both houses and received tho ape 1
prove of tho governor tho bill Pro
viding for a commission form of gov
ernment tho passage of which still I 1
sccmd probable wo hope certain
thorough revision of tho election
laws of which no rovtslcn was mado
at this session t a thorough revision i
of Oho > lax laws wo are Inclined to 1 1
believe the calling of a constitutional I
convention to abolish the infernal
constitution with whfdi Kentuckys
HmbfJ aro now bound are a few ofI I
tho matters which ought to bo dis c
cussed continuously from now until J
tho convening of the next session ofI I
tho legislature Lexington HeraldI I
The Governor IM IUlhttI I
Gov Willson speaks strongly onI
tho failure of tho legislature to pro I
vide a means of meeting Kentuckys J
obllgatUns Tho governor is Justlt l t
fled In his attitude
The general assembly has wasted a
session In political Juggling dodging
the mandates of the people and n
passing a few bills of merit as a c
sort of sip to tho Irritated and dls 11
gusted voters It has mado appro 11
priations right and loft evidently g
with tho hope of placating this Inter h
est or that but refusing to take any b
action that may properly provide for p
tho expenditures thus warranted J <
Whenever a deputation of good c
women eager for a generous grant Ji
to some worthy charity appeared as S
v J i rplf
tho capitol tho courtly gentlemen of
tho houso and senate straightway
made their best bows some gallant
member rose and launched on a lit
liD complimentary oratory then the
bill with its 10000 dollar appro
priation or whatever It might be
was Introduced and passed amid
Tho good women smiled their
gratitude from tho gallery clapped
their gloved hands and with a rustle
of skirts mado thcl exit feeling that
by their gracious presence they had
accomplished i much
But they did not observe that tho
legislatures tongue was in Its check
They did l Ot realize that they had
been handed a beautifully glided
brick They little thought that these
largo hearted and liberal gentlemen
wero voting them appropriations to
meet which they had made and are
evidently determined to mako no
These gentlemen now hope that
the i blame will fall on Governor
Wllluon who can do nothing else
than veto many of the measures
calling for money which Is not In
the treasury They hope that these
good women and other wellIntcn
Honed people will vent their anger
1and disappointment on the man who
Is tho ultimate trustee of tho people
and who will not hesitate to do his
duty even if it be at tho cost of
friendliness from those who do not
see the trap into which they have
been led
vigorously and will bo right in veto
Ing these bills and those who may
suffer as a result aro advised to ex
act the penalty from tho smiling and
polite members of the houso and
senate who played tho flimflam
game upon them Louisville Her
Mayfuld > Letter
Maydeid Ky March 14 Special
Sunday morning about 1130
oclock fire broke out in a house be
longing to Mr Ed Gardner and oc
copied by Mr Palmer It seems that
the firo wag caused from a defective
Hue FJro wagon No 1 was called
out and through efforts of Chief BaL
dree and his men tau fire was rapidly 1
checked AH except a few pieces of
furniture were taken from the house
and saved from damage by water
Tho house la located directly In
front of tho stand pipe near the wa
ter works The house was not en
truly destroyed the root being tho
only part burnedI I
Laid to Itt t 811I1tllI I
Tho many friends of sirs11lll
Thompson paid their last tribute ol I
respect at the city cemetery Sunday
afternoon ajx ut f 4 oclock SundayI I
Thompson pated away Saturday
morning after a lingering Illness ol
consumption Ho left two brothers >
IIE and H D Thompson and a
sister Mrs Iamb who resides In Pa
ducab He was about thirty year
la this and other cities where ho ban
Mr Ed Monroe went to Paducah
Sunday morning
Mw Jerry Mason spent Sunday ID
Paducah with her many friends
Will Watkins returned Saturday
evening from Lexington where ho
has been at tho State University
Mr Frank McClaln left Sunday for
a day with his Paducah friends
day from St Louis where he has
been on business
MM John W Landrum left today
for Louisville where she will visit
Mrs John Tblxton Jr for a couple
of weeks
Edwin Lucas was another who
wont to Paducah Sunday
Mrs Tom Halls and lira Walter
Wills spent Sunday with Mrs J A
Ha r polo of this city
Tho peoplo of Mayfield and Graves
county will regret lo f learn that lion
II A Nealo who Is spending the
winter with his daughter Mrs Leo
Nealo Boyd at Birmingham Ala Is
porlously IU and Is not expected to
recover Ills wife Sire Seas alto
quite in and her family la I very much
concerned about her condition Col
D A Nealo la well known and well
liked here and tho friends of him
self and wife will bo sorry to learn 1
of their serious Illness I
Frank Cochran a wellknown I
young man 18 years old died at tho
residence of Earnest Crawford at i I
Vulton Creok where he made hi4
home Friday morning at C oclock I
The cause of lilt death was pneu
monla and he hud only been 111 since
last Saturday Ho was tho ronof J
A Cochran who lived near Paducah
The burial took place Saturday at
Tho case of tho commonwealth
against Robert Bud Frlttom I
charged with the murdor of Robert
Canady exjiu J > tco of tho peace north t
of tho city about a year ago was I
called In circuit court Saturday
morning After a consultation tho
attorneys on either side announced t
ready It waif found necessary Wt
draw 50 names from the Jury wheel t
to select the Jury fromC C
roCloses E
Ilrddrn Murder QIo Closest
Mayfleld Ky March HTho t
noted Horace peddon murder case I
came to a close into yesterday after
noon the closing speech being rondo cJ
by CommonwealUia Attorney R L I
Smith of Clinton Tho caw was CJ
ISm1th fought from tho outset and Ute 11
test legal talent of tho city was em
played on both aides Ridden killed s
Herman Humphreys + In 1908 but tho
case has never feoma to trlaJ11to
Jury will not consider Use cue unMI a
Saturday > I In
CltUcn of iriinil Rivers raises wa
nt Homo of Shier MrsM I P
Emery 1
James Fcrrlman a prosperous
farmer and cattle raiser at Grand
Rivers Ky died at 715 clock this
rooming at the home of hU sister
Mrs M I F Emory Sixth and Jeffer
son streets after a two months son
ous Illness of diabetic Mr Ferlrman
was 76 year of age Ho had boon
In poor health for tho past year and
two months ago camo to Paducah
whore he became suddenly lit and was
confined to his bed since that Umo
His condition for two weeks past had
been critical
James Forrlman the von of Eliza
beth and George Ferrlmnn a noted
English sea captain was born on > tho
Island of Jamaica In tho West In
dIan Wands At the agO of six years
ho came to the United State with
his Parents and they settled at Al
bion 111 where Mr Ferrtraatv lived
until twenty years ago when ho come
to Paducah At Albion Mr Ferrlnxw
was engaged In farming and cattle
raising On his coming to thin city
ho with Olr I W Emery purcha o < l
Seven Mile Island near Grand
Klvers and used 1000 acres for
farming and breeding cattlo for dif
ferent markets
Mr Forrlman purchased a palatial
mansion at Grand RJvcrs where he
and his last wife who now survive
resided lie was married three times
his last marriage beingto Miss Koth
ertno Dresback lie leaves only ono
chIM Mr Frank Forrinun of this
city and two staters and two broth
era as follows Mrs M F Emery
and Miss Mary Ferrimnn of Padu
cah Merars George Ferrlman of
Albion III and Henry Ferrlman of
Dine IU
Tho body will be sent to Albion
tomorrow evening at C oclock to be
hurled bccido tho grave of hit broth
ers and parents HO leave a large
number of niece and nephews living
at Albion Mr Ferrlman was
brought up In the Episcopal church
but did not hold membership lie
was formerly u member of tho Odd
Fellows lodge Ills last marriage
was about 20 years ago at Paris m
Ir Ferrlman was well known In Pa
ducah and l leave many close friends
Miss Leona Carter
Miss Leona Carter IB year bid of
Oaks station several miles from ls
ducah died late Saturday afternoon
after a short Illness of consump
tion She Is survived by her mother
Mrs RosallneCarter and two uls
ters Misses Nina and Headdlo Car
ter Tho funeral was conducted
yesterday afternoon anti burial was
at the Clnrks river burying ground
> ltI Oney Watson
Mrs Oney Watson 33 years old
died at 715 oclock yesterday even
I Ing at her homo near Sharp Ky
after a lingering Illness of tubercu
losis Sho was a native of Trlgg
county and had resided at Sharp
for several years The body will be
taken to Mayllcld this afternoon for
burial tho Rev Taylor Nunnclly of
ficiating Slip Is survived by her hus
band Robert Watson and two chil
dren Pauline 11 years old and
Noble 2 years old
livery dose crakes you feel better tax
Sold on the Montyruck plan every
PALMER 0 31 Cox Clinton A
D Tlr Vlckaburg R L lAmkin l
Nashville H S Hayden Heritor
H F Hull Indianapolis Charles
Drcyfum Chicago A D Knox
LoulevlMo II H King Memphis
Lee L Meyer St Louis i
hauls T J Bell Murray n F Mor
ris LovolaccvlUo B H Frltt Me I
tropolis A Downs Murray I Klein
afro R N Smith Louisville F A
Velion Jamestown N Y Ruth Day
CairoI t
and wife Oycusburg J A Mason
Majflold J B Wilton St Louis G
L r Simpson Mayfield Scott Lane
CarrBVllIe l co Gordon Cairo A P
IHIIo Hamletsburg J A Mason I
Opening exercises for two days of
this week have boon arranged Iby
Principal Wo H Sugg of the Jllgh
fcohool Tomorrow morning tho Rev
W A File pastor of tho First Chris
Inn church will deliver an address
to the students wlo Friday morning
Uio Rev W J Mecoji providing older
of tho Paducah district of tho Meth
odist churches will peak to the
school Both are ministers who have
lOt addrespod tire pupils and their
talks will bo looked forward to with
All the teachers were on duty to
day ScknoB3 kept two teachers out
last week Miss Helen Hills teacher
ot the commercial course resumed
Karnes a teacher at the Franklin
Mewrris Will Clerk Cheater Kerth
and Robert Trantlwm fltlet1t i Siinda
tI Cairot
11 a RJ a j
River Singes
8CIIJIIPJtlbur 1Ii la
Cincinnati JMI 71 fn
JMILouisville Ii 4 1 fn
Bvanavillo J 377 15 fs
387Mt 09 fa
Nashvlllo H2 00 st
H2Chattanooga 49Florence 12 fal
Florence 45 oa fa
92Cairo 18 fa
St rllJnducnh
Paducah 361 OL fo
43Carthago o4 fa
Carthago flo 01 1i
River Forecast
Tho river hero will fall slowly du
TtKliiyn Arrlvnln
uck > Fowler from Cairo
CairoJ I uhvUlo
Ohio from Golcomtn
George Cowling from TUotropolls
Ioxiniirr5Chatlanooga 11etropollsTudnf
Chattanooga for Joppa
Richardson fop Olarkvllle
Ohio for Golronda
Cowling for Metropolis
IloaU Due
Ct < lo from Waterloo Ala
Gauge at 7 a m marked 361 fr
IndloaUig n fall of onetenth of a f
since ycirterday Weather clear I
cool business good
With a good trip of freight the
II Itkhardion arrived In port fr
Nashville at 3 oVlock this moral
Fire departed at noon today
Chxrkuvlllo and returns hero Wcdt
day morning leaving that day
non for a return trip to Nashville
Engineer Al Mason has rctun
from a business trip to Nashville
The towboats Margaret and lit
sell Lord of tho Ayer Lord 1
company aro expected In tort tl
afternoon from Whlto river wl
ties Tho Margaret will depart 1
morrow for Nashvlllo and tho lit
sell Lord will leave tomorrow t fi
Nashvlllo and tho ItiiBxell Lord wl
leave tomorrow for a return trip I
While river
A model of a barge 4 V4 feet lor
nnd 15 Inches wide Is on display I
tho office of Capt Henry Hake
transportation manager of tho Ay <
Lord Tlo company on First rtrei
and Is I attracting much attentlo
Tho model was made at spare tin
by George Wade the fleet carpento
and shows skill and consldcrob
work on his part
The John L 1owry arrived hoi
Sunday at noon and after dteaharglti
and receiving freight at the what
boat she left at 2 p m for n roUt
trip to Evansville
Tho Chattanooga1 arrived A
oclock tart night from Chattanooa
Toner and wont below today gli
wtll leave here hre
Wednesday for a re
turn trip to the Tennessee
The Clyde Ci t due out of tine 11
nes soo from Waterloo Ala tonlgh
Sho leaves hero Wednesday evenlp
at 6 oclock for a return trip to tli
Tho Nashville WOK In port > Satunla
night with a big trip and IK cnjoyln
a good business between hero an
NartivlHo She will return Wee ea
I The yacht Ilaoino In command <
Stanley A Iksidte associate editor <
Held and Stream 0111 on her way t
New Orleans nnd Jho Atlantic coa
A party of friends are accompotiyfn
It has been nnnotincod that th
steamer Queen City will make at
other tTlp to New Orleans next mont
with about 200 members ot th
Mystic Shrlno
Two mules that got loose fret
Letters stable this morning create
some fun on the levee but wer
finally headed back to Iho Ktnblei
As one mean of crciific Die yea
dashed on to Uio south logo of th
wharf moat but It was not as Invitln
an they first thought and they turn ed
apt fled After plowing up cram
of tho Illinois Central park groan
they were caught
Tho river hero Is iprnctlcally eUi
ttonory TodD It was rough an
many duck hunters were out for I
days sport
Why Cornelmonc itenanche Uver Pill
will cure that 10 cents Guarantee
We Are Now Located
in Our New Quarters
309i Broadway
Over Londlcr Lydon Shoo
Store where wo will continuo
to turn out nothing but high
class dental work as hereto
fore wo have given our many
satisfied patrons
Paducah Dental
New phone 97
Old phone 084r
t j the best of tho person In wiroao
torn they oro thriving sucking tho
fry life from them suroly droggtug
loin down to an early death
People should boar In mind that
lls trouble cannot possibly bo cured
a1 copt by removing tho cause ox
It dung tho worm These deathdeal
nl IB monster wro duo to the latins H
III K raw or poorly cooked moats All
al seat of this kind is dangerous for itid I
1 unless It bo thoroughly cooked It I t
say contain tho eggs from whicha
ijjiioso worms orSglnated 10 tinlew it 1 i
tt cooked siirflclontly to kill tho egg a
It III I taken into the stomach whoro 1 I J
> lt hatches and grows at an astonish
ling rate larger each day until It has
reached enormous proportions and +
pulls tu down making you fit for
Should this meet tbo notice of any
one who Ie l afflicted with ono of theNI I
monstnrs nowl Is the opportunity to
get rid of It Quaker Kxtract I will
extol It surely nntl iUlokly without
dieting or pain in a few hours 1I 1
McPhoreonH drug stow 425 Broad fir 1
way a
Ill I tilt of green and vliamrock will Is
t ° dJsplaytt prominently In ladurah
next Thumloy for It will be 8t Pai
lit rlckir Da > Native sons and Unlit
lit i deecoitdnnts will show their loyalty
T to tho ouW KM by the w ring of
or the green In the oUy Uteri al9 a
etbrio number of people who boast of
n Iriih blood In their vtii and are + 4f
Ie f
Iet4fln to keep the day There Is IIU t 4
FIrish club and tho day will not bu
celebrated with any otabomte pfb
ra gram Numerous lmpront ti enter +
ig talnmrtiu however nay piomktnl jn
r honor of tho day
rnTho clothing vtorttt have ut n their V
< g rock and there Is 1 Net nn s uxttttw
mifor a native sop tailing tu l proour a t1 ti
I0bit of green for bh JltlrlOfl l altlrt
sroumn ATTUJIITS l suiciniJ
1 Oklahoma Roy Tlicn Hij to Ho
Tnkrn tll ll < x < > lliil I
e Shawnie OMa Mircti 119 I I
cause his school teachar tended him
ay Hadley Baker nephew of Plke lakes
pg a wealthy real elate dealer attempt
d eol1 suicide hero today
1 i After the teacher prlinandtil the
boy ran from the school htntie to hk
of > homo and obtained a Jonllliar riff
of > Going to a nearby barn ho shot itinv
thanI J a
L ran Into the street and apprfwohlng I
R two women who were driving fl ldJ
J y d
I have Jurt shot myioir and I am +
0 afraid I am badly hurl Please take
I me to a ho vtal
hThe tad was placed In the oilyt 1
hospital Surgeon say ha to danger o I s
jj ousiy wounded
tim tiNtdlm
Notice hi hereby given that tho
Ir firm of Fowler CrumbauKh A Co I Is
0 dissolved 1 Mrs J IL Fowtar anti
K Georgo C Crumbaugh retire from the
d buslnen which will to conducted InI I
0 the future by S A Fowler who Oiti i
d shames tho payment of aJI rile dolls
of Fowler Crumbaugh S Co bon P
i tofore created and from tits data e I
J Mrs J H Fowler and George C
ft CrumbauKh will npt lie rerponrfbln
for any obligations ou account of
said huslnem as they have no further
Interest therein
II This March 12 19 jo rt 1
Ins J II FOWfHIl lv e
1 B t A FOWLKll
TIJ UM Public
Having succeeded to the firm of
Fowler CrumbauRh la WOo bog to
state that we will continuo 115 tht > f
jjtcambaat railway and mill supply
formerly In addltkm lo thcfp wo
I will also carry ij larab stock ofRro t 6
hotel steamboat and raul1l
family trade e
which wu will oltl1f to the public atOJ f
wholesale prices put reputation Ina r t i
quires good goods at living prlcw
and wo will be clad to servo tho tail 1
lie especially tho larger consumers
at anjjtlmo IlccnotfUfully
Illfili Ten In Ciiiiiinii r
I Denizens of Canaan enjoyed a
high tea party late Saturday night
and early Sunday morning All klmlj
1OrB I
OrB are said to have had a glorious
itime m
time with several fight knock
downs and dragoute on tbo menu fory 1 S
amiuortont Constable A C Sho
ton heard of the disorder and cleiiu
llzed five meq and with Patrolman
Mike Dugan has begun an Inveirtlga
MU probably will follow 5 wK
u wa

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