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r s
So IXKs Sore Thomt Itronrliltls
I s iICrtlll1 mill Astlmm
s You cnn oa lI teU by reading the
sjiriitoms below whether you have
catarrh or not
oren re broatli frequent sneoz
Inc > J ° hxTte from the note sto I
r fxig + of the nos hutktMaa of the
vc ro tiikllug I In throat dropping I In
hint a cough loam In chest IOM 1
it jfti > ngth i > variable appetite
rpan > ot cotfRblnR low spirited tj
1 nil s ralirtng of morons dlflloulny hi I 1 1
y bi cat inn low of vital force W G
Jlibirt linn a senstbl remedy mon I
ey hack If II fall for catarrh aai tat
c lUumd I pronounced Illahomo 1
vrhiito is j a vaporized air so antiseptic
that when It ia breathed ow the In
ilanwd and gurmlnfeited mombrana
It ktta all germ life give relief 1 Int t
two minutes and cures catarrh o
The price Including hard rubber t
IahKr Is ony 100 The hard nib 11
her packet inhaler will last A lifetime c
no that should yon need a second bot II
tie of Hyomel you can get It for SO i I n
centi Is
eenteBUSY d
Unexcelled in Equipment For
Performing Hauling cf Forj f
Kinds Special Facili h
ties For Heavy
Cargoes a
In a growing city like Paducah pt
well equipped and ably managed lu 1
Transfer Companies are one of the Itw
most appreciated of modern public t1
utilities This Is shown by the r4
operations of the City Transfer Co 01
on Second and Washington streets
whoso business Increases every yearU
d U
and practically covers the city and
suburbs This enterprise holds f Itstt tt
to 4
great popularity against all camp e
tition t > y reason of tho excellence 0 tpan r j
its service and tho obliging methods I
p of 11 management Tho City Trans of
+ fer C6 Is largely patronized by the
e manufacturing and wholesale inter
ests nr Paducah particularly as it f
mnkoft a specialty of heavy hauling
meets all trains and convoys con
signments promptly thus relieving k I
tho merchant or consignee of any n >
unpleasant delay The company has I 1
specially equipped wagons and lift f4
Ing devices for moving pianos safes I d
and machinery of all kinds such as I n
englpes boilers and dynamos They Ii
have largo padded vans for moving <
furniture and maintain a ware a
lt c Whoro household furniture I
pianos erirrlafiys and other chattels M
chi be safttly stored and protected a
A against fire burglary or vermin 11
Tho Company makes a specialty of P
transferring household goods from ly
tho dty to any given point employ f
fag expurlehced packers to prepare It
tho goods for shipment and assum I
ing all responsibility of consign J
ments t6 their point of destination Va
where they aro met by correspond d
ent firms and delivered to the final Ida > i
destination Thoy also forward i l
freight to any desired point and In ctre
every way relieve the business mail
or householder of much mall I 1
worry and labor The City Transfer BT
Co was established In 190G and X
contributes to tho public welfaru ls +
through Its employment of 25 or
more men and its expenditure Inbl
facilities improvements etc C L line
Van Meter the manager enjoys the NtFI 1
highest possible reputation for capa u >
bJllty and trustworthiness The In
rates for all class of service are rea
sonable and In every respect the I
activities of the company arc tarp
reaching and effective fll
Pntroni of tho Wnter Company nor us
riiiilniliil tliit tliclr rents oxptnxl dc
Marrli ill Tlioso who ilislm to ri It
new them for tills quarter should do 111
MI before It Is forutttn ns nil prem
Ices I not paid for on or before April 10 M
will be shut off
Wouldnt a railway Increase the
population of this village asked M
Dunnos It would replied tho at
native It ud be a constant temp 1M
tatlon to a lot of us Inhabitants to F
get away Washington Star ei
Ho who knows no God oultijo his m
church knows none therein
If You Innd
Appreciate j I I I
Sanitation good lights and p j
goad Borvlfo in a barber shop of
woo have It Come and see r
100 Mouth Fourth StrtCtItJ
City UiiRlnwr Tnlks vtnrv Ilimnl tlr
Ililillo IVurkM flout
A new obstacle or rather old one
to City Hnetntor U I A Washington
confront the 0414 n the building of
hiUong Nero pMed by the general
council Monday night At the meet
Ing of the board of public works last
4niglut the city engineer sold that It
an Impossibility to care for the
drainage of the small gutters of Im
proved sidewalks at the street Inter
eollon The only remedy Is the in
stallaton of storm water werago
end this la not contemplated ibji the
One way out of the trouble will be t
to construct loop concrete gutters
but whoa the streets arc reconstruct
ed with Improved material In the
future they will Juno to bo torn ut >
Tho territory of < the new sidowaiks
has no storm water drainage Padu
mh is almost perfectly level and
water cannot bo run en that kind of
surface or uphill according to the
city engineer The matter wUl 1 be
tbrathed out by him and the joint
ptreet committee to which the reso
lution were referred and If tliej I
iee nt to roMtruct deep gotten it 1
wiH be rccomnundod This win boI I
the only manner to construct thot t
vktewaAs without storm water ww
MwlcO I I
PreaWeat Rudy mill he believes II
the a1Nrr Intakes I aro too largo and I
children 2ft In dancer of falling eIle
gated by the Aboard Olr V < t
thes II I
Intakes would muse tho < oag k1
are even larger than their In Padu
cah I
Paint Mnrkcthoiisc I
Upon the recommendation of 1101I I
ketmoMor Albert Stator the city
marko4bouo will be painted It
was ordered that bids bo advertised I
for and Mr 1aok of the board wl1I
draw up the specification with the
mackotmaiter The woodwork In
sd and ouMde will bo gives two J
coats of paint the windonv frosted c
and the benches outside on either c
did Will lot painted or uarnlated
Mr Sorter reported that the c Hnit r
needed sweeping down and he wm I
empowered to rent a ladder and om I
pJoy men to do the worto immediate I
Tho marketboutc to In a clean c
rendition the marl + tmaatar hBVlog
washed out entirely I
It W8W announced that Contractor I
A 3iK r Son of ljxtchliurp + I
were jHven an oxteumion of tin
days In which to begin the tldonvlk t
Improvements on North Twlftfc c
stret t Fountain avenue cod Clay
ClapIEtIeet I
Notice was ordered errod on W
WnlttTn to replace a woodan sow
N Ub tile pipe on property near I
Mnth and Caldwell streets The
prorxsrty was sold to colored people
wveral veare ago bi him and tho
biUldJng of wooden drain Was against
ordinance If he Is at fault lie II
HHk > be required to remedy the con t
1Won as tho house on the property II
in danger of falling
Street trporl f
The monthly report of ptreet inspector
ipector Brnest Dell was received and t
niod It showed tho pays oNs ex >
p11fOS and grave > bHla larger than J
March 1909 March was an un
usual month and mom work was
dtno by the street department than <
It believed will bo done In the next
three months Tho report was <
PIItroIl lB March 1909 3540G
March 1910 7010
Expenses March 1909 133C2
March 1910 = 23309
Gravol March 1909 34CCO
Marclv 1910 82 < MO I
1lIIlIth Engineer Washington was in
structed to got an inspector for the
new street work on Tw etilh street
Fountain avenue and Clay atret Sev
oral Inspectors will be neafeil when
the other now sidewalk Improve
ImproolmcnIB I
A bbl of CCO for sunning a 44 S
Uneal sewer pipe through the HIE IE
Oirlftton church property at Seventh
and Jefferson street t one allowed
being recommended by the city enR l
Mast Itepntr Streets
The city auditor was instructed to I
write the Southern DKulltiilo com
pang at Nashville that many bVotlcs I
streets hero nand repairing and
for them to cones and do the work I
Immediately Jefferson from Sixth 1
to Eleventh streets Is In a bad cwidl 4
tlon and there arc holes In olhor
UtulUhlc streets oLhorI I
As oon as Cxintrsotor Andrew p j
Humbug repairs tho curbs of tho
Our Dear Friend
The Merchant
Do you know how to sell goods
Your clerks of course know how t tot I
sell goods when people call nnd nslc
for them
But when people do not call nnd nsk
for what they want nnd what you have I
In stock what then
Let the people know what you have
Our columns ore open to advertisers I
with bnrgalus who want to t connect
with bargain butlers
concrete sidewalk en Harabon boul
rome constructed in 190C the 1rNfore l I
of SOO will 00 paid on recommends
Lion of the city engineer Tho bill
oiCglnoUy for J65CS7 was prewwtod i
inl906 but not paid as the city on
es mid It was excessive A let
ter received from the contractors at
Ilcstseye Wheeler Itufthes and Ilerry
ladclns for the payment The bHI 1
ihaateen redticed 5087 The work
was dooe under a five year bond to
keop It in constant repair
The auditor was inatructed to 1
wrlto to die FtteUtn and Catiatty
Incurance rompany for two pasrte I
tvKes on an IndemnlfyiHR pallor > for
people at lance and employee of the
Hf HiMInt plant A rate will lx >
naked on a bswlv of Jtioeo for pay
roils The eHy solicitor had rerom
nwndd tbM policy but it Is nut clear
Oil Arrives
A Iii I of hiding from tho railroad I
for C010 gallons of crude petrotoitn
oN sMtved from the Steodard OM
comrungr for IG7S5 was presKHted
The rate of that companr was 3H
eeote A quotation wu received
from tho Southern Aahphatt and
toad cuiiH nr of IouIwiUe for t pia
same price the oil to contain 50 per
tent MH > hnitiim which sill pnnht + t
Weedy evaporation The oar of oil
has arrived but the alreoU Hvlll not
be jprtokJed until dry wtather wita
Superintendent W II Force of
the J tgh < plant reported ho had soil
old wrap iron for Iii G2
roMTiiMh HArriiK OK IIMO
< tii > iinnil PayneAldrlch I JIICon
vciitlnii Hnilorsrs Taft
Indlawpotto Apttl CJIhu Bc
pubca n > of Indiana In flunk con
mntlon today lnauguratod > the poUt
teat campaign of 10H tip the soloo
ton of n state ticket wllh the ox
ceprion of governor and lieutenant
governor anti tho adoption of a plat
form that omlorse the protective
tariff tariff commiwon coworva
lion of natural resources the Hootw
volt polloloe and the administration
of Taft
Tho Uohct it as fo4Iow
POT secretary of toOtls E
Codices of Danvltto
AuditorJohn E Hood of Mun
Treasurer Johnco Monyban of 4
Orleans dark of the supreme courtEd
ward V FlUpatrlok of Portland
State statlstlcan John It Peetz
of Kokomo
Superintendent of public Instruc I
UonS C Farrell of SholbyvlHe I
Attornji general Klnloy P I
Mount of Crawfordaviilo
State geoloslstr W S Illatchler
of Torre Haute
IJudb6S of tho aupremo court
Second district Oicar Montgomery
of Sojrnour thUd dfstrlct n Jf
Milor of Franklin
Judges of tho appellate court
First district C C Hadlcy of In
dianapolis Ward II Watson of
Chattjston third district D W
Cometodc of Richmond Joseph h At
ItoWi > of Wllllamsport H D Tat
hlll of Michigan Goy
Cangrcssman ChoVJ s Korbly won
r nom1 V 1ntedtor congress uy the
Democrats of the Seventh district to
IThero Is no such thing as divine
service to you If you cannot make all I
eservleo divine
Krniilor 11l 1 Hlttull Ilan ihmMvl
Succcc7i of 111111111141 IpprotIs
Many questions have 1 been asked
concerning flue county commlaaJoner
bIn i > asf d by the test legislature l
Senator Baton today explained that
itils bill permits the county court
clerk to cast the deckling vote In
case of a tie The commission wan
provided for by a bill passed In 1S9I
Senator W V Eaton of Paducah
believes < conimle lonors for counties
are proper He has seen the succew
of the system In Kenton county the
only county tn the state that te man
aged by a commission
Tho commission Is competed of
three men elected from the county
who constitute the board of commte
kstoners together with the county
judge The comtnlealon takes the
place of the fiscal court and ninona el
the fiscal affairs of the county MBB
tatrates tore ncps ry but they do
not constitute the load court
Kontoiu county has been operat
ing under the commifston form of
government since 1892 arj It bas
met with good results last l year
when an Important question came be
fore tho coninrt fon there was a tie
vote and for the benefit Of Kenton
county a bill was introduced In Ui +
dart sosslnt of the leoMature per
mUting the county dork to east I
vote in carol of a deadlock
Tho law permitting coaatles of
the state to adopt the eoinmieeton
government vas resell In 1S9S Ii
AI net whether MeCcackaw county
If the rMUents of the county want
the form of government wMeh ea
tails probably lees expense tbas a
fiscal court they mult act drat u
fore anything eas > be done a potltk
s iiied by 30 qualified voters of the
county must be tent to the flees
court askleg for a vote on the cum
mission lilies tile county judge sails
voles favor It the county juds ft dl
Tidal the ogttnly Into three dtotrietp
aa nearly ejjual as poselbte Then at
the next regular election the vote for
a conimcalOfM from each dMritt I
taken Upon tnolr election tney
with the judge comprise O Ne board 01I I
e mink donors The haw pro 1kI e
bat a vote on this qucetlon era be I
taken only once In I every efght jreara
Senator hates believes that three
toad business men from each district
would manage the affair better
titan a Otcol court
Paducnh Ky April 1 laiO
To the Honorable I Mayor and Goiters
Council Paduoah Ky
Gentlemen1 subunit herewith
my report of milk Itwitection for the
month of March
False Solid Water
Allen 1 P I 38 1440 85 fo
Droyle F 075 1140 hSCj
Black C ML I 42 156i 8J40
Daumer Bros 2C 13 SO 810
Crick II 40 1509 ttiOOf
Coloman Son 310 12 > o S800
Oktrk W 0 40 150i > 8SOO
Cooper i P H 3G 13 SO SCSV
Cooper J 11 84 J30 SG80
Crow U I Ii40 1500 8300
Odi0rdale 33 1410 8560
Clerk T A 31 nso se so
Cousins Will 10 IBjttO 8600
Cooper P I II 8C 13KO SOSO
parts liros 30 13 M 86JO I
l Kdgowood 42 15 6M 8110 f
Graves O V36 13 so so 20 l
C r toe W 1112 13 oo 8 UO IJ
Gulden IluK 12 15C1 8440 I
House A 036 13 Uf 8820
Iamond C K 40 1300 8500 th t
Mow Thomas 40 15 MO 8500 a
Moore Jas It 38 1140 8560
Maplowood 30 12 UO 8800 II
Pegram J K 40 1400 8500
potter J 144 1500 8500 s
Russell It 030 1380 8C20 m
Iloldland 38 1110 ssco
Smalley D n40 1W 85001
Tucker II MC 40 HOO SSoo m
Weatherford 40 1500 sr00 w
HeupccCfuliy submitted C
Meat aril Milk Inspector
Have you been married Ilridget
Twlcet mum
And havQ you any children
Ylfl mum 1vo three One be th
third wife av mo second husband + i
two bo tho second wife av mo rRIr t
Cleveland Leader r
Dictate to the DICTAPHONElJ1
The Picture Tells the Whole Story aS
The Busy Man of Dotant his nile AU3b1e A On time The Operator out lIu the the 1n11lrnMuI able day to get or
walling for a stenographer lie turns to his Dicta only hal the day or Urn haute at the dayi end No
phone as he would to his tdrphone and rets Me cyetlraln from looking on and off her notebook
Iltm dent lie talks natumy Jim as lit would Akuluto looking e spend at which the dicta
talk If the man to whom he is writing were sitting lion b reproduced No time waited taking short
by hU desk He has no iff til limit Result band notes No intenu ion to lakoilkuiim while
Letters that hue gngcrldteri hat convince letters Innsclblag the maJ She kill IAr Nt Aandgoes
that sell IAelroodr home on iml
The Cost I ligure at oil The machine will
tic vwob cut your correspondence espentc is half > l
It wont take long to save the cost of ImlaHatkm Ptesl
dent Jonmnn of r the American Lumber Cmalunrof Plus
I lAir figured that he rated the out of a ttteltcmathine
outfit the Lust tight month alter it was IwtaJlcU
Tlphoa Of writ our nr t JUtrUt offK WM da It nw
w u1h i
l2E r 2
h I TOle hb AWAM nW1 IM s Kwr1 sA
sAIw J
1 19tJ KR1
kwa I w1 MIMA < NawW
W tnmt Ml V Mm AM TrwM N MMUxbiinM 0 N W rklnle ta t
r1 110 Nr Nay II Lwa M WMft M W Wlt aMlwe Nt IUM to ftt utta tsu
The Sun is agent for this wonderful machine in west
Kentucky and demonstration can be had at any time by
any one interested
ItlffT Stage N I
Pittsburgh 28 04 rise
rlDllaM llJ 05 Ian
Louisville ft 6 tl fail
mDnOe 116 OJ Ian
Mt VPTBOM J 8 tt till 1
VaafevlUe 99 91 ran
Okattaaoesja 31 flI 61
Floretee 11 9A M
e4tnaoNvlihe S4ttl taM
atro 214 1 1 19 tn
4 Ixwte ISO t1 sp
IfldUMll 107 1 91 to I
imrnstde 18 l 1t t atd t
Cartltagw Ivl 91 laU
Utter tlMNII I
The river wlU ressela < about ott
tend and fall IB bit na t 12 JKH
Tmlay ArrhliN
UtlU dydf from Teaseoee
Overt Cowln tress M4repolla
Oleo from OoUondc
Dick Kowlw from calr
Itshuyr 1It11lrtllrllll
Dick niwlw fo Cairo
Clyde for Waterloo Ala
J N TrtBB for Chattanooga TOMB
NubvUIo for Na ivlllfl
Ohio for Ootoowla
Cowling for Mntropolta
T IL Davis for Joppa ilL
IUvtr nnil VntlMr
Gauge at 7 a m read 107 fact a
fall of onoleath of n foot nttiee y4s a >
rday Weather cloudy nnd cold
business good
Jfotw and IcrsonnlM
Charles Hamlet III I now serving on
e Electra te tho Ni hvJMo and Ida I
anrrtlto trade I
tntllI I
The T IL I > ai returned to Joppa
hla morning at 73 > 0 oslock with I
the tow of the Uttlo Olydo which
arrived from the Taimeazco warty tGla l
morning I
Delayed six hour by the high w4nd I
the Nathvlllo arrived shortly after
midnight with 40 passengers 25 of
otlwbom otl
darksvlllo She brought 3fi hogs
heads of tobnoco for the t local 1 mnr
kot and a largo shipment of house
hold goods Sho loft at 8 oclock
oclockI I
or NnihvUlo I
Hugh Edwards 1 line succeeded Andy
fjvce ac second engineer ou tlio
Ir I I
T 11 Gallagher who was head
beenjmal I
made say agent for the boat nt Noah
rtl < > IK I is I seeeeded on the JJasb
vll > by Jotfi P I auHB
On bet halt I trip up the Teesewse
the Cli carried IM 1 halee T oXUa
Kb < returned tart night from Joptia
land I i it rcrclriaii freight at the wharf
boat She kavcs at G oclock tala t <
tktalesrning I
about In fort of water la rae Ter
nil M
I In I nilTke naaoleaa boat C uway Itl Is I
lad 1 Mp for niwiiv and a fdeeae
IOYPrtiau I II Date wIt b eW
Viand Nllhrtbe4 Os the Isdd with
lalut I best ewsbg lull Await
will bare her ready for the nmraioa
Im Seaday
The ClyoVs o4 Minrn took t
charge of her tkta morning They I
1101l1ny l
beefy SMtitant They i all the
pUw w of llllly Jordan iuf and I
loll Ow > y second
Tb James N Trl did sot gel
sway ret rdar far Rvaaiavtlle ata to
Iotld l Vr bar aapUla I aid will tests
at I oclock thus nft moon for Owtrl
tlaGOl8 feet
IHwoera I at the wbarfboat was
nod today Yesterday boats erpfr
teased decay In ttolr re u lar adied
Nt by tN logic wteil No damsw
WM does
lrlflitfiil Knln Avntiil
I would have been t a crippto for
tiro from a lorrHila aft on mr 1 Non
nil writes FncA DhAerrjrv Ks1ft
llllr i Minn without Buoklona
Sriden ialve wjilcli soon cured mo
iiifnMIUo for wounds eels and
iniiami it won cure Uurna SoiJiU
Old > flores Ilolto Skin KnipUteta
Worlds best for Piles 25c at oOl
TO Kirvnrifv 1Iif
Slnol tuns And 10 Itn Hun IM 1111f i f
1nrkMltls l s
The lrbYltIe War IhntI I m
HOrth t H
Orth a s eej Merk it ilMisl wits
ua hgwlllg gANmes a ingpr
an AMtJH rate I K t I earns 1
L JMurk Ziwys rnJaUII alll A e r
Inay Tbtr ceapoby y opne hI t
1L 1 1
III Ie Nete lesvdnre and I hoe
cal t4 llopknsk p14e lu 1 Ibs Kan
h lan die k si UioasAI this l Due 1 r
will aw built in A abort Uai > > moA II I
nAral I Imprsrba vslsta that It wII I
ieery pmOI Me 4 < tt > ft w < oHlcIf 1
I1 11 8
M i
The prrpxsj r ulrtrr rNlt hall falM e
tle l s thiouirh This dlwouraglng nn
nvunrvao Bt waa mail th Dousing
by AUurney J D Morqnol who In
rte pnmldwnt of tile aauruilloa that
way organized a tn wetk aga The
terroe for tkla It I attrlfxitiM to th
I ls > ns rxpesw r t1ldlfll to the IHVI Pu
posed work The calt atirtr bow
ever will be work d owl this a ea t i
SON sal the flub boHio tflv4ii twnue e
taproteteMst i
taproteteMshit l
clH In IlbuqucltpIi71 i I
AV K Baker kilt for Altoegsenptey
N W wJtero he lull norotiled a poet a
tkVi as sfMiolal ft wvt for a raOoatl l e
Mr Dakar returned do Iaducth yes
Iwrdny from Grucmvilto where ho has
been vlrltltrr Mlle bixjthtf Claud lUk I
er who U I Improving from an injiirv
rereive M l n itral weeks < o by falling d
from A counter 1
Par Palnl Oils Virnl lic Etc
Old riiono Wttr 111 I South Third Kt
c L VnnMotor MunnJZr
All Kinds of Hauling Storage PacKing
and House Cleaning k
Vacuum House Cleaning Prices on Application tl
Phono 499
Wholesale Grain Dealers Millers ofjBradleyJs Famous Cream Meal i
+ Agents Old Taylor Coal andGeneral Feed Dealers

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