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rsz J
N preparing for a journey the telepone per
forms a great variety of services Reservations are
made last directions are given good byes are said over
the wire
The Long Distance Service of the Bell System is of
special value to the traveler Sometimes the Bell Tele
phone makes a trip unnecessary sometimes it convinces
him that a trip would be profitable Wherever he goes
h feels the need of universal tervice and that is Bell
The demand Is I not for cheap telephone service lint for n
comprehensive und reliable telephone service
f corpora trd
Every Bell Telephone is the Center of the system
betk k I
lIoV ro fsiatbci ud1s bet e
vi tting I his caret ts Mr and Mrs c
C Roberts
Dr Sheridan Waters of Brookport
visited and transacted business here
W C Miller Is critically ill from a
carbuncle on the back of his neck
Robert Alexander and lamlly have
pcne to their new home in Tennessee
Mr Alexande was county superln
Clcrsrymnn Sons Tr lliiinnl l or
Tuberruloul Cure
To neglect a cold bronehltl lung
trouble or Consumption Is Onniferous
We all know how prone people are to
deny they have Consumption It le l n
s flattering disease and the sufferer III l
niled with bright hopes of Improve
ment Call Consumption by Its own
dread name and thentake Kck
maue Alterative becaune It III I efteo
live In Tubenulonls No one ned
doubt about Itthere Is plenty of evi
dence from live wltnt see Investl
Kate tho following
Amcnla N Y July 9 1909
Gentlemen Prior to Feb 1808 I 1
was located In Rochester N Y suf
t fering with ijxQrlppe which devel
oped Into TuMerculoMs My physician
rave me ono month to live I wai
having terrible night sweats and mid
day chlllfi and losing flesh rapidly
having gone from 105 to 135 Ibs i i
coughed and rnlsed continually and I
lieramo no weak that walking a fmv
feet exhausted me On my return
home my regular physician Rave m
little encouragement My father who
a a clergyman heard of Krkmani
Alterative and Induced mo to take It
The night sweats and chills disap
peared my cough became easier and
s gradually diminished and In a few
day I developed an appetite the first
In months I am now In perfect
health lark to tf5 Ibs I feel certain
that I owe my life to Erknmns Alter
Kckman8 Alterative Is good far all
Throat and Iung troubles and If on
lace In Paducah by Ilnt Drug Co
Druggists It can also bo obtained at
or procured by your local Druggists
Ask for Ilooklet of Cured Case or
write for Kvldenc to the Kckman
Ijiboralorr Phlla Va
tendent here for several irs Ha
has gone Into the confectionery bust
ness In his now home
Mrs J T Willis and son Dr Omer
Willis are visiting In Joppa
lIenry Meyers ot joppa transact
ed business here Thursday
A E McCrary Is having a lot sale
at Fairmont addition this week
weekI I
Mrs W H Kraper and son Mas
ter Willie have returned from a visit
to Mr and Mrs Charles Farrow visItI I
Porter Oklahoma
In the case of Willla Bell charged
with murder Bell pleaded guilty and I
received a sentence of 14 years In
the penitentiary The trouble hap
pened at JoppaI I i
Arthur Smith was sentenced to the
reform school Smith and another i
man robbed a man named Lacky on
First street last winter
In the case of Mrs Ellen Downey
Lenafd for bigamy the judge dls
missed the case after some of the cv
idence was heard Mrs Ixinard re
I icelved a divorce from L Downey and
In a few days married Lenard In Ken
tucky The law In Illinois prohibits
marriage for a year after divorce
and Jude Butter of Cairo revoked
the divorce decree When Mrs Leo
I nard returned to Illinois the was are
rested and placed In jail charged with
bigamy With the case being thrown i
out by Judge Duncan as her flret
marriage was in Missouri and second
In Kentucky I
FrQm the present prospects thero
will bo an Increase In the number or
E < children In the county
County School Superintendent Fee
zor has received about onethird of
the returns from the census enumer
ators and finds that the majority of
the school divisions show a small In
c = = = oc = =
We wish to Inform the people of Paducah and surround
ing territory that having purchased from Louis Pollock the
jewelry stock and fixtures at 408 Broadway wo shall con
tinue the business at the same stand We have placed In
charge as manager Sam DeMoyer of Fulton Kentucky a thor
oughly practical watch maker and jeweler and everything sold
nnd repaired at 408 Broadway Is guaranteed by the Eye SeeI I
Jewelry and Optical Co Incorporated We wish to further any
pounce that we will carry a complete stock or secondhand
Typewriters and Typewriter Supplies Wo now have the most
complete stock of Ribbons Carbon Paper etc ever carried In
Paducah In addition wo have placed a competent repair
man In charge of the typewriter department When you want
a GOOD RIBBON call 1228R old phone We are satisfied
wo can supply any make of ribbon and every ribbon we sell
bas a positive guarantee to be the best made OH MONEY
REFUNDED Ask for one of our COUPON BOOKS We ex
pect to see you and supply your needs
Remember the number408 Broadway Old phone 122SR
Our store at 31G Broadway under the management of
J A Konctzka will be responsible for everything sold and re
paired at 408 Broadway I
Yours to Please
Eye See JeWelry and
Optical Co
SI 5 Ilroadivny 108 Broadway
Declining TYmlenry of Staples Ie lay
New York April 18 Special
A decided change took plate In tho
stock market this week owing to the
decision of tho supreme court to ro
arguo the Standard 011 and Tobacco
cases This mean that It will be
practically a year before a final de
cision can be rendered upon these
highly Important cases A great
deal of uneasiness and uncertainty
had been raised concerning the out
come ot these problems and much
of the recent depression and hesita
tlon on the Stock Exchange was due
to this Influence TIle unexpected
removal of such an Incubus gives the
market fresh life and activity De
lay Is evidently the result of Judge
nrow pra death and suggests a di
vision ot opinion In the court which
necessitates waiting until tho new ap
polntment Is made and the cases
havebeeen reargued The belief al
so that Jhe supreme court was not
wholly antagonistic to corporations
has had quite as much to do with the
revival of confidence as tho actual
delay In any event an adverse de
cision had been fully discounted and
this unexpected action proved the
turning poJit of the market
Another element of encouragement
came through reports from the agrl
cultural districts It is now well understood
derstood that damage to winter
wheat was not as severe as reported
land it Ig generally believed that the
coming season will bo ono of full
crops Such a result would be the
natural sequence of existing condi
tions Prices for all farm products
have been very high and It la but
qatural that producers will Increase
lC1atura output as far as possible Ko
f very material Increase In acreage can
be expected for the reason that near
ly all arable land In the United State
has already i bcccn taken up but some
gain in this respect will no doubt oc
cur and the farmers are likely to
put forth every effort to enlarge their
output using the > best methods of cul
tlvatlqn The Idea of increasing
the product by Intense cultivation has
already been actively circulated rod
il II showing Its effect The Interior
Is particularly dependent upon good
crops and Western business men
show a more positive hopefu I a
based upon their belief that condi
tions warrant expectations of a large
harvest during the coming weapon A
crop failure would certainly be a ser
ious calamity
IIOUS Favorable
Another very favorable Indication
Is the declining tendency of staple
commodities which should eventual
ly stimulate exports and rectify the
present unsatisfactory condltltna in
our foreign trade Wheat and flour
tavo already declined considerably
from the high level and corn and
tats Ilkewisce teens to have taken a
downward trend Provisions are
weak Cotton too has fallen while
Iron and wool are declining Copper
is already low In price The explana
tion of this tendency Js that econo
nlc excesses are working out their
own nature correction The loag
period of vcrji high prices Is at last
Cumulating production and checking
ronsumptlon thus bringing about r
natural and Inevitable readjutmel
t through Increasing pupplles seeds
l leas tQ say concessions In the prlc
if such commodities will stimulate
jusfnpss at the same time modifying
the 1oplij for tho present jvopular out
Fry against the high cost of living
Prop npv on there should be loa
tleardt i of the latter grievance al
Jiough time must elapse before con
turners get the advantage of the low
er prices which producers are now
obliged to accept The process of
readjustment has been a gainful one
prod elng much friction and dissatis
faction Complaints against tho high
cost of HvJog Is wing corrected not
ant by the reaction in prices Just re
ferred to but also by advances Inwag
IS The moderate advances made by
the railroads and many largo corpora
tions will materially aid the purchas
ing yower of those claret and thus
act as a further stimulus upon busi
fleasIn tho Wet conditions are general
I ly satisfactory There has been
lomo uneasiness over cxcesdv
speculation In land and irrigation
schemes but this movement does not
yet appear to have gone to any dan
gerous excess and our Western bank
ers are confident of another season
of prosperity provided they have full
crops Railroad managers are equal
ly hopeful and arc preparing for a
heavy traffic durt tho coming sum
mor and autumn some officials an
Henry L Billion Says It Is Easy to
Get Hid Of
111 head nose and glands lead
ng to my eyes and now were stopped
up and swollen I tried several co
called catarrh cures but Ilyomcl
used thoroughly did the curing
There Is nothing too good to say In
favor of Home It cured my nasal
cntanhllenry L Itrltton Frost
St Baton Rapids loch
Hyomei pronoundes Hlghome
cures catarrh because it gets where
the germs are and destroy them
It Is made of Australian eucalyptus
mixed with other healing antiseptics
When breathed over the Irritated
and Inflamed membrane It gives re
Used regularly for a few weeks It
will build up and heal the germ Inv
tested membrane and drive out ca
tarrh caI
If you own a small Hyomei pocket
Inhaler you can get a bottle of Hy
omei at druggists everywhere on at
Gilberts drug store for only 50
cents If you do not own a Hyomel
Inhaler ask for a complete outfit
tho price Is 100 It Is guaranteed
to curo catarrh coughs colds croup
or sore throat or money back
tlclpatlng that their facilities will bo
taxed to the utmost
In tho money market the outtok Is
Improving From now on funds
should return from the Interior with
Increasing freedom and assist In re
storing depleted bank reserves Ku
ropcan demands for gold need cause
no uneasiness Thus far only about
IllDOOOOO have been shipped
though It anticipated that effefflux
may run up to 25000000 Con
sidering that this country produces
between = 90000000 and SIOOOW
000 of gold every year and all
has an ample supply of the precious
metal any demand which Europe Is
likely to make will not prove a sort
oils matter On the contrary a mod
erate outflow will be beneficial Inas
much as It will strengthen weak
polpts elsewhere preventing tear
tions there which could only bo re
I tented Injuriously here London Is
now increasing its etook of gold from
other sources as well as on New York
and as the crisis Sncldentlal to re
lieving the British government from
Its budget difficulties has been pass
ed without any of the disturbances
no much feared the outlook In that
respect Is now one of greater certainty
tainty It had been feared that the
bank of England rate would be ad
vanced thta week and prediction arc
sun wade that It will bo rafted In
Maji but the monetary situation In
London Is evidently much less threat
ening than two1 or three week ago
the Bank of Ktigbind reserve having
risen to 44 per cent compared with
less that 40 a wok ago Efforts to
restrain the rubber and oil mncvla In
Uxidon have met with fIOme ucces
but these operations are still a weak
point that needs watching The
speculative craze In London which
has tpread to the conttaent ran be
Appreciated when It to understood
that rubber can be produced In Coy
lon at about a shilling per pound and
a selling In Ixndon at over twelve
shillings while many of the com pan
es are paying 20 to 50 per cent divi
dends and even higher For some
time there have been apprehmslons
of a crash In this section of the for
eign market
The outlook for the local market
Pain in
For two years I had pain in
my heart back and left side
Could not draw a deep breath
or lie on left side and any little
exertion would cause palpita
tion Under advice I took
Dr Miles Heart Remedy and
Nervine I took about antiI I
bottles am in better health than
I ever was and have gained 14
Upper SandusK Ohio
For many years Dr Miles
Heart Remedy has been very
successful in the treatment of
heart troubles because of its
tonic effect upon the heart
nerves and muscles Even in
severe cases of long standing it
has frequently prolonged life for
many years after doctors had
given up all hope as proven by
thousands of letters we have re
ceived from grateful people
Dr Mlles Heart Rimed la sold by all
benefit your drugglit will return your
r f
i fOD15TE
I f
405 Broadway MILLINERY
i < Announces
MidSummer Opening
Thursday April 21 1910 f
French Hats
For Dress Wear
For Street V eat
Is for murti wider activity Several
of tho moot serious drawbacks ro
ferred to above have been removed
and tho market wilt now have an cps
porUinlty to respond to natural in i
fluence A vary considerable drop
In prices has occurodr mane shares
being 1C to 26 points below the high
prices of thlfi tear Considering the
HltimtUn In the supreme court CAres
the favorable outlook for crops the
You HKk Xollilnis liy Trying TliU
We want every one troubled with
Indigestion and dfppopiia to come
to our store and obtain a box of Hex
all Dypepsia Tablets They contain
BlimuibSubikltrate end Pepsin pre
pared by a process which develops
their greatest power to overcome di
gestive disturbances
RexalV Dypepsta Tablets are vcr >
ploatcnt to take They soothe thq
Irritable weak stomach strengthen
and Invigorate tho digestive organs
I relieve nausea and Indigestion pro
mote nutrition tnfl bring about a
I feeling of comfort
i If you give Itoxnll Dyp pola Tab
lets a rpesorwrfjlo trial we will return
your money if you are not satisfied
with the results Three t4ses ZS
cents 50 cents and 100 Hotnom
bar you can obtain Itexall < lt medles
to Paducah onhi at our store The
Rexall Store W II McPherson
425 Broaddway
Brush Runabout
Everymans Car
La Center Ky
Wrlto for Particulars and
u nu
If you want a clean room
the carpet has to be taken
up and let us thoroughly
clean it We disinfect
during the process Price
5c per yard
Both Phones 121
declining commodity markots the
Improving conditions In nioin > y and
the return of many operators Invig
orated by tholr welter vacation the
MtimUon It must < tx acknowledged
favors n mom active and much broad
er markt
Mary Sharp Reunion
LMurrrcMhoro ronuidltor of
StiliWe have been ablo to locate
over 4 CO of the former student of
this famous school of other days
The reunion It I planned to take place
May 29th3l t at Tennnuco College
for Women Murfroenboro Tenn
There arc many loyal hearts that beat
Rogers Silver Tea Set Free
C0 >
From now
until Mar 18 w N
will give R cnlut
Ticket VttKK with
I every e purfhns The
person ntnum the largest i
amount of lUVnts on the
shove date will b 0 Bjn a Wm
A lloKern Quadruple I late Four
Pleasnitvier Bete KHKK 8d
ronlls uf Huger Howl Tea
I or Canoe lot Crmm Pllelier
V and Spoon Holder pal
up in n Kllk llnrU
25 Valued
Save Tickets and Return Them for Count
Cl VunMeter Mnnagwr
MnnngrI I
All Kinds of Hauling Storage Packing
and House Cleaning
Vacuum Rouse Cleaning Prices on Application
Phone 499
Colcous 23
Artcronnthera 2o
Nasturtium lo
Salvia 2c
Geraniums 3e
Heliotrope 3e
taster at tho mention tit this cofl < > K
which once HoiirlBhod to grandly Wo
JIM ropy nnxloun to cut kl toucVi with
gradual odeQjtow 11ng wbellier
radl rl drfJ5t Any adceothis
item who known of any ono who evA
4 1 fc > f I
attended Mary Stlf will confer b
favor wi tho frJeml and on HIT boo
tending us the name and addnast +
Th > rt > Is I much interest in this event
and Xtcni have mine from all parts
of the country exprotadn Joy Ar
rangtmctita arc being p tfiytod for
the nicHlng and the cnthunlaim and
devotion nprcwd In the letters rc
solved ls beautiful
lOc Plumosa Co
1 Oe Springer Co
100 Cannas per dttz7Co
2000 twoyear roses
mixed per doz ntf125
BcRt Carnations per ddz25a
Fresh cut roses per doz7Co
Phono us nnd we will call and give estimates on tlowor beds
of all kinds vases and window boxes Large stock of palms ferns
and nil varieties of pot plants IjJ tI
Phones 102 IrJr
Wholesale Grain Dealers Millers of Bradleys Famous Cream Meal
Agents Old Taylor Coaland General Feed Dealers
Phones 339 Paducah Ky
rl Y < qc dJr

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