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I8y I Lydia PinkliajJjs
1 Vegetable Compound
DC Forest Wls
II After Tin altera
tion four years ago
1 Jinrt pains down
ward In both sides
nackncliu null a
weakness Tho doc
tor wanted me to
luivo nnother oj > eni
I UOII I tookLytlinE
Ilnkhama Vigotn
I bits Compound and
I am entirely cued
of lilY tro1l1ll8
r ist WisroimlnAnolJior
AnolJior Operation Avoided
Now Urbana 11Jor years I suf
s fered from scram foniulo troubles
4 w ilnnlly I was tonllncd to my bed l nnd
the doctor sold an operation wna neces I
onry 1 cnvo Lydia It Ilnkhntna Vetr
ctnblo uiii > iiil n trial lirat and
was saved fruin aft oK + mtlutbtire
IjLVljviKttx HllJvurlerccStrcw
Orleans Jji
Thirty jtyirs of unparalleled nucccss
oniilirmstbo iHtworof Lydln E1lnk
liainn Vrgttollo Compound to curo
j I ftiimlo dlMaticii The great volume of
unsolicited witlinony ouistiintlyjKiiir
rI hug In proves ronclnslvvlv that Lydia
t1 llnkliams VeRvtaldo Compound
n rnnarliiMc nmwly for those Uls
tf dug feminine Ills from which so
niany women sutfer
If you vnntNpccliilmlvIronbntit
your ruse write toll J IrH IlnUluiin
nt Lynn JUnss lhr ndvlco la
free nnd jiluiiyn helpful
= =
Geraniums For 3c
t q Coleus For 2c
JRotiucaK IVK
Both Phone 808 Of J81
or takd IhJflluu lon car
Neu ItulldlriK Iljimiwl
A new two tory brick building
will ibc orected north of tho buttdingr
ocrtiplod by the Kolb Brother Wholo
into Drug roinimnj cci North Third
trnft The site < s occupied Up a
email frame but k1t nt which te iKilrrg 1
torn down and tho brtok butRNng I
will be built
sIf a woman rant pralso a man
< + sho ran at least protend to
e air
Ho More Wrinkles
i M IMi wumen rod inti Inv JnU wrUraUr
firikiw her lu tfiHti < > Qi l wen II I TOO era pkmmi
rouaureudhct wuodtrrai iuftUxUloruulrt niU
This TtrTfr mlenl IIM not n wrlnkki upon I er
la h Imi rtl r < T 01 a msryekm4 nlmpl met
101 l kjth ImiOKhi a wuniMrfu Irliflngo In hr Itee In
a nhM Uarht tor remorlnRwnnklnnd deYablr
tr tt l r
t itUi l > u ili < > rm < > U Mltetrulr wnndnrttillj rapid
Mi nude 1 hcraeK the woman she la I todar end
tuinifht cib 11 tun ono > rf lrjianjr In b < > r appMr
I anra in 1 MHrrl jinil haunt nmnowr lIa r emu
i Milan lsa cmr emu lam e that of n rhlkl she
tun il hrr apimwnr fl urt > Intn a IxcuUrn I Imni and
w Wevslold l Inn Mho hail thin urmjrnr ere
laalw and ludmnra wlilrh coal smelt IMS tern
RIII A = ninro Ultra jil UOck and UmuUlul Ij her
own method
Ton renruutlne Ierloy lon hJhmrn simple
i1lncur rr lii > mroorril enrr wrinkle Imm her lam
unly Yoke etcher UUn unL nod gurus U > buatttllul i
i > MHH > rtlonB
s Nntblnn u Ukrn Inln the Innudi no nutka or
1mununn 1 nuuwim oa hannlul platters no roller
tu l1bm
Hrbar new pnnM she nnwiTM wrinkles and
o IL eekM i thewhiten no ploiup and lit
r Ilti lmpira < u > nUblnf t hundr < Uolwniu nwlio
I S 1Mwiwrllt ttraliuonlwlikliU anlnff Ihe I wnndrrlul teauUI n ulta > lnatli I Irnm lrtara tbU
41 and Inn alter beauty lioctors and other uolluxU
lI f trued
l lAiIfttMiirr ItPrrltt of Win writes her wrtnklM lure
enhlrs y rn l peon d cue Manson writes her hnll
la I luUlull felOf1rd end wrlnkke tre ors
Mtrkbam write Ioel h a not ewrlnkhIlL
The Talnalile now beauty book which Madame
Canlncliamlaw > ndlnii Irre to thoaniub of women
ra Cirtalnly I a l > leo rro wumnnklhd an It nuts
kmcnhrr I reniarkahlu method of beouUJ lns the
ttra and Ilirnr of nnartractlt wonitn
e Aifour roiulera ahimld writo her lit onoe nrt the
wlllsend ywl alItI IJ IIrY1rkuuow
lrifitinnt andwlllfilinWourn < ai1 > r t
ow lonulcklr remove wrinkle I
llaw to nuke lone thick eycUthei and eye
eyeb Tjaw to Inttantir remove tuptrfluoua halts
IloW to remove blackheatlf pimple and
frreklco how to remove dark circles under the eyef t
now to quickly remove double chin
I ow to build up sunken cheek and add flesh
f llloWto I darken IlUY Ialnd tep hair alllnr
9 t Ilmll adJrrkII4I 10 1feIlP cualn
suite Srtl 1ItandoryhIlL Chicago illM bnt
fr prnil any moneyborauio parIkulera are freeathis i
ibanulnv vouian l > dolor her atnuxt lit bnnrOt pins
or women In nrt otkert Intorout lon which will
wMtotkrlrbeautr anil make ale nwvettr and lore
Pert n Oren war
Fay n the lime In t writs slut learn her beech
FWwt l H t oor tonlr 1 iauc Inn aa Um peUU ot
p role Wither Inln the drill ol Trk < rda7l flower
TM world wonldha l ttro Itkrt WtrtftM
Q + scykdwtmlaaelbfelakrr j
i iA i i i4 T I I
y w a y7 t j
The Week In Society l j
r g 1 1 1i 1t 1 1 t
V3uM you not seek tho country town
AVpkl gretti meadow nestrfjl datvjt
If You could only find the waji
Into tlio Laml of Yesterday
How you would thrust tho mlle BlJld
Hush Up the dear old lane and teens
j Just where her TOftll laughed In prldo
Fad her among Ole fldwero again
Youd slip In quietly and wait
Until situ saw fOIl Vy the gate
And then road through a blur of
Qglck pardon for the selfish years
Tills time this tlmo you would not
For that brief wire that Bald Too
If you could slip find tie way
Into the Land of Ycrtordar
You wonder If her Canoe owt
Lift up their heads and laugh with
lun pride
And If her phlox and mignonette
I Have hoart to WOJBOII by UiolrsUlo
Yiu wonder If the dear old tine
sill chlrpa with robins after grain
Arjd If too Wrda and handed beet
SiJH Tab bar early cherry trees
You wonder If you wont back now
How everything would seem nnd
howd rVM
Bat no not now there Is no way
Hack to tho Land I of Yesterday
Don Maniula in Putnam
C < f
MONDAY The Dodd society of
tho First Baptist church will open
pip nw rent rooms at 12G North
Fifth street with a reception at
8 p m
TUESDAY The Paducah chapter
United Daughters of tilt Con fed
eracy will meet at 3 1 p m nt tho
Womans club house Mrs John
Brooks 31rs Andrew Campbell and
Miss Julia Scott aro the hostesses
for tho afternoon Tho program Is
Secession pf Arkansas May JC
1801 and of North Carolina May
20 1861
IulloOld lilaok Joe I
WEDNESDAY The executive
board of tho Womans club will
meet at 10 a m at the club house
WEDNESDAY Tho Matinee Musi
cat club will meet In regular fort
nightly Million nt 3 p m nt the
Womans club building Miss Anne
Ilradshaw is this leader for the
afternoon It will bo an Oratorio
RecitalI >
King of the PHtsbure School of
Oratory will lecture uttho IJroad
way Mithodlst church at night
THUKBDAY Tho Womans club
will meet at 230 p m at tho club
house It will bo the final meeting
of the club year An elaborate So
etch Tea will follow tho business
THUIISDAY The Musical depart
ment of tho Woman club Mlaa
Nowell chairman will present tho
cantata A Midsummer Night ut
8 p m at tho club house
FIUDAY Tho Knlosophtc club
wilt meet at 10 n m at the Wom
an club building It Is the final
meeting for tho year and tho pro
gram will Include
1 Period of tho Jacobins and
Girondist Mrs Harry Singleton
Elizabeth Sinnott
3 Life and Death < TT Madame
Roland Mrs Andrew Campbell
4 Current Events Mlsa Eliza =
beth Kirkland
FRIDAY Miss Mildred Terrell
file Kentucky avenue Is tho May
I hostess of tho Paducah chapter
Daughters of the American Revolu
tion Tleondcroga Day will bo
celebrated with the following pro
gram features
Song America Chapter I
Roll Call Current Events 1
Taper Ethan Allens Victories I
Mrs E a DooneI I
Report on Continental Congress
Annual Report of OfficersI I
Election Day
Music SATURDAY Tito Art department
of tho Womans club will have Its
final meeting for tho year nt 10
a m at the club house Tho pro
gram will Include Spanish art as
Ilano solo Caprice Espanole
Mrs Frank Burns
Mariano Forlny If rs John Little
Present Day In SpalnMrs Vic
tor VoHs
VoUs1VUIIlans < 5M2 < M
Woman Chili Final Events
Tho Womans club will close Its
club year on Thursday In a blaze of
glory that will make Halleys comet
l seem a moro nothing In comparison
I There will bo a series of ovonte as It
were extending through the after
noon and evening
The regular club session at 230 p
in will bo an annual meeting It
will bo crowded with much that Is l of
Interest to tho club It Is expected
that every mombor will bo present to
hear tho full reports and other mat =
tors of Interest In tho final windup
Following tho business meeting
tho usual club Tea will take place
only It will bo unusual this tlmo It
will bo moro elaborate than < a cus
tomary and In the nature of a fare
well affair With eomo pleasant so
cial and program features
I In tho evening at 8 oclock an open
meeting will be held under the our
I rplces of the Music department of the
club Mlis Newell the chairman
who U as gifted In planning charm
Ins entertalnmentsaa the 1e t talented
J o 1
as a musician has planned a most
beautiful entertainment In tho m081
a cantata that will be a brllllan
finale to the clubs series of trlumpln
In open meetings of the year Tb
Weather Iantbe one man to whon
yo club women mustbow permlttlni
tho cantata will bo given ol fresco
tho f luba Ideal porch being used fo
the setting
IntllnlJoiiH iHsiini
Tho following handsome Invlta
tlona havo been Issued throughou
tho state
Tho Kentucky State Federation ol
Woman Cluba Toquesta the
honor of your prebenco at the
Annual Meeting
to be bold In Frankfort May 2Cth
to 27th
tMr t
Mrs Ira Sayre Barnett Cor SeC f
1IItnutlrlll 1
llcniillfnl CimlnlH
A Midsummer Night by Paul
Bliss cantata for throepart chonu
of womens voices with soprano
mezzosoprano and alto solos Tc
bo given as a closing program ot
Womans club season by Miss New
ell chairman of tho Musical del
partment assisted by Mrs Loin
Wade Lewis Miss Anno Ilradshaw
Mlgs Anna Hill sopranos Mrs W
C Gray Mrs John Brooks Mini
Marjorlo Loving second sopranos
Mrs James Welllo Miss Elva Jones
Miss Kato Crumbatigh Miss Me
Qlathcry Mrs Krug altos i
Program of cantata
I 1 Brightly Beaming In th <
leavens Above cnntataj j
rleaveM Hill nndDale Chorus
Silence of Night soprano solo
Mrs lowllI I
3 Make Way I Make Room
I Bolo Spirit of Dangor3lrs
James Wollle Shadows Dawn In
i Silence Creeping Chorus
I 4 Oho Oho Vassals of Mine
I Solo Spirit of Storm mezzoso
prano Mrs Jqhn Brooks With
chorus Storm 11t nds
6 Song of the Raindrops Trto
Hear the Monotonous Sound of the
ltalu1J1ss Anna Hill Mrs Brooks
and Mrs Welllo
C Sleep Song of the Rain Rent
and Be Still duet Miss Anna 11111 I
and Mrs Wcllle Wl Ih chorus Wo i
Dome to Bring Gladness j
1 Come Birds of the Wild I
wood free duct Birds nt Dawn I
Airs Orny Mrs Welllo
8 Finale Brightly Beaming In
the Heavens Above Chorus
Sunbeams nnd Birds
The cantata Is light bright and
tlio music Is of a popular nature
especially suitable to bo given aa
planned as a garden or lawn musi
cal Tho club porch will be used
for tho stage setting and the chairs
will bo placed on the lawn which Is
retired enough to bo quiet Field
daisies will lend their pretty deco
I ration to tho occasion and the porch
nnd ground will bo lighted by Japa
nese lanterns Adding to tho charm
of tho program Miss Anno Brad I
shaw and Mr Richard Scott will
glvo attractive groups of songs
Pretty Afternoon Jlecrptlon
Mre David G Murrells reception
on Friday Afternoon from 4 until C
oclock at her home on Broadway
was a most attractively appointed af
fair and a delightful social occasion
Tho house was prettily decorated
throughout with carnations ferns
and emllax
Little MUs Anna Brnckott Owen
received the guests at the door In a
charming way
In tho parlor with Mrs Murrell
wero Mm George B Exnll Mrs
Earl Palmer Miss Ada Thompson
Mrs John Qulncy Taylor Mr David
Cady Wright Sites Eloise Bradshnw
Miss Phlllppa Hughes Dr Murrell
was tho admirable host of the occas
In the dining room where pink
Right lFrom
s the Box
Crisp Delicious
aolden Brown
C Toasties I
Aro ready to servo with tho I
addition of cream and A little
sugar If dewedalso IIttioI I
Ing with fruit
1iwt Toostlca nro made of I
selected perfectly ripe white
corn and are ns wholesome
as they nro delicious
The Memory Lingers
Sold by Grocers at lOc
and 15ethe pkg
land Cereal Ct Ltd
Battlo Creek Mich
us the ColOr motif airs Edward
Katherlno Quicley Mlw Elizabeth
tK1IX1alltJ and Slits I l cliPoWIJtl tCo
jelV l Tho table was eff ctlvo Id
the appointment < In the center wait
a round mirror in a bed or emllax i
holding a tall vase of pink carnations
Ulbbons of pink extended from tho I
cliandeller to four candlesticks that
were In tho form of ha France roses
Crystal dtehes of pink and white
mints added to tho pretty effect The
delightful salad course was served
with frozen punch that further elab
orated the pink motif
The library was charmingly ar
ranged 8slL coffee room The table
tableI I
was a bed of ferns and flowers Mrs
Edwaril C JDcAllIstor presided at the
coffee urn and was abated by Vise
Minnie Itatollffe and Miss Sophia
Kirkland Delicious cakes wero sorv
id with tho coffee
A large numbqr of guest caUed
during the afternoon
Knjoyablb llnnrp
T A delightful dance was enjoyed
last evening at the Three Links
building It was given by the boys
6t tho younger set as a return favor
t tS tho girls who entertained last
week Mrs Jetta Hobson and Mn
Annabel Sebree chaperoned the par
ts Those dancing wore Ilr and
Mrs Guy Martin Mr and Mrs An
low Campbell 5IlBscs Llllfo Hobson
HJphm Vanmeter Lucllo Harth Han
nah Corbett Ulllan Abbott Marjorie
Ixjring i Nella HatOcld Elizabeth fie
bree Jane Stevenson Ellen Boswell
Willie May Ila coo Jlepecca Smith
Phllllppa Hughes Eloise Hradrfiaw
Khtberlne Donovan Nell Shaw Vera
jphnson Messrs Hugh ttohannon
IMi Harbour Gus Elliott Jim Me
Ulnnls Qregory Harlh Charles Kopf
Jesus loeb Ilobert Wallace John G
Miller Jr Dr Johnson Felix St
John Brooks Holllday Mr AVIlson
Will Jlenncbcrcer J E Johnson Ty
ler Stevenson Henry Woolfolk Dur
ward Sutton Dr J B Howell Ros
coe Reed Charles Rieke John W
Dyer Warren Sights W iJ l Rudy Mr
AUtcheJf Bob Fitzpatrick Henry
Engagement announced
Announcement has been made In
Bridgeport Conn by Mr and Mrs
3 W Bishop of the engagement of
their daughter Natala Wahburn to
II be been using Cascarets for In
ioainb with which I bare been afflicted
for twenty years and I cia say that Cii
Urets bare pi veil tde Bibte relief than any
litHer remedy I hareerfr tried I shall
certainly recommend them to my friends
is being all that they are represented
Thos Gillard ElgiQ Ill
Pleaianf Palatable Potent Taste Good
no Hood Never Sicken JWaakan or Grip
JOc Z3c Me Merer told la bulk Tho Ken
uiaa tablet itamped C C C Guarantttd
can or your mooer back 5Uj
N K e w br 0 s
I fP cid C
y y 1
or r
Now Is tho proper tme to begin the use of Newbros
Herplclde Summer is nil but hero and It Is durlng the
warm mpnths that tllyd dandruff Germ doge Its most de
structive Work
Bo warned In time The germ that causes danruff Is
no respecter of persons The head resting upon aristo
cratlc Bhouldcrfl Is as open to attack from this germ as I
those In humbler spheres The germ is there working
asaldoUBly destructively throwing up the scarf skin anti
evidence The hair Is dull brittle and lacks luster The
hair bulbs are dying one by ono and the dead dry hair is
dropping out This Is what the dandruff germ Is doing to
tho hair of nine hundred and ninetynine persons out of
every thousand
My halt wan coining out font fly ualnfe Hfer
plclde an directed I stopped the railing lmr I
aril a new growth has started Mowliros Utr
Plclde In nil It Is recommended to be
Oranvllle N Y MHB iLnK jioona
It Kills the Dandruff Germ
e e a e Stops falling Hair
As a preserver and cultivator of thq hair nothing qulto
equals Newbros Herplclde It gives the hair a snap and
life a radiance and luxuriance that can bo obtained In no
other way The dead dull appearance Wardetoffstlc of
germ Infested hair Is replaced by the shine and luster
the beauty and shimmer of true hair health
The complexion may bo ideal tho features symmetri
cal tho Itguro good the dress an imported creation tbo
hat a Parisian dream but completeness IB lacking unless
the face Id framed In a mass of glittering natural hair
Good hair means attractiveness
Dont accept n mibstltnte You went results not promises
Ono dollar bottles guaranteed afid sold by all drug
gists Applications obtained at tho best barber shops bud
hair dressing parlors
Send lOc postage or sliver for booklet and sample to
TIlE HEUPIC1DE CO Dept 17B Detroit Mich
K W Walker Co Special Agents
Jr Jdhn Peter Rayburn of this city
Mite Bishop who has Tecentybe
Iho gueet of Mrs David O Murroli
Is an attractive girl acid made many
friends during her visit here Mr
Rayburn Is connected with the Pa
llucah Light and Power Company
and is a popular young fellow Ho
Is a nephew of Mrs D G Murrell
The wedding will take place In1
Bridgeport In October
Program of Oratorio Recital
The Matlncp Musical club will
presqnt an Qratorlo Recital on
Wednesday afternoon at 3 oclock
at the Womans club building Miss
Anno Bradshaw Is the leader for
the afternoon Tho program Is a
beautiful ono as follows
it 11 Twopart chorus > IwWalte
I for the Lord from Hymn o f
Praise Mendelssohn Miss Sar ae
Rogers Mrs W C Gray Mis e
Lotha Puryear Mrs Krug Miss
Anne Bradshaw Mrs Hart Accom
panist Miss Puryear
t 2 Lift Thine Eyes to the Moun
tains trio from Elijah Mcndels
sollU88 Rogers Mrs Brooksj
Mrs Gray Accom pnnjfet Miss Reed
3 He Shall Abide from The
Messiah Handel Mr Emmett
Bagby Accompanist Miss Brazel l i
j 141 1 ton rtecltntlvb indsblo frrfm TUb i I
Creatlbn Miss Anne Bradshatv Ae
companlst Miss Reed
I 5 Aria from The Seas UII I
I Mrs Lewis Accompanist Miss Pur
6 Recitative and Aria Oh
Thou Who Tellest Good Things to
Zion from The Messiah Han
dOnlIlrs Wcillc Accdmpanlst i
Mrs Grucncbaum
Continued on Page Four
IOnly I
cusCoIOD Cr 3 Days rvrt °
w a y n v < jr I pl > i Ol r
1 1t3 1 M c it II I
4 I < Obtained I It
a 4 t Can DeObtained from An I Ji
Indian taneoudWa ter Heater
g HT i r
f A r j < 5r7 of M 4 R j t t WI 4 t w
fr if f t r TjfrepjFdkfiis bf Qpf ration is Very Simple fT f Ii tSt I
First Turn on the pi tand
Second Turn on rthe gas
and water his it one
operation J
4r 1
tit i I
1 j
Third Regulate the Item
perature of the water by r
the regular valve
Fourth i in When sufficientt t
Water has been obtained
turn off water and gas
this it one p v ratip6y I
4 I il M
+ S
I 1
3 i
t Ij
You cannbtturn I ON the gas without turning < ON the water
You cannot turn OFF the water without turning OFF the gasc c
ir J 7 i
The cost of an Instantaneous Water Heater Is 1 2 Slp
Old Phone No 12 New P cone Nb I 281
The Paducah Light and Power Co
Incorporated j
r + y

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