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1 14
r 1L FISHKH rmuemtr
B t pAxroir ok Ygr
intend at the postofflc at Paducah h h
Ky U secondclass maUry I
10 In
By Carrier per week
By Mall per month In advance IS pj
By KaU per year In a4yaneIOO m
Pee tear by mall pottac paldUOOU
AdOreii THE SUN Paducah Ky gl
OCUe Ill South Third St Phone 151n
> Editorial RoeCI
DM Phone IITN Phone IU on
hPe and Young Chlcao and New
York RepuentatlgE
r wi
Dally Thought dl
God helps them that help them w
selves Benjamin Fxanklln =
What do the llUe oak trees grow 173
from 7 pa
tram2e o co
2e Gendarme la PaduVe > I th
what you call Mm T standee pat I of
t o
The way those Hopklnsrllle gen the i
tlemen anteed up for the Klttyf
Indicates sporting blood 00
0r first
Editor Beckham of the Kentucky do
Stato Journal denies that he laJeal the t
ous of Colonel Watterson It Is true Ing 1
be haa other cause than Jealousy to pa I
ii dislike Marse lIenrysl
+ ota1
of ne
The Democratic newspapers
Kentucky may not be unanimously man
for McCreary but they are mighty tI
that to
nigh unanimous In the opinion
they dont want Ben o JohnsonfOh
The statement of Theodore Roose
velt yesterday at The Hague that be are
r was visiting tho borne of his cnces In
tors loses none ot Us significance el
when we recall that it Is also the In
home of the storkal
t oIt
Although either gentleman may
fall short of absolute verity as to de er
tails a disinterested observer would h
be Justified In concluding from toe 0
testimony of Messrs Glavis and Bnte
linger before the conservation probe I tI
committee that somebody UedtJ
v 0
f Sitting In the house where
Roosevelt took the oath of office
l looking out upon the house where I
McKinley died while he Is writing I
It might have a tendency to modify I
the spirit of President Tafts ad
dress before the Buffalo chamber ol
commerce tonight
It Is one of the popular cam
paign schemes with the Republicans I F
to have their allies the trusts to I
Cheapen the articles of every day
I living J for several months before an L tJ
election This bit of sound eco 11
nomical wisdom emanates from the t
r sanctum of the Owensboro Inquirer
In explanation of the fact that the
market reports record a sharp break
In prices We take It that the Enquirer r
quirer advocates frequent elections IJ
o 0
British Ambassador James Bryco al
told the Kansaa University students
yesterday that three fourths of the to
mistakes a man makes are made be dl
cause be really does not know the pi
things he thinks he knows Won he
derful truth In that And Dine rE
tenths of the troubles between men tI
are due to misunderstandings Pre w
eumptloua Ignorance and Indiffer
ence to the character and source of
Information are no kin to that sont
of Ignorance which Is described asC
blissfulQUEERLNG o
Newspapers acquire personality T
and character their standing in the w
community Is more like that of a A
human being In public life than that al
of a business concern and like a tI
man 1U temperament moral tone B
relations to civic life and opinions d
reflect the nature of Its business re 11
lations the success of failure of its te
ofIF F
Its business office Of course its
I views on public questions will be af
tooted by its associations and If the
business office meets reverses look
out for a pessimistic tone sour tem
Perament and erratic editorial poli
People do not speak of the news II
paper which cornea Into their homes I
+ six days a week In the way they a
speak of their grocer or the dry
goods store they patronize Its re b
lation to them is more Intimate and I
while they may continue to sub
scribe for It Just as they continue the
companionship ot some childhood I
friends they maji consider It Irres
ponsible or untruthful If It deceives 1
them deliberately or through care
leesness too often I
Newspapers may become ridicu I
lously egotistical especially If their 1
news stories devote too much atten
don to details of the reporters ex l 1
l perlences Those Incidents should be
lsaved l for the autobiography of the J
writer Personal memoirs have no
I r place In too news columns of a dal I
ly paper The public Is Interested
ta what happened not boW the re
I porter found out that It bappen
ed Anonymity Is the badge of the
f true journalist
fThe familiarity with current
I events the Inside facts of contempo
l raneous affairs Intimate koowle go
of the man of the hour and the close
t toucfe wtyb t too people mlnu tblt ajt tl I
i i
Howdy Mr Sizemore Shake
hands Ive been aching to clasp
your hand for two years Heres
your summons Now you can live
the house and till your farm In
peace I wont bother you any
more This was the salutation Deputy
United States Marshal Elwood Neel
gave Silas Sizemore known In the
neighborhood of Cobb on the Trigg
Caldwell frontier as the Red Fox
account of the difficulty be and
deputy marshal experienced In
getting acquainted The cause of
Neels anxiety was a summons In
Eddyvlllo night rider cases
which he nearly wore out during
two years patient search for
Sizemore Neel made more than
trip especially to find him but
always Sizemore was away For a
while It was said he was In Call
forma This time Neel took a new
driver who knew Sizemore and
when they drove to the gate the
paper work and whenever a news
paper man Is found who continually
parades his own achievements In the
columns of his paper put it down
that this man Jacks the true spirit
the scribe In whom vanity Is al
ways a fault and eelfsacrlfldng zeal
quality to be desired
It Is not the newspaper which is
continually saying It gets the news
but the paper which actually
does get the real news first It Is not
newspaper which Is always say
It Is on the moral side but the
paper which always Is on the moral
that acquires a valuable repu
tation In the community And a
newspaper can be queered lllce at
When a man loses his reputa
tion the best thing for him to do Is
go elsewhere and make a place
himself A newspaper cannot do
this and a newspaper that Is queer I
with the public Is the most de I
pled object In the world There I
many such propositions located I
excellent fields where their pres I
ence prevents peopl Investing money 1
opposition newspapers while they 4
are unable to regain their lost places tIn t
the estimation of the community 1
In the Investing world a newspap I
Is known as a delicate property I
because it is so sensitive to public j
opinion It requires a long time to
establish a newspaper In the estima
tlon of a community but it wont
take one long In reckless bands to I
hit the bumps
aa SYS aat a
Senator Blackburn announced In
Frankfort last week that he was for
McCreary for governor Then why
should we hesitate longer to make
the nomination unanimous Cadiz
Henry Lawrence
Our article week before last In
regard to a Third district editor fit
Henry Lawrence of the Cadiz Rec
ord so well he took It up at once
and commented on it to some length
What Henry Aid sounds mighty good
us and if the people of the Third
district see fit to honor him with the
position of state senator we believe
will make them a good and true
representative Heres hoping Henry
that you may make a landing Cald
well News
The Clinton Gazette pays a tribute
the assistance given by Paducah
ana for the success of the meeting
the West Kentucky Odd Fellows
association which met In Clinton on
Tuesday Next year the association
will meet in Fulton County Judge
W Barkley delivered the main
address while Deals band furnished
the music The officers elected are
Ben L Jett of Lovelacevllle press
dent R L Bobo of Wlckllffe vice
president Bailey Huddleston of Fut
ton secretary Dr n T Rudd of
Fulton treasurer
Kentucfcy Kernels
Fulton Leader to build new home
Isaac Randolph of Mnyfleld miss
L H Txaweek grocer of Mayfield
Harry U Cambridge of pwens
hero dies
UOJki nsvl lie New Era to build
new home
Newport petitions for commission
AH but two of Paris saloons re
new licenses
Marcus Jennings attempts suicide
la Lancaster Jail
Hardln county fair to be held Aug
ust 23 24 and 25
Gilbert E Birmingham ot Somer
set attempts suicide
New bank organized at Bethel near
Sbarpsburg capital JIG 000
Mrs Marion Hall 40 of near
Wbtteeburg baa HI 5 children
U A Coletharpe end Mrs Laura I
Russell of Pilot Oak Graves county
Albert Porter farmer of near
Loubvllle killed by accidental dis
charge ot gun
Mlsa Bessie Morgan ot Owens
boro and Forrest E Miller of Ev
aMville marry
Mtas Note Blanc MU > Vof Madl
driver Invited Slzemoro out to the
buggy There the greeting took 1
place silent on Slzomoros part lieI I
did not extend the usual Kentucky j
hospitality tp the officer lie Is a I
man of considerable propertyI I
The Princeton Leader says
The fact that the lion William
Marble of Paducah has been se
lected to deliver the baccalaureate
address to the city graded schools I
graduating class assures great In
terest In the graduating exercIses
which will take place at the Henri
etta theater Friday evening May
27 There is no one better liked
and nearer and dearer to the ma I
jority of Princeton people than Mr
Marbie and we are pleased to an
flounce that be Is to deliver the
baccalaureate address above men
tioned There are seven members of
the graduating class of the city
graded school this year which
shows that good work has been ac
Continued From Page One
where she positively identified tile
body as that of her son
Alleged letters from tho upper
Tennessee end stories that the
youth had arrived at Birmingham
alive to convince his mother never I
moved the police They stuck to
the theory that the dead boy was
Red Thompson and that the mea
under arrest know something of tUeI I
The Identification
The identification of the dead boy I
was seemingly complete Thu steam
boat captain viewed the body and
pronounced It that of Red Thomp
son whom be knew as a former as
sociate of Bert Guire one of the
suspects Then a chambermaid of
the boat was taken to the morgue
Complying with instructions from
the police the captain did not ten
the woman where she was going
and when she was taken Into the
morgue and shown the body she
exclaimed at once that It was Red
The mother was brought to Pa
ducah She said the description
sent her tallied In every peculiarity
with that of ber son Tho woman
and the boy resembled each other
greatly in the upper part of the <
face The woman asked particularly
about a certain scar which her
son and the dead boy both bate
She positively Identified him In
an Interview given The Evening
Suns Birmingham correspondent
she said that tho people of Decatur
Ala who knew him best all Identl
fled blm and the undertakers are I
so positive of the Identity that they
told The Evening Suns Decatur
correspondent they will disinter the
body and make the identification
doubly sure If the authorities re
quest It
The Other Story
The story that Thompson arrived
home Wednesday morning was a
plain fake because The Evening
Sun was In communication all Jay
Wednesday with Birmingham and I
no such story was heard there
Whether the story of the second I
Red Thompson Is true or not
It is a significant fact that the < t
story gained publicity Just at a time t
when the grand Jury bad under in
vestlgatlon the circumstantial evi
dance against the men under arrest
and the peace officers have been
somewhat disturbed by the reports
for it Is said that Commonwealths I
Attorney John O Lovett received i
word yesterday that the resurrec
tion is a hoax It Is believed In
dictments would have been returned i
before this If the story of Red
Thompson being alive had not been L
sprung most opportunely
The fact that Quire and Thomp
son were companions once Is the
serious feature In the case for Guire I
and Hale and once Red Thomp
son is brought to life much of the I
circumstantial evidence loses Its sig
nificance The mere fact that these I
two fellows confessedly beating
their way on trains were along tho I
track waiting for a train within a I
mile of the scene of the murder
that morning means nothing If r
some entire stranger to them and I
everybody Is the dead man On 1
the other hand If Red Thompson I
Is the dead youth and Bert Quire
and a companion who It may be
proved were seen tbo day before In
toxicated were nearby trying to get t
out of town the coincidence Is
worthy of Investigation at least ISI
The steamboat mate who paid I
Guire and Hale after they had nl
fight with the engineer a week be
fore the murd r will testify It t
Is said tho police have a woman
who said she saw Quire and Hale
and a redheaded young fellow go
down an alley In which she was
sipping beer from a pall and knock
at the door of a bouse from which
they were turned away Then they
passed her and they were quarrel
Ing They were going In the direc
lion of the Union station at the
time How closely the woman will I
Identify tho three men under ex
amination remains to be seen but t
the value of that like the value of f
everything else depends much on
tho identification of tho dead man
At aU events the police Insist that
some one was murdered and they
hale two suspects under arrest and
tune to get tho right men and
Identify tho dead man in the Ural
InstanceThe boy was murdered where be
was found because he bled to death
there as shown by the Immense
quantity of blood Ho was stripped
by his companions to conceal his
Identity and therefore the police
expected to find His murderers
around the city They had too
much nerve or too little prudence
to run
runNot evidence as to
Not a scintilla of
when or bow the murdered boy
came to Paducah has been discov
ered That Is the gap which
police would like to Jill up but they
have hope that as the news of the
crime spreads some ono will appear
with evidence on this point
Their theory coincides with that
of Tho Evening Sun that the mur
der was the culmination ot a
drunken row and that the mur
derers with drunken logic thought
they might as well finish the work
so well begun by stopping the
youths voice forever and then strip
ping him of means of identification
A sober man would have preferred
nlng chance for freedom After
having knocked him down they
stuffed leaves In his mouth to stop
his outcries and then beat In his
head A sharp stump of a bush
crushed In his temple when he fell
K lsropal
C Wright rector Holy communleo
for the colored mission 730 a prayi i I
Sunday school 930 Morning pray
er and sermon 1O45 Evening
prayer and sermon 730 Thursday
being Ascension Day there will be
service at 1100 a m
Rev E C McAllister minister Sun
day school 930 a m Evening I
prayer and sermon 730 Wednes
day night service and sermon 730
Womans Branch will meet Thurs I
da afternoon 1
Lovitch Specltl services were held 1
this morning at 10 oclock at the I I
Temple Israel In observance of the j
last xlayi of the Passover i
FlRST Tho ReT M E Dodd
pastor Sunday school at 930 I
Preaching at li11i and 745 Sub
ject of the morning sermon The
Authoritative Word Subject of t r
the evening sermon The Authorita
live Christ
Second The Rev O B 8 ma lien
pastor Sunday school at 930
Preaching at 11 and 730SubJect of r
the morning sermon The Way of r
Life Subject of the evening ser
mon Gods Call to Ali
The Rev J TU Clark pastor Sun
day school at Rowlandtown at 230
Special mass meeting at the church I
at 3 oclock
BROADWAY Rev O T Sullivan I
pastor Sunday school and Bible
dlast at 930 a m Preaching at l
1045 subject Enthusiasm Born I
of Faith Epworth league meets at l
CMS p m Laymens rally 74C p
m The Bible class will attend in a L
body W J Hills will speak on I
The Business Man and Ills Bible
Dr Byron King will give a Bible t
reading Special music at both servr
tIces Dr Vernon Blythe will preside
The Bible claw of the First Presby
terian church wll attend In a body
G W Banks pastor Sunday
reboot at 930 Gorman sermon at
1030 Preaching at 74S subject
Doers of the Word and Not Hear
ers Only
Pearson pastor Sunday school at
930 Preaching at 11 and 730
Preaching at Chiles chapel at 3
FIRST The Rev I H W Biirwoll
pastor Sunday school at 930 MU
P1 ih Mission Sunday school at 2t30
ireachlnjj at 1045 Subject A
Life of Prayer There will lx > no I
evening service as the congregation
will meet with the Broadway Moth >
dlst church Dr Burwell win
leave Monday for Chicago to attend
the Laymans1 Missionary Congress
The regular weekly service will bo I
1In charge of the session of the
Eo B Landls pastorSundayi echool
at 930 Preaching at 1045 and
745 Mr Pearson Lockwood will
preach In tho morning and the pas
tor win speak at the evening ser
Rev Father Connolly pastor Mas
es i at 8 and 1030Sunday school ati i
230 In the afternoon at 3 oclock
oU the pupils of St Marys fiends
my will form In a procession at the
chool and march In a body to tho 1
hurch where May services wHI be
aster Bible class and Sunday
chool at 930 Preaching at 10 45
and 74G Subject of the morning
sermon Pauls Greatest Desire
In the evening the Rev Mr pito
will preach a pedal sermon toI I
oung men and alf the young men
of the oky areJibrdla Invited to
Prompt andHi
Kverjr o1lcyioltliT gets n Miunro Aral AIIII I the mist for
his inoury when lio Invest In COMMON I 1V1wt11ill liiiluntrlul In
surance foil In full no matter wlicu you tile Read I ttm follow
lug letter 114
Henderson Ky April 23 1910
Commonwealth Life Insurance Company LoulHvlllo Ky
Gentlemen 1 received today through your superintendent
Mr J T Robinson tho full amount duo mo under policy No
GC009 for 30000 on the life of my husband James II Tnpp
who died April 20 1910
Your promptness in nettling this matter Is much appreciated
by mo as tho proofs of death were not received by you until
tho 22d and that same day you mailed settlement to your super
intendent with which to pay the claim
Thanking you for your prompt attention to same and assur
ing you that I will say a good word In behalf of tho Common
wealth to all those desiring insurance I am
Vury truly yours
I ftttsW tII6 CARRIE O TAlP Beneficiary
COS Sixth Street
All Industrial Policies Fully Paid Up at Age 75
Write n postal card to J 11 IKMVKUj Riiprrlntrmlfiit of In
dustrlal Dopartincnt livnot Itliljr Ilroadivay lid Utli and 7lli ls
iliicali Ky and an agent will IMI glad lo call and explain fully the
many exclusive frntnrr of COMMON I WKAIT1 1 Insurance You
do not obligate yourself In any way by talking It over
Paducah Depository First National Bank of Paducah
Life Ins Co
312 W
Louisville Ky
J I > 0VKIIH Int4i IUV1 V JOHNSON Sw sad
Tress nil J W filKST Medical Ulnrtor lirilMTTT lIt o
Manager Industrial Ik l iartniriit I SMITH IIOMANH rhur1A
and Asst NtcJ J
D Wyatt nastorBrble school at 930
all members are urged to bring their
bibles and testaments Preaching at
1045 and 746 Subject of the
morning sermon Americas Need
of the Gospel Subject of the even
tag sermon Faco IarnUnt that
Stands the Test Monday evening
the officers of the church will meet
at 745 at J K Bondurants office
520 Broadway
Christian Science
Services are held at the Christian
Science hall tho Three LlnKs build
lag corner Fifth and Kentucky ave
nue every Sunday morning at 11
oclock Testimony meetings every
Wednesday evening at 746 Sun
morning at 1015 A reading room
Is also open In this hall from 1230
p m to 4 p m every day except
Sundays and holidays
IlhnlTh Note
Tho Ramsey Society of the Broad
way Methodist church will meet
Monday afternoon at 3 oclock in
the diurch parlors
Tho Home M U < mlon society of tho
Fountain Avenue Methodist church
wHI meat Monday afternoon at 230
oclock with Mrs McCarty of Fif
booth and Harrison street
LUnlun Service
A union service between tho First
and North Twelfth Street Baptist
churches will be hold at tho North
Twelfth Street church tomorrow af
ternoon at 330 oclock and Dr J
T Reddlck representing tho trustees
of tho First church wMI present the
deed and transfer of < the property
now occupied by the North Twelfth
Street cljuroh to Mr Everett Walker
representing the trustees of the lat
ter clrurch Speeches of the Ira
gross of tho North Twelfth Street
church will bo mode by Harry Lu
klns and others The Rev J It Clark
pastor of the church will preside
The Hivlvnl
The revival twrvlces that are being
conducted at the Fountain Avenue
church are attracting good crowds at
every service The Rev P O Thog
mrrton la l an ottrnctlvo speaker al
ways making his hearers think and
act Ho has been ataUoned at Sikes
ton Mo for tho full four yean
which lu l Uio limit in the Southern
Methodist church It Is being whim
pored around among church people
In tho city that I Mr Thogmorton may
bo transferred to the Memphis con
ference or etnllonod at Fountain Ave
nue church next year Such an are
rangement would bo pleading to tho
present pastor as his time will bo
out at the next conference Mr
Thogmorton and Dr Banks were I
schoolmates at McTyelro nohool
yearn ago and aro very fond of each
other lie will remain all of the In
coming week and preach morning
and owning Services nt 11 a m
and S p m tomorrow
Why Cornellioni neaaache Liver P1H
will cure that 10 cent Quaranteed
by stf IIruAlrllt
Continued From Page Three
SurjirlM Potty
A number of the friend of Mr
and Mw John Cockrlll lot South
Thirteenth street pleasantly sur
prised1 them with an Impromptu par
ty Vast evening Music and Ramos c
went enjoyed and light refreshment
were served Those present were
MlHw Winnie and Dura Ixmslter
Bonnie Phelps Wllbolnwna Sateen Ii
Roberta Mitchell Pauline flush Fan
nine and Doge Aiihby Mlnnio
George Clara Morrison and May Hat
Hold Mews John CockrIH Mr Gain
Okuide Edwards Joo Ix > n4U > r Jack
Fouler Tom Kclloy Roy Fl Inle JAY
Grimes Jack Hlckman
< = <
Program I of PIt Ymr In KnglUti
Tho IJteraturo deportment of the
Womans club Miss Helen llullltt
lx > wo chairman will pond Uio next
two years In tho study of English
Literature The program for the on
IIIJlng club year has tilroady been out
Hoed and extend from Chaucer
through Shakespeare It covers a
wide field of Interesting work Tho
comrrrftteo who did the specially
clever program work are AIlM
Lowry member ex officio Mrs Ikn
leI McFadden chairman Mrs David
Cody Wright Mrs C K IhuooJ
Mrs William BralncrdTho pro
gram as assigned is
Oct 12
1 Outlfcio of IIlMorjr of England
to the Ago of Chaucer Mrt Dan
lei McFadden
C literature of tho Transition
lcrlodllr Edwin Rivers
October 27
1 Sovereigns of the Ago of Chau
cer Mrs Arch Sutherland
2 A Critical Estimate of Clmu
era Canterbury TaleaMrs David
C November Wright 9
1 Causes and Characteristics of
tbe Ago of CaxtonMrs John MR l
2 Poets of the Age of Caxton
lira E R Cunningham
i November 23
i 1 The Sovereign of tho Ago of
Olxtonlrs 13 G Boon
2 Rosunvo of Sponsors wary
ueonMrs John Quincy Taylor
December 14
I 1 The Early Bibles and Lutior
Mrs Mildred Davis
i i2 Ballads and Chronicles of 61111
jcy Hooker and > rOrofMl > D L
J rod ley
Jan uar1 11
I 1 Politics of tho Elizabethan Ago
Mm John K Jlfndrfck
2 Influence ot Ben Jonson on
I English Literature Mrs S 11 Ptil
1lam January 23
1 Society of the Elizabethan Ago
Miss Sadlo Paxton
2 Bacon Stjle of Writings
Philosophy Mrs W H Colu
February 8
1 Rollgion of the Elizabethan
I COCHRAN SHOE COwJust Shoes for I
The Weather 1
Fair and slightly rooter tonight
iinitny fnlr
Tempera tiro today Maximum
minimum tin
One of thebest numbers j I
In REDMAN collars Is
the WEDGEWOOD Itsi y
as stylish as can bel yetr
superbly comfortably Itst t
one of the features of the
special display we have
been nuking all week
Youll want to see it at
ruL iiG
Uri uim1 ST fcKMi D OOis
Tho Store Thats Going Ahead
t O
AlfI Eva Jane WaehJnx < on
2 Dacona 14esaysMrs C 15 I
February 21
1 Tho Rise of the Drama Mrs
V Armorvtrout
2 Stratford on Avon Mra I Rob
ert Ikokor ihlllltKh
3 As You Like JLIIM Susan
March 8
Hoary VIII at a llhrtork 1 Char
Ictflr1InL 1 0 Walker
S The Plaji hairy VIILMa
W I Dralnordi
March 22 i I
1 The Iltetory of Antony sod
Oiooputra lrd II S AVulta
3 Tho Play Antony and dcojw
tm1In Mary Wattoll leader
April It
1 Kins IoarM Airs Munroo
itlSnehbwrn itr it
April 36
1 Tho Merchant of cro
Mm U B f WHMik
2 A Midsummer Night iJmoraV
MM Jennie Gibson
May 10
1 1 OthelloMrs I George Hour
2 Hamlet aux Dow Hus
< < <
Tilt 111111181 1111111
Tho Hospital league I mot yester
day afternoon at 230 oelork with
Mrs Louis Kolb on North KiRhtli
street It was the final session for
tho year and was a purely httdntas I
affair Tho report of tho yard com e t
mlttco given In full was a most In 0v
teresting feature Tho chairman j
statinl that a beautiful hedge had
been set out three dozers nlintlo
trees planted and tho yard filled
with ferns and the flowor hat eon
taming tho words Riverside lies
pital no much admired last sea
son was again under way It was
also announced that four morn of
tho mission sectional bookcases had
boon ntldid to tho four already
placed In the hospital last yonr and
that the library now contained 100
books of fiction and 12 volume of
medical science donated by tho
league Only tho visiting and flowerr
committee will continue their week k 1
ly work during tho summer
The restorative power of sound deep
can not be over mtlnint il sod any all
ment that Prevents i It II I n menace In
health J 1 Kouthrn Iiu Claire
Wlm ayor a lone time I have
been unable to deep luuntlly nlKhl t
because of pains across my hArk and
soreness of my kidney My 1 apprtlln
was very poor and my general condi
tints wan much run down I have been
taking FoleyH Kidney IHU but a
ihnrt time and now seep ni Hound as
a rock I ent and enjoy my meals
and my general rendition II l greatly
Improved Jean honently recommend
Foleyi Kidney Pills n I know they
have cured meGlillcrt drug torn
Those Indians who made tho Ant
canoe of birch bark long ago worn
our greatest benefactors Tho chJI
drcn of these Indians know the canoe J
and thC know how to use It and If
you go to Tcmngaml Ontario thIs
summer they will paddle your canoe uv
In their own superb way Students
who camp In summer along the Tem
agam lakes are able to do two years
work In one Finest of fishing and
hunting Eney of access by tho
Grand Trunk Railway System Infor
illation and beautiful descriptive pub
Heathen sent free on application to W
a Cookson 917 Merchants Loan Ss
Trust Building Chicago
> Mr and Mrs Thomas Walton
of Ninth and Jofferton streets are
the proud parents of 1I fine girl baby c
rn yesterday afternoon
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