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tibt Pabtwab bt1ting I un +
o 1t = 1 i AT STATE PRISON
Former County OHlcial Ap
peared Cheerful When
lie Arrived
t1 t 4
Ills Hair Nat Clipped Like
Other Prisoners
Bookkeeper In the wU hoiwe of I
Ute Kddtjnfflle penitentiary was the I
job assigned 11 t l Hiram Smedley yes I
t rday afternoon when he reaciiod I
the t state prison Friend of the I
former county court olerk had ar I
ranf d with tho prlmn officials to 4
t tee film cr Job with light work It I
Is expected that 4n a dIM time he o
will be t advanced to bookkeeper inc
the main office I
When the t rleoner wero rncelV I
v edi at too prison 0med fays hair was
only trimmed and not dipped as le
the custom with ordlnany prisoner
° He waa given a pair of striped I
troufwr with a blue shirt When 1
within i the shadow of the OIlI I
wall he did not weaken and apr
peered rtiewful Smi tey I an ex
r port bookkeeper and for several I t
i I months while In jail kept Uio jail I
books s
booksDeputy Sheriff Ctinrie Clark and 1
his awUtnnts returned last night l
trout Kddj vlll where tliey oonvoy
d the fRht prisoners without airy I
trouble They were aft safely placed
behind tho prison barn I
1 I
1 UN Fool Is l Cruklinl I t
j Jo1 While auUtlbK In Installing ma I
chlnery at the new plant of the Pa 1
ducab Brewery company II II
1 Smith Injured his lerL foot A heavy I
> jp j r of Iron fell Ion bis foot fractur
l 1ft J a born and Iadlp bnllslaJ Il lie 1
reildrs In St f o Il Ht nr I
t1fJ idresaud J J the tnJutI j r I
Find Pearl ValUril l It 2000
Bedford Ind May llKlohn
Shecout while handling mussels t
near this city In White river roundt t i
a pearl that he has refused 1000
+ offered him for It Ho will take It
to Vlncennt where It la I believed
ho will realize lair 1000 for the
gem which weighs 46 grains t
I t
I Peru PrriiartHi for War b
1 11lma Peru May ItActivo 1
preparations for a poulble war with la
Ecuador continue Volunteers are
e enllstentng dally and the war fund 1
C Is being constantly Increased byc
private donations In thU vicinity
4a t 10000 additional troops are statlou t
ed near the frontier II L l
Boy Stabbed Another t
i j Clarksvlllo Tcnn May 11 Ire I
Frank Kirk Uycarold IOU of I
John Kirk was stabbed In the back r
yesterday morning by Wyllo Lever
another boy of about tho same ago
The report is to the effect that the
I Ai I Kirk boy accidentally stepped onI
I JJ Levers foot and tho latter resent
led I by sticking a knlfo In tho Kirks
toys back Tho wound Is scrlou
t and late last night a physician was
again called on account of his unl I
jtortullate condition The difficulty
IMFi l i f4look place on llascball hill while
tho boys were watching tho Robin
I son shows pitch their tents
+ AOnl or Founder Decorated al t I
l I Nashville by Council
pI I
Nnohvill T IJnn1 11111t
tmpnnno council of tho Catholic
Knight of America convened at tile
stato capital hero with eowral hun
I dred delegates and visitors from va
rious parts of the United States In
attendance At the Catholic pro
cathedral high mal wee observed lr
Itt Rev Thomas S Bjvne bishop of
the dtoceeo of Nashville after which
Jscrmon was preached by Most ROT l
1 rfOhu N Olennon ardiblthcp of SII I
lamas Tho Cathollo Knight cf
re ar America wn founded In 1877 audI
c the flrwt meeUng to start tho or
ganlutlon was bold at the resi
dence of Enquire Dan U Burke tnI I
this city It grew In nunvbers rop
lilly and gsradualy spread Iq t evai 1
state In the union until today there
nro 70 < V tubordlnato councils wWh a
upremo council located in St Louis
and over 10000000 has been die
I bursed In benefits
Chicago Market
May High Low CI a
Wheat 103 4 1Q2H 103 tt
Corn G23 62 fi 029b
Oats 40 Y 40 H 1031 <
Pr08 2265 2246 2255
Lard 127 < 5 1262 1S65
Ribs 135 1240 1242
Burlington Bridge Plans Being
8 t
Shown to Coal Shipping Concerns
to Satisfy Them as to Pier Length
r j
CompanyI I
Representative of Company
Says Werk on Structure
Will lie Started at Metrop
die in September
The site for the Burlington rail
road bridge over the Ohio river at
Metropolis bas been definitely de
cided upon and the first plans of the
4000008 steel bridge were eeen In 1
Paducah today by the river inter
Mr Clark R Ftckes chief of tho
civil engineering corps in chargo of
the bridge work exclusively arrived
In Paducah this morning on the I
steamer George Cowling from Me
tropolis bringing blue prints of the I
bridge and the territory to be cover
ed by the bridge trestles on the Ken
lucky and Illinois sides Whatever
objections may be made to the main
channel ian which has been fixed
at GOO feet will be heard by Mr
We aro going to try to please the I
coal IntcreMs jald Mr Flckes to a
reporter for The Evening Sun and
mayjuvq tp reach a compromise as I
to trio wdh of the channel span
Mr FJckcs consulted Mr C S Book
waiter transportation manager of
tho West Kentucky Coal company
this morning and so far this width
seems agreeable Mr Flckes will re
main over In Paducah today and
leave tomorrow morning for Louis
ville to confer with the bead men of
tbo Pittsburgh Coal company and tho I
Monongebela Consolidated Coal and
Coke company It U probable that
the railroad will be asked to widen
the Mian to 750 feet at tho most as I
It Is I said rlvermen are generally In I
favor of this width owing to the
condition of the current whore the I
bridge 18 l to bw built Mr Flckes I
will go to l Cairo from Louisville and i
thence to till headquarters In Chica
go where he will lay the I n Utt x
fore ttrk fficlalsdf the C B a Q
The Bridge
According to Engineer Picket the
bridge wfif r be entirely of steel and
Mt > a tingle piece 6f woodwork will
sppwr It will rout In too neighbor
hood of H 00 0000 and the dioicn
site for it is tho best and moat eco
nomical place Including lid ales 1
trevtlcwork from bank to bank Uie
bridge will bo 5GOO feet In I > length
The bridge will be what Is known as
camel back doubletracked bridge
dollar in some respects to tte Cairo
bridge Tho bridge proper conaUtc
of one main channel span 550 feet
wMo six tester I spans 425 feet In
width three on cither side of the
main span and three 240feet spans
leading onto the trestlework
There will bo 1600 feet of steel
trestle work 1200 feet of It on tho
Illinois tide and 300 feet on the Ken
luckY shore The bridge will be G3
feet in the clear of the highest stage
of tho Ohio on record which was
during tho Hood of 1884 The bridge
will be 106 feet above the low water
mark and at a normal stage there
w4l bo ample room for tho highest
stacks to paw Tho main span Is 47
feet wider than tho main span of the I
Cairo bridge and thin may be entire
ly satisfactory to the coaling Inter
W < selected this site because it 1
was the most economical and Uid 1
topography was better At this point
the bank Is high on both sides said
Mr Flckes and tho channel la I bet
ter Ho said that the soundings for the
foundation hove been made and the
Milwaukee May ItTho entire
northwestern part of Minnesota la
smouldering and vas timbered areas
of Wisconsin are being swept by
flame Several villages afro threat
ened according to dispatches re
ceived here The fires aro scattered
over an area of at least 50i > miles
Flames havd entered the largest
tract of standing timber In Mecon
Bin The fires are burning on ever
side of Washburn Reports from
Houghton Mich are that Ores are
menftcing half a dozen towns and
many settlements Railroads have
The predictions and temper
taro for the past tTTcntytour
hours rill bo found at the top
ef the seventh column OB page
rr + wil
San Jose May ttA slight
earthquake was again felt in
Costa Rica today Pestilence
and disease reigns and camps
are established for the survlv
era Many died so great was
tho births during last weeks
quake Tho attention of PresI
dent Jimenez la attracted tq It
and he has appointed an ac
couchment squad In all refuge
river bed will afford an excellent
foundation with Immense stone prior
Plans for the foundation and piers
have been completed and are on file
In the Chicago offices In speaking
of the route to be taken by the Burl
ington Mr Flckes said the road baa
secured a right of way through Me
tropolis and alto on the Kentucky
side near the city limits of Paducah
He bald he Is not Informed as to the
right of way through Paducab but
Is tree to say that the road will en
tar here The railroad tracks run I
to the bridge off Broadway In Me
tropolis and after leaving the tres
tle on tho Kentucky side they make I
a big turn towards Paducah
Work Begins Next Fall
Active work will begin on the I
bridge In September or October ae
cording to Mr Flckes The bridge I
will be used by through trains into I
the south The Burlington will run I
another line Into Metropolis crossing
under the trestle of the bridge and i
running to the river Sir FIckea I I
raid the railroad Ilf I going < o build an I
Incline at Metropolis similar to the t
Illinois Central Incline at Paducah
hilt Control Wouldnt Work
IE II Young colored who Imag
laud ho was a latvtnakcr was or
rested today by Patrolman Doyle
Young told he tad thw pDWwr + to I
make IAWC governing the colored I
fare and wanted the police to as
slut bUn In executing his reforms
InddentaUn too sold he bad control I
of tains that ran to St Louis and I
Invited the cops to take a Joy ride I
Vlth blur Ho was taken to the I
county Jail and he will be given a
trial In the county court
tooCook Accused of ThdtI
1Rosa Anna Silas alias Drown
colored a cook at tho residence of t
City Assessor J Wes Orr 609 I
South Third street was arrested at
130 oclock this afternoon by Con
stable A C Shelton on a warrant I
sworn out In Magistrate C W I
Emerys court by Mr Orr who ac
cures her of petit larceny It Is I I
alleged that she stole 115 In money
from a purso In the dresser drawer
at tho Orr residence last night
while the family wore absent
Up to noon Monday thirteen car
loads of strawberries bad been shop
ped from Jackson over the I C R I
H the average number of crates to I
tho carload being 500 This makes I 1
0500 crates to date Tho first shipI I
meat was made on Saturday April I I
30 which was three carloads May
2 two car loads May t two car
loads May 4 ono carload May 6
two carloads stray 7 three carloads
total 11 carloads Tho flrst ship
ment sold for 235 per l crato and
the last i 100 per crate and estimat
ing thc average per crate at I17
which Is probably too low we see
that 6WMX crate at 175 has
brought 11370
Forest Fires Close
In On Many Toni
lost heavily Alston Is In dire dan
ger Communication with the out
side world Is cut off The losses are
enormous A report reached hero from Du
luth this morning that Grand Mafia
MintiL a town of 200 on Lake Su
perior was destroyed The wireless
telegraph station the only means ot
communication was abandoned TIles
day with the message that the town
was doomed Effort to communi
cate Grand Marals are fruitless It
Is believed the town Is wiped out
The entire couth half of Moslnee
Is leveled by fire Communication
Is cut off Every residence la aba n
doned Parrteh a few miles north
Is threatened Reports from Ala
ton lIch say that the town was
saved alter a heroic struggle Ftrca
are checked and the situation fa
much improved In that vicinity
The last message received from
U <
lection II r JStponed < Until
Then alAsheville General
Many Weighty Matters Obs
cure Interest
Methodist conference probably Will
IIlx4in balloting on bishops Friday
IThe great questions before theo
body have sidetracked the talk of
candidates and there Is less discus
lion of men for bishops than one
would Imagine from the little that
Is going on the consensus of opinion
Is that six will be chosen and that
Qthey will come from the following
Collins Denny W D Murrab H
M Dub se Halter R Larobutb
Georgia Kllgo of North Carolina
Anderson of China Clarence Tucker
of Brail and Frank Parker of Lou
isiana Many others are mentioned
but few are chosen I
Church extension matters occupied
the attention of the Methodist gen
eral conference several important
change bolng made In the laws gave
churchs economy the chief one re
hating to that statute covering the
borrowing of money on church prop
The after
conference a spirited
debate indorsed the project of build
Irtjr a htonutnenta church at Wash
ington D C and Instructed the
Continued OB Page Four
IForeign Outbreak Confirmed
U j London May 11RESIOrls of an
outbreak of riots In YuenChow the
scene of the recent anti foreign
demonstration are confirmed The
missionaries are believed to have es
New Station at Otter Pond
To replace the station burned by
the night riders the Illinois Cen
tral railroad wUl erect a new eta
Jet >
gin about July 1 and a neat build
lug constructed Because the rail
camp upon Its property the night
rldora ddotroywdt the station during
the night rider activity in the Black
M1930S Ellis and Cairbould repre
eenUng tho FleteJiman Yeast com
pang have closed one of the most euc
cessful cooking demonvlratlons at
the office of the Paducab Light and
Power company ever herld in Padu
ale Tho young tidies are now demo
onstrating at the RhodcsBuTford
company and the ladder who haw
been attending these lessons will < no
doubt t > e glad to learn of idle an
Washington May llj Tho senate
today proceeded with fixing up Us
own railroad bill despite the fact
that the house passed the measure
on the same subject yesterday al
tering the original bill of the house
from different angles than the senate
It Is expected the senate will con
Corporation Tax
Washington May 11Tho total
tax assessment of corporations un
der the law to date according to a
statement Issued today by tho com
missioner of International revenue
Is = 2D709045 and with penalties
Moslnee was from a railroad opera
tor He stated the sawmill postof
e0Orr tour general merchandise stores
two drug stores two saloons and ten
residences were destroyed
The Wausau fire department went
to Mownee on a special There are
no details from Parrlsh but It Is be
lieved the town will be saved Fire
Is raging unchecked along Pilgrim
river south of Houcbton hub the
towns fa l 1111 I no danger yet
Roosevelt is Appointed Special
Representative t at King Edwards I
Funeral I He Accepts the Honor I
Yells Himself Hoarse Watch
ing WiJhelms Cavalry Man
euverDlsobeys His Phy
siciaa Going Out
Roosevelt Goes to Funeral
AVaBhlngion Maji 1t President
Taft today appointed Roosevelt ePa
old atobaaeador of the United States
to attend the funeral of King WOo
ward Roosevelt has accepted
Teddy Grows Excited
Berlin May 11 Disregarding the
advice of Professor Fmenkel the
noted throat specialist Roosevelt
left Berlin today to attend the man
euvers at Doeberltz as guest of the
kaiser Ha was told to remain in
doors to irfve his throat a Teat for
the lecture at the university of Ber
lin tbniorrow The Maneuvers are
strictly private mu > kalter and
Roosevelt are continually together
Roosevelts voice failed him entire
ly when he grew so excited during
the sham battle He returned to
Berlin to undergo treatment tor his
throat A dinner by Chancellor Ton
BetbihanniHolloweg tonight In hon
or of f Roosevelt wiH take the place
of the stato dinner toy the kaiser
cancelled as the result of Edwards
Tie kaiser semed proud to show
the efficiency ot thevarioua branch
es of his armcrv Kin only dteap
poliUnorit waaUio balloon corps be
cause of the gate TWO regiments
ot artillery a troop of cavalry a
brigade of Infantry dan automo
bile corps participated In the man
euvers They represwited the best
of the German arrayi Roosevelt
praised the work The kaisers In
jtlmate knowVedgo of every detail of
the tech nl cat branches surprised
Roosevelt He declined to make a
comparison wiIUv the armies of other
countries visited Fffa fc KeMosg
trust buster attorney for the got
emmcnt to dissolve tho Standard
Oil company met Roosevelt He
said nothing significant in the meeti
Georges First Message
London May 11 Georges first
message to parliament announcing
the death of his father and express
Ing bis loss was read In both
houses this afternoon the members
standing with bared beads Both I
adopted the messages of condolence
and congratulation to the new king
and pleading allegiances i I
Kansas City May 1 VTho testi
mony ot Professor Schweltzner of
the Missouri university and Pro
fessor Cade of the Kansas univers
ity for the state In the prosecution
of Dr B Hyde charged with mur
der In the Swope family was heard
this morning This varies from the
defendants experts claims Both
deny that poison In the stomach ofI I
Colonel Swopo could be caused by
fermentation Tho state forged a strong link In
Its chain of evidence against Dr
Hyde by Mrs James Clinton testify
ing In rebuttal that Tom Swope en
tered her home on the night of De
cember 10 and telephoned to Dr
Twyman and Mra Swope She not
Iced he had something In his hand
Tom Swopo corroborated by de I
Glaring be had a cyanide capsule he
saw Itjxle throw away and trample In
the snow The statements contra
dict Hyde9 and Mrs Hjdea testi
mony I
An Oriental Murderer
Denver aiay 11Po1lce today re I
ceived a good description of the Jap
anese housecleaner suspected mur
derer of Airs Katherine WUoon
whose body was fou ddDClI packing
case hi the basement of hen home a
mystic symbol on her forhead He
Is believed to have escaped from the
oltoi and the police throughout the
country are notified to look out It
Is believed a quarrel over wages led
to the murden
Mules Killed Boy Recovers
Ingleslde Ky May 11 Special
WliJlo the young son ot James El
rod was riding one mple and lead
lug another during the storm yes
terdaji afternoon lightning killed
both mules and stunned the boy
Ha Jay unconscious for several
hours but today has almost fully
recover edt
Redwood City Cal May 11
Steps were taken this morn
Ing by District Attorney Bul
lock to prevent the Papke
Thomas fight Saturday lie J
claims the laws do not permit
e ot prize fights only boxing
matches The decision may
effect the Jeffries fight The
district attorney declared to
day the match could be con
sidered nothing but a I
prize fight and therefore It
is bio duty to prevent Fight
S fans are greatly aroused by I
Uie decision believing < the
stopping of Saturdays tight
will prevent the JeffriesJohn
son match Bullock was not
Influenced by the church orga
nizations Sheriff Chatham
promised to aid Bullock
Quincy 111 May 11With the
avowed Intention of trying to estab
lish a new longdistance balloon rec
ord A Holland Forbes holder ot the
Lahm cup and J 0 Yates an as
tronomer ot New York ascended In
the balloon Viking at 8 SO oclock
Monday In the presence of several
thousand spectators The balloon
which has a gas capacity of 810OO
cubic feet went almost straight up
for 3000 feet Then It started slowly
ly southward
v r i >
Gfasgow ky May 11 Special
A If Forbes astronomer and J
C Yates of New York were found
unconscious near their wrecked bal
loon last night near Center They
recovered consciousness but are too
weak to give details Both are be
flayed to be badly Injured They
IPhyalcJans I
Physicians attending tear that
Yates Is hurt Internally Forbes I
Injuries are mostly bruises and not
lerlousI I I
The recovery of Yates is doubtful
wording to his attending physician
Forbes Is not badly hurt He Lt fin
able to tell how the accident came
Those who saw the balloon before
It fell say the bag staggered as
though struck a heavy blow It fell
swiftly to the earth The areonauts
were found later underneath the bag
both nearly dead from gasses They
are scouring the woods for a smaller 4
balloon said to have fallen in the I I
same vicinity I
Forbes In his delirium this af
ternoon gave a disconnected ver
sion of the accident The drag rope
was dropped fearing an accident It
tore the silk bag permitting the gas
to escape and suffocating the men
before the balloon dropped
No K P ItcllrcsentAUonI I
It Is Improbable that Paducah I
lodge of Knights of Pythias wjll beI I
represented at biennial session of I
the Supreme Order of Knights of I
Pythias which will bo held In Mil I
waukee In August No representa t
tive hero has been announced atI I
present and It may be decided upon
later on to send a delegate
Automoblllsts ai well as farmers i I
are rejoicing over the good roads
spirit in western Kentucky ore
Cracker countys gravel roads how
ever are not all In fair shape This
summer the mileage of gravel roads
will be Increased especially In the
western part of the county The
tact that Ballard county will gravel
a road acrosa the county beginning
at the county line is good news An
other Interesting note to the travel I
era Is the fact that Graves county I
citizens are raising money for the I
graveUng of a road from the Mc I
Cracken county line These un I
proved roads will afford better trans
portation to the citizens of the three
Brad the Home Course on Live
Stock Raising Which Is Found
oa Page SevemToday
Resolutions 01 Sympathy For
Dr Brothers Adopted
Last Night
Smoker Enjoyed ia the Cam
cil Chimber
e i
President Dr J Q Taylor S
First vice prell dentDr C
J W Payne Bard well
Second vice president Or
Q L Shelton Lone Oak
SecretarYDr H 0 Rey
holds Paducah
Treasurer Dr V e r Iio n
Blythe Paducab
Hlst rlanDr R T Hock
er Arlington
The lethe result of the
meeting of the Southwestern Ken
tucky Medical association last night
at the city hall The only officer
retained by the association Is the
historian Dr R T Hocker In re
tiring DrW L Mosby of Bard
well delivered on eloquent address
and Dr Taylor responded ana took
this city succeeds Dr C E Pur
cell the former secretary
Resolutions of respect for Dr C
H Brothers were passed He Is
former treasurer aodla serious
111 at his home In this city Dr
Hocker read memorials to the mem
ory of seven members of the aaiol
clatln who died during the last
year They wereDisJ L DIsr
field P W McKeeJ Mayfield Dy
T Stuart China tycnrgus Thomas
Chicago W A Jordan n
and J R Dillon Paducah The
resolutions were ordered published l
In the state medical Journal at Bow
ling Oreen and photographs of
each will accompany lie blograph
After the business session last
night the members adjourned to the
Inlght theater where they enjoyed a
vaudeville performance After the
show they returned to the city hall
where a smoker was held Barbe
cue meat and other binds of sand
wiches were served
Bardwell Selected
Bardwell was selected as the
place for the semiannual meeting
of the Southwestern Kentucky
Medical association In October The
next annual convention will be held r
In Paducah In MayTbe dates will
be fixed later by President Taylor
and Secdetary Reynolds
What was left of the attendance
of yesterday played hookey this af
ternoon and as a result the after
noon program was declared off
The circus Is said to have been re
sponsible Five papers were to
have been read Most of the mem
berg returned homo this morning
and the morning attendance today
was small Dr C H Johnson of
Paducah spoke along lines ot In
terest and Dr J O Brooks lectur
ed on the subject of Renal Calcu
lus The third paper was Elec
tro Th9rapeutlcs discussed by Dr
O N Murphey Dr H P Sights
paper Reasons for a National De
partment of Health was given yes
terday afternoon Dr J D Robert
son wbo was booked to lecture on
Fractures and Their Treatment
was unable to be on hand this
morning e
How to Carry Out the Final
Program of Meetings will be a
subject probably discussed by some
of the members at the next meet
This years session was consid
ered one ot the most profitable held
In several years and the member
ship 4a steadily growing All phy
sicians have paid their regular dues
Drs C E Howard of Clinton and
O H Covington of Wadesboro who
were not present yesterday were on
hand this morning
Wont Postpone Case
Springfield ill May 11Judau
Shirley this morning refused to post
pone the Sangamon county Invest
gaUon of bribery charges tn the Lot
Imer scandal ds demanded by Attor
ney General Stead
Boston May 11A resolution
favoring an amendment to the con
atltutlon so that United States sea
ators may be elected by a direct t
vote Tomorrow the resolution wilt
go to the senate The Democrats
were for the amendment and the
Republicans were badly split

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