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h ll 0 t nbuen 1btning 7
Thirty Thousand Will be on I
Duly in London for
Roosevelt is Accorded High
Louden May 1C Thqusands pf
froopa arrived today and by morning I
I ihru wilt be 30000 Kildlura In tho
Hljr The royal household and theI I
illpomatle corps viewed tho body otI I
Kdward this morning Half hour I
charger of detail of guards around
Hi collln wore Inaugurated today to 1
replace the hour change In effect I
heretofore The guard In full uni 8
form utqndi abaolutoly rigid It was
found tho hourly thlft was proving
too groat a itraln s
ItooMvclt ironer I
London liny aItooNvelt art
rlvwl this morning and WM alBctallv l
tvHlcoiiibod by both the munlcttMltiy I
ntnl the government ee amlnuKulor t
to the funeral 01 IMnuttt Gearg
showoff krtOTOtt bi I wndlng Ixird
t t
Dumlonald to greet tho Amorimn
when ho tnndod from the Hlnunui
MocMmibwff 1 and having II royal cur
rtflfto nt tho Motion to convey Hooeo
vtt faintly to Iho home of Amhatw
ailor H laid Admiral Novtlto olmnI I
od HonY elt London nowujwpors s
Iu 1t1lQf4JIt dlnOting Iiu edl
tortab to dim WhKMonday wmal
dqv 1 h nationally r mtud to a tJaletIt It I I
IlnoMr U flnrtam l l act war to
few tho body of tfcu tale kI8 g tof f
was n ompanlml by tho ambaioador I
Jal l art The Itosv vas motored to i t
the palac ami were admitted to tin II
room where MUwartlit body lojr w
King George appointed Lord Dun t
doDold and Commander Cunningham
to have charge of thlt IlootovolU < m I
Iprtalnment 11 U an umiKlal mark I a
of clutlnctkn Geori greeted Hoot l
veil cordially r
Southern IlllnoU IWinkrrx 11
The Southern Illlnoto Danker I
maorhitlon will maul In iMotiopolta
111 liar M I the ttvunfeig a tain
cjMPt will IH stirred One of tie n
pwfcar wIN ho Mr Jnmas C tIIl rt t
bark ravbler of the City National 1
hank who will ragpond with an ad 1
firers on Hank Co olldlont t
llnplMft I Go to JnrkvMivlllc r tn
Baltimore May IGTlIB i Southern L
nApt convention utHMrimoiMhr do r
otdMl to moet In Jacksonville IT i
Hod > r Turn rimvontJon svrtneo
will tl4 prmchcd by the tiny Dr
Olmffc e Gar inttr of Kentucky
Vntrborotttfi of TlnI
At tho morning fen tine lI vr
Dr irwrrnwi reported there was nII
fcenantl InrroMo diKlnjr tho pact y oerI I
Of IM 000 for tho torn and forrfjpi I a
fIJto boo rdab
llnlltvny Connvn HIhltu
Frank A MIIHkan peorelary of tho
joint protective hoard of < be tho 4
Hrolhorhood of tho Hallway Carmen
of tho lilt Doll Central system have
returned from Chicago whore tlioy
weNt IB conference with tho nlllclato
In regard to tho now agreement
which was signed An Increase In
wage wan secured In tho agreement
nen T Frank Iollrt l tho Mnn
tract from tho Bounty for ftirnMiIng I
hA I gravel 4o cover the driveway ofi i
tho new eonrroU bridge over Chinks S
river whloh Woe or tfldb the VJn f
Inners > lChJgl company It will to
nure about I 000 yards of gm1 for
the brMiio nnd anproarinfj which
wHI milk a roe of about 3U Thor
contract wta awarded Saturday nrn f
ternoon by County hood SupervlBor
John It Thotnpron Tho bidders
wore Han T Frank 68 C1S a
ynrd S II Ghotcon HO cents nt
ah t
111 cod J U Joncn CG cents nt
AlfotiM HIT to 1IIIIenllt
Aladrld May II1Klng Alfonro
loft hero for Iomloti to attend Iho
funeral of tho late King Edward
Chicag i Market
July High Low Close
WhNl 10414 1n3 total
Corn 62i G24 02 11M
Oats U 40 < < H
Prov 22 92 227i5 22 > 3
lArd 1272 11270 12u7S
Ribs 12vCO 1252 I2o57
I Coal Companies Demand That Span
I of Burlington Bridge be Thousand
Feet Long to Accomodate Big Tows i
Pittsburgh Combine and West
Kentuckys local Represen
tatives Discuss Question
With Engineer for Road
Efforts to adjust objtttlona io
the proposed l Burlington rnllroul
bridge l over the Ohio river at iMo
tropolls has already t > ogum Tho
first of the river Interest to mtltfy
are tho Vc t Kentucky Con I com
puny of Paducah and the 1lttrfmrs
Coal combine
The protect of the roal companies
nod the railroad arlcnr over tlio
width of tho main channel span of
tho bridge tho > t > tan calling lor n
width of fifiO foot As a result on
effort will be made to here tlio plans
nltwrd ro aa tho main iwn will be
at lout IjMO feet wide
Impending danger to towboats
putting Immoneo town of coat was
minted out tlite morning by iXIr C
Hookwaltrr tmiiBiMirtatlon man
ager of tho blast Kentucky Coal
company In rxiferenco to a CCO + foot
pan nt MetropoU Aa nn example
of wJiat would bo the ultimate ro
salt of a span1 of tide width ho point
ed out the llendoreon bridge whore
big lone I Imvo resulted almost con
atantty by town of coal cmtfilng Into
the piers Another dIHnulty and a
tJufttkJn of utmost lmH > rton > to
owi > oat people In the delay tlio ilo
tmpotta Itrldga would oaiiffl If the
HKin w 6ro only 56ft foot Mr Hook
Walter Mid the West KonUicte Coal
company usually Ktarted l its boats
iwilli botw > en mldnlgtit and dawn
In order to get through the Crtlro
twin durhru tho day Tho Cairo
bridge to SOS rOt and tho combine
itowboaUi have to bo aseWod by their
To get through a 550 foot limn nt
Metrot > oM during the night would
rrs nlinoft IntpoMMde to n low lYlat
with n bin tow without CMUlng a
la va < mi itHkfng a plOT To avoid
tw danger n to < jont would barn to
Ian here until darWahl and thWi It
wmitd be Bight before l stir rrartiei
lOtttll atm bridge tho Man of wbkf
bi much narrower Hut tho dnngcr
In checked to Home extent by tins
MWtMnnce of leg boat If tho Mo
troiioNB bridRo upon WMI loft at o
rt tho IlUabiipg Coal rompany
wouM be forced to opwnto a tug
Herr nt u coat of not lew Ulan 10
pot day
At HonderMJn It III l claimed I that
the coal cninfMtdw have auffered Im
mOON loivo The current at Me I
tropolln te an obilnelo In Uwvlf and
iwn tho Ohio hi rising and Iho
Tcnneewso to failing It woukl nUlliO a
tonibont and her tow to drift to
ward the Kentucky 1111010 re ultlng
n a coUlfion wltli a pier
Mr Bookwalter fold tho Cairo
brWgo e span hould lit triode wider
Millions of Iniriieli of coal have been
Ilmt thoro liy roal counpnnl I All An
ordinary riifxl tow which In 10
tmrgra wide or 30 feet would havo
IKtle room to get through taking
the length of the two and boat Into
roiiMdijrallon Mr Hookwalter as
an exanrple pointed out the giant
towtoat > Sprague Stiptwio aho had
Loon foot tow ho wUd and In
all the tow wnt lBOO feel it would
bo Impowlblo for her to got through
unaldt l without utrlMng the
Would awl protest ngalnat a 7CO
foot scan Mr Uookwsilter asked
Wo might consider that Ire said I
with tome doubt but wo may
change our minds later
The West Kentucky would hnvo
Iho aid of tier harbor boat hero and
would not feel tho width of tho span
as much so aa tlio Tlttvlnirg Coal I
company It Is merely a matter of dollar
and cents with the railroad accord
ing to Mr Hookwaiter and they may
fight tho stand for a 1000 foot epan
At Cincinnati on Juno 9 tho 1 > oard I
of onslncors of tho rallVoad will
meet the towboat companies and at
this tlmo tho wMth ot tho npan will 1
be settled as for as the recommenda 1d
dons arc concerned The railroad
may appeal l from tho vtand taken bi i
Iho towboat people or the towboat l
people may appeal as the caso may
be U Ii generally conceded how
over that nothing lees than 1000
feet vlll bo stood for
Another honor hail como to Lieu
tenant Richard Donovan He haft I
received an appointment as Instruct
or at Iho United Stales Military
anatomy at West Point whore he
was graduated two yoara ago At
prevent bo U commissary awl quar
termnirtar nt Fort Scrcvon on the
Atlantic coast a tftort dlstnnco from
Savannah Oa Tho appointment Us
an honor that IJputcmvnt Donoran
my be rightfully proud of and his
tiny > friends In Ills homo city are
pleased alro August 1 Lieutenant
and Mrs Donovan will go to West
Point to T < 8Itlo
Lieutenant Donovan In the eldest
con of Air and ire John T Dono
van of this city In 1908 fro was
Hmdiiotod from West IoJnt as sec
ond lieutenant nnd was a member
of tlK dots graduated in February
liMttwd of June HP was stationed l at
Fort Sorevon where ho was soon
promoted to tho rank of first lieuten
Snfo HlnwiM Succeed
nii gov Ky May 15 fipeclal
Safe blowers blew the safe In the
general merchandise etoro and post
office at Echo Mctcalfo county I
They got 300 cash and 8cipelj j
Council Meets TonightI I
The general council will meet at 4
the city hall at 730 oclock tonight I
In regular icselon Mostly routine
buMnuta will como up for disposal I
Dr D 0 MurroU of the board atI I
park coininltwlouorf will submit I
1110 nil tonight for tho purpose of parkI I
lag South Tenth street from Jack
son to Huvbandc streets
Governor Clean of North Carollim j
one of the moat famous orntom of I
tho south who recently list devoted I
his talents t to the onuto of miNions I
will 4 > e tho guoat hors of life l IVUlurah I
pni tOer > Thumlny and will speak I
Thurwlay rtlcJit at tho First Pro b s
tartan church on the wrbject of home t
missions No one who has not hoard
Governor Glenn speak hats ever t
heard homo missions completely ex c
Bodies Carried Down m
Stream Into Eddies i
f I
That most of tho bodies drowned
with the City of Saltlllo may never
float far from tho scone of tho
wreck and como to tho surface after
tlmo wns the opinion expressed
by Pilot Charles street who torrKed
In Paducah this morning Mr
Street Is one ot the survivors of the
Saltlllo but was riot at tho wheel
at the tlmo of tho accident
Mr Street said there are numer
ous eddies near whore tho boat sank
and these may keep the bodies from
floating downstream nnd finally
force thorn to the surface
Mr Street had not retired when
tho boat struck the rocks nnd said
ho could have escaped sooner In
nn effort to help savotho passengers
who were drowned ho was forced to
the hurricane roof from whoro ho
Pilots Street and Kd Pen arrived
yesterday from St Louis to lake the
City of Savannah to St Louis to
enter the Saltlllos trndo at once
The predictions end tempera
ture for the pant irrentyfonr
hour will bo found nt the top
of tho seventh column on aa
rnre 1r
ITho I
Tho engineers and carpenter ot the
Snltllln aro hare and as soon nsI I
necessary repairs are finished thoI I
Savannah will depart She Is exact
ly I tho same size of tho Saltlllo al
though tho latter boat was moro at
tractiveTho body of Mrs J E Harris was
taken to Nashville by her nephew
William Weaver of Paducah I
Captain Koger has divers working t I
on tho hull today In tho belief that 4
bodies aro burled under hardware I
which slipped In when cite plank
twisted Mr David Kogor left yesterday 1
tfor l St Louis where ho will assist 1
his father Captain James Kogor in
tho work of recovering bodlcs rom j
the river Mrs Isaac Rhea and
daughter Miss Anno Rhea of Nash
yule wero related to Captain Koger
while Mr Rhea is president tthb
packet company
Rewards have been offered for
the recovery of the body of Fowler
Post nnd notices have been sent
down the river for tho rlvcrmen to
bo on tho lookout Ills lantern was
found between tho shore and tho
boat Saturday while tho cap of
Clerk Col baker was found near the I
boatMr n
Mr Henry Holt of Murray was L
I in tho city yesterday
il I
Methodists Begin Election at
General Conference This
Large Field of Favorites For
AEhovllle N clar 1C Spe
timers conference and a member of
the Vandcrblle board and Dr J C
Kllgo head of Trinity College at Dur
ham N C were elected bishops
of tho Southern Methodist church at
the general conference here this
There are seven vacancies to bo
tilled iby elocHon It Is tho concensus
of opinion that tho election of blah
ops officers and editors will lost near
ly ta woo and several thousand bal
lot blanks havo been ordered
The field of candidates at the pres
ent time consists of Rev J C Kllgo
North Carolina conference Rev W
It Lambuth Tennessee Rev Collins
Dunn Baltimore conference Rev
0 C Itankln Texas Itev H M
Duboso Mississippi confornco Rev
R G Watorhouso Holston confer
ence Rev J K Cannon Virginia
conference Rev C M Ulshop Mis
seen conference Rev W F Mac
Merry Loulsvlllo conference Rev
K D Mouzon South Texas Rev J
R Dickey North Georgia Rev W
W Alnffworth South Georgia Rev
J W Tarboux Brazil Mission IL C
Tuclcor Brazil Mission Rev iF N
Parkor ot Louisiana conference and
F B Culver of Alabama conference
Illxlop Morrison
Btahop H C Morrisons troubles
ne not Over even though tho com
mHtoo of Investigation unmlntod by
Bk top < iidler has found that a trial I
U not TiocrtinLry on lie charges pre I
ferred Uji Rev W F Packard and
othftre of Texas
AVhllo this committee voted unani
mously against Indicting tho bishop
It alto adopted a resolution that tho
papers In tho case be Toforred to tho
committee on episcopacy as a com
rtalnt When this Is done the cane will I
Willia I
assume this position Bishop Mom
son will bo before tho committee on j
episcopacy for examination as to his
character and as to his efficiency Tho
former wIll be passed again having
been arrested iby the Packard
tftargea As to tho latter tho oomI I
attire hRS already formally voted to
fuporaniuiato him 28 men favoring I
It and 10 opposing It This action
will bo reported to the goncral con
forenco and If tho report Is adopted
tho bishop wll bo retlrwl The ma
jority of tho committee bollevo that
hey will 10 sustained There Is I
much sympathy among tho laymen
for him and ho Is now placed iw the I
rein of a martyr find so many comI I
plaints have boon made from every I
section of tho church to tho effect
that he U mnntallyand errectll I
ally disqualified to fill tho once
that tho conference may sustain Its I I
Vnndetbllt IrI I
Dr J D Hammond secretary otI I
too board of education told Judgo N I
D LInobaugh one of Uto loading
members of tho committee on edu
cation of this general conference of
Methodist last night that Bishop
Hendrix would not convene tho Van
dorbHt board of tmst hero this week
for a settlement of tho Questions that
have stirred the Southern Methodist
church It is learned that Judge
ORcnr will address a note to Bishop t
Hondrlx on this subject tomorrow
and ask for an answer as to what
ho proposes to do In reponsoto the
mandate of tho general conference
Much wW depend on his replyI I
Law Suit Iinms Up
Dr Jv W Blackard ot the Mom
phis conference who tea memberof l 1
tho committee on education In > dis I
cussing tho case raid that If the 1
board did not meet lists as It hasI I
boon Invited to do by tho genera
conferonce a storm would break
loose which nothing could chock ite I
holds tho position that the church
owns the university that tho board
of treat Is o creature of the general
conference and that the conference
can destroy its creature and recreate
them nt will
This would in < Hmf a determina
tion on tho part of the conference to
elect n brand now hoard of trust In
which event the tliroatwiod Uvw suit
would bo precipitated
This will ho the big wook wHh the
conference ns too proposed laws to
change the panic of the church to
grant women equal rights with the
mon to change IH + in1e limit and
same others nt h III I dlapored of
The election of bshops begins tomor
row morntnawl I cnilnue for
several daja
Postmaster Fisher Returns With
New Appointment Some Patronage
1and Two New Postoffice Stations
Postmaster F 11 Flther has returned
turned from Washington having
been reappointed by President Taft
and having secured the appointment
of his political friends to tho va
cancies in Western Kentucky Among
tho benefits Paducah will receive
from hjs trip are two now postoi lee
substation ono of which probably
be located In Walkers drug store or
some other downtown point for e
might elation and the other In War
tOIlS addition There are already
two substations ono In Farleys
chore on tho south side and the
other in Pettlts store on tho north
sldr A new clock for tho postofflco
and a new cancelling machine with
n number of tho most modern do
vices aro also to bo Installed Ire the
Paducah postofflco The business at
tho substations Is Indicated bji the
fact that both Farlejs and Pettlts
are selling over 104 < worth of
Btampa monthly
Dr Hyde Found Guilty
OfKJlling Col Stoope
Kansas City May 16Murder In
the first degree with recommenda
tion ot life sentence was tho verdict
returned by the jury this morning
In the case of Dr B Clark Hyde I
charged with the murder of Thomas
H Swope his wifes millionaire un
ole Kansas Citys groatest philan
thropist Hyde took tho verdict with
motionless composure lila wife
burst Into tears and was taken into
an anteroom Hydo was permitted
Ian accompany her a morshiJffguard
Ing tho door HydoJs sister broke
down Judge Latehaw mid Hyde will be
remanded to Jail without ball aid
treated like every other convicted
man Mrs I Hyde will be allowed to
visit her husband only on regular
visiting days Meals may be eqn
him but no luxuries The Judge wllj
give the attorneys tlmo to make a
motion for a now trial Tho sen
once In open court probably will be
Thursday or Friday
Tho Hyde trial begun April 11
He was charged with murdering
Swopo with Cyanide although ten
other charges slam against him of
murdering heirs by Injecting typhoid
fever germs
Dr Hyde mid to his wife and sis
ers after tho verdict I can hardly
realize it Dont worry wo will beat
them In the supreme court
Ho decline to mako any further
statement Mrs Hyde Is l hearing tho
burden bravely She raid Tine fight
Is Ju + 1 etartlcg Tills Is no time for
Updo wns a tiding physician la
Kansas City Tho Swopo will was so
fixed that the death of ono of the
legattes Increased the amount to be
received by the others Tho state
sought to show that Hydo planned
to secure tho entire fortune through
Lebanon Ky May 10 Special
Fire destroyed tho Babbitt hotel J
Tho loss Is 5000 Guests had nar
row escapes I
his wifes tharo iby slaying the on
tire family He Is the son of a Bap
tist minister His father and mother
wore present during tho trial Blttor
foaling existed between Mrs Swope I
and her daughter They gave contra
dicta testimony during the trial
Mrs Hyde Is the only member of the
Swope family to stand > by tho physi
Attorneys for Hjide decided before
noon to enter a motion for a now
trial tomorrow r Wednesday
Mrs Lou Wllcon 75 years of ago
died this morning at 7 oclock at
her homo near Florence station after
3a illness of general debility She
8 survived hy two daughters Miss
Lelia Wilson and lIra Woodford
Sailing with whom eho made her
lomex The body will bo shipped to
Cadiz tomorrow afternoon The
funeral will take place In Trigg coun
T Wednesday afternoon at 3 oclock
with burial in the family grave yard
A reward of 100 has been offer
ed by Governor Wlllwtv for tho ar
rest and prosecution of the murder
er of tho unidentified boy found on
the Pool road April 10 From the
best evidence that can bo learned
one man murdered tho boy Several
people ray they saw the murdered
boy and a man of hoary build was
eeen around tho vicinity for several
days It was this testimony present
ed to tho grand jury that assisted
materially In clearing Halo and
Could tho unknown youth who
was found murdered hero April 10
Ire Lea Dillnrd of Memphis Yester
day Chief of Police Singer received
K telegram from Jv W DIUardi of
Momphts asking If hs ton Lee liar
twIn Wiled here Chief Surgery sent
the following reply No one by that
namo was killed here A 17 year
told boy who has not been Identified
was murdered here
Paducah Hopkinsville darks
vJJIc and VinccnnesI
< >
Raise Cash
Season Will Open Thursday
May 26
Only four baseball cJubs wlll1 com
pose the K iT baiebaU ieagiio as
yesterday at a mcetlhg1 of the1 league
officials logic O seemed ibrlght of
a six club Icaguoi a telegram1 I was
received from Henderson staling
that efforts to raise the necessary
funds had failed Marlon Ill stood
ready to enter tho league but tho
withdrawing of Henderson made It
necessary to start the season with
seasoAwllhtour beforq
tho opening of bpenon would not
tho league composed of Paducah
and Hopkinsville Ky Vincennes
Ind and Clarksvllle Tenn was ad
opted after several hours Several
schedules were submitted but the
officials selected tho schedule of
Harry Cooper of Paducah as the
best The schedule will open May
26 with Hopklnsvlllo at Paducah
and Clarksvlllo at Vincennes Tho
schedule will bo completed Septem
ber 2L
This was tho last meeting of the
officials before tho opening of the
season All tho officials said the
outlook Is good for a successful
season and with proper manage
meat they expect tho league to grow
next season Tho tact that they de
cided to brave this season with four
clubs was In tho hope that next year
better baseball could bo enjoyed
Present at tho meeting yesterday
were President C Ct vGosnelIw of
Vlncennes W I Hancock of Hop
kinsville A C Murray of Clarks
ClarkaI I
Paducah R D Clements Kennle
Murray II D Sowall Jesse Gilbert
directors of the local club and
hurry Cooper manager of tho Pa
ducah team
If Henderson had not failed to
raise tho money tho league would
havo been much stronger Marlon
111 would have been an excellent
drawing city as tho number of In
terurban railroads afford tho club a
large territory to draw from and
It Is estimated that It would have
been tho best paying team In the
league President C C Gosncll and
Manager Harry Cooper returned
Sunday morning and reported that
there would bo no trouble In secur
ing Marlon for tho sixth city
Players Report
For tho first workout the squad
of ball players reported at Wallace
park this afternoon Sunday several
players arrived while more are ex
pected tonight and by tomorrow the
entire bunch ot ball tessera is ex
p cl d Tho following players have
reported Joe Crain ot Sparta
Tenn Ewing Harris of Erin
Tenn pitcher Charles Lockhart ot
Erin Tenn Infielder W O Cor
bett of Anna III Infielder S M
NowackI of Louisville catcher
Palmore of Chaffeo Mo pitcher
Tonight II G Tldwoll of Caruthers
vllle Mo Frank Overton of New
Albany Wood Payne of Nashville
and John Koely ot Loulsvlllo are
expected to arrive
Tho local players also reported
for practice this afternoon and
Manager Harry Cooper put his can
didates through a strenuous work
out Vlnccnnea and Clarksvllle have
their teams on tho fields while the
Hopklnsvllle players are reporting
Most of the Paducah players are In
good condition and with II little
team work will bo ready for the
fray Practice will be held every
day at the park The new uniforms
are expected to arrive in a few
With tho organization of the Pa
ducah team tho fans are called up
to pay for the stock that was sub
scribed for several weeks ago Col
lectors aro now calling on the stock
holders and It Is anticipated that
they will pay promtply as the funds
are necessary to meet expenses In
curred until the gate receipts begin
to roll In
Opening Day
Tho opening day will bo a big
event All of the merchants will
be asked to close their stores In tho
afternoon to permit everybody to
enjoy tho start of the race U Is
expected that a packed grand stand
will see tho first game as the sale
of tickets for the opening game Is
progressing lively
Dr Frank Boyd rested comfort
ably today at Riverside hospital and
Is Improving j

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