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F L FISHER President
L J PAXTON Oeneral Manager
Inttrta at the poitofflce at Paducah
Ky aa second class matter
10 > I
By Carrier per week e
8 y mall per month In advance n
By moll ptr Tau In 4aneOO I
For year by mall postage paid 1100
Address THE SUN Paducah Ky
Office 115 South Third Phone ut
Editorial Roomer
Old Phone 337 New Phone 838
Fame a Young Chicago and New
York representatives
il1yEDNESDA1 r =
1April 1 1910
16191 1667
a6799 186730
46746 196728
Iiu u 673B 206734
l 66730 216738
7673 2675
16734 236760
96724 256747
116733 266768
12 6741 27 6763
IS 6746 286771
1673 296651
liN6716 30664
Total 175165
L Average April 1910 6737
Average April 1909 5280
IJlCNIi 1457
1tr I
Personally appeared before me
the 3rd day ot May 1910 R D
MtcMJllen Business Manager of The
Bun who Marina that the foregoing
IB > A true and correct statement of ita
circulation for the month of April
1 10 to the beat of hi knowledge
tad belief
Notary Public
My commtoib expire January
10 1912
Dally Thought
f Good breeding la 1 a sincere kindly I
consideration for others put In Its
plcaantest and most delicate form
4Annie Payeon Call
The census will show us tow many
vaudeville actors there are in the
worldMayfield a
Mayfield yesterday bad a tragic
version of that once popular song
lies a Cousin of Mine
If there fa a creature under Gods I
heaven who shouldnt bo abused It iSl > I
a woman with a baby in arms and
no one to support her
Tactful Master of Ceremonies
Taft understands that each ambl
tious member of congress wishes to
Interpolate a solo in the party pro
mBlood o
Blood bubeoen shed in a Frenth
duel Now maybe they will stop
that sort of folly We knew an ac
cident would happen to one of the
pariIcl ants sooner or later
The National Posters assodatlon
has decided that the members will
produce no more lithographic dis
play ads or show bills that could not
adorn the pages of a respectable
family newspaper Somebody must
have seen some handwriting oa the
sKlewalls too
The mayor of Milwaukee Informed
tie pastors of the town that boys
and girls are going to hell while
they are arguing theology Which
reminds us that there are about as
many people outside the churches
who could run them better than the
preachers as there are people out
side the newspaper business who
could run one better than the editor
It was not inappropriate that the
kings favorite dog should have been
accorded a place among the chief
mourners at the funeral of Edward
VII Perhaps the dog he petted
among all that bedizened assembly
and artificial pomp was the only
one that will really grieve as time
passes over a personal Joss of true
companionship To the dog alone
1 Edward was never the potentate but
ever the gentle friend Between
Edward and every human creature
with whom he came In contact there
stood always the barrier that dredge
about royalty It was always the
king to them that lived It was a
c form they laid away and a new
king was raised up Their mourn
lag Is a perfunctory prescribed cere
jimoray continued under orders and
to be promptly discontinued at the
end of an allotted period Well lorI I
a king if be keeps a dogI
Remarkable as it may seem to the
short memories of the Washington
r correspondents the startling an
r nouncement that Theodore Roosevelt
doesnt like Joe Cannon did not
shake society to the core Next week
perhaps we shall be paying tele
graph tolls on a message conveying
the Information that Joe Cannon
t Jlk fsssMfssVe Roosevelt
f 1vjn by surprise
r v
tionfl capital informed ua they had
learned on good authority thatI I
Roosevelt desisted from any political I
Activity on the side of the Insur I
genU which would embarrass bile I
successor and these same Insur
gents and Washington correspond
ents may take It from us that Mr I
Roosevelt will continue to desist I
from any political activity that wl11I I
embarrass Mr Taft He took Tofts j
advice to keep hands off the congres I
sional fight and some day we will nilI I
0know that Mr Roosevelt had ncI I
customed himself during the preced I
ing four years to taking advice from
Mr Taft Truth to tell Mr Roose
velt during their acquaintance bad
come to admire Mr Taft very much
for his tact good Judgment sincer
ity and views of public policy In
those issues l Involving federal super
Vision Mr Taft has gone much lure
ther than Mr Roosevelt ever did
and a complatlon of legislative re
salts and executive activity will dem
onstrate that Mr Taft has accomp
lished more during his year In Office 1
In the direction of perfecting MrI I
Roonerelta own policies than MtI I
Roosevelt did during his whole
term Yet this does not reflect on
Mr Roosevelts ability or sincerity
since somebody had to make a start
and getting really started la usually
the hardest part of any enterprise
That Roosevelt sympathizes with the
antiCannon crusade was manifest
long before he retired from the pros
Idency and If the Cannon crowd in I
the house persist in trying to frus
trate the party program Mr TaftI I
will be actively enlisted against I
them too but to expect Mr Taft to
pick out a congressional leader Is
vain Ife baa enough good sense to
Icnoar that the natural leader of the
majority will be produced by the
natural law of selection Until that
time the president Wll use the tools
ho finds to carry out Ws policies
through legislation If the people
desire President Taft to have better
tools than Joe Cannon Lorlmer Ald
rich and Hale the people must give
them to Ijlm he has nothing to do
with their election
Congressman Campbell Canetrlll
who has been the advocate of Clar
ence Lebus Burley society through
fair and stormy weather is on the I
verge of a break with Lebus and hisI I
crowd with the probability that the
society will back another candidate
for congress against him Whenever
a newspaper or a public man chant
pions a specific cause and disagrees
with the beneficiaries of it about the
best means to a common end
straightway be is branded a traitor
Such people consider the newspaper
or the public men Instruments to be
used by them In their wayfor their
purposes and gratitude is an un
thought of factor in the case
e0 I
Kent c1cJ Kernels
Owensboro trying to ralAe 140000
for Y M C A
yOwensboro cattle chipped east are
slaughtered at Cincinnati because of
Finis Tucker Mayfleld negro kill
ed by wifes alleged male cousin
State assessment Increased SC4
000000 will Increase revenues 320
Postmaster Woods Louisville will
be reappointed
Wm Adams of Oynthlana candl
date for Democratic nomination for
Robert E Wootan dies at Little
Wife of Councilman Jack Lewis
Mayfleld Is dead
Merger of Citizens Life into Citi
zens National Life with flGOOOOO t
capital stock completed at Louis I
Louisville police ambulance called I
by mistake to aid stork Instead of
hospital ambulance
Cattle men will ask government to
establish sheep dipping stations
throughout state
Respite granted Marcellus Rne
hart condemned to die at Clark
vllle Saturday
The Kentucky State Homeopathic
Medical society at Mammoth Cave
Two residences destroyed in Lex
William Welsh Lexington artist
won third prize in the contest con I
ducted by Mrs Harry Payne Whitney
of New York
The skull of Horace Roache state
reform school fractured by abll
J C McChesney Dawson Springs
stunned by lightning
Will S K Sneed admitted to pro I
bate at Henderson
Many conversions at Princeton
Graded common school at Gamal
iel Monroe county
Ben Snedegar assaulted and rob
bed at Owingsvllle
Itediiee the Rate
The raise of 20 per cent on Hick
man county land personal property
and town lots will prove a hardship
on those property owners who gave
In their properly to the county asses
sor at a fair cash valuation and In
order to mitigate tits hardship we
would suggest that a special session
of the fiscal court bo called and the
county tax rate be reduced propor
tionately to the Increase in property
valuation We have not looked Into
the law on thus point but It le l a
reasonable presumption that the
seal l court has authority to do each
to be heavy this year and tho county
can afford to take into consideration
the Interests of the people whatever
course the state may see fit to pur
sue Clinton Gazette
An Interview with former Sena
tor McOreary lo the Louisville Post
shows that Dark Is U wltllnV for the
gubernatorial lightning to strike him
although he doesnt say co in so
many words When a man has held
omce nearly all his life It becomes
second nature with him and when as
In the case tho demand seems so
widespread It Is not unnatural that
the object should sit up take notice
and wear a smile that wont come
off Lexington Herald
I I Some Stone Aroud the Tow
Hereafter all city employes will
be required to respond quickly In
any accident which might involve
the citys liability and Mayor James
P Smith baa posted placards about
the city ball calling their attention
to this important matter If an
accident occurs and Is observed by
any employe of the city he will be
required to get all evidence and
names of witnesses and report to
tbe board of public works The city
carries a policy with the Liability
Insurance company which requires
this of all employes of the city Fail
ure on the part of tho employe to
regard these Instructions will mean
suspension or dismissal from service
Attended Scenlon of Worlds Inter
national Sunday School Con
The Rev G W Dank pastjr of
the Fountain Avenue Methodist
church returned yesterday after
noon from Asheville N C and
Washington D C He attended the
general conference of the Methodist
Episcopal church South at Awe
ville and then went to Washington
to the World Sunday School conven
tion The Sunday school conven
tion was a notable occasion 75000
was raised for Sunday school work
at the session Saturday afternoon
DK Banks attended a banquet on
Saturday night of those present who
attended the Sunday school conven
lion in Jerusalem sir araago
There were 150 of the 800 in the
Jerusalem party at the banquet
and 10000 was pledged by them to
ward the Sunday school work
Oottklud From Page One
Jean Carnagey Alice Byrne June
division Pauline Hank valedlcto
clan Agnes Kathleen Garrow salutatorian
tatorlan Martha Ann Cope Eloise
Grace Hills Marguerite Merlgold
Katherine Estelle Anderson Nina
Lee Savage Clara Belle Stewart
Lorraine Mayea Sutherland Grace
Theresa McGlatnery and Ruth Mc
Miss Carnagey Is now attending
the DePauwuniversity which she
entered last September With the
exception of two credits she had
completed the work necessary for
graduation and the credits of the
university are recognized by the
local High school and her High
school diploma granted Miss Car
nagey Is expected to return June C
for the commencement exercises
Continued From Page One I
speaker this session but to save him
for an Issue for the election of InJ
surgents They are confident they
will have the support of Roosevelt
because of his attitude toward Can
non The radical may attempt to
oust Cannon If ho continues baiting
them Cannon and tbe house organ
ization l are facing an uncomfortable
Washington May 25An investi
gation which is expected to disclose
to a greater extent than ever before
the bitter factional feeling In the
Republican party in Alaska was be
gun before a subcommittee of the
senate committee on Judiciary It
Is being held in connection with pro
tests made against tbe confirmation
of John Rustguard and Herbert L
Faulkner appointed by President
Taft as United States attorney andI I
United States marshal respectively 1
to succeed John J Boyce and Daniel
A Sutherland who were removed at
the request it Is understood of Gov I
ernor Walter E Clark
The Rate Dill
Whether the railroad bill sballt t
prohibit flat increases In railroad I
rates without approval of the Inter I
state mmerce commission or shall 1
extend 5O six months the time dur4I I
lug wblcifsihe commission may sue I
tlon before tIe senate when it ad
The session was devoted to argu
ments in favor of tbe Cummins pro
vision by its author and by Senators
Borah and Dolllver The general
contention was that such a require
ment was necessary for the protec
tion of tbobblppers This argument
was challenged by other senators
and there was general debate in
which Senators Cummins Dolllver
Bomb Aldrich Flint Rayner Hey
burn William Alden Smith Martin
Clark of Arkansas Clay and Jones
The suggestion for the extension
of the time during which the com
mission may suspend rates for in
vestigation was made by Senator
Martin in the course of Mr Cum
mina speech His proposition was
that the Cummins provision should
be amended by Inserting a proviso
requiring that a final decision shall
be rendered within six months from
the date In which the schedule Is
It was Immediately taken up by
a number of senators on both sides
and soon became the basis of gen
eral cloakroom discussion of a com
Predict Acceptance
Senator Aldrich and his followers
announced their willingness to ac
cept It and Senators Dolllver and
Cummins Indicated a favorable In
clination Senator Rayner stated
openly In the senate his willingness
to adopt the suggestion and n num
ber of other Democrats privately
asquiesced In his utterance Many
senators predicted its acceptance I
when the question comes to a vote
Major J If Afthcrnft Will Ixavo
This Evening For the
Major J H Ashcraft national i
commissioner of the Shiloh park
will leave this evening on the steam
er Clyde for Shiloh to make arrange
ments for the observance of the
Decoration day celebration to be I
held there Monday The steamer I
Kentucky will run an excursion toI t I
Shiloh Saturday evening leaving
here at C oclock and many hundred
civil war veterans will make the
Why Corntllton neaoaeb Liver PHU
will cur that 10 Mats QuaranUed
Continued From Page One
end of the desk towards me Dr
Rivers who was standing about the t
middle of the desk grabbed his 1
right wrist tried to pull it around t
so I would be out of line of fire
While doing this I distinctly noticed I
Dr Purcell twist his hand in my di
rection as he fired Thl ball struck
me In the left elbow My left band I
dropped Instantly to my aide and
from that moment I could not lift It I
or move It and did not for several
days At the same time and follow
ing Immediately his second shot ho I
advanced further towards mo and
presented the pistol almost at my
breast I seized the muzzle of the
pistol with my right hand and push
ed It upwards at the same moment
the pistol fired blistering the palm
of my band and powder burning my
first and second fingers At the time
this third shot was fired I noticed
that Dr Rivers had his left arm
around Dr Purcells neck and his
right hand grasping Dr Purcell
right hand After this third shot was
fired I remember to have but had
one thing In view and little else be
sides and that was to keep Dr Pur
cells pistol hand In the air so that
he could not shoot me When Dr P
H Stewart entered the room I re
marked to him that Dr Purcell had
a pistol and had shot me and asked
him to take the pistol away Dr
Bass then Informed me that Dr
Rivers had the pistol ad I left Dr
Purcells omce with Dr Bats and
went Into Drs Bass and Stewarts
office for temporary drculng to my
arm and I was then carried to the
Riverside hospital
I desire to state that I had no
arms or weapons of any kind that I
did not advance upon or threaten or
attack Dr Purcell in any manner
The pocket knife mentioned In the
newspaper statements belonged to
Dr Rivers and was not In my posses
sion at all
In conclusion I will state that I
went to Dr Rivers office and while
there went to Dr Purcejls omce
upon Dr Purcollaown Invita
tlon that I had no weapon of any
anykind I
thought but what a mutual explana
tion would Instantly clear the entire
matter I did not use any bitter
language neither did I use any oaths
at any time
To the best of my knowledge I
have given you a complete statement
of this arrafln detail and will leave
Its confirma bn to tho two eye wit
nesses who were present and who
will be able to say whether I have
made a truthful statement t on every
material point
Drub Kxlemlvely In Lumber and
IIiilliUiiK Material IoIItrattll > Mod
cm Punilluni Store and Conduct
Criiernl Undertaking Quartern
A pioneer resident of Metropolis Is
A J Gibbons who has been a olt
sun of this prosperous and growing
city for 20 years Ills identification
with n number of buslruvss enter
prltcs tins placed him prominently
before the pubUc One of the
branches of business which he oper
ates Is the furniture house where
everything Is Carried in modem fur
niture This Includes both milts and
single i places I matting matreesos
desks table rugs refrigerators and
brass and Iron beds The business
Is conducted on a strictly easypay
ment plan and young married imti 1
salaried men and In fact people In
almost every walk of life find this
system of monthly payments II KnOt
convenience In five yearn Mr Gib I
bats has taken back only threw bills
of furniture and two of those by
It has been truly said that nec
essity knows no law and this fact
IB nowhere better exemplified thaw in
the undertaking business As a fun
eral director the experience and
painstaking efforts of A J Gibbons
have won the respect and confidante
of the public The undertaking quar
ters are large and conveniently ar
ranged and contain all the require
ments for a funeral Ho It a mae
ter of the art of embalming and has
taken charge ofUhe funerals of some
of the most prominent residents of
A J Gibbons Is the oldest lum
her dealer In Metropolis and handle I
nil kinds of building material Ho
has direct connection with some of
tho largest mllla In tho country and
stands In the position of an Inter
mediary between tho manufacturer
and consumer He Js therefore able
to give practical information to
those of his patrons who desire to
build without the aid of an arch
tects plans and specifications lie
operates a strictly retail lumber bus
loess and carries In stock lumber
taxed to order lath shingles rash
doors clay moulding etc Special
bills wilt be cut to order on short
notice from ouch timber us whit e
edeand yellow pine cypress redwood
fir basswood yellow poplar etc
He makes no empty claims but fur
nishes to every customer the proof
of fair treatment by giving an item
ized account of the exact number
of pleuM the dimension of each In
square feet and the price por square
foot Mr Gibbons Is known BIJ one
of the most successful basinet men
In Metropolis and built his own
building which is 1 a twostory brick
windows and doors of modern arch
tecture and Is utilized for a furni
ture and undertaking crtablkli merit I
eRver7 dose make you real bettor Lax
KOI keep your whole Inside vial R
Hold on the MoneyBack plan 51r7
Will Oo In SAVannnh
Mr Roman Oosleo formerly head
so river packet Kentucky who ball
ers branch produce house at May
field for several months has resign
ed his position and will leave at G
oclock this evening on the steamer
Oyde for Savannah Tenn to re
side Mr Goslee has many friend
hew himlocate
locate elsewhere He has accepts a
position 11 chief clerk on the steam
er Shiloh running up tho Tennessee
river and although he matte a suc
cess of his work In Mayfleld the I
charm of the river was resptaslblc I
for the change Mr and Mrs Goa
lee and litho daughter were In Pa
ducah today lofting Captain and
Mrs Bud Mullen of lG33 Trimble
I r
Cnn e l Music to Cease and Brick I
and halide Arc the I
11When Fred Hobbs colored but
ted In to n dusky quartet at
Twelfth and Harrison streets a few
nlgltta ago with his undesirable
strains the quartet Including Ed
Ierklns stopped abort patrolman
merge was two Mocks away and
hurrying to quell tho disturbance
Hobbs took offense and said dam
turning and walking away Perkltw
Ki the story fIX picked up a brick
and aimed at Hobbs but missed Be
fore Hobba could right hlmsolf after I
ducking 1crkJns nailed another
brick which caught Hobbs In tho
left tide and he fell When he arose
he pulled a pistol and fired three
Khol at the fleeing Perkins By this
time Patrolman George had raced to
the scene and Hobb was arrested
lie was held over to tho grand jury
in police court this morning on a
charge of malicious shooting without
wounding and fined 2C and aen
tenced to 10 daje In jail on a charge
of carrying concealed a deadly
on the last charge
On a charge of breach of tIle peace
tJames Armstrong was fined 10 and
Annie Lindsay J5 en motion of the
prosecuting attorney
Pittsburgh May GCtJarlea A
Mullen former trashier of the Farm
lU and Merchants National bank at
Ml Pleasant WAS convicted of mil
appropriating 143000 or tbe
banks funds today In the federal die
tract court E II Steinman a peat
motor was convicted as an accomp
Mrs Roosevelt Visits Queen
lion of tho queen mother Mrs
Roosevelt vUlted tbe widowed queen I
at Buckingham palace today Alex
andrla received Mrs Roosevelt with I
extreme cordiality Colonel Roose
roll will receive the honorary degree I
at the University of Cambridge to
land H T mown Nathville F J
Moore St Louis H E Lewis
LewlaClarksv1lIei Frankfort
A Jones Nathvlllo I C p Sullivan
Washington George R Cartwrlght
D J Foster St Paul
St NWiolaa Frank Barnes
IFyou are quick to take advan
tage of a lot of high class suits
which we received today at one j
third less than regular selling price
it will be worth your while to
See These Regular
35 and 3250 Suits at
They come in fancy greys tans
browns and blue serges Many of
these are silk lined and are models
of the latest tft flT
25styles =
The Earfli wi iCome i the Better
J your nt I
n t
The Weather J
Fair tonight and Tliurmlny Teni
pftnturt tiHluyt highest HI unfit 1
10Ull njoy
A felt minutes spent
looking over our stun
nior furnishings tho
now soft shirts and tho 1t I
soft collars also tho millf
silk lose at Joe nro
among tho features ii i i
Jl lr WAY
5J kKA H8 e OYSf
Tbo Store Thats Going Ahead
IxmJncoilllo Ky C H Shay
Ky J N Mulllu Jactmn Teen
II II lUnmiy Dawcun Spring C
M t Ilurchard Intou City Tenn
IvaXo fiche Metropolis 111 i i B jj I t
rMrnier Murray Kyi I d M 1Vpcotf
Sullivan Ind U V York harks
vlllo Tenn
BelvedereS llMtonsBt OMrt u
IU I U Trimble Cuvlnctnn K C
Stringer lilrnilnglmm Ky It W
Ihtilh HHmlnRbam Ky W M 1
Cow Ueuton N U J Chr inan
Hazel 8 Iloronfleld Cktrtevfllt
James 1 IV teas 211IboJl lhlown
New ltIthmQldI P n Jane
olurS R S Slaftcon JOoe
IL M 1 Monroe Cnmptxoll 1 j Mo J O
x c Ollbortidllo U J MrOo
I0ll G L I Grace I trop A
J Cherry Rsverly Team J I rr
shall MajfMd
Otl U1 Nay 9LA courUQO i fi
ply was s 1Ilt to Washington By lionq
Canadian Kovernnfmit in response to i J
Irwlihnt Tnfts Invitation to Open
tariff nogotlatloni between Qinadn
and the United States to lower trade
barrier Ttio Cwiadlan govern
jmtnt suggests that the matter he t
held In abeyance till Sutom4i r Itfk
roUte of line alvMinro of members 1 of
the cabinet during rite Bummer
c 1 itAn it
Art ftmly but Iherouhl7t
an the liver and bowli N
chaos he teniuf cUir IM comptmlon
iwcntn IM broth and nrulut tht
toUrt tjittm 25c ii ill drurrUu
Ls spas last r a L4 y
yaa tatne

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