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The Paducah evening sun. (Paducah, Ky.) 1906-1929, May 28, 1910, Image 3

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LJxJ T i
1 J4 j4 I j j Ilikt
4 t o i
The Week iln Society
iThe 1
Juno Juno Junol Jllllolj j
How It Btlrfl tho heart like a tender
How It warms and gladdens antI 1
4glllQm and tlirlllH 1
I Till tlio brown shrill smiles and tho
laughter rills v t
From lips atom cut with grief and I
C r pain I
Hut tlioy crinkle now for Its Juno
i And tho Jo j > Ufo conies back wllhI I
With n glorious HUH and a lovers 1
1110011I I
Junol Juno Juno Juno
Juno Juno Junol JunolI I
Ix > vo o my heart tis tho la terlII I
4To n loving man and a loving maid
4 This month of Juno with 1U sun
and Bliado
For thu lanos are topped with n
leafy gnun
Which only Limp birds SAn peer be I
4 tween
1 Tboy hoop tior coun ol and won
rovtal I
Tho words wo whlipor tho kiss I i
Lore a my heart Is there aught like
t Juno
i1 Bmlllng on garden or barren dune
r June June Juno Junol
A II Ilnlloy In Housekeeper
CW < I
Just I June 1
Juno tho month 01 rages wed
ding and 8wp t girl graduates 1111
nlmoft upon nil and there lit promleo
of It being a month of social gnyuty t
Sovorhl well 11111 111 of muoh nodal I
promlnoneo with their attendant pro I
nuptial pnrtlos and visiting girls
will contrlhuto to this Commence I
11I10nt week will bo a round of pleas j I
uro events In honor of tho IIradI I
untM Tho return of the college 1
girls and boys will give an Impetus I
e to the younger sots picturing 1 I
Alnady the first of the summer
danren la announced and If tbp
l o in tit will just IIIRVV our pretty
June alone and not throw stardust
In her eyss and make her believe
abe Is I tome lute Cold study of 0
month instead of the warm radiant
being she la meant to be Wo Will
lUlu outdoor parties galuro and I
Will lM Kln to Jl Ive our strenuous llfii
r Can This Man
Read Your Life
rime rich HMir 1IIIC1 nnd liuiulilo
Mtk liln mlvlre on llii liut I Mitr
s eJ thus Irliilils Knrnilrx Clinnaifi l
i Spitiilnilons Iun Affnlrn Journeys
unit nil yenta of Life
Firs Tot lloodltir Will Ilo Sont Tor
n Klinrt Tim 10 All 1nilu 1111I I
iliicnli Sun Ucnder
Hiroalrl the nct oV itlincf i Wen ntlr4 lit
list Can 1I1 be that a 1tlem hasetn 1ltct I
flthii 1 tcrMN with ivMOiiiblt ftcfprtcjr Ib
Chueln and dlptamoa oln tadhddvalaai t
ao outline thr life In to mit la aOllIa UI n I
and liVlDR ilTiniigt I opporlmlllcc
Kotror a mall who has for twrnly run beta I
i UinKlBtamitt < rlr 01 the occult tiuVlnj j
Mlfiillllc ludjr of 1 the yorou mtltiojnt 1 read
lug the Urn ot people seem to have tf athrd ra i
hlgtct round In Udder I 01 tome thin hit prn
rrOOfl Ietleri 1 ate pouifuit lain hit idle t
hon all patti of l lit world lelllnif ol the benelU I
dnlttltorn hla adUc Vanyol hl pair pJ
Vielook upon him ai a man RlfieJ with semi
t anicuyalmlMii power butt tnoilcilly at
acttt thaI what lieactompllthta la l due alone fa i
aD uodettlaa Jlng ol natural taws
lie lea nun ol Kindly Iccllndowaidhumanil
and his mannrrt and tone Immediately ln >
press rne with hit tlccrre btllel In hit WOIK 1
huge + aok 01 Irnldlllltlt fllrom people wV 0
hove lecelml feaillni hum him adds to o her
eJtlylndnlt proof as to his ii ihq 1v n Aitro
loges and lalniiiti admit that hU ijitctj
ue aujlhlnt y introduced
Theses O O II lIuuI Ih D who II
O a Jailor ol ewe Kt Iaul a UTanjcIlct
Lutheran Church In a letter lo Ptci t
Kottoy Says You ate Certainly the greatti
HprclalUI suit mister of your prof eitlon Hver
cat contuUInc you will tnarrtl ai the correct
et nm of your detailed pertioiul reidlng and ad
vice This moat tceptical wtllcontult you atilt 1
and again alter corre pondtnr with you once
II yon with lo laKe adtanlage of Koiroya
generout olin and thttln a free reading send
your dale month end year ol birth Stall
whelhutVrMaorMls I I and she copy thi
followluji vere In your own handwrlllnr
I hve head of your power
To teel poplri lltet
And would uk what for me
You nave U adtUef
correct name bit Ih sale
lie serb to give your
andidi1re eaudwrllepUlnl Send your let
Ire to UOXKOV Dcpt fill No Iris K nilnglor
111gb turret London W KUnn II tot
wh 1 sot 1017 Inelne10 eeftIIIUIIA Iampl
Ill not In I
clerical work etc
starprJ J
Q csecoinro silver In letter
NoteUndtr the new pq ial rcgulallont rOil
can tend a a lId letter to flngUnd far onl
t wt > ctuti poitagc
In a simplified way after the gq
old summer plan
< = < W2
Ioldny Mrs George C Wallace
Informal linen rfiower for Mss Kail
Icon Whltcfltrtd at 4 oclock p m
TUBSDAY Mrs C IL Blaney nt i
1114 Torroll Apartnionts will entti
lain the Thimble club and tho Sow
Ijiff Bee and tho WhltefloldKowlo
wedding BUWfts In compllmont to I
Jllis Ktlcen Whltefleld at 2 30
oclock p m
TUKSDAT Mrs I D Wilcox
reception to meet Miss Mary Wheel
Iii 4 oclock p 1 m
clubs initial summer dance at tho
Wallace park dancing pavilion In i 1
honor of the college girls and to I I
hiss Blanche Hills and her gue
Miss Lincoln of Michigan I
TIIUR8D4V Tho cryital weddln
rpcuptlon of Mr and Mn Oigoo
lawyer 1209 Jefferson streot trot
S until 11 p m
THURSDAY Tho marriage of
MiYt Kathleen Gwattimey Whlteflcl
and Mfr Jofferron Davis Howlott ot
9 iictock i > m at tho Wfclteflol d
home G31 Kentucky avenue
SATURDAY Tlio Matinee Mui
loot clubs final m eiUng for tile dull
year at 3 ji met the Womans club
building A twoniano recital Ilro
graii will be Tendered 1I11f Loth
1 Iilifear and Mre George B illarl
Iiieneiiiicnl s II null helM
Anuoiipcoinont is ma jo today oC
t lee engagement of MIM Anna Floi
onee SmUt of Boston Mass to t
OtOlfO Ijijuo Ih n of Kentucky
The wedding will take > place come
lino In August
Tlio wide popularity of Miss Smith
tad Dr Payne raakos tho announce
cent ono of more than usual Inter
e ijt In this ally
Mltc Sn > IU > hoe BM > nt the pas
rear In lint Kentucky 1 connecte
Htli the Proi4tytorkn coUdge at
Princeton and eaifh week ond S
In 1adHMh where time has a larjj
fI 1I In mulls and Is colol t nt the
CcntiKtoy Avemie 1rpebyterta
arch She to a young woman or
mcauilly bHUkint attainments and
ermtlllty of gifts and her recKal
0 Ihidumh have wen the most nl
rortKo unlertslnmentB of tho pas
sinter liar charm of pornanaUt
and RraclousneM of manner hay
won her a host of frlonds In thl
Dr Jnlo Is I a Kentuckian of
rhoni the stato has a right to b
road young virile bralajr broad
iladed alnpys standing for the
tlgtot l and tiNt In Individual and
llr and dottlned to taJo his plaCe
raonc the fprwnot edupatp C
lap day lie U nt 11eht connotte
t4tii the Kivtorn SUM Normal nt
IWiinceuh na tho hoitd of limo depart
mont of Psfoliology and Pedagogy
> ut ling accepted the chair of Pay
ooUand Pedagogy in tqo
oaohcrn collpfio of St Ioute Mo
or the next year a call to com
ilKlior Ho la I n man of unuiua
train power and force Of character
o 1 wholar and a student During h
our Mara rtwldonro In this city a
irlnctnal of the Paduoih High echoc
hI endeared hlmwlf to n wldo chit
or friend by his mahood sympath
nnt delightful personality Ho wn
tftCnlly popular with hU gtuplls
Dr Payne received the degreo oC
Isrhelor of Arts Irom tho Xatlona
formal university atT banon Ohio
Ilnl bllll only recently roturnpd fron
IW11 years of study In tho Unlverslt
oC Berlin and Bonn where ho won
iU Ph D degree with signal honor
ni dlstnctlon Although Mill qllltt
oung he wan appointed n membo
or the State Normal commission to
O tlte tho Normal schools and wni
naile a rommlMionor rom Kentuck
Ito Germany to study the Gcrmai
rhcol nvrtoin by the governor Ito
Ihil publl > lied Already tovoral books
long oducatlonal lino that have at
reeled especial notice
2rj <
Time marriage of Miss Kathleei
JwAthmey Whltoflold to Mr Jcffor
on Davis Rowlott of Murray Ky
i1 1 be solemnized on Thuifda
veujng at 9 oclock at tho home oC
tht brkleB parents Jtr and Mrs
Villltm Tnstou Whltofleld I31
Centucky avenue The Rev W II
Inkwtcn of Ghent Ky a formo
actor and family friend will per
Drift the ceremony
limo family promlnoneo and per
onal popularity of both Misa Whltd
old and Mr Rowlott w4HI maKe the <
redding one of much social Interest
tt will bo a beautiful homo core
Ilmonal characterized by both elm
illclty out charm
A number of outoftown guests
fill bo present for tho wedding nm
will arrive on Monday Tuesday am
Vodncwlny They will be Mrs A
S i Dabney of Chicago Mrs Wllllan
A Robinson of Louisville Mrs M
n Nolepn of Hopklnsville MU
like Carroll of Nashrlllo Tenn
lire Mnrtlia Carroll of Nashville
Tellll ilflev W H Pinkerton 01
> lKnt end Miss Gertrude Pinker
ton of Ghent
< a < < 3
IIIIUAlmoiul l 1 mvllnl Ions
1 Invitations were Issues today b
Ir and Mrs Walter Jared HIHs ti
ho wcdiUiiB of tholr daughter
Iktnche and Mr Sounders Mam
Almond The marriage will tale
lace on tlio evening of Tuecdaj
< r < u T
IStewbros Herpicide
Delights l the Ladies
Because they know fram experience tlint tliic intelligent
use of Ilprpjcidc menus injich to their iieYsonhlnijpenrnnie
It saves niul beautifies the hair mid in tho fast nirtjofity of
cases ntlls greatly to its abundance
Tho prisunco of the dandruff germ in the scalp destroys
the gloss and beauty of tfjc hair even before tho resulting
disease become firmly established
Each day that the use oe Newforos Iferpicide In put off
makes the repair that jniiqb more difficult
Save your hair while yoit lave hair o save
Time Intelligent use of Hrrplcldo proves Its actual worth
I am dcllghtpd with Hejptclde I have never used a remedy
that gives such marvelous result Tho affect on my ions head Is
mnglcl1l and ho had a very persistent case of dandruff
Signed MRS J L MOOUEIauldlng
Iauldlng Ohio
I must tell you that your remedy for the hair Is working
like a charm and I am very much pleased with It The Itching has
stopped and new hair Is growing I shall recommend It to all my
Now Haven Conn
I can say from experlcneo that Newbros Herplclde is tho
mpst wonderful hair grower and dandruff eradicator that was over
made I have used It for some time and can truthfully say that
I nm grcatly pleased with It I cheerfully recommend it as a
splendid preparation
gignQdj MRS on WEST
Cottage Grove Oregon
It glKfiS me great pleasure to add my commendation of Newbros Herplclde A
member of our family ties used your remedy with very satisfactory results
Tampa Florida
Ngwbrps Hcrplclde Is certainly tho best remedy for dandruff and Itching scalp I
ever used I have told Heveral persons about your preparation and will toll every ono
I have an opportunity to I can not praise Herplcide enough for what It has done
for me Signed MUS A PFAENDEUKlilmcr
Klilmcr Teias
The most cujtuiyd and refined people In every community use Netvliroa Herplclde
fry it trtlayend 10 cents In Mimi liS toTlio JILrplrlrto1 Coiiijiany Dept 0 Detroit + 0
s111ch for wimple mod booklet Ono Dollar llottUs Guaranteed At ft
R W WalKer Co Special Agents Drug Stores Vlicn Applications you call at for prominent Ifcnilcldc Darer ilo not Shops accept n substitute
June 31 at 8 oclock at the lIme
home 31 S North Ninth street On
account of a recant bereavepnnt ll
tho family of tNf r Almond the ten
many will bo a quiet one
The ebuple will bo at homo lifter
August 1 at Avalon Apartmout
1701 Linden avonue Baltimore Me <
Announcomont ot the cngagemet
was mado several weeks ngo MU
Hills to one of the most graolous nnd <
ponular of 1adueehs octet girl
Slio hi a girl of chdrmtng pereonallt
Mr Almond is a Vrretntan but I I
located now at DalUinoro lie Is I
I > OPURT In Iadiicah where ho has I
frequently sUed hie cousin Mi i
Honrj Cave v I
< f < 5J
Inilurnli Cilrl f to CnHliinto I In Cldcncc T
InyKatlona tIle been received In I
Paducah to the commencement ox
Qjrctee of tho Sovai school in Chi
CJATO on Thursday Jnpe 2 at S Qcf90k
at the South Congregational burch
Drexel l boulevard and Fprtlotl
street Miss Mary Leigh of Cbicagc
the daughter of Mr and Mj Q C
I olgh formerly of this city Is OlIO
of tho groiluatct Mlsp Leigh is a
bondmmo and talented girl and I1ns
a host oj friends here She will bo
a popular debutante The Stcva
school Is a notable private school oC
To Celebrate Crystal Wctldlni
One of the prettiest social event
ot limo season will bo Irand Mrs
Osgood Uowycrs crystal weddln
reception Thursday evening Juno 2
This occasion is Mr and Irs
Dowyers fifteenth wedding nnnlvci
nary and will be carried out 1111
nearly like a wedding as possible
The wpdfUng party is I composed oC
Mr and Mrs Oxgood Bowyer bred
i11tL roans Misses Emma Powyc
find 1E1U 1urycar Hubbard flower
Misses Dorothy TullY and Eliza
beth Rhodes will bo stationed at tli o <
door to receive cqrds There wlj
bo a receiving party and tho appoint
ments of tho home will bo In keep
Ing with tho crystal wedding Idea
A large number of formal Invita
tions have been issued to tho event
both In tho city nnd elsewhere Tho <
outoftown guests will bo tho Rev
O C Moslor of Covington ky
Mrs William Austin of Cincinnati
arid Mrs Ed Cooper of Jackson
Pretty Ten Rbr Girls
Mtes Mary Mocoy and Miss Martin
Motoy were hostessoS to the J U S
on Friday evening at their home on
Jefferson street Tho coterlo of
young girls were entertained at n
prettily planned tea and music wa
a feature of the evenings pleasure
Those present were Misses Vlvlai
Cosby Rebecca Graham I > lllni
Humphrey Delia Oilson Ixiusi
Thompson tnuth HInkle Edna Clark
Mntlnoo Musical 1roRrnni
The Matinee Musical chib will pro
< eut the following brlIIant prograi
at the final mooting of the club on
Saturday afternoon
Two piano rccltalLenderp Min
Lotha Iurycar and Mrs George E
U 1 Quartet Romance Bach
Mrs DIckorson Mine Mary Byrd
Mhta Ella Wllholm Miss Kato Crum
2 Don Juan Mozart Lysber
I Miss utherland Miss Pxjryoar
3 Concerto Opus 100rleg
Mlra Newell Mrrl Burns
4 Quartet Ventro a Terre
KowaUkI Miss India Lang MU
Ix > tha Purycar Miss Lilllo Mao Suth
erland lIs Anna Hills
it YAlfP Paraphraso Shutje
MIH Reed JtrsiQebrgo n Hart
G Concerto Opue 11 Chopln
Mlw Puryear Mrs Oreunobaum
7 Quartet Awakening of the
Uon DeKontkskl Mica Brazo
ton Mrs Hart Miss Puryear Mr
This Is to be given Saturday after
noon at 310 oclock I
o u
Wonion linif JMtriotUm
In a brilliant response to tho
nddow of welcome to the State Fed
oration at Frankfort Mr James I
Leech tho Fo36lr6Uon preslikn I
made the following > b J utlful 1 refer
once to tho Hag that IB cspcololl
appropriate just now She said In
To the patriotic service for city
and state Wo brkig bur host en
111 nor Ixjvlng with 3e < p affectjoi
and reverence tho flag above us wo
have come to analyze Us moanlni
anl to teach our children its sacred
The stripes fpf tad and whH >
tiTOJy mead the couMgo and purl r
of the yacrlflcp ondpejl by our an
cftstprs for Its exisTence
The star are ll 1 e the stars n
tho eyes of a woman who serene
walks on Into the valley of the
shaJpw of doqUi for tile life qf oacl
child witch later oii her cquntrj
may demand of her to fight II
battles of death
iiade originally by I hp hands Qf
n woman and followed In I Itp ignjci
round tho world by her it has corn
to symbolize our highest cphccsptlpiii
of love and loyalty
Count the stars on thp flag ns I It i
> atses by
And then number tho stars In yoi
distant sky
The number would bo the brave
hearts that would dip
For the Stars on the Flag
Count the etrlpes on the flag we I
wettvo Into one
The tears and the slphs for the
Out out of the shadows of each
setting sun
Shane the Stars on the Flag
Count the tears for the flag were I
they shed In aln1
What now eccmoth loss seven yet
will seem gain
Have You Ever Tried
r J
Its tho best you over saw for
renewing the finish of all var <
nlshed and cnamelotl surfaces
Its not n varnish rotdd you
but a liquid which cleans and
polishes and produces a bard
bright piano tlnlsh which can
not bo marred or marked up
Dust cant stick to it muddy
water cant defaco It
Get a small can nnd try It
tho 2Gc experiment will as
tound and delight you
Iaduciili Ky
lanufnrturcd by l VamQWax
Co 311 Warren Ave
Detroit Mich
For the Nations great heart wll
suffer no stain
On the Stars of the Flag
Hats off to tho flag I For ItS lCe
breathes a prayer
That brave hearts apd brave ham
Its loved folds may bearI I
Till the stars In their courses tbelr
glory shall chare
With the Stars on 1e Flag
l nlty quliijnrty
The Eitre Nous club was dough
fully entertained by Miss Marjorl
JDagby Friday afternoon at hqr homo
on Broadway It was an attractive
planned affair Euchre was plays
at flvo tables Sweet peas were use l
with pretty effect for the decoration
of the rooms and the delicious cala
course luncheon The tallies were
girls heads In miniature hand
painted Mrs David Koge won the
club prlio Tho guest prize a bunch
of roses was presented to Miss Fred
Paxton Those present wore Misses Bell
Lincoln of Lapeer Mitch HelenMa
Hallburton of Carthage < Mo Kah
lean Whlteneld May Owen Robbl
Loving Sarah Sanders Sadie Paxton
Eloise Bradshaw PhlUIpa Hughes
Gertnide Scott Frances Terrell Ellz
aboth Boswell Fred Paxton JlrB An
drew Campbell Mrs Calhoun Rloke
Mrs Dave Koger Mrs John Brooks
Mrs Vincent Salvo Mrs Pau
ProvinceDmco fHft
Dance nt Klks Club
The closing dance of the season
was n most enjoyable one last nfeh
at the Elks club Among those
present were Misses Elizabeth
breo Noll Shaw Anna Hills Car
lane WInstoad Mary Barry Olga
Ut Klizabelh Kirkland Gale Slm
klns Pitman Martha tope Mr and
Mrs G R Davis Dr C E Puroell
Messrs Gordon Head Blanton A len
lames Hlploy Will Hcndrlck James
Davis Shy Prather Durwood Sutton
Henry Humeborpor Ed Johnson
HUha Harbour LockrMge and Mat
jn of Mayflold Tldwell Guy Jons
Hugh ROhannon Tyler Stevenson
trip 411toad
Mrs Arch Trawfck and Miss Vir
Inla Craig of ClarksvlMo left yes
orday for Montreal Canada front
which point they will sail Saturday
for Scotland They go to Edlnburg
lo attend the great missionary con
Potion there and later will go td
london and other points in Great
Britain and on the continent
Mrs TrawIck will go to Norway
and Sweden and to attend the Pas
ton play and tho expects to go to
Florence In August to spend a month
returning to Nacbvlllo early In the I
fall Nashville Banner
Mrs Trawick was formerly Mist
Kato Horndon and was connected
with tho Paducah fchools She It
widely popular and Is a brilliant
young woman She has traveled ex
tensvey lu Europe
Washington May 28 Cannon
relented the Detroit ball i team with
Il i mascot in tho form of a nickel
plated horseshoe When the mem
born of the team wore Introduced to
the speaker ono of them caught
light of time horseshoe which was
u i < 4d ns a paper weight on Cannons
desk and suggested that Its pOFses
Ion might help the team which had
uttered two successive defeats at
ho hands of Washington Detroit
l watt today II
liY6 NtW11
r et 1It se Ii
IltgiAltf wins1 Y TlljXO DE
PI1TiUEQIitL RiGirls
Mrs I Ie > slia IlrcckciirlilRo Snys Coun
ty ttllli Mum l Vcro THeir
Frankfort Ky fllay 2S Sup
porters of the whisky Interest in the
last legislature defeated tho bill pro
viding suffrage for women was ties
declaration of Irs Dcsha Brecken
ridge ot Iexlngtcn at tho Federa
tion of Womens clubs convention In
session In this city
The declaration came In a speech
made by Mrs Brcckenrldge la mak
ing the report of the legislative com
> mltiee of the federation She said
that the whisky Interests were
against us and tho count unit men
our friends The majority of those i
who voted for U9n both hog es
were county unit men The leaders I
of the opposition belonged to tho
liquor wing
Foley Kidney Fills are antiseptic
tonic and restorative and a prompt
corrective of all urinary irregularl
ties Refuse substitutes Gilberts I
Drug Store
The man In the worlI I
says the Blakoly Reporter Is said I
to reside In North Georgia Ho has
six fiddles ten children thirteen i
hounds a deaf and dumb Wife and a
moonshine Mill that has never I
been discussed I
S discussedS 5 S
lieautif uJ
t1nr j v Jr k f f I
Geraniums For 3c
Coleus For 2c
t kicah IY
M97I I
I or taka Rotslautfgwaxar
Color Scheme Keantj
Lovellnere la color schemes marJ
he best of f the now fashfons Per
fect poems are worked out In the
aihlonaWp l hues Violet huesselyo
tor ono lovely creation the Ills bar
3g been the Inspiration +
The fuchsia with Its daring bled
of crimson and purple has ijlfo bebtt
Ified for color schemes Ctuzese V4r
11 ringing put the tons wanted
shot chtfpns help but color
hemes A royal blue chfon jitVw =
eyed with gold dots and inade byer
I royal blue foulard spattered with
arker blue spots IB artistic In effect
k To1 i iui
Any system that needs a tQnJ nee J3 also p blood puri
Gen far it is the weakened inipuru condition of iljecjrcu
latQn downstateollhealtht t
w xiie 1iJ1pre pe office auliy 2t the bloodis to jar
nish nourishment to every portion of the body The cir
culatory system magnificent and wonderfpi ill its cqn
stru iou supplies time means for the distribution pf s lQ rs
teuiic nutriment to every muscle nerve bone gland sin
ew and tissue of the body and just as long as the blood
remains pure and rich each of these members are healthy
strong and normal
We have only to recognize the importance of pure
blood in pres ping health to realize time danger of n
vcaloeqet circulation The use of a proper ironic hen
the system is depleted and rundown will often prevent
the development of some serious sickness because weak > f
I systems cannot resist disease while healthy systems are able to jvanl it i o Jt
Deficient blood nutriment is usually niauifestcd in a general b djfjr
weakness a tired wornout feeling fickle appetite poor Ui estioniefp
I Sleep does not sufficiently refresh the body and the lang 11 teelmg v Ire w
ottentlv makes the ordinary duties of life burdensome
1 nn
8 88 la all you claim fox it to
enrloh and renovate the blood and
to build upthe general health My
blood was weak and Impure and I
was troubled witii a general let l
ting down of the a a temlbe
aymptoma are too welt known for
me to detail It 1 e only uecbuaary
for me to state that under the fine
tonlo and blood purifying effects
ors 88 ray appetite improved I
Inoreaaed In strength and weicbt
and ms blood was restored to ltd
normal healthy condition
I Orrin A Robins I
S39 W Diamond Arc Ilazletoc l a I
g S S ig i Natures Tonic It is i
made entirely of botanical produces
gathered directly from the heArt ot
Natures forests It does nod contain
a particle of strong harmful mineral
in any form but is n ncientificcomposl
tion of extracts and juices from herbs
roots and barks S S S is the great
est of all tonics because it is the
greatest of all blood purifiers Jt la
not a nerve stimulant but a medicine
that steadily builds up every portion
of the system by cleansing and eti
rich ng the blood and in uue this way sup
plylnjr an increased amount of nourishment and strength to every portion oj
the body S S S rids the system of thattired wornout feeling quletathet
j overstrained nerves makes sleep refreshing corrects any stomach disturb
ante promotea good digestion and adds vigor and vim to the entire system
h e

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