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r 1F iI J r h
PAtSlhAI1U1114 mm F rUTtJIDAV JtMJ i8
Culinary ate t Be aura
you get thus toresea
i that th namerial
11 raada Mew Perfection
Many Women
Womenr r r
Splendid Cooks
dread having to prepare an elab I
orate dinner because they are
not sufficiently strong to stand
over an intensely hot coal
range This is especially true
in summer Every woman
takes pride in the table she sets
but often it is done at tremen
dous cost to her own vitality I
through the weakening effect of
cooking on a coal range in a
hot kitchen
I It is no longer necessary to wear
y oJrself out preparing a fine dinner
Even in the heat of summer you can
cook a largo dinner without dinnerI I
worn out
Oil COokstoveI I
Gives no outside heat no smell no smoke It will cook the brorest dinner I
without heating the kitchen or the cook It is immediately lighted and immedi
ately extinguished It can be changed from a slow to a quick fire by ImmedlI
handle Theres no drudgery connected with It no coal to carry no wood to chop
You dont have to wait fifteen or twenty minutes till its fire gets going Apply a
light and Its ready By simply turning the wick up or down you get a slow or anI I
1 Intense heat on the bottom of the pot pan kettle or oven and nowhere else It
i bas a Cabinet Top with shelf for keeping plates and food hot drop shelves for
coffee teapot or saucepan and even a rack for towels Jt saves time worry
health and temper It does all a woman needs and more than she expects Mad
Cabinet with 12 and 3 burners S the 2 and 3burner sizes can Jxs bad with cr withoutI I
XTctdulatTWrwhcnilf aol at yourswdte farT > FKrlpUTClrciiUrtalti oeucit > < DqW
C r 11 Standard 011 Company
d I
I = I
i I I
iecxxttttKxvxvs < aasa n CaCOsk i XIU im7p1 i
I IThe I I I Evening Suns Daily Markets Ii i I I <
r r U QUl n pCCtk7k 7 U3
Corrected dally by Woolfolk
Bowers company
liens pound 11 cents
Butler packing stock 15 cents
i Eggs dozen 1C cents
Louisville Ky June 18CatUe b
i The receipts today were 111 heed
for the week thus far 1014 the
f buying crowd was small
I Quotations Prime export steers E7
l G 72fij rtilpirfngBtears Gi beef I
steers 17 fAk h41rea fI4t
dfe fat core HOC ctitlore EI ICfI I
bulls 7fi5 I
4 canners 24J
feeders 4QR7 j Joakwg 306
choice milch cows J31 OMY common
to fair J163B
Calve Receipts 154 for tie
frruled about steady the beet S0Sl o I
soma fancy higher medium C QiSc
common tCe
Hogs Receipts 1384 for the
week thus for GStpti the market
opened Plow and a dime lower the
Bert boss 90 I4s and up selling at
94e Unlit pige 840 rough t
S7 < > dwh the peas were fairly e
wcH cleared but time market JalrlYIf
+ slow
Sheep and Lnmbs Receipts 5330
for the week thus far 35i49 the
market wan Mow n opoaiag ispecu
latorc jumped In the market early
and bought a fow oars of the very
best lambs paying SS60 for tops
closely totted and JC50 for extra r
good seconds bnt the general market
r ket was dull with top lamb bard to
move at S825 seconds GQG2
culls E45OJ 660 fat beep 475 j
down common sheep dull oher mar
keU lower and outlook not encour
No market Monday July 4
St Louis June ISOItt1oRo
ceipti 2200 toady to lto lower J
lowerC C
72ri840 dressed best and a
buichor rteert filOfs2S stockers
nnd fd dere E5fG5 < cows and
biMfrrs GTexas and In th
dian tiTs m 47off77j
Hog Receipts 1100 1015c 0
lower piss and ghee 9953 a
7 kJC7l S17k JI J I
porkers butcher and best heavy I
9310 Q III I
Sbeep Receipts 2000 steady I
4Q6 1 Iambi C75QS2 I
SiiI I I
HUlls Weekly Review I 1
New York June ISCroll news 1
oo n tin 11 os encouraging the Iron and t
steel market Improve while foreign
trad now shows an oxcefg of ex I
ports and In these three particulars I
the business outtoak te distinctly I
betterThere Ij
There Is further Improvement In
the Iron trade with Increased InI I I
The existing quotation are conieder I
ed wry low and In consequence 4
there I lOOJ dlpoMUnn on tile IlartI I
of ejinajimer1 tp defer tiurehaMt 1111 I I
fiho esiieetatlon df eoHcelslooe AI I
large amount of buslno is anI I
vouocodas having been placeq liy he1
altraads and other lnterolrhtswhich
nrenxtb nc tbe steel rlvMon Open
hearth material Ie I In good demand
dI I
with billets quoted at 2aPoUsburc I
but Beserowo ie rather weak at
Hmm s 65O
There is InorMMddemaod for wire I
pjoduets and in merchant pipe maaI I
ufacturerV busUcm The output in
finessed lines Is fair and stmetural I
skapo audpl toe are quoted around
il6t Pituburg while metal work
er have bought freely of crude aup
Ifr I
l lnllk Clenhiga I
New York June ISTotal bank <
clearing CdtnpHed by Ilradntreet for It il
tbe prinolpal cltloe In the United
Stator the test week 3020 849THVO
against i92401iOOOO In the cor
roipoudlng week last year t
What Everybody Ought to Know
That Foloy Kidney Pills contain
just tho Ingredients necessary to I
tone strengthen and regulate the 1
action of the kidneys and bladder I I
Ieary Comes Home I
New York June 17 Com j
mander Peary returned from Europe
today where he was lionized by eaII
thuaiastlc admirers Ho says he had 1
good time but 111 glad to get home 1
1I I
t has tOn estimated that we of 1
th1 i m tnHed States c iumo 700oo i j
OOOOOO matdios annually and that t
ours is a iarser molten bill than 1
any other nations
SteamshipsIwi Ik
Iwi HanilouMissourilllnols
IflManllouflMlssourlllilnols I
our Muntt in I otitpr hmm nna r lu on s of
i htbmntLaa iin < osincstiiigMt nlAk
S lu rtnur I n I ftsvirra ioiota lea mnu otla
nd dmt room AA
1IUI tlrlraa Fl laiula
rn nk tort IVltnktr Flnkhmr hld
U Jl Ilralhnrnhlaytlew lhehgxm SAult Iit1IIorlo
I Kn TboIcanttmahlpireamoni iarjrn anJ tteanr at torani mtor1 heretutetequplydneitheurxaausea 19 I + MUI to tbnne aferM to lake trff
ThP nrr the lro ivCeerv j mr eon the adds to the d UghU of ita f
ouiia7 on the ttT far book of l > mr addrvM 11
I I J C CONLEYC r A Of ficti a4 Jcb Ntrtli EsJ Rod Strtti BrUic CHICAGO
i I I
Nance Rogers Funeral l Directors and Embalmers now open I
at Sixth Street and Brodway opposite Catholic church Open
day and night Residence over undertaking parlors We de I
liver caskets to any wagon yard day or night free of charge
Personal attention given to funerals In the country when you f
order the hearse Phone orders given careful attention Em
balming satisfactory ur no charge Night boll at Iron door
All hearses and backs rubbertired t S w
A Finn Funeral Chapel Free to Oar Patron
Sixth and Broadway
ipiAUiis oiMiccrs OK rim
SIS Conviction U Imfoiiiid Tlmt
Universal IJrIhtldii Is Absolute
ly 1 Necessary
Hdillbuflh Scotland Jun < > d7
IKdinburgh of the World Mia
rionary confwono ixore the reading
of a letter from Morwlsiior Ilouo
110110Irem I
Cromona Italy and the prvintation
i 11tlIttioll1qJ
fljf the report of the 0 lit 111 b < i ul on
Kduoatlon 4m HeJotlou to Uu Chili
Uanlzatton of National Life
I The comnrinfeatlon of the blhop
was In rotponto to an Invitation for
iJint to contribute a message rI I
IJ ondnor Bnnntolye l l tl 1
lilt reply to Silas Mtfltoe an Am r
lona delegate It read in part as
IA follows conference ot representative
of all the Christian denomination
held with tho noble aim of better
making known Christ and ICs
church to coiinicneos which feel l and
exhibit in practice all the profound
sand < I fecund beauty of religious att p4
rat one is a fact of such Importance
ant Htfiiilficunco that It cannot
Mapo tho attention of any one who
imt > follow the conference however
molt profound i > robleras are agitat
mg and rcvokiUoirtzInj tho modern
Hi iritYour
Your conference which Is I being
held In Scotland tho land of ftrortg
and noble Ideate though at one
Mime torn astimdor by TeMickHis strife
Is a triumphant proof of another
consoling fact tho moat d s4ralle
and pmlotM of human ItIUN re
licloiM Hbertr may now lie tM to
bo a Brawl conquest of contempor
ary humanity and It etmtritw men of
vinous faiths to meet together not
fog the pnrpoie of halloa and com
bating each othor for the Mio ed
greater glory of Rod but In order to
concentrate tlemelve in Christian
leoneenmtt prrault of that religion
truth wbkh unite all believer In
Cbrtt United In one faith the vmrt
OM avIrltiMt forces combine In the
adoration ota tqe one true Gad In
spirit and In truth
lspirit these reason I applaud your
conference I know vary well that tome sbrp
Mal 1 npfrM saturated In grow nM
crlaHsni or call posHlviim may
Hinlto at your Initiative amid tax you
with utopian OfitlinUm or walk ie
tag ellmaaalnic dreamer iMti c
your oye to tie rottt1o of life
Your xeittieniM ia not an 0 iI
tlrntotic Idealism nor an da dress
The oleoiente of fact In witch you
all agree are nnineroua and are
connnon to the various Christian de
nominatloM and ther can therefore
erro I a point of dftHlrtaro for
your lona
It to therefore legitimate to
aspire to a witty of faith and of rv
Wgloug practke and to work for tt
reel setlon by tile ccoccoratfon of all
onirslo of mnd and heart Title le
a work In which wo In our day may
woil cooperate
Vow on what matter and on
what principles are you agreed gon
ttemon To ruy thlnlolnu they aro
as follow Like mycolf all of you
mere porn + aded that the pliywkwl
Hbkml and coekil Iot4opmoolfl of
life do not SB I it fmact because mart
whether he urtlta It or not lbop
pmsed by tbj Infinite and this con
rousses from which he cannot de
liver himself urtv him to harmon
lie his ptavteai I and soetal conditions
wth the npremo reelM which II I
plod tbe source of a it these condi
tion and to which they are Mbordl
nete Vitlio t such harmcay tho
ethical and social life loses Its rig
nfl ante and inprmua US with It
InuO < tory Faith therefore In
Kid the Creator which bestow on
human life an eternal and absolute
value iii l for JOU the primary poInt
of aKreonient You all share faith
n Cheese time Itodeemer
Thuf wo are united fci the pro
found conviction that a unlvenml re
ligion I is ueonwarr and that this
III ii t he the Christian religion not
a > old and formal religion a lM g
ipit from human life but a living
fnn i < pervading the human soul l ta
t ihctwv and Its wrion manU
tat oil a religion In short which
1 i iictet > and crown our life and
xl ii h bears fruition on works of
los l and holiness
5 May truth bo aa a chining light
iliuninatxig your conscfenco and
II Iug l you all of one heart and one
in 11 I My desire for you t I but the
r > f Christs words which have
Mded through the centuries
L V herd seer b3 one flock and one
Caicareti are certainly fine r rue a friend
one when the doctor was treating him for cancer
01 the atomach The nest morning he paued
four pieces of a tape worm He then cot a boz
and la Ihree da she passed a apewDrm 45 fat
lone It war her Matt fleck of Mllleraburg
Dauphin Co Pa I am quite a worker for Catca
reta I use them myself and Cad them beneficial
for moat any disease caused br Impure blood
Chas B Condon I wltlon fa Mlfflln Co
Pleasant Palatable Potent Toile Good
Do Good Never Slck < WeAken or Gripe
JOc 2Sc SOc Never > olj In bulk Thegena
loa tablet ilamiied C C C GuiUulcod la I
ijurp pr your oency + kS
ar a
Excursion Bulletin
Sunday Afternoon
June 19th
Sir Dick Fowler
Icuvo I ho wharf nt a p in
Return to the wharf nt B p I in
Fare Round Trip 25c
Good I Music rued lath lie
m Iiuvlor Go and I enjoy tho
afternoon on the Ohio hue
from time beat and dust
1OU IIAItVAItl Ot1ItSi lilt
Iloston Iatt June lSPrtfli
dart I3Not heads the Mt of candi
dates for lUrvaril overseer men
UoRed by the graduate six of i
whom will bo cierted this month
Former Pro lent lloowvirit w p f sec
ond In the Crt Governor Augustus
Hrott AVIMfou of Kentocky was
llflh and Secretary George von U
Meyer t th The election will be
by balloting at conrtneiicenieiH time
all graduate being entitled to a
Mr ItQtman went to Paducah
Mrs Laura Jackson who has
been 111 Ii some better
Uontj think for once that Brook
port W > dead Busy III a bee baud
lint Use
Ixto Crimea thf sandy man went
to Iad rah Wednesday on business
Mr George Hush the postmaster
went to Iadurah Thursday
Mrs JJIcGuIre went to Iaducah
Mrfe < O > ltiUtiltorwnrth and Mm
Andrew Utterlxiek slinppe l In Iadu
cah Thursday
Felix Kalbachur Sr went to Ia
dUFb Wet day
O A Smnioim and wife went to
Iaducah Wad un day shopplnR
Miss Mabel Meyer went to Iadu
cab Wednesday
Mrs Sidner went to Iaducab
Mrs Dugan went hopping to Ia
ducah Wedneaxlay
O II lintterworth and John Ford
went to Iaducnh Wednesday
Mra lingerie Lytton shopped In
Paducah Wednesday
Mr and Ira Will Illgg went to
Iadncfih Wednesday
Mrs Ann Lytton and daughter
Intel I of Metropolis were In Brook
port Thursday visiting friend and
relativeJaine Kirk went to Iaducnh
Thursxlay with chickens to sell
Ike Lilly and wife went to Padu
cah Thursday
Tho Hrookport Mutual Relief as
sociation Is tho namo of a now order
lately organised and chartered for
tho mutual benefit of Its members
It Istiio certificate to all healthy
white citizens of Mac county be
tween the ages of ono and revnnty
five year The order has now r <
colvcd all tho application and lawn
and nro ready for work
Dr Georgo Dodd was called to
Carbondale WCilne day owing to tie
Illness of bta little granddaughter
Helen Echllla
Miss Uello Ncoly of Rosebud IH I
vllllilg her sister 11111 C K Lyt
Fred Adklns gave a lawn parly
In honor of his friend Cheater LOIIK
and Karl and Lillian Moore of Chi
cago Mr Cordy Fits made a business
trip to Iaduenh Friday
Tom Kilo made n business trip to
Iaducah Friday
The gasoline boat Tohn R canir
In with a Largo load of mussel
The W C T U have their rend
Ing room almost completed and fur
nished and are doing groat work in
that line They are to be congratu
The popular engineer DIclc Tay
lor of the hull dog Anna Cooper In
recovering from his Illness
Mrs Arthur Lytton is suffering
with a severe snro throat
Little Miss Margrot Lytton spent
Uio day with her cousin Miss
Midge King Thursday
Mrs H S Kerr and children are
away vlnltlng friends and relatives
tlis week
Mr J R Utterback and O II
HuUfTwortb have the sympathy of
their many friends and hope to nee
them rebuild and flourish on the
corner once mare
Mr Henry HolI old made a bi sl
ness trip to Paducah Wednesday
The aged mother of K W John
son is i slowly Improving from her
recent Illness horI I
If Brflokport hasnt tho bridge I
she Ii dplng n great deal of bust l
ne and one of the grandest com
morrial ifolnts on tho Ohio river has
lap outlot wHU K I by river ml rail A
U s s ss s
i1 Gnat Lack in Revs
1 At the Present rate of increase
nearly fortylive years must elapse
before sufficient hospital accommo
dations to provide for all the Indi
gent consumptives In the United I
State will bo provided declares the
National Association for the Stud
and Prevention of Tuberculosis In n
bulletin Issued today
I Although over 7000 beds in hos
pitals sanatoria camp and ward
for tuberculosis patients were estab
lisped Inst year there are fully
300000 indigent consumptive who
ought to bo placed In stint Institu
lone and n total of ony 217ZO boils I
In the enllro country On May 1
1908 there wbro IB 24 4 beds for
consumptives Und 204 Institution
Tho annual report of the Natlonnl I
Association shows an Increase of 9S >
institutions nod 7 BOO beds
In seven state Alabama Idaho
Montana Nevada Oklahoma Wyo
ming and Utah with a combined
population of over 6000000 not
one bed for conwimptlve hna been
provided In nine state and terri
tories Alaska Delaware Florida
Kaunas Mlllppl I South Carolina
South Dakota Vermont and WtJIIt t
Virginia tho number of boils for
cniiRiimptlvo in each ease Is hose
than 50 while the combined popula
tion of those state la 1 over 7000
000 On tho bal of 400 death to
n million of population which U I ap
proximately the present rate In the
fulled States there would be near
ly 6000 death annually from tuher
culut In these fourteen states with
at least SOOOO caw of this rlsease
all Ute time and less I than 500 bails
to rare for them
New York state leads In the num
ber of beets for consumptive pro
vided ni to May 1 with 6476 beasts t
Massachusetts is i second with 2403
beds Pennsylvania third with 2
347 beds Colorado fourth with
140 beds and New Mexico fifth
wllji 1104 beds Aa yet not one
state In tbe country lea made ado
quate provision for Its ronmimptlvw
New York baa net itself tt task of
having No uorarrdfiir tiiberculoBln
In If IS and several cities In other
part of the country have adopted
Imllar programs The National as
sedation says that I tuberciilnal will
set be stamped out until all cases
of this illseaiH are cared fur either
In their brumes I tor In institutions
With this enrt I In + lw effort will
rx > made tc Increiisc the iiiiiulxr of
hospital hds I In Ihs t country to at
least tU > by May 11 U 1I1
Try the Sun for Job Work
Standard amid far Clttt
Canerthoa mi Running lIm
IN 48 HOURS Carat KM nuul
nor and Gladder Troubles
When In
Stop at
One block from llamhy Well
91 per day 91 a week
have You vcr Tried
Its the best you ever taw for
renewing tbe finish li of all var
nished and onameli d nurfares
Its not n vnrnNIi m nIl you
but a liquid which diana and
polUhe and prod m < a a bard
bright piano finish which can
not bo marred or tgark < d up
UiiHt cant lUrk to It muddy
water cant deface it
Hat a small ran and try It
tho 25c experiment will as
tound and delight you
L n onuvii co
Paducah Ky
3Innnfactiircd by VnrnOWnx
Co ill Wiirren Avct
Detroit 1lich
Contagious Blood Poison is at the bottom of n great
many old blood troubles The disease may have been
Miitractcd years ngo and some treatment used that rc
moved the outward symptoms and shut the virus up in
the system to slumber in the blood but it only awaited a
favorable opportunity to break out in some font nfrain
Certain forms of catarrhal troubles especially where
the bones arc affected scrofulous nfTectiotis non healing
area ulccrateil membranes etc arc clue to this stHtiu
poison 1crhnps many who are afflicted in this Way arc
ignorant of the fact that the needs of this mighty jHiisiii
are Mill hidden in the blood Like the dcndly serpent
which is dangerous as long ns the faintest spark of lirlis i
left to enable it to sink its poisonous fangs this powerful
disease will corrupt and defile while the least particle of
Its insidious vims remains in the blood
The heat time to get rid or Contagious UlOOtl Poison is i when the 11Iscaso i
l 1 tAt tin 1t cum mer
80mA claM yest ago Iwasin
oaulftted with poison by n nurse
who tufeoted rnjr babe with blood
taint I was covered with soma
nnduloora from head to foot No
ImiKUauacunoxprva my ftxillntf
r woo durlnlf tIt a long years I
waa advised by friend who hud
I seen wonderful cures trade b1I1
to try 8H9 We not seine alllt
too p roeel from the atart ami a
comnloto and barfed cure was tlm
result 999 Ie the only blood
remedy whl h rescue ilncpcrnto
cases of old blood trouble
lilaofofHopeBavunnah 0r
ious lllood Poison when flrat contracted but renchea it in any of its fitted
even where the trouble has been inherited S S 8 is made entirely of r roots
Ucrlxi and barks and does ut contain the slightest trace of mineral in sly
fonu Yon cangct rid of your old blood trouble if yon will take S S S mil
allow it to purify the blood Itkn the blood ami any medical advici few
ail Kentucky Ave
The Plumber
We are now located in our new
Home opposite the new fire
colored allots nmu falling I and heir fa etc inca
of course the victim is I saved much
humiliation and suffering but ctt
after the poison has become established
in the system it can be removed and a
cure effected if the blood Ixi thoroughly
purified with S S S 41
S S S is the greatest of alt blood
purifiers It poMioaAud l j euetnitiu
powcra p that enable it to go dovu into
the blood and rdmove the last trace of
blood poison It cures all bloat t
troubles simply and solely l > c < aiise it t
rettioT8 the cause from Ute clrettlutioll
Not only does H H S cure cure Coat
Ie M well with our llitrf isrrles
that you will employ It aKalI
Inn One of the ways we take Is la
make our charges so reasonable thai
you YoIII not deprive yourself of the r
pleasure of a drive on account ot eke
uponin Suppose you take ear I
Jay If the weather yaratlt
tlaenoratT >
4U A Ky Ass a Roth PBOCM 4T >
C L VunMwtwr fMnnrig r
All Kinds of Hauling Storage Packing
and House Cleaning <
Vacuum llouac CleaningPhono Pricca on Application
Phone 49
Look Look Look
9i Ineh Garden 1 I lime Couplet HO foot sections 100
i Inch Harden Hone Coupled 6 ply 60 foot sections 9700
Gem Nogales oach SOc
TIIICSI IIOSK AIM iritAvnii l KvnsiAfniitv
Cbemo the boat Inse t and lens Dontroyor Kills Instantly nil
kinds of lunge Roaches Moths Ants and the Uirvao of all kinds
of posts Hold by III exclusively In Gallons Half iallons and
Quart Wo guarautie this Itmncdy or refund the Money Lot us
fabrics Used by the heat Housekeepers in the city 101
Steamboat Itnlliviiy rnd Mill Supplier
All Kinds of Boxing for All Kinds
of Purposes at All Kinds of Pricesa =
LangstaffOrm MfgCo
Before doing your spring repairing lot us show you what wo Lave to offer and
we can save you money
We are in better position to attend to the wants of our customers than ever be
fore and in trading with us you have the largest stock in Western Kentucky fromY w
which to satisfy your needs Como and see us or call either phone No 20
h h u
< ya S

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