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illicit Wlicnl Illmains to IJo linn
CIarlCony OIlIIUIk1l i SUlIIo
ttliat Ubcollm tllg
ItlXOltll YlHIill > TOBACCO
Frankfort its July L While
iiK > t of the QOHBtloMn the state haw I I
tIled i ton much rtlti tlurUg June
there ere lame nwtlon or Kentucky
j I
whore no rain has fallen elms the tatter
trr port of MRY and the orops are I
uttering fur lack of motsture Hut
IIKIHI of the Ktat has had more rain
hdedaand haraite
than lii I t n i < Jt > iJ and Ule crop have
vitfrred Krittly being backward a o
i nil 114 to the crop report for tile
iiKnih of Jun < > a prepared br M I 01
H inkln IfJmlllt > loner of agriculture
1 H rnxiri how that for tbla see
n of tin yar all rro0s art behind
llio follow I UK Is l the report
lAlrtI I
One of i IIP best crofw or oat that
Jim teen raked In KeotMkjr for the
p a t tn > wir 1 U I shown bf 1M crop
fi port for thla month and a larger
II age IK shown The reports show
CII this crop his suffered leas I from
< nivive ruin and cool weather than
MIIOM any other crop and with pIeta
t ear ruiuthlne and dry weather for
iitr pkitrg I tb > crop the I farmers wlH
d riv Hare from UM iwoceai oat
up > i than from any erof for natty
v urn Tk condition show a percent
uf for the wboV state of 94
The argent acreage or tobooao 10
mnrteA aa having ken gloated ttan
fr many yean OB account or feting
t late and with favorable weather
I > it1itloa there sbouU be 1tI
i i niiJa of tutoaceo raised per aero
t the I cinallty no doubt will be
tomut lefrtkey
The early yeutosi are flea Md a
Hill 1HIHAM8
Nlghtmlartr ItcMlawmiM ami Xl Iht
ewwUM Alt Cmi c < l fly ludl
Kent tom
Half or then In tko I
world all ef the disturbing dreams
unit uigalMHrw sea be KIlled In a
tew wuka br a ttwple Inexpensive
trial went
Upset Meawk Is the saute or
rot r ouantiui M4 bad dreams Your
fiH d i a i tying in year itenmaU un
< liit < led and fertaontlriR It to form
fag poisonous gawf which Irritates
DM pheuitiogaHrlo nerve that lends
direct from the brain and ends In a
network or tiny branches running
through the stomach
It la alto the Irritation or thte
gr 8t phsHMOgnetrto nerve that
l1I1IfIII headaches Many tlmea pee
pl u bare severe headaskss BNd know
they are aNd by the stomach but
do not know In what manner
If you are nervous have dream
nr nlghtmnrc and do not sleep
Hound at nlRlit Colt a 60 cent box
of Mlonu ktumach tablet aid take
one < > r two alter or with meate I
Tliry relieve rtlatreeaed stomach In
i iiiiiiniM Sold by druggteu every
winre and by Gilbert drug store
w im guarantees them to curt Indl
gtt 111I1I or money bark I
Tlio Inniotii
Will Ito Onoiicd fill nUlts
July 9th
IniiiimllAlu oonnMtlon with
train leaving 1ndueah at 420
darks meet all trains
For Information addroes J
M I Oroven Manager or II A
Wilann dork
Excursion Bulletin
Cairo nod Itrltirti on Sunday
July JO
Sir Dick Fowler I I
f nave Paducah 0 a m arrive
falro 1 p m Leave Cairo 5
p m arrive Paducah 10 SO
Fare Round Trip 75c
Good Music and Good Be
havior assured No Intoxicat
lag Liquors or Improper Char
acters allowed on board Go
and enjoy tho day and see the I
trent HOBO Ball Game I
riiixilifWt Eagles vs Mound 1
Kffcct or lo lain the New Skill
Itviurdy Is Iniiiir < llatcly Per
I have boon troubled alit red
11010 and eczema for nearly olgh
years until I discovered poilam
tho new maple cure My face woo
a eight and I was ashamed ta bo
1M0n on the street I sae surprised
to too the Improvement after u
jnontltfl treatment anlll I bay a
nice clear complexion from which
tho pimplee and my red nose die
appeared Uke magna Bays Chaises
F Sluttor WUkoeBarre Pa Mj
nOM would be like a boll tay Cur
D SKelnboff Columbia Olio hot
only painful hut oinbarraaatng r 1
hare given poatam a thorough trial
1111ne I face toeeam smooth and far
My note Ie a natural color and does
not net sore
Potam fa the new skin remedy
nat mliy floihcolored which heals
Sad hides all skin Imperfections Al
ithwtgh primarily Intended for
eccoma stopping the Itching with
Met application and rapidly restor
Ing the health of the akdn poaan
show Immediate and surprising rr
kiilU ilen tired for low eerlon
skin affccUonr such na plmpps
lash blotchos Infktmmatlon etc
I Poelam la on sale in DOc tnt
boxes and 1 lure at all dnigpi
partlouiariy toy Gilberts drug stow
and H W WnMter R Co A free
Mtnplo may be obtained by mall In
IMm10 wrapper by writing to the
Umorgoncy I boretorlee 32 Wes
Stth street Now York City
large acreage of both early and late
liar been plaat Ml The reports bow
for the whole state a oendiMoft of 91
per cent
Clover and Alfalfa
Clover like oate baa Buffered lit
tie from oxeetalf rates oxevpt for
chinas don while harvoftlAg TIle >
yield per acre promltee to be exOltl
doM tom
As for alfalfa UM oondltlon 11 I
good where It hu been triad and a i
totaken hUa eacceralMg the growing
or alfalfa few atMmpM are being
eg lo UwreaM the acreage or this
the It of all elOpe for feeding
Cow Pen
The Intorw la growing tow pees
la the state is oa the IHCTMUO yet
w MMMM see wily every farmer
honkl not realise UM great beiwfita
to 1M derived from the growIn tjf
caw tetra Hot only as aa excellent
kr OTMP but aa lLoll restorer aad as
a mtlatalMr I of MI forUNty
BUegMM ieod has been stripped
and there was a Mrf amount of
quite a Boarotty of teed and a great
dfttnattd for It
Darlnx Uw tiNt part of JUMO there
was a great deal of rain aid crepe
w ow very backward but about Jtle
Ittk or tIN moatb there watt pretty
weather and tumMm which was bad
ly needed sad k dW meek good for
UM crops TIle Vittw part of the
month boo been rater which has itop
IMd plowing sad INtorf red with
barvwthiK to a toat extant fn tome
Ise titles 4nri s te MOMh there has
IteM omo hall wliloh baa damegotl
owe of the crepe d Ottlo and In
lMM other parts of the state Irijrt
water hta caaacd much damage All
cropt at UM last of the month are
backward for this t ne of tile year
Reporta from a number or eountt n
in the Mate Indicate that rains have
been only local amp there are many
parts of counties that have not had
any rain slue the tauor part of 011 I
Toe local weather bureau shows that i
there was nearly twtee the amount I
of rainfall daring Ute month of Juno
that of Julie totals CW and that of
May I bel g iUUo woro than 3 Jnohoe
> Wheat
There rotflBfiis much wheat to be
cut Saute 1114 are wry Irregular
and thin era neW that looked
badly three weeks ago have turned
out fairly well The mat bat affect
ed Uw wheat bMt little and no ro
ports of wale have been made ns
there were at this Lime tact year The
condHlon of wheat as shown br the
reports te SO per cent of an average
Corn throughout the state Is some
what dteoeuniBinK alit to at least ten
to fifteen days late The coot rainy
weather has retarded the growth of
tho early planted corn considerably
causing a groat deal of It to be plant
ed the second time and the condition
show an average or 7 per cent al
the present tlae which to consider
ably lower than an average crop of
preceding years
On account of the warm March and
the frost ami cold wodther in April
In conncctldir with tho tttnvy rains
beating off the liloqin of the trees
there Is I practically but 40 per cent
of a Cull fruit crop this poor The
early nppfta In many places have
done fairly woH but many ware
worm oaton And fell off the trees be
fore maturity Tho coddMng moth
and fungous diseases seem to have
been increasing duo to negligence
on till part of the farmer In the uio
of i proi > er spraying Thero lire not
many late apples they suffering moot
from the climatic changes from
which the early applet large era
caped Some of the counties showing
a good apple crop nro Graves lUck
man and Muhenberg Tho peach
crop reports show about onehalf of a
crop Caldwell Crittenden Graves
and Muhlenlwrg counties are good
TliTsniKhout the mountain section of
iht > late the pi a hoe are lH h > tt > > r than
tny other hart of the Stan Otl > < r
r to 111 ns pears plum1 and
Our entire stock Mens Fancy Blue
z a r
Serge and Black Spring
Boys Sulla that sold up
to sir o now
Boys Svlte that sold up
to SSOO now
Boys Suite that sold ujt
to 730 now I
gmpetf and amatl fruit are as a
whole about oncb ir a crop
Eggs are worth an average price
throughout the state of 17 cent per
down Poultry ranges from 9 to 11
cents per pound Hot weather and
heavy storms have caueed a groat de
atrueUoa of the answer chickens and
teen 1 through dtaedow
The average price or heroes
throughout the stale lt l S18 per
head Mules average Jn prico = 146
per head Oattto 4 cents per pound
Sheep 4 cents per pound Hogs are
etc high an nvenge of 8 cents per
pound and In some places they are
tolling from 10 to 12 cents per
News of Theatres
At the Casino
The summer eaason of the Casing
theator will open next Monday with
the Imperial St6oc company holding
the boards Said Pasha will bp
llled l l and tho company has a muu
bet of good slogan which will insure
a creditable production The com
pony hAl been playing In the Blue
Grass and conies to Paducah with
strong prow notices Tb l to
tter bal been r afWdnortlie eum
mar seaaoQ Tho oaet U
Hasaen ney In love with Sorent
Roy Uowyer
Hadad Bernard Itus
Xockey x y MeMwn
said Patha Paelia of Turkey
Edward Armstrong
Two Ailvfiiluors
A Mewoucor Our foyer
Terauo a Mexican Soldier of
Fortune w H Thompson
The Pashas Harem
Nn ii I rtjrpncp Rat
No II Marion Rae
No 45 ronieo Norfiropt
Boys Suits that sold up
to 1000 now
Boya Suits that sold up
to 12 > o now
Boys Suite that sold up
to I 1500 now
No 40 Marie Savage I
No 4 j Marguerite Peaple
No 48 Lol Marlowe I
No 49 i Francos Manna
No 5o Grace Hazelton
No 69 Nellie Sargent
Ko 70 Gladys Kewberry
Serena daughter or Sold Pasha
Lonore Butler
Bilaa Sojah the Rajahs Sister
BBaaboth DoBoId
Queen Aid the Rajahs daughter
Eva Rockwood
The Rajah of India Richard Sleon
Chorus or Indian girls Sae aa Harem
S nolIs
Act 1Se Bay of Constant
Act 2 Sceno Interior or Rojaha
palace India
I woutlex rile meat
about the singing or my two daugh
What did ho soy
110 said that Mamies voice was
good but Maudes was better still
Catholic News
The day of the use or dives and
gNU lotions In the treatment of
olMma and other akin and scalp dis
eases 4s done Time has proved
them not only practically useless in
effecting permanent wreSt but also
unclean aDd In reaMty breeding
place for disease < erm The W J
Gilbert drug tore II pleated to an
nounce Itself aavat for ZE rothe
modern clean simple and infallible
treatment for eczema pimples black
Uoada dandruff and alt Itching die
Sales of the aWn and scalp
So confident are we or Its eflloacy
that wo gay to yoUUiO ZE ttO Ac
cording to dlrtrlionthen ICliot
satisfactory come and < l got Jour mon
ey bat k
Ask for the booklet telling how
to rir IIr at i mo with ZRMO
1i I fl
> > And they certainly are choice
r ner Marx and other makes of similar
high quality Theyre real genuine bar
gains at such prices as thesee a
I t i e
Glens and Young fons Fancy Blue and
Black Suits that seld up TtO 53000 now
reduced to 1
Mens and Young Mens Fancy Blue and
Black Suits that sold up to 2500 now
reduced to
Mens and Young Mens Fancy Bluff and
Black Suits that s6lU up to 2000 how
reduced tos r I w
i s CASH
Metks and Young fens Fancy BJuo and
Blaqk Suits that sojd up toA 1800 now
reduced to
Mens and Young Mens 5Jan9yKplu > and
Black Suits that > sold up to 1350 now
reduced to
Mens and Young Men f Fancy Blue and
Black Suits that sold up to 1000 now
reduced to
a II
I Some Uiujilrc
Jackson Mire July 8Umllro
Hunt last night whlped six members
of the Oreeawood Cotton States
League baseball team Hunt was
erect a few days ago and blamed
Orth Collins and Jack Law Last
night on meeting Colitis something
was mid about the matter and Col
line accused Hunt or umpiring and
betting on game at the same time
and woe promptly knocked down A
few minute afterward Hunt walked
Into the Lemon Hotel where the
Greenwood team was stopping and
ppoko to Jack Law who replied
with n blow In the face This
brought on a fight between Hunt
and et or the PlaeJtln which
Hunt came rut victorious
In Admiralty
Burauant to an order entered In i
the United States District court
at Paducah Kentucky on the
tkent elghth day of June 1910
In the case or Lewis Lewis et cat
against the gasoline boat Addle I
will on tho 9th day oWuly 1910 at
10 a m or that day at the POrt oC
Paducah Ky sell to the highest and
beat bidder tho raid gasoline boat
Addle her engines tackle apparel
furniture etc for onehair cash In
hand the balance on a credit of three
months with interest at G per cent
per annum until pain > The purchaser
to execute bond with good and ap
proved security payable to tho clerk
or the court for the deferred payment
said bond to have the force and effect
of a replevin bond at law in addition
to its being a bond In admiralty Tho
purchaser If ho chooses may pay the
entire purchase price In cash
0W LONG U S 51 W K D
By Elwood Noel Deputy
Washburn Neeloy S Bums and
Bagby 8 Martin proctora for libel
Theres1 always an ill reeling ho
wean n doctor nnd ltis patients
t1tlfIt1S Clm nvnOAixs COVE FROM
a rlaa arj tr
Poling on Slrlke on Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh July 8 Conductors
and trainmen of the Pennsylvania
lines west of Pittsburgh are voting
whether they wllll strike for an in
crease of wages varying from 5 to
20 per cent The hallota were font
to the men yesterday and they will
review the question along lines
similar to tho ballot lent out by men
on tho Eastern division last week
About C700 men aro affected on tho
lines west Officials hero expect
that the Vots will favor the propo
rtion iby n Jar majority but at
the same tuna they do not look Cor
an actual strike to occur The Tote
will be completed before a confer
ence scheduled tot ruJ > l2 AC tHe
same time further negotiations to
ward settling tho wage difference
will be taken tip
W F BRADSHAW Jr Prest H R HANK Vice P 1 eat
1 of the W t t
At Close of Business June 30 1910 w j
Loans and Discounts 22802606
Bonds 0 0 0 0 0
Bunking House Furniture and Fixtures 0 0 1150000
Cash and Exchange 0 o A fir o 0 0 0l 3846321
i 10 I
> 278G8137
t o
C t 5000000P
CStrums I 200000
Surplus t 0 0 0 0 0 0
Undivided Profitsoo 3m > > 000 o4028A3
Deposits 0 0 7 0 0 0 22365584
A dividend of 2 12 per cent was declared out of the net
earrings of past six months find credited to tho stockholders
pnynlie on demandIT T LAURIE Cashier

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