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HTtlWAY AtfiWlt SO
rrm i > > AWCAtt o V r 1Nl1 stm O ft
A Womans Solution
Copyright 1710 by American Prep
Ilcnso consider our engagement
broken ino snapped
llavo you considered It broken1
What do you meanT
I mean linvo you thought over t ha
consequences of a broken ongncpnicfl
between UH WO hnvo been encfott
for u month nil our friends know tha
wo lire lovers
Wore lovers
Supposed to bo lovers li
Theta more Ilko It
Now suppose wo announce that all
K off bctwoen us People will nut II
nilly bo curious to know the reason
It Is nono of their business5
Hut they will make It their busl
1 shall tell them that 1 hnvo IJcon
very much disappointed In you
And what Rhnll 1 my about ItT
Vhfll you like
I Rlmll any 1 discovered thnt I n m
unworthy of n girl with so mud
Xliero was no reply to this I
Whit Is to bo considered In Ibo
mailer Is whether you contcinplati o 1
renewing our i + RngciDcnt after It tins
once been broken
Noror f l
Very well BO far so good In Ih atl
ralo I alu free to engage myself to
whosoever I please
And It Is my privilege to 119 the t
LVrlnlnly Tomorrow evening we
dine nt the SpltiRlvrs Tatutatlye I
IIhali bo expected to toko you In to ill 1ur
tier This will bo einburniMlni for
both of us Had you not better vend I
word to Mrs tiirtntfer tlwt our en
gugemtxt Is ullY
hue iMiularei a few tnonionts toying
wlih lnr ongtRamont rtng whtcli she
had pulled off her augur then axtd
Sir SptaRter Is I n Very prying I
woman and n frightful Kwxlp She 11I
wish to know all aliout how It hop
ponwl and If nice h not Infornicil will
Klve nor own version of It to every one II
Irnt l > and every one not pnwnt I
Tlmt Is ouo of the points to bo con
Mdcrrd or rather wna one of the t
points to bo conihlcml Its tno late
now You have dlsmkwd im and Hid I
that you will never itcall mo We are
both free to marry some ono else l
There was n i wueo > here She IInpl td
the cnsracpuient ring uvvr the point Kd0f II
her finger as thouzh afraid ho was I
about to take It away Then sbo sal dt
Tho breaking of our engagement Is I I
ono tlilsia lea announcement to tho
world Is I another Is It ncewuiry that
we should announce It through Mrs
tplnJlorr Ve might give It out today to nom n I
ens die
It s oots singular that you who
hoes no many slums vorh that you
yoloved t
ting beside rao for an hour or two at
a dluner party
What would wo talk about
Tho weather I suppose
So thank you I dont go to din
nets to talk About the weather Hut
let us leave this subject of the dinner
and agree upon a reason to give our
friends for our quarrel
We will give them tho true ono of
And that tar
Your horrible treatment of me
Ileaso frame a statement of It
Oh you are better at stating things
than 1 am Promo It yourself Any
version you give of It will bo satisfac
tory to me
Very well I shall put it In this
wsj It starledwbat started It 1vo
Why It was something Abouti i
wasnt It about funny I cant rrmcin
her what started I llI I only know that
you acted horribly
Well thun wo will put It In that
way Well say that wo cant ememI
her what the quarrel was about but I
I islet horribly
That would bo considered l Tory silly
of us
Silly of you I fear
Not If they know how horribly you I
What did I say or doT
Kverythlng that was disagreeable
Nn too one
Oh how bothersome you are How
can I tell you what you said when 1pa
cnnt remember what It was about
I suppose then we nro to announce I
to I the world that not being able toI I II I
ivniimbor + thu cause of our quarrel It I I
Is Impossible to gIro n cause for tho
Itruklng of our engagement
That would bo too ridiculous for
anything People would laugh of us
tpon the whole I think you were
right when you said that Its nono of
peoples business why wo havo agreed
to part Wo will glvo no reason
bier Do you think that would nI I
No I dont nut since Tvo not been
able to suggest any feasible cause my
self Pvo fallen back upon your own
suggestion I
There was no reply to this only a I
stolid staro at tho floor whllo the finf
gering of tho f
engagement ring contln
milCome cantinI I
It all to Decide
you what course wo
shall tnke Name a way out of tho
thedilemtnn I I
They were sitting side by side She
slipped the engagement ring back on
her finger llo put his arm about her j
WRist drew Ger to him and kissed her 4
A womans solution ho said
Ethol Tho man I marry must be
n Ioroono who can Ixard tho
If1I n his don
fires 1 IXHJ Kind of ccmblna
ton ii I us nmn and barber The
Merry Thought 11
tj j j4lj4 IA Y iJ
The Week In Society
ie Societyi i
11 1 jw t
A LOVERS wisir
With MaQt for two
Nu ono to qu > apillin
Notlifng to ilo
With no ono Jo Ice
CCo oiio to rdnro
Thinks aro i ilOtGlitut
Up In tm blr
Whero tho road nro smooth
allThe way IB plalnk
And cVry road le
A lovorJ Lang
lour hand On tho wheel l
Stars aM lIt unU
TIle world M qdur foot
becttNo liiinmn idund
< five cue n lJIIHI11
BuUt fffr TsU
OniiW ae idiot
ldugdr to do
Im sure jii1l M ja
The airship tno
oII the only tonrtB ilp
toFor mo tend you
itow York Amerlonn
1 jr
Tiinxtny AIIRIIKI H1
rhoat G r
l V flbbertfon
1f I tCIIIII1 y AitRiist Ht I
SiaughthC I er
hCwNl Ont rtllin with n card part
nIt I
ItRITlle young noetoty man w ill I
ontnrloln with danee at Wallace
Iserhunn I lJl
The young society ladle wilt o < i i >
iuessg n t11
nftr at SM o look on the ferry
0 W Robertson In honor of out of >
town aruw
JlKi Slaughter Will iitcrtnln for
I Vlsllom
MlM iMty Slaughter will ontortaln
w < th a wrd party Wednesday morn
InK at 990 ooioclc in honor of Mice 1
eR71He WlWe homo iwrty wioettf
MlMoa Colin JOBOB of Ilonton Kla
CorftWIno Apponon of BfompMc
M ario IIodg fl and MarguoHto Bond
ot laregouJd Ak
Dance nt Wnllncn Inrk
ITho young gaiety men will bola r
tnln with n dance 1rMay J qv nlnj nt
804 oolooky corapHtiienlhrr to oat
oftoWn gucirt
Brookporl News
Mr Iavl k and wtfo and daiiRfcter
thront gk
Hrookport en route to Paduoeh on Ii
a chopping trip
Mr W1JI P tooyar eft 11eda oayover
for bawtou Spring for his health
Oscar Berry and wife oft on tho I
Dlek Fowtor for Mlfeourt Thunday
L etor Gnrr lt left on the for r
Friday for Paauoah on burinow
Mr Charles llnll went to Paduoah
Friday on a buslnote trip
ilr Robert Ieoper Sr te lok
Jim Noehr went Paducah Frida
ee to Friday I
with a lest or bay I
Mhw Lot WmMrt bat returned to I
DrooVpOrt on n vMt to her parent I
Yrdnmst > r and Mrs tinlln I
jVr antI Mm t Red Morry went to
PiHluciih I Friday ahopphtCt t
Mr Rupert Leaper Jr and E uI +
s oaa I > tton sent lo PaBuoah Fri I I
day II
dertiVr I
Mr oral errs Will Rlgsjii wonl to t
Pnduoab IVMay on a Vfc t
Mm w W French lint returtt d
home fmm an extenhv Wall 10r 1
TBnnettsoa3tvr c
311y 1 1 t
Jintrel attryer have getl lo DaweohJ I
Mre Arthur Lytton to quit UI
with fever
Miss Kiel Taylor returned tu her
home in Padurnh after a visit io hor
molher 111 Ilotrto Oitrnrrc
errs Smith and OitrnrrI I 3
pa were in Brook port on ImMnoss I
8 1AItICH cjvxa TO HIM IJlm
Arriving Ironi litiropo Itonnl of
Trn16jppprat6iC irnriiis ICrpoit
of sfnlo J of iib SiJit
Novr York Aug 2QJo1011 A
Iuttcn ttio QhfcaKO grain n 1cot
ton oporntor declining to talk of
nnnnylal condition said that ho
wM phlofly Interested In university
mnttgre In Chicago and that tho
work wan taking up most of bis 1
tfino Mr Patton was a passenger
on the steamship Adriatic In from
Huropo Ho conllrmed tuo wirol ties
riiport that ho bad sold bis scat on
tho tttock ojEchango
Why there Is not anything to
mal o a fuss about In regard to tho
sale I said Mr Patton I simply
gave word before leaving this coun
try that If the bid for tho a UJ
should go to = 70000 the seat should
bo sold Well when the bid reached
that amount 1110 scat was sold I
cant do n thing without It being
put in tho newspapers
Kftrnptil time HhnVkn
Mr Patton eta not know for u
time that ho had boon marked ns n
victim for card sharpen on tho trip
over A gang of half a dozen of
thorn boarded the Adriatic to got
Mr Patton into a gamo and pluck
him j I
They supposed that because b r1 I
Patton Is a board of trado member
ho was an n11 round sport and did
not know that ho is a doocon in tho
chorchI I I I
For the first threo dnys out from
Liverpool tho card sharks hung
1Thon 1
Than seeing that bo Will not to bo
caught thoy turned their attention
to other passengers but the warn
ing bad been sounded by the oalco relon
of tho ship I
MlM Kilty Clientlinnt
fore is a characteristic and truo
story about Kitty Chcathnm
At a recent dlstlngulshod social 1
assembly In tho Champs Elyscea a
whltohnlrod man of the world who
had just been Introduced to her re
Im so glad to meet you Miss
Choatham because I admired your
yourlIi riD t
tho most delightful persona I nit vo j
over soon on ttio + stage I usod to t
go constantly to Dalys theater In i
Ithoso days and your mother acted I t
so exquisitely She was tho most t
hr ar
very much
Choh n
thnm told mo and when ho lladI I l I
finished I said most domurolyI I
You have paid mo tho greatest L L
compliment I havo ever had for I 1
am my own mother and my OWIII I i I
daughter It was myself whom you I i I
saw on Dalys stage so many yours i I
ego I
N V wasnt 1 bravo to confess i I
to hffii tohw Choatbom asked InI I i I
conclusion Paris Special to Phila
delphia Ledger I
1 I
0mlN noon POLICY 1
J 1
7Dn At I
meeting horo tho Southern AIIOI j
elation of Thoatrionl Manngors do i
glared In favor of tho open door
policy In regard to tho alleged thoij I
ntrlcnl trus It Is said that practlj I
41wally all of tho thcators In the south I
will bo so operated l this season
The British flag covered CS3 perl I
cent of the total tonnage of tho 12 1 I
395 vessels that traversed tho Suez I
canal In 1309 u I
= = c = c = =
Suftday August 21 I
I t
r On the Elegant Steamer =
Round Trip 50c m
Hillmhn9 Bivnd > Elegant Dance Hallt
Itcfrcsliincntfc + flit tho Bunt 8 oft DrlnkN Sandwiches
1Icovo Paducah 810 a m
7talto Cairo 1a0 p m
Leave Cairo 436 pm
Arrive Paducah ll00pm
A twolioiir excursion will bo run out of Cairo down tine rivern th
Sunday nftrrnooii nnd tboso titrh lag tu iriiinln on tho boat may n
do so without extra charge
J E Rolling Maitfer
Tho light In reserved to rojoct anyono seen fit Coudltlon of I
< j
nrsmliSu itnnycui TO six
MONTHS DIIItIi01111 51
General CottrVMnrtlnl Has Itecn In
Secret SCVpfnr Weeks Severest
Penalty on Record
lI I
New York Aug 20Joour West
Point cadets all members of t Ietry I
lofirst I
academy who have been on trial ho I
fore a general courtmartial for acwo t
wooral j
ing a milk punch have been found
guilty and theIr dismissal from tho
academy recommended to the pr ll I
dent Tho papers wore submitted r
to tho president by AdjutantGeneral i
Alnswortb and tho president attoror
reading tho evidence approved t hos I
sentence and then commuted It toa
what Is perhaps tho severest PUllr
Ishniont not Involving dismissal In
tho history of the academy It is l j
Iprobablo imprisonment
10Tho cadets who wore proven tos
hnvo partaken of the punch and all I 1 t
yof whom aro affected by the pros lI l I
dents review of the case areI
+ Wilfred Mason Blunt of Mary v
land Chnrlefl Ixirenre Uyrne of 11
Washington U C Harry Jaraos t
Keoly of Illinois and Uetuel Wood i
Simpson of Michigan Blunt and II t
Byrne are sons of retired olllcers ca
IHyrne I + Simpsons father is Major t
Wendell L Simpson who lion duty at
at tho army building in this city pip
Colonel Uyrno tho father of an L i b
other of tho cadets is on exsurg eon h
general of tho department of tho 1 Ii
konst on Governors island si
Punch Tasted iood n
r1Tho recipe for tho punch was two
quarts of milk a pint of rye whisky > tl
dtwo grated nutmegs half a cup of
sugar two lemons and the skin ofHod I
ono orange Tho name of the cad Ithnd
njwho indo it was not made pubaft
Highlands Is that 1t tasted good I
None of the cadets drank much of
ontho punch for tho good reason that
thoro was not a sulllclont quantl tqh j to j I
on hand for more than two drinksI
for those Who congregated In the ataway J eeri
darkened room on tho night In quesn I
For weeks the secret hearing
lasted and scores of cadets were
called as witnesses On only four
however could UJo court fasten j II
guilt and thoeo four were reco tit a
Presideo at 11
Taft when he got tho papers a f ow ca
d ays ago gave them careful study y
and then decided that dismissal Was It
a little too severe and BO ho agar ed f <
out a less punishment which would Ki
not carry with it a dismissal from g
the academy alI
Tho president accordingly remit m
ted tho part of tho sentence that n
fixed dismissal as tbo penalty a ndre I 1
fixed up a now punishment
This is what ho did At the pros
ont tlmo the cadets are In camp am
tho president ordered that Uyrno
Dlunt Simpson and Kceley weer toeat I
be confined In their company street
until tho close of the encampment t
and after that and up to and In ISM
eluding March 31 1011 I thoy wero I
to bo confined to the areas of tho I
cadet barracks nnd the gymnasium
This + was not all by any means
The president ordered that each XRS
of tho cadets beginning tomorrow
and up to and Including March 31
1911 must walk armed and equlp
pod as a soldier In the area of the I
barracks every Wednesday from 4
p m until parade 670 p m and I
every Saturday from 2 p m tin illcarted I
tho parade oallIIC
As n result nono of tho wade tonoon I
affected by the sentence will BOO 1nr
football game tho coming season
neither will they bo allowed to pay
party calls on tho girls nor w Illlnder
thoy havo a chance to attend a elon
g onin
scheduled t oprove
Kvory football game tOtt j hl
bo played on the Saturdays wl + Ottthere
Byrne Blunt leelOy and Slmpstir 4
tiram I
aro walking off presidential
tour of extra dutyoC Ibo
For Quick Ucllcf From Bay Fever fre
Asthma and eummor bronchitis gine
take Foleys Honey of Tar It quid g 814
ly relieves the dlwomfort nnd suffer l tho
annoying symptoms d tit aU
ling and tho titn
appear It soothes and heals tho in J Jolt
named air llJll of tho head
throat and bronchial taboo H con and
drug Refuse substitutes Gilberts shop <
Drug Storoa
IUnslhnll + u hnll 11
The Indians returned homo thte
morning and ere playing wth Hop III
Wmnlllc this affNnoon at iLonwie t Pllte
park Khrbe Floyd will probnhh bn
do the twirling aIM Ov4ffqn to Mel p bo
tho curve Cox the flrat 1 woman am
injured hit hand yes4rda antt > may wl
not be able to work today The la oi
duns oxpect to lake the three games
from Hoptown here and will work
hard to keep from eNding in tho tw
raft Irtlf th1
Treasurer Wl lam B C6mran > of l out
the Kitty let 1 expected homo I + tomor
row from point in MtehTgRn whoro it
he has been rermtitnjr + ail IWeh I
nrd Clements provident of tho Icifcal Ihiln
club Is now vVtiiR In Los Angeles DO
Cal with hs ffiv
How wo d It JI man who askp to
qtiosto us mgr f > l the sake of get air
ting a chance to n wr them of
She Clings to Child nnd WonldBc
Aliducfon JIako liscnim in
Stnnfort Kjv J Aug OA bold
attempt was made to kidnap the one
pear Okl eon of Jlr and airs Thomas
CIIJade a promluont young Lincoln
county couple by a well dressed
man and woman ot unknown Mont
ity who suddenly appeared at the
Kads homo five mites In the coun
try at noon yo8terda > i In a big yet
low automobile
ryACtor tho man had ascertained
oUaat Mr Eads was not at home thf
koman rolJgh Plo hospitality of the
elded to rest while nor husband at
tended to some buslnoses down the
dTbe road stranger when Invited In the
3rIII0ked the child up and as sho did I
which huns on her loft arm The
1mother became alarmed at the worn
baby and taught Its dreas
ato I
arail tosmall
tbo mother caught + hold of the child
Ibo strangor dashed the contents of
was tovore and Mrs Eads could
hardly gee but fn a frenzy she pulled
the bah away from the strange
aY7rr + nand in agony tan through
tho Wtchen out of a rear door to the
cabin ot a negro couple some dls
tanco away The negro woman woeba
homo and fearing for her swath
pickaninny playing on tho floor
bolted tho door and not until her
husband returned homo on hour c
later was the alarm given and lIS
stance for the Injured woman sum E
air FAds came quickly but no
trtco of tho > x > uldbe kidnapers m
tfcould bo seen Tho Woman had hur ti
rlod away when She saw her plan tl
had fattedfl A phjslcslah who ox
toominetl lIra lade Injuries soon rc
received most of the contents of theWa
Ho pronounced It solution of
hydrochloric acid diluted sufficiently
leave blinded Mrs Kades temper so
nrlly until her babji could be spirited g
fretes r
manually impair her sight j
gThey Have n Definite Purpose
Foley Kidney Pills give quick ro
lief in cases of kidney and bladder
allraonta Mrs Rose Glascr Tort
lIaulo Ind tolls the result in ho r
se After suffering for many
years from a serious case of kidney
trouble and spending much money
for socalled euros I found Foley
Kidney PHI the cnly medicine that t
gave mo a permanent cure I am I
again able to bo up and attend to c
my work I shall never hesitate to
I I 1
Ism TWO hi n I1jIXOIS
s 817 and Ala Como ToRother
and Cost 1000 In Hrllalrs
1No One Hurt
As a result of a ildeewJpe that oc
carted in the south yards of the 1111
no40 Central railroad Thursday after
noon two of the largest claw engines s
out of commission and are under
going repairs In Uio riiops
The accident which wrecked a cyl
inder on engine No 873 and throw
onglno No 847 out of line will 1
prove expensive for the railroad aa
there will be an expenditure of about
MOXH In repairing tho two locomo
es Engine No S73 was in charge
Knglneer J Tlnstey and was entering
south yards and pulling manifest t
freight to the limit In tonnage En
IS7 In charge of Engineer
Stevenson attempted to switch t to
main Uno and they swiped each
other No ono was injured In the
Thte afternoon tho bollormakers
machinists baseball teams ore
ploying a championship game on the
hOII diamond tidlh are strong and
fast game Is anticipated
From Sllftle s to textclient Health
So says Mrs Chat Lyon Peoria
I found In your Foley Kidney
a prompt and speedy euro for
backache and kidney trouble which
bothered mo for many months I
now enjoying oxfioMont toealUh
which I Owe to Foley Kidney Pills I
Gilberts Drug Store t5
Llmpy nUI1 had to split up
twice as much wood as mual nforoI I
outnilnky t
Blink lion = 1iats th cause of
Lftnpy > Th1 increaser cost of
I sposo Clereland Plain
patentskn d
convey concrete through pipes bj
prtssiite from a tank to Its plow I
useJ I
I reshould The little folks do not stand the heat as well as their eld
to them
keep in good physical condition One of the
things to
he especially watchful of is the conditiOn of the bowels which
presents many
manyLJE I
UJX XXi i rtujef I 1C > the child shows a tendency to constipation Tf n f I
SYRUP PEPSINor 2 ih it loses appetite complains of headiches itch
or fails to sleep well and awake refreshed the
mother may be certain that the chIld needs a tODlclaxlllve r with ingredients such
slchas p Pepsin of which most mothers have I
heard and which thousands of mothers are using for themselves and their chit
dren Indigestion is one oC the wOrst troubles of childliCe in the summer chiti i
and It manifests itself in many different Whatever the
ever few doses the manifestation oC the mother may e suie of removing tic rouble with a
Dr Caldwells SyruP Pepsin which should always be kcptin the 1
beoblained hOuse for emergency It is sold in I
obtained of
ofany druggist Those who have never used it anwbh to makes
lest it before 1uymg can obtain FREE
u SAMPLE BOTTLE by addressing
DR W B CALDWELL 400 Cardell Bldg Monticello III
He So you are not working for tho
street railway company any more
Giraffe No I knocked down one I
fore and they spotted me Harpers I
Acute or Chronic Which
Xo matter It your kidney trouble
s acute or chronic Foleya Kidney
Remedy will reach your case Mr
Claude Brown Reynoldsvllle Ill
writes us that ho suffered many
months with kidney complaint which
baffled all treatment At last he
Tied Foleys Kidney Remedy and a
few large bottles effected a complete
cure He rays It has been of Ines
timable value to mo Gilberts
Drug Store
I suppose you regard the enpr
mouso price you Told for that pic
ture as evUenc of Our apprecia
tion of art
Not exactly replied Mrs Cum
rox but It t does show folks that wo
too reflaed t pare for money
Washington Star
Lasting fame means doing things
often that tho world doesnt get a
chance to forget you j
To keep thoroughly Ihfbrnicd lead
n metropolitan newspaper Wo de
liver the following at regular sub
scription price Louisville Courier
Journal Times Post Herald St
Louis Republic Globe Democrat
PostDispatch Chicago Record
Herald Tribune Examiner Dally
News Memphis Commercial Ap
gal JfewsScimltor Nashville
American hairier Cfticlimntl En
quirer Will reserve Sunday copies
If requested
118 S Bth St Kew phone 1848
A Surprfalng Notice
Two city pastors exchanged put
pst Ono was a handsome ooung
minister tbo other fia elderly one
says Macks Monthly The organist I
at tho elderly jnlnlsters church was i
an ambitious young lady who w1shdit t
to make a good Jmpresslon on the
theyoung t
X ow the sexton who blew the or
organ 1
habit of stopping when ho thought
tlio voluntary had been long I enough
T6 avoid such ah a kwnrd endingi
I on this occasIon tbo wrote ntth ai i
Supposing It an annonhcerrtent for
tic pulpft the sexton In pplte of the
young ladys frantic gestures hand I
ed It to the young pastor
This is what he read Willl you
morning until I give you tho signal
to quit
To keep your health sound to
avoid tho ills of advancing years to
conserve your physical forces for is
ripe and healthful old Age guard
your kdneys by taking Foleys Kid
ney Remedy Gilbert Drag Store j
ILot I of people who want to be for
given dont want to be forgotten 1
CLn VanMet r Manager
and Kouae iClbafting
Pbono 499
Reasons >
Thy I
I You Should t Get hutI I
Printing From Us I
Our Prices are right
Our Typo Faces aro tlptbDato
II Our men arc Export ih Display Work
Our Pressmen aro tlio Best in the tiily
Our Machinery is tho Most Improved
Kind i
iI I
Add to the above Promptness
ih the delivery of nIl work when
promised and you have nil ihsight
to out shop
Sun Publishing Go
Department of Printing Engraving
r Embossing and Fine Catalogue Work
113115 S Third Both Phones 358
< t zi i
Shareholders Responsibility qy 1001 M t rSODo4
Total Rbnpdntiblllty to Depositors I 600001
O D HUGHES Prealdbnti JOS L VRIEDMAN Vice Presldeat

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