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Tft11 i miTfiMnnit 2 Tnf f PAtrtJCAM 1 NtN 11 SlW r mm
Tut n Hllplno I TlirniiRli limn Falnl 1 I
Third DiKrco I mid Rug Con
JIetclf of Homicide
Manila Sept 2An uprlsIn
jiRnlnat the government ii reported
In the province of Nuova Vlscayn
A constabulary force U hurrying to
the scene and a battlo U I expected
hourly The rebel movement Is i
bonded by Simeon Alandnc former
governor of HIcos Norte who has
long been a fugitive from Jusllce
Mundnc occupies Kolnno n town
of about 0000 InlmbltnnU north
west of the center of Nuova Via
cola and about Hvo miles north of
Jtnyonbong Tho telegraph wires
north of UayonboiiR have boon cut
and it Is ImpoiHtblo to learn the
number of Mnndacs followers It
Is doubted however that the riling
I IB scrhtus
Colonel Taylor at the head of tho
constabulary at IlnyonbaiiK U pre
paring for nn attack and tho con
ctabulary forces from other points
nrr moving towards Bolano now
with the purpose of surrounding tho
outlaws and making certain their
capluro or death Oovornracnt loln
fon finents worn available If they
should prove to bo needed
Word of tho trouble has reached
JIanlln Mnndac while governor
Biibjpttod n prisoner to a third dt
KMe examination of such severity
that the man died Tile governor
was convicted of homlrldo and wad
fenced to 14 years Imprisonment
Ho appealed from tho verdict of tho
court and while the appeal was
pending jumped bill bond and hod
ben missing for several months It
was thought that ho had escaped
Abroad until today when an official
illipatrh announced that ho had
turned up at tho head of n band of
Nuovn Vlscaya Is tho central prov
lure of Luzon and llayonbong U its
VaklihiKton Niirprlxrri I
Washington Sept tTllo re I
ported disturbance In the province
of Nuova Vlscayn comes as a sttri
unlit to tho officials of the bureau I
nf Insular affairs and tho other oil
errs of tho war department No
Intimation has reached Washington
qf any general I discontent In this
wild sparsely settled province and
It 18 I believed hero that It was a sur
PfUo likewise to thu officials la t > oj
PhilippinesROOSEVELT I
1 XContlnucd from Page One
e +
For a Dig Navy
So far from this Increase la naval
strength representing on our part
cither a menace of aggression to
weaker nations or a menace of war to
stronger nation it has tuld moftt
powerfully for peace Everywhere In
Europe the cruise of the battle fleet
around iho world was accepted not
only as nn extraordinary feat reflect
hilt tho highest honor upon our navy
but an one of tho movements which
tended markedly to promote peaceful
stability In International relations
No nation regarded tho crulso ns
fraught with any menace of hostility
to Itself nml yet every nation accepted
it an a proof that wo wore not only do
clrous ourselves to keep the peace but
able to pmvcut the peace being broken
nt our cxpeuRc Nu cruise In any
wny approaching it has over been
mndo by any Meet of any other power
and the best naval opinion abroad had
been that no such feat was possible
that Is that no such cruise OH that we
nctunlly made could bo undertaken by
n fleet of such size without lanutner
able breakdowns and accidents
The KUCCCS of the cruise > crformcd
tin It was without n single accident
immeasurably raised tho prestige not
only of our fleet but of our nation
and was n distinct help to tho cause
of International pence
Success of Canal
As regards tho Panama cnnn I
really think that outside nations have
n Juster Idea than our own people of
the magnitude and success of thoI I
work 1 wish our people realized what
U being done on tho Isthmus It a
man of Intelligence who had never
left this country asked mo whether I
would advise him to make n short trip
to Kuropo or a trip to the Iauamn
canal I would without hesitation nd
vise him to go to tho Panama cllalI I
Ho would there see In operation tho I
completing of ono of the great feats
of modern times
Colonel tioetlmls nnd the men work I
fag under him are rendering n service
to this country which can only bo
panlleilu our past history by some I
of tho sen Ices rendered In certain I
wo I
Six ytnra ago last spring tho Amer I
lean government took possession of
limo Isthmus The first two years were I
devoted to tho sanitation of the Isth I
mUll to assembling tho plant and I
working force and providing quarters
food and water supplies In all these
points the success was extraordinary j
From ope of the plague spots of the I
lobe onjLQf SUf W JKabeftUhx fl
glons In the entire world the Isthmus
tins bten turned into n singularly
healthy place of abode where tbo
death rate Is small and where bun1
deeds of chlldron are nosy being raised
under as favorable conditions as In
most parts of the United Stales I
The quarters food mind water supply
are excellent nnd the plant the best I
ever gathered for such n purpose Ac
tive excavation on n large scale did not
begin until January 1007 Three years
and n half have gone by since then
and three flflhs of tho total pxravn
lion bas already been acconiplUliPd
The amount taken out has panned any
I thing which previous experience war
ranted us in believing to be possible
In 1003 and IWKJ tho monthly aver
ago of rock and earth removed was
3000000 cubic yards notwithstand
Icy the fact that nine month ol each
year constltuliHl a SCIIHOII of very
honvy rainfall There remain to be
excavated only about CO000000 cubic
If we could keep up the past aver
age of excavation this should bo done
In twenty months but It In Impossible
to uiBUltaln Much n ratio us the depth
tucwsos for tho output necessarily
diminishes as tho field of operation
narrows Still It Is certnln Hint such
n mlo can bu innlnlnliied an will ennbtu
film workers to finish the excavation
considerably In advance of the data
Uxcd for opening the canal Jan 1
1015 Indeed I shall be surprised If
the cnnnl cnnnot be opened six motitbs
or even u year In mlvnnco of the time
The work ban two great fentiirc
tho Culebrn cut which I have been
considering and the great tlnui at nil
tea Tho latter U to Imprison the
waters of Mm Cbagriti and other
streams Into n lake with an area of
JIB square miles This work Is ad
vancing steadily and just nn success
fully no tips work on the Culobra cut
The water which Is I ultimately to
nil limo lock Is now lowing tliroiiLh the
concrete spillway In the center of the I
dam the Chncmi having been divert
ed from its bed tint minaret under com
lIMo control The construction of the
dam has advanced sufficiently to cap
vince the rnKlmtTH In charge of the
work of Its nliKoliite slnblllty and Im I i
Itho l J
tho lock is advancing 80 rapidly IllotI J I
the first double set nt Ontun will be
completed this comliiK November and
the engineer in charge has announced
that nil tho concrete In nil the locks I
wilt be in place two years hlceI I
Tho data of final completion and I
formal opening of the canal to nndI I
commerce of tho world will bo deter
mined by the tmo consumed In plac
lag tho great steel gates emergency
dams and all appliances for operating
tho docks Dut those in charge of the
work announce without hesitation that
everything will be finished well in ad
vnnco of Jan 1 1015
Stupendous Achievement
This Is a stupendous record otI I
achievement As a people wo are
rather fond of crltlcUIng ourselves
and sometimes with very great Jus
lice bnt even tho most pessimistic crit
Ic should sometimes think of what is to
our credit Among our assets of tbo
past ten years will be placed tho ex
trnordlnnry ability integrity and sue
cess with which wo have handled all
the problems Inherited as the result of
the Spanish war tho way wo otI I
handled ourselves in tbo Philippine In
Cuba In Porto Rico In San Domingo
The cruise of the hattie fleet around
the world was n striking proof that wo
had mndo good with the navy and I
what we have dono at Panama 1111111
scats tho accomplishment of ono of tbo j 1
great feats of the egos It Is a feat 1
which reflects the highest honor upon l
our country arid our gratAudo Is duo
to every tnnn who has taken on hon I
orable part In any capacity in bringI I
tug about Its performance
JlllerforlllRnccI I
Fortify tho Canal
We now have n further duty to per
form In connection with 14 and that Is
to fortify It Wo are In honor bound
to fortify It otirsolvca and only by no
doing can we effectively guarantee Its
neutrality and moreover effectively
pimrantpo that It shall not ho used
against us i
The chief material advantage cer
tainly one of the chief material ndvap J
tngpswhl wo shall gain by nllTnp1 j
struetjon is the wny In which It will
for defensive purposes double time t I1 WII II j
crof the Unltnl Hlalrs navy
To refuse to fortify It and above nil
to consider for n inomont such an net
of utter weakness pad I fully no to In
vlto oilier nations to step In nnd punr
nntee time nmitrallty of Ibis purely
American work land thereby really to
make it ccrtnln that In the event of
war WP should find the ennnl used
against ns ns our fleets would bo for
bidden to pass IhroURh U or clso our
opponents fleets pormltlnl to would
bp to Incur and quite rightfully the
contempt of the world It would mean
tho cftmplelp abandonment of the Mon
roe doctrine It would be n wicked
blow to our prestige on the Pacific
anti moreover It would be In Its es
pence treason to tho destiny of the roo
I will begin my assessment Sep
terabcr 1 and every taxpayer In tho
city should not fall to call at my
office and give in their property
which enables tho assessor to got a
truo nnd correct list Tho law pro
tides that on falluro to do so that a
penalty shall bo added to tho as
sessed value of said property and I
tho assessment ns made this year on
nil real estate will stand without
change for tho next four years
Therefore It behooves all taxpayers
to bo on tlmo in coming to my office
and got a correct assessment of his
or her propertyJ
J W OUR City Assessor
Other pooplou jnnnero worry
roost of us nioro Ahan our own
mQralo l M t i
I j I i XX CXXXiCtgpp4t
I 7QpC1WtKJl L7pC7QC7pC7CSiss
Corrected dally by Woolfolk
Bowers Co
lGcI I i
Butter packing stock IGc
Spring Chickens pound 12o
Hens pound i Oc
Louisville Sept 21ho offerings
on tho local 1 breaks follow Burley
141 dark GO original Inspection
93 rovolws 11 iota 104 Ilojoc
tlons yoBtordny burley C2 First
Kilo tomorrow at Uio Ninth etroct
Time Kentucky warehouse cold 10
hnohcndfl of dark nt 740 to
The Ninth street warehouse sold
32 hogsheads of dnrk at JCM to
The Farmers warehouse sold 24
hogsheads of burley at 9GO to
118 CO nnd 1 li ghcad of dark at
7tO t Two rejections
Tlio IMckett worehouao sold 20
hogsheads of Burley at J 122 5 to
J177C and 10 hogshead of dark at
IiI to 1100 Four rejections
Louisville SopL 2Tbc reoulpta
of hogs wore 814 h < vad for tho weok
thus far 2811 Tim market opened
steady selected hops 230 pounds and
up 940 mediums 105 to 200
pounds J9M lights and heavy
pigs j 90 to ICC pounds = 945 llgiit
pigs SGOG > 96Ti roughs 800
down Tin pens were well ctaircd
and tho market closed about steady
The receipts today wore 136 amend
for tho week thus far 3273 head
Tire attendance of buyers van light
limited to local butchers and > traders
their demands narrow The nwrkct
was i quiet with little change In
values or conditions from Monday
Cholco I lightweight butcher cattto
were Btcady medium nnd common
slow especially Uio grassy bnlffat
klndu averaging from 900 to 1100
pounds There Is a fair demand for
strictly prlraq fttockvra nnd feeders
at steady prices mudlum and como
mon dull Choice hulls Moody com
mon bulls and canners slow MUcti
cows about steady No heavy ship
ping cattle here feeding on thnt
clans steady Tlio pens wore fairly
well clcnrod and tho market closed
quiet about steady
Tlio receipts were 157 head for
tho wook thus far 790 head Tho
market ruled steady bulk of tho best
8Q8 Vic mediums CfJSc common
2HJCc heavy rough calves dull
and j draggy
Sberp and Lambs
The receipts today were 2 218
bead > for tho wook thus far 9C49 I
head Tho inaTkwt ruled aibotit
steady bulk of too top lambs selling
nt fiOGSc socondH 45c culls
S < 835ic fat uhenp 343 ic
fat sheep 3i < 33 < 4c down bucks
2 y 0 down Fair demand for etrtrt
ly > prime stock ewes common thin
sheep and trorfiy cull lambs dull and
St t Louis Cattle HecolptB
7 000 Including 2500 Texans mar
ket steady native beef steers J775
082C cows and heifers 53Goj >
B7C stockers and feeders 378
57C Texas and Indian Meets 425
0C50 cows and boilers 300
41i0 calves In carload Iota 5I OI > > I
900 Hogs lUceipta 2 COO mar
kot steady Pigs and lights 850 I
970 packers 875955 butch
or and liest hcavj 920ii8 > 9GO I
Sbcop tloooliibf 4000 market
etrady native muttoiH 4X > 0
i i I
A fino 12pound boy arrived at
the homo of Will Woolfolk Sunday
rilghtTho i
Tho small son of Mrs Shceta has i
been quite tick lilts week at thee
homo of Dr MaTliall
0 D Glenn of Stamford Texas
is a visitor at tho home of his brother
Ucv J E Olenn
Waynlc Dcwcqso Is In Arkansas
for the purpose of Invoutlgatlng l come
lend propositions
Mine Ivay Adams of Illckman has
been a guest of friends nnd relatlVeo
In tbo city this week
Prof M 1 C Jewell will leave toddy
for Hickory Valley Tcnn nt which
place ho will open school next Mon
J W T + rk and two daughtoro
Mime Huth and Edith went < o St
Louis Monday aftcVnooa for a tow
days stay
J P Morgan who has been here
on a visit for sit firal weeks left
Monday morning for his homo In Ok
lahoma Rev J E Glenn returned this
week from MlisUpIpp where ho
spent tho month of August In pro
tracted mectlngr
Mm Frank Curtis who laid I been
visiting In the city for several days
returned to her homo in Charleston
Mo Tuesday
Somebody conveyed some whisky
to tho Intnatcp of the county Jill
Sunday and sn result It la said
that the prisoners became very
Tho next term of the Carlisle cir
cuit court will begin on the flrst
Monday In November Instead of tbo
I third Monday In October as hereto
fore II L Walker tort Ttftsday after
noon for n two weeks visit to his
old homo at New Castle
Mrs Anna B King of bycrshurg
Tcnn Is a guest of her friend Miss
AlUo Moore
J Jf Reeves and family who
went to California tome time ago
expecting to make that state their
home returned Satqrd 1p
I Misses Mildred and Florence tll
terbacJt ol CMnton returned home
Two i Cents
tfor a
aI I
Big Hot
IThats cheap enough isnt
it And worth many times
that any day You can have
one at any tirne withQ fuss
or waiting if t you have an
Instantiineous Water
rr2r r rrr r m rf i i
4 t
AVE you seen any of those very smart heww 1
telescope > hats you see the well > dressed n i ti i
reliows f wearing
Yes indeed Any number oft the different
styles to show you in i them 1 d
And in this seasons very newest cbl6Vsf l f
London grays fawn ecru tobacco brown arid r
tropical tans Theyre here in your size and youfl et
find that you will look Well under one of thenv
Ift 7 I 1 t j v i IJ
I 500
1 Dunlap 500 Hats 1 si i
I rt rI I
1 Stetspns 5 and 4 Hats tl I l
u Io I DeLuxe 600 Hats ifl K w 9
I h 11 Kensington 4 Hats I > J
1 4 1 Hawes 300 Hats 1j j
> Jf Avon itanrt Hats v
I Ross ore 250 and 2 Hats y
Our expert salesman will see that you get the hat
that is proper See window display 1heresashape1
for every head uI I I
Sunday afternoon after a pleasant
visit of a few days to Miss Mona Ut
terback and Mrs A J Marshall
Mrs Lula Hendrlcks received fl
telegram Saturday announcing the
death of her sister Mrs T C Smith
at Atlanta Ga
Rev Freeman Harwood of Glas
gow Ivy arrived Tnesdny afternoon
to visit for a while Ho Is a nephew
of David Hamilton
IFor I the first time in many years
all the children of Mrs Nellie Jon
flings who lives weet of town as
sembled at the old home Some of
them Jive In Texas some In Oklaho
ma and others hero
A dispatch from Jonesboro Ark
says that J S Berry was under nr
rest there for forgery committed at
Dardwoll The arrest inns mado bn
a writ sent to tho Arkansas sheriff
by the sheriff of Carlisle county
Four thousand cans of tomatoes
was the result of the first days run
of the Bardwell canning planto
Mrs IL M Tibbs died last Satur
day morning v I
1rof Chas M Jones and wife 1 jkt
Wednesday for Douglas Ga where
they will make their future homo
Mrs Annie IcMurry and two cull
dren of Bayou Ky are flailing
Mrs Ida Hatch
George T Stanley and wife who
havp Men vlsiyng their sonpy
Stanlei in Chicago tor a few days
have rcttmrnetl hOI
I Mrs A M Thompeon of Los i An
geles Cal < formerly Miss Maude
Fisher Is < expected to arrive tho oarly
part of next week to spend the winter
with hqr father W B Fisher
J F Jloore and wife returned
Wednesday aflernQoU jfroiB Cream
Springs where they tfpept afew
weeks V H
< u
1 Sam White expects to leave next
Monday for Tjicjterman Ark to
take charge of ols noV duties lathe
offices of tho > Ilsio < iri Pacific rail
The Ccotch note Issue Is at present
based oj a flxM amountjof iSTpOv
Oi0f beyond which all Tssuc ftiaTr be
protected bj specie
ai I t
I 1 h I t 1 jt S ilo I r m1 i
The Cheapest I flat Water in the World
is hat We Claim for the Ii I i
i 4 I I
Instantaneous Water Heater i
This is ho exaggeration for what could be cheaper
than heating just the amout of water you wahrto use and t
with that economical fuel Gas I
Then too think of the convenience ofan Instantaneous I
Heater strike a match turn the valve light and the hatter
immediately turns out steaming hot water enough for ai i
bath in six or eight minutes enough for a shave in thirty
seconds What could be more ideal
Ask us to show you how to operate one of theie r
heaters v
w Call the Commercial JDepartment V
The Paducah Light cS Power Co
w < Incorporated r u t
r I

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