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Republican Leiders Regard It
as Indications ol Con
t tinued Control
Democrats Express Hope ol
Portland Mo Sept 12To lte
publicans nn onoriiTous vote being
rait early In 10d4s I ilHUnn an
eiiriMj tht > roi lvOtlon of GOT Bert
M Furnald and that four Republi
LOll roiiariMtnvn will bo elected
IVrnnld I expects plurality of 5000
Frederick W Pialntcd Democratic
candidate who Itn son of Maines
late Democratic governor predicts
hiB I own tKvtlon by COOO
Many Democrats In the Pino Tree
Slats U BT they honoitlx believe that
oln1 Frederick W Plalsted now
nxvor of AuRUfta will 00 elected
governor over Brt M l Fernald who
th > publican candidate for rl
1 4cLjfl and It la undeniably true
Jktt 3 rw Republican fear this
fmo ratio iicll f U well foundod
i t Tar IIIOt oarvfut and eontpvtent
1 obevrviTB of tbo situation however
Jo l not IH 00 far as to admit ptaliitod
ran win but till do say he will give
Fcritanl a harder battle than did
Oliedlub Gardner two yiwra ago
In the country at large this rwwlt
Ir thai prediction cntne true wtM
bo regardvd as another insurgent I
vlrlory rntlinr than a Democratic
aueroat but lila view will hardly bo
rnUcI I
an nc jrat one IMIIOB that are
porulferVr local to Mnlno have gov
trued th > campaign of both candl
dates hough itirli speakers as Al 1
kliwv l B Parker John W WVoka Con
iNlnnfl McKlviloy and olhtlflt hl11
l bodu national Islucs the themes of
ri their pe llft
Slliinilon 1 rmifiiln
014ctA l
A od Komifar IIi i plnrtllty of 7JC3
ovnr Obodtah Oartlnnr the vole of
the two rnivlWatrs being 73541 and
nor78 This wan a marked falling
air In the uMnl Kopiibllran jiIuraMty
Id 4ln of UOOO to 20000 but was
not un xtiMted as two ycmrs prey
iow1 I ly Cobli had been clectixl by a
t plurality olmwt n snifll In the last
r d < a < Je the lt tiublknnR and Demo
1mat 1 < of Maine IIAVU been getting
mar to an eauil dlrlilon of votes on
Mate eectoi n dHy and this fact
adds to the hoPe ot tho Democrats
f6r a vletory next MoniTar Several
of Uui cities are already normally
I m Tllc nnd the fiarty has been
making gains In smaller com
iiMintUM of tate years
Tli two real Itptips In the contest
r ro prohibition nnd state taxation
OHO dny tatt month there was a bill
nnco In tho state treasury of only
4UOO Taxot began coming In Sep
S ioinbor 1 ami hero la now some
money to tho state credit but not
niwrly moilgh to cave tho party In
rnwir from actual vmlxirraramcnt
aud Democratic orator have been
Iig about tolHug tho people the
ei Ito i Is I actually bankrupt This
nil J lIolul rondltlnn comes from the
= oxpendlturcs of late years
hr roads schooli nnd other needed
lat 111e iinprovonunt and the Ho
I bIn uro trying to convince tho
otor that the money has < beon wise
ly tpenl
Ilolillilllon IM Issue
t11I Mallio and IhV year a r ai one
4in t Mslno nail this yoar a real one
for the reason thnt tho Sturgls
lbdsinity law baa proved eo offotulvu
that oven Its sponsors proporo IU re
panl at llio next season of the legis
I lature Tbs law lt I > In erfoel Mate
upurvlslon whjch Is rcsontcd In the
rltlui an nn invasion ot local rights
of government Tho Dumocrnts are
conimlttod to n rosubmtaslon of the
prohibitory Riiivndiiient to the IHMJ
po and the Hopubllcaim are opposed
lo i this In i tho I oltlen whom prolilbl
r ton hag rarely If over prohibited
qUI nuiif of the voters are In favor
ViW tho Demorratlc position un reiub
yln ssIoii In I tho I rural I districts prohi
bition Ii Btlll as popular ns la the
days of Neal Dow l Its father and In
t t
tWODtinued on rauo Four
Tin inisii CIIAMI
London Sept t 2ltobert Io
rube the actor who during tho last
tow mouths has developed into a L
daring aviator nil but accomplished I
I nn nernplniio flight across the Irish I
channel Starting from Holy Head
Lorn I no directed his course to Dub
1Itin Although ho had trouble with I
K his engine bo got within two miles I
J t of tho Irish coast
Tho breaking of a wire then I
forced him to descend to tho sea
Ho swum iishoro and his machine
I was picked ui > by a steamer
Tho distance across tho channel la
about 55 miles
Forgery Charge is Made Against
New England Representative of
Deyfuss Weil Co Paducah
Alex DeLaske Under Arrest
in New Hampshire Pro
posal Made to Settle Short
ageMr Benedict There
Charged with forgery Alexander
Doljasfee resident salesman nt e
ton Mass for DreyfiiM Well
company of this city wan arrested
Saturday for alleged forgery and Is
being held there Tho amount of hit
alleged forgeries Is about 1600 to
far as known by the company but
other < h cks may turn up augment
Ing this cum
When Ho tn this morning by a re
porter for Tho Hvonlng Sun Mr Sol
UroyfuM president of tho company
Mr Dcljisko la I under arrest at
Bo tOIl When wo were Unit RIO
prlMd of the forgeries I at once tent
our credit man J Benedict to lbs
ton to make an Investigation lie has
been gone a week and w > red me Sat
urday that tho accused had boon ar
rested ou will proiecute unions Do
Larko settles In full Negotiations
are on for a settlement hut I do not
know what will be the result Tho
forgeries were great surprise to ui
as DoLaskv had Boomed a trust
worthy ijalemian
DoixiHko has beon with tho firm
about six years 110 Is about CO
year old and IB a man of good repu
tation Ho has a family During his
connection with the firm DoLasko
has proved himself a firstclaw Holes
man and enjoyed a thriving tiutHncM
In the Hub city It Is I believed that
ho Wilt IMS able to make a full settle
meat and awM iirotccutlon He
has made overtures to tho company
to settle by partial payment
rIme accii cd ia only slightly Ac
quainted here having been In tho
city but onco and that was when ho
was first employed
Will Kettle
Droyfuw Well company reedy
ud a inuwnuB from their attorney at
Boston this afternoon stating that
the firms who lost by the alleged
fargcHoH of DuLntke wlI make their
chocks good The uittRsage alto cx
plalncd how DeLasko In purported
to have operated After collecting
vevorat hundred dollars worth of
checks he would go to a prominent
merchant and ask him to give ode
eluck for tho combined sum In order
that big firm Dreyfuae Well com
pany might nvo exchange on each
chock In making tho checks pay >
able lo tho firm obligating Itself paI I
Luke V9 alleged < o have forged tho
name of his firm and then appro
Printed the money to himself Haw
many of these checks aro out Ilf not
known by tho firm The firms
promlfo to make tholr checks good
will relieve Uro rUM Woll com
pany from prorocutlng but tho cut
lomorf who Buffered probably will
take action
Vhlto working on the new factory
of tho Mutual Wheel company J W
Shelton a carpenter fell 30 feet Sat
urday and three ribs wore fractured
Ills condition Is considered serious
Since tIme Injury he has Buffered two
hemorrhages lie was working on tho
root when ho slipped and foil to the
ground Ho Is at the home of his
brother Constable A C Shelton
620 Hays avenue
S Chicago Sept 12Atbert
S W King a wealthy contracting
S engineer and sportsman was S
drowned early today In Lake
Michigan Accompanied by his S
I son nnd W II Newton King
S was returning from n clam S
bake nt the South Shore Coun S
S try club < n his yacht He was S
S hurled overboard when a squall <
caused tho craft to lurch
Seattle Wash Sept 1Detec
tires working on the case report
they have found no clew solving
tho mysterious disappearance of
57500 worth of gold bullion from
the steamer Humboldt between
Fairbanks Alaska and Seattle Pig
Iron had been substituted for gold
In ono of tho three strong boxes
VhIl in CIIVKV nv U A It
i Early In October a reproduction of
the famous lloudon bust of George
Warhngton will be Itkic Jd lit I the
WaiUngton wliool building by the
Paducah chapter of the Daughters of
the American Hevoltitioii The money
for tho purchase tins been secured ba
the chapter and the tiust has been
ordered When the bust Is placed In
position an appropriate program will
bo given Mrs lion Johnson of
BardRtown tho state regent 11100
present Through tho chairman
Mrs I E 0 Boono the committee
having the arrangements in charge
purchased a standard bronze bust of
144 Unit president The burt Is a
reproduction of the Houdon bust
which Is I valued at 25000 by the
owner The bust will bo placed In
the main hall of the building on a
mahogany pedestal
D A R Fountain
Erected by Paducah Chapter
Daughters of tho American Revolu
tion 1Q09
This Inscription will be placed on
the handsome public drinking foun
tain at Fifth street and Broadway
I which was designed by Loredo Taft
and erected last year by the Padu
cah chapter Daughters of the Amer
ican Revolution The granite foun
tain Is receiving a thorough clean
lngI L I
Curtlwi Will Make Em
Boston Sept 12lt was an
no uncoil today that Glenn Curtlss
wtlll retire as an aviator after the
Harvard meet and engage In the
manufacture ot aeroplanes
Crtppen May Go Free
Because of Embalming
London Sept 12UccullC nn
undertaker and u morgue keeper
were compelled to use a great
amount of carbolic acid to counteract
tho odors ot tho decomposed rl
mains found In the Crppon house
the acquittal of Dr II II > Crlppmi
may bo forced Through the under
takers testimony today Counsel
Newton for Crlppcn and MIllS
l < onevo tried to show that tho expert
chemists discovery Ormosccno
poison In the body WIII an Impossible
conclusion because ot the carbolic
carbolictacId I
acid used on the remains
Ills Wlfcx Dwitli
Chicago Sept 12Carl Badilng
I The predictions and tcnipcrn
I tnr for the past twentyfour
I hours will bo found at Uio top
l of tho seventh column OB page
today was formerly charged with
murder following tho mysterious I I
death of his second wife under clr I
umMances similar to those UlCOInI I
vanjJng his first wifes deathilys I
ladslng died two months after their
narrliige and after life had been I
Ituck Bury Workmen la Tunnel
New York Sept 12At least l
nino laborers were killed outright
amid ten others injured one of thou I
Critically and all of them seriously
In tho collapse of an overhanging
shoulder of rock from above tho
western mouthof the old Erie tun
nel under Borgcn hill connecting
the Erie terminal In Jersey City
with Its westward divisions
attempt to escape convicts lined n i
Prison warehouse filled with excel 111
sior null the building was destroyed
Warden Murphy says tho fire start
ed simultaneously In two places1 I
The total damage was about 4000 L
Siya Campaign Committee
Heretofore Has Been Per
sonal Machine
Third Senatorial District Com
Eddyvllle K3 Sept 12Spe
claloul of deference to the ex
pressed wish of Henry Lawrence
member from Trlgg county who
could not attend on account of the
state committee meeting at Lexing
ton the Third district Democratic
senatorial committee did not hold Us
expected session hero Saturday and
adjourned tothe call of tho chair
man 3
Lexington Ky SJcpt 12The
Democratic state central committee
was made the campaign committee
for 1910 and Judge Allle W Young I
of Morehead warf made Its chairman 1
and lion Henry n Prewitt Its scene 1
tary by resolution 1I 1 I
Tho state executive committee re I
fused to take any action with refer I
ence to the nomination ot a candi
date for superintendent of public in
struction The action of the com
mil toe on the mattes It was stated
was unanimous 1tUI dtClllred to
be tho bet way out of an awkward
situation and to bo also In the Inte r
est of tho public sch bl ls of tho state
as no candidate who might be elected
In November would < KS In the office
long enough to hrlngfabout any last
ing results
A proposed contept of the seat of
T Ii Pannell memlwr of the state
central cqinmltteo fp m the Third
district failed to i atiitlnllze or If
It was really started mmi later with
CuuKrosoiuait liun Johnson after
time meeting said ho had favored tho
selection of lie stato Central com
ultloo as It now exists nn the cam
paign committee He said
I was not In favor of tho elec
tion of Judge Young as chairman of
the campaign committee olely be
cause he Is an ardent partisan of
Senator McCreary Heretofore
Democratic campaign committees
have been parts and parcels of a ma
chine to fight for one Democratic
candidate and against other Demo
cratic candidates for the same nomi
nation Uocauso of such lights Ken
tucky la In tho hands of the Repub
licans I do not want and would not
have a rpartlsan ot mine connected
with tho campaign committee In
order to avoid tho appearance
among the other candidates that the
campaign committee was being used
In my behalf and against them A
campaign committee should be made
up of men having no choice among
the candidates for tho Democratic
nominations If this had been ad
hered to Kentucky would now tie
Democratic and It It Is adhered to IP I
de future the state will continue to
be Democratic There must not only
not bi > any machine politics In Kcn
luck but It must be devoid of all
appearance of such
Senator McCrrnry Satisfied
Senator McCreary said he was
satisfied with everything that had oc
curred It was a harmonious meet
Ing and eveythtng that took place
was beneficial to Democracy he
continued Ve have a good chair
man and a good secretary and a good
campaign committee Democracy In
Kentucky seems to be In splendid
shape and the outlook Is splendid for
Democratic victories I hope for the
best result In every congressional
district In the state In November
except the Eleventh We canst hava
much chance there
Not n Fiutloiwl Onnmltlco
Judge Allle W Young the newly
elected chairman of the compalgn
committee said tho committee
would not be run In the Interest of
nny candidate for the nomination for
governor or senator or any other
office but that the sole aim and
object would be tho election of the
Democratic congressional and appel
late court tickets this fall
Tho only reason I was willing to
accept tho chairmanship said Judge
Young was In the hope of ellmlnat
lug the feeling that has heretofore
divided the Democrats ot Kentucky
on neckham and antlBeckham line
or along prohibition or antiprohibi
tion lines wliuh the Idea that neither
of these question has any place n
the Democratic party of tho state
llallliiKvr Omiiiiillleo on I land
Chicago Sept 12Three of the
four proIlalliiger members of tho
BalllngerPInchot investigating com
111mltt arrivd hero todayn for their
meeting tomorrow They arc Sean
tor Sutherland and Representatives
Henby and Olmctead Chairman Net
son and Senator Hoot will arrive to
night >
Kentucky Troop Train in Wreck
Indianapolis Two Members of
Train Crew KilledSoldiers Sale
Mistake in Orders Causes a
Special Carrying National
Guard to Camp to Crash
Into Big Four Passenger
Wreckj j
Kentucky Troops In Wreck
Indianapolis Sept 12 Special
Big Four special carrying Ken
tucky trQops bound for Fort Harri
son collided headon with passenger
from Toledo this morning near this
city Two trainmen were killed and
a number of passengers Injured
None of the Kentucky troopers was
Injured The wreck was caused by
afmlsunderstandlng of orders
Samuel Uerimore engineer anti B
C Icke fireman were killed and 13
passengers were Injured this morn
ing when two Dig Four trains col
lided In Brlghtwood a suburb
Alleged < That lie Tiled to Pas
125000 Check
New York Sept 12Manuel Al
vares as he calls himself but whose
right name the police belevo to be
n Menendes of Havana Cuba was
tield today In 3000 ball for exami
nation Monday for an alleged at
tempt to defraud According to the
police the prisoner had deposited
with the Savoy Trust company n
check for about 125000 purporting
to be drawn < by a Cuban bank on the
Union Discount company of London
which had been declared a forgery
by the bank mentioned
He had tried to secure 1000 from
the hotel where he was registered on
the strength ot the check but had
been refused
Clarinet Player llcturns
Tomorrow Mr Edmond Robinson
will return to Paducah to spend the
winter after being on the road for
several months with bands This
summer ho has played the clarinet
In ilia band < with HobltisOiis shows
but left the show at Pittsburgh to
return lie has been a member of
the orchestra for several years and
Is ono of the best clarinet players In
this vicinity Last winter he toured
with tho crack band and orchestra
of Vogels minstrels
McClnnrln Named to Succeed Nance
Jackson Tenn Sept 12The
city board of education has granted
Prof Emmett C Nance who has
been principal of tho High school
for four years an Indefinite leave
of absence at his request Professor
Nanco Is now In Oklahoma City for
his health Ho has accepted a posi
lion In tho schools there and will
remain In the west until his health
Is Improved Prof W M McClaurln
Instructor of Latin history French
and German In the High school last
year was elected at the board meet
ing to tho prlnclpalshlp In Professor
Nances absence There were a num
ber of candidates for tho position
as It was well known that Professor
Nance would not teach this year
Professor MeClaurln came hero near
year ago to accept a place In tho
High school
FA lit t
Prof E S Goode head of the lie
mrtment of animal husbandry of tho
state experiment station of Lexing
ton will be the Judge ot the dairy
and beef cattle exhibits at tho Mc
Cracken county fair which will begin
September 28 Being unablo to
come himself Prof M A Scovill
director of the state experiment eta
tlon of tho state university ex
pressed lila personal regrets but ex
plained that he had wont his bolt
man Professor Goodo who la next In
The exhibit of stock promises to
bo one of the strongect attractions
tIng t
of the fair and much interest Is 1 be
Ing 6reated among the farmers Ir
A S Gardner ono of the best stock
men of Ballard county has written
for fix stalltf and will bring some of
his best animals to the fair Two
largo tents of stock and poultry ex
hibits have been ordered and will ar
rive In plenty of time for the lair
The literature on the public ex
hibits Is being sent broadcast Messrs
Faust and Haiotto have worked
faithfully In advertising this de
partment Two weeks from Wed
nesday and tho fair will open All
of the remaining days until the gates
are swung wide open iiromlw to be
busy ones lor the fair officers
V r
S Boston Sept 12Wlth S
S President TAft as a honorary
S pallbearer the funeral ot Lloyd
W Bower United States so S
S llcUorgonoral was held from S
S the Touralho hotel hero today S
S Thb service was private Tho
S burial w4U l bo at Wcstfleld S
S Conn S
Big Packers
Are Indicted
By Grand Jury
Chicago Sept t2Jt was report
od about the federal building this
afternoon that the federal grand Jury
has found indictments against the
heads of the four big packing corn
panlee It Is expected the Indict
ment will be returned late today or
tomorrow moraine
TOO ijiTte iioLApii inimvx
Palletsoils WllliilriMval Will Not
OIuiii o Situation lie Sas
Cliattt ofcga Tonn Sept 12
HCD Foster V Drown commenting
on the withdrawal of Mr Patterson
expressed tho feeitag prevalent
among Republicans ct Hamilton
county paying
Gov Pattoreons withdrawal In
my Judgment will have no effect
whatever on the political situation In
Tpmyesj ee It cornea top late and
uomluE Just oix tbo jive of th Q con
tdrWui liT 4jihd ht I bemociits
ooks like an effort to put tho Jndo
peudendf III a hole rather than a
sincere effort to restore harmony irt
hit party Tho Hues ale formed the
Issues made up and the fight will go
on to the November election
ou > jnuAim wiiji FIGHT IK
Joxcrson City Mo Sept 12AlI
endorsement of former Governor
Folk In tub Democratic platform In I
tho convention hero tomorrow will
bo sharply opposed by the old
guard who will try to prevent tho
reform governor reentering poll
tics Platforms also will be adopted
by tho Republicans Prohibitionists
and Socialists C
Horse SivnppliiK Case
A sure enough horse swapping
case > 1H be straightened out In the
court of Magistrate C W Emery
when DIck Allison colored Is tried
onthoJchargo of grand larceny lie
was arrested toy Deputy Sheriff
Charles Clark upon complaint of
Rufus Bronson colored who all gcs
he rented tho hor to Allison It
Is alleged that AIItIOn > MA the horse
to n negro who disposed of It In turn
to J D Rlclnnnn Mr Klokimn
later sold tho horse to a negro Alli
son Is In tho county jail awaiting
Oyster Jlajr Sept 18 TUIa a n
day of rot at Sagainoro Hill with
Colonel Itoosct preparing for
speedy Qngagement In tho pdlltlcal
Irena Tomorrow ho nit recelvu po
lltlcnl mi > portBr at tho Outlook of
fleet Chicago Market
Sept High Low Close
hcnt 9G I 05 i 90 1
orn it 50 IlK 511
Oats31i 32 iJ 32t
I 32ta t
iZ4I ta
Students in Rush to Secure I I
Entrance Cards on the
First Day II
Dismissed Alter Enrollment
to Secure Booksj j
Padncaha army of children drilled
back to the public schools today to
begin another term of nine months
study To the majority It was a
sow march as they paraded through
tho etreets to the familiar school
buildings and surrendered to the
schoOl teachers and school books
again Youngsters on their first
trip to school and High school stu
dents trudged through tho streets
side by trlde were enrolled for serv
It was a curious sight In the office
of Superintendent J A Carnagey
Despite the fact that he was at his
office last week to enroll pupils a
greater rush than ever before was
made this morning for entrance cer
tificates The rush was eo great that
Assistant Superintendent Rosa stood
at the doorway and Issued numbers
so that each applicant was served In
Professor Carnagoy was busy all
day Issuing entrance cards and it i
was his busy daylu the real mneanluige
of tho term
On the opening day It Is impossi
tile to obtain any figures of the en
rollment but it IB i expected to IIIU
irnss last yeartf < figures AlI the
teachers have reported for duty and
were at their posts this morning
Many of the teacher are new this
terin jjut they are scattered arooag
the oukr teachers ot jhe varJ0f j
buildings and It Iffexppcpa that the
school work will bClTf in with iwwal
smoothness this year
This morning the pupils wercrl
tamed at the school buildings only
long enough to be enrolled and re
colve Instructions At 330 oclock
they were dismissed fo the day In
order to procuro books and school
supplies All The book stores hid
extra forces but despite this are
rangement the stores were thronged
all day Tomorrow will be the first
day of real school when the recita
tions will begin
County School
The county High school building
at Heath will bo completed Instead
of preparing two rooms as decided
at the last meeting of the county
school board Tho trustees have
discovered that they will have more
monQY than calculated and have de
termined to complete tho entlro
building Contractor James Rouse
has been given instructions to rush
the building to completion and ho
Is expected to have the High school
ready for tho opening of classes
October 1
All tho county schools are now in
session Most of the schools have
been In session for several weeks
but the last opened today making
all of tho schools In session The
county schools usually start tnj j
August so that tho session maybet
completed before Inclement weather
A meeting of tho county school
board has been called for Thursday
by County Superintendent L W
Feezor J1 J 1
Two birds were killed with one
atone Sunday morning when Chief
of Police Henry Slngery wont to
Cairo to bring back Berjry NoIre
colored charged with grand larceny
Chief Singer way about ready to re
turn to Paducah with Noise when
tho Cairo police brought In Freeman
brian colored also wanted by tho
Paducah police for malicious cutting
Noire worked silently Ho Is nc
cuted of robbing G W Rappoleo of aoi
watch and > 100 In gold while hit
victim wasnsleep It In said that tho
police havo worked up a strong case
Torlan Is charged with slashing Bam
Bl ham
Pay Pr iulums 10 Einlp ntH to Got
Iondon Sept 12Tllo several
steamers which left British ports for
the United States today carried be
tween COOO1 and 7000 passengers
Tho rush was so great tint many well
todo Americans were obliged to con
emit themselves with thirdclass or
i vcn stocrngo berths nnd gladly
paid emigrant handsonie premIums
to surrender their accommodations
11 0

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