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The Paducah evening sun. [volume] (Paducah, Ky.) 1906-1929, September 12, 1910, Image 3

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Complete change will be made in the arrangement of our store Our overcrowded stock will be in the way of the workmen goods must be sold and
4gotten out of the way regardless of price This will be a great opportunity for the wideawake housekeepers of Paducah and vicinity
rt r i I 1 f 2775 s
A most attractive little Parlor Set the boat for the monty Hint
you over Inltl your eyes on plain but beautiful mahogany frames
Kuod nnd substantial upholstered In green silk plush Regular
I 4000 let
For tlili beautiful solid oak
I II o boo rd has good slzo mir
i ror two iiniall silver drawer
ono largo Jluon drawor nlco
roomy cupboard below Sale
priio 1278
Fiat I I Illlor SUnli
It It aid that tho tint rolltr
ikai < It were Introduced Into England
+ o klllK into M the year 1700 Tilt
liuiitor wiw a KIcmltiK who wan
AIJI < hed to the unite of the 8panh
n m aMdor i and tamp with him that
war to London We arc told that
Imo rtltpd on a pair of rontrlva w
and playing a violin he mixed In
tin mdtloy throng at the celebrated
1d Mrs Csrnelhn inMu nttli nt Or
1Mrs 1
IHii lion c JJoho squire when not
having provided tho menu of retard
Ins bin M kM > ity nor of comma mil UK
I UK irriTllon I he Impelled I himself
I iiciiiiM t a very vnliiicblc mirror dali
td it tn atom broke hilt h Instru mitt oh
I 1 o iilii t and wounded himself
1ttfI 1 urivous mi Khan to the hilar
lou inventor probably put balk
A great bargain This rablnut
Is I good roomy well made put
torn ban two largo lour bins
and two dm worn In bass nleo
glass door cabinet top for
dish Regular prlro 12iO
roller skating n century or MJ Wo
have Improve on the contrlvanreu
duce then but virii now no one
bw boon able to retard the velocity
bt > > HIND of pttetIlllfI tic brake Wo
Rate this hint to prarontday In
ventors for their cflusfclerntlon
Duuiloe Advertiser
The Iowa woman witosc husband
struck her in tho collioum can
Rymuntlilze with till Boston man who
win sot In tho RNstiouic
And both of thorn ran afford to
tjlve a little pathetic consideration to
the Chicago Kin who wan tanned
on her vacation Cleveland Plain
DenIer 1f
l < Jnt ask favors If yon cant I
stand an occasional turndown I
Many people who generally enjoy good health suffer from biliousness in the sum
fmlr f tune Rich foods served icecold are difficult to digest by the major
USE ity and often produce a chilling of the en
DR CALDWELLS tire dige tVc tract the liver thus n
CVPMO Bc5IiM comes slugsih when the condition known
SYRUP PEPSINas biliousness results This is often accom
pariiJ by constipation or Indigestion Serious as if i may seem how
or to the unfortunate person it is easily curable with a rem
c edy such as the wellknown Dr Caldwclls Syrup Pepsin which is a great laxa
tive and tonic and which contains ingredients that act upon the liver and stim
ulate it It will relieve a hotweather liver complaint over night and cure it
lastingly in a very short time If you love any IndUposftion of the stomach
liver or bowels your first concern should be a supply of this grand remedy
which you can obtain of any druggist for 50 cents or 100 a bottle There will
be enough and to spare for your complaint and that of your family A FREE
TRIAL BOTTLE will be sent to those who have never used It if they send
their name and address to
DR W B CALDWELL 400 Caldwell Bldg Monticello III
4Ferry 4 Boat G W Robertson
Leave Paducah for Owens Landing at 600 am
Leave Paducah for Owens Landing at 845 am
Leave Paducah for Owens Landing at 200 p m
Leave Puducah for Owens Landing at C00 pm
Leave Paducah for Broolcport at 700 a m
Louvo Paducah for nrookport at 1200 noon
Lenvo Paducah for Hrookport at 445 pm
Leave Paducah for Livingston Point at Rj45a ni
t Leave Paducah for Livingston Point att 300 p m
t Tables furnished for oml parties on application
A tAll I afternoon ride for Ladles and Children for 10 Beats
A Twenty Milo Itldo for 10 rents
I < >
> or C
A genuine Mahogany Dresser
well made and finished has two
largo swell frojit drawers and
two small ones a large heavy
beveled pinto mirror regular
J2250 dresser sale Ilrfc o13iCi
Genuine Mahogany
Center Table good pattern well fin
ished has 24Inch top regular 400
table <
If 1875 t
Hero Is a very handsome Davenport has solid oak
frame nicely finished upholstered In best grade of
chnso leather has largo wardrobe underneath for bed
ding Regular 3000 value
This Rocker just as Illus
trated has good high
back and wide flat arm
yell made and finished
Regular 400 value
For this full slzo good substantial
Iron bed any color you desire Sale
prlco 165 4
0 n
Right to IroliTt niid 1 Ire erne New
foiiiiillanil Ilnnli Inlicmit and
fair to All
I Washington Sept 12 Legal ofll
ccrs of tho state department have
completed a careful study of tho
Newfoundland fishery decision hand
ed down by The Hague tribunal sev
eral days ago Their conclusion Is
that tho gen 1rnl result of tho de
cision Is a substantial victory for the
contentions of tho United States
Tho department linn prepared an
unofllclnl statement of tho effect of
tho decision and this was given out
Discussing question No 1 decided l t
In favor of Great Britain tho state
ment said
Upon this question the tribunal
appears to have hold that while the
government of Great Britain had ns
an Inherent power of Its sovereignty
tho right to make without tho con
sent of tho United States regula
tions In the form of municipal laws
ordinances or rules such regulations
to be enacted either by Great
Britain Canada or Newfoundland
yet tho exercise of that right by
Great Britain was limited In that
such regulations must bo made bona
lido and must bo appropriate or
necessary for tho protection and
preservation of such fisheries or de
Blrahlo or necessary on grounds df
public order and morals without
unnecessarily interfering with tho
fishery Itself and In both cases
equitable and fair as between local
American fishermen and not so
framed as to give unfairly an ad
vantage to the former over the hit
ter class
oinpminlsc on Fifth QuostlollI I
On question iii which was also IeI
yi1Jo < L c
elded In favor of Oreat Britain tho
statement said
In as much as tho only point be
fore the tribunal for decision in this
matter was tho question of time ox
tent of tho renunciation of tho right
to fish within tho bays etc on the
nontreaty coasts It is evident that
tho effect of tho decision of tho
tribunal as thus reported must bo
confined to the precise question be
fore It and that therefore it can
not be regarded as laying down any
general rule regarding the determi
nation of the extent of bays in other
waters or regarding tha extent of
baysr In these waters except as to
the fishing rights renounced by tho
United States
It would moreover appear that
OA to this question limo tribunal did
not adopt tho extreme contentions
of either Great Britain or tho United
States but on the contrary gave a
compromise decision which closes
to American fishermen on nontreaty
coasts all bays ten miles or less be
tween headlands and opens to them
nil bays whose mouths are more
than ton miles between headlands
Return of Ferguson
A night cleric In a hotel sat doz
ing at his desk at about 1 a m
when a man in evening clothes came
In as If laboriously trying to walk
a crack and said
Im Ferguson key to room 44
The guest disappeared In tho di
rection of his room ono flight up
In n few minutes a man In his shirt
sleeves with a flattened silk hot on
tho side of his head and with one
shoo on a foot nnd tho other In his
hand camo In and said to tho clerk
Im Ferguson key to room for
Mr Ferguson Just took his key
and went up
Mr Forshun just fell out win
dow n loft key Inside Kindly
loupe have nother Everybodys
sJ hilI
Magistrate Officer what is this
man charged with
Constable Hes a canjora fiend of
tho worst kind your worship
Magistrate Hut this man should
not have been arrested simply bb
cause he has a mania for taking
picturesConstable It Int l that yer wor
ship he take the lUll rasDostllll
svti sissio
President James C Ctlcrlmck 11111
Preside Over Meeting
Today the Kentucky Bankers as
sociation met In Louisville for a two
days session President James C
Utterback of Paducah is presiding
Tho program ot tho meeting Is
Convention called to order at 10
oclock nm by tho president Mr
J C Uttorback Paducah Ky
Invocation Rev Bishop Wood
cock Louisville
Address of Welcome Hon W O
Head mayor of Louisville Ky
Response lion W L Porter
director TrIgg National bank Glas
Annual address of the president
Report of Secretary Mr Arch B
Report of Treasurer Mr II D
Reports ot chairmen ot commit
tees Swonil Day x Tuesday Kept JII I
Convention palled to order at 9
oclock a m by the president
Invocation Rev Dr Mullins
Addresslion Edward B Vree
land New York Subject Do Wo
Need n Central Bank
AddressDr If N Ruelbelt
president Jefferson county bank
J lIfterson town
I JoITorsontownAddress
Address Hon Charles K Wheeler
director and attorney Paducah
Banking company Paducah Ky
Subject Tho Evolution of Bank
Address Mr II L Trimble
cashier Citizens National bank Rus
sellvllle Subject The Ethics of
the Profession
Address 41on Walter S IJarklns
president Tho Bank Josephine Pres
tahburg Subject Kentucky De
Election of olllccrs
New business
Unfinished business
Tile EycniiiR SlintO n Wee K
7TI j 1 111I I 1
And its a mighty fine bed all brass a good f serviceable
IAnd l I i
post Regular 1850 valuo ii1
fi 875
This Is a splendid table for the money Its solid oak solid
pedestal base extends 6 feettopwhen closed 42 lnchertai
diameter rich golden finish handsome plain baso weil
made and well finished heavy and substantial and truly
remarkable value at 875
h 0
Xlcos Pumpkin Festival
The pumpkin festival at Nlco 1s 1
ono of those oldworld customs res
cued by popular sentiment from a
gradual decay that was hastening
towards oblivion It Is a celebration
singularly unique In that the wild
cat exubcranco of spirit alternates
wIths rlous religious ceremonies
business dealings a celebration so
quaint and so little Hko the usual
productions ot modern mankind that
It leaves Ono with the Impression of
having witnessed a scene Idealized
upon tho stago rather than an actual
festival of tho presonb practical rfgo
Yet tho pumpkin custom undoubt
edly reflects of Its resuscitators the
I I inhabitants of Nice whose deep t
IIglous instincts innate reflrfemefct
of feeling and intense love of tip
beautiful were the underlying forces
which prompted them to revive a
timehonored custom without the
least traco of vulgar advertLsemeat
or sordid materialism to mar JUi T
perfect harmony August Wide
World Magazine
Look here my lady oxcWrmey
tho thrlftyi man to his extravagant
wife JouVo carrying tdb rairch1
sail r 3 w
Why should that worrkizutH
she rotorteH g
Because 1 have to rake tho wind
thats why Lfppfncotls Mafiizfrie
Joe Desberger Manager f ft
Change of Program fort I y
Motion Picture
Emerson J LeClear >
Country Capers
Sung by Frank Long 5
Pastor 6 Merle
Comedy Acrobatic Act
Motion Picture I 7
Admission lOc Children 4 5c
A Complete Change of Program Thursday

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