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sow rcnii iiiNO COMPANY
Incorporated w
V M FISHRR rrelldent rl
B 1 So PAXTON General Manager Pw
entered at the postomco at Paducah U
Ky aa second class matter
unscnirrioN HATESI p
week 10 C
By Carrier per
By Hall per month In advance n iii
ny Mall per year In advance UOO q
For year by mall postage paldI100 al
Addreas THE SUN Faducah Ky g
Omce IK South Third Phone SCI U
Editorial Rooms
Old Phone 3S7 New Phone IBS tltl
Chicago and New
Payne do Young NewCI
York reprelentatlveg
pe6s Nr nc
LA hr t1
I August 1010 II
16548 10I i C513 I
268 176504 q
36551 IS 6499 I
4656 196518 U
56550 2006519 tI
66548 226514 w
56544 i 23 6499 t1
91 1 6536 246506 If
i 10G542 2565G7 ve
11 6544 26 6517 w
126537 276518 pi
13VVG540 29 6510 tr
15 6513 30 6500 sc
16517 a1
Total 176188 sc
Averago for August 1909 6775 t1
Average for August 191oQ6526
t on
I 249 tt
Personally appeared before me el >
the 7th day of September 1910 R 1
D MadMlllcn Business Manager of III
The Sun who affirms that tho fore al
going is a true and correct state d
ment of Its circulation for the month n
or August 1910 to the best of his s1
knowledge and belief
Notary Public sl
My commission expires January h
10 1912 nII
L Dally 1hollllItrl
There is that in man which sooner n
or later Is awakened to dissatisfac p
tion with tho gods of his own choos r
IngrW Boyd Carpenter a
i as
Critics of Illinois must remember t
there were no bathrooms to which
+ the common peoplo had access In I
Lincolns time 1
o 1I I
As to Mr Lorimer and Leo ONea I
Browne while It tetrue I 4ho pre
sumption of innocence prevails until t
they are proven guilty the burden I I
is on them when they seek public I
preferment to prove that they are j
qualified to servo I
o I
1 In reminding 1IrC C Grassham
that tho editorial pago of The Even
ing Sun Is open and in a receptive I
mood foe replies to The Suns dill I
cussion of his position at the recent 1
I National observe national 1 Con e
servation congress we call attention I I
to all readers of The Evening Sun I 1
that we would rather make our edi I
torial page a symposium of their
several opinions than to bo able to I I
write like Henry Watterson
In our editorial of yesterday onI I I
conservation and state rights WQ re I
trained from taking issue with Air 1
C C Grassham specifically stating
that we may entirely agree on a
matter of practice but we demurred L
to the sufficiency of hit proposition I
in the promisese
Today wo are Justified by the
er reply of Mr Grassbam
Tho proposition to which wo de
murred was
Any nonnavlgablo waters wholly
within a state and not affecting
other waters of other states should
in my opinion be controlled by the
states but waters or watersheds I
affecting other water outside of
such stole though it lie wholly
within one Mate should bo con
trolled by tho federal government
and not allowed to bo used or dis
posed of by such Mate to tho detri
ment of other states
We stated our counterproposition
as reaching the root of the matter
In all matters alone affecting the
people of a given stale these people
should have exclusive Jurisdiction
but in all mutter affecting nil tho
people of the nation alike In their
ultimate consequences tho nation
should have Jurisdiction
I Today in his reply Mr Grassham
Matters affecting the state alone
should bo controlled by the slate
matters of concern to the nation or
any part thereof f other than the In I
dividual elate should bo subjects of
federal control
We leave it to the same tribunal
to which Mr Grassham appeals
our patrons if his reply Is not
more nearly In accord with our
proposition of yesterday than with
his own original proposition
Mr Grassham wo think errs on
tno side of modesty when he be
littles tho Importance of his own
opinion and the acerbity of his re
ply might have been modified had
he known that while he was away
Tho Evening Sun attributed to him
the honor of playing tho part of
pioneer for his party in spying out I
the ground to fortify its position
issues which wo apprehend wll
paramount in tho next national
campaign wlllf l f
campaignThose eminent gentlemen to whoso
words Mr Grassham listened will
rapt attention at St Paul were Re
publicans for the most part The
were Republicans becauso tho qucs C
ttons with which they were dealing Ir
were administrative and tho Ro tI
publican party just now happens to t
the party of administration fe
Consequently It is in the process of
maneuvering to face front upon1
questions that have not in decade h
risen to the Importanco of issues tl
and this evolution of the entire or
ganlzatlon accounts in some meas
uro for tho fact that hero and then i c
outposts are being driven in de
tachments are being whipped in de
tall and it may bo necessary to i
court martial and shoot some of Its II is
generals before harmony is restored 0
headquarters That the new leadI
era are winning is tho Important s
thingTho Democratic party must fact Tl
the same questions and upon Itst
ability to face them in a solid fron
will depend tho dignity of its postt
tlon in national affairs for the next
several years For this reason Mr 1
Grassham occupied a place of peculiar
and responsibility EvlIJ
liar honor IJ
accumulating that tbttCI
dences aro CI
Issue of conservation and its related q
questions will under the surface attI
least control tho lineup of the nnal
Jonah parties in the next great elecJlI
Jon The tariff question we trust rl
vlll bo happily eliminated from poll
ics by the work of tho commission It
one were to ask us today where t
stand on the tariff question woe
would be forced to say wo favor
whcro American Indus1s
protccUon 1s
and the wage
rial independence wagot to t
cafe aro concerned and we are for by >
ibsoluto free trade on some other at
schedules It is a practical quest n
lon Wo must correct Mr Grassham S >
made that
statement he tbatte
in one te
ho enthusiastic championing of fed >
eral control was not exercised redib
The Sun until after the adjourn I S
ment of congress Wo have beonil
idvocatlng the propositions wo laid lbY
down yesterday so long that wo can IU
lot remember Just when wo did fiTlt1t1
tale them s
Moreover wo must demur further
hough tb an unimportant matter ri
main WJe
ilnco we agree in the e
lavo never suggested or even Intl
mated that It would bo well for a tl
Late to surrender to tho United a
Hates jurisdiction over riparian c
Ights along nonnavigable streams b
tow lying within tbo state and under
irlvatc ownership The question Isj j
rather the other way around Wo t
aro concerned with water power r
siteS situated within the public doe
main which Is to bo opened to pri
vate entry Shall the United State I 1
upon opening this domain to settle 1
ment surrender to tho states abso 1
lute control over tho water power
sites or shall tho United States re
tain control of them for the public
Mr Grassham answers this him
self and again ho joins with us
He says 1 am of the opinion that
federal control is tho thing to best
protect tho public against politicians I
in4 pirates preying upon the pub
Ic and ho gives his reasons
In that ho agrees with Mr Roosc I
rolls New Nationalism and with I
President Tafts advice to tho con
icrvatlpnlsts that If control is sur I
rendered to the states It must be I
conditional upon good and sufficient 1
surelY that the states will not re I
linquish ownership or grant per 1
petual leaseholds In the property I
Tho Now Nationalism Is an ex I
pression of tho prophetic vision of 1
Mr Roosevelt a part we should I
say of the new internationalism I
Lbo spread of that brotherhood of
nan Idea around the globe that Is 1 I
remoulding the whole social comI I
pact Tho expressions quoted byI I
Mr Grassham from the president I
are typical of the natural deliberate I
ness and conservatism of tbo man 1
It Is this difference In temperament
perhaps that has occasioned the I
continual train of surmises of a rup I
ture between tho president and Mr I
Roosevelt Invariably followed tho I
ejaculations of surprise that they
aro so much In accord as to their
theories and practice The two are I
doing splendid team work as they
always have
But this is getting off the subject
Wo wanted only a succinct opinion of
Kentuckys representative on a vital I
question concerning conservation
and we got It and aro pleased with I
It t and endorse It We also wished I
11to assure Mr Graasbam of our dls
tlngulshed regard and we think ho I
understands that we were dealing
with the subject as a humble
though wo trust sometimes useful i
public functionary and not in a
spirit of animosity partisan or per
The result In Maine Justifies the
political sagacity of Senator Eugene
Hale who recently announced that
consideration for his health neccel I
ates his retirement from the senate
at tho end of his present term We t
rdont know at this distance of r
nurse what local Issues and how
far they entered Into the result of
ho general election yesterday but I
re opine Senator Hale did when he
rrelt and rightly dlagnonod the first
iremonltory symptoms of that dls i
are which has laid Its merciless
and upon him
We may get some light on the Iflt l
latlon In Maine by studying tho
emarkably Interesting results of re
cent elections Two byelcctlons In
New England have resulted In the
defeat of standpat Republican con
resEiiicr In nominally Republican
dIstricts by their Democratic oppoo
jnts and the following twentythree
It Is a distinct distinction to
occupy tho space of Paducahs Even t
Ing Sun and tho twocolumn atten I
ion of its vareatllo editor
This attention Is more noticeable t
for two reasons viz I
First Because of the fact that I i t
ani not an officeholder or seeker and
have no constituency whose Instruc
tions < have been violated as none
were given
Second Because tho enthusiastic
championing of federal control was t
not exercised by tho Sun until after I
the adjournment of tho congresst
Thinking to myself how ridiculous t
this controversy between a Demo r
cratic citizen and tho editor of a HeI I
publican paper over a subject that
should permit of no politics or party v
questions I shall proceed to place I
myself right In the eyes of the edi r
tors patrons if not In blsr
To the question of my position asI I
to state or federal control
My I position upon this question
was taken on my own responsibility
If any Kentucky organization
Democratic or Republican has ever
committed Itself on tho Immediate t
question as It relates to conserva t
lon I am not advised of It hence It I
appears to mo a thing of no great r
public concern as to whether J ams
Ight or wrong
As wholly wrong as I may bo onI I
tho question it is still possible that
tho Sun may not have discovered tho
errorI I
irrorBut if my position on the question t
or ever was a matter of Interest
tho public why was I not advised
y some one having tho public good
t heart just what I should or should
lot do
Even tho versatile editor of the
Sun with his northern inclination I
award states rights might hoot t
dazed the ways
Iblaud position right or wrong c
Stated It is this Matters affecting
Ilbe state alone should be controlled I
y the state matters of concern toj j
Itbo nation or any part thereof other I
ban tho individual state should beI I
subjects of federal controlI I
if we aro to have any states
rights how aro they to bo secured
xcept upon these principles If the
espectlvo states may not control
hose matters within their borders
md affecUng them only then what
can they control and what rights
nave they to exercise
Wlicn state fines are erased state
jurisdiction is destroyed When
tho right of a state to control those
matters affecting it alone Is with
drawn then local oelfgovcrnmcnt
vanishes and on Its memory will I
flourish A New Nationalism Too I
much power centered In the govern
ment is as great an evil as top much I
license granted to special Interest
ilf the people must surrender their
rights and become menials what dUo
ference Is It to whom they belong
1 see but JIUJe difference between 41 I
kind master of Ibo Interests aid r
a benevolent despotism grasping the
flag of the republic to make mockery
of tho constitution
For Instance hero la l a nonnaviga
ble stream of water located wholly
In Kentucky If Kentucky cared to
release to the government its right t
of control over it then well and I
good but H not then nothing would I
be a greater usurpation of govern
mental authority than for the na
lon to attempt an ouster As well I
might It plead that any and all things
that could bo turned to public good
found within tho states should bo
pleased under national control re
gardless of what they are ot whore
standpat Republican congrcaemc I
In widely scattered states have been
retired to private life by the voter
of their own party In popular prl
mantes Kantns Charles Frederick Scott
James Monroe Miller William Alex
ander Caldhcad and William Augur
tus feeder
IowaAlbert F Dawson and Gen
John A T Hull
Michigan Julius Caesar Burrow
and Washington Gardner
Missouri Harry M Ooudrey
California Duncan E McKlnle
and James McLauchlan
Idaho Tliomaa R Hamer
Maryland Col George A Pcarr
and John Kronmuller
NebraskaEdmund II Hinsbaw
Ohio Ralph D Cole
Pennsylvania Henry W Palmer
Alfred Buchwalter Garner John M
Uoynoldu Charles F Barclay George
F Ruff Allen F Cooper Nelson P
Wheeler and William H Graham
The Republican membership of the <
house numbers 217 in u full member
ship of 391 It will thus bo steer
that 11 per cent of tho Republics
membership all standpatters and
devotees of Cannon have been turn
ed down mainly In primary elections
discredited and retired
Maine Kansas Iowa Michigan
California from coat t to coast thor
same disease that sent Mr Halo and
Nolcon Aldrich to quarantine hoi
found Its victims The affliction Is
epidemic The germ IB Insurgency
and the antitoxin It an Injection ort
progressive theories Those con
zrowmen and senators wu have oh
served whore moral vitality Is low
are most euKccptlble NO section
scorns to bo Immune from Infection
In Tennessee It has broken out In a
most virulent form striking down
time governor and rendering him
raging mad with the fever of It
It IB historically recorded that the
great Jilaguo that slow Its lhoiitand
In England forever altered tho re
lationships of labor and gave rise to
t y
It would bo no more sufoserslvo of
the rights ot tho citizens In times of
peace to suspend tho writ of habeas it
corpus than of the states to deny
tho solo jurisdiction of affairs affect
pacities ing them only In their respective 0111 I
pacitiesilf states cannot exercise such j
rights as these then why was article II
10 of tho amendments to tho consti 1
tution necessary and what rights s
were contemplated In these words G
tho several states ratified it viz fl
Tho powers not delegated to tho fi
United States by the constitution nor C
prohibited by It to tho states are
reserved to states respectively or to tI
the people It I t
If tho constitution means thisc
what aro those rights Evidently If I
there be any rights remaining to tboI I I
respective states they 1 Include the by
right to manage those affairs affect pr
Ing them only Ic I
In President Tafts great speech at T1
tho convention ho said 111m I
liberal In the construction of tho con
rtltutlon with reference to federal I
power but I am firmly convinced W
that the only Rife course for us to I
pursue Is for us to hold fast to the
limitations of tho constitution and to
re rd as sacred the powers of the
Is this good authority for the Sun
If so then what powers of tho slates
exist that do not Include tho abso
lute right to act as they choose about
those things affecting them only in
their respective capacities
1 have no doubt but what tho Suns
versatile editor would give weight
to the opinion of so distinguished a
urst as Is Iresdent Tart and he
with an eye that scans the future
with prophetic ken says that it will
be a sorry day for this country If tho
time ever comes when our funda
mental compact shall bo habitually
disregarded etc
A New Nationalism has Its attrac
tive features t and the greatest expon
ent of It Colonel Roosevelt pre
sents it with a charm well nigh Irro
RlKtblo but I have yet to find where
he would deny the state its rights
to act on any matter where it alone
Is affected
I am of the opinion and was when
I i submitted tho resolution referred
to that federal control II I a thing to
best protect the public against polls
tloans and pirates preying upon the
public first because thoro most
likely to attempt this generally
operate In more than one elate and
the stato Jaw Is generally Imulctjualo
lo reach their operations covering
two or more states and second be
cause It would be more difficult to I
make a political asset oat of the
property under federal supervision
than under state control Every true
advocate of conservation feeJs tho
same way But as much as Vro might
incjlne tqjnt tho Im 1 Sticks
pYotcctfon wo nut remember that
the entire trend of affairs 1 Is to cen
tralization and with a country al
ready crazymad with enthusiasm
rover a hero and Idol ready to give
him a third term and If ho wanted a
perpetual hold upon the chief magis
tracy of the nation It will lie but a
short time unHl our boasted liberty
will haw gone the ways
Instead of a government of by
and for the people It will be only a
governing of the people It Is 1 never
well to do a good thing In a bad way
Protect and conserve tho public In
terests this is all right but not at
the expense of tho constitution for
to endure It must bo strong In all I
is parts and respected by nil the
people thel
nlayI I
our present day problem and U map <
be the plague that Is carrying ofT
come conspicuous figures la our na
tonal and state life will permanently
affect other problems of our day and
country Tho Iwnics being fought out thin
year deal mainly with Internal party
conditions and this will be empha
sized if on top of the defeat of the
standpatters in them byelection
wo find that tho progressive candi
dates elsewhere are elected In No
Kent c1cY Kernels
Ran damages crops In ChrUUian
Brow Ourry revival at Mayfiold
a success
The death chair Is being Installed 1
at Eddyvllle
Women assist in securing pledge
for 1910 Burley pool
Huston Whlttaker stabbed to
death at Mlddlecboro
Rev E II Bull resigns from
Hopkinsvlllo Presbyterian church
L I Pollock arrested at Mayflnld for
running a taxlcab line without a
Fortyseven damage suits grow
out of thb explosion In the lirowdnr
coa mine in Muhlonberg county
Heard in the Lobby
C S Brunson who is now In Ixwlt
vllle as superintendent oftho flower
and plant dcpa tnlontlJof ih0 ten
lucky rtato fair writes that he al
ready has five times ae many entries
Inlili department than last year
That tho fair will be larger and het
tor than ever before
limn Vlncohncs pd SKI Kohh man
VladlEonvlIlo jF M t Dust Smjthland i
U 1 C AlbrlttonMayfloM F S Coun
ell Jne son Mir J F Ikatley
A s
I Cured Stomach TroubJ
Mr Jai P Staiuol made lound and w ell l
f after several year of suffering
r I Read what Mr Stansel says I 11Jd
stomach trouble for several years nml
began using jufXs Pure Malt Whist
key In a short time I was sound 3ml
well 1 have recommended your mcdi
cine to others and know many have usei
to great advantage Jai P Stansel
103ji N Market St Columbus Miss
Duftyf Pure Malt Whiskey
when taken In mo
Uicinal doses just CI
before a meal stim
ulates the mucous i
surfaces and little f
glands of the stom I
ach to a healthy ac
tion causing a auf
ficient flow of the a to +
gastric juice to di
gest the food It continued it will cure
the disease or weakened function by its
tonic and stimulating effect It also
excites the flow of saliva for the diges
tion of starchy food preventing fermen
tation in the stomach and bowels
all druggists grocers and dealers
diredruggists edMedi
direct 1100 a la F hats Medi
cal booklet and doctors advice free
Hit Duffy AUIt Vhlikfjr Co Roches tart N Yi
Cashvlllo i B F Hall Hondereon
V L Dunn Nashville
BELVEDERE Al Aiidemin St
Louis J A Ward Louldvlllo Oar
held DIxon Grand Rivers U B V4t
on Ixiulsvllle L I E Metcnlfe In
field N It Miller Iji Outer L I F
Voodruff Eureka C B Brooks
Sharon Tenn
oulsvllle W T Davli MayfloM A
Roberts Metropolis J L Workman
MayfleM I H Hullnear St lauds
W A Pinkerton Bvnton M I L I
Pith Clifton Tenn P K I Cookey
DycurtMirK D L Kurdy Providence
wife Barkley G F Dempsey
Shawncclown Aaron Youngman
Mt Carmel Albert Famish Lcdbct
tor J P Barnett Macon Miss
M E Murphy Eldorado I 111 E
Korte Metropolis J II Cochran
ran nonr nova vo WAIT
Avery dose makes you fl bun ta
Ros keep your whole Inside right
old on the MontyBack plan avert
rhtr rlefa
Continued From Pago Oat
poo a tlon was the most Important I
wllncwv early In the s Investigation lit
told under protest how tho Cntragti
packer got control or the Independ
ont concern founded by the butcher
for the purpose ot fighting tho to
called trust Altogether nlore thAn
200 wIlncKfp moro than ball ol
them from out of town were exam
Ined t
The grand jury cbhtIDhedItr wail
for about a month whets on August
11 the fln t tentation was sprung
Thomas O Lee manager of tH J
dressed Ior department of ArmoAil t
k company was inducted for perjury r
Tho grand jury also return 1 n pen i
1ttaUonat t report charging Alfred R l
Urlon chief counwl for the company
and president of the Chicago board
of education and larva Armour of r
rfice employes with having destroyed
stenographers note books demanded
by tho Inquisitorial body
Tho men appeared in court and
after a hearing lasting several days
Judge I < andls dlrailsscd the charge
against Urlon Final deposition of
the perjury case was tot for Septem I
ber 19fast
fast ProMYiillon t Failure
In tho Leo perjury Indictment It
w e cbargcd tht aeekl mcetan
are hold In Chicago at which tho
packers fix prices and decide how
much bti lnes shall bo dono by each
company during the week
Tho grand Jury practically ended
its Inquiry n week ago Since that
lovornmont attorneys have spent I
heir tlmo In conferences at which II
indictments were prepared I
The first federal grand jury In II
vestigation of tho packers hogan
March 2 1905 On July 1 1 JganI I
Indlctiwnto were roturnod against
sixteen individuals and five corpora
tions On December 13 1905 tho
only trial of tho packer began Tills
cragged along until July 1 lOC
when Judge Humphreys gave his
nmous Immunity bath to all in
llvlduali on trial 110 declared the
Icfcndnnla had been compelled to
urnlsh testimony which resulted In
heir Indictment and that tho cases
ignlnst them riiould bo dlshitrtvd
In December 1908 rjmithor fed
val grand Jury Inquiry was begun
This dragged on until April 1909
when It was dropped with no indict
monte and no rcaoons given
nUlmm l > 11V IT
Illlnol Central Can fro Blown Off
the Truck Several IVonlii
Konkakee 111 Sept 110Ilmnll
and Danforth III suffered consider
able damage and several person
were injured during a tornado A
caboose and several cars on a south
bound Illinois Central freight train
were blown off the track and Flag
man Fred Tato was severely Injured
Two other men In tho rabooso wend
Telegraph and telephone wires
were torn down and tho stricken
villages cut off from communication
for several hours Train crows pass
Ing through tho storms path report
that windows were shattered by hall
and thousands of acres of corn rid
+ Tby Corntllnon Heaaach War mil
III curs that II Sass UttsraellN
iy all druicUta
Crmtot Dinner Ever livid In till
rag Itelng IMnnnrd
ChlcuRo Sept 1oUnlted States I
Senator Ixirlnwr I a to bo the guest
of honor at one of the biggest din
nor that bat been given In Chicago
In many yearS The occasion J lo r
furnish a rebuke by the friends of
Iho senator to Hoooevplt wbo recent
ly I decjlntdfjo sitat lithe Santo table
wlcitliorfrStrt hit I oilo accentuate
the dlsa lYoYdS with which thn
friends of tho senator regard the thnI II I
lion of Roosevelt they Intend to ask
Taft to sit at the bead of the table
ul plans for tho dinner art tenth
the and the time of holding the ban
quet bas not ben determined It
dcp rdi upon whether Taft tarll ac
cept tho invitation
Party lines the friends of tho sen
ator Ray wl 1I not 4 > o contldored at
the dinner and Democrats and Re
publicans alike will bo asked to I
Tho friend of the senator have
derIded to ask Speaker Cannon to
net as toastmaster Other iptctal
guest to ii I Invited am Vlr Irenl
dent Slrerman and Senators Crane
1tatttl ktllom t
he WeatherI I e
Forecast for Indurnh and vicinity
Partly cloudy lonlght and Wednes
day Cooler tiinlitht Highest tamsf r
peiiitim + today Jill lowest tCIIIlerler
lure today t t 70
BRING i in the boys for
one of those new
browns or tans we arci i
featuring this icaton at
Doubc breasted coat
bloomer pants and made
up in splendid manner
1 LfInTrv 41 ili
News of Theatres
Next Thursday lines All
New Shows will exhibit In Paducah l
tripled In sire and quadrupled In
merit and a 25c admission The p
street l parallo at 10 p nt U I s J Io
nufpass In Elegance tonfttb nnF o
ohsany herotojoro ggn i Ifi Iaducsh r
For tho nut jwrt of the week lbs >
Kentucky ihijafer hw K good bill of
vaudeville Tho ipothin jilrlurc aro
rxctKont white tllo vaudeville feat v
IICXIont much above the average
Sam jlood a former Iadurah boy
Is a blackface comixllnn with aims
real now jokes and a happy manner
Of dlirpvDslng them ovgr tho foot
light llle sung arI catchy and ev
ery rulnuto ho was on tho stagy thol
audience was emHIng at hit sun
shine The trio of Mallbrw put on
a good Jminllo net Aft murirlani
they nrojpxxl and for youngMorg
puny difficult musical InatnuiipntM bet
tor than rome proft Monalt Tho
contortion work of lltllo MtM Mat
thew was goodr I
Mr 1 I II Hughoi left this morn
ins for Murray on hostess
0 n U mum
9hllrsdal Will Je jossard 1CI
iI n fur rset f elartnentI I V s
of being filled with the nowesbFall
On this day our patrons will have the prlvllego I
model of t
FtlfJard I
fiI yL ace jo Front I
by one of tho Oossard Corsetlercs When you realize
that every Oossard Corsctloro and litter Is n graduatu 1
of Now School methods you will understand tho 1
advantage to bo derived For women who are moos
qualnted with tho Uossard facts wo give them In Ulltt
1rillaintcel i 1
The prcemlncnco of the front lacing rorsoi i Is to J
day n demonstrated dross fact Tho osnurd ranks UH
tho fashionable corset of tho world It Is tho orlgfiil a
and perfect front lacing corset and affords tho tried
union of stylo and healthfulness something wiifoh
has heretofore never been accomplished It Is the only
corset that adds to general beauty of linon closed
habit back that Is unrivaled In dlsllnctlvenoss
I It Is the only corset In which yon will get 1 LECTl10U0N1a honing whlel leads I fJ f J
suppleness and strength to wonderful degree
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