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V ra T
t YN
IlL 4
llilmilH CVnrnl Adopt Improved
nglrovedj j
Several improvements will be
made at the Illinois Central shops
h11 In the next few months Arrange
ments aro being made for the in
Rtullatlon of a dust consumer at the
I coal chute and a now modern and
larger turn tablo baa been ordered
I In tho coal chute BO that the small
I coal and dust will bo burned with
1 the mixed coal Instead of permitting
tho dust to fall to tho bottom and
andr r
moved from tho chuto Tho con
f sumer will keep tho small coal and
dUst scattered with the lump coal
aiid will be burned A representa
I i UfO of a manufacturing company
wan In the city yesterday taking
I measurements Tho burning of the
dust will bo a atop of economy in
t lilt coal bills
Tbo now turntable will be 85 feet
r long and will bo capable of turning
the largest of the Pacific typo pas
senger locomotives Tho present
table Is G feet long and Is too short
for Homo of tho engines running Into
Pdducah occasionally Tbo now tablo
will bo operated by electricity
Joo F Walker master mechanic
f returned this morning from Louis
ville after a trip on business
Charles Ackerman a machinist
s returned today from Springfield Ill
mothert t
Theodore Shelton has returned to
his passenger run after tiding off
duty owing to an injury
Conductor Sam Sugars of the
Nnshvllle Chattanooga St Louis
railroad and Mrs Sugars are visit
i Dig relatives In Michigan
+ Itl
ItlIIT aiMi airs LOST
Ixjilng her way homo Ova tho
1yearold daughter of SI tr and MM
Samuel Oraffen 174ft Ilarrision
street wandered about tho city halt
or last night am wan finally to
stored to her parent at 1 oclock
tills morning after she bad knocked
at tho door of S T Wootan at 1033
Jlarrnlon street a short distance
from her home An alarm was re
ceived by tho police early last
night to locate the child who bad
lxn inlnalnK Inco 3 oclock yester
4edap aftcrhoon A vigorous eearch
was IRBUII by the department but It
proved unsuccessful Tho little tdrl
bad gone to tho homo of Mm Keller
on Broad street a friend of the
t Dragon home On her way back
Ova lost her hearings and wandered
lbaround until after midnight when
oho called at the Wootan homo and
was taken to tho arms of her almost
prostrated mother
Mountains of pure marble have
been discovered In German South
Africa tho like of which are un
known In tho world
e e e
Boarding school fOr YoungS
Ladles and Children
Modern Equipment music
drawing and painting short
M band and typewriting aro taught e
according to the best Improved I
methods Tho maternal dis
clpllno unites a careful training I
of character and manner with
Intelligent and physical develop e
meat For catalogue terms
etc address
R U R to a
V i
Cincinnati O Account Ohio
Valley Exposition Tickets to
bo sold dally until Sept 24
Rato 1090 for the round
t trip good for ten days return
ing Tickets will also be sold
limited to September 29 for
dMreturn for 1430 for the
round trip
Fulton Ky Account U C
+ V Reunion Tickets to be
t sold September 21 and 22
limit September 23 Hound
trip lGO
Agent Paducah Ky
4 VIii S A Union Depot
TIJe 1m
and tf iel ANT l I f
D2L41IoM1b life WOMAN
tMrMSA IM LMyat 1M1 rM1
If we control It It will pay a fair
dividend on all the stock that has
been putout most of which Is I held
by our friends and tho friends of the
organization answered Van Slyke
The problem was a tremendous one
They faced It silently a moment or
two and at last Haldane restated It
You see we can If necessary defy
publlo opinion and Jam through an
ordinance at the last l minute even If
wo are likely to lose the election al
though by so doing we should glvo the
enemy a tremendous advantage at
the close of tho campaign Or we can
defer the granting of the franchise
until after the election in tho hope
that the postponement will be cur
strongest card for winning I tell you
gentlemen that other Interests of
greater magnitude would be Involved
In tho fate of tho Gotham Freight
Traction company
Why In the name of all thats
businesslike didnt you got control of
this franchise before asked Ruther
Wo couldnt Haldano replied It
Is I Impossible to get a renewal of a
franchise until It expires
Why didnt you wait before com
mitting yourselves to the greater en
terprise until this franchise ma
tured Wo couldnt There were other In
terests anxious to build the subway
and unite the various other trlinchla a
in one organization The people wero
clamorous that tho road should be
built and there was nothing else to
do but build It Besides who could
have foreseen this situation No
gentlemen wo wero helpless and
without this franchise wo aro more
What docs It covert asked the
mayorIt covers pretty much every avail
able route by which wo can connect
tbo ends of tbo traction company
How much territory
Oh a mile or a mile and a bait I
should say but every possible right of
way II Included in tho franchise
And If we dont get IU
Somebody else will get It of
course Ho will build the connections
and hold us up for anything that he
waqts But It will bo no good to anybody
else without what weve got suggest
ed Van Slyke
True but we have got several bun
dred millions involved and cant adopt
I a donothing policy Probably ten
I millions or even less will cover tho
1 expenses required by rebuilding en
der tho old or new franchise and that
ten million has us by the throat
It should be easy for five hundred
millions to freeze out ten said
Under other circumstances It would
not be at all difficult answered Hal
dane but the people are to be con
sidered in this case This road was
built as a public convenience and
gentlemen It has to be run
This is a hell of a fix for men as
smart as you to git yourselves Inl
aid LtlTey As I take It we can
secure tho franchise or wo can make
Its future grant the Issue of the cam
paign and It wo win pass It then
and If wo fall take our medicine
Youve stated It exactly
For myself Im in favor of grab
bing tho franchise now said the
boss It means money Moneys
what were here for Tho object of
politics Is money for the crowd thats
In The aim of tho crowd thats out
Is to git In so they can git the
money With money wo can buy
votes with votes wo can get office
with office and money wo can get
Immunity from the consequences
Even If were beaten by tbo mayor
well still have tho district attorney
well still have tho police force Ill
still bo here so will you Mr Hal
dano And therefore rathern fake
any risk I move that the franchise be
renewed as soon as It expires and
that the grant bo made to the Gotham
Freight Traction company Id rather
have something substantial than play
for a chance any time I guess wo
wouldnt suffer any therefore no mat
ter what happened Besides all Itd
mean would be a wait for four years
Theso reform movements always get
tired of themselves and then one or
the other of the old parties comes in
Well be the one
I am Inclined to believe that much
of Mr Llffoys contention is sound
said Van Slyko at last l
Well gentlemen said Haldane
what do you all think about ltf
Lets got what we can said the
And keep all weve got added
Very well then said Haldano so
bo It Wo are united upon a non
partisan ticket which wo can select
presently with Warren at tho head
of It Mr Llffcy will see Mr Benson
and Induce his cooperation Mr Con
nell I will Investigate Mr Gormlys
career Mr Rutherford will arrange
to have tho franchise renewed as Boon
as It Is ppsolblo to do so Mr War
ren will at once announce himself as
a candidate for reelection Messrs
Llffoy Hnbberlcy and Council will
get their forces In line And I think
thats all
Not quite Mr Haldano said Lit
What elsor
Youll sit the barrel open for tho
necessary expenses of tho cam
paign 7
Quito BO said Haldane dryly
SmISSZ well WIll ui to do what
co J
is proper eli gentTeraenT
Van Slyko and McRonald nodded
I think weve done a pretty good
nights work said the district attor
ney rising to his feet
Dont go yet said Haldane We
must fix up the slate first and that
will bo all
It was a lialf hour later when the
last one departed from tho house
Haldane was quite aware of the con
ditions under which his fortune was
being Increased and his power extend
ed Ho bad been brought In contact
with the naked reality of the situa
don a great many times but it
I seemed to him that never before had
it I presented itself In so hideous and
unattractive a guise as on that night
The financier was hardened His con
science while keenly alive In other
directions In matters concerning poll
tics and the people was seared and
I indurated But what had been said
and what ho had discussed that night
had sickened him
Haldano felt quite lonely quite old
as he sat there In the small hours of
the morning his cigar gone out
musing over the situation Ho pulled
himself together at last The battle
was not lost The enemy had not won
and before that came about there
would be a struggle which would beg
gar description The cards seemed to
be In his bands or in the hands of the
ring of which ho was chief No more
experienced players over sat at a
game than those associated with him
They ought to win but would they
Haldane was by no means certain
The Voice of the People Is Heard
Gormlya refusal to accept tho In
dorsement and become the nominee
of the cuts created a great sensation
It was an evidence which by and by
even the stupid could apprehend that
dormly literally meant what ho said
when ho declared that lie was to be
an absolutely Independent candidate
tied to no faction bound by no party
entirely free and unfettered
The men who rallied to his support
while as Innocent as babes in the prac
tical politics affected by Llffey and
Benson were nevertheless menor
abounding real keen Intelligence and
high quality Nor were the workers
that gathered round the new leader
entirely from the social set and circle
of tho HaldancB Gormly In one way
or another employed a vast number
of working monoJIll relations with
them had always been not merely
square as they phrased It but kind
and generous They wero organized
and started at work immediately In
every direction Before the enemy
realized It ample time had been se
cured In every possible assembly
room and there were nightly meetings
all over the city
In the Gormly store Itself was a
great auditorium In which free con
certs lectures and entertainments
bad been given for the employee and
patrons of tho store This auditorium
had outside entrances and could bo
completely cut off from the other
business Every afternoon be assem
bled In tho auditorium the workers
and speakers and every afternoon
there was tho freest possible discus
lion of tho Issues of what was to bo
said in the speeches of the night of
the places to bo covered The man
showed a genius for leadership and
direction that was amazing He de
veloped a power of Succinctly pre
senting the facts which In largo
to his followers
Livingstone Haldanos example bad
been followed by not a few young men
of fortune and position It became in
a certain sense among a certain set
the fashion to campaign for Gormly
Automobiles of all ports Were avail
able for transporting speakers and
classes and social distinctions were
wiped out In the greater Issues In
volved By these methods what was
picturesquely described in the city pa
pers as a whirlwind campaign was
It must not bo supposed that the
opposition was idle by no means
Never had Its activities been so great
You Get the Barrel Open for the Nec
essary Expenses
Its energies so manifestly put forth
It had welcomed with Joy the news of
the refusal of Gormly to become the
candidate of the minority party Lit
i had alone decj lua fain awl
mind that that seUTed iho Issue Even
farther sighted men like Rutherford
were of the same opinion Haldane
alone the wisest shrewdest and
ablest of tho group was not con
vinced and under his vigorous though
secret urgings the ring redoubled its
efforts to beat the man
At tho proper tlmo the proposition
from the party In power to make a
combination with the outs was sprung
upon tho public It was hailed on one
side as an evidence of the fairness
of the party In power and the Sachem
society which many people Imagined
needed no alliance of that kind It
was considered as testimony to the
fact that the party In power bad noth
ing to conceal since it admitted the
outs to Its councils and that It was
sincerely desirous of giving New York
a business administration In which all
factions and parties should be repre
sented There was truth In the con
tention too The only faction or party
that would not be represented by this
alliance would be the common people
Wiser heads however realized that
altruistic methods were inconsistent
entirely with the real spirit of either I
party and saw in the alliance a con
fession of weakness And the editorial
contingent of tho Gormly papers
seized upon this idea and made tho
most of it In the beginning Gorm
lys advertisements Including his po
litical manifestos had been printed
in every paper in the city They were
paid for as other advertisements are
and why noU But the Sachem a >
ctety bad put the screws on certain
journals which owed much to Its info
ence and because of this pressure
they had summarily refused any more
of Gormly8 unique proclamations
They professed themselves entirely
ready to print his business advertise
ments at the usual rates Gormly
retaliated of course by withdrawing
all advertising of any sort from them
and doubling the space he purchased
In the other papers Naturally there
fore the press divided In two sec
dons those that wero controlled by
the party in power and those that
were favorable to the new candidate
Incidentally nothing that he could
have said or dono could have so In
creased the business of his store I
His business rivals and associates in
deed suggested and the suggestion
was quickly seized upon by the ad
ministration papers that the whole
thing was a clever advertising dodge
and that Gormly was simply using his
candidacy to boom his business There
was no satisfactory answer to this
argument which was one of the best
that could have been devised by the
opposition and It was harped upon
immensely although their leader was
vigorously justified from this charge
by his army of fighters
The expenses of the campaign were
enormous Not1 one cent was paid out t
for bribery or for the purpose of In
fluencing votes in any Improper way
but the hiring of halls tbe payment
of the expenses of meetings organiza
ton transportation printing salaries
and so on aggregated an extraordinary
sum Even GOrmly himself had not
realized how great these expenses
would be but bo paid them without
blenching HIV resources were vast
He put at the disposal of his candi
dacy all the accumulations and earn
ings of twentyfive years He saw
that by tho time tho vote was taken
his ready money would be expend d
Ot course he would still have bill
great business which would be entire
ly unencumbered but everything elso
would go
He still kept to his plan of printing
every week sworn statements of hla
expenses challenging the other party
to do the same The reason the BO
clcty did not publish Its expense ac
count was not because It was ashamed l
of the amount for it was vastly great
er than what Gormly expended They
had nearly as many expenses Tberl I I
except for the newspaper advertising
which they got free and In addition I
they disbursed an immense bribery I I I
and corruption fund through Llffey
Connell Habberley and Benson I
Again and again were Haldane and I
his associates called upon for remit
tanccs which were invariably forth
coming T nets
refusal Failure to win a victory
would mean financial ruin to many of
them Fortunately for him It did not
mean so much to Haldano although I
his great fortune would be seriously
impaired by defeat Most of tbo
others however bad turned over
everything that they possessed and
pledged their credit as well to tho
vast syndicate of which he was tho
head Indeed be and Van Slyke would
bo the only ones not totally ruined
by the election of Gormly Cons e
quently they paid and paid and paid
protesting In their hearts but shutting
their teeth grimly and handing out
the cash which was disbursed to tbo
best advantage by Litter and Benson
Gormjy himself spoke every night
somewhere and the crowds that greet
ed him were enormous Meanwhile
every detective In the employ of tho
city and all others who could bo
suborned were concentrating their
efforts on Gormlys past and present
Ho could not take a stop outside of
his office without being shadowed It
was not difficult for spies to mingle
with the crowd of buyers In his store
and scrutinize every person who en
tered his private room They had
so far discovered nothing Gormly i i
had lived an absolutely clean upright I
honest hardworking life since ho I
landed In New York They did not i I I
find out where he came from or even
where he was born The only possible
clue they had was the statement that
ho had once been In tho west with
which Haldane had supplied them
Men had scoured tho principal cities
of tho west but nothing bad been
learned Connell was In despair He
and Llffey and Benson had again andI I
again been on the eve of determining I
upon the manufacture of some degrad j
ing or Incriminating story which I
would at least l servo their purpose It I
would not be difficult to get witnesses 4
to such an endeavor but It would be
highly dangerous to resort to such sa 1
1hIghly 1 1el L s ° a xui jtUL tesle
rat YY r
r <
I t Me Player Piano s
tl t 1
I playing downward on the keys
playerI i
I I piano if he can play his instrument with
i out moving the key VT J >
IJl I be can bid him good day yon dont
dontI I
The keys are the scat of all shading and
1 1expression in piano music It is utterly
t impossible to give any Individuality or
interpretation to music without them
The Apollo Player Piano is the only one
In the world permitted 10 play directly on
the keys The principle in its application
I Melville Clark If it were not for this
patent every other player piano would be
made to play downward on the keys As
it it other players are forced to strike up
ward on the action back of the keys The
whole agency of natural expression is
thus cut out
No levers or accenting devices can sup
I ply this omission
The exquisite natural shading of the
I Apollo and its perfect musicians touchy
which have won the favor of the greatest
artists of all countries are primarily due
to this only correct methodto playing
directly on the keys But the Apollois just
as superior at every other point
It was the FIRST playtr piano in thm
world to ate the full range of 88 note
The other arc now copying 1m feature 1
It is the only one to use its celebrated
metronome motor costing Jive times as
much as the air motors used by other
player pianos
It instantly transposes any composition
to any key and permits the fullest variety
of interpretationsIt
It brings not an instrument but a fin
ished musician into the home inspired
with the spirit of the master
Made in nine different styles of cases to
snit any interior decorations
We have on our desk absolute proof of
all the claims we make and for your name
and address we will lay them on your
desk together with a catalog showing the
various stylesJ
I Your used piano taken in exchange at a fair valuation
i BroadwayI I I
Phones Old 573r New 1101
I 1
tatlng and undecided
About this lido the disputed fran
chise expired A resolution was f im
mediately Introduced in the board of
aldermen at the city hall granting a
renewal of it to the Gotham Freight
Traction company Every move In t
tho game was watched and the tea e
lution had scarcely been read an4 rot
ferred to d committee when It was
communicated to Gormly The next
xo o
day the Gormly papers tons with tho
charge that the city fathers intended I
to give sway its most valuable remain
ing public franchise to the Gotham
Freight Traction company
At tbe next meeting despite tho
furious protests of the Gormly party
the resolution was put upon Its pas
sage Gormly hero played his great
est political card Attended by a
body of friends be presented himself
at the council chamber and forced ad
mission When the resolution re
newing the franchise was about to b S
voted upon as a citizen of New Yprk
deeply Interested In the matter he d e
roanded to be heard Before permit
slon was either granted or refused
by the astonished presiding officer
Qormly drew from his pocket a piece
Of paper Amid the deepest silence I
he held It up and said
II offer 10000000 for this fran
chlae If it be granted me I shall 1
Interests of the people and turn over
all the profits above six per cent ani I
my Investment to the people them
selves Lest there t should bo any
doubt of my ability to make goad
continued the mer 6c neat
that I have In amy forfeit re
check trot in
question which Is certified to by the
City of Gotham National bank
The gentleman Is out of order
remarked the presiding officer as soon
as ho could recover his equipoise
We are not auctioning off public
franchises to the highest bidder We
are granting this one In the Interest
of the public to the company which
has already served the people so well
and baa assumed the burden of the
great system of which this Is the neo
essary connecting link
Slrl I cried Gormly amid a chorus
cf groans blsses and cheers I pro
test against
Any other Interruptions from the
speaker came quickly from the choir
and any further expressions of ap
proval or disapproval from the spec
tators will result In the clearing of
the room by tho sergeant at arms
I call said one of the aldermen
tor a vote on the resolution
Those In favor of tho granting of
the franchise will say aye Immediate
ly eald tho chairman
Uontlnutwl In Next IMM
Mobile Ala Sept 131 Crad
clock Jr son of a Methodist minis
ter of this city left last night for
Columbus Miss where ho will beI I
employed by Dr John Oliver presi
dent of tbo West AlabamaMissis
sippi Fair association Craddock re
cently Invented a monoplane model
different from other machines of 1
that typo and it made a successful 4
flight The merchants of Columbus I
contemplate the purchase of a e
Wright aeroplane ana It Is possible
that young Craddock will operate Itt t
This is to bo decided later t I
C 4 J
xUlielo finuV Prevented Jlsinenil c I
iiient fly l rliloOok for
Prosperity Now
New York Sept HA mss s
meeting was held at Monrovia Li
beria recently at which resolutions s
wero passed thanking all the Amerl
can friends of the republic for tlj o
aid rendered that state during tit o
recent critical period and declaring
that the help of tilt United States
StatesI I
alone saved Liberia from dlsmem
berment at the hands of the powers I
of Europe
News of this meeting which took
place August ID has been received
hero in a document signed by mem
bers of a committee appointed to
voice the sentiments of the gather
The communication says
No candid person conversant
with the conditions surrounding us I
In the year 1907 would deny that
our republic was In danger of dis
memberment by our European neigh
bors We who know what the situa
tion was keenly realize that we have
been saved from destruction as a
nation by tho generous and timely
Intervention of rile government of
the United States and our gratitude
to the friends who helped to bring
about that Intervention Is too deep
lor expression in words
Wo wish to express our special
obligation to the many influential
statesmen and leaders whose aid was
indispensable to the success of our
cause and we may bo pardoned for
mentioning Colonel Roosevelt and
Senator Root for starting the move
ment to help us by heartily indors
ing our appeal and sending a com
mission to visit us tho American
commissioners Dr Faulkner Dr
Sale and Mr Scott for their good
work on our behalf President Taft
and Secretary Knox I for their prompt
and hearty approval of tho recom
mendations of the committee the
people of tho United States for sup
porting the nation In Its Liberian
proposals and Dr Booker T Wash
ington whose unselfish services
were Invaluable to our cause
We ore now looking forward to
an era of prosperity and permanent
progress under the helpful lead ot
the American government and the
inspiration of tho American people
iltonmiiro of Life fin mil Will Figure I
In Net Jersey Courts
Asbury Park N J Sept 14
The seashore romance that ended In
the recent marriage of Miss Helen
OBrien the St Louis millionaire
heiress to Life Guard Jack lowland
of Avon Is to ho subjected to tho
stern realism of a legal battle In tho
Jersey courts A bill for the annul 1
ment of tbo marriage baa been pre
anygrsDurand l
Rurand Ivlns and Carter acting for
Mrs Rosio OBrien the brides
mother and it is understood it will
shortly be filed fin t the Chancerji
Miss OBrien and her mother haw
gone to St Louis Howland will
not talk of the matter
The brides a Catholic and the
groom a protestant They were
married by It < Baptist minister Jn
the bill it is slated that lowland
procured the marriage through fraud
sad dures3 The day they were mur
Tied August 25 the girl confessed to
her mother and she has not Been
HowIan4 since She has been in a
content at Elflndale l Mo and has
another year of study to complete
her course 1
IroruAl I
Gives prompt and positive relief In
ltllinnm JIfir Co Prop Cleveland 0
Census Man Now Our age mad
am How old are ou7
Mrs Giddy Its none of your
this world r
Census JianAll right madam
Ill put you down at 43
Mrs Giddy Why you horrid
thing Im only 381 Harpers
Steamer Clyde every Wednesday at
5 p m
Steamer Kentucky every Saturday
at G p m
Only 800 for the round trip of flvo
days Visit tho Military National
Park atpltt burg Landing
For any other Information apply to
Joel the work You all
now It II rtJutatl i1 Price 53no
auras t I MtiJC I j
When in need of Rubber
Stamps Brass Stencils
Notary Seals Milk Checks
Band Daters ets It will
pay you to see our line
Diamond Stamp Works i
113115 S Third st
Phones 338a 1 7

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