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iiijsMtisM r
I F M FISHER President
jjl6 jj j So PAXTON General I Manager
Entered at the postofflce at Paducah
I Ky aa second clan matter
By Carrier per week 10
By Mail per month In advance 26
u By tall per year In advanceUOO
x For year by mall postage p ldUOO
i J Address TUB SUN Paducah Ky
Office 115 South Third Phone SS8
Editorial Itoomsi
Old Phone SS7 New Phone U8
Payne ft Young Chicago and New
J York representative
Ij vgra
r I
Dally Thought
Obedience is not truly performed
by the body of him whose heart Is
1 dissatisfied Saadh
I Some people imagine that when
f the worm turns they will get a
c I chance at the other side
0 i 1 0I I
I Sweeping ordinances referring I
to recent action the general council
1 I ididtnott take had no reference toi i
ft anything drastic
r I o
Also we might mention that two
doses of oil during the summer will
keep the streams free from mos
mosr r
For the sake of better Identifica
tion we will add that Election Com
t missioner Snook Is the soninlaw of S
t former Congressman W J Stone I
r 0I i I
t Some fine electioneering dope t
spent Its sweetness on the desert
air of the council chambers Monday I
night and failed to find Its way into I
tospent to of the newspapers I
o C
Just about the time rfewt Chris I
l man was running a steamroller over C
some Democrats at Murray T ester
day his buzzsaw bust at Benton but
nobody was hurt Botcha when
Henry Lawrences buzzsaw bustes
i Eomeonoll get hurt
0 4
f One cannot of course blame a
t U 1p 1 destrlan Into whoso nostrils the
germ laden cd dust is swept for
ii holding a grudge against the store
whose Janitor handles the broom
That suggestion might speed the
L matutinal swlpo at tho sidewalks
f Some of tho insurgent organs are
having a hard tlmo digesting the
1 I
j latest news from Beverly They I
were cocksure that upon Roosevelts I
return from Africa and after his in
¼ terviews with Plncbot ct al he
I would openly denounce tho Taft ad
ministration for what they did not I
I ii say except that President Taft had
r tBeen t fit to fire two or three of Theo II I I
doro Boosevelts admirers which I
they considered sufficient provoca I
tion to arouse the ire of Mr Roose I
velt Wo fear In this they took
their cue from the gentlemen fired
twho t no doubt thought it sufficient
Justification for anybodys wrath
y against the administration IndeedI I
some of them probably are surprised I
< r at this moment that the separation I
of them from their jobs did not pre
cipitate a bloody civil war
The western trip we remember
was to be tho occasion for the de
nunciation of Mr Taft The west
ern trip has come and passed and
the only reference made to Mr Taft
was a complimentary allusion to him
as the author of tho tariff commis
sion an honor which some of Mr
Roosevelts most insurgent admirers
had claimed for themselves
Then came the New York em
brogllo in which these same insur
gent organs announced that Frost 1
dent Taft had entered into a coali
tion with Barnes and Woodruff
whereby ho was to back them In
Y their efforts to name VicePresident
Sherman temporary chairman of the
state convention In return for their
support for tho 1912 nomination It
was hinted how authoritatively we
know not that Mr Roosevelt was
angry at Mr Taft for making this
1compact When the report reached
Beverly Mr Taft promptly repudi
ated any such compact and pub
lished letters from him which show
ed that bo had long ago protested
against such a factional move
In his Syracuse speech recently
jt Mr Roosevelt called President Taft
r a man who had served his country
honorably and uprightly and gave
r r him credit for the tatlff commission
tho maximum and minimum sched
i ules the corporation tax the em
r io s ployers liability law and tho rate
regulation and called the Payne
tariff the best that had over been
tiformed In speaking of this tho In
surgent organs remarked that Mr
Roosevelt cautiously endorsed the
I Taft administration
Now comes the undlgcstlblo part
Some one In behalf of Mr Roosevelt
ryasked ry President Taft for a confer
M ence in regard to the New York sit
uation It was granted and Roose
velt visited Taft Those who onco
d complained at the candidacy of Taft
because ho would bo the creature
f of Roosevelt are now loud In their
abuse of him because ho is not the
a creature of Roosevelt
They wondered whether Taft would
go over to Roosevelt or to tho Aid i
+ wrich machine Mahomet hall gone to
Regular friends of the admlnlei
tratlon it teems have now abandon
ed all hope of securing a general
Indorsement of the President from I
Colonel Roosevelt Specific Indorse
ments of concrete acts and measures I
and policies do not satisfy them and
the talk of Roosevelts deliberate un
dermining of Tafts position may be
expected to continue
Of course there Is a great differ
ence between a blank Indorsement
covering everything and a series of
specific Indorsements plainly showing
omissions The former Is supposed
to sound better on the stump and to
iook better In print alhough the
practical politicians egregiously un
derestimate the Intelligence of the
average observer of things political
But why should an Independent self
respecting man do what no Independ
ent selfrespecting newspaper The
RecordHerald for Instance would
think for a moment of doing for any
party or any leader Why should ho
Issue unqualifiedly rhapsodical In
dorsements where the Interests of
truth nnd progress require discrim
Colonel Roosevelt has by this time
Indorsed everything in the policies
and achievements of the administra
tion that deserves Indorsement In the
the mountain Roosevelt has gone to
Heard in the Lobby
Mayfield C 0 Dickard Nashville I
II Granus Memphis G D John
son Murray D W Wright Mom
pale C D Hancock Fulton H H
King Henderson Wm Hodge lIenI I
derson L C HIker Harrodsburg
port W V Williams Louisville L
E Metcalfe Mayfield W H Patter
son Henderson A C Simmons La 1
Center T F Ecfcert Louisville F
H Atherton Nashville W II Mc
Graw Louisville
Metropolis Ernest White Hazel F
M Johnson Loulevllle R F Flynn
Joppa W 8 Woods Nashville
James Sowders Louisville IA Rob
erts Metropolis Arthur Lowery
ST NICHOLAS B Davis Barlow
H T McAlonker Brownfield A M
Byerly Kuttawa T J Davidson
Batesville M A Reeder Ren haw
J O Thompson Golconda J Blank
enshlp Tlptonvlllo Guy S Dunning
It DO It 1X
Senator Bob Taylor la urging the
Democrats of Tennessee to forget fac
lions and unite in a common cause
against tho Republican party and
their allies and William J Bryan Is
to be pressed Into the service to try
to convince the people that they can
not expect anything from the Repub
titans It Is hoped that these ap
peals will be heeded but the present
outlook is gloomy The faction thatI I
has been in power seems to have done I
everything possible to drive support I
from the party Lexington Herald I
Is the Payne Tariff Responsible for I
fhlll I
Added to the disquiet which such a I
report Is calculated to produce comes
the information that the problem of I
feeding tho people Is assuming seri 1
ous proportions In several countries t t
of Europe and come economists take
even the extreme view of hinting att t
future famine In Germany meat hasI I
become an altogether unattainable I
luxury to all but tho prosperous
classes For years horse flesh andf f
even dog meat has been freely eaten I
by the masses of the people and even I
this Is now becoming to expensive I
for their purses Austria Spain and t I
other countries are In the gamo con J
dition while In Italy matters are I
even more serious even bread being t
scarce The worst feature Is the con i
stant increase in prices of all food
commodities In all these countries
Even In France where the masses of I
tho people arc the land owners and 1
the distribution of wealth Is perhaps t I
the most even in tho world the c
same complaint exists The working I
peoplo of Spain are actually beIngI I I
driven out by want and are emigrat J
ing to South America in almost asI I
great numbers as tho Italians 8reI I
coming to this country Ncw Dom I
ocratI I
IUo YminiCff Ttccord
Whatever Influence may have been
at the bottom of It It Is unfortunate I
for the Democratic party In Ken
tucky that Judge Alllo W Young
should have been selected as chair
man of the Democratic campaign j
committee Tho people In this part t
of the state have not forgotten the
record made by Judge Young when <
ho wail chairman of the state execu I
tive and central committees rome 4
eight or nine years ago they havoI I
not forgotten nor are they likely to
forgot how he removed county com
mltteemcn and appointed others In
their places to servo the political
ends of the machine of which he was
a partnot the head for he wasi i
merely the pliant tool of men high
1 t
JUi rr
judgment of the candid and rearon +
able He has Indorsed tho Taft con
servation program as far as It is a
definite program Ho has Indorsed
piecemeal revision of tho tariff sched
ules Ho has Indorsed the expert
commission plan liberal reciprocity
with Canada freo trado with the
Philippines the railroad act the com
mission on railroad capitalization
the postal savings banks act pro
posed labor legislation
What has ho paused over In silence
for bo It noted that ho has not
presidential act of omission or com
missionwhat has he failed to In
Colonel Roosevelt aware of his In
fluence Is not exercising the right
which the RecordHerald for exam
ple Js exercising Ho praises where
praise 1s 1 due and stops there Wo
praise but we also criticise where
we think criticism proper and neces
sary To expect of Roosevelt a gen
eral blank Indorsement of the Taft
administration Is to expect him to
stultify himself and to subordinate
loyalty to a friend to loyalty to prin
ciple and conviction
No general Indorsement It in
clear Js forthcoming But there Is
no grievance in the fact no under
mining Chicago RecordHerald
er up The fact that Judge Young
has beeen selected to again take a
leading place In tho party manage
ment In Kentucky augers 111 for the
partys welfare It Is not a time for
sharp practice in Democratic politics
in the state it Is not a time for brut
al disregard for mens rights and
mens wishes and the only methods
that Judge Young seems to know in
party management Is brue force and
chicanery The party cannot stand
much of that The people will dis
credit the professions of a party
that elevates Alllo Young to posts of
trust and responriblllty Clinton
Gazette v > ti
Kentucity Kernels
Fulton county fair assured
Mrs Mary J Stono dies at Hender
J M Duckwljey of Dukedom
Fall term of court of appeals be
Great crowds hear Evangelist
Brown at Mayfield
Bad sanitary conditions at May field
causes much sickness
RosIe Boltoa and Tauber Tucker
marry at Pryorsburc
Alto Hodges and Charles W Clay
well marry at Hlckmnn
Mrs Lizzie Owen becomes heir to
John W Wilhoyte estate at Owens
T2 n
The Eagles Scream
Sporting Editor Evening Sun
Dear SIrJln the the Issue of your
paper under date of today wo
notice a report of a game of < base
ball between the B B Hooks of Pa
ducah and as your paper has it a
picked team under the name of Me
tropolis since we feel that you will
gladly make corrections in order
that credit may fall where credit is
due we Idndty ask that you correct
this report and Instead of Metro
polls give credit to the tlrookport
Eagles as It was tho team of tho
Brookport Eagles not a picked team
from Metropolis as represented In
tho report publiiticd In your IaperI I
This game that was played at Me
tropolis Sunday was ono between
the B B Hooks and the Eagles to
decide the championship for the sea
son as tho two teams had played six
gaines each team winning three the
final or seventh game was tronsfercd I
to Metropolis for the reason that the
B B Hooks refused to play the
se nth or championship game on
the Brookport grounds we feel that
your paper should correct this re
port under these circumstances so
that the Eagles wall get the credit
duo them
As the B B Hooks claim1 the
championship for Western Ken
tucky of Sunday baseball therefore
wo would like for you to say that
tho Brookport Eagles claim the i
championship of both Western Ken
tucky and Southern Illinois as tho
Eagles have either won all or a ma
jority of games played with every
team playing Sunday baseball as wo
make this claim wo with you would
slab further that wo are ready and
more than willing to defend same
The lineup of the Eagles In the
Sunday game at Metropolis was tho
same as of old without any change
whatever lineup as follows Doyle
c James 11 Meteor lb Rollmoyer
2b Eakers 3b p Smith ss John
son If Wade cf ft Smith if
and this Is a little more than the II
B Hooks can ray that they played
thor regular lineup
Trusting that you will be kind
enough to give us a report on this
matter that will place It In Its prop
er light thanking you for the con
sideration I am
Yours very truly i
tru1yI I
Manager Brookport Eagles
Every dOle makes you fed better Lax
FOl keep your whole insides right
Sold on tho MonoyIlack plan every
L r I
AdvovntCft the Pooling of liitctvt 1
OnnvvrM Kntltln to More
Tliiiu hiving
Louisville Sept 1Judgo E I C
ORear of tho court of appeals of
Kentucky dollevered nn address on
Tho Tobacco Situation to the
Mens and Dos Club at tho Cres
cent Hill Presbyterian church last
night After an Introductory bible
reading and prayer by tho Rev W
W Akers pastor of the church and
u piano solo by Allen lIuSSman Mat
they J Holt president of the club
presented Judge ORoar
I Judge ORear spoke extensively
of tobacco In hltor > especially In
England and America
I Tile speaker referred to early
records showing that before the year
1792 there were tobacco fields and
tobacco warehouses In what Is now
Kentucky and sad that In tile carl
history of the state it was recognized
as currency on the Fair held In Now
York In 1853 he raid tobacco was
exhibited from every part of
America where It was grown from
Turkey Egypt France and Spain
and thnt tho first prize for quality
was awarded to Mason county Ky
thereby establishing Kentucky ns I
tho banner tobaccoproducing ppol
of tho earth He sold > that about
30 counties in the Burley region of
Kentucky hap a natural monopoly
In tho growth of their tobacco Ho
declared that Kentucky Is l cseentlally
an agricultural state but It produces I
no surplus of corn wheat oats or
hay and that If a state buys more
from abroad than It sells abroad It
Is only a question of time when It I
will become bankrupt
Rarely Hold her Own
There U nothing In that mUdd
stream called the Ohio river raid I
Judge ORear that makes It na
tural for people living north of It to I
Ibe I successful and those living south
of dt to bo tinsuccssful And there
Ida no m80n why Indiana and 1111
note and Ohio should grow richer
J every year while Kentucky tJrcly
holds her own unless it Is tocauo
I they are givenn protection that
Kentucky is not Thor but how
little of what we wear or use is l made
fin Kontucktl What do wo Produce
to sell over yonder
Ito lie said that a Kentuckian would I
cut down In thirty minutes a tree
that It took the Almighty a century
to produce dad would send It across
the Ohio river 10 someone who
would saw it up and paint It and sell 1
It back to Kentucky as mahogany for
15 And the Kcntucklans ho raid
must wait a long Umo for another
tree to grow while tho Yankee still I
has his paint pot handy to paint an
other log
I Kentucky needs moro money
said Judge ORoar and people are
not going to give It to us We have
been Jirrlthip foreign capital ever
since I have been big enough to read 1
the newspapers but it either has not
recclvd th Invitation or has been
busy cslscwhero Kentucky pro
duces 75 per cent of the Burley to
bacco of the world and more to
bacco of all kinds than equal terri
tory Tobacco grown elsewhere s
no more Kentucky tobacco than
Kentucky bluegrass Is Kentucky
bluegrass when grown In Missouri
Horace can be raised wherever a mm
can but there Is no thoroughbred I
like the one bred In old Kentuckv1
So there Is something in this do
I main chosen by our forefathers far
a homo when they had the whole
West to choose from that U con
ducive to tho production of tobacco
Practically wo have a monopoly of
Ms production
I Like KIIK Tamo
1 Ho said thab tho American To
bacco company bas what King James
hada monopoly on ono side Thy
say We will pay so much11IlY
will pay Just enough to let tli >
grower keep raising it but not
enough to lob him make anything
ho said Ho declared that the farmer
Is entitled to something marc than
a bare living and that jt Is Import
ant to everyone else that tho farmer
do prosper
prosperIf farmers are not proper
ous ho said there lu not a town
In Kentucky qxccpt Louisville tlyt t <
could stay on the map longer than
It would tako the railroads to movr
the clt Irons away
In conclusion he raid tlrnt the
farmers had succeeded fairly well in
getting together and forming a pool
Ho referred to the ancient guild
the trades unions of merchants and
modern commercial clubs and lId
that by I organized effort city usually
got what they desired lie mid that
labor organizations now aro recog
nixed by the press tho pulpit and
the public as public blessings and
that because the movement bad
been attended by some strikes and
losses of life the movement should
not be condemned Sq ho regarded
the nightrider outbreaks and he
declared that ho felt that It was
permissible for any man Interested
In establishing Kentucky whore she
was 50 years ago among her tetot
tate to concern himself with the
great movement of organization
which baa tho apprpva of the Legis
lature the press Uia courts and the
Constitution and if I similar to organ
izations which wer approved ty the
s they
Pains or
I carry Dr Miles AntiPain
Pills with me all the time and
for aches and pains there is
nothing equals them I have
used them for rheumatic pains
headache and pains in side and
back and in every case they give
perfect satisfactionHENRY r
Boonton N J
Pain comes from tortured
nerves It may occur in any
there is weakness or pressure
upon the nerves
Dr Miles
AntiPain Pills
Relieve pain whether it be neu
ralgiac rheumatic sciatic head
ache stomache pleurisy or
ovarian pains
Druggists everywhere till them If
tint package rails to benefit your drug
slit will return your money
predecessor of the present president
of the United State
Following Judge OWxirn t eech
Miss Antoinette ilJoll and Ml w lAura
Holmes played a ploBo rise L Wndo
Wilson Mng On Oho Rood to Man
palsy and as an sneers sang
tMighty Llko a Rose
James Moll recite When Pa 1 fists
Sick and the program was con
yeluded by a vocal solo by ChrUttan
J DouU > r
Stavn illnliU Were UMX and Power
ful hays Kept HoaU nl a
On Board U S Battleship KHM
At sea on southern drill ground by
wireless via Portsmouth Va
Sept 21ftor a night of very sue
ccseful battle practice in repelling
tho Imaginary attacks of a flotilla of
torjiedo boats of a supposed enemy
tho sixteen battleships of the Ameri
1can battlerhlpi of tho American At
lantic fleet today are swinging lazily
at anchor giving the officer and
men a rest for the day In order to be
In trim for the strenuous work of
day battte practice which began
early this morning
If both officer and men were dls
pleated at the long delay caused by
the heavy weather which made Im
possible the towJng of the target
rafts by the small auxiliary craft
hey were In a better frame of mind
today because of the postlbllity of
more favorable weather for the pray
ttco it Is the Intention of tho com
mander Hear Admiral Schroder to
rush the works and he hopes that nil
vefvlt Will have concluded their fir
ug by Friday
The repulse of the enemy torpedo
111Ia darlos the night WOK a spec
tacular bt of work
Scimnhllghls IIIIIHI
With conditions almost Identical to
those under which a hovtllo torpedo
flotilla would make an attack on and
an attempt to sink the battleship of
the fleet tho sixteen huge fighting
machines last night demonstrated
how they could repel a torpedo craft
without permitting any of the postl
forous little vessels to get close
nough to inflict serious damage
Steaming In dlvlrlon formation
the battleships suddenly broke out all
heir searchlights Tho powerful
rays swept tho oceans bosom for the
targets which wore being towed 1 at
unknown ranges and which repro
dented the enemys craft An won
U a torpedo boat was spotted the
Imttlethopi secondary battorlcs bo
tan to rain of three and sovonlnch
i projectiles Into the obJoet
Tho course of the sliolle wan easily
followed na the fleet was firing with
iroJcctllcH having attached to them
tracer which consist of nn at
tachment of burning wet powder
anting n continuous light as tho 01111
silo flies through tho air Many of
ho t woo completely riddled
Neu Ji > r > i y Krgular
Trenton Sept 21Vlvlnn M
Lewis was nominated for governor at
ho Republican state convention
Tho platform Will adopted after a
ong conference between the stand
patters and new Idea Republicans
The regular organization controlled
the convention
The convention was Impartial for
Taft or Roosevelt Tho platform ln
1orMl1I the protective tariff approves
he poMcy of conservation calls for
a trtatiUe giving publicity to cam
Dagn contribution Indorses the em
Ooyere liability I law and favors such
amendments In the election and pri
mary laws as will make the decision
of the people supreme
Mrs o It That InMriiclnr Gel
Money HuIIII Saved Stub
Frankfort Ky Sept 2Schools 4
of the state or rather the teachers
are the pet hobby of Capt Ud Far
ley state treasurer and ho Is al
ways ou the lookout for the men
and women who train tho children
lof Kentucky No matter who bun
to do without money Captuln Far
lay always ices to It that tho teach
ers of the schools got their salaries
on time If possible but If not then
before anybody else Ho Is now say
ing money with which to pay the
first Installment of salaries which
Is duo In October and It is believed
that the sum nearly half n million
dollars will bo on hand l when the
time comes
Captain Farley says < drat the
teachers must have their money no
matter what happen for he knows
that tho salaries are small and that
tho teacher need tho money and
alto need It when It Is due It U
not necessary for the teachers to
send a representative to Frankfort
to pull to get what Is coming to
them for they have n friend At
court who always Bland by them
In the last year or so tho state hal
been getting behind In its payments
out of tho general expense fund on
account of largo appropriations and
other thing It has been hard sled
ding at times to get the money to
meet expenses and Interest bearlng
warrants have been Ituuod Hut the
school teacher havo been paid and
usually have been paid at the time
the money was duo
Iook After Tcarlirm
Captain Farley has been the friend
of tho teachers and < 1 that t In the rca
son that they havo not been forced
to wait for their pay at a time when
everybody else who had 1 money due
from tho state was taking interest
bearing warrant Tho prevent tress
urer of tho state in a business man
and a banker of experience Ha III I
also an old soldier and has born
through many bard campaign Ho
know what It moan not to cot
money when it Is due
Ai custodian of the capitol a Job
that is I onerous but which carries
with It no compensation pecuniary
or otherwise Captain Farley has
saved tho slate several thousand
dollar during tbo year or no that
h has been In charge Ho has
effected the saving by convincing the
meads of tho various department
or tho employes that they do not
need certain thing that nro expen
live Itc < iulsltlon for supplies pass
through the hand of Captain Far
ley anti ho has turned down certain
requests which ho considered ex
travagant In sonic Instance ho
has refused to allow tho requests
entirely but In other cases ho has
suggested tho substitution of n
cheaper Article that would meet tho
r ulrements just A8 well Tho
whole thing aimed at by Captain
Farley II I standardization anti 1 sys
tem and by these two he hal effect
ed a considerable saving to the
Why Cnrn II nn HmilMhe Uvr PHI
IIP that 10 cents aunrnnlenl
by I all drugRlil
Anchor Hobekah lodger No 19 I
0 O F I of Omhamvttk celebrated
their anniversary thin being tb < e
flit nintb anniversary of the order
The day lie pont at llarnr Land
Ing Metropolis take with n flab
fry and basket dinner by which
ovarybody did ample justice After
dinner voina fine speeches wore
irnido by IJro Williams of Iowa
and Brother F SI rcGlJO of heath
Ono of the welcome visitors was < Mr
William P Smith of nrahamvINe
ono of tho first cottiers of western
Kentucky who celebrated his
eightyeighth anniversary and being
an inveterate smoker ho wax pro
sonted with a now French m Urlor
by Dr S A Holland and J O Smith
Among those present were Mr nnd
Mrs Will Keller Mr and Mm I Dick
Kivc > Rev T M 1 Moose wife nnd
daughter Miss Corn McGee Mr r and
Mrs John long nnd family Mr nnd
Mrs Fawn Wood and family Mr
and Mrs Otho t Nolan and fnmllj
i Mrs d I C Tuckw anti family Mrs
Sue Hughes and < family Dr II Holt
T UllllngBley Mr Hobt Hall nml
wife William p I Smith Dr S Z
Holland and wife of Paducah J D
Smith mid wife of Itiduoali Virgil
Harton of Padncah lrIou lx > ng
and family Mm Will Morris Mw
Fannie Wood Mrs Lola Mankln and
family II router Williams and
daughter of Iowa Communicated
Theodore Will Talk
New York Sept 21 Announce
ment wan made by tho National
league of Republican subs that Col
Theodore Hoowvelt would address
the National Republican League con
tention In Carnegie hall In this city
on Friday afternoon Sept 30
Iresldent Taft will speak at tho
banquet to be given Saturday night
October 1 In connection wllh tho
I Vco President Sherman will be
another speaker at the banquet
Tho Infant son of Fireman u D
Barnett Is Improving after a weeks
rrat si IIo
TfTieiIhcr I t J
I Iur Pndiiruli mud clllllHIu
nilly fnlr loiilKhl 11111 TliiirsilHji
cooler loiilKlil Tem iwralnre tlldnJ
Illgliifil 1 Hit lowoitl 117
THOSE all wool suils
for boys we arc fea
turing at 4 90 will give I
the roughest lad fine wear
They arc made for his
v d
Double breasted suits
and bloomer pants in
browns tans grays and
blues ar the proper pat
terns for fall
Come in mothers and
Ut us fit the boys ou nw
while assortments are full
n yLrlIJJEfC
41741 tROADWAV
In Puller > nut
Drench of tANJtCJ1A Younger
dUn te cd Rebecca Uwro and Itawto
Nelson final X20 ocok Iallejow
tatting ami wounding with iiitrut t > lv
klll Marshal Davis ronUniivd tuH t
September 23 MnlMou assault
and uun4Ju6wih 1J i t < ntt 0 kill
aftUultIU IU
bond and hell I to t nind Jury J fader uou
hrtlgc 111104
w U Goodman 21 I of Pailuenb
tMlolllror and Edith Whuleii SI
of Paducall l
4MJ Wyatt 2C of Marlon III
miner and Jtaohall Crerwlinw
124 pf Motion 11U
I Walter J 11Uaslwm n of 14 I
dUe18l1 slave clerk slid M Iml
IFIcklln 18 of Padiirah
Thomas I U Tn hif loft this lOurll
Ing on a visit to Joppa
< Mr H B Career iliad dallahlr
are vliltWig In Padwsh J
1 Mn S WOott went to Psdnh
thin morning on this Q y u lIo bm
aon on balalneast
r Mike Wtmtan tins art DtUffr of
the Illinois Catitrol to wung in
j Sam nitani wont to l > nlu < eh
Tuesday ni tI
I Jamea JnllDlOn of Metropolis hal
tnOftc1 hero to lie with Ml vrrt
Imomwd I Tcwlo Ford left l Irull for
her homo nt itmm opt Ilk
I 0 W Ilurwll wont to 1adnrth
Tuesday on the Rnbortson
ITucsday < lon ciiiitA < rrKit or s < x > rr
rmwjisox WIM UK PUOVII
County Judge Alien llnrkky ttl > rn
Judgo D A Crow Chlf of Iie 1 > r
Henry Slugory City Treasurer u o
W Wnltir and City Jailer James
Clark will RO to Onlro tomorrow
having been summonsed ni witnesw
In tho case against Scott FergUHin att
Iaducah The case will be called in
the Cairo oUco court nt 2 oclock
I tomorrow afternoon ned time local
omclnlH will leave at 910 oclock
Judgo Cross will hold iiolleo court at
830 oclock In time to taLrhqe
train The charge against Fergu w
I I who his many friend here believe U
be Innocent of was preferred by F
0 Hlbihman of Kankakeo iii l I who l
robbed of U °
alleged that ho was
Ferguson was bartender at IordI
rnloon cn Ohio street Cairo at iho
I time and protons his Innocence It
Isbollevod to t be a case of persecu
than ngalntt Ferguson who led theI t
Democratic ticket for councilman last
year In tho primary In tho First
ward and 1 popular hero It Is I
thought tho trial will result In mils l
I exoneration
Mxi7rYsivi axiuorriw
Im I ill Sept 2tCa1ro > llt
five coaches of prominent cHliii ill rb 1
Cincinnati today to attend the Oli i
Valley ImproTCinont a socIc 11
mooting and the exposition Then
were nlnetyroveai In tho jwrts anti <
Mound City contributed 20 more
when the train arrived thoro
Iwhen i

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