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i Anyone QanLay Roofing
A hammer and knife tho only tools neces
f nary Complete instructions fully illustrated t
packed in each roll And they are so simplo that
anyone can produce n perfectly watertight roof Special
largo 1 headed gnlvonlzEd nails avoid the necessity of unsight
lY tin caps which quickly rust and cause leaks JM ReGAL
HOOFING when properly applied will outwear any other
roofing of its class and it gives the best roof at tho lowest cost
+ JlI REGAL ROOflO is the outcomo of more than 50 years
experience in manufacturing roofing materials It represents the
result of a half century of experience and a constaht endeavor to
produce a really high grate roofing at a low grade price While
not the lowest in cost It cuntsina more real aZue than nny other
manufacturer can produce for the price
ASPHALT the most durable waterproofing material known As
Trinidad Lake Asphalt has been used for 80 years for street paving
it is well adapted for rooftpg where the conditions am far less severe
Call and examine this roofinglet us give you samples and
interesting booklet of information
nmTIoCI WOO co
n IwrorpnnrA t
I J27 S 3d Plionca SSt
I t
Deputy Uullrd Slntes Marshals Arc
Jluslird to Meridian to Pre
tlolenceI I
Meridian Miss Oct 4It is
how reported on what ts considered
to be good authority that 19 strtk
breakers hare quit their Jobs In the
past fortyeight hours and the con
I gestion of freight consigned to
points on the New Orleans and
Northern tho Alabama and Yl leks
burg and the Vlek burg Shreveport
and Pacific roads Is giving company
officials serious trouble It Is said
a majority of the then employed in
places of the striking clerks are
novices in some Instances it taking
as many as eight men to do the work
r of one regular clerk This is 1 said
to be the cse with the position of
receiving clerk
4 A number of deputy United States
marshals have been sent to Meridian
to ECO that there Is lio violation of
Ithe I recently granted injunction
which to the people of Meridian
teems to be an Ainnecosary precau
tion OB the clerks hero have con
ducted themselves In an orderly
manner having no Idea of violating
the courts order in the slightest
manner So far as known there has not
The last remembrance
t to a departed friend should
be the very best you can
s get
You will be suited if
v J you place your order with
3e5BOcalT Kyi
I 620 Broadway
Both Phones 308 or 107
i 0
JNero J = Fiddled While
JI 1 I
I Rome Was Burning
I t Criminal Indifference you
Xt b say And you are right But
Vhow much worso Is It than
Vh5fyou are doing every day
k equ have read these advertise
Fire Insurance Agency
r for a year or more telling
you that you ought to know
all about tho company that
carries your fire insurance
but have you done anything
about it Many have but the
majority of policyholders have
done nothing about the selec
tion of a company They are
still fiddling
In tho history of fire In
surance In America a large
majority of the fire Insurance
companies organized have
failed or retired from busi
i ness To bo insured In com
panted like Wells that have
e been In business n hundred
years and will be in business
a hundred years from now
costs no more than to be in
sured Jn ono that may go out
of business next week
Htk nay w IciUucelZf
11N T
w r7ti
boon a single violation of any law In
Meridian by the striking clerks since
they left their docks A0 an Instance
of the trouble the railroad officials
are experiencing In handling the
freight blockade It Is said It took 18
hours to locate a carload of meat
lost In the yards It Is also eaid a
number of way hlHs have been lost
and carloads of freight cant be
touched All these reports are
stoutly denied by the officials who
perrfst in declaring tba t everything
is fast aswmlng normal conditions
In the face of theta statements
however It Is learned from Marldian
wholesale merchants that they have
much freight tied up in the surds
that the company Is unable to
It is I stated on good authority that
clerks in this city employed by other
railroad companies are seriously con
ildoring walking out In sympathy
with the strikers
Mosquito Poisoning
Tho pestiferous mosquito Is hold
log high carnival In the city nightly
neither screen nor bar excludes him
from the bedchamber he seems to
permeate the cracks and crevices and
sing his nocturnal lullabies till we
are exhausted and lorn consciousness
In sleep when he gives us a hypoder
mic Injection of malaria and other
diseases according to his venom
from these conditions there is noes
cape oil on ponds and gutters now
will not eave us from this disease
breeding and death dealing monster
but it Is a pleasure to know that
while Hays Specific will not eavo us
from these conditions It will euro us
of these poisons by purifying the
blood and removing the cause for
Oillls and fever 0
Small Fire Yesterday
Fire caught tho residence of
Frank Hill 925 North Sixth street
yesterday afternoon but was extin
guished by hose company No 3
and truck company No 4 before
damage of any consequence Was
done The fire caught on the roof
Yesterday a fluo fire resulted In an
alarm at the residence of Mrs Oli
ver 907 Clay street Hose com
pany No 3 extinguished the blaze
In a few minutes with only a few
dollars loss resulting
Food reeults always follow the use
of Foley Kidney Pills They contain
Just the Ingredients necessary i °
tone strengthen and regulate the kid <
nets and bladder and to cure back
ache Gllberts drug store
City Jailers Report
September was an average month
with City Jailer James Clark Dur
ing the month he fed 2883 meals
which is three more meals than were
fed during September 1909
Having taken your wonderful Casca
rats for three months and being entirely
cured of stomach catarrh and dyspepsia
I think a word of praise Is due to
Cascarets for their wonderful compost
tion I have taken numerous other so
called remedies but without avail and I
find that Cascarets relieve more in a day
than all the others I have taken would ia
a year James JIcGunc
loS Mercer St Jersey City N J
Doood Do
Pleaiant Do Good Palatable Never SlckenWeakcn Potent Tasta or Gripe Good
gees a
Dine tablet itampedCCC Guaranteed to
cure or your money back 919
The old Idea of using sage for darken
Inc the hair is again coming in vogue
Our grandmothers used to have dark
glossy hair at the ago of seventyfire
while our mothers have white hair before
they lire fifty Our grandmothers used
to males a Mane tea and apply It to
their hair The tea made their hair soft
and glossy and gradually restored the
natyral color One objection to using
such a preparation was the trouble of
makln it especially as it had to be
made every two or three days on account
of it souring quickly This objection has
been overcome and by asking almost
spy firstclass druggist for Wyctlis Saga
and Sulphur the public can get a su
perior pnparntlon of sago with the ads
mixture of sulphur another valuable rem
edy for hair and scalp troubles Dally
uw of thin preparation will not only
quickly renlore the color of the hair but
will also stop the hair from falling out
and make it crow It Is I sold by all
druggists for fiOc and 210 > a bottle or
It I sent dlrCt by the Wyeth Chemical
Company 74 Cortlandt St New York
City upon receipt of price
For sale and recommended by W
J Gilbert
Absence of Demand Onuses Break In
IentPuor I Tnulo In
I Chicago Oct 4 Grain values
suffered a severe decline all along
the line last week At tho close of
tho week September wheat was 3IJ
cents lower than at tho close of tho
previous week December I declined
394 cents and May waa 3 cents
lowor Tho market wont along in
pretty much of a rut during tho early
part of the week thetobogpin bclpg
struck on Thursday On this day
December made a straightway de
cline 2 cents while the losses in
other months woro about 2 cents
t Almost complete absence of de
mand for cash wheat here extreme
weakness In the markets Northwest
and had declines in corn and oats
all contributed to the break In
wheat Prices declined Into now
ground after which tho downward
pace Increased In rapidity I One of
the weak features was tho poor
> trade In flour The Northwestern
I weakness resulted principally from
r ° Hlngby country longs These not
only told out futures that had been
brought during tho crop scare ex
cltoment In North Dakota but also
sold out stored wheat tooth In
country and Minneapolis elevator
I Echo of Crop Scare
IAn I echo of tho North Dakota crop
scare of July and AuguKt was seen
In the weak markets both hero and
In the Northwest At that time
North Dakota farmers and mer
chants not only held to their grain
crops hut also bought futures at
Minneapolis and laid In n years
supply of flour Tho result was a
big boom In prices In the Northwest
that section going to a far higher
level than any other part of the
country Despite the great import
anco of the Northwest as a spring
wheat producer North Dakota being
the moat important of all the spring
wheat states the damaged section
makes but a small patch on tho
wheat field < of the world Its mar
kets have now been engulfed by the
weakness resulting from overproduc
tion In all other countries of the
world France alono excepted
i It frequently happens that some
thing turns up to help tho grain
markets when all the surface Indi
cations look hopeless Conservative
grain men who have watched the
effect of the Inflation of grain values
do not take this view They believe
that the underlying weakness of the
situation is too deepseated to be
readily cured The Importing coun
ties of the world have taken such
measures to protect themselves
against a repetition of the holdup
prices of the last few years that the
exporting countries now have a very
small field In which to do business
New crop Argentine wheat harvest
Ing of which will begin In the next
I six or eight weeks is already being
offered in large quantities to arrive
tin the European markets It Is com
Ing in competition with lowpriced
I Russian Danubian Manitoba and
Australian wheat and there appears
to be poor prospect for marketing
the modest surplus that the United
States has to sell
Legitimate Influences
Legitimate Influences just at the
present time do not encourage the
believer In higher prices Except for
the fact that the wheat orop of the
I United States is much less than last
year the situation would be a really
I alarming one in so far as our ex
port trade Is concerned The fns
growing selfconceit and com
Placency of tho American grain trade
is remarkable It shows the deep
Impress on popular sentiment that
i has been made by the claims mostly
1 emanating originally from tho
toera that tho United States is nearing
rothe point where it can consume its
own wheat production The high
price levels of recent years how
ever has ehown that Europe can be
Independent of us eonfethlng un
believable ten years ago The
American grain dealer Is still toying
with high prices while other coun
tries are delivering the goods Worse
still the spirit of rebellion abroad
against high prices has even barred
Canada from much of her market In
Europe and there Is now a prospect
that the Import duty of 25 cents per
bushel on wheat may he Inadequate
to keep our noxtdoor neighbor and
competitor from turning her surplus
this way In fact there is but G
cents of the protection left and
Canadian millers are still cutting
flour prices
The size of the Flusslan what
crop Is etlll a mooted question Even
the early applicable tostrthe actual
marketing la somewhat at fault as
Russia Is still shipping some of her
old crop wheat along with tho new
Nothing positive regarding tho size
of the Russian wheat crop will be
generally accepted until there has
been a longtime run either of light
or of heavy shipments The Danu
bian shipments appear to he on the
wane but they are still far ahead
of anything In recetil years
i Mondays Market Dull
I Mondays wheat market was a
dull affair Slight not tones were
shown The tone early WAS strong
No Doubt AlMint Poslums Power to
IXo Kill Herm Life
In any bacterial Infection of tho
skin poslam the new skin remedy
shows Its power to nnlhllato germ
life 0 > y flopping the Itching at once
and causing the trouble to quickly
disappear Poslam acts In this man
nor to any surface skin disease In
eluding all eczemas salt rheum skin
scale sevenyear Itch psoriasis
barbors Itch nnd similar troubles
Every day brings records of remark
able cures exceeding all claims made
for It For sixteen months I suf
fered with eczema writes Mr W
Noeman Elmira Ont xpont two
months In a hospital tried every
thing known with little or no effect
On December 29 I procured poslam
and am happy to say that on Janu
ary 7th 9 days later I am perfect
ly healed my stein Is as clear as a
I babysIn minor skin affections such na
pimples red noses complexion
flemishes rash scalp scales Itching
poslnmIwlll t
twill do tho work results being seen
Poslam Is roM In two sizes trial
50 cents regular Jars J2 by all
druggists particularly Gilberts and
no W Walker Cos For a free
sample write to the Emergency
Laboratories 32 West Twentyfifth
street New York City
but the market gradually drifted
from dullness to weakness The com
paratively strong showing early was
due to covering by some of Satur
days short tellers who ware in a
measure affected by the cold wrath
er bulge In corn All wants how
over were speedily supplied no new
lover appeared tho early buyers
began to reroll and the market
closed weak There were Indications
during the latter part of tho session
that LIchstcrn was beginning to
sell wheat quietly through a number
of commission houses The Armour
brokers weroaellln from time to
time in a moderate way
Wheat broke out of the nit In
which It had been running for sev
eral weeks and headed decidedly I
downward on Tuesday detvlte Im
portant covering by a largo and ins
fluential short Quite a formidable
array of depressing Influences pre
sented themselves during tho day
The most effective of these wu the
big accumulation of rupHea In all
directions with no apparent offset
ting improvement In demand
Itlng j Wednesday although wheat
IThe I Evening Suns Daily Markets I
0 J4
Corrected dally tbt Woolfolk
Bowers Co i t
Eggs dozen o 19c
Spring Chickens pound12c
Hens pound 0Hlc
Butter packing stock 15o
5 1
LoulsvHle Ky Oct 4Th1t there
are plenty of cattle In < tho country
was evidenced by tho fact that tho
receipts in the local market amount
ed to 3400 head as against 34571 a
week ago f > OS9 a year ago and 4113
two years ago and all other markets
reported liberal runs with lower
prices In style Thero was a pretty
good attendance of local traders and
butchers and some foreign buyers
but with tho trade all over the coun
try more or less depressed on ac
count of the liberal receipts and a
slack beef demand salesmen had an
uphill job on their hands Trading
was dull and prices wero In almost
all Instances lower The best butcher
cattle that is prime to fancy quality
sold barely steady at lOSlSc lower
while medium and common kinds
particularly medium steers and hel
fers wero In abundance and suffered
a decline of 152 > 5c from the close
of the week Good healthy trado
for the best breeders and stockers at
barely steady to a shade lower Alo
dlumrl Inanndcomtnanograd
dium plain and common grade wero
hard to move and 152Gc off Com
mon light trashy stock cattle ex
ceptionally dull The best bulls were
about steady Common bulls and
canners lower Mulch cows slow Not
man y heavy steers here but tho
trado was dull on that clats The
pens were not cleared entirely at the
close and Indications point toward
an unsatisfactory market tho re
mainder of the week
Receipts 2C4 quality common
demand poor and prices lower Dulk
of the bet 78c medium C0
7c culle and common 2Gc
Receipts 2783 head The market
opened 5c higher on all but pigs
but finished weak with prospect low
or Selected heavy hogs 220 tt > a
and up selling at 880 120 to 220
lbs 9phs 801850 roughs 8
down Tho pens were pretty well
I cleared
Sliecp and Lambs
Receipts 7G7 The quality was
very common and the demand liar
row the market dull aDtc draggy
Best fat sheep 3c down l common
was weak early and popular senti
ment bearish the market won stub
born and well I supported at a alight
decline In prices As heretofore
tho trade was of limited volume
There wee a great deal of covering
by shorts which accounted for a
small rally from the early low level
There was n little hardening of cash
wheat values here which probably
helped the future a little
Show of Strength
On Thursday despite the fact that
December wheat at the low point
was 14 VI cents lower than the high
point reached In August It was
about S cents higher than tho low
point reached last June At that
time December wheat sold down to
SS I cents and May sold to 91
cents Doth have since sold nt
110 > s and 115 respectively
The low points wore 90Jt cents and
Wheat took on a show of strength
early In Fridays session but weak
ness again became apparent toward
the close Business continued of a
substantial volume Winnipeg
showed considerable strength and
Liverpool showed less weakness than
had been expected The statistical
news was a little more favorable to
holders and a contingent of local
bulls made a fairly vigorous fight
for higher prices The buying how
over was not sustained to offset tho
increasing sales of wheat on each i
Corn Takes Drop
Corn was strong during the early
half of tho week on fears of frost
but with the return of ideal curing
weather throughout the corn bolt the
bottom dropped out of tho market
despite the fact that an enormous
export business was done A modest
dochne scored In tho price of tho
carh grain brought on tho export
rail Actual sales on Thursday were
SOOOOO bushels of which over
5000000 bushels was old corn for
prompt shipment Despite the breaks
In corn price there wero further
largo offerings of corn from the
country and new corn was being
offered for December thtyment
Local shippers claimed that all the
corn In private elevators hero hat
been cold to go out September
com last week declined 314 cents
December waa 2 < K cents lower and
Slay 2 i cents lower
Oats made a little show of firm
ness early In tho week helped along
by the strength In corn but when
corn prices slumped off oats followed
j The more of a bore the church le
I I the less bole It makes In the world
sheep hard to sell at IGlHc Beat
lambs 55Hc butcher 4QG
calls 34c Nothing doing In the
took owo trade
St LnuIaCatUcnecolptJJ 10
000 market steady to lOc I ower
native beef steers 5600790
calres In carload lots G8GO Hogs
Receipt 3500 market weak
pigs and light 8GOtf 925 packers
8250 910 butchers and best heavy
= S75920 Sheep Receipts 2000
market steady native mutons 39V >
0445 Jambs 5liO 0 > GG5
Louisville Ky Oct 4Intcrost
of the tobacco trade continued to can
tor on developments In connection
with the 1909 burley pool and the
movement to pool the 1910 crop this
I week The pool managers decided to
I begin telling the 1909 pool In mall
I lots at auction on October G If there
Is no private sale ot the pool In the
meantime It appears that only
38123 acres of the 1910 crop have
been pooled whereas ICO 000 acres
has been the mark set to assure suc
cess of tho pool It remains to bo
seen whether the decision to auction
off the 1909 pool will result In grow
ers Joining the 19I01 pool
Tho feature of tho movement on
the local breaks this week was tho
appearance of eight hogsheads of the
1910 crop of burley Tho quality of
tho now burley was fairly good The
tobacco was well matured and In
good condition especially so for lift
sales of a crop Prices wero consid
nhl nla
ered fairly high and on a level with
Bret sales last year quality consid
credo The rango fn prices was from
950 to 1425
Old burloy came on the breaks to
tho extent of G7 hogshead Although
there wore a few hogshead of very
desirable bright tobacco tho quality
as a rule was only fair The market
was a trine slow at times and prices
developed Irregularity with an easier
feeling for low grades
Aircured tobacco made up most of
the 431 hogshead of dark Outttldo
prices continued to rule for extra
long rehandllng leaf while prices a
few bids lower marked tho transac
tions in other grades of aircured
leaf Firmness was In evidence for
lugs There wero a few hogsheads
of hard sweated and badly fermented
fired leaf and lugs offered which
considering quality and condition
brought good price
Weather conditions have remained
favorable for harvesting the crop and
for promoting growth of the late
planted crop Reports reaching the
local trade concerning the quality of
the new crop have been encouraging
Estlmatoi ore that practically the
l thee
I Wesson Snowdrift Oil
pas llul IniUiuUe wnulMng ttttlch ronilU o
Suits cli end tltguttc Aaa aid
iftuing II glvp lit lDosl l Juiinctfrf and
tuffrior mulls At a tlotlenlng II sur
pates Iud and arils t I your looJ t pure
hullKlul v gtUU 1c oil liuluJ ol InJigtitiUl
animal till For trying II tquili the linttl Jnttf
butler end cook s iWoujklj without hffilng the
article with prose
No miller how you use Wtuon SnowJrih 01
It conliiVulri piquancy cl flavor t rclitli lotjii
pftlile anda UntlicUL liulilJul Indutnu which
hit nmr Wen ilulntJ In any r household irtlcle
It till iniplrj many ImlUUoni which hope Is I
jwlil tjr onrptnusJing ihi purcWr Always
uD l especially tar Wean SnowJrill Oil Male by
New Yorkw l Savannah
Hew OrleansChicago
Anewtts t
c T r r
drift gal trul UOOC It atutMlr I a
sacs war iile 11 at 0 dln d 10 Oil AUt
fill Aowk wtthpwnad trtlmoar rraa be
entire dark crop line been cut andfl
housed and that about 85 per cent 1 10
pf tho burley and Green river crops 2
has been cut and housed CI
Auction sales for the week wore
SOS hogsheads and private sale I 107 Ci
the total of GIG hogsheads compar l
Ing with 274s In tho corresponding 11
week last year and 917 In 19 OS Ins l
Sales Included S hogsheads of thod
19 1 < 0 burley crop and S hogsheads of of
the 1910 dark crop making Kilos of Itl
now crop to date 10 hogshead bur 9
Icy 1 and 100 < hogshead dark To this I
dato a year ago 42 hogsheads of now S
burloy had been sold and no dark PI
Hccclpte for this week wore 442 hogv bl
heads against SC7 In he corresponding dl
ponding week last year and 341 In 111
1909 Rejections were 28 per cent III
of sales by auction against 24 per
cent last year and 20 item cent In
According to the monthly report S
of Helm Glover secretary of tho ly I
Louisville Leaf Tobacco Exchange tho
sales for the inonth of September dl
were 25S4 hogshoada 1777 at ClUe b
tlon and 607 privately against 7 c
725 In ho corresponding month hart 01
year 3307 la 1908 and L329 In g
1907 For the nine months ended e
with September roles wore SO 04 3 01
hogsheads against 64212 In 1909
90SCS In 1908 and 9C2C4 In 1907
Sales for September included lOt to <
hogsheads of 1910 burley 267 of the bl
1909 burloy crop and 33 old crops
hogsheads of the 1910 dark crop N
2080 of the 1909 crop and 794 old
There was a dcoream Irr clocks of
C74 hogsheads In September re
polptfl being 1436 hogsheads and de
liveries 2 110 In the Mine month >
lart years receipts wore 3700 mid
deliveries 2198 Stocks at the close
tho month woro 11112 hogsheads
against 17830 a year ago and 22
998 In 1 > OS Untold stocks were 8
91 1 hogsheads against v 13396 lam
year and 174C8 In 1905 Unsold
flocks consisted of 218 bggeheadsI
burley C1S9 Green river and 2114
dark lag t year unsold stock was
made up of 1234 burley 5728 dark
and C434 darkI
alt lHnln I I All
This Is quoted from a loiter l of M
loch > 11 Hannibal Mo J recent
used Foley Honey and Tar for
first time To say I am pleased
does not half exprot my feeling It
beats all the remedies I ever used I
contracted a bad cold and won throat
nand with pneumonia Tho first dora
gave mo groat relief and one tattlea
completely cured me Contains no
opiates Gilbert drug store
A man who stutters may bo abjo
conceal her age after that she
begins to brag about It
I KSTAUMSIIii > 1871
Capital Surplus and Undivided l > rontoo 400000t
Shareholders Hesponslblllty 200000
Total Responsibility to Depositors
A K AXsrAnunt s iL IIUOHICS H A Iowujit j ih ruiii
Ferry Boat G W Robertson
Leave Paducah for Owen Landing at r 600 am > 1i 1
Leave Paducah for Owens Landing at > 845 am
Leave Paducah for Owen Landing at 200 pm
Leave Paducah for Owens Landing at 0 530 pm
Leave Paducah for Droekport at roOam
Leavo Paducah for Drookport at 1200 BOOB
Leave Paducah for DroeUport at 416pm
Leave Paducah for Livingston Point at a 45am y
Leave Paducah for Livingston Point at 300 p m
Tables furnished for urd parties on application
All afternoon ride for Ladle and Children for 10 eenbe
A Twenty Mlle Hide for 10 cents
Trcsldent Cashier Assistant Cashier 1
Third and Braadwnjr
Slate Dcposllsry
Capltllloooo oo 100000
Surplus 0 60000
Stockholders Liability 100000
41 t
Total Security to Depositors 250000
810 Kentucky Avel l
The Plumber
V q
We are now located in our new
Home opposite the new lire
w h

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