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And Not to Be
Dr Tonfey Addresses Crowd 1
of Nearly 5000 People at
XuttiVoriuni Sunday Night
SeVeral l Rise For Prayers
Program For Week
fromI I
i Several conversions resulted from
tho Torrey meeting at tho Audit 0
Audi last night when tween < f6oo
and 6000 people crowded the big
building to i hear thb famous speaker >
This Is the first visible fruit of the
meetingDr was at his best last
night before the Immense crowd
His subject was What It Costs Not
to Be a Christian
Both Mr Klmscy and Mr Ai >
Ewan sang the former just before
the sermon and the latter at Its con i
clusion Theso features together
with the chorus choir work added
greatly to tho beauty and effective
ness of the service
Song service will begin each night
this weep at 730 followed by a
sermon by fir Torrey Sunday after
noon at 3 oclock a special service
for children will be held At 730
again that night Dr Torrey will
preach to adults
Each morning at 10 oclock Dr
Torrey lectures on the Bible and at
1115 the Rev Mr Jacoby talks on
I how to use the Bible
Dr Torreya sermon last night
I thought on nfjr nays and
turned my fret unto Thy Test I
i Iftonles Psalm cxlx HO
A good many years ago I was talk
P Ing to a young society lad1 Jn the
city of New Haven In America and
suddenly she stopped me and raid
Dont talk that way It makes me I
think and I hate to think Tho
I world Is full of people who hate to
think and because they hate to
k think they go Into things blind t
folded and come out with blighted
hope and broken hearts and blasted
It Is so in business How many a
business man there Is in this city to
night who a few years ago had a
bu lne8a proposition made to him 1
and instead of sitting down as any 1
longheaded business man wouM do
and thinking It all over and figuring
it all out as to how much money he
would have to into t
put that iavfest I
ment before ae realized how many
tI years it would ibo before there was
Y any adequate return and what Inter
est on his money there would be
r Just iecauw it promised well on the
surface he accepted the proposition
without sufficient thought regarding
it he Just put hid money into that
project and left it there and that
mans life ever since has been a
wretched drag for a bare existence
Simply because he hated to think t
It is the same way in social l life
r How many a young woman has m i
at come social gathering a hand I
come attractive young man a spun
fellow who is a fine waltzer and
popular and attractive In all his
ways and one night that young man
mates a proposal of marriage to her
and 4netead of sitting down as any
sensible girl would do and asking
herself whether that man has the
mental and moral qualities that fit
him to be a companion for life Just
because ho Is handsome because ho
Is attractive and popular ticca use tic I
Is a beautiful waltzcr that
young womanaeccpta his proposal I
7rposat 7r of marrlago and marries 4
F martinMm monthsI
she wakes up one day to find that I
she has married a fool or what Is I
worse a rascal And all that worn
l ans future life Is wretched beyond I
dewriptlon Just because she hatedCj Cj
to think
thinkBut l
But there Is no ptaeo where that
mistake Is made to often and bere 1
t U I eo fatal AI In the matter of beC I
ing or not being a Christian Men I
and women go into a Ohrlstless life
drift on In it without even once I
fitting dbwn to give the question I
la A modern product From time mms
mortal sage and sulphur bare been uied i s
for the halt and scalp Almost ever y f
one knows of the value of such a com f
tlnatlon for darkening the hair and mak 1
wayto j
to get a hair tonic of this sort was tDs
brew it in the home fireplace a method s E
which wu troublesome and not always g
Satisfactory Nowadays almost every upt
todate druggist can supply his patrons a
skillfullyOumpounded palronllWIth t1
Compounded la perfectly equipped labors b 1
tortes Such a preparation la Wjeths t1
sold by allCI
abottle CIJeadln er
bottle dr whlch III sent dIrect by tbeI
Wyerh Chemical Company 74 Cortlandt I
St priceFor n
For sale and recommended by W
J Gilbert U
It t1
y rl liB
e Ladleg and Children
r Modern Equipment mustoJI
drawing and painting ahortp
A r hand and typewriting are taught U
according te the best Improved dl
methods The maternal die
clpllae unltpa a careful training u
Intelligent and physical develop g In
e meat For catalogue terms ell
etc address Bet
R1laeRl1Mtt4glu > t w
sa J j k f tl
80 minutes honest conscCwallotr
What It Costs to Live and DIo wlth i
Vdlout Jesus CSiilst Now I am going t o
ask you to do some thinking tonight t t
ttsomo hard cartons honest thinking
What I am going to otc you to
think about la this what It costs not
to be a Christian what It costs toll vo
and die without loses Christ And
If when I get through you think e pu
are willing to pay the price of a
Jhrlstloss life 1 have nothing more
to say
But if when you have thought It
aU out you come to tho conclusion
that it costs too much to live and die
10without Christ I am going to ask
you to do the only Intelligent thing
there Is to do in the circumstances i
that is to stand up hero tonight and
declare your purpose to accept Jesus
Christ right now
Not n CIIII tlnn
What does it cost not to too a
to bo a Christian By a Christian I
understand any man woman or
child that comes to God as a lost
sinner takes Jesus Christ as tlw Ir
Personal Saviour surrenders to Him
as their lord and Master confesses
Urn as such publicly ibeforo Uie
world and ttrlvoa to live to please
Him in everything day by Any Lot
me repeat that definition A Chrts i
Ban is any man woman or child that
comes to God 09 a lost sinner takes
Jesus Christ as their personal I
Saviour surrenders to Him as their
Lord and blaster confesses Him as
such publicly before tho work and
strives to live to pK ace him tn over Y
thing dap by day
What does it cost not to do It
In the first place not to be a
Christian costs tho sacrifice of peace
111A Christian has face Boin K
Justified by faith we have peace with
God through the Lord Jesus Christ
Romans vI And having I pence
IeIth God we have peace In our I
thhearts but no man out of Christ has
peace Thbre is no peace for the
wicked with my God J
10One night in Chicago after a >
meeting like this when tho congre
out I went and sot i
0gatln had gone
down 111 1 a seat by the side of a gon I
tleman about 35 years of age and I
Mid My friend why are you not a
ChristianOh KM with a shrug of Ms
shoulders I am very whit satl 0od
as I am
1 said You hrrent peace I
lie said How do you know
thatdo T
doI grid Because God pays so
wicked I
figThere is no peace for the
IeI I t b my God
she marl dropped his bead and
said Yeti arc rlghtfilr f Ivoat
peace j
peaceAnd there Is not a man or woman <
In this audtcaco tonIght out of Chris
Inthat 01n has peace Money wont give
the pleasures of thlll life
you pence
aiwont give you peace no number of
Ltgood earthly friends will give you j
be Christian Costs
apeace not to a
theve sacrifice of peace
veIn the second place not to oe a
Christian costs the Kkdrifliee of tho
ethighest deepest purest hoXett
sort overflowing Joy that can be
known right here on earthAs wt
id in the Bcrlptur lesson to nth
in 1 Peter f 8 Though now yes se
9HIm not yet ceHcvlhg in Him ye
lt1eakable and full 1
irujuivu x4th Joys J
of glory That arse Peters tcsti t I
Is the experience of
ymany That
ever true Chrlethin
A real living faith In Jews Christ
gives a man Joy unepeakablo and full
of glory Nobody out of Christ has
joy unspeaknble and full of 1inrn
Oh but you coy I know nmnyi l
a ChrlMJan that has not Joy MH
UpiaknWe and full of glory
A rout CljTtatlan You know
Ithero are two kinds proteasing
Christians and real Christians
Now I will admit that there are a t I
great many people in the world that
call themselves Christians who have i
Just enough religion to make themI 1 I
leAvcs miserable They are hoHItrgl
to the world with otic hand general
ly the right hand and to Jesus I i I
Christ with the other Of course I
they have not Joy unspeakable and
full of glo1I I
gloryI me a Christian who has I I 1
dropped the world with both hand I
and laid hold of Jesus Chritt with
both hands and I will show you a I
man or woman that ban Joy unl
speakable and foil of gtorji Howl
Satan deceived me along that line I
for many years when I was a mere 1 1
lad I went one day up to the third 1
stop of our home where we had a I <
great storeroom whore wo put away I J
the old books out of the library and t c
as a boy I loved to go and alt on
the floor of that room and got the I i
books around me and look through IJ I J
them and One day I came aoroaa the
covenant of the church of ray mothr 1 j
and commenced to road It and
said to myself I wonder If I can t
not Ibo a Christian I can cap a
Yes to that and can fay Yes to
that and that and after a tlmo I
it said tome 1
came to a place where
thing to this effect If I became a I I
Christian I was to bo willing to do 1 1 I
anything GoJeald and go anywhere
He said
I hut up tho book and sand o
Just as Ukoly as not IM have to b a I p
preached If I ray Vo to that and
then life l wont be worth living I t
And 1 throw that book sway nndI
deliberately Tefuged to take Joann t
ChTlBl and deliberately tofu ll to I
think about it any inure Then
said to myself I am going l
for all the pleasure I can got
and I had a good opportunity to J
My I father Was well oft in this t
worlds e ° 9ds nai ns a fcoy pf > I
15 I this jidnl Off to tho university
and matriculated for a degree not
am father sent me up all the money
I wanted
Now If you put a boy Into n unl
versJty who learns easlly and line no
trouble to keep up with his claM
a boy with a Moh father who docs
not ask Mm how he spends hla
rnollorI hnvo often thought 1 it
would have been a good thing for <
mo If ho hadIf anybody can have
a good time ho can and I went
In for a good time Did I find it
You know whether I did or not I
did not And I went deeper dvoper
deeper deeper lhtti l + disstpatatan d
sin to find Joy to satisfy my unsatis
fled heart
I did not find it and one awful
night a mere boy still vrtth all hope
gone with life desolate and bare
life so barron that there was Just ono
step between me and hell In fact
thnt very night I started to take that
awful step to take my Ufo by m y
own hand I sprang out of bed nnd
drew open a drawer to take out theIr
Instrument that would end my life
For ciao reason or other I could not
find it God did not lot me find U
and I dropped upon my knew and
said 0 God If jiou will take this
awful burden from my heart I wilt
preach flip Gospo and God not
only tomosrod thr burtien I found n
Joy I had never dreamed of in i doe
LIworld and all the years since It has
gone on Increasing with the ox
caption of n abort time whtn I feUd
under the ttiltahUitg power of ecoptlc
am and agnosticism all Ule reef of
tie time all those years tho Joy has
grown brighter brighter brighter
ivory year Young men and women
if you want the doepMt sweetest
purest most overflowing Joy there
In to toq known on earth come to
Jesus Christ
cohope Gone
In the tlitrd place not to 4x > a
Christian costs the crifice of hope
eiA Chrlrtian has hopoAs we road
4ileh God that cannot Me
Ipromteed Ohhew magnificent
wttLat hope Is hope of eternal life
nIlow sure it Is resting on the Word
of God who cannot lie The world
has act hope like that The world
foundation Hope for the future Is
IsIf present pasI
euMibnOh I
Oh tome ono says > I do not
believe that give mo the present
atiid I win let the future take care of
Yes you do believe it There Is f
the woes not believe that hope fort
the p fill eve is more important than
pros nt possession I
1 AT man says I do not believe
Yes you do I will prove It to
ofhad your choice tonight between
tsthat money > can buy for 1111
with no hope for tomorrow but
lwlth the rising of tomorrows sun
sunI I
0nhd the opening of tomorrows
bezzler and all your money swept
away and you cast Into prison to
to be absolutely penniless tonight
1but with the absolute certainty that
with the rising of tomorrows sun
and the opening of tomorrows
banks you wore to be a millionaire
1aU tho rost of your life which
would you chooseI I I
OhJ you say that s very ensyI
I would cllooso to be penniless to
night with the certainty that tomor
row and all tho rest of my llfo I
was to bo a millionaire
So would I but that only I shows
that you believe that hope for the
future Is more important than presI 1
Lent possession and I would rather j
bo tho poorest child of God In tho
world tonight with the absolute j
certainty that with tho dew Ins oil
eternity 1 was to be for all eternity
an heir of God and Jointheir with
Jesus Christ than to be the richest
man on earth tonight out of Christ
with no outlook for all eternity but
to be cast Into Gods eternal prison
house of bell
Lungs Declared Sound
Life Insurance Granted
If you knew a remedy that really had >
cured Tuberculosis that had caved from
death quite a number of people would
you try to get Consumptives lntre J
In It and Induce them to take II cr
would you any nothing about It tor fear
of giving offence
We know the medicine We know tno
people cured ome of them We have
ttio stories of cure of many and nfilOn
vita from come Wo advertise Eckmin 4
Alterative to tell thoeo who have luii q
disease what baa bwn done by Us use
Investigate the following
1618 W Dauphin St Plilla Pit
PitGentlemen > y
13 1907 I had five hemorrhages from ups
right lung My hemorrhages kept up for
one weekI had twentyelcht In all pep
tic pneumonia developed My doctor flil
me I had better BO la another climate
as my left lung had also become affected
About that time I met Howard Idols
1619 BusQUfhunnu Ave this city WhO >
had hemorrhages several years 11110 and
who was cured by Eckmal1 IIo01th
J started to take Ickflns boat th
Utter part of August 1807 My appetite
Improved at onco and In about two weeks
started to gain welglit I linprov J
teadlly Later a very bad lameness dh
veloped In my right leg I and I < omnwnc
tor told me I was getting a tuer < ul > r
abscess ahd that it tv tt aftertirf the
wlatle nerve Tho Jamclle l aid In u
zradgally disappeared Have not had uuj
tronbt of that nature alnM
Mince my recovery about n YI ir IT n
was acrept < l for llo Imiurano nitif
two xaIDlnictlon by n company brat huJ
prerlously rejected aro
I have advised several plOw to ta µ
cknuins and those nlu tic It faiv
fully had the naino results a + mynelf
Blmed Affidavit CHAS 5IOIIOAN
EckmanH Alterative cures nronrhltin
Asthma Hay lever Throat and 11
AfTectlonii Ask for booklet of ruret Ur
and writ to Uif Jxkmnn l l KM r vt r
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J Ii
I I I i
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uA 1 u
IA I man out of Christ has no hope
1 even from the life that now Is that
Is at all sure
Iis I You say That Is too strong a
man out of Christ may have no hope
for the future but if bo is rioh he
has for the present life
You aro mistaken Come with
me to New York City Wo walk up
Fifth avenue we stop before ono of
tho most elegant mansions there we
go up the steps and are ushered
through the hall down to tho library
at the end of tho hall You and I
stand there on the threshold and
look Into tbo library In It there
are two men deep in carnoat con
versation This + is not an imagi
nary case but an actual one One
of these men is worth ono hundred
nnd nlntnyslx millions of dollars
by an actual Inventory of his prop
erty taken a tow days after the tlmo
of which I nm speaking Tho other
man is ono of Americas greatest
You and I stand there and look
In and you say Well I would like
to be fn that mans shoos Ono
hundred and ninetysix million dol
lar I do not know anything about
his religious convictions I do not
know anything about his eternal
prospects but ho is well fixed for I
many years to rpme so far as this
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youland I i
and I are looking In that man falls
out of his chair on his face on theI I
floor and when Qulncey Garrett
picks William II Vanderbllt frOOlI I
tho floor ho is a corpse
For all his one hundred and
ninetysix millions ho had no hope
for five minuteso
Friends we all of us hero tonight
aro like men standing on tho sea
shore looking out over the bound
less ocean of otwolty nod as wo
look out thero coined towards some I
of URtliollo of us who hMO n livIng
ing faith In Jesus Chris gallant
vessels ladon with gold and sliver
and precious stones with every sail
sot wafted swiftly towards us by
the breozes of the dlvino favor
But toward tho rest of usrtlioso
out of Christ aa we look out Over
tho boundless ocean of eternity I
there come no vessels but dlsman I
tied wrecks with no cargoes but the
livid corpses of lost opportunities I
I ovor which are hovering the vultuics I
of eternal despair driven madly toi
wards us by tho fastrising blasts of
tho Indignation of a holy and tin
outraged God That is what it Costa
not to be a Christian
Mnithood Gone
4 In tho next place not 16 bo a
Christian costa tho sacriflce ftbo I
highest manhood and the highest I
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grua citjvalucis to our eUltOnlorw t
womanhood Hnvo you over thought
of It that wo have 011 falldn away
from nods ideal of manhood and
womanhood through sin Paul puts r
It In his tremendous way Wo haoT
glory of God all fiulen i short orr
Gods Ideal of lOanh od and thek
only way bark to It is by the arI
Continued on rue Seven i I
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