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toot ruuLisnroa COMPANY
F It FISHER President
> R 3 PAXTON Oeneral Manager
Entered at the poatofflce at Paducah
Kr as second clan matter
Br Carrier per weekr 10 I
Dy Mall per month In advance 26
111 Mall per year In advanceUOO I
For year by mall postage paid 1100 I
Address TUB SUN Paducah Ky
Dffleo Ill South Third Phone 168
Editorial Itoomct I
OW Phone SS7 New Phone 151
Payne A Young Chicago and New
York representatives
September 1910
16528 166521
26524 176527
3d526 19652
6 0508 20652 4
76515 216521
6531 22 6526
8fj >
9V6524 23 0526
10 C528 246513
126529 266516
136527 27 6526
14 G518 isf f 6526
156521 296513
Total 1C30G8
Average 6522
Personally appeared before me I
tho 3rd day of October 1910 R D
aiaclllllen Business Manager of
The Sun who amrms that tho fore
going Is a true and correct state
ment of Its circulation for the month
of September 1910 to the best of
big knowledge and belief
Notary Public
My commission expires January
10 1912
DaUy Thought
Honesty needs no pains to set
Itself offEdward Moore
You can abbreviate It 1010 10
todayF o
F O Watts of Nashville who I
has many relatives In Paducah was i
elected president of the American
Bankers association at Los Angeles
Senator Gore of Oklahoma staked I
his reputation on the opinion that
if the Payne law was enacted high L
prices would follow He would have I
taken about the same risk if he had I
predicted that they preceded the
bill AH during the panic of 1907
when men everywhere were thrown L
out of work prices continued to In
crease Now strangest of all the m
articles which Increased most 1 In I
price and are increasing most 1 In
price are those which are not pro
tected by the tariff It is not the I
price of steel and silk and cham
pagne that worries the average citi
zen it is the price of butter and
eggs and flour and meat and pota
toes These are produced by the I
farmer and he is the fellow who Is I
reaping the benefit of high prices
The wage scale is not bothering
the farmer as It Is the manufac
turer and the middleman In Europe
conditions are much worse and the
disparity between the cost of living
and the scale of wages is much
graver Over here salaried men can
by economy and thrift and God
forbid that the time will come when
these two virtues are not forced on
meacquire a home but they cant
over there
Odd that the Payne hill should
have started prices mounting fivo I
years before it was suggested and
that its operations should extend
over the known civilized world but
that is what one must admit if he
argues that the Payne bill is re
sponsible for the high cost of living
It was a coincidence worthy of
passing comment that when the
overthrow of the Portuguese dynasty
came and the new republic was do
dared the recently elected president
of Brazil an offshoot of Portugal
should be present lie represent In
his office a reminder of Portugal J
one Umo high place among maritime I
nations The new president of I
Portugal Braso Is a free thinker
a posltlviet and a man bated by oon 1
eervBtlvos and returning that hate I
with interest His own life story In 1
dicates how that hatred was tin Inl l I
in > and may give cause some appre
hension less It may indicate a lack I
of breadth such as is necessary for I
a man at such a crisis in a nations
There la an unconscious revelation
of the manner of man who now Is
at the head of national affairs In
this brief autobiography President
Draga wrote a few weeks ago at the
request of a Paris newspaper
At the age of 3 he lost his
moth r and was tormented br a
terrible stepmother until 1881
Then he left his fathers house I
and went to Colmbra univers
ity with a small sum received for l
a volume of verse which ho pub t
limed at Ponta Detgada
At Oolmbra his life was an ob
scure struggle because of lack of I
jncanjG lie koto pIn the struggle r
V k
Taylors Nomination will Xot Avail
what was expected when Senator
Taylor was nominated for governor
hoping thereby to overcome the tidal
5wave of true Democracy by the per
sonal popularity of their condldcte
but they have reckoned without
their host
The questions at Issue are of too
serious a nature to be lost In the
whoop and halloo of a whirlwind
campaign and Our Dob by nHylng
hlmtwlf with tho Patterson Demo
crats has simply Joined the Down
andOut Club of political Has
The Indepoiident Democrats of
Tennessee who are the true repre
sentatives of the greht party of Jef
ferson Madison Jackson and Jfhun
O Harrly are supportng Capt Den
W Hooper not as a Republics > but
as an honest man who has accepted
their nomination and stnnl upon
the platform enunrla t d by them
and who acctpU their suppot as Dem
ocrats who are and will remain
staunch adherents to tle principles
of the party which tsey are talking
to redeem from the Joiiluatloii of
the most undeiuocran pjUJcal ma
chine whichever exuttJ la this
country Jackson Sun
TefltF mtCrudldtcy
Senator TurlKfi CiiulUlary
The nomlnitl > > D of bVaaDr Tfiylor
its a candidate for governor by the
convention competed lu the main r f
delegates repn > ientlpjj tle Patterson
wing of the Democratic party wl 1
la our Judgment have on appreciable
effect upon tlr resUI In Noveiutwr
Senator Taylor has In the past had a
strong hold on the Democratic mass
es of Tennessee but in his campaign
for the Unite i States senate njant
the late Senator Carni c1 k the vote In
dlcated that the opiw < ston lo Taylgr
was of about equal strnslli and
nothing has occurred pima to Justify
the conclusion that Senator Tayior
Is stronger now than he was In his
race for the senate On the contrary
evidence Is 1 not wanting to Indicate
that the senator has lout much of his
former prestige
There may and doubtless will be +
a few Democrats here and there who
will be Influenced by the cry of party
regularity and harmony but the rank
and file of independent Democrats s I
who supported the udlclary ticket In 1 I
August will stand together In support
of Hooper in November The cry of
regularity and harmony has lost
much of its force and Influence by
reason of the extraordinary condl
tions with which the state has been I
confronted during the part eight
The action of the Republicans in
their refusal to nominate a Republl
can Judiciary ticket coupled with the
support they gave to the independent
Democratic ticket has Independent1 I
large body of independent Democrats I
to the support of Captain Hooper It
was through this action of the Re
publicans throughout the state K >
Tennessee that the Democratic eastI I
levy ticket was elected by such a
+ I
elarge majority It was through and
with the aid of Republicans that the
theII II
state of Tennessee was saved from I
the disgrace and humiliation of the
defeat of a court composed of theI I
who had refused o be dominated or
controlled by the machine It was
Republicans that machine politics ln I
Tennessee has beeen anlbllated and
It was through this that all that Is
bad in the tdmlnlstratlon of the
states affairs has been given a re I
buke But for this action upon the
part of the Republicans of tho Hoop I
er type It Is extremely doubtful I
whether theca very desirable tnds
could have been accomplished and =
1It 1
It Is In recognition and appreciation
of this act that tho masses of Inde
pendent Democrats will stand to
gether in the support of the fusion
candidate for governor and not only
because of this but also because Capt
Hooper has shown himself to be a
conscientious capable and courage
ous man to whom the masses may
with unconquerable pride and in
1872 he presented himself 119 a can
didate for a professorship of modern
European literature
All the conservative eloments
were opposed to him Catholics
monarchists metaphysicians ultra
romanticists and Journalists in tho
governments paybut the public
acclaimed him and forced the minis
try to appoint him Drags Is con
sidered am enemy > by the conserva
tive classes because he Is a repub
lican to politics a free thinker and
as regards philosophy Introduced
posdUvism Into Portugal That
suffices to make him detested t I
Kent c1cJ Kernels
Henderson fair tomorrow
Marie Flncke kidnaped at Coving
tonI I
Mayfield postofflco finished In No
vember I
Sherwood Duckner HopWnsvllIo I
lIulcldoI I
Horan Redden charged with kill
lug Herman Humphreys gets new I
trial in Galloway I
Then again most of tho smuggl I
ing Is done by people who do not 1
need to steel I
with a degree of confidence look Cor
a clean and sane administration
Nashville Banner
As to Hob Taylor
Tho nohilUfcm o4 4tfobert U Tay
lot for governor of Tennessee was
not uri xy cte 4JWtalf Ilk end
been ammoti fproE < nicjconcluaJoti
He is believed to lie very strong with
the voters of the state Already ho
has been governor three time He
was first elected in 1886 again In
1888 and the third time in 1S9C
His majorities were not large lie
defeated the Jate Sam W Hawkins
by only a few thousand votes and in
1896 led Tillman by but a modest
margin Governor Taylor is an at
tractive character however with ral
lying qualities and doubtless will
prove as good a vote getter a8 could
at so late an hour have been con
scripted He will make a hurried
campaign and pour his oil from Car
ter to Shelby upon anything that has
the appearance of trbubled political
waters The distinguished stated
man will hardly go tho extreme
length of rashness by resigning his
teat in the senate Ho will find the
latter a very comfortable abiding
place In the event that the governor
ship falls tp tecognlro his seductive
qualities Beyond a doubt there
will be many Democrats to vote for
Captain Hooper Memphis Newt
A tlpThe next governor of Ten
nessee will not be boldheaded
Jackson Sun
Ho Wai till Tat Long
It Is too early to say what will be
the effect of putting out Taylor as a
hnrmonlzcr but as yet we see no cv
Idcnce of any considerable change In
alignment by reason of the choice
Senator Taylors course this year has
not been such as to entitle him to
leadership of the Democracy When
true Democrats needed him to plead
their cause for a fair deal before the
Patterson machine committee the
senator could not be Induced to come
to the state When ho finally spoke
he urged Democrats to accept an out
rageous primary plan although In
the same breath he said that ho
would not favor such a plan for his
own candidacy Vacillating aH the
way through he agreed to make
speeches for the regulars and then
cancelled the engagements If after
time August election he had had the
courage to denounce Pattereonism
apjlrcaHnon the governor to retlrer
he1 might have led a true harmony
movement He waited too long
Chattanooga News
Sympathy for Itoh
The loyal untraded Democrats of
Tennessee have spoken In a conven
tion of their own making have
adopted a platform to thelrown Ilk
ing and selected the man nearest to
their own hearts as their standard
bearerRobert L Taylor We had
hoped that tho party would not exact
this sacrifice of Senator Taylor but
that they would find come other man
from among the long list of capable
loyal leaders to assume the respontf
blllty but no man can question tho
Isneerlty oC their choice and the spon
taneoupiufs of their sovereign wHI
and like a man who realizes his ob
ligations to the people who have so
often honored him Senator Taylor
has yielded and we with all other
wellwishers of the commonwealth
Join In acquiescence to the majority
rule Now lets have done with this
holierthanthou bombast this pro
tense of superior morality and this
hypocritical cant about tho God and
morality uplift of the Republican
party To continue it will be to take
the people for simpleton and the
voters for Intellectual Imbeciles
There Is no Pattersonlsm with which
to conjure up hate and revenge and
bossism In the name of Robert L
Taylor The Issue 10 clearly Joined
the Democracy the free and un
traded electorate against the machlna
lions of the most consummate ma
chine ever Invented by political bous
es Chattanooga Times
Heard in the Lobby
Louisville Nat L Miller St Louis
It Marsh Philadelphia W E Gat
lln Puryear Tenn W II Cole
Benton J C Cooley Memphis H
J Carpenter Louisville J B How
ell Cairo R H Pinckney Detroit
gles Klrksey C M Lawrence
Kirksey W H Edwards Martin
Tenn J B Bailey Richmond
George L Alllston Woodyllle Dert
Fisher Medina SO A L Marberry
Mayfield Charles Brown Mayfield
Chicago E E Gooch Martin Tenn
C D Jeffers Little Rock G D Mc
Kenzle McKenzie Tenn R U
Standflcld Mayfield Milton Young
Morganfleld W J Rclley St Louis
George J Lavery St Louis
Mr II R Lindsey of the Suther
land Medicine company returned
this morning from Mexico Ills taut
ily will remain a few months in San
Antonio Tex Mr Lindsey reports
that Mexico Is recovering rapidly
from the panic and business Is good
there The election passed off quiet
ly and liho attention of tho public
has been occupied with the canton
nial H9 saw the Kate ball room
Incliinili Trosbyljry Wltlulrmvs from
SyiKMljrnllioiuc Allslnn I
With the beat report in 70 years
tho delegates from the First Baittlst
church will attend the Went Union
association which will meet Wed
no lIdaf at the Newtons creak Baptist
church near Kovll During the year
thore has been a not gain of 70
members making the memlorshlp
October 1 1029 The report of tho
financial I condition la the best In the
history of the church The disburse
ments amount to J9003CI wtiN
tho contributions to Kate home and
foreign mlwlona amount to
234273 Tho Mite society the
Dodd society and the Missionary
society made the boct reports In the
history both in point of membership
as welt as financial ad Tho dele
gates appointed yesterday arc J K
letter JM Miller W 14 Eley and
tho Rev M IE Dodd
One of the most forcible sermons
over heard Jn the chureh was de I
livered yesterday morning iby Dr
Dodd on Tho Inrkelld r and How
God Deals With Him lie reviewed
the chastisement received by Cods
IMJOpJo when at tho height of their
Success forgot Him At the conclu
sion of the sermon there wore soy
oral additions to the membership by
letters and others gaVe promises to
live better lives The usual evening
service was held wth baptism at the
Yestprday morning Mr Wllllnm
McEwan soloist with Dr Torrey
rang the morning offertorji
rresbytrrlnl Missions
The Rev H > W Burwell pastor
of the Firth Presbyterian church re
ported to time congregation yesterday
mornlnp that ntthe recent meeting
of Paducah Presbytery at Marion
the Protibytqry deeded tQ dissolve
relations with the syjiodical 1 home
mission committee and hereafter
the presbytery will look after the
mission work in tsown territory
and all the monW raided l > y tfaeva I
churches wjll bo levoted to ralnion
work within thfl presbyter The
Synod has devoted most ot Ita h efforts
to the mountain work ana too
Iresbjterial delegates thought south
western Kentucky could bettor look
after its own flafi first I
Mlaa Anno Uradshaw sang a beauti
ful soprano rolo it the Morning ser
vice Dr Burwells subject ti llSrA Re I
trospect involvlnfc n Roo > onslblUtr I
In which he recalled the duty and
obligation of the rhureh and Its
mwrfbershlp went regard the gospel l
preached to it during a half century
and calling upon the members to
the day after the affair and Mr
Lindsey says tho Mexicans have tho
art of decoration well learned and
are if anything superior to Anion
cans In that respect
I Mayor James P Smith has re
turncd from Chicago and Spring
field III At the state fair Satur
day ho saw Hoxsey In his bl plane
defeat Barney Oldfields bullet on
four wheels and witnessed Hex
soys start on his marvelous St
Louis flight At Springfield ho con
sulted tho state game warden an
authority on rags regarding blood
hounds and Is In communication
with other parties In regard to so
curing a park for the use of tho
consider within their own minds how
well or how lItho had responded
to the gospel message
Tenth Street CliriMlmi
I Splendid services with special
muilc were enjoyed yesterday at tho
Tenth Street Christian church The
portor the Jtev o 11 Wyatt do
livered too strong sermons Before
Uo Sunday school MhB Mary Ander
son pianist for Dr R A Torroy tie
llYErCtl n leaslnJ talk to tho pupils
Mr Howard Ktmwyaho J of tho co
w rkot8 with Dr Torreji delivered
IWQ tolog I
Five converts to tho North
Twelfth Street Baptist church were
buptlzed In the Ohio river at tho foot
of Broadway at 4 oclock Sunday
afternbon by the pastor the Hbv J
n York lAst I night after his ser
mon on tho subject of Jt nti the
Mighty To Sam there wore three
additions to the church by letter
Yesterday mortng he preached on 1 I
the subject of The Conquest of
lnrliu I > ncM
i Influence wits tho subject of
the Rov G IL SniaHojVs wrmon yes
torday monilnvr at the Second Baptlrt I
church Ijvst night ho prraclunl on
Iho Mbjlet of The Ark a Typo of
One Service
Only ono service was held et the
German Hvangollcal J church yccter
day that being at nlnJil Tho pastor
the Rev IL M I Wlopccko was In
Brookport Sunday morning and at
night preached on the subject of
Confirmation and Revival at whch
time he endprwd the Torrey revival
and urged the congregation to at
tend the services
Tnlko lo t Young Folk
As n result of n talk on time sub
jeer of Leading a Christian ure
given yesterday morning by I Miss
Mary Moody Parker to tho Sunday
school of tho Kentucky Avenue Pres
byterian church a number of young
girls and boys took their stand for
Christ at the church services yeaor
dof morning The Stay Landla
l > r en died OR the subject of ideals of
Christian IJfe emphasizing some
points brought out by Mlsw Parker
lie urged the roD nvn to live an
Christ love and serve Him and Wad
others to Him Next Sunday morn
Ing there will be a recoptl of now
members into the church A sawton
of the boMxI will be held at 1030
oclock preceding the morning tor
> lr Lravllt Spoke
I lOwing to the illness of the pastor
tho Rev G T Siilllran there was no
preaching at the Broadway Mutho
dlrtfah ifrch yeVtordny IRbIr IaVSufl
day school fervlees wore Mb and
tho Mens BMo claw was eddnmMd
by Mr Wllltam IL Uarltt the
American arUM BOW exhibiting his
picture flip last Supper In Pidu
Ioh Hr Flic Leaves
The Rev W A Flto vaster of
the First f Otartfttan church loft 4ut
night for Topeka Kiln lu attend
the ChrtoCnn church oonventlon and
hare been HcltlnR relatives In TCan
RIB Yesterday morning the Her
File preached to a largo congrrjrn
tlon The Sunday school nth fMJ
snfO was large Next Sunday tho
school will 11e addressed 4 > y Miss
Mary Moody Parker private irre >
tary to Dr R A Torrey
Mlvtlon Festival
A MhMpn I Fertleal for tho ptirpoM
of encouraging home and foreign
mutton will bo held at Ute Gem un
Lutheran church noxt Sundivu morn
trt and evening Cummunlon will
be taken at the morning tcrvlco and
rollftlons for missions taken at
both services Tho Rov Martin
nr < > tnrontnn of McmphlR Tenn
will fill the pulpit prearhlng tn the
Gimn luttftiiage at the morning
feivtc and In time Ki Kf > h tanguago
at night
The services yesterday were well
Joe Dcsberger Manager
Change of Program for
Biograph Motion Pictures
3 Musical Coles 3
A Comedy Musical Act
FranK Long
Illustrated Song
Hodges and Darrell
Swell Singing Act
Biograph Motion Pictures
Admission lOo Children vi Do
A Complete Change of Program Thursday
attended nd the program wus carried
out Tho regular monthly buslnosa
meeting of time congroffntlon will bo
I held Tuesday evening nt 780 oclock
at tho church school hourv
Iinr I
mice Kplsropul h
Tho Rev Robert W M 1 Black
rector of Grace church Memphis
Tenn preached Sunday mowing
wd evening at Grace Ui > I eoiwI
cliurrli In tho absence of the hoe
David Cady Wright who Is attending
the g norl convention ot the BU
cOlin I church in ClnclnnaU
Mr Mack lean eloquent and
gifted preaohor n native of itnto of
GeorKn and typically t SotiUiorn ills
sermon Sunday morning was a strong
and illuminating exposition of the
toxt So is the kingdom of God as
If a man should cast deed Into the
ground and should stoop and rise
night and day and the seed thoujd I
spring and grow up ho knowetb1 nut
how Tho thoughts were proton ted
In a clear and forcible way
waI I from tho
text Reaching forth unto how
things which oro beforePil i
313 Mr Black gave an u lit Uln I
an 1 optimistic discourse
Tho music va oepwlally good
Mrs Iela I Wodo Lewis and Mtu
Ittryear were the soloists
Cliurrli Xoton I
Tho WIlliiR Workers aoelt i of
tho Gorman Vnty Evnmmi tent
oJiurcli wHI moot Ttiuroday aftunoon
with Mm 1 Fred Rouge of Broadway
The Young Indies l sootely of time
First In 4 rtorlnn church Ml Iltot
offlrort Tuesday afternoon W tie
The Rev Thomas Warnar a noted
Co WNatlonail8t of Newark 0 ta
the met of the Rw and Mrs II M 1
W rwo of South Fifth street this
Ifrrry doe make you feel 1 Ir l 11
fo1l11 1 on time Mon ylluek plan every
llo Mire anil hear Tlio Four Mu < > U
ml Calm at Tlio Kennirky
Beginning this morning the car de
partment of tho Illinois Central to
turned to the Dlii 4iour day For
several months the employes In the
car department have worked ten
hours but the early evenings make It
too dark before C oaloek for the
oarmon to work All of time other
departments lire running nine haunt
Musical Cairo the lilsgrnl art
cvrr plait Inilurali 1
to a
Why CernclUons I heh llver Illln
will rueS that to sent Qunrant eil
OIMnUlteldby j
The Four C ales carry the biggest
Krtxoiiono In limo t uorlil
Mr and Mm Xol on Boas returned
thus morning from Florence
Henl vninlcvlllo bill yet offered at
Tlic Kfiitnrky
Tile Weather I i
Knrvrntt for Iailunili amid vicinity
Knlr onlli niul TiHwlny Tm t t
pelnliile liHlny IllKlieit 77 low
It G t 11 I
You must era thaw I limuli
fully nov colors In Kourln
Hands for fall limey oar
tainly are pretty Drowns l
in nil the popular nlmdM
hUll jrny rich reds Lino
C lavender stripe uflfoats millt
the new gold pattern 1l l t
1t 4
tints your Rate alp inuply
Sonic upto j
to 100
ftftJr JfTdRbt
ItoynJ limn r
The tno + t uecctul swladlrnd 4
Mid Jaamsr It Keen at a dla + er t I
Saratoga during the naeee lire those l
ilHii bats a baste of bosiMty Its
Mke time story of King Mwnrdt pip
At 8udrlHghanijou lass King
Edward suited prise swloe yrtM bul I
lock and all nlgnswr of fca r lire
steckr wn there WH a tatfeto
able Wtet md bawbee w0t o bsttRbt
aH 1M KtaRt fat swtno orerT year
It a limply enormous pile sad a
lefcortV Mid to this bu4b r on4 lay 1
PkeI for h1 r4 > In + rQt69
Well you te MW Iho batcher
wljb a wtak IMo pigs knee such
la lot 0J pgatDettol fH wj trtMl l
WeJI bay yog learned ag
tram year xrlJ n at waking a
Yw l faav tamed ant to ticom 4 1 t
lie I nBT > n say ygehhsLotmis >
vUIe CourWrJosrnal
WHU i mind of fed own n nun t
should he i able 10 mind his own
Tomorrow Night
= = 3 = Stomor r
T >
Will run an excursion TIIWIIAY MdllT ami I IKIIIAY XKillT sd f I
IliU wick nlo on Sunday afternoon The night icnriloii ellI t
Inure pnuuplly at H oclock ri > liiriiln nt II i t orloik Tliroo hours
on time river Wo rcxcrvo the right to reject anyone we see fit
I f
And For Every Occasion
The Fall Line Is now complete and Its a beauty There Is an
appropriate aboo for each member of tho family and for each
occasion Fine strong shoes for rainy days for man woman and
child and dress shoes which ore models of stylo and Rood 9510
A oI I
N S Q o
6 r
Our Repair and Engraving Departments Are
ArcI I
> FirstClass Lets d Show You
i < x

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