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ttomvf oofoiffirt 10 11IE PAD dAB BVEmgG suN PAGE 81VIH
4 > h Tc YYMwWfsa v1s Y Hv v + rwbr rr r lt
Ticket omco
city Office 422
r IlroadwnyDEPOTS
Union Station
El riiek etenrts TU aja
r Jackson x 1130 pm
Ar NwhvllU a 9teta 1SZ fm
IT Memphis ott t4 130 pm
11r I Hlckm guMmc 1SE > m
AT Chattanooga sxa c IZ7 JI
LT Paducah2f0 pm I
llr Nubv1l1e kiM xUK 866 pm
ttr Memphis otlldl000 am
Hr Hlckmaa 1IUtOI 15 pm
Ar Chattanooga cnI it pm
Nr Jackson o o 730 pm
1Ar Atlaita 710 am
fcr Paiacii 110 pm I
lar Paris > I1K pm
At Hollow Rock Jct1006 pm
Ar Nashville Iu 660 am
Ar Chattanooga r e 240 pm
Ar Atlanta I 736 pm
Ar Marttm 11165 pm
Arrives 120 p m from Nashvlllt
K rapha and all southern polnu
Arrive S15 p m from Nashvlll
Memphis and aU southern point
74Ea m train connect at Hollo
Rock Jet with chair car aid Buffet
Droller far Momphl
220 pm train connecti at Hollow
Rock Jet with chair ct tad BuN
Bre1er for NatitrlU
F L Wetland City Pasieigei
Agent 420 Broadway Phone 212
1A ft Barnaaii Agent Flttt u4
Nortoa niU Phone 22
X K rrri T A < it Data Depart
J Ik
DMTieisl < November 14th 1tOt
Arrive Paducah
tcalirUU dactnnatl sail 162 an
LonlivllU 416 pm
Goulsvlllt Cincinnati out 110 pm
Mphli N Orleans south 128 pm
Mphli N Orleans soutn 11 jo am
Uayflold and Fulton tOani
Cairo Fulton Mayfelder 800 pm
Princeton and Evllle 110 pm
Princeton and Evlllo 416 pm
Princeton and Iopvllle r 900 am
Cairo St Louts Chicago 736 am
Cairo St Louis Chicago 800 pm
Hetlli Carbdale St L 1100 aa
HttUi CarbdaU St L 826 pa
ItAVM Padaeak
LenltrllU Cincinnati east 122 am
t nlav1le 760 am
Louisville Cincinnati nut 1125 am
Mphli N Orleans south 267 am
Mphls N Orleans south 116 pm
Mayfleld and Fulton 450 pm
Wayneld Fulton Cairo 0 130 am
Princeton and Evllle a 133 am
Princeton and Evlllft II 1126 am
Princeton and Hopvllta 240 pm
Cairo St Louis Chicago 910 am
Cairo St Louis Chicago 120 pn
Ueflls Carbdalo St L 940 air
VeVlli Carbdaln St L 420pn
r < r DONOVAN Act
Ualoa Depot
ton the t work You all 4t flft I
tnewll relftIn Price S3 =
14a 11 err J W IEtLSCMlUee
Louisville ItyOrand lodge
of Masons Hound trip 030
October 17 18 and 19 good
returning October 23
Cincinnati OOeneral as
sembly Episcopal church
Hound trip 1090 October
3 4 C G and 10 good return
ing October 30 I
Topeka Kas Convention I
Disciples of Christ Round trip
I212C October 314 Inclu
sive good returning until
October 20
Cincinnati OVehlcle and
Implement Dealers associa
lion Hound trip 11090 Octo
ber 22 23 and 24 good re
turning until October 31
Lexington Ky Ilaccs
Meeting of Trotting Horse and
Breeders association Round
trip 930 October 3d to IBth
Inclusive good returning until
October 18
Louisville Ky Woodmen
of the Worldtwo spcolnl
trains will leavo Paducah Sat
urday October 22nd ono at
ytOO p m and another at
d 30 p m Faro for tho round
trip 250 Tickets will only
bo honored on special trains
returning leaving toulsvlllo
October I3rd at 1030 p m
and 1100 p m
Wavorly ItyFor the Co
lumbus Day excursion to Wav
er Jy arrangements have been
made with the street car com
pany to run care ono hour
earlier than aegulajr schedule
so as to meet this train which
leaven 1nlon dopo + at COO a
m Cars will start from tho
end of 1ark line Howlunjtown
lint and Fourth and Broad at
> 2o a m for this excursion
Ticket VII ba 1 sold to children
over five and under twelve for
110 fpr tbo round trip
g7 Agent Paducah Ky
> wa A Union Depot
Depott I
I Continued From Pago Two
coptanco of those regenerating and
transforming powers that there are
In Jesus Christ or to put It Into
ordinary language by regeneration
through Christ
And the host that any man or
woman ran attain to out of Christ
Is to bo a mere caricature of man
hood or womanhood as God crcaird
men and women to be
Is there a man In this audience
tonight so lost to all that Is noble
to all that Is I good to all that Is
truly manly that ha Is willing to be
n mere caricature of manhood as
God created man to b01 Is there a
woman hero tonight so lost to all
that to true to all that Is womanly
that sho Is willing to bo a mere
caricature of womanhood as God
created wotrian to b01 That Is what
It costs not to be a Christian and
men and women If there wero no
other argument but thnt I would
come to Christ tonight
cads Paver
5 In the next place not to bo a
Christian costa the sacrifice of Gods
fliorwo have all sacrificed Gods
favor through sin The only way
back to Gods favor is by the ac
ceptance of the Sinbearer whom
God has provided How plain the
Bible makes that Turn to John 111
30 He that belleveth on the Sou
hath everlasting life and ho that
hollovcth not the Son shall not sea
life but the wrath of God abldeth
on him
Oh but some man says I do
not know that I euro about that
Tho favor of God God Is not real
to mo Ho Is so far away If I
havo the favor of my neighbor the
favor of my employers the favor of
my friends In the club the favor of
my constituents In politics I do not
know that I core whether I have the
favor of this faraway being that
thatI I
you call God or not
Walt a moment whctryou go out
of this place tonight look up at the
stars over your head and say to
yourself The great God that made
those stars the great God that made
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Flavor or as well as for
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Diamond Stamp Works
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Phones 3i8I
teamer Clyde every Wednesday at
6 p m
Steamer Kentucky every Saturday
at 5pm
Only 800 for the round trip of five
days Visit the Military National
Park at Plttsburg Landing
For any other Information apply to
Excursion Bulletin
Spring and Summer
Tb Btr Dick Fowler titers
the following reduced rates to
Cairo and retur
Ingle round trip to Cairn
aid retura m 1 11 1
Parties of ire and ov r108
Elegant orchestra oa board
to furnish music all time
8 A Fowler General Agent
Roth Phones No 83
those wonderful worlds df light
about which the astronomers are
telling such wonderful things In
these days tho God that holds them
In the hollow of Ills hand as they
go whirling through space with such I
Incredible momentum that God loves
me but lie Is displeased with me
When you get homo tonight and I
lie uown to sleep and cannotfor I I
trust In the kind mercy of God
some of you will not sleep when you
get home tonight through thinking
of what you have heard here when
you got home and cannot sleep and I
all the rest of the housu IB asleep
and you lie there alone alone with I
God looking up Into tho face of t
God and J lied looking down not into
your face only but also Into your
heart say to yourself That great
God Into whose face 1 am now look
ing up and who la looking down L
not Into my face only but also into
my heart that God loves me but
Ho Is displeased with me
Men and women If I had to face
that thought tonight If there were
any way to find peace with God
and thank God there IslI would I
not rest till I had found It
Christs Testimony
In tho next place not td 00a
Christian costs the sacrifice of
Christs acknowledgement in the
world to comelIow plain the word
of God 10 about that Turn to Jesus
own words In Matthew x 32 33
Whosoever therefore shall confers
Mo before men him will I confess
also beforo My Father which Is In
heaven but whosoever shall deny
Me before men hm will I also deny
beforo My Father which IS 1 In I
heavenYou will often hear man say thle
If a man believes In Christ In the
secrecy of his heart oven If ho never
confesses < Him or jaye anything about
It God yet knows what 18 i In his
heart and will accept him on the
ground of tho faith which he never
I challenge any man to show rdo
one line In this book that counteD
anees such a statement
That Word saYS aa plainly as day
In Romans x 10 For With ash
heart man belleveth unto rlgbeous
nest and with tho mouth confession
la made unto salvation
his That Word says as plainly as day
and tho Master t lilntself said It In f I
Mark vUl 38 Whosooypr therefore
thaU be ashamed of Me and My
words in thl adulterous and sinful l
Kcneratlon of him also shal tho Son
of Man bo ashamed when He cometh
In the glory of His Father with the
holy angels
That word EDO as plainly as day
Whosoever shall confess Me before
men him will I also confess before
My I Father which la In Heaven but
whosoever denleth Me beforo men
him will I also deny before My Fath
er which Is In heaven
You say Does not faith save 1
Yea and faith confesses and tho
faith that does not lead to confession I
le no faith and the faith that does f
not lead to confession will not lead I
to salvation
I can < Imagine that great day when
tbo Lord Jesus summons all Ills own
before the bar of God There wo
stand in bright and glorious array
tho Lord Jesus Christ at our head
and lie turns to Hlo Father and Bays
Father all theso are Mine they
confessed Mo upon earth before men
and I now confess them beforo Thee
My Father In heaven
But look away over on tho out
skirts of that crowd Is a man who I
hung upon tho skirts of tho Cnurcn
of Christ on earth Ills sympathies
were with tho church hIs associates I
were with tho church but ho is a cow
ard and bad not the courage of his
conviction He was afraid of his
business partner of his associates in
politics or In society and ho never
came out and confessed Christ openly
before men But ho thinks that be
cause he hung upon tho outskirts of
the Church of Christ on earth that
he can hang upon tho outskirts up
Tho Lord Jesus Christ now turn
to 111tn1 do not believe It will bo
so much In anger as In unutterable
11ltrand with a sad wave of Ills
band He pays Depart depart you
did not confess Mo upon earth before
men I cannot confess thee beforo My
Father which Is in heaven I nand
women that U I what It costs not to
bo a ChrlfUnn Not to bo an open
confessed out dnd out follower of
Jesus Christ
7 Once more not to ho a Christian
costs the sacrifice of eternal life and
means to perish for eCrIIow plain
the Word of God Is about that Take I
the word of Jesus Chrlrt Himself in
JohnMil 14 15 And as Moses lifted
up the eerpeht In the wilderness
eyen eo must the Son of Mart b o < lift
ed up that whosoever believeth In
Him should not pcrUh but have
eternal lifo How plain it is Be
lieve have everlasting life not be
Move perish John III 16 For
God eo loved tho world that He gave
His only begotten Son that who mo
ever belleveth in Him should not
wish but have everlasting Ufa not
IJellpPI fHtrlfh Once more John
II 36 lie that belleveth on the
on hath everlasting life and ho that
ellcveth not the Son shall not see
ifc but tho wrath of God nbldcth
on him How plain It ISi believe
> verlastng life not 11I0o8hall
lot wo life but tho wrath of God
bldoth on him
Do you ntk me what ctprnat life
leans I cannot tell you I can tell
on what Its beginnings are for
hank God I have them In my own
earl tonight But what eternal lit o
npnnp In al 1 Its fullness In Its eter
nal Aiitworklngs no human language
an tlc crlbe and no human fancy
ca conceivet t I
I will tell you what to do Take
that moment of your life whoso joyl I
Was puretit deepest hlghe f holiest
dlvlnist multiply it by Infinity and
carry It out to all eternity and you
Will have some faint conception of
What eternal life means ofI I
no you ask me what It means to JIOr1
Iish I cannot tell you You and I
sometimes sec the beginnings of It In
the man or woman who has gone I
down through Bin In tho depravity I
of their lives In the corruption ofI j
their characters in their Wrcched i
tiflees and despair But what It means
to perleh In all tho eternal outwork I
Inga of a depraved character what
vista that lies ahead of us no human
language can describe no human
fatrcy can conceive
But I will tell you that to do
Take that moment In your own life
whoEO degradation was deepest
whoso corruption was cbmpletcst
whose despair was the most blank
and the most utter and whose agony
was the most appalling multiply It
by infinity and carry it out to all
eternity and you have some faint
conception of what it means to per h
Ish And that is what It costs not to
be a Christian
Tim Price of ClirlstlessLlfe
Men and women I put to you then
this question Are you willing to pay
the price of a Chrlstlcss IIf01 If you
are I have nothing more to say If
not I ask you to stand right up and
prefers your acceptance of Christ like
men and women Now I will admit j
that you may gain something by not
becoming Christians I will admit I
that it will cst you something toI I
become real Christians It wlll In tin
probability cost you the loss ot
friends that you hold very dear I
never knew a man to step out of the
world without losing friends
It will cost you the loan of money
for real Christianity touches a mans
pocketbook iam willing to admit
that You cannot do some things In
business If you become a Christian
that add to you Income and which
you do today I win admit that I
want you to know this I do not
want tenses you to come under false notI I
It will cost you very likely the loss
of pleasures of which you are very
fond and not for one day only but I
for weeks ana months and years to
come When jj gave Ply heart lot I I
Christ I had to give up everything T
was most addled to 111 the days
gono by tho QgS without whjch
It seemed to jnet llg would not be
worth IIvlnf 1 want You to know I
this tonight Wo want real conver
sIon here 1
But 1 also want to ask you a qucsj
tlon Are you willing for the sake
of a few god gls com ant 8 that I
you arabetterflllttlthout are you I
willing for tho s ke of a few hundred I
or a few thousand or a
hundred thousand if need be
less pleasures that are unworthy ota
thinking belng anyhow and unworthy
at your brain and your feet and
hands thdt raemand women ought to
bo ashamed of t 5i von If they are not
ChrJllnn 8roou willing far tl101
rake of prep thfngjas > these to sac1
rifles peace and Joy sad b poand
manhood and womanhood arid Gods
favor and Christs acknowledgement
and eternal life and verlth for evejT
Are you willing I to make so great
a sacrifice for eo paltry gain I
I On ijlght In New York City nt the
cloy of a sermon by Dr MacArthur j
a geiitlcman came to him and said
Dr MacArthur I want to ask you
a question If I become a Christian
must I gIve Up my mooes 1 J
Dr MacArthur was n Who man
and answered If you become a
Christian and Jesus Chrtt asks you
for yoW money you must be1 willing
to give It up you must be willing to
glvo It qty every penny of Its I
Tho man aid Dr MacArthur I
will takp a week to think about
Dr Ua Arthur knew It way no
When the Fowl N Not Suited
When Nature gives her signal that
something Is wrong It Is generally
ways faithful undone should act at
fTo put oft the change Is to risk
that which may bo Irreparable An
Arizona man says I >
For years I could not safely eat
any breakfast I tried various kinds
ot breakfast messes which gave mo
distressing headaches I drank strong
edcoffee too whlcji appeared to bene
fit mo at the time but added to the
headaches afterwards Toast and
coffee were no better for 1 found
the toast very constipatingS < S
A friend persuaded me to quit
the old coffee and the starchy break
fast foods and use Postum and
moI I I
The change they have worked In
mo Is wonderful I now have no
more of tho distressing sensations
in my stomach after eating and I
never have headaches I have gained
12 pounds In weight and feel bet
ter In every way
wayI I
Grape Nuts make a delicious as
well as a nutritious dish and I find
that Postum Is easily digested and
never produces dyspepsia symp
ITheros I I
Theres a reason I
Get the little book The Road toI I
Vellvllle In pkgs
Ever road the nl > ove letter A new
ado appears from time to time They I
arc Kfiiuiiif iriCt and full pt human
good pressing tho man just f then and
lie raid Very well
The man came back after a week
and said Dr MacAtthur I have
settled It I will hold on to my mon
ey till death and If Christ and hear
en must go they must go
That was an awful decision but It
was an intelligent one Are you
ready to fay that tonight I willI I
hold on to my money till death I
will hold on to my godless pleasures
till death and if Christ and heaven
must go and peace and Joy and hope
and manhood and Womanhood and
Gods favof and Christs acknowledge
ment and eternal Ife must go and
eternal ruin come let them go and
let It conic Are you ready to say
that men and women That Is what
you dd day practically if you go but
pf this place tonight without Jesus
News of Theatres
The best vaudeville bill ever pre
sented In Paducah considering the
class of attractions and price paid
for them Is the bill at the Kentucky
the first hal of this week The Four
Cates headliners who put on a mus
ical act that requires talent and
dress tho act exquisitely are worth
more than the price of admission As
sociated with them are Allle Leslie
Hassan the famous child Impersona
tor Williams and Culver comic sing
Ing and dancing performers and Leo
Darth well known to the vaudeville
stage as a character dlallectltlclan
They are playing a bargain matinee
this afternoon anG will be seen to
night a two performances the sec
ond beginning after 9 oclock
At the Slur
The Three Musical Coles Is nn act
that Is extra good and tho Star the
ater management are tickled that
they have been able to secure them
for 3 days commencing Monday iAU
tho managers along the line of the
Hodklns circuit have sent In fine
reports on this act and we are to ex
pect something good
Hodges Darrell have a swell
singing act and one that Is sure to
please as the patrons of the star
love good singing mixed with good
clean comedy
Our own Frank has another U1usI I
trated song
Two fine reels of new motion pic
tures complete the program Admis
sion lOc children 5c with 2
matinees every days and two per
formances at night
I The Herald of Friday morning
I raidYou may have walked at one time
or another through a dark and damp
I woods for mile after mile now pick
Ing your way laboriously through
entangled I underbrush now raising
your feet upon thorns or stonea or
ogata losing your footing upon the
slippery sodden leave until you
felt at least that your Journey J81
mote of a trudge than a ramble
Then just as you were about to con
clude that natures beauty was con
fined to poetry and art suddenly you
camo upon an open placoa place
where the trees were parted above
your head and the sunlight bathed
the little plot of earth In light
6 vet refreshing almost Intoxlcat 1
Ing And the creatures of light were
therea few tufts of grass a wild
rose perhaps and tyou were POT
tlcularlji fort hdte ared breasted
robin and h8 song you remember
the relief the thankfulness
This Is Metz In Ireland It Is
the welcome open place In the
tangled sodden wood of problem
plays that weary and entangle And
tho play deserves a bettor name
There to a hint of farce In tho cap
tlon but the play Itself Is something
better than the average faroe And
theVo is not prollem hero We are
not called upon to deride what
course a wronged and outraged hue
band should pursue nor to watch n
young and very serious married
life There Is none of this Wo are
called upon to do nothing more
laborious than ethers the trials and
vicissitudes that beret tho path of a
soldier of fortune albeit he be n
cr wealthy soldier who has a turn
for the practical joke
Metz appears In a email village In
Ireland apparently an almles itjver
He has no name at the time of his
appearance He Is nameless and un
knowntermed Stranger by the
villagers However there happens
to lie In this village tho estate of one
Mtitz a German who has recently
died leaving the estate in case his
roving ron does not appear to Kath
leen OMnlley Sir Ffobert Somerset
a Drltlth officer has laid his plans
and ho is as full of plans as a schem
ing matron to win the hand of the
fair and wealthy Kathleen thus
gaining possession of the estate lie
and t < tho tteward conceived the Idea
of palming off the Stranger who
Is a German as Motz the owner Xof
the estate choosing that method of
leading the fair colleen to believe
that It is herself that ho desires and
not her wealttiJ oho > proposal Is
made to the Stranger who con
sents to act the role for a stipulated
rpm which Is agreed upon Ho
eaters upon tho plan with the dis
tinct understanding that tile British
officer and the steward are to obey
hla orders Just as though ho wore
In reality the wealthy Motz
Herein H9 the humor of the play
and Mr Wilson Is the ono to de
velop tho Infinite possibilities for
fun In the situation Ills lordly and
contemptupuS treatment of the con
iplratore kept the audience in a
continual laugh But new and > un I
foreseen complications are arising I
You wilt catch this from the expres I
Ion In the eyes of tho Imposter from
timcvto time lie has yiyowo m fromI I
unum of t thl fair KaUilegn whom
and 350
The price stays down
the quality goes up
while most things
shoes includedarc go
ing down in qualify and up in
price thats the great difference
Beacon Shoes
and other shoes today Made to
the standard of shoes that sell
0r 2 and 3 more but do not
give you a cents worth of bet
tor matcna workmanship and
style Union nade Goodyear
welt handsewed process
uppers in all leathers shapes
arc the latest New York styles
Weve got cm allcan fit
you comfortably and in upto
date style Sold from uptoI I
to wearer by
9l dis
And arc hundred other eselemve MenU
l tkrnti hMt the Doited Bute ud Europe
lie recognizes as the sweetheart of
his youth
The situations are too numerous
to describe here They are at eVEr
turnthl more credit to the author
with all their number they do not
become tiresome
In the end Metz confesses that he
Is not iMotz at all but an Imposter
He to about to take up his roving
where he left It when It suddenly
develops that be Is I the son of iMetz
which In affairs of the eitate
amount to the same thing Kath
Len and the young German discover
their happiness In each other the
conspirators are discredited and all
Is well
The plot Is simple perhaps a trifle
hackneyed Dut It Is not sordid The
play In Its entirety Is tshuplet and
therein lies the charm lAnd > it Is
merry withal The gayety la not
ftralned It Is spontaneous effer I
vesolng delicious
Mr WlkonB songs captivated
Captlcntiug la l the only ward to de
scribe them Wo would not crltlcUo
the tones of the wood thrush nor the
selections of the feathorthroated
songster No mow will > we the
renditions of Mr Wileonv Hare was
slmplklty again He sang not as
one sings for francs but111 the
thrush beyau g he must r ry
Queen of Breams LS perhaps the
best lked of the selections Erins
late was a delightful Irish melody
Irish therefore abounding in
melody t
Ann Dolan the EhrewZhfl quarrel
some Irish housewife was perhaps
the best piece of characteracting In
the play This role was taken by
Lizzie Conway Sir Robert Somer
set the Imperunlous fortunehunter
In the literal Sense of the word was
fair Beresford Lovett handled this
part with passing ability thought at
S 1 i
Jt galS
So jiave Jhoes ie
paired al
9lu l S
AU welt or peg work done
by electrically or hand run
machinery QuicK Neat
Best material usedat
lowest prices Send your
children hi after school
Work done while they
times we could wish that he leaned < at
little further front the stage lanai a
ltUe closer to life
The rest of the characters nice
well taken and on tho whole tho
company was well suited
SIoif Werrerl e PHS
The KTCM nerve and brain treat
ment tor wen and women produces
strength and vitality builds up the
system and renew the normal vigor
For Bale by druggists or by mall 100
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Wllllami Jffe Co Props Cleve
land O Sold by Lilt Drug Co
II One Man Vli6 Came Hack
Two fight fans were discussing
tho Jeiirles Johnson fight
tightI I they never
come back
Except Enoch Arden replied
the other and he had to go away
again Everybodya Magazine
Your husband spends all his leis
ure with his automobile said one
womanYes replied tho other Dont
you miss him
Xo if he Isnt at home fixing tho
machine I can always reach him by
telphone at the r airsh01lWash
ington Star
822 Broadway
Established 1888
Are the very best the
market produces Their
economy In fuel as
tonUlies those who
haVo been using other
kinds And they last
a lifetime Somo In 1
Paducah have been In
dally use for 2 5 years
See this splendid
Range and let us show
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uniformly fine service
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Also a Complete Line of
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Total Security to Depositors 250000
h < y

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