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U Mi ryr lJif t
V M FISIIER President
la J PAXTON General Manager
Entered at the poitofllce at Paducah I 1
KT U second class matter
117 Carrlf per week 10
Br JtaUA be cT month In advance 2 5
BpItlall per Srear In advanceISOO
Iylbr year by mall postage pal UOO
Addrtn TUB SUN Paducah Ky
ones 111 South Third Phone 158
Editorial noomii
Old Phone SJT New Phone IBS
Payee Young Chicago and New
York representatives
s k
September 1910
1i 6528 166521
3 C524 176527
3 6526 196625 0
6C508 206524
76515 216521
SG531 22052S
9 6524 23652G
106528 246513
12i1i29 266516 I
13 6527 276626 I
14 6518 28 6526
156521 296513 1
Total 163068
Average 6522I < I
Personally appeared before meI I
the 3rd day of October 1910 R D
MacMillen Business Manager of
The Sun who affirms that the fore
going is a true and correct state I
ment of its circulation for the month
of September 1910 to the best of
bis knowledge and belief
Notary PublicI I
My commission expires January 1
10 1912 1
Dally Thou lItI
Diligence above all Is the mother
of good luckSamuel Smilesf
tt t
Republican City Ticket I I
grain dealer Finl Lack manufac
turer C M Riker manager West
Kis Coal company Joseph Exall I
commission merchant
COU CJIME Flrt ward
Henry Gallnian grocer Second
ward John MpCandIe river man
Third ward Fred Hassman commia
slou broker Fourth ward August i
Budde carpenter Fifth ward j
George L Darrett furniture dealer
Sixth ward John Wacker cooper 1
long term R S Barnett grocer I
short term
1L IRL Lindsey medicine manu
facturer Second ward J K Fergu I
Bon manufacturer Third FOrgU1 I i
T Hubbard tobacco manufacturer
Fourth ward J U Wanner jeweler
long term and B E Baker Inrurt
ance agent short term Fifth
ward Christian Kolb butcher long
term William Flowers baggage I
agent short term Sixth ward W I
N Simmons cooper t
Weather conditions are altogether
favorable and there Is no excuse fore
the voters not going to their reepec
the precinct today and registering
There are for hours yet in which
to register as the polling places will II
remain open until 9 oclock tonight
This Is a duty we need scarcely 11
urge on all good citizensI j
The quadrennial real estate assess I 0
ment will be made next yearbased onc
the valuations returned by the SlleII I j
working with the block map for eovII
oral months The city administra b
tion as Is well known has publlrtied t
a program of publls improvement 11
and economical use of the citys
funds to accomplish which will re
quire the cooperation of a general j p
council in sympathy with the alms of
the administration The general s
council elected in November will fix
tho tax rate for the year upon the
new real estate valuations This
work Is important and will requiresl
the careful consideration of a busl
nesslike general counciln
Another mayoralty election is n
coming a year hence and this work P
must be done without reference tou
its effect on the political fortunes of fl
any of those taking part In It If aCI
general council is elected whose k
leaders are turning everything to ac cl
count to discredit the present oda
ministration and make possible tho B
election of one of their number
mayor the taxpayers will suffer P
The citizens must look to this In Iff 1
the election but first they must reg a
Jster and this evening affords them tt t
the last chance a
Even a sick man can get out a day v
like this and perform so slight a duty II 1
as asking for a registration certlfl E
cate n
Remember If you dont register a
today you cant vote In November b
Two notable persons died within a T
week Julia Ward Howe and Senator g
Jonathan Dolllver of Iowa SI
T e latter a sterling liortesj man b
Is I one of tbe few older senators who h
having never been n crusader Joined
the progressive movement In his
party when he saw how Ids people
stood and refused to stand out
against tho will of the majority j
Julia Word Howe Is chiefly known
as the author ot The Battle Hymn
al the Republic written atterd
visit to the Army of the Potomac In
camp near Washington She hnd
been a leader of thought a worker
for the emancipation of her sex and
a frequent contributor to the mag
azines She was a fine specimen of
the best blood of the nation number
ing among her ancestors Roger Wil
Hams General Marion the Swamp
Fox of the Revolution and Gofer
nor Samuel Ward of Rhode Island
She was 91 years old but retained
her remarkable mentality almost to
the hour of her death
Mr Cleveland seemed to be sin
cere In his purpose to fulfill that
promise In his platform but he was
not a leader ot that character who
could control the dominant influences
of his party In congress The result
was and after a long wrangle in
congress the Wilson bill was passed
and that bill was a complete repudia
tion of the Democratic platform and
the promise made the people To
guard against a repetition ot that
failure the Democrats in every con
gressional district In America and In
every legislature should elect men
that they know will stand faithfully
by the partys promises and its pqli
cles The power and Influence of
wealth and of thotie Interests which
thrive upon special legislation are
already at work within the Demo
cratic party and In anticipation
of Democratic victory are preparing
to secure the election of enough Dem
ocratic traitors who together with
the Republicans would again block
all measures of reform and relief
says the Kentucky State Journal
We are Interested In the State
Journals admissions concerning the
Wilson bill only to the extent ot the
remedy It proposes
What are the partys promises
and policies by which the tepresent
atlves can stand They arc not to
be sent to Washington to enact a
law paying We hereby adopt the
tariff for revenue only policy for the
United States The tariff Is made
up of specific rates of duty placed
upon specific articles and tho rep
resentatives are expected tc
go over every rate on every
article and establish It as
the law it isnt whether you call
It Protective or Revenue tariff
it is the rpeclflc rates that affect tho
country And whatpromlsea has any
congressman made to the people re
garding any rate on any one thing
How can he make a promkeT Here
are hundreds oj rep senUAtlrelli f rom
hundreds of sections of the United
States Interested In hundreds of
kinds of enterprises Not ono in a
score of them knows anything about
any one article of the thousands to be
scheduled and perhaps not one of
them knows more than a half dozen th
related articles Not one constituent It
of any congressman In a thousand
knows anything about any artlco to In
be placed on the tariff schedule How
can those congressmen make prom
Ises about the tariff that amount to d
anything or If they did what would
their constituents know about theII
wisdom of the promise F
It the Democrats are called on to
frame another tariff they will frame tI
It the way tile VVllson tariff was c
framed and the way Republicans
frame the tariff Those representa
lives who favor special Interests S
will pay no attention to any sched C
ulea excepting those they are Inter w
estcd In and will unite their votes for h
what they desire Thoro who have gj
only the welfare of the people at
heart wHl be absolutely Ignorant of
the subject with only their party c <
caucus to guide them That tact was for
brough out In the passage of the
Payne bill when over half the Dem c <
ocrats voted for excessive rates on 1
certain articles over half the Repub the
leans did the same thing and the P
others were gagged In caucus That w
what was wrong with the Wilson pl
bill that Js what Is wrong with every all
tariff bill that has been framed by
Republicans or Democrats S
It is hardly becoming for the Ro a
publicans to say the Democrats are bl
InlquItuouB or for the Democrats to ual
say the Republicans are inlqultuous ly I
when they both do the same thing age
under the same circumstances Some O1
thing Is wrong wth the circum e
stances dont you think
Republicans and Democrats are
much alike all human al mostly
honest when they can afford to be
preferring right from wrong but
usually finding out what Is right by St
first learning what Is 1 wrong in that Ind
customary manner of acquiring such gan
knowledge Republican or Demo 1m
crat a man has to get knowledge onj III
subject before he can act Intellli
gently InloillI I
The editor of the State Journal R
presumes to criticize the JournAlI Iri I
We doubt whether he could name FI
tell whether It be wrong or why H
and If wrong what specific rate
would be Just and why We dont L <
look down upon the editor of the AJ J
State Journal on account of his ig Li
noranco we dont know any more n
1 M II 1 I 1
about It than he does Iaybo we pile
both think paper ought to be on theO
free list but the fellow who manuI I 1
facture it thinks the tariff Is too low FJ
There you are Whos right Weve p
got to persuade the country on that Ti
subject and the mart Influential com SF
blnatlon In the country the pesos co
has been unabe to entirely dominate L
lu t
Theres One Thing in x
Uneeda Biscuit
that other soda crackers lack
and that is
National Biscuit Goodness
In Moisture Proof Packages
ver sold in bulk
Dr Torrey Talks About Personal Work
Morning Address at Auditor
ium Concerning Power of
Holy Spirit Prayer Ser
vices Tomorrow
0 to 0I5 a mlrnyers in the
lioinos by all 1rotestnnt Christian
3 p IIrntr nervlre nt Audi
Corium Tenth and llroiuhvny
Tomorrow Is the special day for
tasting and prayer for the success of
the Torrey revival In this city and
is expected that Protestant Chris
tian of the city will spend tho day
farting and prayer with special
observance at the hours designated
This afternoon Dr Torroy is ad
dressing the ministers of western
Kentucky and southern Illinois at
e Baptist Headquarters North
Fifth street
Tonight Dr Torres will speak at
the auditorium on the Most Import
ant Question ti Man has Asked or
an Ask
Last night he continued his theme
Sunday night Reasons WIfy
Some People Hesitate to accept
Christ Mr McEwan sang with that
wonderful tenor voice the gospel
hymn Some Day Well Under
congress which speaks something
r the party in powerI I
There ta t only one way we who
consldsr ourtqlvcs consumers can
place ourselves on an equality withI I
special interests no matter what
party Is In power and that Is by the i
work of a commission of experts em 1
ployed by the government to acquire
the data necessary for the proper
framing of a tariff The editor of the
State Journal may favor free trade
and we may favor Protective tariff
but If either of us approaches the actual
work of framing a tariff Ignorant
we are going to bo taken advant
of or make fatal blunders in
our work Thats too obvious for
even a politician to deny
Heard in the Lobby
Ix > uls Ed W Graham Kokomo
Indj J P Reese Lexington J Mor
Jr Nashville Joftn IK1 Wil
liams Elkton Harry Price Free
mont 0 A S Garr Louisville
Richard Van Metro Evenston III
Petersburg Va Jo Gern Bower
L VickiwDycueburj T L Her
ring San Francisco J P Ford Tulu
Frank C Perry Cairo L Henderson
Haol Leslie Wallace Dover Tenn
IJndteyi Barlow h
pELVEDERE A T Farnsloy
Louisville John J Vogel Louisville
L Jordan Portland Me N 0
khaTt Murray E L Cooper
Hfntonf M I S Hendrlcks Indlanap
140 D Buchanan Nashville J
Daniel Paris Tenn
Fristoo Grant Davidson Marlon
Fh Rogers Bay City III J IJ
Trail SmlUiland W M iManock
Springfield Ills C C Clare Gol
conda < John UJjjnn Birmingham W
Horn Cairo
Work of the Holy Spirit
In his termon this morning on
The Work of the Holy Spirit Dr
Torrey said In part
Our salvation begins experiment
ally with our being brought to a pro
found senjo that we need a Savior
The Holy Spirit the ono tbat brings
Us to this realization of our need Wo
read In John xvi 811 And He
when Ho 1s wine will convict the
world in rerpccttof sin and of right
cons and of Judgment frn be
cauie they believe not on1le of
righteousness because I go to the
Father and yo behold Mo no more
of judgment because the prince of
this world hath been judged
We see in thfs passage that it it
the work of the Holy Spirit to con
vict mtfn of lnf That Je to so con
vince them of heir error in respect
to Inas to produce a deep sense of
personal gpllt We have tho first
ftrtI I
recorded fulfillment of this promise
In Acts II 3C37
The Holy Spirit 19 I tho only one
who can convince men of sin The
natural heart Is I > deceitful above
all thing and desperately wicked
and there is nothing in which the in
bred dcceltfulucss of our heart
hows more clearly than In our
estimation of ourselves We have
strange power of exaggerating our
Imaginary virtues nil losing right
utterly of our defects
The Conger apd more thoroughly
we study human nature the morn
clearly will we see how hopolepi is
the task of convincing other men of
flu We cannot do it nor has God
left It for us to do lie has put this
work In tho hands of One who Is
abundantly able to do It the Holy
Spirit One of the worst mistakes
that wo can make In our efforts to
bring men to Christ le to try to con
n nn
Every little fill Added to What I
Youve Got Makes Just
A little Bit More
Thats a good song to keep hum
ming Suppose you had saved one
dollar out of every live you havo
made in the last five years It would
bo quite a sum wouldnt it Well
dont let another five years go by
without saving something from your
Income Open a savings account at
our bank Now rind road to pros
perity means selfdenial and econ
omy but it leads to the goal of suc
cess which will amply repay one for
all wise sacrifices In early life
Will ho ricuMMl to nave
Your Account
SURPLUS 215000
vince them of sin In any power of
our own
Dr Torrey related numerous In
stances to demonstrate how tho Holy
Spirit works after men bad failed to
convict of sin
Notice ho said of which sin U
Is the Holy Spirit convinces men
i the sin of unbelief In Jesus Christ
Of sin because they believe not In
me said Jesus Tho one thing that
the Kerna God demand of faej II f
that they believe on Him whom flu
hath font John vi 29
in regard to tho comparatively
minor moralities nf life there is a
wide difference among men < but the
thief who rejects Christ and the hon
set man who rejects Christ are alike
condemned at the great point of what
they do with Gods Son and this la I
the point that the Holy Spirit presses
home The sa ot unbelief Is the
most difficult sin of all sins of which
to convince men The average un
believer does not look upon bA un
belief ap Bin Many an unbeliever
rooks upon his unbelief as a mark of
ntellectuat superiority
But the Holy Spirit not only con
vlcts of eta lie convicts In rospect of
righteousness The world at large
today claims to believe In the right
eousnest of Christ but It does not
really believe In the righteousness of
Christ because It has no adequate
conception of the righteousness of
Christ The righteousness which the
wovM attributes to Christ Is not tho
righteousness which God attributes
to grist but a poor human right
corvf j perhaps a little better than
our own
The Holy Spirit also convicts the
world of Judgment There IS a great
need today that the world bo con
vinced of Judgment Judgment is a
doctrine that has fallen to the back
ground that has Indeed almost
sunken out of eight It Is not popu
lar today to speak about judgment
or retribution or hell
IVrwonnl Work
There Is ono more thing I wish Ic
say before I chore and that Is that
though It Is the Holy Spirit who con
victs men of sin Ho does It through
IVCtlt That comes out in the first
infra I rend John 16 7 8 Never
theless I tell you the truth It is ex
pedient for you that I go away for
f I go not away the Comforter will
runt come to you but If I depart I
wll send Him unto you And when
Ho Is come He will reprove the
world of sin and of righteousness
nod of Judgment This tells us that
the Holy Spirit comes to tho be
liever and that when Ho comes to
tho believer He convicts tho world
through tho believer of sin
As far as Dip > Dlble reveals the
Holy Spirit has no way of getting at
unsaved men and women except
through thp agency of men and
women MIa are already raved Rend
tho conversion In tho Acts of thou
Apostles Every one of thorn was
through human Instrumental
Take for example the conversion of
Saul of Tarsus If there was over a
miraculous conversion It was that
of Saul of Tarsus
The glorified Jocus njipearcdi to
him on the road to Damascus but
nevprtliejoss Saul of Tarsus was not
roved until a man was brought on
the scene of action and though tho
nstrumontaUty ot Spirlt filled
Ananias ho was led to an ojion OlIn
fosalon of Christ Take the cano of
Cornelius if thero wash over a
miraculous conversion U was that of
t twt
Cornelius an amigo appeared to hm
as he prayed but my gas not hmI I
through tho Instrumentality of the
angel Tho angel said to him Send
to Joppa for a man named Peter nnd
he will tell t tluxs words whereby
thou must bo caved l and not until
Splrit filled Peter was brought on
tho scene of notion was Cornelius
wived Thick I very solemn Just to
think of It that he Holy Spirit has
no way of getting nt tho unsaved In
Paducah cxecpt through the Instru
mentality of men and women who
arc already saved It we realized
this as we ought would wo not be
moro careful to provide for God In
our own lives an unobstructed han
nel through which lie might work
It K probable that there Is ttmio
unsaved person In Paduoah depend
ent for their salvation upon each ono
of you who are hero this morning
and if the Spirit of God does not get
at them through you Ho cannot t
at them at all Oh how many men
and women there are In Paducah J
who nn unsaved because some of
you are obstructed channels
through which the Holy Spirit can
not work
A woman once mme to Mr Moody
In Philadelphia and mid VMr
Mr Moody will you pray for my
husband I
husbandMr x
Mr Moody replied No r will
not Startled at his answer shop mfd
Why not T
Because Mr Moody replied I
bellore that t eon yourself are the
greatest obstacle there Is 11111u11
of the conversion orjoiir husband
The woman was angry and wept
bomo and Mid to her huband Mr
Moody I Insulted me today
That to very strange replied her
huttand I did not suppoia that Mr
Mood would Inrult any woman
Wlmt did he say T
110 raid that I was the nreatMt
ojstaoio that there wall In the way
of your conversion
Well arent you replied her
And some of you women herb this
morning who profocv to be Chris
Hans art the greatest obstacles there
are In the way of the conversion of
your husbands and your sons How
can God get at that hurband through
you when you are more fond of cards
theater and other follies than you
are of God Will you clear out the
Channel today In order that the Holy
Spirit may reach your loved ones
through 10llT
Then Cheer are others whose Ilpi
the Holy Spirit wishes to ute but
you will not put your hips at His dis
pass A New York pastor some years
ago was called to conduct tho funeral
of a young lady Tho young lady
was not a member of his own con
iregatlon and he went to her pastor
land mid Was Mary a Christian
The pastor replied I dont know
Three weeks ngol I had n profound
mprcwton that I ought to speak to
Mary about her soul but I put It off
I said to myself Mary Is In my
opffrcsatlon every week T can
speak to her when 1 will and now
Mary Is dead and I do not know
whether Mary was a Christian or
not The minister then went tp her
Sunday whool teacher and laid
Was Mary n Christian
The Sunday Kihool teacher replied
I dont know Two weeks ago I hadI I
in Impression that I ought to speak
o Mary about her fOul but It off I
aid Mary It In my ola s every week
md I can speak to her about her
foul when I will but Mary IP I now
lead and I do not know whether
Mary wad a Christian or not
Ho then went to her own mother
sad mid Was Mary a Chrtrtlan
Sadly the mother replied I dont I
IlL I Weather l I r J J 6
Fair In oitMern portion pronhly
MKWTIX In wffctmi portion Into lo
nielli or nl ntxhiy cooler in nft
rrn portion Uliliirwlny nftinioon itr
night ToiniHruliire liHliiys llljihcM
10 IOUIt t tll < h ti
Young Men prefer our
Clothes 1 bocnuso our au a
snappy young men ijiodols
are a bit jliflfcrcut from
tileFIGhvi l tJd FrI v1 e
i00 to 300 lower in
price Vp Hpeeinlizo the
kind of dollies they liko
4I5H41r k tLWIDWi1Y
r 4
know A week ago I had a de p
Imprvsslon that 1 ought to speak to Y
Maryabout her tout but I put It off F
I thought to myself Mary it bore In
iho homo with nia every day I r
meet her three times a day at the7p +
table I most her often about the
to when I I ti
hoops I can speak to her
will to 1 put It off and BOW Mary II I
dead and I dont know whether
Mary wag a Christian or1 not
Three pairs ef tips that tile Holy
Spirit was trying to get the me cfti
the three pain that one would nat Z
orally think would bo most at 111a
disposal the lips of her p tier of her
Sunday school teacher and of hor j
mother and Ho could not got the
use of any and Maryded without
CJirltt The Spirit of God I trying I
to get the use of your llw to peak
to your husband your brother your
ton your Sunday sekoal rcbolarp
OB Chrtitian man sad women put
your lips at the Holy Spirits dis
posal I and wo to It that your Ipn I
are of such a character that Ibe Holy
Bpllt can use your IIW I
JnrolyV 1nikst
The Rev WllllMn It Jncobyi talk
this morning to hit daw of personal 1
workers At tln Audltortnm was a
continuation of his wihjeot yesterday
How to Deal With Thosw Devoid of
Peeling Mr Jaroby IRk sense pee
ple think they ought to have the Joy
of lalvato before Doing raved and
are not willing to accept Ctiriit be tt d
cause they are unmoved by ennui
feelingThere F
There ar Umei whnn we hm11 1
bo thankful If Vo feel to get NIIt
Ayers Pills
And For Every Occasion
The Fall Line Is now complete and Its a beauty There Is I an
appropriate shoo for each member of tho family and for eacht
occasion Fine strong shoes for rainy days for man woman and t p
Child and dress shoes which arc models of stylo and cood tastj
980 L A E S
A y D NJ Ut 1I
Articles selected from out Block ran lul In price from 11 BO tot t
J500 will bo on bill Monday morning nt tho very fi f
8Slloclal C

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