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Ti7rgntz ocnOn 1Lw
iiiiFill iii
l J
a Package
Never sold In bulk
In baking methods which gave the
r world Uneeda Biscuit also resulted in a
Looks llko hes still In the low
grounds of porrow Whata the mat
k1 l1ent t l
Good Times knocked at his door ho
thought It was a bill collector and
wouldnt open upAUnntn Consti
Suceeca demonstrates that Its along I
long head that has no turning I
fltmnclnlf ho I
f fdralCtl f and lUll bo on the square
Steamer Clyde every Wednesday at
C p m
Steamer Kentucky erory Saturday
at 6 p m
Only 1800 for the round trip of 2 to
Maya VUIt tho Military National
Park at PltUburg Landing
4 Fr any other Information apply to
Agents JAMES ROGER Siipt I
m 41 V0UNG MEN
lots the work You all A A ft ft
Ww llfcyrtf Ktatteft Price S3 0
4 MrMLtif Ji V aeWJftQUUlFIK
i r hoarding School fOr owaa
r Ladle and ClilIdrcB e
Moderm Qulpment ransle
f drawing and palnUng abort e
band and typewriting aro taught
according te the belt Improved j
methods Tho maternal dis
cipline unite a careful training
of character sad trAInIngI
intelligent and physical develop i
meta For catalogue terms
I Vjtt addreiiBISTER
r r N r 0 4 n A A
4Wlsc m In need of Rubber
Stamps Urn s Stencils
Notary Seals Milk Checks
r Hand Daters cts It will
t pay you to see our line
co fDiamond Stamp WorksI
113115 8 Thlril St I
Phones 88N
t j
Excursion Bulletin
Spring and Summer
4 Season
The Btr Dick Fowler Ceri
the following reduced rates to
Cairo and return
Ingle round trip 10 CaIN
aid rcturm tmnniua91SI
Parties of ire and orer lte
ro furnish muslo all done
S A Fouler General Agent
Both Phones No 83i
l i
w r
in soda cracker quality You
realize this the moment you
open the royal purple package
and find soda crackers so tempt
ing and good that they cannot
lit be resisted
41 llCf lCC 7gq x1CXlp
IT I evening Sims Daily MiPk ts1
t Cx7QIX7 C7C7c3QC7pQppiXiK pQpgptlppf ICIgQpiapQ
O t 0
Corrected dally bf WooUolk
Bowers ft Co
Eggs J dozen < 20c
Spring chickens pound Vllc 1
Hem pound lOc
Qeeso pound r i 7c
Butter lacking stock17c
IDutter r 01 stu Ym m
s TOIJACCO jiAitKirrs
Jlopklnsrlllo Oct lSWlth the
new crop of tobacco all In tho torn
and cured up the buyers and dealers
nro 1 beginning to prepare for tho
moving season and Uio farmers are
looking forward to on early tale of
their product and tho realization of
otI I
good prices Reports troD tho coun
try Indkato that tho tobacco has
cured up In fine sbnpe tho Jength
ranging from 18 to 24 Inches tho
leaf being fairly bread with good
color weight and toxturfi Worms
wore enrccr during the growing sea
son than nearly ever known before
and the tobacco Buffered very little
In this regard The weather which
prevailed while It was maturing was
Tory favorable and It was cut and
housed In tho best of ehnpe So the
farmers are expecting good prices
on all grades and judging from
what few Indications have already
been noted they are entitled to the
belief to some extent
Biftors for many of tho large deal
ers have been riding over the COlin
try looking nt the crops and many
speculators have already begun to
buy As a rule tho prices the latter
offer range around 8000 > 90 < per
hundred pounds and it is > expectod
that about I8001 par hundred for tho
crops as n wholo wit be about the
overago for loose tobacco Hut many
of the farmers are holding for from
110 to S12CO and say they will not
tell for lets
0 f
Louisville Oct 18Tho receipts
of cattle wore 3581 as npalnrt
2738 MoridftM 3888 a year ago find
1C95 two years ago There wus a
pretty good number of buyers both
however with an Increase In receipt
of over 800 head All other market
dull and longer There was not so
much activity In some branches oj
tile trade and with n few exceptions
prices wore lower Tho best butchei
cattle that Is something fancy sold
readily at barely steady to a thadt
lower prices Medium and Interim
Und wore cut VOc to 25c below the
high lovol of a wrt k ago Good
healthy trade on good feeders nnd
stackers others iieglcctod and tin
evenly lower dbod bulls steady
common bulls and canner lower
Milch cows slow Not many heavy
ttoora here and they were weak and
lower Tho pens were only airily
well cleared There wero a great
many of the 850 pounds to 1100
pounds green near beef 1100I I
steers on sale today they were a
a inaau
drug on the market at a good de
Receipts 313 Market dull and
lower Bulk of tho best 7 08t
Some fancy higher Medium G0 < S
7c common 3t k0Oc
Receipts 31SOicad The mar
ket ruled steady on good hogs
strong and higher on pigs Selected
220 pounds and up 1886 120 to
220 pounds 900 pigs 8006
8G5 moetly 8C5 i roughs 805
down All were sold and the market
I closed steady flicop and lands
Receipts 531 bead Tho market
ruled dull and lower owing to the
continued weakness of other mar
ket The best fat sheep 23f Q 3c
down Best lambs 5fJ > 5c Com
mon sheep dull lit 12c medium
and common Innvbs slow and hard
to soil at 3CP5C
St Louis Cattle Receipts
lights 850920 jvaekerm 18000
910 butchers and best heavy 855
0850 Sheep iRecefpte SOOOi
market steady Rtlvo muttons 375
llenutlful Plcnsure nrouiiils of Early
Movlcim Rulers
That an unknown highly cultured
people of whom neither history
tradition nor legend has preserved
any record flourished In or near tho
valley of Mexico and enjoyed spiced
chocolate and Aromatic beverages
from transplanted tropical fruit
grown by them In a marvolously
built garden at Oaxtcpec from 1500 i
to 2000 years ago is tho latest
theory of aulllcrmo Tclloz regard
ing the recently discovered garden
of Montezuma
Mr Toilet applied to tho Depart
ment of Public Instruction for a
special permit to make explorations
Ho has been devoting n large part
of four years to studying tho plants
found thero Through the Inscrip
tions lie has been able to glean his
torical data concerning twentyone
successive caciques Tropical trees
lowers nnd fruits were transplanted
from tho Isthmus of Tehuantepec
nnd Central America to this garden
and there wore grown cocoa vanilla
parota yolloxochltl mccaxocliUl and
another rare flower which gives off
Its odor In the night
These plants and their friends
were ingredients of tho dcjlclous
chocolates which were the favorite
beverage of tho Aztec lords when
Cortes arrived The garden was
visited by Acniunplxtlo and llhulca
mlna the secondnamed being Iden
tical with Monjtptumn It Is claimed
that Montezuma Ilhulcamlna appro
priated this beautiful garden lo his
personal royal uses and pleasure
Mexican herald
A word to tho who Is sufficient
quoted tlie Wtee Ouy I suppose
that Is whit n lawyer will Inlk to the i
jury for half a day added tho
Simple Slug Philadelphia Record
At Bagdad tho French system of
weights and I measures has supersed
ed the old Turkish system
Successful efforts to reclaim waste
marsh 1 lands by raising celery are
belt Ctrtnllo In Bermuda
< = 4 L
Prices Lower Thou Any Time Since I
Harvest Liquidation on I
Increase to I
Chicago Oct 18Wheal bulls
I were In hopeless minority at the
I close ot business r In the PltlaslwookJ J I
Prices at the last were lower than at
any time since harvest although atI I
wore not as low aa In mIdJuno hart
Tho slim outlook for an export de
mand for Amnrlcan wheat along
with tho slow milling trade proved
quite discouraging to man owners
One of the weak features of tho 81tu1
jtion was the withdrawal of tho Men 1
nwpolls millers from tho Kantus
City market where they had prcv
bushy bought largo quantities of
bard winter wheat This 1s 1 likely to
prove a depressing factor In the
Southwestern markets and make tholi I
low price at Chicago more natural I
Chicago Is still the lowest wheat
market relatively of any In the
country j I
ilt was a liquidating market and
the liquidation enlarged as prices de
d fined Long stuff came out In
volume on stop orders nil week
Sentiment Is now unanimously bear
Ish deyplto tho recent break In
prices nnd a slump of 1C cents from
tho high point of the season Many
traders thought they were getting
too much obmpahy on the bear side
which has a tendency to check short
selling Jt Is believed that thero
must be a further reduction In prices
to a level where the surplus can bo
worked off before there can fce any
permanent good on the bull side I
There baa been a reversal l In the
character of the grain trade of the
world of late which fs difficult for
a majority of the operators who have
come to comprehend They were
educated to bull unarkets and to buy
Ing on breaks Under the present
bearish conditions sharp trAders who I
understand the fffect of carrying
car11ngchl1rges I
bulges of t6 1 cent and thoro I
who have Bono Ibng on breaks have
lost f
Bears Everywhere
A bull with a fresh Idea was hard
to find last weekwhile bears wore
everywhere ItVpassald that every
long had a loss in his holdings of all
grains and that Hho short Interest
was reduced nettle Ins ns prpftts
wore taken by rainy leaders who did
not caro to standout over Sunday
Despite the recent slump fn prices
Europe still holds aloof from our
markets Large imrpplios everywhere I
give Intending buyers a feeling of I
eecurltffv while tho carrying charges
current In this country allow them
what nn Immense advantage they
over the owner ot the property
Buyer needs are not urgent Never
theless the situation In this country
Is slowly working around to the
point where the owner of tho prop
erty may look for more favorable
conditions Insofar as local supplies
are concerned however this prog
ress Is so slow that It can hardly foe
called progress as yet
elI I
There have been some very ma
terial decreases during t the last i
month In the quantity of wheat re
calved at primary centers The total
receipts for the year however ore 1
still over SOWQOQ bushels larger
than at this time last year Dulls
contend that the extra movement
this year was forced by bankers de
mands bu It must not be forgotten
that prices prevailing during the
afterharvest cropmoving period
wore the highest that ever have been
seen Even In 1904 when tho t total
wheat crop was but 5520V0 < M
bushels the price started around 80
cents and did not reach Its greatest
height until midSeptember Tho
excellent opportunities for hedging
futures at a stiff advance over spot
wheat have Induced many millers to
carry ample stocks this year and the
Indications are that It will be a rfow
proceess to reduce these supplies to
n basis calling for heavy drafts on
tho centers of accumulation
Review of Meld
for sufficient demand for wheat to
result In moro than offsetting the
dally cost of carrying the supplies
It Is only necessary to review the
Held North Dakota and France
have short crops the balance are
heavy with the maturing crop of
Argentina In the balance
The Increase In tho latter country
bids fair to balance against ordinary
crop losses The burden of proof
thus far Is that probable losses will
not bo more than ordinary Mean
while supplies everywhere are ample
and are evidently Increasing De
spite the lessened primary receipts
the available commercial supplies
are Increasing about as rapidly In
this country as anywhere else
Wheat got a bad start on Mon
day when general rains n Argentina
dissipated all fears of drouth This
Influence was partly qrt1ct later iby
bullish domestic statistics which
canted a partial I recovery In values
Tho government crop report with
preliminary estimates of a total
wheat yield of G92OQJO000 bushels
or about 45000000 lore than last
year was not known until aCtor tho
dose of bu ine8 There was a fair
ly active earl trade but dull busi
ness during tfio latter part
1J L c4
of the session The a de
general was not disposed to ven
ture very far on citncr 1111e of the
market There vtta considerable
pressure In May wheat Worlds
shipments were nearly 3990000
bushels larger khan a year rtfo nnd
considerably larger than iespected
Total worlds Shipments wore 1C
952i000 bushels as compared with
141CO000 bushels the correspond
Ing week last rear
IIlIcrella I 1 VenkncM Shown
Increased weakness was shown in
wheat all day on Tuesday A weak
start was due to cables showing that
thereijiad been an enormous increase
In sutlls l In Europe during tho tast
e < The trade was also Impressed
bjjibq government crop report In
dlcatlhg a larger yield than was ex
I pected There were a few fractional
rallies due to covering b y short
early but these rallies grew more
feeble and Infrequent Is the day ad
adJ Ir
early buyers attempted to resell
I tired longs began to unload and
there was no offsetting Increase In
UIO blldng
I On Thursday uncertainty regard
Ing the condition of affairs In lArgcn
j Una and a higher market at Liver
jj pool started wheat strong and held
lit fairly firm a good part of the
morning i It developed that there
i was steady selling on all tho strong
spots i and the market gave way un
der the load Minneapolis and Mil
aukce millers reported a low flour
I trade which In turn reflected on Uio
cash wheat markets Cash wheat at
Kansas City and St Louis was
lower partly as the result of the
Northwestern mlllere > ho have been
good buyers of hard winter wheat
Southwest J pulling omit or the mar
ket Some of the Minneapolis and
Milwaukee mills closed down during
the weetc
Touches Low Point
On j Friday wheat touched the low
point of the week May selling at
Jloaj and December at 9 < V1
cents There had been an early fight
for K recovery In prices which was
successful for an hour and then tho
whole grain list had a break TO the
lowest points of the season Deccm
her wheat at the end of the week
was 3 cents lower than at the
close of the previous weckv May de
cllned 3 y cents and July was 2
cents lower
ICorn I traders have discovered that
I the country Is experiencing a long
period of very fine weather condl
tlons favorable lot drying tho new
corn and certainly a help to those
who wish to market the old corn
There is a belief In the trade that the
movement of corn to this market
will Increase In tho near future
Those best posted on outside condi
tions claim that the fine weather is
saving a great deal of feed to live
stock May and July corn decline
2 cents each last week while De
cember was 24 cents lower
Date were weak and lower and
disposed to follow oorn TJiOi govern 11
ment figures were very bearish
estimating the crop at 1090000000 j
1096100000f f
bushels which Is 89000000 bushels
larger than over before rained In this
country The shipping trade In oats I
I oatsJfas
Make A note now to get Elydi
Cream Balm If you are troubled with j
nasal catarrh bay fever or cold In
tho head It Is purifying and sooth
Ing to the sensitive membrane that
lines tho airpassages It la made to
overcome the disease not to fool the
patient by a short deceptive relief
There Is no cocaine nor mercury In
It Do not be talked Into taking a
substitute for Elys Cream Balm
All druggists wU It Price 50c
Mailed by Ely Bros CO Warren
street New York i
Women like to Vise the word
lingerie because It hiakca a noise
like silk I
Ticket Office
City Office 422
t Broadway
5tb Norton SU
0 and
Union Station
EX rUlMX Bwuun TSW Mfc
vr < Jackaon 1230 pm
AT Nuh lA le 112
awasst < pm
IT Memphis o crn 130 pro
ir HlckmAi v < > aw 115 pm
IVr 1 Chattanooga 127 ym
LT Paducah v 220 pm
ilr NuhvlUn 865
1 M n v pm
Vr Memphis rna1000 am
11 Hlckmaisyea 8IB
yea 0 < ym
Li Chattanooga 0I 4 4 pm
AT Jackson r r 730 pm
IT Atla u 710 tin
tiT Paducah I 101 i10 pm
Ir parts tali m
AT Hollow Rock Jet 1005 pm
AT Nashville oo 850 am
Ax Chattanooga v 140 pm <
fir Atlanta r h v 736 pm
pmf f
VArrlTM TtO p m from NashvllU
tciimphla and all southern points
Arrivei 81B p m from Najshvlll
ICempoli and all southern point
746 A m train connects at hollow
Rock Jet with chair CAT aid Buffo
Broiler for Memphis
220 p m train connect at Hollow
Rook Jet with chair ay wd Buff i
BraU r for Ntshvlll
> L Welland City Passeiger
Agent 430 Broadway Phone 212
11 I Bnrnhtii Agent Flfti awl
Kortom ctrMfi Phone 22
J x rnOM Meat llslot Ds t
k 1f
L < k
FOIL prnLic PIMXTLVO nixuixa
Scaled proposals will bo received
at the once of the Secretary of
State Frankfort Ky until noon
Tuesday November 15 1910 for
execution of tho Public Printing and
Binding In separate contracts and
furnishing paper envelopes and bta
tlonery for tho term of two years I
from and after the first day of Jan
uary next ensuing at a certain rate
per centum not to exceed the rates
specified In tho law Including tbo
furnishing of tho paper for election
ballots nnd Its delivery to the sev
oral clerks under the provisions of
the act of the General Assembly
passed at the extraordinary session
1900 which act was approved Octo
ber 16th 1900
The law governing the Public
Printing and Binding and furnish
ing ttntlonery for the State Is em
braced In the act of Juno 20 1895
Chapter 106 Kentucky Statutes and
t s
and 3JM
The price stays dawn
the quality goes up
while most things
shoes includedarc go
ing down in quality and up in
price that t the great difference
Beacon Shoes
and other slices today Made to
the standard of shoes that sell
for 2 and 3 more but do not
give you a cents worth of bet
ter material workmanship and
style Union made Goodyear
welt handsewed process
uppers in all leathers shapes
are the latest New York styles
Wove got cm allcan fit
you Comfortably and in upto
date style Sold from maker
to wearer by
And Dttften knjrrd othereletre urnU
tbrouckoot the United SUM and Carol
In the act last above referred to
Sample copies of the Teachers
and Subdlstrlct Trustees Record
Books may be seen at the office of
the Superintendent of Public Print
Ing where blanks for bidding to
i gether with copies of tho specifica
I tions under which the contracts will
be let may also be obtained
A bond of 1000000 must ac
company each bid Solvent guaran
I tee companies will bo accepted in 1
lieu of personal security
Address all bids to
BEN L BRUNER Secretary 08
State Frankfort Ky
and each bid should ba endorsed on
the outside of the envelope contain
lag it with tho name of the bidder
nnd marked Proposals for tho
Public Printing and Binding and
Furnishing Stationery
BEN L BRUNER Secretary
Frankfort Ky Oct 1 1910
AnyoneGanLay fdl Roofing 4
A hammer and knife tho only tools neces
sary Complete instructions fully Illustrated t
packed in each yell And they are so simple that
anyono can prpduco a llerfoctly watertight roof Special
large headed galvanized nails avoid the necessity of UMlght
ly tin caps which quickly rust and CIlU60 leaks JM REGAl
ROOnNG when properly applied will outwear any other
roofing of in class and it gives the bait roof at the lowest cost
JM REGAL ROOFING is the outcwe of moro than CO years
experience in manufacturing roofing materials It represents the
result of a half century of asporieoce mtl n constant endeavor to
produco n really high crsulo roofing at a low grade price While
not the lowest in cost it contains mere real value than any other
manufacturer can produce for the price
The base of JM REGAL ROOFINO is I genuine JM THINIDAD LAKE 1
ASPHALT tho most durablo waterproofing material Known As
Trinidad Lake Asphalt has been ucd for 30 years for street paving
It Is well adapted for roofing where the conditions are far loss I severe
Call and examine this rogfing lot us give you samples andI I 4
t interesting booklet of Information
I Ii I 1 ii
Jt9aq3 I
So lave tfhises lea
paired at
AH welt or peg work done
by electrically or hand run
machinery Quick Neat
Bjst material usedat
lowest prices Send your
children in after school I
Work done while they
l Gl cL7hlj aa
127 S 3d limns 23

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