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The West O > IIRI Syrup In I
Easily Mode nt Home
S Costs tattle and Acts Quickly
Money Refunded If It Falls
This recipe makes a pint of cough I
syrup and saves you about 2 as com
ascom1111arcd l
imrcd with ordinary cough remedies
It stops obstinate cough oven I
whooping co ghIn a hurry and Itf
tplendld for sore lungs asthma
hoarseness and other throat troubles
MIX one pint of granulated sugar I
with 14 pint of warm water and stir
for 2 in nut oy Putl ounces ol
PJnex fifty cents worth In a pint
bottle and add the Sugar Syrup Take I
a teappoonful every one tw d or three
F hour Tastes good
Tills takes right hold of a cough
and gives almost Instant relief It
stimulates the eppotltc and Is slight t
I ly laxative both excollent features
Plnex as perhaps you know Is the
most valuable concentrated com
pound of Norway white pine extract
rich In gulatcol and other natural
heating pine elementa
No other preparation will do thet
work of Plnex In this reclpo although
trained honey can bo used Instead of
the sugar pYrup If desired
Thousands of houoowlvea In the
United tSates and Canada now use
this Plnex and Sugar Syrup recipe
The plan hap often been Imitated but
the old successful formula has never I
been equalled Its low tort and quick
results have made It Immensely pop
ular i
A guarantee of absolute satisfac
Von or money promptly refunded
goes with this recipe Your druggist
fens Plcox or will get It for you If
not send to The Plnex Co Ft
Wayne hId
I The police force ot London arrest 1 t
ed last year more than 108000 pert
sons It
A Ilcllnblc McdIelneNot a Narcotic
Get > Ve genuine Foleys Honey and
Tar In the yellow package It Is safe
and effective Contains no opiates
Refuse aubatltutea Gilberts drug
storeTeephonb to
TOjihoiilo fiervce Is now open
between Moscow and Nun Novgorod
a tl tram a of 375 rflljei
swats slip easily undo
fold collar
K aialoa
al4laiahtdt II
Orel oial paia
colon ibttt
IrliRt 1 I
Ornmi Prlu Kl Loot i
Woald fotr or Quilltr
Workmaiublp and bin
Kxclu irely at I
F The Man That Done
Himself Proud
and provided himself with one of
our superb parlor stoves Is tho man
that Is congratulating himself today
when cold weather has arrived on
v his forethought If you havent
been wise enough to replace your
old and worn out heater one of our
handsome efficient and economical
heating stoves will mako you happy
Phones fay
R r NEWS j
Hlvcr Stages
Pittsburgh 17 02 rlso
Cincinnati 51 01 tall
Louisville 8C 02 tall
Evansville t9 04 tall
Mt Vernon 52 03 rts e
ML Carmel 50 02 tall
Nashville r 7C 02 rlfo
Chattanooga 16 00 td
Florence 02 01 fal
Johneonvllle 16 02 fal
Cairo NU2 12 fal
St Unils 26 00 sti
Paducah r 1 05 09 fal
Durnrido 05 01 fal
Carthage 502 tall
firs Forecast
The Ohio will continue falling at
this point
Today Arrivals
Dick Fowler Cairo
Clyde Waterloo Ala
George Cowling Metropolis
Oho Golconda
Robertson Owens landing Brook
port and llxlnjstoh Font
Jim Dff Taunts ce
Todays Departures l
Dick Fowler Cairo
Clyde Joppa 11
Cowling Metropolis
Ohio Golconda
Robertson Owens landing Drook
port and Livingston Point
laver Itlpplingii
Gauge at 7 a m marked 65 feet
IndIcating a fall of ninetenths of a
warmer foot In 24 hours Weather clear am cI I
Captain Austin Owen left this
iiornlng on the Dick Fowlor for
Cairo and will pilot the ferryboat
Three States hero tonight The
Three States will be substituted for
tho G W Robertson tomorrow in
the ferry business The Robertson
raves for Cairo at 730 oclock to
morrow morning In charge of Capt
John E Rollins and Pilot Mike Camp
bell for Cairo where ehe has been
bartered by the bankers She will
run an excursion out of Cairo tomor
row afternoon leaving at 2 p m
and returning at 6 She will return
o Paducah tomorrow night and the
Three states will return to Cairo on
Hard aground ti Lock No 7
Cumberland river Is the report from
the Bob Dudley which was due yes
erday from Nashvlle Water Jn the
Cumberland Is extremely low and
navigation has practically been sut
> ended according to reports re
elved here
The Lowry arrived late last night
torn Bvansvllle with n big trip She I
vill return Thursday morning and
eave In tho afternoon for Evans
rllle The Denton will depart for the
Tennessee tomorrow for another tow
pt ties
tiesCapt Awalts boat Cutaway II
whIch has been beached on the levee
tor repairs and painting was placed
n the river today
The Cutaway I went to Smlthland
or two log rafts delivering them to
The Clyde Is due this afternoon
rum the Tennessee river She will
make a return trip tomorrow even
upWith a tow of coal the Mary An
derson left yesterday for Hlckman
The Sheri Uufsel Lumber com
any has received the contract for i
building the cabin on Capt W L
terrys now boat under construction
lXZ13I1 I I is XOT
Never PIt Fntnl SIioull no
Treated KvUnuilly 1 with Ioslmn
Eczema Is not a blood disease or
this point medical authorities agree
It never proves fatal and Is general
ly healthy Ucng a surface skin
trouble It can only > be treated by ex
ternal means Poslam hall probably
accomplished more remarkable CurlS
of this and other skin diseases than
anj remedy known It Is applied
directly upon the disorder stop
Itching at once and clears and heals
the skin After suffering with
eczema for 14 years my hands and
feet wero In each condition I could
hardly use them writes Mrs Esther
Clark Uoxbury Mars after being
treated by several doctors and spend
ing a small fortune 1 thought I
would try poslnni l find iriypolf per
fectly well I am so grateful that
I cannot praise it enough
Merely a small quantity of poalanl
used for clearing the complexon
quickly I removing pimples eruptions
rashes and blemishes is sufficient
to show what it can do For this pur
pose free samples are mailed to any
ono upon request 4jy the Emergency
Laboratories 32 West Twentyfifth
street New York City All drug
gists particularly GWberts and IL
W Talker Cos sell both tho 50
cent trial packages and the regular
2 Jars
at the West Kentucky docks She Is
being built out of Oregon fir
The Hardwood which was recently
sold to parties at Helena Ark
parsed yesterday en route to Helena
from Evansvlllc
The Reeder will probably got off
the marine ways tomorrow
Tho towboat Comet owned Ly
Cant Emory Volght loft yesterday
tor Coffcoa landing Tonn to bring
out a tow of tics
The Ohio and Cowling were In port
an time today each enjoying a good
business The Dick Fowler left on time for
Cairo this morning She will return
early tonight
Steam heating has been Installed
> n the ferryboat Robertson Her
next excursion Is for Sunday Silo
nade her regular trips between Pa
lucah and Illinois today on time
rapt llognnju Again Hits tho nulls
This world famous rifleshot who
olds the championship record of 100
consecutive shots la living at Lln
oln 111 Recently Interviewed ho
la1s1 suffered a long time with
Idne y in bladder trouble and
used several well known kidney med
cines all of which gave me no re
let until I started taking Foley KId
ney Pills Before I used Foley Kid
ney Pllla I had severe backaches and
paIns > m my kidneys with suppression
ind a cloudy voiding On arising In i
he morning I would get dull head
ches Now I I have taken three bot
les of Foley Kidney Pills and feel
10 per cent better I am never
bothered with my kidneys or bladder
tnd agalp feel like my own self
Illberta drug store
A man went Into a store to buy a
fountaIn pen The young saleswoman
ave him one to try and ho covered
everal sheets of paper with the word
Tempus Fugit
The obliging Vendeuse offered him
nether pen Perhaps she said I
youd like one of these stubs better
Ir Fuglt Everybodyo Magazine
l Here is a Message For All I
American MothersI
It is your duty to see that your children give attention to their hAirIi
they have thin straggly hair or become bald in the future it will be be I
cause of your neglect NOWI
HOW ABOUT YOUR BOY Will he be a bald headed man
manlI I
HOW ABOUT YOUR GIRL Will she have a healthy growth of beautiful
hair that will be her pride and yours in theI I
pears to come < iA I
These are questions that you must decide NOW
afcciunls the health of the hair It fa the
only hair tonic made from the formula of the
treat dcnnaloloclU It prevent
dandruff slops foiling hair and
y tfinttantly relieve Itchlnar scalp
J It restores the vitality 10dT faded
S hair preserves the natural color iiii1f
and make the hair beautiful and abundant
Utjartllnc this fnmoni
lulrtonlr John 1L Wood
bury wrote The fount
H from which this flair
Tonic is made was toted
and Improved for over
thirtyfive yrnr before o
bottle wus mid through the i
atom That why Wood
bury 11 the world I1t
cUltatrTonlr ItlilwcVrd
113 by the iklll aciulrrd In
Imitlnz many thouvindt
of eaie at the Woodbury
Kctibottletnilay T tlhe
whole family have the ant I
lIhnlt tolIhrbt
VOt WltI or tai I a RB
Two size 25c 1
309 Broadway
are pleased to announce the arrival
arid first display of
American Lady Shoes r 1 tl
and s
American Gentleman Shoes + t
For Fall and Winter 191011 iT
AMORE comprehensive demonstration of the highr
quality and refinement of style which are possible f
to The Worlds Greatest Shoemakers could not be ar t
l ranged Our display embraces the best styles of these
two notable lines 0 r r
There are shoes here for every occasion Trim dainty
shoes for ladies at 3 to 5 Strong manly types for men 1 t
at 350 to 6
As for wear you need only be told that AEERICAN LADY and
LEATHER shoe The quality is as genuine as the style There is
not a dishonest stitch a flimsy substitute for real leather used from toe
to heel I
heelThe < I
The new models are all here We should like for you to sec them
I 500nto be one of the first Couldnt you arrange to come in 1 tomor
row We promise you a treat i I
H iI
The AmericnLady Shoes
3 to5 5
5a a
Many MriiilMfN from brutal Co to I
HII dItI t lo Scviloii
With a splendid i attcndanro of
physicians from our Western Ken
lucky tho fortieth j semlannunl
meeting of tho Southewcitern Ken
tucky Medical nssoolatlor > r was held
at Bardwcli today The Paduraii
physicians wore well reprmcntn
Some of tho physicians nlldll the trip
to Dardwoll In automobiles while
tethers left this inornlnB at Cu
oclock en the train and will return
at S oclock tonight
At the meeting this morning Dr
W L Mokby delivered tllo address
of welcome Dr S 7 Holland was
on the program to Uojlvor the re
sponse hut ho was prevented from
making the trip Dr J T Iledllck
delivered a talk on Diphtheria Dr
Vernon IJlyho treasurer WOlf on tho
program for an address on SyphllH
lot the Central Nervous System but
ho was unable to mako tho trip Dr
C 1 Burnett delivered a talk
The Paducah physicians on the
program thU afternoorf for addressee
are Indications for JJystorectomy
iDr Frank Uojd Tho Vauclal Ton
all Dr C H Johnson Pneumonia
In Children Dr Lf E Young
Anap thorfa as n Speelalltyv Dr C
B Kldd Dr II M ChlWrois Dr P
CIF Stewart Dr J T Keddlck Dr
Frank Lloyd Dr H T Ilfvera and
Dr S Z Holland were on tho pro
gram for discussions
IDr The following physicians who at
tended from Paducah lire Dr J Z
Taylor president Dr Frank Lloyd
Dr H C Reynolds secretary Dr1
T Iteddlck Dr C K Kldd Dr L I E
Rivers Dr 1 O Brooks and Dr
C Jo Purcell
orliignl I VUI Trash ClilMrrn Clylr I
nliil frnonnl Mornltty
I Lisbon Oct 6The secularlia 1
ion of the schools Involves the re
placement of religious instruction
therein by syitonmtic teaching of In I
dividual and civic morality This li t
strongly favored by tho reformer I
heading the government ho claim I
that the greatest peril of the young 1
republic would be pawed if they sue I
cooded In educating the children so j
that they auld apply the tamo honII
esty to political os to private life It I
bar been derided to suppress the f
faculty of theology at tho Inverlly I
of Curnbra and abolish tho taking of t
Mtbs by students and profofror
rho Portuguese embassy to the Vail
an hay been reduced to a legation
nonur TRACT is niuxu
Work of double tracking the Jill
nois Central Incline at tho foot of
Campbell street la I In progress Tho
material has been on the ground
several weeks but the men were not
placed at work until yesterday The
Incline can be completed In a week
fts a largo force of men is I at work
tOil to transfer by November I
Tho steamer Djmcan the transfer
steamer In about ready for the work
of transferring tho trains I i
I yrvr
There is no
Mistaking This Flavor
IMistaldng I
We havent tried to improve on na urcnor have we
robbed her of one particle of the delicious goodness she
has put into pure sugar cane juice In offering you
t VElvA
Breakfast Syrup
ry fwe offer the best that nature produces We have
j ti improved on the old way of sending syrup to grocers
4 ib in bulk The result is a finer syrup than you ever
+ bought before VeIn in cans retains its per
r fact flavor permanently Velva in cans
1never works never loses character
f t s You cannot confuse Velva with any
ilat fother syrup Its taste is distinctive
i M qty kw It is always the same
lrtp jp
II 1111
t I
V fl 4
f Ii fftJ t
Home of s T
The American Gentleman
350 to 36
t f
Dew the work Tau all 00
Mwllbyrewtatien Price 53
iii sue i t l II4E1
Indignant Constltutcnl This is
the fourth time I have culled to sco
the senator by appointment and
found him out every time Private
Secretary Cot eminent statesman 1
Oh well I wouldnt make a fUll j
about that According to what tho f
papers say everybody Is finding him
10uthJra0 Tribune
COALS OOMBINED because it is properly prepared RESOREENED at our elevator
Is in Demand for use in grates stoves and furnaces than all OTHER
Trade yv dier + Coalis more is FREE FROM SLATE AND OTHER IMPURITIES TRADEWATER coal burns to a clean white ash does not clinker and holds flro over night These
order aM be convinced
cold winter weather Phone us a trial
of home during
good qualities together with unexcelled delivery service and FULL WEIGHT enables you to enjoy the comforts
TRADEWATER coal is milled and sold exclusively by
Xntonx t4
> r
Yards sad Elevator Foot of Ohio Street Cr M lIKER Manager > f sBoth Phones No 324 or 335
tiaiJA Aa fie L uJI + trt rlaair 1 + I I ir s ioiSrrK + i kwilr tIIlI tfjd LU f l JiW
I >
ii > sv

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