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Dont Be a Rusher
Dont Be a Crusher
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Now at RUDYS
c l 7JC T T r r 4rN TT yrlrrT < FwYl v WIP
f t nb tn 1lbtuing uu
I I j
4 Secretary of Interior Ready
C to Wash Hands of Cunning
ham Case
= Has 0 Kd No Entries in That
W Territory
i4 i I
I 1Wasltingtont Dec DIn hid an 1
neat retort just made public Sucre 1
tar t iinlllngcr of the department of
lhu lntwlor devotes a torgo amount
pl of apace to public land problems
r After reciting tho history of Uio
public domain and < giving statistics
to tSiow that there Is now remaining
unappropriated and unreserved 711
D80409 acres of public land In con
Unental UnUal States and AAskn
r the secretary fays
For nearly 40 years Uio statutes
havo declared that all available min
eral deposits In lands belonging to
t the United States both survojwd and
p t umnirveyvd are to to free and open
to exploration and purchase and tho
lands In which they are found to oc
cupation and purchato by cititcna of
tho United 6tat w and those orl
have declared their Intention to be
come such Rich deposits of
precious metal In tho Pacific states
ctamt torrlttaien luivo been discovered
i and located under them general min
ing laws and havo boon operated for
many years
e GranjUng defects In tho laws thcji
1bAVU 1
havo a fcompfehod their twrpoe in
routing the mineral rcMwrres to to
u 4 developed and bare thus contributed I
+ enormously to the wealth of tho na
1 lion It is I hardly reason 1e to lie
11 1
yyilove that any material change will
1 boo mado inlhcM laws or of the
thqt t
pteccr anima of tho mineral regions
r Hojrn as in the settlement lawn the
p governments liability has had it to
t ward In tho material prosperity of
the people and while atntres have
existed they cannot be charged so
4nllM + to the inv ns to evasions of
the law
3 47tiwtnyt 4 ln > l > cni
1ijnder 1 more conservative theories
y tho question now la of caving the
remnant of the public lands from
monopolization or mliuso without
Uuriordng the old policies of on
oturnglng development The highest
productive use of those lands is tho
concern of the people Tho methods
of fcdirlng this ute are the concern I
of rational and state government
r By Uio ronttltutlon the congress Is
made the toward of tho public do
I 1main and for Its afterwarduhlp It Is
responsible to tho people The oxecu
+ t Uvo can move only as directed or
authorized by congrera In telling or
othwwiro disposing of this national
9 estate therefore all questions rolat
Inig to a change from tho existing
ttatun or of policy over this estate I
r resides alone In the legislative
branch of the government and all
Q popular movement looking to the
1J 4refcamatlon cf our land system must
1of 1 ohm be addressed to the oon
greis Consequently tho movement
y to conserve tho national resources In
t this national estate of lands Uiat Is
144to SOCUTO the wisest and most lasting
t benefit to > tho nation In thnlr use <
V Is l a matter with which congress must
New or amendatory legislation re
specting our public land should be
v direct simple effective and relate
principally to Jho proper form of dls
position of the withdrawn landa
waterpower IlLs oil lands coal
1lands 1 and rights of way over public
Alaska Coal Cnsra
I All tho coal lands In Alaska not
4 located prior to November 112 1900
nro under the mond of withdrawals
Thoto located prior to said dnto are
j for the most part under depart
mental Investigation on charges of
fraud or Irregularities eta Theso
Investigation havo been taken up
V urdcr a corps of trained officers with
the view of rocuirlrcj tho exact status
cf all such locations and entries In
tho meantime no patents have l issued l
and nono will be issued except upon
a full showlntjjof compliance with
law and departmental regulations
f A clasi of entries known as the Cun
t ningham entries made in 1907 have
provoked wldo discussion and granu
lar Interest largely because of their
alleged value and method of attempt
I ed acquisition
In VIew of such condlUona I deom
It of tho highest Importance that all
ithtlo cases involving 33 entries or
I B2SO acres of coal lands too trans
tv ferred front the jurisdiction of the
general land office directly to the
court of appeals of the District of
Columbia for consideration nhd ad
judication without the necessity I of
ta ruling as to the validity or invalid
ity of UICBO entries by the commfo
don r of the general land + y office aetla I
1 4 i naw
Dying Statement ot Axion Cooper
Implicates Accused on Trial At
Eddyville in His Assassination
procedure may well bo provided by I
special direction in the iblll now
pendng in congress for tho author
ization of appeals in land coses from
tho Interior department to that court
I will have occasion to discuss further
the Importance of providing a
method of appeal to tho cpurta from
decisions of the department in m i land
In addition to too necessity of
opening up and developing coal de
posits in Alaska I for railroad opera
tion It Is equally important that It
should bo available for mining opera
lions and as a means of rupjljing the
navy and tranePaclflc commerce
WaterPower Owe
Thcro Is now withdrawn from dis
position pending legislation concern
ing water power sites approximately
1450000 acres of tho public domain
In the various public land states
and territories containing water
power resources In ro far as thorn Is 1
pre gnt market for thoto powers tho
title to areas greater In extent than
that remaining In tho government
baa long since passed into private
ownership and It must bo realized
that any radical or burdensome re
striction impoted by the federal GOV
ernment upon this resouroo will
operato as a jrvltudo on the pirbllc
lands and discouraging their do1
vclopmcnt and use
Taking Into consideration tho facts
that the stales who own the waters
In tho streams and hare police power
to pupcrvlso and control public utili
ties it would scorn a direct and effec
tive method of control would be to
trustee the power sites to tho states
In some such manner as proposed by
a bill now pending In congress
I earnestly advise the adoption of
some legislation which will In any
event retain tlio lee title to the lands
In the people and effectually volt
the powtro t regulation und control
In the state or In tho federal govern
ment and which will not result In
limiting prompt and economical do
rnl m PlJ ltfnIlt monppojlralo
or cxtortron
Clarence White former houseboy
of yr J G Brooks of 1627 Jeffer
son street who confessed to break
ing Into the residence curly yester
day morning was arraigned In police
court this morning and held over to
the circuit court grand Jury His
bail was set at 300 in default of
which he was sent to the county
jail White Is I a coal black negro
and Is 17 years old A pair of
trousers taken from the houso wero
recovered yesterday afternoon White
confessed that ho was looking for
Fountain Avenue Church
A called meeting ot tho official
board of the Fountain Avenue Meth
edict church Is scheduled for tonl t
at the church at 7 oclock Every
member of the board 1 is urged to be
present There will also be a called
meeting of the church choir at the
same hour Tho pastor the Rev P
D Jefferson has arrived and will oc
cupy the pulpit next Sunday
Two Good Fellow applications
reached Tho Evening Sun office to
day and were turned over to the
Philanthropic department of tho Wo
mahsclub One applicant chose two
boys and tho other ono boy
The list of children and families
The predictions and tempera
ture for the past twentyfour
hours will bo found at the top
of the sovcMtb column OH tags
Colonel Bassett Testifies For
State This Morning Defen
dants Deny Their Guilt on
Eddyville Ky Dec 9 Special
Tho prosecution has closed Its
case in the trials of Dart Creekmur
Alonzo Gray Bryant Hawkins and
Jim Bozarth charged with being an
accessory to tho murder of Axiom
Cooper and the defense began Its
Colonel Bassett In testifying for
the prosecution said Cooper told him
shortly before ho died that Alonzo
Gray had knocked him down and
Roy Mcrrlck Dart and Spunk Creek
mur had shot him
All the defendants were placed
ontlio stand as witnesses for the
defense and all denied any part In
the killing
A special venire or 100 citizens
bid been summoned from which to
t a jury The prosecution an
pounced not ready in the cases
against Vltus Mitchell + Roy Merrick
Fraud Murphy and Spunk Creekmur
who were indicted with the four on
Judgo J T Hanberry is prctttlng I
Commonwealths Attorney Dennyi P
Smith and County Attorney J S
Hodges represent the prosecution
and O II Bush ot Hopklnsvllle
MoM Hanberry and John W Kelly
got Cadiz represent the defense
I The jury Is composed of tho fol
lowing Ernest Fox F U Stephens
i Albert Nelson J C Gray T J Arn
old Feas Thompson and S E Mitch
A small detachment of the state
militia Is on duty here under Lieut
Gooch by ordertOtCbl Ba Mtti A
largo crowd was In town and much
interest i < manifested in the trials of
the men accused but qulet reigned
throughout the day
The murder was committed on
July 30 last at a barbecue near La
masco this county and eight men
were indicted at the August term of
coutL Jim Bosarth and Bryant Haw
kins secured ball the other six being
taken to and confined In the Chris
tian county jail
Brookport Is celebrating now for
the town has licensed saloons again
as the result of tho voters voting
wet In tho election last month Ai
number of saloons have opened to
day already while others will open
as soon as fixtures can bo received
This morning Frank Augustus Al
Hymarsh Georgq Jones Peto Dunn
Ed Augustus Frank Lovelace John
Farrel and Charles Jones went to
Drookport to erect a brick building
which will be utilized as a saloon
The bricklayers have orders to rush
the building to completion and for
this reason all the bricklayers In
Paducah who are not busy are want
I ed In Drookport
Two Good Fellows
Responded Today
GOOD FELLOWS aro requested to fill out tho following blank
and mall it to The Evening Sun or tho PHILANTHROPIC DE
PARTMENT of the Woman club 214 South Seventh street
I will bo Santa Clous to children
I will deliver Uio presents to my children myself
I will want tho department to deliver tho presents to my
Signedi 1 >
Bo euro to designate whether you will deliver tho presents
that will require 4ho otststanco of
the Good Fellows of Paducah to
make happy this Christmas Is
lengthy and It Is necessary that ev
ery Good FolloW should respond to
I tho call In order thnt this Christmas
i may be a season of good cheer among
the poor as well as the wealthy
The Philanthropic department of
tho Womans club 214 South Sev
enth street having tho work in
charge Is in touch with tho deserving I
poor families of the city and tho
thoI I
Good Follows will have the atcur
hric of knowing that their effqrU
Will be time and llo eywell apeat
Eight Hundred are Slaughter
ed in One Town For
Conservatives in England
Gain Only Five
Jerusalem Hoc 9ono hundred
Christian residents of Kevak south
I east of the till sea together with a
I Turkish garhson have been massa
I cred by hordes of Bedouins accord
ing to reports received hero today
The outrages were committed In re
venge for the execution of one of
their chieftains by tho Kevak au
I thorities
IConsenntlvCH I Gain
London Dec 9Wlth 441 of the
670 scats In tho house ot commons
already decided the Conservatives
probably will gain only five as
against 25 they expected before bal
loting began The latest standing
shows Conservatives 200 Lib
erals ICC Irish Nationalists 54
Laborites 29 and OOrienltes C
This gives te coalition 245 I
received sngeI I
I Mrs L HarVfe received a message
today that her ion Lee Harris died
today at Cincinnati after undergoing
an operation about ten days ago
Harris was a brother of Mrs
Mike Michael and dupe Flora liar
i fW and JulruMi rr1 of Cairo Ho
will bo burled at Cincinnati Sunday
afternoon Ho was 47 years of age
and was born and reared in Paducah
lie leaves a wife and a daughter
Loulco six years old
Louisville Dec 9The petition
of Cicero Reynolds and other stock
hotdog endeavoring to force tho
affairs ot the Citizens National Ife
Insurance company and tho Citizens
Ufo Insurance company Into the
hands of a receiver was argued by
counsel before Judgo Samuel TCIrby
In the chancery court Judge Hum
phrey counsel for tho Insurance com
panies stated that the Citizens Na
tional Life Insurance company had
2000000 In assets and only about
1100000 liabilities and affidavits
were filed to support the contention
James Chatterson attorney for
the plaintiffs asked time In which to
review the affidavits filed by the de
fense and submit proof on his mo
tion for a receivership Judge Kirby
said It was a grave case and it im
posed a great responsibility on the
court Me said he would give Mr
Chatterson until Friday morning to
prepare his proof Mr Chattersori
said it was not sufficient timeand In
view of that fact ho would withdraw
hs motion for a receivership at
present By tho terms of the sale which was
consummated Tuesday night the
suit of the stockholders to recover
an advancement of 24X100 made to
President Gregory will be thrown out
of court The receivership action
brought by James Brown of Owaesat
In tho Fedora court will remain In
suspense at least until Saturday
when Attorney H W Datson coun
set fair the plaintiff returns to this
Gregory Goes South
W II Gregory president of the
Citizens National Life Insurance
company who it Is understood has
had overtures made to him In con
nection with a now Insurance com
pany to be founded in Birmingham
Ala left for that city last night and
will be gone Eoveral 1 days Just what
his connection with tho noW company
wlllr bo Is not known pHowevr it U
pretty well understood that ho will
bo active In tho organization of tho
now company and become tho lead
tog figure In Its management when
New Weekly Paper
Jackson Tenn Dec 9Tho Rev
Terry Martin publisher of uTho
Evangel tons moved his paper from
Mayfield Ky to Jackson and the
first edition of the paper In Jackson
apoparod this week Tho Evangel
JI a weekly donated to the Interests
of UnBiptlirt < J
Unwritten Law Invoked in Defense
of Husband Clears Him of Murder
ChargeYoung Jap Found Guilty
Houseboy of Denver Family
Sentenced to Life Term For
Killing Mistress Mrs Mar
tin Found to be Sane
Vlncennes Ind Dec 9Menlo
E Moore was acquitted this morn
Ing of the murder ot Charles E
Gibson a millionaire oil operator
Tho jury reached a verdict shortly
after midnight but it was sealed
uhtll 9 oclock when It was read to
the court Moore shot Gibson at
the Union station hero last Octo
bor 3 after Mrs Moore bad con
fessed to her husband her Intimacy
with Gibson Moores only defense
was tho unwritten law
Jnp toy Convicted
Denver Col Dec 9A jury In
the trial of Genkyo Mitcunaga a
Japanese returned a verdict early
today convicting him of the mur
der of Mrs Katherine Wilson He
was sentenced to life Imprisonment
for first degree murder The Jap
anese was a house boy in the Wil
son home on fashionable Capitol
It became iknown today that Pre
siding Judge Shattuck fearing a
racial demonstraUon would follow a
verdict of gulltyv making the case an
International affair arranged with
the jury for a verdict last night
should one be reached The jury re
ported its verdict after midnight but
It was not mado public until this
Mrs Martin Sane
Newark N J Dec 9Mrs Car
oline B Martin who Is accused of
causing the death of her daughter
Ocey W Sneed at East Orange In
November 1909 was declared to be
sane today by Judge Ten Eyck who
ordered her trial l for murder to pro
Suits Filed in Circuit Court
Tho Drookport National bank filed
suit against the HartbRush Tie com
pany for 2000 alleged due on a
Western Traffic Heavy
Chicago 111 Dec DrTrafflc
managers of the western railroads I
continue to report an encouraging
volume of business with many olasst
flcatlons of freight running ahead of
a year ago In spite of tho pessi l
mistic views of Interests who hove a
reputation for keeping in > close touch
with conditions generally there does
not appear to be any real cause for
alarm Railroads operating east
ward from Chicago and St Louis
lost about 20 per cent in tonnage last
week as compared with a year ago
City License Inspector Robert ti
Hicks this morning secured a batch
of warrants from the office of Police
Judge Cross against hucksters milk
dealers grocerymen boarding house
proprietors and physicians who are
charged with falling to pay their
annual licenses Milk dealers lead
the delinquents It is said that war
rants will follow against delinquent
Plans for a union Christmas serv
ice to bo held by all of the Paducah
Protestant churches will be formu
lated next Tuesday morning when
the Protestant Pastors association
meets at 10 oclock at the Broadway
Methodist church Just what ar
rangements win be made could not
bo foretold today by the Rev G T
Sullivan president of the body
Christmas this year comes on Bunt
day and there will not likely bo any
Interference with the usual Sunday
services A union service to cele
brate tho birth of Christ may be ar
ranged for Christmas afternoon at
ono of the most spacious churches A
program committee will probably be
appointed and one of the pastors BO
looted to deliver ttio service It such
a service is arranged there will be
an Interesting musical program
All of the local denominations are
I planning for elaborate services for
a da 1 j c
Machinists Helpers Elect New om
cers of Their Union for Coming
It has been several years since the
freight business with railroads was
as heavy ID Paducah as it Is now All
of the railroad yards are clocked
with freight and it keeps the yard
crews working briskly to prevent a
blocks e of cars So far tho rail
roads have been able to handle the
movement of the trains without a se
rious loss of time as there have not
been any serious wrecks to tie up
traffic Superintendent A H Egan
and Assistant Superintendent L E
McCabe who have been in the city
for several days left this morning
for Princeton
Gulseppl Franchllll a foreign sec
tion hand at Oblon Tenn was
brought to the Illinois Central hos
pital yesterday Buffering with a
sprained back His injuries are not
Mr J T Stevenson a clerk In the
freight hohee who has been 111 fir
several days Is Improving
Oscar McCarty a helper In the
pipe shop was able to return to his
borne today from the hospital
Machinists Helpers Elect
Officers were elected last night by
the members of the Machinists Help
ers union which met at the Central I
Labor ball Tho Officers are Andy
Almy president Steve Barger vice
president Clarence Alsman guide
F A Watts secretary and Earl
Schoffner treasurer I
Special Attention of Grand Jury ft
Called to the Murder of Mrs
Fennel Sebree
iBlkton Ky Dee 9The 5000
damage cult of the Planters Protec
tive association against Robert Lee
ter was dismissed In circuit court
Lester a prominent member of the
association residing near Guthrle
had It Is alleged disposed of his
large tobacco crop pledged to the
association outside the regular as
sociation channels
James D Harris and his sons
Clyde were acquitted of a charge of
striking Squre W T Kirkman with
a deadly weapon with Intent to kill
Among the cases commanding the
attention of the grand jury is that of
Morris Banks who shoo and killed
his aunt Mrs Fennel Ai Sebrco at
Trenton on March 19 and to which
tho court called special attention in
its charge
Upon the promise of her husband
to provide a better home Mrs Maud
ONell and her Infant child have
been released from the charity ward
of Riverside hospital Mrs ONeil
who was ill and In a delicate condi
tion was found by Miss Agnes Ma
bony living under the shelter of a
wagon top out In the woods just be
yond the city limits Owing to the I
condition of tho woman and tho
weather conditions she and the child
were removed to the hospital Yes
terday her husband appeared at the
hotrpltnl and wanted his wife to be
removed from the hospital He ex
hibited a roll of GO Later he rent
ed a house and upon the assurance
that ho had furnished it and purchas
ed food Mrs ONell and child were
permitted to bo removed from tho
Chicago Market
Dec High Low Close
Wheat 92 91 91
Corn 4C 411445t
Oats 31 31 31941
Cotton Crop Report
Washington Dec 9Tho depart
meat of agricultures report today
showing the production of cotton InI I
season shows the i4 erOPwasi
1 ill OOeQoO woos
Two Sections
List From Which President
TaU Will Make His
Disapproval ol Mexican Treaty
Washington Dec DIt Is au
thoritatively announced today thai
President Taft early next week will
announce two appointees to Ute su
promo court from the following Hat
Justice Swayze of New Jersey su
preme court Judge Lamar formerly
chief Justice of the Georgia supremo
court Federal District Judge Gor
don Russell of Texas Circuit Judge
Willis Van De Venter Circuit Judgo
William S Hook and District Judge
federal circuit Chief Justice Wins
low of Wisconsin supreme court
and Senator Sutherland of Utah
Population of New Jersey
Washington Dec 9The popu
lation of New Jersey la 2535167
an Increase of 053498 The state ti
gains three congressmen
Will Change tlio Treaty
Washington Dec 9Tho arrest
here of ono Juan Sanchez Azcona a
Mexican revolutionist will be made
the basis of an open fight In con
gress to end the system by which
Uncle Sam Is compelled to act as
private policeman for Diaz of
Mexico Representative Wilson of
Pennsylvania announced today that
a change In the treaty will be de
manded Al
Wilson conferred with Thomas S
Hopkins Azconas attorney in pre
paring for his fight against an agree
ment under which Diaz by merely
telegraphing that a warrant has
been issued can cause the arrest
and Imprisonment for 40 days pend
ing a hearing of any of his political
enemiesAssassination 1 I
Assassination Prostrated
Pcgulclgalta Honduras Dec 9 >
That an attempt to assassinate Pres
ident Davilla last Wednesday was
frustrated by the quick action of
guards in the official residence be
came known today A man claim
Ing t4 be a messenger from the Pa
cific coast appeared at the residence
When admitted to Davlllas office
the messenger drew a pistol but be
fore he could fire he was felled by
the guards who spirited hint from
the city
Pollcurbo Bonllla and General
Gulttorez whose arrests were or
dered by Davlllai have not been cap
San Francisco Dec 9ven
Chinese girls captured on Sunday
when an attempt was being made to
smuggle them ashore from the
steamer Manchuria told a story yes
terday that for ibrutalltyfl concedes
nothing to the workings of the
earlier African slavo trade
Immigration officials say there la
no doubt that the girls wore brought e
hero to bo sold into the slave trade
Their ages ore from li to 19 years
AU but ono of them declare that
they were kidnaped in Hong Kong
This one had previously boon In 9
America and had been deported
They said they had made tho
journey from China In a locker four
teen feet square below decks a place
without ventilation or light Tho
eight Chinese men who were cap
tured at the same time as the slrls
were with them In the room but no
one elv visited them until they t
reached port Their only I food and
drink was some dried fruit and cold
Ono of tho girls tho youngest of
tho party says she had come form
her country homo on a visit to Hong
Kong A smoothtongued country
man told her a great pageant was bo
ling held on tho big American
steamer and said be thought no
might be able to gain admission for
her She fell into the trap An
other says she was drugged tyi her
A thorough investigation Is I to be
made of tho operations of the
smuggling ring that la supposed to be r
at work and every effort will be
eruaLUt olleW ttti lnvolllettA

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