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LplOrtttx 1 THE PADtJCAH EVENING M xUN9PAxd + rh ll6Kf i f il
FrM FISHER President
JII So PAXTON general Manager
Entered at the poitofllco at Paducah I
KT aa second clan matter
1 0
Carrier week
By per
By Mall per month In advance 25
By Mall per year In advanceUOO
r For year by mall postage paid 100
Address THE SUN Paducah Ky
1om 1 ell 116 South Third Phone 16 1
Editorial Itoomst
Old Phone au New Phone IBS l
New York omcPayne k Young 3 I
West Thlrtythlrd Street
e ChIcago OmeePayne Young In
148 Marquette Bldg
i AAVa
Daily Thought
All who have meant good work
with their whole hearts have done
good work although they may die
before they have time to sign It
Every heart that has beat strongly I
and cheerfully has left a hopeful lmj I
pulse behind it In the world and bet t
teNd the tradition of mankind
Robert Louis Stevenson
sKeaklhgtoflhe style of dressing
Have you Observed how much more I
popular the gobble Is than tho hob
ble o hObl
And now for New Years Same I I
old resolutions th T Pardon our
merriment11hy thQ stork and the wolf bo
oaten frequent the same homes7
It Is difficult to understand the
necessity for the aew stocking stiU >
letto with the present style of hat
Cl F O
i 7
Psychology has revealed to us the I
m < ntal processes of the men who
rock the boat blow Into a gun hold l
lighted fire crackers In their hands
pour coal oil on the fire and violate
ttiec automobile speed law but
science so far bas utterly failed to
throw any light oh the subject of t
Why men smoke clgarets and swear
Its a pity Christmas night revel
lore blew up that brass cannon on I
Hendersons square It was about
the only thing that was oh ihe I
square In Henderson
Doccook jays Professor Rantus
aen Is a muckrakcr1 We congratu
> fate tho professor getting his rake In I
where the muck was deep
o i
i Congratulations and thanks are
due the women who conducted the
Red Cross campaign They sold t
more seals than they expected to
Americans take to politics or they
do not much as they regard sports
sportsT1i t I
the Louisville herald bears otjt the
statement His writings consist of t
personals about the professionals
who make their living by politicking
for the enjoyment of the politica 1 I
fans just as the sportoscope on I
another page tells about the goings I
and comings of professional bapebal I
player bruisers and cue artists
If a reader is crazy about the one I
or the other ho reads his column
carefully every day It he does not
care for cither ho passes them by
Both contain references to about the
same bunch everyday and both are
bright and popular Pole beg par
don ATgusbas a wide acquaint
ance among politician ocr Ken
tucky and his stuff delights the po <
lltlcal fans
o L
Tile adoption of the primary plan
of nominating the state ticket will
result In reducing the number of
candidates for the Democratic noml
nation for governor before the time
for making entries arrives The
present situation with HendrIck
Johnson Head and Addams In the
race splits the opposition to Me
Creary and gives him an advantage
over the field for It is McCreary
against the field everywhere
This situation was brought about 1
partly by force of circumstances
partly by superior political gifts onI I
the side of those behind tbolc
Creary candidacy and partly by thoI I
attitude taken by the other candi
dates tpnie of whom were brought
out we suspect for the purpose oft t
gathering votes In particular dis
tricts as favorite sons and taking I
them to the anticipated convention
there to be delivered to Den John i
son or whoever appeared strongest
In opposition to McCreary There
was no word spoken against one an
other by the other candidates but f
all directed their abuse at MeCreary I
Consequently wherever there is Op I
position to a local candidate that I
opposition I will rally to McCreary I
unless conditions change
For Instance In the Fret and Sec I
on districts it il 1 Hendrick against
McCreary In Johnsons districts
it js Johnson against McCreary and t
In Heads and Addams districts It I
Is Head or Addams as the case may e
Ire against McCreary By the time
the politicians have recovered from
the shock of the reverse at Louis t
Final figures announced for the i
Interestingh f I
facts as to the tendencies of the I i
nations growth during the past
halt century j J I
Year Population Inc
Per ct
1H > 0 91972206 310 1
01900 73994 575 207
1S90 It 01i29747U 255
1SSO 60155783 301
181i0 < > 31443000 360
Rate of increase over prior de
Thus the Increase of population of
continental l United States during
fifty years Is 1925 per cent It Is I
evident that the most rapid growth
In population was during the decade
from 1850 to 1d0 which shows nn
Increase of 356 Per cent During
tile following decare however the I
Civil war naturally retarded the rate
of advance In population which de
they will figure out that they must
concentrate on pome 6nc candidate
to beat McCreary In the popular
vote or hie adherents in the gentle
are of stuffing the ballot box Just
las one looks at It I
In the meantime it will be up to
the candidates to show the politic
lane and political rail bIrds who is 1
the strongest candidate In this Col
John K Hendrlck ought to show up
well lIe has slumped the state
tie Is a magnetic orator te la popu
lar and vigorous and has no such
handicaps as cling to the persons of
Bead and Johnson
Paducah to her credit let it be
said cared for her poor Christmas
and gave gifts to every child But
especial mention Is deserved by the
worthy women of the city who when
Christmas eve crowded close on the
hour of Santa Claus arrival went
to bed tired but satisfied that tho
first streak of dawn would find every
little face 4n the city beaming on a
stocking full of toys and candy And
for that bard working consecrated
efficient agent of Santa Claus and the
spirit of humanity Miss Agnes Ma
bony ye cant find words to ade
quately express our appreciation of
whatshe has done because not even
those most olosoly III touch with her
work can comprehend Ha extent
She labored the hut few days while
was complaining that the ought to go
to bed and send for a doctor There
has been work done the last tow
weeks in Paducah that will be of
lasting benefit
Kent cb Kernels
Early primary for Henderson
No rural papers published this
lartbaM Bone 94fracture9Jip
at BIkton
J P Campbells home Russell
vllle burns
Franklin and Henry county call
G K Medley distiller dies at
Third regiment band Owensboro
quits service
Mrs Rebecca Narrow burned to
death at Frankfort
Ed Morrow of Somerset will be
U S District attorney
John C O Mayo and Percy Haly
organize big coal deal
Mrs Rakestraw of Sebree gives
McLean college 10OflO
Sea Bradley gets omnibus Ken
tucky claims bill through
Christmas revellers blew up brass I
cannon in Henderson square
Central park lake Henderson
filled by order of board of health I I
Stanley Harris Frankfort appoint
ed Y M C A secretary Ini Japan I
Episcopal Bishop Burton of Lex
ington joins protest against Brig
lam Youngs figure on silver service
for battleship Utah
Heard in the Lobby <
Owensboro George Riddle Metrop E
oils Charles Orbs Cairo R G I
Russell Memphis B N Pleasant I
Union City JD Farmer Prince
ton J C Wakeltn Memphis j
bell Dycusburg Tenn H B DIana
Pembroke Ky B McOrady Cam
den Tennj A R Hall Mayfield IE
D Cooper Kuttawa F Mi William
son Paris Tenn J R Janies I
Eddyvllle j
Children Cairo W D Jenkins a
WIckllffe Mrs T C Holt Shawnee
Okla A T Barnes Metropolis C c
A Yancey Slkeston Mo1 Leo Gib o
feon MadlEonvllle Margaret F ot
Barnes Auburn John Edwards
Hop kIn svlll e t
Shawnee Okla Leon Van Bolken C
berg Racine WIs J W UIgles r
berger Brookport W N Bohanan h
Birmingham A Mattlngly Marlon
Lem McCwre Little Rock Charles
Morris Lexington TennJ K Sims
Loul l11et
Never ask a girl to name the prot <
tlcst of her sex at any given place b
It Is awfully embarrassing for a mod c
est maid Vi b 1
It Is I easier to be divorced than
married la Switzerland I
dined tq 22C per cent only slight
Ily I above the rate prevalent during
thqpast score of years
Population In most of tho eastern
states has Increased only moderate
ly 1 New Jersey and Florida are the
only states cast of the Mississippi ex
IMbUIng an increase In excess of 30
per cent Iowa alone shows an act
ual loss of Inhabitants The largest
percentases9f Increase wept notably
la th 8 Rocky mountain and Pacific
coasli states1 Chief among them
were Arizona CC2 per cent Califor
nia 601 per cent Colorado 480 per
chat Idaho 1013 per cent Montana
5145 per cent Nevada 934 per cent
New Mexico G7j5 per cent North Da
kota 803 per cent Oregon 627 per
cont South Dakota 454 per cent arid
Washington 1204 per cont The
marked influx Is mainly In tho direc
lion agricultural opportunity with
a checking1 of growth In the more
settled rtatesEx
Is That A Democratic Machine
Machine rule is about over In Ken
tucky especially among the Demo
crats If wo are to judge by the
action of the state executive com
mittee Mayfield Messenger
A Crooked Primary
The opposition to the primary was
due to the large expense that would
be entailed upon the candidates and
the notorlus fact that the last two
state primaries were not conducted
fairly Urey Woodson In Owensbpro
Not Very Optimistic
The Times as a Democratic news
paper can and does accept the sltua
tlon Whatever Influence It has will
be exerted to the end that no charge
of fraud shall taint the nomination
and that Its recipient shall be the
strongest man available W B
Haldeman In Louisville Times
Likes Primary nest
The primary Is the most practical
plan of giving every voter an oppor
tunity of expressing his choice of a
candidate for an office Conventions
are always controlled by a few poll
tlclans especially county mass con
ventions Owensboro Inquirer
Last Primary Corrupt
But the last experiment ota state
primary was not so successful In
outcome as to make candidates eager
to get Into the game and to accept
the result as well as the subsequent
verdict of the people at the OUIor
Ed Leigh In Bowling Green Messen
Convention Would Ito Corrupt
To any ono familiar with the con
ventions In Kentucky politics at
present It has been apparent foe a
long while that a state convention
to nominate candidates for tbe state
offices would be fraught with much
danger to the party and that fact
was clearly demonstrated at the re
cent committee meeting where a
spirit of bitterness and vindictive
ness Inimical to party success was
manifested by some of those oppos
ing a prfmaryJ C W Bcckham
In Kentucky State Journal
With the Sick
Virginia tho little daughter of Mr
and Mrs C W TholDlltOn > > of Worth
Sixth street is IH
Miss Anrena Smith of 1382
Broadway is 111 at her home
Jesse tho ljwarold ton of Mr
and Mrs X B Crosfland S22 South
Fourth street It 111
Walter the ICyearoid eon of
Mr and Mrs Wes Troutman of
South Third street who has been UI
of pneumonia Is Improving
Mrs Hugh Craft of Broad street
Is 111 of pneumonia
Dr 8 Z Holland who has been
quite 111 at his home on Jefferson
street la much improved and will ibe
able to 4o up In a few days
Mrs William Fleer 224 North
Eighth street Is IU
Virginia the daughter of Mr and
Mrs Hardin Buchanan of 100113I I
TrlmWe street 10 Improving
Deputy Sheriff Hal V 11111 Is 111
of the grip at his home on Monroe
Mr W H Rlcke who Is I seriously I
lit of malarial fever Is reported as
holding his own today Today Is the
crisis of his Illness but his friends
are hopeful that he will recover
Mr Ed Gllaon the well known
druggist who has been 111 for sev
eral weeks of paralysis Is Improved
News has been received here of
the critical illness of Mr W H Leo
the father of Mrs Will Sanders InI
Columbus Miss Mrs Sanders has I
many friends In Paducah where shet t
has frequently vIsitedI
Heal KMntc Hiirpilns I
Talk about bargains we have one
three lots each 50xl < G5 feet on Jones
street between 27th and 28th streets
cost the owner 30 < 0 worth 1404
but ho needs the money and tGO
cash gets all three lots You would
be CERTAIN to double your money
InItW if years I
Whlttctaore Real Estate Agency
Fraternity building Phones 836
dncaboxtrlenced a safe and
flue Christmas The ordinance pro
hibiting the sale as well as use of
fireworks worked to perfection and
no fires or injuries are reported IIIIf 1 I I
calamity of the strenuous observance
of Christmas Beth Sunday and
Monday Were observed in away on
tlroly appropriate to Christmas Tho
police were not rushed with work
and lIttle drunkenness is reported
In Honor of Visitors
Mrs Alice Ovcrstr ct 943 South
Ninth street entertained last night
at her home In honor of her daugh
ter Mrs Curtis Tabscutt ami Mrs
Osborn Smith of Memphis Delic
lous refreshments were served and a
pleasant evening enjoyed Those
present were Mesdames Kcnnle I I
Murray TOd Doloaeh Of Lexington
Team James Clark M IsemanJ
Louis Workman John Lutz Gilbert I
liming Charles Pryor F A Brown
Mary Houser Osborn Smith of Mem
phis Lydia Nrlck Mike Kettler
I Curtis Tabscott of Memphis Alice I
Oventreet Misses Bessie Kettler
Freda Yoiind Lillian Tabscott and
Messrs Dan MeClaln Ed Crutchor i i
Herbert Cruteher William Pryor
and Earl Smith I
Matinee Musical Open Meeting
The open meeting of tho Matinee
Musical club for Wednesday after
noon at 4 oclock at the Womans
club will boa delightful Invitational
affair Each club member Is al
low ed three guests Mrs Mamie
Dryfuss Greunebaum and Mr Em
mett S Bagby will present the Bong
cycle program with Mrs George B
Hart at tho piano Mr William C
Rcddick of Cincinnati who Is at
home for the holidays has kindly
consented to contribute two piano
selections The program which Is a
notably brilliant one will Include I
Song Cycle for DarlioneJn San
Nazaro 1 In San Nazaros
Gardens 2 lu San Nazaros
Cloisters 3 The Monks of San
Naxaro 4 And In Nazaros Gar
densMr Bagby I
Piano Solo selectedMr Wil
liam ReddIck t
Duet for contralto and baritone f
Sir Spring from Love and
SprIngtime Liza Lehmann Mrs
Greuncbaum Qnd Mr Bagby I
Piano Solo selectedMr Wll
Ham Rcddlck
Song cycle for contralto Fair
Jessie In sqycn mugs words and
music by Alexander yon Ficlltz
Mrs Gruencbpura
Mrs G ore 11 tart at tho piano
tagscla Cohghtly
Miss Gcraldlne Ragsdalo and Mr
J L GoJIghtly of Arkansas were
married on Monday afternoon at the
parsonage of the First Baptist
church 930 Jefferson street by thq
Rev ME Jo The couple will
leave In a few rda e for their home
in Arkansas > The bride Is tho onfy
daughter pf jfrB Nina Ragsdale 419
South Third street
I Iartfnlc now
Bardwell Ky Del 2iV H
Martlnle and Miss Sallle Bow were
married yesterday afternoon They
are prominent young people of Arl
ington Mr jlartlnio is an employe
of tho Illinois Central railroad
Mr II H Loving has gone to
Louisville on business
Mechanics Farmers I
Savings Bank
DoliiK lliisliicas at 21O Broadway
Town or Paducjili County of Mr
Criukcn Sato or Kentucky at
the Close of Juiciness on the jntli
day of December J010
loans and Discounts 25637177
U S and other Bonds I
Stocks and Securities 169500
Due from Bank 1840952
Actual Cash on bard 8905 < 47
Checks cash Items and
exchange for clearing 873712
Current expensive and
taxes paid H 241844
Real Estate J890858
Furniture and Fix
tures 1300000 Total 1190858
Total i 30844690
Capital stock paid In
In cast 5000000
Surplus 200000 Un
divided profits 7
08948 Total 908948
Deposits on which inter
est Is paid 164
620 14 Deposits on
which interest Js not
paid 9473628 Total
Deposits 24935642
Total 30844590
State of Kentucky County of Me
bracken Set I
I J T Laurie Cashier of the I
ibovo nanted Bank do solemnly
iwear that the above statement Is I
true to tho best of my knowledge
and belief C I
J T > LAURIE Cashier j
Subscribed and sworn to before I
no by J T Laurie this 27th day of
December 1910 My commission ox I
ilres March 18 1912
Notary Public
Correct Attest
Continued from Pago Ono
ITho I Union Rescue MIssIon will
have Us annual Christmas tree rot
tho poor on Wednesday night at 431
Trimble street Gifts are being col l
lected by tho Roy R W Chiles and
his wife
Tho Prisons
It was Christmas for the prison
ers in tho city and county Jails and
tho Initiates of the county alms
house At all of the public Instltu
tlona Christmas dinner with turkey
and all the accessories won served
and row private families enjoyed
any better dinners
I After the holiday trade merchants
are busy arranging tbo remnants 4f
the Christmas stocks With the cps
I fusion of tho eleventh hour shop
ping and the rush and push of the
largo throngs of shoppers the lull In
shopping after Christmas Is wel
comed by the clerks The lull In
I business as compared with the boll
day shopping gives tho merchants
Ian opportunity to arrange their
stocks and prepare for the clearante
sales that will follow In short order
On every hand expressions of tho
satisfactory trado aro heard from
the merchants who are able to
pause and reflect litter the holiday
shopping The trading could not
have been much better as the peo
ple seemed plentifully supplied with
money and never hesitated to spend
It Today the stores liavo a desert
ed appearance compared with last
I Second t6 none was the business
at the postofllco and tho express
companies and none fejolce over
the passing of Christmas more than
tho employee of these distributors
From the thousands of packages of
holiday matter In addition to the
regular mall only four package re
mained undelivered yesterday after
noon aftor thortcqmplotlon of the
morning delivery as the carriers
were treated to tho afternoon off
Efforts wore made to find the owners
of tho four packages but tho ad
dresses were wrong
It Is a record of which Postmas
ter Frank M Fisher and his entire
force are proud
The money order department was
One of tbo busiest places In the city
and several clerks were required
The purchase of goods by mall was
unusually heavy
City Tax Notice
December 31 iMMnn jmynient l to
be In hands of City Treasurer In
time for deposit that day Office
will be open from 7 to 9 Wednesday
Thursday and Friday nights to ac
commodate those who cant como in
the day Crae You will rare your
olr Imf In waltlnir 3otr1urD 6y
coming at once as tbo ruth Ir I on
ii rIIii1ct fail
This afternoon at 1 ocloctc Mlw
Grace Elisabeth Austin 1112 North I
Thirteenth Street and Mr Vntor J
Westfall of Nashville were married I
by the Rbr M H Dodd at the par
sonagc 930 Jefferson street Tho
couple left this afternoon at 2 l05rpr I
Nashville where they vHI reside
Tho ibrlde hall been bookkeeper for
the seal I Credit company nnd Is a
popular young woman of the north
side Mr Wustfall Is manager of a
loan company In XashvIHe and a
well rcjpectwl young manI
manI I
IinKod keep your whole Inside
right HoM on the MoneyHack plan
Mr ices Thompson < has returned
to Memphis after a visit to Mr and
Mrs 1 Leon Cleaves of Jefferson
Bardwcl Ky Dec 27 Henrr
Byasseo and Allw Lizzie Vaughn were
married here at 530 oclock yester
day Afternoon by the Rev Mr Bur
fiRADArtiHWhy oNhY
Why CornellBonH Headache Liver mil
by 1I 1rullwhf
Its Too Easy to Save
Merely a matter of spending less
than you earn Keeps growing
easier too becomes surprisingly
easy after you have practiced It for
a while People tall Into the habit
of spending money thoughtlessly
and Imagine they cannot save Cul
tivate thoughtfulness and careful
ness and you are bound to save
Theres protection encouragement
and satisfaction In n bank account
Will bo Pleased to hays
Your Account
CAPITAL j 150000
U1PLUI w wiMUCAt21lOOg
Tlimisandx Pay Tribute mid JlIIIOr
Equipages Extends for Fully
I Mile and a Half
II I 0
i Chicago Dec 27 Funeral serv
ices of a public tharacter wore heW
Sunday for Fire marshal James Ho
ran who met his death In the stock
yards llro Thursday with twenty
fpur others Mayor Fred A Dusso
I rode In tho procession In the mourn
ers section and Chief of 1ollco Le
roy T Steward and Assistant Chief
Herman Schuettler led several pta
toons of police on foot
I Acting Fire Marshal Charles Boy
forllcb who arrived at the blaze
Thursday a moment after bis chief
had been killed beneath the falling
wall marched at the bead ofa sec
tion of Bremen
Tho casket borne on a hose cart
was attended by a guard of honor
consisting of lire department division
heads and was followed by a line
of equipages extending back for a
mllo and a half
i Many Iu y Tribute
Immediately following the purple
draped hose wagon which bore the
marshals body was driven his auto
mobile tbo one In wjilch ho made a
reeord breaking dash to Thursdays
fireand to his death with the
rear seat occupied only by a fire
marshals helmet
Two hose wagons bore tho chief
of the boral pieces which had filled
tho Ashland avenue home and l fol
lowing the blackdraped automobile
Thousands of persons lined the
away over which the profusion
moved and bared heads tearfilled
eyes and murmuring throngs along
tho route paid trIbute to Big Jim
Moran the citys most popular fire
fighter of n decade
Seattle Wash Dec 7IlCJOrta
here today are the negotiations bITe
practically been completed for the
purchase of the Guggenheim Salmon
CnnnoriPs In Alaska by LlbbyMc
Ncil I Ilbby Chicago packer for
10 < MO < H > cash The deal Involves
all the tithing gear
I Fort Worth Tux Dec 27
Lotting his razor cAry In a flht with
Dracon Morton Nichols l H 1 < W D 4
Jones pastor of Mount Zion IlapUH
church colored reverted to naumtl
tactics this morning antS bit off
XlcJiOld now 0 Klcholr retefattatby
I trowing off ilev Jones linger Ilvth
appeared at police station bearing
Iholr Otsconnecletl members which
bad been excliahRttl at tho close pf
bcktrtllltlctf The pniftor apiltul
11I11om a chargo of maiming 1I1IS
placed was reloaded on bond signed
t by practically all the members of the
Mount Zion church The trouble
jorlKlnatcd over the contribution box
I which the pastor claimed had boon
tampered with Just before Christmas
IroJoo Harrlgam 318 Adams
street who Is working In Lockport
HI Is I visiting his LockPortl
Sarlcs W
Mrs a II Wlnstcad Miss Corlnno
Wtnstcnd and Mrs John Swift Mont
gomery Jr of Thomasvllle On
will leave this evening for Coving
ton Tenn to attend the Robert
Lanier wedding which will take
place there tomorrow evening
Mr and Mrs h J Pcttlt of
Twelfth and Trimble streets spent
Christmas at Metropolis the guests
of Mrs Points parents I
Mrs Kllen Smith and son Wai
lace are visiting Mlss Jnrena Smith
of tho Star theater at 1332 Droadj
Lets get the baby a pair of little
Blue and Pink Shoes from Hocks
They gvo satisfaction and pl ate
Now is the Time
To Havo Those Fall and Winter
Garment Dyed or Cleaned
Bring us your Plumes Hats Sult
Skirts Waists Etc We will restori
them to their former brightness
Model Steam D t e Work
109 South Third Street
OM Phon 2I1AIt Kw Phos ttb
r77rt Weather 1I 1 I
Itnlti tllllllhl mill VrrtmMlnyt
wurnter tOlllght IuMIr I 1trtlliewlny
TIlIIlllllhln lodnpi IIIJtlwst dTt
lourflt jll
lllliiol WnMilnRtiin Dor a 7
Fair TtiCMbiy mid Wwlnmlnjr J S
Hun rose today 0 7Jj a n m f
Hun sIll net today 117 l p I in
Moon will ilo I 4inllil tIO n m
May 1 be i i
r4 4
You Forgot fir
Someone Who
You know we allall do
this at times Much of our
business today was ot this
character Of course we
dud plenty ofcholt things J
I left yetneckwear hand
krchl < fs hose veils
gloves mufflers smoking
jackets shJrjs Iou iog s
and bath robes Conic I
lets help you out
FLic a
4t4 DROnwAV
t1rmT1ItSrl1f13oYS tt
IMnt Swrnr OIT Imll You
Smoke An
5 SI
That good Havana Clear Made
In earn sites
Sold 1tY nil lfa Ul W < Tcal I
era and made at
t t
The Smoke House
333 Uroedwes7c
Opposite Wnllertlelns j
There Is never any doubt about
the welcome when you make
a gift of Comfort Footwear
Any member of tho family Is
always glad to receive n pros
ent of this sort Its quite
likely that an Inspection of1l
o our Assortments will suggest
a solution to some of your gift
problems ComDany time We
will bo pleased to show you
many useful gifts o rpt XmAs
t + f
T r
JigS IIroalhyT
6 Iir
tyr Y

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