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Cd 1 i
iinissioner Vreeland Gives Names
of lecturers Furnished By
t 4The State
i 1
P 4ucsh will have a state farmers Institute under tho direction of
to board of agriculture with sonic of tho most learned men on
< I of agriculture In the United States to lecture to those In at
Me This has been decided on by Commissioner of Agriculture Hu
yreeland who announced Ws plans yesterday to Secretary Coons
Commercial club
OTie institute Is to be the climax of the county Institutes being foster
fSe department In southwestern Kentucky and prizes for the best
pcU i from many of the counties will be offered by tho state
the sessions will occupy three days the latter part of October and
ill be held < probably In tr 6 Kentucky theater The date will be decided
I by the PaJucah Commercial club and the county Farmers institute
t Tae commissioner y said that large delegations will be present
mar Other sections off ihe state as agricultural matters always Interest
meta of the central countiesI M
Teiterdky SecreU > y Coons of tho
iDirclal t dub > spent the day In
jUtfpjrt Iltjfccln the Interest of the
DIOf Paducah and McCracken
On his return he said
jivrar Beckham and Commls
f Vreeland provided me with
iocafeents appointing Andreas
Bltschberger of Vienna Austria
JA cbaJmiMioner of Immigration
wrtc la connection with the Padu
Commercial club In the Inter
of this immigration movement
goveriior and commissioner ex
liithBaielves as being in hear
HMtkr with the work the Com
rf J 19 doing on Immtgra
ttH the governor stated that he
Ss < to b present at the conven
fMtli fourth and fifth of Octo
unLeag some thing unforseen pre
fchi t He heartily endorses the I
imercliil clubs immigration
e with the caution that the un
bl > lement should be careful
i ieded out
some tlmerthe Commercial
has been making efforts to se
e fwxtrannuajjjtate Farmers
itB < yesterday Commissioner
Ui agreed to give Paducah and
ejceja county a special meeting
state institute to bo known as
fene l l roundup of the insti
li for lljo years work at which
Jfce commissioner and board
the following men of na
il l utatlon top 7uiiUe jhe sub
Mlgned to them
frj IJueF D Coburn secre
of the state Aboard ot agricul
ot Kansas I v
mlgratlon Commissioner gen
rt Jf Sargeant of tho depart
i jif eommerce and labor Wash
> u J C
ry Gifford W Plnchot of
TkirwHi of forestry of the na
t 4epartment of agriculture f
hor Hon Samuel C Gomp
bad of the federation of labor
Dri Syrus O Hopkins dean
Agriculture college of Illinois
Koid Samuel C I ancas
ioasultftfg engineer of tne
ted t States department of agrlcut
jm ik4 Cora Products Prof
Holden vice dean of the Iowa
MMeat station of Ames Iowa
Professor Holden wltnout count
h ablest expert on corn and corn
t la the United States and
y any other country and to
kJ lectures and hear him ex
da details the wonders of the
r production of this great sta
Mwell i worth the attendance or
11w rrerln Kentucky In fact ev
part mentioned for the various
tit above stands at the head
Itfjr profession and a recognized
i a farther favor CommUslon
talld wl otter a number of
ilkt e prizes for various products
f q Southwestern Kentucky
BW date for this meeting will be
aged as soon as the directors or
e Farmers Institute and the Com
rclal club can confer on the mat
< Probably It will be Lich the
week In October
eeramlMioner Vreeland and his I
oclatfts have pledged large dele
lodi I i for all the eastern counties
I It Jiwains for the local citizens
I tho t farmers of the county to
ethis the greatest Farmers
dltCever held In the United
TWillmitfcweat Kentucky Farmers
Intltute will be held In Paducah on
Thursday Friday and Saturday Oc
tober 25 2C and 2i
Church Members DIsolHy Ills Man
dates AKinst AVorldllncsN +
Sioux City Iowa Aug IoORev
GeorgeSoHr has turned his back on
tho First Baptist church of which he
has been pastor for a year because <
Its members have refused to renounce
the world and follow his commands
When Mr Soltau accepted the call to
the church he told tho members he
would stay only EO long as they obey
ed the rules he set down Ho forbade
all Sunday amusements and attend
ance at dances lodges or other func
tjong on prayer meeting night and
made other rules which went hartl A
good many of the members fell frcir
grace and Mr Soltau decided to quit
them as Incorrigible Mr SoHan has
been an evangelist working in almoa
every part of England and America
He will make his headquarters In Cbl
cage hereafter
Ri J Iluck llndly Beaten by dames
Gorman In Hitter Conflict
Kenosha WIs August 30 As
the result of an old feud E J Hud
and Mayor James Gorman met In a
bitter personal encounter in tho bar
room of the Elchelman hotel Ian
night and Huck was so badly beaten
by the mayor that he Is In bed to
day It Is declared by witnesses that
Huck Invited the attack by abusing
the mayor This morning a warrant
charging assault was issued for tile
arrest of Huck but later It was
withdrawn and Mayor Gorman went
to the county court and filed an ap
plication for an examination Into time
mental condition of Huck Gorman
claims that Huck repeatedly blllt
threatened his lite
Boy Falls 1 om Iliculir Glllllry mid
Will Live
Evansville Ind Aug 30Cbarles
Perkins aged 10 years and residIng
In Cherry street fell a distance of 28
feet In tho now Wells BIJou theater
building yesterday afternoon and was
seriously Injured He suffered a dis
location of the right shoulder a fract
ure of the upper Jaw bone a doutft
fracture at the right wrist and had
two bones broken In the palm of his
right hand He probably owes his
life to the fact that he broke his fall
by strIking the floor first with his
right hand That he was not killed
instantly Is I a miracle for ho plunged
to tho hard pine floor head foremost
Convicted by Court In AlaskJi of
Washington Sept 1 Tho de
partment of justice today received a
telegram dated Waldez Alaska to
the effect that the six Japanese were
convicted of attempting to kill fur
seals on St Pauls Island Five oth
era pleaded guilty The case of an
other was before Jury When these
men were captured five others were
State Board of Agriculture
EC1 H To Meet Here During Convention
Xtitwt Veeland comrals
of Mci ulture and immlgra
geamised Secretary
< > 10 UM C Him rcIai club that
wjH ijH lw state board to meet
Pttdgck a lrl lIt the immigration i
but onV Oilier 4 udj to take
II Itfcc o6 v itlon and become t I
more familiar with the importance of
Immigration and also to put the
board In position to cooperate with
the Paducah Commercial club and
the citizens of Jacksons Purchase
Governor Bcckhunr said ho will be
present unless something conflicts
Secretary of State McChesney also
I will try to attend N
r L
Some Strange Conditions That For
i incrly KxiMeil In time Mull
J Service
UOZEhrREAltwAlMlitl1S i i
> i
WaS ingtonTalk I would
seem trf be cheap In England at pies
anti according to1 information received
itt tlio state department fhat Is talk
byVmeans of mechanical devices for
communication J between distant points
for the Englishgovernment finds
Itself compelled 10 reduceito u great
extent of tolls on dhe telegraph lines
which It runs In order to compete
with the privatelyowned < telephone
A rather curious condition of affair
exists in England from the same
cause that has left her far behind In
electric railways as compared to this
country that Is tho municipal owner
ship craze since the privatelyowned
telephone Is to a groat extent used fIr
the transmission of long distance
messages which In this country on
accoutn of greater personal convent
once are naturallffltent l by telegraph
The English government Indeed
finds inoreaslii difficulty according
to the reports Todeired < here In com
peting through Its own telegraph lines
with tho telephone about the only
thing which has not yet come under
the control of munlcloal ownership In
King Edwards isle But oven when
tempted by low rates the Englishman
doesnt seem to care to take advan
tage of them t for according to the
latest report of the census bureau
Americans csetho phono and the
wire many Mmes oftener than do
the natives off the mother country
All of which would seem to Indicate
that John Dull has found his govern
ment and cite business monopolies
more or less ofa loslnt game
Mail Girrylnjj Service
Competition In bidding for mali
contracts particularly In rural dis
tricts Is fast becoming a matter oC
history according to postodlce officials
Formerly Uncle Sam found carrier
for many of the smaller route for
practically nothing but in nearl
every such case the man who halls
the Jobtiowad8ys receives a more or
less adequate compensation Under
the old regime the most extraordinary
condition of affairs often existed For
Instance tho mall barrier at Lake
Charles La was under contract for
four years to pay to the government
the sum of 50 a year for carrying
the malls by steamer a distance of
fiftyfive miles three times each week
the valve to the carrier being found
of course In the business standing
which he derived from the service
This contract has Just ended and the
new Incumbent Is to receive a salary
of JSOOQ a year for doing Just the
same work that cost his predecessor
50 annually A still more curious
Instance of the old order Is found In
tho case of West Brid eton Vt where
the carrier for going twelve timer a
week to t Woodstock six miles away
received the princely remuneration of
one cent each year for his services
His successor now receives 100 A
former carrier of Freedom NV H also
distinguished Jimself by carrying the
m ls several miles dally for two and
a half mills a year The Job now
pays fl50 Altogether Uncle Sams
letter carriers aro coming Into newer
and better conditions to which the
automobile as a future means of dis
tribution forms a very attractive If
not yet acUally existing addition
Shirt Waist In Army
The shirt waist man who came
struggled against criticism and dis
appeared Is likely to find in thr
United States army the perpetuation
of the custom ho attempted to so
Soldlersln shir waists that Is tho gist
of the suggestion recently mado to the
war department by General Leonard
Wood commanding the Philippine
division His suggestion in particu
lar Is that the troops of his command
be authorized to wear the rank Insig
nia on their shirts under condition
which make it admirable to dlspene
with the coat Unfortunately there
Is no money available for the pur
chase of additional insignia but the
war department has authorized tho
use of khaki chevrons on the shirts
and General Wood will be allowed to
regulate the practice of leaving off
the service coats uniformity however
being Insisted upon In the matter In
the Interest of discipline and neatness
Dozen Hear AdmlriiK
The navy Is to lose through retire
rodent In the next twelve months Just
anjTovon dozen of its twentytwo roar
admirals among whom will be found
Rear Admiral Slgsbee who was In1
command of the old Maine at the time
of her destruction In the harbor of
Havana Tho effects of the age limit
will not stop with the admirals either
Blnco with one exception the com
mandant of every navy yard In the
country is to be t retired Fighting
Bob Kyans as The Is generally known
will be forded to take a back teat In a
lltUe less than two years Nor Is tho i
retirement of prominent officers limit
ed to the navy for on the 16th of II
September Lloutonant General Corblu I
will cease to be tho active head of the
army a tact rendered rather more In
teresting ben It Is remembered that
ifeutenant generals have been mar
of the exception than the rule In tho
United States army and that bcfoo
long the title will cease to exist
mfsiSKss ox CHAXOI
Products Taken on Contract and
Stowl In Storvliouses s
Chicago Sept 3Tltree million
bushels of wheat wore sent out on
special contract on the board of trade
today and taken In by storehouses
Other deliveries on steamer contracts
were 5000 bushels of corn 753000
bushels of oats iWO tierces of lard
2500000 pounds of ribs and 2500
barrels of pork
After Ortobir First Packers Will
Hare to Take Chnnn WHh
Present Supply
Washington D C Sept lSec
retary Wilson Assured tho represen1
tatlves of the meat packing Inter
ests of the country with whom ho
continued his conference today that
he had no authority to extend be
yond the first of October tho plic
Ing of labels on canned goods or
other meat products
He told the packers flatly that they i
must be prepared on that date jlo
properly label their goods or they
would not be permitted to seud them
through the channels of Interstate
commerce The question Was raised as to the
status of goods now on the shelves
of wholesale and retail merchants of
the country The secretary salt I It was
manifestly Impossible for the gov
ernment to Inspect them and that the
owners or holders of the foods ho
suggested would have to take their
chances on selling them
One thing was certain they could
not be shipped from one state to an
other Tho law howevej does not
prohibit their sale where they happen
now to be
The disposal of such goods de
pended upon the desire of tho con
sumer Wilson said that the packers
wero anxious to conform In all re
spects to tho law and that the con
ference had made evident the fact
that some of them would be unable
to comply with all of its provisions
by the first of October because they
had not been sufficiently forehanded
in their preparations These men
necessarily would be obliged the see
retary said to confine their business
operations within their own state
line until such time as they wore pre
pared fully to meet the requirement
of tho meat Inspection act
novernnient Rxjiefteil to Make flans
to find It In TeA Venn
Washington Sept 1 China
has awakondd to tho necessity ot sup
pressing the opium traffic and ad
vices which have reached the state
department show that drastic meas
ures to accomplish this end are un
der consideration The government
derives a revenue of about 4000
000 a year out of the duty Imposed
upon opium Imported Into China and
s loath to deny Itself this Income by
shutting Its doors to opium It Is rev
orted China contemplated entering
an agreement with India to diminish
annually the Imnort of opium Into
China so that the traffic will cease
In ten years An imperial edict Is ex
pected condemning the use of opi
um and forbidding tho employment
In the government service of opium
raters The edict will also order an
annual reduction In poppy cultlva
ion with the Industry to be prohlb
ted at the end of ten years
Girl 1 Finds Fiance Asleep nail Deserts
Him for Old Sweetheart
Rockford III Sept IJust before
he was about to leave today for Free
porn where bo was to have been mar
Tied tonight to Miss Vivian Welnhod
William Buscke received a message to
thoeffedt that ho neednt take tho
trouble to go as Mies WeInhold had
been married In Dubuque to William
V Gleaeon an old sweetheart It III 1
learned tthat when Miss Welnhold
was In Rockford one day last week
she called at the home of her fiance
at 8 a m end found that too was still
Cumbering It Is believed Miss Weln
hold didnt think a man should be
asleep at that hour and that this
caused the estrangement
SatMcribe For The sun
T rIfI
iIiIIo fl 2 i ItJlJ I
Immigration Convention Promises to
llo irunt Success on October
1 niul a
Tho citizens of EMayflold and Graves
county are waking up in splendid
shape to the Importance of the immi
gration convention to bo held In la
duoah October 4 and 5
Graves county and Mayfield willI I
probably tend a delegation of at least
2 < OO enthusiastic citizens for tho Immi
gration movement and the upbuild i
ing of Mayfield and Graves county
and all southwestern Kentucky Mayor
Watts has appointed the following del
egates from the city George Kennedy
T J Murphy J W Landuni Dr J
L Dlsmukos Will Illdgeway II C
Xeale J T Webb W J Webb J E
Robbins B P Key It P Wright II
J Wright J R Leeman John Watts
Gus Thomas R 0 Hester It E
Johnson W K Wall George Pike
H J Moorman J L Sherrill George
LIgon C W Wilson H A Coulter
Art Brand W A Usher G T Fuller
R T Davis J D Watson D F Ito
Mlles Scott Cook Will Brand Joe
Hamlett leo Dupree I
The Commercial club appointed the
following committee to call on van
ous professions and lines of business
in too city and explain to them the
Importance and value of this Imml
graton movement and Interest them I
In tho convention meeting by pledg i
ing them to attend and cooperate I
with the Commercial club In this work
OrkI I
and also to arrange rh them to At
tend a general mass meeting to be 1
held tho latter part of the month In
the Interest of the Immigration conj
conjventlon I
vention Committees arc as follows
Traveling Men Stanley DuBols
Finis Lack Is I
Retail Merchants Association H
C Rhodes James A Rudy
Physicians Or Frank Boyd and
Dr J R Coleman
Real Estate and Insurance C 13
Jennings and W P HummeV >
FactoriesA J Deck Earl bal
mer and J V Hardy o
Wholesale GrocersiyEdf 1 irlcy
will Otark and Pat lAll > rLI t
Druggists J P a l rtafilar s I
Bagby GUll Smith t h t
Coal denier Transfer fomtanlo j + I
and teamsters P Di Pltzpatrlek
Tom Barry 0 HM Bndd and James
Banljera W F Paxlon J 6
Bleeeker and B H Scott
Led by Unfit und Itartcmleni Work
men Go to Hear u Semen
Terre Haute Ind Sept 4 With
a band of mur + c at their head mom
bona of trade union last evening
marched to the FIrSt Baptist church
to listen to the Labor day sermon b y
tho pastor Rev D B Cheney The
Bartenders union was In front nn4
moro largely represented than any
other union
The Bartenders unlqn adopted n
resolution effective tomorrow to flmi
a member Uli for rolling liquor after
11 oclock or on Sundays The bar
tenders eay It Is purely a labor move
ment for shorter hours
This action Is coincident with tho
advent tomorrow of Mayor Lyons ad
ministration which commonly has been
expected to lift the lid but tho mot e
of the bartenders may prevent this t i
H 0 Hnnilliy Mount Vernon Send
Challenge to SUite Senator Roche
Mount Vernon Ind Sept 4 B
O Handby a labor leader of South
ern Indiana and editor of tho Una
fraid a Socialist newspaper published
here has challenged State Senator
Rocho editor of the Democrat to
lIght a duel Tho challenge stipu
lates swords pistols or brickbats as
Senator Roche may prefer ana as s
him to name the time and place
Handby has been very bitter against
Roche In the paper apd Roche has
attacked Handbys record Several
days ago Handy went to the office
of tho Democrat and was thrown Into
the street by Roche
Mrs Merrill It Mills Ajqillm for Di
valve on Statutory Grounds
Detroit Sept 4Ilerrlll B Mills
of this city who Is reputed to have
greater Interests In stow foundries
than any other Individual In the world
Is heylly Interested In Detroit enter
prises and Is a noted yachtman Is
being sued for divorce His wife < le
a daughter of Charles K Eddy of
Saginaw the wealthy lumberman
arid In her bill she makes statutory
charges and avers cruelty Mr Win
will contest tho case
1IdII r1i l
We are in the shoe business cud want to call your atten I
tion to a few facts you should know
y land
Leather is higher now than it has been since the civil war
and we are compelled to pay more money to get the same shoe
we have been selling and of course will have to charge you i
a little more However you can rest assured we will not mis
represent a shoe to you and will not tell you it is just as good
as you have always gotten for the same money if It is not We
can give you shoes at any price and we guarantee all ol out
shoes and our guarantee means something
Call around and see us and we will give J you the bs
proposition you can get anywhere consistent with honorable i r
straightforward dealing Respectfully
Geo Rock Shoe Co r t
Sellers of Shoes and Satisfaction
321 Broadway Paducah Ky
Home Seekersr
Oklahoma Indian 1 erritory and Texas
Write fog liertnre and full Information
IOklahoma I CORNATZAR A G P A Memphis Teun 1
P S WKHVBR T P A Nashville Teun
Hon John K Hendrick Makes Y
a Formal Announcement ofr
His Candidacy For The
Office of Attorney General
To My I Fellow Citizens of Kentucky
1 take this method of announcl
1 nt I o of attornoygunornl of 1 Kentucky
cratlv party I do this fully apprectat
the honor to which I aspire but feel 1
one off nor humblest 0111 when he I
putrlotfc My record at a citizen and r
Mate The Democratic party ban nov
called In vale however perilous tho
If I shall be chosen as tho cand
dldate of the whole party and not t
clique or machine Should I bo so I
count myself the servant of the
and shall do my utmost to discharge t
I Ij and In such way as tn ovary par
promote the welfare of the whole II
as little expense to the state as 1
Modosty forbids me to speak of 1
onlh e I
187C and have been a close student t
state or national capital In dlscharg
my fellow citizens have honored me
or I am capable of discharging
office If they think I am as woll
shute I I I I
theird d
I shall endeavor to visit as many
but tho tlmo is 80 short that It will
ny of thum and 1 shall therefore be
generously to assist me In making t
AUMonts Yinfi iv TIIUST CAST
InIlH1C Agreo t9 File AflMnvlU n s
Ikvptreilths llIlIuurl
Jefferson City Mo Sept 1 Tho
Armour Packing company and Ar
ono r Co of Chicago after ask
ing yesterday to file modified anti
trust affidavits with the secretary
of state and being refused agreed
today with the slate department t to
file affidavits In regular form and
accompany them with an explanato
ry letter that tho affidavits wore sub
ject to tho decisions of United Stales
courts In antitrust proceedings now
pending against thorn tn Arkansas
Tennessee and Chicago
Which Will Fever Direct 11II III r
ule Do Illinois limber Men
Sprlnijfiold III Sept 1 I When
Oho Illinois state twentyfourth an
nual convention of the Illinois State
Federation of Labor convenes In
Streator October 15 the decision
will bo made whether the union will
establish a now political partywhloh
If formed will favor direct primary
vote and Initiative and referendum
And Children Who Tried to Light
Fire With Oil Died
Detroit Mich Sept 1 Anna
and Blanche Ignaslak aged 13 and
4 years reipectlfullywhn wore fright
fully burned earlier In tho day by tho
explosion of an oil can which they
were using to light tho kitchen fire
at their homo In West WyanJotto
died late this afternoon
a y
rete i1nl Cff
Y Ql
Paducah Ky 1 August 29 nOt r
111 myself at a candidate tor the of
iubjoot to the action of the Demo
Ing the I Importance of tho office and I
that Kentucky will cheerfully honorF
hai striven to bo honest capable and
a Democrat IA I known throughout the
rer called upon me for service and
hour or uncertain the ronsQquuuces
Idnto of my party I shall IM the can
the representative of any faction
fortunate as to bo elected I shall
whole people of my beloved state 1
the duties of tho office conscientious
Uoular to protect the Interest and s
state without tear or favor and with
possiblemy further than to
aged In tko practice or law ilncu
thorof except when engaged at the
ging tho finites of olflces with which
and It Is for the people to say wheth
acceptably tho duties of this high
qualified and deserving ne any oilier
bo glad to have them veto ror mo
decision whatever It may DC
counties of the state an practicable
doubtless bo Impossible to reach ma
compelled to ask my good friends
tbo canvass Itospcctfully
Xi > Hope That Rlnindcd Wner Will I
Hi IhIII Ill IN Held Out
Honolulu Sept 1 That the
steamship Manchuria stranded near
tho Island of Oahu may become ft t I
total lots Is Indicated by the stole
mont of Captain John Motcalf rep t
resenting Lloyds and Captain A F
Board of Marino underwriters who
have examined the craft They ar
rived here yesterday and after com
hog ashore from the wrccKed boat
declined to say that ultimate success
In salving operations could ho ex
llody Found In lUvif Whew Wonuui
Wn Bulcldo Fife fears Ago
St Louis Sept 3The body of
Bertha IUey 12 years oW was found t
today In the Mlislsslppl river nearI
whore her mother commlttod suicide psis
tfive years ago by drowning Apparent
ly I she had taken her own life The girl
frequently had run away from home
her reason being that her life wan uit
Yhappy since tho death of her mother a
Dmifttiter of Swirliiry of Agriculture
SnlijiXt of Uejiort In NVnsliln lon
Washington Sept 3Vflrlous rtrn 1
ports have been heard In Washington
that Miss Flora Wilson daughter of j t f
Secretary Wilson Intended to go upon y
the stage She Is now In Europe but
expects soon to return to the Unit d
States Secretary Wilson mate no
comment whatever on the reports
t J G

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