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EoirrHJ IAXTOW acner Manger i
i Eiieredtt the postofflceal Paducah Kj as
1seoond clans matter
t 8foarrl rporweek 110
i 81 mall per month In ndTMcn CO
t I By mall per year In adTMce 4CO
T Per J8r bjmall poetage paldIOO
Addreu THE SUN Padueab Ky
OPTIC US South TnlriL TiLirnoms Kl
Pajme ft Younc Chicago aid New York tp
THE SUN can be found at the fallowing
R D Clement ft 00
Van Culls Bros
Palmer Houte
t John Wllhelmf
lie 5EW
August 13S3G
1August 1 33848
August 33883
t August 43864
TIAugust C3SC3
v August 73879
August 83916
August 113927
August 103896
August 113951
G ugustl33894
d v August 143885
August 15 3901
tAugust 1C 3898
August 173888
August 183SH
August 20 38G3
August 213811
August 223834
August S3 3838
August 24 3841
August 25 4220
August 273865
August 283849
August 2114327
August 304330
August 314407
Total 106379
Average for August 190G3940
Average for August 1905 3705
i Increase 235
Personally appeared before me
this September 1 1906 E J Pax
t ton general manager of The Sun
who affirms that tho above statement
< r of tho circulation of Tho Sun for the
month of August 190 Is true to tho
best of his knowledge and belief
Notary Public
My commission expires January
22 1908
nhily Thought
A smile is to the lIfo what tho
sign Is to the shop
Tho Sun Authorized to announce
XA Cross as a candldsto for Pollcs
ti Judge of the Paducah Police Court
jjiijjtt ct to the t action of the Demo
aratic primary Thursday September
r 20
t 20Tho authorized
Tho Sun Is authorized to announcO
fIE as a candidate for Po
I lice Judge of tho Paducah PoUr
Court subject to the action of the
Democratic primary Thursday Sep
tember 20
Dearth of labor Is tho great draw
back of tho south felt In every com
I l tnunlty retarding every line of enter
Price and depriving every property
y owner 4n eome measure of the just returns
Vurns of Ms thrift It Is this fact
that has set on foot wn investigation
Into Industrial conditions out of
I movement that has gained such wide
spread popularity
r This dearth of common labor not
< only cripples factories In < meeting
fi their demands planters In harvesting
their crops and householders In
i keeping up their establish
4 ments but It actually Interfere with
> < ho development the country to IU
full wealth producing capacity It is
i there that tho condition is serious
and there Is no hope In the outlook by
the natural gain In population
populationf f with
telling effect by commercial and in I
dufctrlal bodies In other parts of the
iCduntry to the serious detriment of
the progress of the entire south and
4 arilit la woll known that thero is no
l of labor In any portion of tho
south It Jsa matter of vital import
lanceto the progress of Paducah and
other towns and localities in Jacksons
Purchase that wo make every effort
t c J4o overcome these conditions
The fanners of Jacksons Purchase
I have been blessed with bounteous
lcl < and throughout this section
the pry goes Up for help Men and
women unused to such labor have
< vl < s > e composed to assist In the field
l t stud in the harvest to protect the 1m
f m ftI crops and save them from loss
1Ike factories in Paducah in come
j I Viiwtanccsj have found It difficult to se
MjHr sufficient labor to operate their
l JnU to the full capacity Especially
AlSjttils true where a large amount of
female labor is Used Happily there
r jji 1g t qo shortage in Paducah of skilled
yftaWr M ill the Anew that employ
jpp f labor and mechanics are woll
la ate homes of Paducah people In
tfe batois and restaurant it is al
y Mt liapowHjIe to get reliable holp
Tfcfct tWe condition nlfects the progress
of 11 cjiywe Juno only to refer to
D al9 t t ict UMit recently the Paducah
1C0mtuerCJM cteb lost a splendid op
l 4
portunity to locate a large branch
factory of the llamilton Brown Shoe
company owing to the fact that the
representatives of this company feared
they could mot secure sufficient help
In Paducah and surrounding territory
to operate their great plant They
would have employed from 800 to
l200i hands
Under the circumstances we can
well understand why tho citizens of
Padfjctfa are enthusiastic over this
plan of the Commercial club to bring
a largo number of desirable Immi
grants from abroad to settle on our
vacant land to supply labor for par
fields to nil vacant positions In opr
factories and to supply servants in
tho homes of people It Is a move
ment of vital Importance to tho citi
zens of Jacksons Purchase to the
farmers of McOraclcea county and to
the business men of Paducah and It
Is highly gratifying to see tho great
Interest that Is being shown by our
local people In this work of tho Com
merclal club We are not alone in
this movement Other cities through
out tho south aro organizing
It Is not tho purpose of the Com
mercial clubs In Jacksons Purchase to
promote a movement that will effect
skilled labor In any measure except
beneficiary by creating moro demand
for house and conetnuctlon work That
It will greaitJy benefit the farmers
throughout Jacksons Purchase by
the location of a large number of Im
migrants of the right sort on suit
able farms as truck farmers must be
selfevident to every thinking person
These thrifty Intelligent Immigrants
from abroad farming on land now un
productive will add to the material
wealth and prosperity of every prop
erty owner In outhwestern Kentucky
This movement shclild appeal not t
onfto the citizens of Paducah but to
every land owner in McCraekon coun
ty Tho Indications aro that this
movement will meet wth largo suc
cess Tho desIgn of tho Paducah
Commercial club Is to make It a
thoroughly popular movement em
bracing evory Interest in Jacksons
Purchase and taking In Caro and
Metropolis which also would bo ben
efited by tho plan of work mapped out
Tho convention to be held on Octo
ber 4 and 5 should be attended by
overy business man and property own
er In Paducah Tho attendance from
other sections of the Purchase prom
ises to be large and as a result of
this convention ten thousand people
having property Interests In Jack
sons Purchase ought to enroll them
selves as members of the immigration
bureau j > t tho Paducah Commercial
The Commercial clubs mayors end
leading citizens of Kuttawa Marlon
Murray Denton Mayfield Hlckman
Milburn and Coumbus should Join
hands with the Paducah Commercial
club In this great effort Tho Louis
villa Commercif club has been < Invited
and it Is believed that It will send a
strong delegation to cooperate with
the progressive peope of southwestern
Kentucky Jn this Immigration move
It Is tho opportune time for strong
energetic work in the interest of Inml
gratlon and the npbulldlng of this
end of the state The success of this
movement is of vastly more import
ance to the business men of Jacksons
Purchase than a few days tIme In or
dinary routine of business Every in
dividual Is urged to constitute hIm
self a delegate to tho convention
Stensland squandered over flOOO
000 In ChJcagO real estate and then
Jit out with a measly Jl 400 Tills
is meant as no reflection on Chicago
real estate but ho would have done
bettor to have deposited the > money Is
escrow and then persuaded the Moroc
can bandit to kidnap Him and hold
him for ransom He Is an outcast in
deed with very mans hand against
him while the pious Herring lies in
the Chicago jail wKh bond heaped on
bond until his roleare Js Impossible
A few short weeks ago both were In
positions of trust respected confided
In and able to command fortunes for
their ventures Today the meanest
felon Is the equal of either of thorn
It Is a common saying that if a man 1
steals > enough ho can keep out of the I
penitentiary Stensand and his partol I
ner stole millions but nothing loss
than the hand of death Itself ton save
them from a prison coil It Is with
just such cases as this that justice
should deal swiftly and relentlessly
Every man who might have stopped
thplr plundering and Is within roach
of tho law rihouU be made to feel the
reject of his criminal foHy In > this
way only can weak men be taught to
respect their trusts It was tho liberal
reward so promptly offered by the
Chicago Clearing House association
that stimulated the pursuit of Stens
land to Buccesa and perhaps no body
of men is more eager to Fen Stensland
and all his aids In crime meet their
deserts thant the Chicago bankers
Thero Is something characteristic
ally Johnsonian In the reported non
chalant manner in which the unique
mayor of Cleveland Ohio delivered
himself of those Inconsistent remarks
anent the effect of Aryans railroad
doctrine on his party His doclara
tion favoring government ownership
of railroads said the mayor May
Dear Doctor Bfor using your After using It for ont week my half
Kliglo Hair Restorer my hair was became long and curly
short and tubby
drive away thousands of Democrats
and to them I bid God speed Then
he adds that he thinks in rplte of
the loss of thousands of Democrats
who it is to bo presumed will vote
for tho other fellow Bryan will be
elected If nominated Its a safe
venture that Tom Johnson doesnt
show such irecRloss disregard of thou
sands of Democratic votes at tho
Cleveland municipal elections
It Is good evidence of the manner
In which The Sun covers tho local
news flel that candidates of all par
ties announce through Its columns
Hon John K Hendrick announced
last week and today D A Cross and
E H Purycar candidates for city
judge before the Democratic prima
rydeclare through this medium their
aspirations to their constituency It
Is a tribute to the wisdom of these
excellent gentlemen that they know
how tb reach a majority of the peo
pie of Paducah
Battling Nelson Is Bald to bo the
most unpopular man In Goldfield
Nov but it is doubtful if tho little
prize fighter returns the sentiment
The town win always be a gold field
In hliinemorr for ho Is carrying
away 22OiOO as tho losers end of
the purse
MeChesney Is out of the race for
auditor That Jones Hlnes for Beck
ham to support Now what do the
fellows who have been talking abont
a broken down machine B31
Hopklnsvlllo has covered up the
suggestive lithographs begun to en
force the vagrancy law and organized
n Hays club Hoptown must be grow
ing pessimistic
pessimisticTHIS o
The letter of Charles A Walsh of
Iowa resigning his membership of the
national Democratic committee Is
suggestive If not Important
Mr Walsh is a follower of Mr
Hearst Ho Is a man of strong convic
tions of thorough Integrity and cour
age If what TVO may call tho concrete
reasons for his actthat is the per
sonality and political complexion of
tho campaign management In 1904
constituted all or tho < more essential
part of Mir Walshs alienation we
I might dismiss It as truo In the male
but insufficient Back tub must stand
on its own bottom The men who
gathered abort Judge Parker In 1904
are not likely to gather about Mr
Bryan In 1908 We must look further
for Mr Walshs real motive and pur
The Independence League an organ
ization created by the nowspapers and
the money of Mr Hearst and meant
to minister to the ambitions or to ad
vance the theories whichever way We
may choose to consider Itof the
omnipresent yet invisible editor claims
an enrolled membership of < more than
a million voters Its bono and sinew
are the labor unions In caso the Dem
ocrats put up a nominee for governor
of Now York this fall other than Mr
Hearst wo shall see its actual and ex
act strength for Mr Hearst Is already
in tho fiord as Its can date for gov
ernor Ho means and it moans and
Miv Wal h meaps a New Party
This Now Party will > be satisfied
with nothing short of a line of policies
totally destructive of existing condi
tions With each step of progression
takon by cither of tho Old Parties the
New Party takes a stride It seeks
affirmatively to represent the discon
tents of the time If Mr Bryan
thought to placate It by touching upon
Government Ownership + which Is one
of Hs hobbles ho wll find himself
mistaken because no sooner shall
aif Bryan appear as tho presidential
nominee of any responsible body of
men than the Independence League
wlll consider him a traitor to tho
causo of hn > man rights To go the
whole hog or none Is alone Its motto
and requirement and as Mr Hearst
not only fills the bill but has a bILl
of his own at his command nobody
but Mr Hearst need apply Courier
Journal > t
> Pollco Tuke Sides
Panama Sept 6A fight occur
red today In tho streets between tho
followers of Vice President Obaldla
and Senor Guardia rival candidates
for the vice presidency Tho police
Instead of attempting to quell tho
outbreak took sides some fighting
for either candidate
1L f1 1tt r 1
University Trustees to Offer Collec
lion Valued m 10MOOO
San Francisco Cal Sept GTho
worldfamous collection of precious
stones and jewelry the property of
tho late Mrs Jane Stanford valued
at nearly 1000000 will be sold by
the trustees of Leland Stanford uni
versity as soon as possible Part of
the collection will be disposed of at
private sale many offers from lead
Ing eastern jewelers being already on
file Those unsold will bo put up at
auction In New York and London
Tho trustees say their action Is mere
ly carrying put the expressed wishes
of Mrs Stanford that tho jewels be
sold and a library established with
the proceeds the Income from whicH
shall bo used for the purchase of
Olio of the7 IIV Left Out of Oil
rngo Curriculum
Chicago Sept J The public
schools opened herd today for the
fall and winter term with one of
the three RV left out No readers I
were provided and the principals of
all the schools had received the fol
lowing order from the board of edu
cation To Prlncjpals Please advise I
the pupils of your school not to pur
chase any text bjjpks on reading un
til further notice The order Is due
to a complication which has arisen
over the effort to substitute a new
series of readers In the schools I
In Wisconsin I Primaries Over lcm
root While Aylwiml Leans Marten
Milwaukee WIIISe1t C Gov
ernor Davidson vas nominated to
head the Republican state ticket de
feating Speaker Lcnroot of tho last
assembly by possibly 20000 majori
ty W D Connor 6t Maruhncld was
nominated for lieutenant governor
For tho Demoorats John A Ayl
ward of Madison Is leading Ernest
Marten of Waukesha for first place
John OMear of Milwaukee seems
to lead for second place
May Fight Chrhtiniw for 5SOno
Goldfield Nev Sept 5 Tex
Rickard has offered a purse of 35
000 for tho championship battlo be
tween Gans and Jimmy Britt Tho
fight to take Place Christmas night
anus has accepted Rickard will con
suit with Brltt Saturday
Women rill 1aIMieiircni
Pana III Sept C The funeral
of Mrs William McKeo took placo
yesterday from the First Baptist
church and was In charge of tho lo
cal lodge of the Royal Neighbors It
was one of the largest funerals over
seen In PanaBlx ladles acted as pall
An Assistant of Nature
One of tho most Interesting thing
of this day of Interesting things 4 a
the great success being achieved by
There is hardly a day that some
cure which is deserving of attracting
much attention Is not made by this
new science and tho more It I Is stud
Ied and the better It Is known toe
easier it is to see why It is so
Osteopathy merely aids nature to
cure It Is a system of healing built up
on demonstrable facts
It discovers the cause of dlcsaso
and treats It by scientific manipula
tions In order to correct disorders
and bring about a natural condition
Nearly all diseases yield to the
treatment and the diseases local to
Paducah do so most readily
In rheumatism liver and bowel
or stomach troubles chrpnlc head
aches tirod out rundown condi
tlons nervousness Its success hat
been very marked
I should like to hive you call to
discuss your particular case at any
time and not only will I tell you
frankly what osteopathy will do for
you but refer you to wellknow
Paducah people whom It has dono
much for
DR O D FROApE Phone 1407
rOme 618 Broadway Upstairs
II rill Ii > 11nifIA ti tt xT tr
h n
Two Prisoners Aro Sentenced
By Judge Reed
On Account of Absence of Witness
AH Criminal CAses AM
Circuit Judo William Reed ad
journed circuit court at 11 oclock
this morning after sentencing two
prisoners receiving tho first report
of the grand jury and continuing all
the criminal cases set for today Tho
latter action was necessitated by tho
absence of witnesses
The Urn ml Jury Krjmrfo
This morning shortly after tho con
vening of court tho grand jury made
Its first report as follows returning
12 indictments
Sam Libel for maliciously shoot
ing at J P Muller
John Thomas colored charged
with breaking Into and stealing shoes
from a box car
George Fcrnatt charged with
stealing a watch from William Koch
John Polk colored charged with
Selling a bicycle not his property la
P C Gibson
Seldon Mattlock colored mali
ciously striking Charles Halo
Frank Richards for breaking Into
M T Spanns house
Jim Taylor sodomy
Tim Nalllgau for stealing 35
from Bertha verger
D Grace colored for maiming
Will Arnold
James Vanhook and Williams for
robbing Clarence Ferguson of 1076
Frank Crane for robbing George
Charles Bryant colored for mall
ciously cutting Mabel Barrett
Following tho report of the grand
jury prisoners were arraigned
John Polk colored who told a
wheel that did not belong to him
pleaded guilty and got one year Ho
was sentenced
George Ferrmtt charged with rob
bery Indicted jtodajv pleaded guilty
and got ono jrajv He Was sentenced
All other cases taday woroontln
ued anti nontarJ oti tmportanco
They were Novy Burnlej car di5turpt
Ing public worship
S J Bllllngton 4 charged In two
counts with flourishing a pistol and
making aQ unlawful arrest
Red Watson Lucy Augustus Lula
Harris and Lizzie Ford bawdy hous
es filed away
John Farlev and Jesse Gilbert
soiling liquor In quantities less than
a quart without a license 2Gand
costs The latter In two cases
Lucllo Thompson bawdy house
60 and costs
Paducah Commission company for
operating bucketshop 50 and costs
against Henry Arenz and continued
as to George B Gilbert who has left
the city
Jim McKinney appealed cue fo <
obstructing a road continued
Sam Llobel A V Bauer disorder
ly houto continued
Tom EvItts assault and battery
The case against Clarence and
Marion Clark for gaming wan filed
Tho caso aralnst Becky Hudson for
nuisance was continued
Henry Prewett charged with steal
lag rope was granted a continuance
The cato against O A Bldleman
charged with obtaining money by
false pretenses was continued
The care against James Elliott ac
COllie In nt your leisure and let me
slww you the new goods for suits
overcoats and trousers This years
offerings lire very swell
The limn who has Ole worn tailor
made clothing trends no arguments ml
vnmvtl as to why ho should continue
Ipt me how you the new style
how Holoman dora his work mid his
lie South Third
ulls cleaned pressed amt delivered
Ilclhtndt I
imtufl n I fI J
ifwsr ssvpJL > p Iit a
+ r
Dorothy Dodd i f flij
VTE have pleasure in announcing that we 1
have secured the exclusive agency for t
i the faultlessfitting Dorothy Dodd shoes
for Paducah
PaducahThe Doddit probably tithe
J most phenomenal shoe success ever thci i S
No better fitting or handsomer shoes arc
It made and it is economically priced 1
The styles are original cxclunvc and r <
most varied in design In fact the assort < r +
ment includes styles suitable for any and
every occasion i
Our stock will include examples ofall
the newest fashions in all the favored shapes
and leathers
300 350 400
Watch for Our Opening Announcement
Phone 675 309 Broadway
cuod of forgery was continued
The caw against James WilkIns
charged with malicious shooting was
Indictments against Wurth Virgo
and Charles Holcombe were dis
The case against Joo Wood charged
with antault and battery was con
Wltnrw Sent to Jnll
PrInce Bolln colored did not get
to court In Ume to appear I as a wit
ness and Jude Reed sent him to
jail for ono hour Judge need will
deal severely with all tardy witness
Other Iusiness
M Marks Fred Hummel and F
M McGUthury were excused as petit
Jurors and T B Chiles L U Mar
row W Y GrIffith substituted
On motion of Lai T Thrclkold
John G Miller Jr was admitted to
the bar to practice law Ho Is a son
of the senior member of tho firm bt
fiend rIcks Miller k Marble
Indictment Filed Away
Tho following Indictments were filed
away due to the absence of witnesses
or tho defendants Henry MIor <
fhrnlshlng lIquor to a minor Mlsslo
Robertson housebreaking Mien Hub
bard robbery
Marriage I Licence
3 R Jamorson city 29 to Belle
Bradley 20 city
Gene CaMwell 19 city to Tllcna
Downs 21 city colored
Deeds Filed
Amanda Barnes and others to Sa
rah F Bailey property on Hayes ave
hue 350 I
Brack Owen and others to A S
Barksdalc property In the Fountain
park addition al and other consid
llankruptry Court
E W Bagby refereo In bankruptcy
wont to Murray Calloway county this
morning Ho will reopen tho cases
of Calvin and Walter Duncan and will
hear exceptions filed In the Will liar
rls company cane
Afllxed In Wall of Hulllinn at Ports
Portsmouth Sept 5A bronze
tablet commemorative of the Russian
Japanese peace treaty was affixed to
day to tho wall In tho now historic
building In tho Klttery navy yard
where the KiassIainJapanostJ envoys
hold sittings and whore the treaty
of Portsmouth was signed Tho tab
let was ordered by the navy depart
Notice to Coal Dealers
Bids will bo received by the presi
dent of tho board of education for
tho supply of coal for the city
schools pads to bo for nut and lump
by bushel and must be In by Sep
torabor 10
Canl of Thanks
Wo deslro to thank our friends for
their kindness toward us during our
recent bereavement the Illness and
death of our brother Ezekiel Ghol
Mr William Kattorjohn returned
today after a trip to Chicago I
Just a week from today the
school bell will ring and the
boys will be off for another
year of hard wear and tear on
their cloblog satisfaction
is to be given there can be no
shoddy goods no nllp shod
workmanship on boys school
clothes and no one knows
this better than we do So we
have laid in a large stock of
the best and handsomest wear
resisting clothes to bs found
The pants arc made to give
service and are warranted not
to rip They will wear out of
course but that need not
worry you because each suit
has two pairs of panfs This
is a happy Idea of the makers
and you cant get them any
place else in town Come in e
tomorrow and see what im y
mense value can be gotten
gottenfor 1
35G to 5100eJV
flection of Senators
Cincinnati 0 SppU 5 In and
Interview today Senator Joseph B a
foraker replied to tho statements
mado by Congressman Burton ot r
Cleveland last night Tho senator v 4 Pi
said I havo no objection whatever +
but on the ontrary an advocate of 4
the proposition that the Republicans
at their primaries shall by direct
vote on that question nominate the
man who Is tho candidate of their
party for senator Illinois has pro
vided for this by statute Ohio should
do the same thing
Miss Nora Cothran baa returned j
from Smlthland after a pleasant
visit to her unclp Postmaster Lou
iyery done make you teal better LtxFoi <
kejpi voarw > ole lotldti flfbU Sold on the u II
IIoIIelbeck °

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