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i Y trl ry
1Ii Sr
b 7 OVER
t Fenture of Doinocrntic Contest
in Xow York t
t flitch 1flftCN Booted Hy InrMMi lull
t JII ijtlim Wlioni Roosevelt Kn >
iv Ivonx Most lp l
L +
Now York Sept 1911 a bitter
clash of tho opposing factions In to1
days primary elections In New York
county Congressman Herbert Par
suns president of tho New York
county committee won n sweeping
1kvictory for tho control of tho Repub
lican organization while leader
Charles F Murphy of Tammany
Hall retained his position At the
head of tho Democratic organization
y by a narrow margin
Parsons victory was a complete
rout for lie Odell faction Parsons
had tho backing of President noose
viflt and Governor Hlgglns
In the Democratic battle the
friends of Mayor McClollan had
banded together to wrest the control
of Tammany from Murphy and were
v4ry nearly succwwful In doing so
Churchill Lest fur iiivrrnitr
eConcord X H Sept 19Charlls
f Imcmit
Rated for governor last night over
Uliulon Churchill at the close of
Urn hardoet contest over waged In a
RbpubJIcan convention In New
lthpuWlcan NIne
Hatnpihiro n Nine ballots worn nero
inty before the choice was inndu
Itingllsh IteproseiltllllvO Wllll IllVesU
gnted I 1lIrldlll Maumee
London Supt 19Wl1l1nm Har
den rcpronontntlvo of the Worship
full l company of Butchers or tho City
of London at tho recent convention
of time Master butchers association
1 t of the United Stale which was hula
In Mllwnukco has returned to Lon
don and In an Interview gave tho
rifcwlts of his observations on vlnith
to vnrlou Chicago meat packing ear
tablishments t
Mr llaydon says ho made an ox
Imiirtlvo examination ot tho various
oporatlons from killing to canning
The slaughtering Is carried out in
Iho most hnmnno and scientific man
tier although It might teem repul
sive to a non praeueal person Ho
found tho um ploy us clean In their
P raons and tho work blocks and
t floors ftxecedlngly clean and well
Itiilini on Itato IMW
Washington Sot ITho Inter
state commerce commission today
rendered a most Important decision
In the matter of applications from
various railroads giving ndinlnletra
tlvo construction to certain provis
ions of the new railroad rate lawn
Briefly they hold that with regard
r to i payments for transportation noth
1 ing but money can be legally rt eelved
With regard to notices of changes In
t rates the Joint rate between two or
morn connecting carriers Is held to
bo limo legal I rate and any change rev
r quires thirty Jays notice With to
ward to roundtrip excursion rate
4limo Commission makes three rulings
the most Important being that these
may bo changed at ono days notice
ABRAM L ijjc c CO
1Telephoner Oflca 369 Residence 71
RS > < IiIIMIn I
t flit
326SThrrdSlrEetU 1I I
4t t Carries the most com
ilCarries il
plete line of
i I
i Bicycles and Supplies
f Fin F the city
f i I
Morgan < Wright
1the 1 standard of the world
550 Per Pair
lllver Singes
Cairo 1G9 08 fall
Chattanooga 48 01 fall
Cincinnati 73 Std
Evahsvlllo C4 04 fall
Florence 33 05 fall
Jolinsohvlllo C2 09 fall
Ixnilivllle 32 02 fall
Ml Carinol 13 01 fall
Nashville 9G 04 fall
PlttsburB CO 01 rite
Davis Island Dam 2G 01 fall
St Louts 89 02 rise
Ml Vernon < GC 08 fall
Paducah 80 09 fall
The gaugo registered a fall of 9
In the last 21 hours the stage this
morning being 8C Rainfall 10
Inches Htislnnss at tho wharf dull
The Saltlllo passed out of the I
Tennessee river last night bound for
St Loil Tho Saltlllo Is now tho
only packet In tho St LouisTonnes
IICO river trade
i The Dnttorff arrived last night
from ClarkHvllle and left today at
noon for Nashville
The Dnnhar arrived and departed
In tho regular Kvansvllle trips to
Tho Clyde will clear for the Ton
nessee river this evening at C
Tho Dick Fowler had a light trip
to Cairn and way points this morn
The dispatch from IMttHburg de
scribing the dlincnlty of getting the
big new steamer S S Brown under
a bridge remind ell local river men
of the way A onotlmo Iaducah cap
tain got around tho samo kind ot
difficulty When he got to the Cairo
bridge with his boat It lacked just A
foot In getting under Ho had holes
bored In tho hull and sank the boat
enough to get under It Is said that
ho would have been paid off In tile
middle of the month If ho had not
had kinship relations with tho own
ers of the steamer
The only significant thing at the
wharf this morning was the Interest
Ing operations of a diver working to
raleo a heavily loaded barge of sand
which sank Sunday night at the sand
docks The barge rank right at the
i nand float making It Impoislblo to
land so that the barge must be
raised Immediately The diver was
In regulation helmet and suit The
i air pumps and life lines were In a
amaH flat boat near his operations
Jim Mills Is the professional diver
and came here from Cairo yesterday
Tho sand digger Is pumping the sand
out ot the barge In the same way It
pumps It out of the river bed The
diver Is closing tho hatches and when
this Is done the water will bo pumped
out of tho barge causing It to rise to
the enlace
It Is probable that the Henry Har
boy will go out In the place of the
John Hopkins Saturday In the Ev
aasvlllo trade Tho water Is getting
too low for the Hopkins Painting
and other brushing up will be done
on tho Hopkins while It Is lying up
Doth the Hopkins and the Joo Fow
ler were thoroughly repaired last
During the month of August 190G
a total of IOC vos es of 35 224 tons
gross were built In the United States
Ot these one sailor of 14CG tons
gross and twelve steamers of 27807
tons gross were built of steel The
share of the various districts was as
follows Atlantic and gulf thirteen
wooden palters of 2181 tons gross
one steel sailer of lGfifl tons gross
twontynljo wooden steamers of 1
3S7 i tone gross and eight steel steam
ers of 8739 tons gross Pacific coast
three wooden sailers of thirtythree
tons and eleven wooden steamers ot
139G tons Great Lakes fourteen
wooden steamers of 1G2 tons and
four steel steamers of 19118 west
ern rivers twentytwo wooden steam
ers ot C39 tons
Stores Close Knrly
We time undersigned merchants
In pursuance to the request of tho
Retail Clerks union pledge our
s lves to close our stores and discon
tinue business from 10 oclock p m
on all Saturdays henceforth until
Monday morning except tho Satur
day preceding Xmas Beginning Sat
urday September 22 190Gr 0
Welllo Son J D Sowers Roy L
Culley Co Hank Bros James W
Cleaves Sons M Michael Bro
Purcell Thompson John Dohorty
Cochran Shoo Co W H Warren
L n Ogllvlo Co ueo O Hart
Sbna Co Rhodes Durford Co Lend
I ler Lydon F M Kirby Co H
pIehl Sons X Cobbs J L Wolf
J H Roberts Hamilton Furn Co
Coo Rock Shoe Co It W Henne
borgcr Co E Guthrlo Co Mrs
IT J Areuz Grand Leader White
SIrk Eley DryGoods Co C N Ba
i ler J A Konetzka Rudy Phillips
I Co Droyfuss Ilros Wallerstein
WallersteinI I
Harbours Dept Store F N Gard >
per Co
I Boxes for tint Horse Show will
I ie sold at niirtlon In tin lobby of Ihc
I inlmer Monday ovrnlnj Heptcmbe
tutu nt H oclock P
Fearful Trigcdy on the Hock
Island Itailnmd I
Hildgc Swerved liy Floods fjlviM Viiy
Under Pressure of PhsseiiKiT
Lawton Okla Sdpt 19 Re
ports from tits scone of tho Rock Is
land wreck do not bear out tho early
estimates of tho loss of life Rail
way officials Insist that only nine
passengers wets riding In the smok
ing cur When It plunged into the riv
er Of this number all arc accounted
for but three
Guthrie Okla Sept 19lany
people are dead twenty seriously I In
Jure and as many more miming ne
a result of tho wreck of a Rock Is
land passenger train Mhreo miles
from hero
The engine tender baggage and
mall cars smoker and day coach on
train Xo 10 north bound left tho
high brldgo that spans the Cimarron
river and plunged Into tho river
Tho locomotive disappeared from
sight almost Immediately The mall
and baggage clerks t > oecaped and
swam ashore Tho accident was duo
to a defective flange on the bridge
which was swerved out of line by tho
pressure of driftwood carried down
by tho swollen stream
The train was an hour late and was
running at a high speod to make up
time The engineer did not seo tho
condition of the bridge until he was
within n few yards when It was too
late to stop Ho shouted to the fire
man threw on the air brakes and
Jumped lie landed on the river bank
and escaped unhurt The fireman was
severely injured
When tho engine struck the brldgo
tho whole structure suddenly col
lapsed predicating tho engine smok
or and day coach Into tlio river The
two Pullmans remained on the track
Tile scone was one of Indescribable
contusion Tho shrieks of those Im
prisoned In tho partly submerged
coaches were added to the shouts of
those on the bank Tho swift current
whirled the day coach down stream
and lodged It against a sand bank
The occupants wore helped ofut
through doors and windows 1
Float Down Secant to Safety
The smoker floated down stream
submerged all but the top It sci on
a sandbar In the middle of the river
Four men who clamored through a
window to the top of the car were
swept away by a large mass of drift
wood Three other men JumpWl
through the rear door of the lItokor
before the car sank and swam to
The most authentic accounts place
the number ot passengers In the smok
or atbetween twentyfive and thirty
With few exceptions none have been
accounted for
Tho only hopeful news is contained
In a message from rural districts
Men on bits of driftwood havo been
seen going down stream at various
places but attempts at rescue nrlousI I
In most Instances proved futile
One man whose name Is unknown I
was fished out of theClmarron at
Cashlon twenty miles from tho scene
of the disaster almost dead Others
have been reported floating down the
river The Injured have been taken
to Kingfisher where the people have
thrown open their homes for them
It win bo Impossible to ascertain
the exact number ot dead tor several
Theatrical Jots
Tlmrsday MoIiamN Minstrels
Snlmday i Thoroughbred Tramp
Vniiilevlllo Ail Thl Week
I HIIISO Shun October 1
Original Colored < V > nimny
The > Mahara mlnlstrel carnival will
appear at The Kentucky on Thurs
day night This company Is ono of
the oldest coldred organizations the
producers of mirth music and melody
by a race that Is as froo from care
as children bubbling over with hap
piness A glance of approval ever
brings a smllo a laugh a song from
their IIIII
MyslerKms Phantom l > t < etlv
One of the newest melodramatic
musical surprises of the season wll
be seen at The Kentucky on Friday
night Rowland Cliffords now play
Parker wroto the book and Clarence
Sinn tho musical numbers Tho play
Is a melodrama with a musical flav
oring Arnold Baldwin plays the
leading role Frank Folsom the
phantom The cast Is large and
competent and the production em
bcllshed with picturesque scenic
mounting Drlllantly costumed
chorus girls help tho musical ensem
blework Immensely Tho setting of
tHck scenery assists In keeping the
audience wondering and the mysteri
ous liowor displayed by the phantom
Is little short of remarkable
Western Almosplicre
Scenery which Is attractive to tho
eye and a company of well trained
actors are what Elmer Walters l prom
laos to give patrons of Tho Kentucky
Saturday matinee and night When
his hurrah fun ploy A Thorough
bred Tramp1 makes Its appearance
The play Is right In line with the pop
ular demand for western atmos
phero Tho hospitality of tho rug
god westerner Is cleverly Illustrated
In this play and though T Rush
Thompson the leading spirit In the
piece Is but a vagabond the big
hearted westerners show their appre
elation of Ills honesty and straight
forwardness by assisting him from
tho path of evil nssoclaton to tho sta
lion In life which was his prior to
falling Into bad company
llexcno of H Merchant
A prominent merchant ot Shongo
X Y J A Johnson gays Several
years ffgo I contracted a cough which
grow worse until I was hardly able
to move around I coughed con
I stantly and nothing relieved my ter
rible suffering until I tried Dr Kings
New Discovery Before I had taken
halt a bottle my cough was much
better and In a short time I was en
tirely cured I surely believe It saved
my life It will always be my family
remedy for colds Fully guaranteed
BOc and 100 at all druggists Trial
bottle free
floes for till Howe Show will
be sold at nuiUpn In the lobby of the
Palmer Monday lvrnlii SrptemlHT
Sllh at 8 oclock
A Lively Tussle
With that old enemy of the rlce
Constipation often ends In Appendi
citis To avoid all serious trouble
with Stomach Liver and Dowels
take Dr Kings New Life Pills They
perfectly regulate these oiRanswlth
out pain or discomfort iclt all
BoxeS for tin Horse Show will
be sold at auction IIIChe lobby of the
Palmer Monday tvfiilng September
Sltli at H oclock
Working Girls e
H Who
and frankly In strictest confidence telling all your
troubles and stating your age We will send you
FREE ADVICE In plain sealed envelope and a val
uable book on Home Treatment for Women
Address Ladles Advisory Department The
e Chattanooga Medicine Co Chattanooga Tenn
G 56
Our Mens
THE = = C
A great many men ask us what r3 50 puts In shoes We
answer by saying that it buys a great deal of skllltul shoe
making with intelligence and experience
It insures the best of selected stock in leathers newest
styles and perfect fit j
Patents calf and vici leathers lace butte and bluchers
Come see our handsome 3 50 shoes for men and women
405 Broadway
RI h
The Hunt Round Pointed Pens are the
Kind Thai Do Not Spurt Blur Scratch
We have them in all shapes fine medium and
stub points We are making a special introduc
tory price until October ist of
These arc the last pens mads regardless of the
price and to get you to try them will let you
have 12 pens for 5C
DeEI Wilson at Harbours Department Store
Plans amid Profile of Nineteenth
Strivl Heady Sidewalk Con
trarls 1111I
The board of public works will
meet this afternoon In regular sos
sion with a great deal of routine
work to look after
Engineer L A Washington stated
this morning that ho would havo the
plans and specifications tor Nine
teenth street from Broadway to the
Mayfleld road finished in time to pre
sent to the board This Is the street
where the Paducah Traction com
liany wllj place tracks If the ordi
nance is signed The streets will be
finished before tho street car com
pang will begin work
Oily Engineer L A Washington
has npt yet secured an assistant lie
Is In correspondence with several
however and believes ho will have
one hero by the time the contractor
is ready to start the work of putting
In the No 2 sewerage district
Contracts for sidewalks on Jon I
and Fourth street and Fountain n
avenue will be signed today
A mans wife usually has more
confidence In him than he has 1 n
lr < > fi > sor of Danvlllo liisVlfiilu i ln
Charge of Party oCPUttI1I l
Tho Illinois Central depot present
ed an unusual appearance this morn
Ing In the aggregation of passenger
It was tha annual exodus of pupils
to the Danville Institute for tho deaf
mutes and tho waiting room was
filled with girls and boys of ages
ranging from 10 to 21 years
Prof H D Robertson of the Dan
vllle Institute for tho deaf mutes
was In charge of the pupils and ho
escorted at least fifteen away from
the depot They came from all sur
rounding towns and tho following are
hose known to Paducahans iMUfl
Grace Yarbro city Dalo Warren
I Hardln Ky Grace George Murray
Coglo McIntosh city Louis May
hugh Smlthlaml Otto Jones city
Charles Schulle city John McGar
rlgal1 city
I lloxes for the hone Show will
I lx > sold at auction In tin lobby of lie
Palmer Monday cvfiilnn September
lltli at 8 oclock
t No Alonzo tho north and south
poles are not voting places
Try Cardui
for misery in the back irregular catamenial 1 periods falling feelings headache
cold hands and feet dizziness cramps nervousness lirltAbility and all disorders
of the womanly organs or functions Working girls in stores offices and factor
ies school teachers howseworkcrs de < who overtax their strength by standing lift
ing sewing sweeping etc suffer very commonly from diseases peculiar to their I
sex andshould treat themselves before their condition becomes dangerous with
that wellknown and successful medicine for sick women
Live or die writes Sarah G Butts the popUlar school teacher of White
Plains Va I feel sure death is no worse than the pains I suffered periodically
My trouble was a female disorder of the severest kind I had taken so many
medicines without relief that I was almost sunk in despair Four bottles of Car
dui gave me relief and I am stronger now than in fifteen years Cardui is cer
tainly a panacea for female troubles May God
bless your every effort and broaden your tcrritorr JtfI
until you have reached every suffering woman 7
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