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Will Bo Met at Tho f Train By
Reception Committee
Expects lo Sp inl Tomorrow Morning
Here anil Attend Immigration I
T CO I tlolli i
t Friends of Governor Deck ham 1 in
Paducah are exerting every endeavor
to make his reception here the equal I
of any In the state and this morning
hey are confident there will be a
large attendance at The Kentucky
theater where he speaks at 8 oclock
lie wll larrve on the evening train
t from Eddyvllle A reception com
mittee will meet him and conduct
him to the Ialmer House
The Hon Hal S Corbett will In
troduce hint tonight
Governor Beckham will remain at
the hotel until 11 oclock tomorrow
morning Ho has a speaking date at
Smlthland tomorrow afternoon and
he will start at noon In the private
a launch of Messrs Frank RIeke and I
Saunders Fowler reaching Smlthland I
In plenty of time for the address
During the morning Governor Deck
ham hopes to meet all his friends I
Governor Beckham will attend the
penlng session of the immigration I
convention tomorrow morning
Highwaymen Itr Oregon Adapt Indian
1 i Plan to Pistols
Portland Ore Oct 3Armed
with a Mauser pistol two highway
men held rup and robbed two auto
mobiles loaded with people on their
nay to theiClalrmont Tavern on the
Lihnton road late last night With
in an hour the robbers were under
r arrest and this morning were Identi
fled by their victims The automo
biles were halted by a log thrown
C across the road One of the robbers
has been Identified as John Hall a
desperate burglar and highwayman
The pistol used Is said to be the
v most deadly that It made It Is never
used by sportsmen and its only pur
pose Is saId to be the taking of hu
man life The weapon was loaded
1 and on Halls person were found 100
cartridges of a kind that cause cer
tain death no matter whether or not
they strike a vital part In the ball f
pf the cartridge a small hole had
been excavated and filled with a
t deadly poison
Patrons of the I Water Company arc
nmlndcd shut their water rent ex
pired SeploiulHT 30 Those who de
sire to renew them should do so be
t fore It Is forgotten OH all premises
not paid for on or before October
t JO will be shut off
The prompt payment of water
rents will save vexation and cost to
f Ilia consumer and unpleasant duties
Mild annoyance to the company
The coal Vancouver
Island for 1905 aggregated 994213
tons of which 427 C9S tons were
shipped to the United States
i Its a poor rule that cant be
e worked any old way by an experienc
ed grafter
lfRE you Planning for a
11 Bridge or Whist Party
or do you need a new
pack for the social family evening
in your own home Ifso why
y not take home a package of
d M
r Playing Cards
and supply your needs at little cost
f We carry a full line of Counters
Chips Score Blanks Bridge Score
Cards etc etc
A packof Rexall Playing Cards
superior in slip and finish andequal
to regular 25c packs for ISc
JFOBiib Md Broadwt
Theatrical JVtUt
HORSE SHOW Octoher 3 4 i fl
Why She Was Sacrificed
Why She Was Sacrificed or For
Her Fathers Sake will b3 played
ors IrI
at The Kentucky tomorrow night by
a company of well known players I
Last year the play had a long run at
tho Majectlc theater In New York an d
Is considered one of the best on the
road It is a beautiful threeact
drama Interspersed with sparkling
comedy and specaltles The lead
Ing lady Is the well known Miss
Mabelle Charlessupported by B C
Antonson Miss Louise Hauscr Harry i
Wunder comedian and other popu
lar show people
aClean Comedy
As fresh as ever with the original I
star Maclyn Arbuckle In the prlncl
pal role George Ades masterpiece
The County Chairman was pre
sented at the Kentucky theater last I
night Many of those who witnessed I
It last season were present again I
last night The company was a shade
less at home In the parts but every
character was acceptably played
Clean wholesome American humor
Is what George Ade has compound
ed In this caricature of village life I
and politics of every sectidn Orlgl
notify vitality naturalness and dl
versity all these are present In the I
piece but best of all Ade Is able t to I
furnish amusement without vulgar
My or suggestiveness
Mr Fred Claire solo cornet player
for the Barnum Bailey circus
band and one of the best first violin
players on the road has accepted a
proposition from Mr Cert King di
rector of the Paducah Military bandI I
and leader of the Kentucky orches 1
tra to come to Paducah for the win
ter lie will lead the Kentucky or 1
chestra and will play cornet In theI I
band Claire leaves the circus at theI
close of the season in a few weeks I
John MuhaflTcy Was Purple In Face
hut Got Wcl1I I
But for the timely arrival of phy
slclans yesterday at noon John Ma
haffey an employe of the Illinois
Central might have choked to death
Mahaffey was eating dinner and a
piece of beef started down the wrong
way Mahaltoy began to choke and
physicians were summoned He wasm m I
purple In the face when they arrived
but was brought around and this
morning was on duty again Mahaf
fey resides on South Eleventh street
Oniclnls Going South
Big officials on the Illinois Central
are moving about the southern dis
tricts In great haste looking after the
Interests of the rondoAt this time
the southern lines are rushed in busy
ness and the rains have caused 11
great deal of damage making the
track beds soft and Interferln n
other ways with traffic Yesterday
Mr H R Safford the first principal
assistant engineer of the road and
Superintendent of Southern Lines H
McCourt passed through Next
came J T iHarahan second vice pres
ident and his eon W J Harahan
fourth vice president arriving this
morning from Memphis on the oc
commodatlon train Supt A H
Egan and Roadmaster F L Thomp it
son came In last night and Paducah
entertained several of the most Im
portant officials on the system o
In Graves County
Mayfield Oct 3There were
about 1000 hogsheads signed Mon
day by the dark tobacco association
and It Is probable that when Ute full
report Is heard from all over the coun
ty that probably 500 new members t
were signed over last year Graved
county had i00 members last year t
and Mr Usher estimated that the
membership would go to 2000 lor s
more It the reports from the various
sections of the county were true
Robertson county Tenn Is the ban
net county for membership having
2200 i
Card of Thanks
We want to sincerely thank our
friends and neighbors and also the
N C St L and I C railroad
shop employes for their kindness
shown to us during the Illness and
dnath of our mother and wife Cora
and may the blessings of God rest on
oach and every one with our prayers
Rev X L Clarke of Newton
Miss a pioneer liaptjst minister of
the state who died a few days ago
at the age of 90 had been actively
engaged In pastoral work there for c
sixty years On many occasions in J
early days he risked his life among b
warring Choctaw and Chickasaw In
The Egyptian week was one of tenb
das The ancient Chinese and Jap
anese did not count by the week at to
11 I
P d
Constant Bain Has Caused Bus
in ess in Some Lines
Shoo Dealers Clothes Pressers
Doctors and Druggists Are
Kipt nosy
Paducah la the Ohlo Instead of f
Paducah on the Ohio soon will be
the geographical location of the city
If It doesnt stop raining All the
lino are being Ignored
The day began without rain ana
at noon tbo sun was making titanic
efforts to break through the cloud
which xo long and so successfully
have beleagured the city The
weather man has gotten Into the
habit of predicting rain and proba
bly did so for today In his sleep
But the womens committees of the
horse show will not accept any such
decision and It seems that the nat
ural forces are siding with them In
their battle for the public against
the Jtyrannlcal weather man
The farmers gee beginning to wear
long faces Tobacco will be hurt by
continued rain and other crops espe
cially hay are rotting from the wet
stores and merchants dealing Ifl IIh91
weather goods have no complaint
The demand for overshoes raincoats
and umbrellas has made stocks low
All the clothes pressing clubs have
piles of mudbesmeared garments on
band a conspicuous and annoying
to the wearers accompaniment of
bad weather 90 Inches of rain fell
since yesterday making a total of
some tour Inches for the week
Lnundrjrmentt Harvest
The Ice man Is gradually fading
Into unimportance and the coal man
Is coming In bit it Is not how
would you like to bo the coal man
so much as It Is how would you like
to be the laundryman
The laundries are doing more
work today than they have done In
months ever since the rains set In
The weather has been such that the
washerwoman can not operate satis
factorily She can wash the clothes
all right but drying them Is the
jnost Important part of the job The
rains make this Impossible and the
limited floor space In the average
washerwomans house makes It Im
possible to do tho work of drying In
doors Last week hundreds of Padu
cahans failed to t get their clothe I
washed and this week today tberI
stand no better chance than last
week Many have patronized the
laundriesMany people are sick as the result I
tjf the weather and the first grip
cases of the season are I reported
Those subject to malaria also suffer
while severe colds keep the druggists
and doctors busy
BEES uimmv OF APE IN iiono
Hliiilent of Under World Says Tramp
1M Kwrslon to Type
London Oct 3That the trpm v i
a reversion to type Is the opinmn I
pf Dr J Mllson Rhodes student pi t
the substrata of social life the world
overThe I
The tramp be he the Weary 11I
Jle of the states or the vagabond of
England or the continent has the
shambling walk of the anthropoid I
jape In other ways too Dr Rhodes
teas a strong resemblance
I have walked with tramps and
talked with tramps the world over I
paid Dr Rhodes and everywhere I
hey are the same degenerate ipeI I
Besides la the shuffling gait the reo a
semblance to the ape Is borne out Int
the mans faco There Is not a sign
of Intelligence there Morally phy
Icalland mentallj the tramp re
sembles the ape more and more each t
generation We must discourage
the growth of this class of men
Southern Tylflc Troubled
San Francisco CM Oct IAt 1
though the work of the Southern
Pacific Is going forward to check the J
rising waters of the Salton sea aP t
efforts so far have been unavailing
and tho qfllcials In charge of the E
work have given orders to construct
now track farther from the path of 1
10 rising sea The water of the Sal JI
on sea U already lapping danger
ously I near tho present roadbed of
IhVouthern Pacific It la calculated
that 1 If the present rate or the In t
flow Is maintained Ibo tracks of the
Southern Pacific will be submerged t
In a few weeks In fact before It has
been checked by the new dam
A patent for paper waistcoats has
been taken out In Switzerland They
fIll coat only 4 cent and are said a
be warmer than a wooen Bar J
gareat t
Increase Salary
of Circuit Judge
I Continued on Page Pope >
Pauper and charity fund ti
> 3tnrnlii Session
At 9 ocock the morning session
began rind a resolution hereafter
placing the keeper of the county Ban
llarlum the poor farm tinder the
control of the county Judge abso
lutely was adopted
County Physician I Edwin Young
and Magistrate J J Blelch were ap
pointed u committee to draft rules
and regulations for the government
Q jf thq county poor farm
Tho compensation of the pool
house Deeper was fixed ot240 per
dapper patient This Is the same at
lost year
The county commissioners salary
as last year and the board then went
Into a caucus and reported the name
of will Thompson of the county for
the place of keeper of the poor farm
He was elected He had many op
ponents and succeeded Robert W11
kins His term Is for two years
An eeetion of a county commis
sioner was gone Into and Magistrate
John Burnett elected
the employment of a veterinary
surgeon to Inspect cattle brought
Into the county was discussed and
hell over until the January meet
ing The state veterinary has re
quested that the county employ an
tuektor I Dr Fisher R tl io iirjii ui
fileposition I l
position at 25 per month
The report of Road Supervisor
Bert Johnson was filed It showed
work done three months preceding
July 1 as follows bridges 2
92570 gravel roads 2317 G3
dirt roads 374422 pipe bought
232973 tools 125084 total
Work done since July 1 Bridges
211280 dirt roads 432030
gravel roads 297383 piping
78294 transit level S12G tools
20422 total 1057915 Grand
total for six months 2314717
Accounts were allowed s a follows
NewsDemocrat 5455 M I J Mlch
aeson 1450 James Baker
CC940 K G Terrell 5 A List
5 Robert Wilkins 70060 J S
Trontman 5j L I B Young 6
Clyde COOPfwas allowed 18
quarterly for I thQ benefit of MatJIc
Dr Harper of the county was al
low d 5 for holding a post mortem
examination Ills original bill was
10 but by agreement was cut
A bond was presented by au at
torney for payment but It was learn
ed It had been paid It was an old
railroad bond which should have
been destroye4
The sheriff reported the collection
of 3221737 for September for the
county but the total collections for
the county and slate will amount to
53C95C1 for the month
Padurah Merchants Hit
John Balllnger a merchant at
ailbertsvllle Marshall county Ky
filed a petition In bankruptcy this
morning In the federal Court stating
liabilities to the amount of 171402
with U40 assets part of whist are
exempt Tho schedule shows many
creditors seventeen being Paducah I
jlrms Of the heavier credyqity here
11t K ohl iowlngls 1 the tillrs
ScVmldClark corapapy HOO I I
Naiihelm C5 piiBoIsKolb com
pany hr George 0 Hart SonsI I
company 30 Hank Urns HO Pa
dncah Furniture company UO Slier
rillRussell company ISO Jackson
Foundry and Machine company 7ri
Suit Against Itchkopf
This morning In circuit court a
petition was filed by the National
Bank of Commerco of St Louis
against E Rehkopf John Rehkopf
the E Rehkopf Saddlery company i
0 D Starks and R J Barber as
signee for the B Rehkopf Saddlery
company for f760 4n notes alleged
to have been negotiated
Deeds Filed
Sam D Lowe and others to Ella
luaries property at Fifth and Hus
bands street 760
Andrew P Homburg to Mrs Roxle
11111 property In the Harahan addl
flea 284
K D Thurman to SIA 11111 prop
arty In the Tlfurman addition UO
D V rcClel and to CM Davis
property at Eleventh and Monroe
aureole 1500
Marriage License issued
II B Shelby Bollard county 35 I
to Vernla Mosby Dollard county 17
J 8 Nutty Ballard county 21
to Annie Sail Ballard county 1C
Frank Block city 24 to Mary
Matilda Chenal city 24
Distress Warrant
This afternoon CC Leo took out
distress warrant in Justice C W
raeryB court Against James Soler
tor UU rent Goods were attached
rr is made to heat more space
with less fuel than any other
American built stove It is
constructed on the famous
C Bucks Systemthe firebox
and flue construction insures
the greatest economy of fuel
Come to our store and let us
tell you more abou this truly
marvelous stove and the SAC
cial terms under which we are
now selling it
tw 10 I
J > td t jo r t t
K n r
Salesrooms 112114116 North Fourth Street II I
Louisville KOrand Lodge K
pf P of Kentucky Dales of sale Sep
tember 30 October 1 and 2 1000
limit October G I90C Round trip
fate IC91B
Lexington Kall Halo Dates
of sale October 2 to 13 1900 inclu
sire limit October 14 190C Round
trip rate 935
Loulxvllle HGrand Lodge F k
A M Grand Chapter It A M I Dates
o sale October lGtlt and 15th 1900
limit Octobei 20th 11da Round
Ujp I rate fG95
> iifthtlll Tenn Statu fair Dates
bfTsale October Gth and 8th to 13th
Inclusive 190C limit October 15th
1I pOC Round trip rate 475
Aohevlllc N C Missionary con
l fcnce I Protestant Episcopal church
Dates of f sale October 22nd and 23d
190C limit Nov 5th 1900
DulliiH Tex International Asso
elation of Fire Engineers Dales of
sale October Uth and 7th 1 tOG limit
21 days Round 1 trip rato 2100
For further particulms apply to
J T DONOVAN Agent Paducah
not I
Low Excursion Mates via Southern
Railway From Louisville
Anhcvllle N 0 1595 On salt
dally the year round gpod returning
within six months
Low Homeseekers hales to many
points J lu the Southeast Vet and
Southwest on first and third Tuesdays
of each month Juno to November In
cnalvei t i It
For additional information tickets
etc call on any agents of the South
ern Railway or address J + F Logan 1 I
raveling passenger agent 111 East
Main street Lexington ky 0 H
Hungerford district pas nge agent
234 Fourth avenue Louisville Q B
Allen A n P A St Louis Mo
uGGubsAre ever
Hubbubs Are you ever bothered
lot lili tramps out here
uSubbubs N < K I have n sign on the
dlereading We are vegetarians
> ut our dog Isnt l Philadelphia
rlServnntYour f
Servant Your doctor sir has
sent In his hill and wants you to pay
It before you go Into tho country
Master Geel Total 1507 francs
lrea1l1 didnt think Ifl been so III
Sicily produces about 500000 > tons
of sulphur annually or 80 ller l cent
of the eo lire production of the worldI I
1RU2 PhIIiips Lo > r
1 219223 a11oADWAw 1 Y C
BO0rH 11y I
Are Always Runningfit j r
After he Doctor
you cannot be too careful with your chll h
drenu feet at thin seafeou of the year
Our special line of Box Calf Shoes is the proper
thing for wet weather
Wo do not sHghttho liltlu men or big ul4
We curry a largo assortment of IIICUH boyVj r
youths and little Rents shol1l and all the sty1ei A
uropatterne after the atepa styllHVr i IIIIX iN
calf wax calf etc Prices begin at t 125 and
advance step by step to 400 for mens bent
You wont complain about ear prices you cant
i facet Fit Guaranteed
See Bradley BrosI
About Your Winter Supply pf
I 4 °
Sole I agents for the old reliable Carterivillc III
washed nut and egg coal
Telephone 339

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