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nI lAOE It THE fAIrfJOAii EVElttNG SUNIsIi1Y NoSftttRtt 21 = X11 J
Backache The Blues
ReliefI I
Both Symptoms of Organic Derangement in
i Women Thousands of Sufferers t Find Relief
How often dove hear women say It
seems as though my back would break
or Dont speak to me I oman out of
sorts These significant remarks prove
that the system requires attention
HacUacho and the blues are direct
symptoms of an Inward trouble which
will sooner or later declare Itself It
may bo caused by diseased kidneys or
some derangement of the organs
Nature requires assistance and at once
and Lydia E Pinkhams Vegetable Com
pound Instantly asserts its curative
powers In all those peculiar aliments of
Women It has been the standby of
intelligent American womcnfor twenty
years And the best judges agree that
rt Is tho most universally success
ful remedy for womans ills known to
y Read the convincing testimonials of
Mrs Holmes and Mrs Cotrely
MrsJC Holmes of Larlmore North
Dakota writes
Dear Mrs PInl ham
I have Buffered everything with backache
and female troubleI let the trouble run on
until my system was in such a condition that
lwaa unable to be about and then It was I
commenced to use Lydia Hnkhami Vege
table Compound If I had only known bow
much suffering I would have saved I should l
have taken it months sooner for a few
weeks treatment made me well and strong
My backaches and headaches are all gone and
I suffer no pain at my monthly periods
whereas before I took Lydia E Finkhami
Vegetable Compound I suffered intense pain
Airs Emma Cotrely 109 East 12th
Street New York City writes
Dear Mrs PJnkham
I feel it mv duty to tell all suffering women
of the relief 1 have found in Lydia K Pink
hams Vegetable Compound When I com
tnenced Inking the Compound I suffered
I everything with backaches headaches and
female troubles I am completely cured and
enjoy tho best of health and I owe it al
to you
When women are troubled with Irreg
ular suppressed or painful periods
weakness displacements or ulceration
that bearingdown feeling inflamma
tion of the female organs backache
bloating or flatulence general dey
bility Indigestion und nervous prostra
tion or are beset with such symptoms
as dizziness faintness lassitude excite
ability Irritability nervousness sleep
lessness melancholy all gone and
want to belett alone feelings blues
and hopelessness they should remem
berthero is one tried and true remedy
Lydia E Pinkhams Vegetable Com
pouud at once removes such troubles
No other medicfae has such a record
of cures of female troubles No other
medicine in the world has received this
widespread and unqualified endorse
ment Refuse to buy any substitute
Remember every woman is cordially
invited to write to Mrs Plnkhara if
there is anything about her symptoms
she does not understand Mrs Pink
ham is tho daughterinlaw of Lydia E
Pinkham her assistant before herds
I cease and for twentyfive years since
I her advice has been freely and cheer
fully given to every ailing woman who
I asks for it Her advice and medicine
i have restored to health innumerable
I women Address Lynn Mass
Ask Mrs Pinkhams AdrlceA Woman lest Understands a Womans Ills
The difference between
S r relief and cure
All Physics Dont Cure When a physic
is needed anything that will cleanse the
bowels will relieve but that docs not neces
sarily mean that such treatment will cure
I and sugar coated pills will give temporary re
lief but usually at a great cost to the health of
the patients
t Such preparations weaken the muscles of the
stomach jo much Ahat it soon becomes neces
sary for the patient to take a physic before ho
I can have a proper bowel movement
DrCaldwclls SHrupFcpsin
t does not act upon the bowels like most laxatives
and cathartics It contains such wonderful
tonic properties that it soon strengthens even
the weakest stomach so it can properly and
voluntarily perform its functions
t It is pleasant to take and never causes grip
p r Free sample bottle will be sent upon
receipt of postal cardrequest to those who have never tried it
All druggists sell Dr Caldwells Syrup Pepsin at soc and JSioo a bottle
Money bacK if it doesnt atlcfy
Pepsin Syrup Co Monticello Ill
x Hotel Marlborough
iirnnriwrv Sash and t7s1 te Her a ld S N Y k
quart ew fir
Most Centrally Located Hotel on
Broadway Only ten minutes walk
to 25 leading theatre Completely
renovated and transformed in every
department Uptodate in all re
spects Telephone in each room
Four Beautiful Dining Rooms
with Capacity of 1200
The Famous
German Restaurant
Broalwayachjcfaltradoq fo Spe
cial rood Dishes and Popular Mune
European flan ceo loom 200 lIalb
P jM for Rooms flSO sad upward 200 and jipwinj with lath P IotB Jroom biBjta
t N 300 and upward Ii00eztrswhestwopeuoroccupy Asingtaooom
vnirn roil nooitLirr
E M T1EKNEY Mnirer
When dwelling on the Plumbhg or Heating question Is
Whos the best to see Ask your neighbor Oftener than not
he will1 refer you to
Plumbing Heating Gas Fitting
132 Smttll PrtUrtli 32S fcentuclcy AVO
Both Phones 2Oi
v N i frr
rh iMr y
Football Squad Is Losing N <
Tiiiio Tii Practice
Will Ht < Tl l Fast Tom Front Hopkins
vllle Frlijii j J hmi iCxpcct j a
Notwithstanding rain has fallen aI
most > steidiy since the latter part of
last week tho members of tho Itlgh
school football l team t have nbt allowed
theT muscles to deteriorate to any
great extent hecausfe of the soggy
field for practice They have been
utilizing tho long hall on the third
floor for practice After she dismis
sal of school It Is I not used for any
purpose and Prof Payne gave tho
boys permission to use it during the I
inclement weather Mainly I thdwork
consists of signal practice and a few
of the difficult plays
Tie High school tbaitt of Hopkins
vlllo will play the local l kids here
next Friday and the boys are desirous
of a large crowd Although the
weather prevented any genie with
HopklnsviIe last Saturday still the
boys have an idea of what to expect
from the visitors The teams are tho
same weight and ate the < Hoptowa 1
lads are said to be fast an Interesting
game is promised t j +
left Half St John Js neif Intlllii I
game and is now practicing rcgiihCl
Jy He adds strength to the back
Kcrrrlnry of Oirluvslra
Members of the High school orches
tra met yesterday afternoon et the
close of school and elected Clark
Banditrant as secretary
Dcntlix From piHiidlclCls
decrease In the same ratio that the
use of Di Kings Now Life Pills In
creases They have you from danger
and bring quick and painless release
from constipation and the ills grow
ing out of it Strength and vigor al
ways follpw their use Guaranteed
by all druggists 25c Try them
> The Texas Wonder
Cures all kidney bladder and Thou
malic troubles sold bjjjJ H jehl
schlaeger bin Broadway DrE W
Hall office 2926 Olive street St
Louis Mo
A Moiintniuof Oolil
could not bring as much happiness to
Mrs Lucia Wilke ot Caroline WIs
as did one 23c box of Bucklens Ar
nica Salve when It completely cured
a running sore on her leg which had
tortured her 23 long years Greatest
antiseptic healer of Piles Wounds
and Sores 25c at all druggists
When a man says he always was
Ick troubled with a cough that last
ed all winter whnt would you think
If ho should say he never was Rick
since using milords Horehound fiyrui
Such a man exists Mr1 C Clark
Denver Col writes For years I wan
troubled wllli a severe cough that
would last nil winter This couch left
me In u miserable condition Itrlea I
Bnlliird8 Horehound Syrup and Imvt
not had a nlfk I day since That what
it did for mef i
mVSold I I
V J i
A monogram in onoor two letters
In any color of Ink and two quires
of paper for only a dollar a special
for Christmas at The Sun office
Why your bahjr should bo thin anc
fretful during tho night Worms urn
the cause of > thin sickly bnblfs It li >
natural that a healthy baby should bu
fut and Mectt well If your baby does
not retain its food dont experiment
with colic cures had other medicine
but trya bottle of Whites Cream Vet >
mlfuce and you will soon nee your
baby have color and laugh I al It should
Sold by all druggist
A monogram In one or two letters
In any color of ink and two quires
of I paper for only a dollar a special
for ChrIstmas at The Sun office
nUdntr you cant beat llerblnn for tho
liver The greatest rejjiitatdr ever
offered to glittering humanity If you
suffer from liver complaint If von are
bilious rind fretful Its your liver anu
Herblne will put It In Its proper condl
tlon A positive cure for Constipation
nillouineiii Dyspepsia arid all Ills dot
to a torpid liver Try A bottle nnd you
will never Use anythlnR else
Fold by all iiruKKlfltft I
Pipe Time
Fall nnd Winter is the
Pipe season We have
prepared for your every
want in this line
Doth in Meertiuliauin and
Briar ift + luds all that is
newest dnd best 5u to 30
223 Brand wuy
Yid TjfaY f
t N o
Nntloniuill Convonton f1 pr Nor +
+ fi clsn xFrj t lon Is I C tled
P > t + > 2 T Z + 3 3 3 0 + 2 r 1
necognlzdig the fact that the peo
pie of all the states arc dneply Inter
cIted In measures designed to In I
crease tho consumption of our pro
ducts abroad the undersigned com
mIttee bogs to announce that a nit
tloual convention for the purpose of
considering and devising measure
for the enlargement of our foreIgn
trade and to promote tho demand
abroad for tho products of our farms
workshop and mines will bo hold In
the New Willard hotel Washington
D C beginning at 1030 if tiL Mon
dny < January 14 I 1907
The obstacles which have hamper
ed 1 our efforts to develop the com
merco of the United States with for
elrfn countries are evident to every
one familiar with that trade That
those obstacles should be removed at
the earliest possible moment Is un <
questioned fwe are to attain prey
eminence Instead of remaining a
we arc In the rear In the struggle
with Europe for foreign commercial
All national slate and local asso
ciations interested in the objects of
thi convention are invited to sendnl
least five delegates each The gover
nor In each state U invited to ap
point ten delegates to the conven
tion and furnish them with a creden
Each association represented In
the conventIon will furnish its dele
gates with a credential duly ccrtfflcc
Wll Its president and secrela v < tlltA
lug the number of members who arc
entitled to vote In such association
Each association having four or
more delegates In the convention
will when division Is demanded be
entitled to cast the number of votes
equal to the number of member
such association has certified to In
Its credential
Each delegate appointed by the
governor ofa state may on all
questions where a division IS de
manded cast onetenth of tho num
ber of votes to which his state Is 1
entitled and each state shall bo en
titled to one vote for each 20000 1
Inhabitants of such state according
to the national census of 1900
A consideration of the subject of f
the extension of our trade abroad
will suggest to every informed bus
Iness man a number of topics each
of which althoUgh a part of the
whole should be considered sepa
rately Each topic to be dlscussci
and the name 6T the speaker must t
be In the hands vt the committee on
or before December 20 190C for
printing In the program
The committee has the very great
pleasure to announce that the lion
prable Elihu Hoot secretary of state
pf tho United States has consented
to address the convention and Wll
give It the benefit of his observa
tlons and experiences and of the In
formation acquired on his recent
tour of the South American coup
Soliciting your cooperation and a <
prompt response which may be ad
dressed to the secretary
Respectfully Cornelius N lilies
Franklin Murphy Herman A Motz
Charles A Moore William McCar
roil Lewis Nixon Henry V < 1 Pea
body Charles A Schlercn 1fMb r
Straus E 8 Ade Lima chairman
Special Cbmmltteo of the New York
Hoard of Trade and Transporta
203 Broadway Now York City
X y
Illiinilimlcd 1 I Ixii
John ShaeJTer at Wildwood X J
has discovered that by feeding hens
lightning buss you can Iriiluee them
to lay l illuminated eggs
air Shaeffcr during the height of
the lightning bug ssiwa give two
hens nothing else to cat and ouch
day ho got two eggs of t ICcande
power ttrcngth t
By varnishing the eggs ho has pre
served their ctrehgth and he believes
the longer theso glowing eggs arc
kept thestrongo they will grow
By painting thenlre l blue OP green
he found that he could get as many
different colored lights and moll
beautiful effects could be got by
stringing them In festoons
Ho thinks that If lightning bugs
are fed to o riches lights large
enough for automobile lamps can bo
had and will enter the industry t ox
lenslvely next season Exchange
I CIlnITAnll
To your horses as well as to yourself
You need not Mil Iter from nalns of any
8ortour horses ntled nbt surfer Cry
a bottle of llallardn Snow Liniment
It cures all pains J M Roberts
nakersHeld Mo wrlteat I have used
your Liniment for ten yearn and Und
It to be the best I have over used for
man or beast
Sold by nil driiwH18 l
A small boyxlda of u Rood time
Includes all the things his parent
forbid him to do
For winter or summer Mrs Am
J I ttua IancakQ flour At grocers
Wilt Bo Placed By Tho Breed
ers Association
Work Being unite by IlniMrmvn Co Im
prove tho lliyvd In I All farts
of the Slntiv
McCrackoti county probably will
benefit by the action of the American
Brooders Protective association
which has offered to give to every
county a thoroughbred stallion lion
touts P Head representative from
this county has been Informed of
the offer and Is now in correspondence
with farmers of the county regarding
tho matter
The following letter from Jotiett
Shouwc editor of the Kentucky
Farmer and Breeder explains itself
At Its annual raveling this week
the American Brooders Protective
association took up a proposition
which can be made of Infinite servlc
to the general live stock Interests of
Kentucky ItcltoYing that a general
Infuelon of thoroughbred blood Is a
factor of great importance In the Im
provement of the breed of horsw it
determined to do for this state what
lUc breeding bureau of tho Jockey
club la doing for Now York In ov
er county of the state where the city
tzeiis eo desire It will place at a con
venient location easily accessible to
a majority of the people and without
cost of any sort to them a thorough
bred stallion of desirable conforma
tion and possessing other traits which
particularly suit him for the purpose
In view Tho only cost attaching to
the service win be a nominal fee all
of which wit go to tho man at whom
place the stallion is kept In payment
of tho expense and trouble of hIs care
Tho committee appointed by the
Breeders Protective association de
termined that the most feasible man
ner In which this proposition con be
taken up la I through the members of
1the general assembly from the vat
ous counties At their request I I nm
writing to you They stand ready to
do this service to their ptato and to
bear till the expense of furnishing
these horses provided the people
want them It Is to you and your
fellow legislators that they appeal 1
to learn the wishes of your conrtltu
Iosdmisdr Ifohlxil
G W Fouts Postmaster at lUvcr
ton la nearly lost his life and was
robbed ofall comfort according to
his letter which t says For 20
fears I had chronic liver complaint
which led to such a severe case of
Jaundice that oven my finger nails
turned yellow when my doctor pro
scribed Ktectrlc Bitters which cur
ed me and have kept me well for 11
years Sure cure for DIHoiiincw
Neuralgia Weakness and all Slam
ash Liver Kidney and Bladder de
rangements A wonderful tonic At
all druggists GO cents
Ito linen Hit Sound
Falling asleep during a circus per
fdrmanfe at Llbtiu a Kiissian naval
jjfllccr was middinily awakened liy the
artltUn firing a couple of shot und
thinking all attempt had been made
on his Site > by mutineers ho drew his
revolver and Hrcj twice nt random
but no onowas hlirt London Dally
Iortunato MIM > iirJmi
When I was u urugglstsat Ilvo
nla Mo wrlteaT j Dwyer now ot
Oraysvllic Mo three of my custo
mers were permanently cured of
consumption by Dr Kings New Die
covery and are well and strong to
day One was trying to sell his prop
erty and move to Arizona but after
using New Discovery a short time he
found It unnecessary to do so I re
gard Dr Kings New Discovery as
the most wonderful medicine In ex
istence Surest Cough and Cold
cure and Throat and Lung healer
Guaranteed by all druggists COc and
1 Trial bottle free
When your neighbor begins to
boast of his > honesty Its up tQ you to
get btlsy and put an extra bolt on
your back door
The Prices Below Will Be
Made Until Dec 31 1906
Gold Shell Crown 22k 3fiO
Gold FlilinBS 100
Silver Fillings fiO
Plato FIIIII1sM 75
Bridge work and all grades of
pliitd vfuiii guaranteed Painless
extraction of teed
Sixth and Brbnd > vny
tM t
w 1 t
j To Electric > Light and
Power Patrons r
lt l i THE natCllre of tlitih ternatig
electric current supplying light
and power is to be changed very
shortly This will effect all of our
icustomers i having buzz fans and
small motors that are attached to the
same wires that supply light If you
have either a small motor or buzz
ffan f we would thank you to advise us
Il 1
immediately I in order that I we may
take the necessary steps to adapt i
your machine to the changed con
I s V I
The Paducah Light and
s I
Power Co
Seeing the Southwest
DoubtlctB you have heard of the Dumper Crops which havo
been raked lUJj year In Arkansas Louisiana Oklahoma Indian
Territory Texas and New Mexico Have you compared them
with results obtained In your section Is your work where you
aro bringing you adequate returns for the capital Invested and the
labor expended If not a change would bo beneficial perhaps A
visit to tho Southwest will open your eyes Out In Oklahoma the
last biff land opening Is soon to taKo place farms aro still very
cheap In Western Arkansas Northern Louisiana and the Oulf
Coast of Texas tot us give you full Information about these
factions You will want to BOO them after you have examined our
Illustrated literature
to southwestern points first and third Tiiesdnys rush month r
Get Il lee Get ran Atnt Rick lilac J K Caraitiir list Gtshu < j lsl rrtm
little Rocl Art Ueiptii TIM
Paul S SV iovorf Trav PUNA Ast
NfiHtivlllo 101111J
Iw I P PAXTON President lf
Citizens Savings Bank
ncorp sd
Capitale f S 1 0OOOO
Stock holders liability 00000
Total security to depositors 250 > 000
Accounts of Individuals and firms solicited We appreciate
Small as well as large depositors and accord to all the same
courteous treatment
Irtlbrest Pitld otVTIme Doponlia
Open Saturday nights from seven to eight oclock
Third end Broadway
1w 1
Several superior offices on second and
third floors of our building provided with J
heat water light electric elevator and modern
sanitary arrangements
Prices lowest in city for similar offices
double offices especially adapted for dentists
V American U German National Bank
227 Broadway
I Yry r Y lrfvShTZ47 rt Uv hN s V i wfro ULu k rj

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