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The Paducah weekly sun. (Paducah, Ky.) 1902-19??, December 26, 1906, Paducah Weekly Sun, Image 3

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PT B i S CUIt1
1 fe
I Excels In biscuit
making because the t
life of the powder is
slowly liberated Into
lAX the dough
1 No coarse and crumbly
crust so frequent in bis
gcult One heaping tea
spoonful to a quart ol
The goodness ol III
1LO Is protected In
t molstproql lint Con
t11 forms withal pure food
laws I State and National
At your Oncer
4corrntritl 4 BUIK5 fOWOtl CO
lubillli TIIIIIIII
r It
On Display
Ilpcs and Cigars for nccepta
bo presents Complete line on
display In Alccrchnuiiis 1200 up
IIrlarl 8100 to f5 00
t Cigars packed 12 25 and GO In
holiday boxIa IIrnVlrla La
81111111 m Irlclpe Do Gales La L
Prcfcrcncln e1 nont and Gen Is
oral Arthur fi
Cc Cigars packed 12 and wIn
book boxes and cabinets
The Smoke House
222 Broadway
NcoV Sulmuilno Dfhtrojir t
t Dew naval tluror In th e shape of
of a tiUtnarin d mtroytr has Just
been invoolcd by Lowie NMxon ft grad
uitW of Vtfliipoltt l and former navul y
ofDow then blpUufWir and now anti
ometal l of the OMbon Stow works of II t
IiiWiarK Lit aaar a JFrtftf ju tho 1
IlLLhtTc tp
Tofebnlfir WWlll illf BlflTtar1 Jafi le
I nary Tk cMmtiah of tho new terror N
ofvth MM are being MIlt A secret to
until crUUi peat rights hae been n
cental br different countries It to pi
4kut 1h brr ttmt the doatirojer d
s 4 ottMbinariu < ate iHanned uy ilr L
Nixon It tcnro ly larger tJn a first or
dust MibiwMla It It much lighter si
for the raMon that It must ho oap V
able of twins hototod on slHpboard by I
4davla It will be built wholly ora1
4 Bteal of the thinnest possible platwt u t
compntlMe w4Ui Mrength nnd secure
ly I braced with frames It will bo of j
propelled by a madam gusoMne rno
tor oo bte of oreatlng groat speedy K
for short iMttanoes It will bo armed d
wtlh a vtrrlioat torpodo tube which tl j
a can hoot a torpedo straight down o
tthrough the avetse at Its mark theN
T Ibx movlng but deUlidoallng subC
uia Wno It te admitted that the sub j
tuortao hM to keep within twelve or
t lrlcsn feet of tho surface to bo of j
any d maiso to tho enemy and it will r
bo au osey mark for tho destroyer tl
sfiootlng In Its wake directly over Ii
head It is claimed that tho now de
stroyer can hit the mark 15 0 Poet be
low the aurfnee a depth to which no
submarine could possibly sink witht j
Becurtty forty or fitly teat being as
den ae safety will permit At greater t
depths than tint It Is mid the prosi i
sure of the wale Is so great as to
force tho water through tho seams y
and boUholcs n
1 IllllcS for IlllNlllfN SlKCOSM
Power to too tho future hu a oore
tan pteco in bntlnois an exxeedlng y
Jy humble one however It to omT
ployed f pi rfwnon Hy by sumo ladlos f
and ganUomon at an av raco price of
about a dollar a sitting They can 11
nee things afar oft but not tho land c
lord who Is coming up the stairs to
throw thl11 out nor the policeman
I who fa coming around tho corner to
t run them in Irosoience and clairvoy
anso have no place In tho equipment
of men Who arc able lo mako a llv
ins In less hazardous and > ersccuted
callings t
t There are plenty of Infallible rules t
for auccosa Same mon who have
slI oa dod are rather fond of laying
thorn down for the cuManco of the
young Hut nobody loast of all their
authors ovor Infallibly succoaded
a + by t11ImWUI Payne In Tho Here
e 4 Incident of Failure In January Ev
a ry
The TMIW Wonder
Cures all kidney bladder and then
matic troubles sold by J II Oobl
echlaeger 601 Broadway Dr ErW
Hall ifflco 292C Olive street St
Louis JIo
It takes a bravo man to tell a wo
man that her hat Is not on straight
after php has left the house
Louisville And XnslivilloFroin
Louisville Vest
Henderson Routed l IrvliiKtoiiriirnrc
ini Kdtilvllle Branch nml Via
Irlncvton I
i 111TiI01QLLr
been a slight change In the route b
the railroad which Is now being built
from Loitlsvlllo to Paducah and l la 1
being backed by the Loulsvlllo ntid
NnihvUe Railroad company says the
CourierJournal The line as stated
before will bo from lnlll vlllo over
the Henderson route to Irrlof ten
from Irvlngton over the Kordijvlllo
branch to Fordsvlllo Already a lino
Is being built from Madlsonvlllo to
Hartford and a line of about twelve
miles from Hartford to Fordsvllle
will have to be built giving a lino
from Loulsvlllo to Madlionvllle
Already tho Louisville and Nash
vlllo operates a lino from Madison
vllle to Providence a distance of ten
miles The change has bon made In
the rotio west from Providence In
stead of building the road from Prov
Idonce to Marlon as first Intimated
will be built to Princeton where
two lines of the Illinois Central cross
From Princeton tho line will bo built
to Paducah a distance of GO miles
and from there to Metropolis 111
whew a northern connection will be
The lino from MadUouvllIo to
Princeton said a woll pasted bus
ness man will ponelrato the rich
est coal fields of tha state which so
tar had but poor outlet What tho
Louisville fid Nashville Railroad Co
after Is a direct line from the coal
elds of Western Kentucky to Louis
ville which It has not now The Illi
nois Central has practically had a
monopoly on the coal business from
Western Kentucky to Louisville up
lo this time No one thing has haJI I
much to do with the recent scarcity
Coal and of cars Two lines pene
crating the Tjoal Holds will give a bet
tor outlet and give all operators a
chanre to put their coal on the Louis
vKlc market
Although ibo LouUvlllq and Nash
vlllo officiate are uriwllllng to say
that they arc behind tho construc
tion of the road from Madlsouvlllo lo
Hartford yet I know It to bo a fact
MtI1fAAar t p i44iIAaaAfwthd
Icidl1l orJclaia of tho Loulsvlllo and
Nashville railroad was very anxious
find out whore the CourierJour
nal got Its Information that the com
pany was preparing to invade the Pa
ducah territory with a lino from
Louisville A better thing could novo
happen for Ioulsvlllo than the con
structlon of the line Invading tho
Pastern Kentucky coal fields by tho
Louisville and Nashville and It Is
absolutely a saver for tho coal opera
Tho reason why the percentage
f cars furnished coal operators
along the Illinois Central railroad In
Kentucky Is smaller than the Louis I
vllle and Nashville railroad Is evi i
dent to mo The most of the coal on
tho Illinois Central is hauled to Chi
sago whcttai the Ixuilsvlllo and
Nashville takes It to Louisville or
Cincinnati Of course there Is 110I
blame against the Illinois Central for
wanting long hauls and wanting to
play Into the hands of Chicago but
Loulsvlllo people are Interested in
the growth jtJ development of Lou
lsvlllo and Kentucky 1
In a few respects tho qualities of
the people of Japan arc worth till I t 1
study of tho most advanced races otI I
the earth but It Is easy to go Into anl l
Idealization of those points far be
ond their material value Tho polite
ness of tho Japanese their considers I
thou for each other and freedom fr0l11I I
row dylam are commendable traits and
proofs of civilization Their poetic
enjoyment of nature has a kinship
with the spirit of the ancient Greeks
Their courage which has n basis of
fatalism Is admitted In this partic
ular they equal tho Turks In patrl
otic devotion mixed with unmeasured
pride in an extremely old dynasty
they are capable of any sacrifice
Patient industry adaptive quickness
and manual skill are among theirbest
capabilities Some of these charac
teristics arc due to the dense ifoijji
latlon of the few Islands compoafhg
tho empire Whore tho average of
people Is hundreds to the square mile
there must bo civility or a state of
war Minute training Is a result o 1
crowded conditions where the farm
aro small patches of fund and the
handicrafts ure adjusted to email
means arid How wages Freedom from
rufflanUni la an unquestionable n
tno nnd like the politeness + comes 1 In
some degree from the dermson which
a populous society Is I carried on
Quickness In Imitation Is an evident
Japanese gift
Out to tray that wo have as much
to learn from the Japanese as the
Japanese have to learn from us Is on
extravagant statement of the case
Racially speaking In the physical i
sense the people of the United States I
have no desire or Intention to take
anything from the Mongolian stock
Tho Japanese are undersized and not t
handsome according to any occidental
standard No Intermingling of their
strain of blood Is wanted orcould be
viewed ns other than a lowering of
tho highest physical development and
personal comeliness Were as
good as you Is something tho yel
low races cannot assert Ina physical
sense There lsn proper pride of
pure blood and the white race will
tolerate no yellow or other blend of a
degenerate nature In this funda
mental respect Americana propose to
learn nothing from the Japanese The
Japanese are more than welcome to
keep their own strain of blood their
type of countenance and stature from
any American admixture A barrier I
line exists hero that can never be I
crossed and nothing can go Into treat
los that will alter the natural fiatI I
against mlscegenatory Ideas There I
aro already too many mongrels In the
world and the white race Is nctln I
favor of their Increase Between thoI I
white and yellow mess little In com
mon exists In social methods and asI I
pirations While the Japanese oreI I
an Interesting and deserving people
Americans do not want them for kin
Jsot much of value was obtained 1
from the Japanese when communlca i 1
Lion was lust opened about fifty years i
ago Thpyhavo learned a vast deal I
from the white race and been acute 1
In tho application of tho borrowed j
knowledge Their navies and military
science are modeled from the nations I
of the west Their machinery and
practical science are copied from the t
same source and so aro their rail i
roads electric appliances and com I
merclal methods Their constitutional d
forms of government are whotty Imitative s
tative Tho torpedoes with which I
they stole n march on the Russian o
ships wero Invented by Americans t
Englishmen or Frenchmen Their Inti
est war was with a topheavy auto t
cracy bent on wicked territorial og t
gresslon They would be foolish to
plumo themselves on that conflict 03 <
a truo test of racial superiority Or
equality When the truth Is calmly J i
analyzed It will be perceived that the
people of the United States have litI j
tie that they can learn from tho JapJ
aneso with any advantage to them c
selves Tho progress of tho hlte1 t
race was satisfactory during the cent t
urJos that Japan was sealed against c
all foreign Intercourse What went t
on during that period among the Jap i
aneto was of little consequence to the j
rest of mankind St Louis Globe
Democrat t
PUll rainlnc Along UioVuurluiKtbn
Piiu to CVmfljrutlonof Shipments
Omaha Neb D jc2C 4judgeMun
ICr today issued an Ihjunctlori pro
hibiting tho Butllngton rafroad doom
oonn > tlng coal belonging to JEI I
Woodward Co wholjaye mines ntI
Dicta Vyo and en rania < o towns
whom there wsis a filet famine I
A snit to mot > er t ZOQOp the value c
of the coal jiiregOil to hllO been
neled fii n > tJila company In tho past I
two months vhtr filed JIopo than a l
hundrod carloada have been taken 4
and tho mining company has only I
learned of hhp proceeding through I
i I
complaints of ustomersI
The rallrxtaii ctolraa emergency
Iustli1cithopnxcodlng and figs of
tend to payiat the cost of production I I
The coal seized say tho plaintiffs 4nI I
holr pott Uoh would have rdlovod 1
fuel Caminomntorlally certain
Jie 1m materially In I
norttw + wt rtfJt > rus I
NOROCCO1yiA11iIT cnnJ 1 I
novrnmVlit Anticipates Attnnpt to I
Wage Y gar on Sultans JOrcCIIj j
Tangier Doc 20It Is reported I
hero that iftalaull tho bandit leader
who has been In control of territory
In the neighborhood of Tangier is
ictivoy engaged In arming bands ofI I
men and there la much anxiety hero
xsto Whether lie will fight tho 8111I I
Ins fortes or not Tho government
troop undor tho command of Sid JIo
hamrcod Oabbas minister of war are
In camp near here They number over
aOOO men und are better equipped
than la usuut with the sultans so1
Life never proposes a problem to
any man greater than his ability to
In a New Haven V 3f f C A Q
Bible study class of Hebrew boys Is
itudylng tho Old Testament
Glass brushes aro used by artists
oho decorate china They are made
jf glass fibres as thin as spun silk >
i r 1
Telephone Exchnngo Destroy
ed Among Others i
Damage Will Amount to About 930
000 Only ftirtlally Covered by t
fColumbus Ky on thu Mississippi
rivera short distance from Wtekllffc
was vitlted by a destructive fire this I
morningahortlynfter 1 oclock and
tho damage Is roughly estimated at
30000 partly covered by insurance
The fire originated In the Wright
building In which the branch office
of the Cumberland Telephone com 1
pany Is locatod It rapidly spread
until adjoining butMlngs were con
sumed1 The cause Is Unknown
The Wright bullying being occu
pied hy the town dancing laU tots
phone company offlce and a taw prlv
ate offices was totally destroyed
Tho Moss Hefley 8 Mow general
roarchandlso store next door was com
plSttly I I destroyed
Tho Columbus bank building was
partially destroyed but the books
and nluablo papers remain intact
The first news of the ftro reached
Paducah through n telephone mes
sage to headquarters telling of the
burning of the exchange building
iA study of the foreign trade of tho I
various nations shows an expansion
which gives some Indication of the
vast development In commerce and
Industry throughout all tho civilized
world Familiar as we are In this
country with the great Increase in
the foreign trade of the United States t
our Imports and exports now aggre
gating over 300OOOOOX we are
not quite ro familiar ns we should
be with the fact that a similar ox
panslon Is going on elsewhere The
Iron and Coal Trades Review of Lon
don In discussing this situation
aysOne of the wonders of the modern
worlda Wonder touch greater In Its
origin Its development and Its act
ual magnitude than any oho of tho
seven wonders of the Old WorldI I
the extraordinary large International
trade of the United Kingdom both
absolutely and relatively to that of
other countries This phenomenon
has probably been as marked In 190C
as In Any previous year If d ed
It Is not more so
Then pointing out that the United
Kingdom has less than one tall as
groat a population as the United
States and that Its resources are les
than ours the Review shows that for
the first eight months of the present
calendar year the United Kingdom
hat beaten the United Sta fes alike la
Import and export trade and that
the total volume of tho tf6 t has ex
deeded by over 9o Wr00wfO < V tho
value of the corresponding trade of
the United States Commenting on
this the ft vlew says
The principal elements In the huge
voluino of differences represented In
these figures consist In our exports df
coal and Iron and our Imports of Iron
ore and Iron products In these we
art ahead of all other nations The
United Kingdom excels In two other
directions Wo consume a much
lager volume of nonIndigenous
food than the United States and we
are aim greater per capita buyers of
articles do luxe among which wines
and tobacco In Its various forms pc
upy a prominent position
The condition which qZavalla In
Great Britain as to torblw trade are
likewise wen In QerjnHnyMvhoeQ for
eign commerce for WOG V exceeding
anything in the previous history of
that country The Incteaso in I the
Imports nnd > export Tpf d rmanyid jx
Ing the first six raonth of this
has been 11200000000 over the
respqndlngitlme of last year FJ
has likewise Increased and InV
flrjt eight months of the year
gain was fiooOOOOOO while Belf 1
glum shows a gain of rS5 040 MM
Other countries are also showing 43
material Increasehgypt < Japan
British India and Canada all bejusin
the list of cpu tries whose fdrelga
gads Is expanding Japan alon rt
all the leading countries 1 being Wit
dUlY one that has materially reducSiil
her Imports Commenting on JJq
gain In Germany ndll raaeet a Re
vk > rj5ay j 1
ThIs 1saatupeladoaestti eitwhgn
one recollects wbatifro1athIr imal
thing the forplRajiCoinnierce of Geiv
many was only i t fewjAears ego The
Iron and steel exports and both the
Imports and exports oooal have I
played a prominent part In the CJer
man expansion of the present yean
Alike In the 1m orjsand In the ox
ports of coal l the development in
1900 has exceeded athat of any prev
ious year This has also been the
case with the Imporfijiof iron oreand
tho exports of Iron aitd eleel One
Of the explanations of the iarge In
crease In German imports iha3becn
the greater volume of Iron ore
which Germany Increasingly calls for
and has Increasing difficulty 4n pro
curing The prosnoctB of tho fuurVo
In this respect are noUeattefaclory to
German Ironmasters ecelnSjthat Swo
den and Spain are alike looking for
ward to limitation of ore exports by
taxation or otberwli prance la iu
4 S 1 Ia I tI t J II i 1 > qz q
O j
t4o t t
iJI tt <
T r
a fy r J lixs i r
> J h
t h
lY i j
i 1 t I oliday goods have I
i been greatly reduced
I 1
I <
p l ILIliIfr f q ft
EabJihed l86 t 5 r
L urEA N t
lUvcr Stages 4
Cairo t f 33C t 02 fall i
Chattanooga > C6 11 fall
Cincinnatit a264 41 fall
Evansvllle 31026 < fall
Florence Bl 911 taU
JohnBonvIlle 110 fall
Louisville v9f lC fall
Mt Carmel i34 fait1
Xwhvllle 47 < c SlO fall
Plttsburg 3J3 3ft fall
Paducah 30D 05 fall
Those members of the different
boat crews who are sober this morn
ing are busy rounding up the other
members who celebrated too exten
sively yesterday The wharf Is strange
ly dull compared With that activity of
the preJChrliitmasftrade Only one
packet touched at ve wharf ester
The John S Hopkins come In from
Evansvlllo yesterday morning and left
before noon on the return
trip There will be a packet only
every other day In S the Evansrjlle
trade while tho Joo Fowler Is tied up
for overhauling
The new steamer John A Patton
arrived late Monday afternoon from
Louisville and todayTls receiving reo
pairs to her boilers and probably will
get away for Chattanooga tonight or
In the morning v
The towboat Condor arrived yes
terday frcmiTJoppa to spend the day
hero and returned tMs vmoraln to
Work The crew got theirs
Doc Carrow A sawyer at the dry
docks took an involuntary plunge i
lntt l > the cold river yesterday from the
docks while AmovJrig d barge aiq
says he generally takes his inn ai
bat onvNew years but la I teveral
days ahead
Again the sehedul pt the BuUprff
has been changed end that steamer
+ zfll leave hero on Sundays and Tues
days The Buttorff will not arrive
here until next Sunday and then will
leyefpr Qlarksrlille on the short
trip i
Emersons showboat ± larriyed Mon
day afternoon to go lnto tnterquar
A good Stotepn hat waa found1 float
Ing In the Tiver near the dry docks
ihi morning It was > ojdfty aVlclt > o
burg doaJer and probably waa Jpst In
soma steamboat cuffle or train setae
rjvennan Who was PitH in
The ChArles I Boectler passied down
from Cincinnati for tine Miaslssippl
rver yesterday t
Tho Harvester Jeft today ttr Pltfe
f g after having been hore several 1
6 v i
ei City of Olomphls arrlvediAIpn
night front Jthci Tenneaeee river
> 19 tied up in the mub + of the
e nhcsteo for h weekor longer
The J ij Plnley pd sed down reg
tew rjwlth n tow of io barges of
CwifrlJAt Cairo tho tow struck the
rf4aeM i two barges sank
jf The river tfli vGln the last 48
hours the stage this morning being
w r4
t r4Open t
Open the bowels DeWitts Little
Early Rlsirs are recommended and
sold by Lang Bros i io
lies It otherP1en 1fdlttaak blm
so many uesUonst w
Xobpdy but a reaMierowlll go Into
a battle when ho knows Itbo enemy
Is going todefeathim
creasing her Importsof coal and Iron
ore and her exports of raw and fin
ished iron and steel This process Is
This worldwide expansion of
commercola one of the most remark
able eventa of modern times In con
slderlng trade conditions It has not
been taken fully into account by the
Imajorjty of people and hence their
olfalluro to fully > grasp tho wonderful
IbusiuessactlvP which ie prevailing
throughout the world Manufacture
ersKecord J
wta I I > r It
Accurately Completely and Convenient
n TreaeJded t
The New York Times Weekly Financial Quotation Reji I
Tii i Every Monday i III
S ile ol l Stocks Newjfork Stock Exchange r
Complete details ot sales of stockb number of shares sold first high low
and last price high and low prices during current year and range for pre
vious year Amount pf each Issue of capital stock outstanding wwipar
Ti trvStocks IIquotations jv
Stocks which have not been traded Induring the week are placed In 1
table by themselves wIth date upon which they wore last dealt In and J
price of sale range for the year and dividend and capltallzatloB itatlstloiJ
Bond Transactions on the New York Slick Exchange
Total sales high low closing and last bid and asked PTC04 v 44J v
active bonds and inactive bonds as well 4S guvernmenthnd state tsJ
Outside Securities rt I t r 4r 4
Latest quotations with capital and dividend rates of thejrre4telSi New
York banks trust and surety companies gas companies 8rryompwiht l i
Insurance companies street railways and shares of manylnaafitrml MM
mining concerns and of railroad and Industrial leol ll tinistiBpt
wlthdatesof maturity Interest and app xlmateYI 4L I Iy
Declared Dividends r r i < v
Standfngitd continousrceord ot dividends declare 6urfng each > J
with date of opening and closing of books date of payment amount
date upon which stock must bo held In order tp secure the diyWcn4 >
Out ol Town Stock Exchanges it > d cr
Reports of transactions of stock exchanges of ihlladelphla Baitia I
Chicago Jloston and other cities i f j
JRa >
MonU1lYi1 turns of all the great railroads and lndustrlarconlp l fei
fully tabulated < f
Bank Cleagngs New York and Out el T wn ty
Tables ofjicarlnifs of New York City banks NewYorl baD stated
clearingsdfbankeotprinclpalcitfesot the cOUiltI1COLPe
statemeDts bfthe banks ot EDgland Jjr3DCO and 0tmauyble
daily quotations for call and time moneytbrouh theweek d
sterling exchange 1i jrp
< Record ioC events In the financial markets df special Interq to thoSew
owing loathe nature t their business must follow the curse of ilit
t marketsCopy on R queat tI16CIr8 n
iiiawl SubwipfiM l M ih Senlcutlt Binder lw < 1
he NeW York rrimiJJ i < t
° All theNews Tbilfalt toIrint f 4
Times SqureNew forR City N i v1K rt ±
+ r 1r1 1 t iiI
Who its Ih ho t Prest1L P a
r t
f r tf
Holders of this 491low Pg casrst er 4
9nts as Indicatedr r > iitfl J 7 s
> iKrt teHJ OifrMuoMMMif 1 > j
VJ 4 > fc 1
I 4 erlaart4lf
f h a
IsC prllo < big doff 11lia6 J3 1 i6 3i4 xkin8 f 7
20d prize 1y j1084I6 j 707 i 1638 tii
3rd prite gold + pen j > liS5 l 7238 T98S
ith i prize A < j8O24 tIiP Jlii kf
kf6th i
cth prize7091 i l ma yv6m 1111
7th prize Jrt i i7603F 7090 vflSfitB I
Sthrprfzo r v iv C135 8132 rf7S29
9th prize > t 7473 COC3 o68S8
1 SZ78i > 4ijftJ
10th r prize 1 ly > h hii 7423 U7 r t 4
> As shown above thrQsrj5 three numbers on eaCh tlze Kt
the4holdorsbf tltealckpli < < lntho first column falfdoclatnf l I x
presents byFrldaytthe liOlderA the tickets In the seeesdt t
ump can Got h3pr zetOf1rda the tlckefs shown Us 1
lhiidreolumn are entitlei to the prtzss tfthey havep Jj
previously dollvereds jJ 1
tt t r
h 1
D E W 1 LSOs j ifiir r 03 t
Book and t1partrnnt ny
partmint Store r
1 T Ii
y JIi
Jy4 > < J
> f
r <
L J u JiI
ET 7Iurtrskp kE
Ah 1teglnataeereSnothtn uuc IIrIYlft NRNts a pa e RPMf pPII
hOd ledsrsfun It I rta j r l j
a 7
J s r iJ r < A Jt Ho < lt x f
if T tj 7t f
S t f
v it 1 0rl tI t
jit I 1 1

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