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The Paducah weekly sun. (Paducah, Ky.) 1902-19??, December 26, 1906, Paducah Weekly Sun, Image 4

Image and text provided by University of Kentucky, Lexington, KY

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1 1 I i
8tic rut r t I
N General anger
etttce at Padocah
o1as matter
L iltrM
e1 i ll
sdvahce 25
b ady ance 2v60 i
XLY avx
poateKe pald LOO
SUN Padueab Ky
tDTblrll Phones 211 > I
roung Chicago and Mew
mtallvei n bet found lit the follow I
it ft Co
y SM J ft
= =
r nibcr 1000
i 4 SfM 1113926 I
8 + 4O 17 n 393 9
I 111 389 1 2
e > 31 2G 3870
J 3 H 38 G 4
e Jir
3 2 3872
h jot 3g8t 234388 8
I i e400Q 24389 7
1X39 163889
+ Jo l i a
l 3h 27388 6
11 28 3893
Mm 39M 2939 1
Iu3968 s
ja 7
10288l 8
l II 11
l 1ft >
f vllml 1906 3957
19ffrI 1J 5 t 3ri9
+ d x55 S
I V h i 23S
peered before zne
iH J Paxton gen
as o Sun who of
4i tht o statement tot
T ttn for tb e
of trj p to the
of Lff d b lef
ry Public
com 8a January I
netitr degrct hr g
ttr n aiaptLieit hyhls sA
Hnk attacks of th o
adfrect pr a
bt prontlsl sifi minds athr
t1 lr iid i of wanly
9 antiom college t o
thgn o High school 3
arm red area depart
wart p tit attention and en
tputet1t zac facuty hhe rg ai
cchool i Cultivate sports to
tunuslyl S atuto sesf they re
enabIM Keip In BcUool nnd I
stastt u school the fur l i
r finable youth who
I I en quitting In tai s
Dtty diminish the use
toacco rcbtle among the
Yt4 LJI j Pulley footer a de
for volopment In 1
U pninilae of a nc w
io Slwrfglaiu Athet
ed M ihji sought
r o direct beaedt phyal
pixlo14e phyalkr r
ebrad nod need tItit tr n g
rF able fWplayr tiro guI ki h tb a
cps Lbysthe plt3iee sth o t
llb th ustfl jn tks a4 Dory o
4 crsttd spirit of einulatlornIn th o I
w > tlijf A ic ie lower gr d jviJov5 yllj 1 i
l pyjiviijd anything bat jwJH keeji i I
lasteithid l r
C eithid oncQurae iieoitovo
rU yahstaln from thing rffu j l
pliyelcaT mnratand Feet
yeiopment li aoJid blagtha
Itlf oter
e f lsvlllo ominerplst slit b
ocei f ullf carried cutji plan
4 the membership or that
ijii Slit might toe tried by
clay slab In Paducah A h
i degjgiiated and on that i
Kneniberi devoted acert
liftf tlmo to canva liig I
to The result was fin
Vipilejftt t hundred name
ri g 0alred only a abort
t CH Hjomber of thief
should set out to I
6r ihp cnrbjjmetit t
In just about l3f
labor nows one
nosh coufldeheB jn >
n whenlay the
na are propyp
Monty 1ny t
paid duet suoiiid
get ap4J order to
to be atf sthient tits
de iit jo ajinpje and the
fan to Join js t
that vJa anngt at
1Arre pots 540
i Sh
t name < hayoU
fpr thi az
far governor
I ptlnqa
a t
k i1udgu fAa
L fly r ° porty <
uetptlbi1rs alert nt1rflyq
beuralati il
ti 4lA the
Iy01ftpCacobf tTaq 1r Col
+ C n
sholtldI 1 t
apJiear ornhft MI one
to lead It and the qtll er for atJorpey
I general t
0 1
How rah anyone V 1 trI y n a breall
that the tariff d111iot nccompllih
what U claimed rlf and that for
elfin countries will c tablsh > retalljj
tory tariffs hdo iiot foril l o
countries pifoflt b Jour experience or
ijvdo j rftJt1 ftwoud bc > more cot n
jslstwi to ayvwey wlfl follow the
axaninle of guriWcccM jo far as they
areabltl ojiPVirprtuit lrlor us
nOl cite hastDy Yfrl l S rosollrc es
of cllinntoiftild t eqlt in aci > cpppact4 I
Icrrljori i
owAnd nonv our minds turn ilghll I
to t ttigughtuet Notr > Years Vt t sql p I 1
thing lostapeopls wilt takeadYan t
ago of thg opiigttuntjf toAwear rjn
Bptflo bl t1fth lt t 4tt theknew wai
hatdtulahba ibex contracted tf
TJier noflccisfoii for resoiijn i g
nottb ap IHIpits itcsoliittons should
aiwafs a ba po ltrvj Try riSsolvlnfC + jj
do somit + lOgdUrr > K rho > ear awl 1
eeehpwjniich easier ItTstollve t tip I
to ihe reaoluttOf bont ewear oft I
JIIt jiult r
Lord Kitchener ho of tho sill d
whos2G d
6MarUess thoroughness brought slot y
9to the British arms the ope man I
whom th6 > Boers of South Atrlsa he
mutineers of India and the sodas
hordes of the Soudan tried In vain
to capture has at last surrendered h I
TIQ WJIiSrq a > flonujilul LonlslIl1
7widow ambushed the wary strategist t
6In Chicago the Republicans an
3ne unco ntp Sunt fag c nd3alo I fu
mayor B E Sunny should be hltt
8owp platform VS v
A white Christmas ami a merjy I
8ono In Paducah
t 1
It 0 H
Sir Hnrj Mortimer pnrand lias
presenfedhls tenors of recall as
Snd hn Into be succeeded by Mr
too r
IIalfastlrf rM
land In 188 and was educated at LI L
ota gow Untyeraitj Ai early as TS8 i I
trispu6llcaU6n of his monograph n
Theitlofy l Roman Empire gate
him a reputation as an historical I
writer of singular Insight In 18C7
Jle became a barrister At Llncolhs
Inn nhd practiced till 1882 when he
I r
wfis appointed IVegtus Professor of
Civil law at Oxford a place that Jie
held Cot 21 cars lie entered polltl
fat ll < e in 1S80 when he was elected
to jharlianterit and took advanced
ground aSK Liberal aft Bryce how
evOf Is bet known In the United L
Staten 41 th IororAnl t1 i
ocab Cbmrrt6nwcnjfth rllt rr I
lIt 1fh l IororI 194 I
suqtft i T I tat l
roUBf1 The last yGtJt tlWt IIl f
lashed in 4895 U Js gft11I1 qd
nIl U d tb aot ttt fare1gtiilsleta I j e I
th g r nItod l SfatQ3 lio has osdld f
rlugra > J
jiJijr ltiUtuuous < and lbifIo t J ttp
lalttla I tr
oJils coming io ItbJ UnILetli Mates
therefora t v pepiUI rly gratpfty t to
the pepplc HCoftrleivJodrnal >
J nmSQXlm p Ommfll a i
Itidluim Of fcfut Xnrroivly Jsca
SiifiHlliB i Christmas in Yluhl
f i
rward G Wilson presliea I iiI Ii
board of trustees of h n a
y4dtool for FeeblE 3tlnded ° 1 ha d
result of utiwltyngly Ipcklngiiysiself
In the t tvaUilS A hlaOfflco + Mr Wilson
hail Gntditirl the vaulli1iogct some
palileJ bj rand ° while thus engaged the
111wtewuns loanrl h ra tMlot k
cJtcbetrtnd hiin bnLDta1ip rfJlzEd 1
that hd waa Ja prisoner hlje jnTprlS J
oiied plan resorted rtov8er Wpd of
ah obtcy that 19 ioUJdyAycljl t but
no one wasr pttrliqti < tiy j qH014J
consclmis that tltesodad t 1 gbteo
bardl > s renthed ibo yd fk tburohgh t
the thlcji wails orthe a Jt4ut ho I
teroion for more thitn an hQInM l
ter icing Jmprlfoned forjLw 51r
gntztt I J >
the piflcc He ren wod W f jpjtosjjfcir i
helpnd era soap PII tlteaToahilof
his vlce cedd be degtltplyeloe ted
the door will tinjockod apd 1holm
prisoned man was tctVat lljerty1
i f
JFJve Ifuntlm Wilijvttciiil H + 9ion oti i
sT11tIYrtlay a ff > I
Tbsi donation for tho Christmas
treetohe raven bto71svpnd 11s V
o i W cblzetat the nc ou Pq
IdaY ii Ilthj len 7 y relit C
UiJ rid t e1J + sNct ltr yfor y the
J t6aecesIfas1 tr0o the JfIIgW ljehaa If
glim T Ikenierchaptirt WtjffiwjM ilf i c p
I Ny rrp itt e4 r yc4at > yut ock < ar
Ch Nljiuai goos on gtn tntoid7
ijng In flftjijia8
tWo ° ccw use a greatrnany drnpe
i sAtd alto C1f1ea tooar fld1S
p ne who htpf anytWng to donate JIJI 3
donateklltekpivnne D
klltekpivnne III Yo stratitirntfiorrr
A tYi1t 116 htUy expect 5O Js l
> tit t tjie troo sort pf coureo It
wMreliilr a good deal to go +
aN 1I
oaaatjI II
tjI 1iifs After V tJtIitIllMI
1 dice 1toiD3c 20 A poSM
by UuLtedSlat 3iarsha Mor Ac
v jn lit mrstiti 1 < Jfw ions which
b ryttnwalvitfrfaKP i SaUrJa the
VflP tail JlQIiO ltiwttaro ortb
lac5girtt taxnk money Iw
ordere trerste rJtib
iJ l
J YIJ h t
At l ihgAt Coiiimercinl 1
> Club Jfooins
1KijMsllton dy Sow ti > to RusIiUf
list 1 rliiluriili and IK ltcll
i > Viiilcrstomi v
1 1
p1a1IIQLL is saioo TIIK VEIK
UJs now up to the business men
BTtiat was the scntlmcnl ezpreasc d
nta J1cltng IQ the Commercial club
chiu B
l1glllBa plant which will como hero
hue JlStroik Jq J < ralsed There were
J 6DO1t1bscrlbeirat the IIIcetlpg
thisw rig Anti another meeUng
rwljjyoherd tomorrow Subscription
11atq w1fltbepaascd among hit bust
Il6n and Jstjatlsflca that It Is bona
> 1i i >
ntof iJ
f Thc las > tint will employ 130
mon lhf first rind Increase to
Slh the second 3Jte pay roll will be
U50o tbQ weekytJ IM broors and
e P rlif are paldliifem 18 to 112 tile
ailncah P311 locntid with ref
itoAt at r 11I1 eupply and I
offers alba Mlot a uuthcrn trade
wlrtti tbaea cern tins worked lip
lipI i
25o0g to locaethere and another
has > < > ffired fwfa but Paducah I
loci UOI1 liltr 1 i favor and the con
corn lskli enough to cover ex
tied i
r 5dJUHTrt HOUOIiT S p
rba f
bae ba
dt + C 3r33c + 3o 3ff9 Elb > 4 9
t 4 1
v TJie fol < JwfniK < f ttle po ra was writ
tea by ono of the bAt known men In I
Padncali t way an > Inspiration dup >
to oi runimagiitbrough pn old chest t 1
when In looking for some trifles ho
1101t oe
found the 1ltvj mlr 1 of sox Jio ever
ware lie showed the composition I
3 number ot > Jja friends and at their
NflU t gavq it to1hc Syn for pub
IJcatiouztttrtlwtgtiQfon Hfl1t Jill r
1name be wthKeld
OiiLVn l liJUln 1alr of Daby SIiocsa
wJl V
gRyba Ilttlll tah I ofbby sacks my
t Qthlrsersitit i +
petrp t Dlt + b itni West Ut
vv iAiv r7 T
11 parrotpocltgmerOil lId IKC
vj fI lode Mh chilylrep for they
feuf g
K 11U knlttttng t11atJ1ltiua r ot
ft baby S I tIflme yaL fi <
hJ1 utt I a ti li1apf 14 eockam3
tKiOthar kIt1btfot ine
oJ had JIJ pertyf 8tocks anti
v mds gi ioTe j bat they arc gone
uaH a fod iv ipclety which fthjlr
Worshipped erermore I
ear children Were neglected their
papi wag dejected and when
theirr a
thar stied she uns snubbed ph
hbV happy that family ji < fo
would J 1f 1 I
ie teat ntot7iefhatitremained It
her baby 11ttt r kneoa
And1inIt8 11t1e pirrof baby s tit
like plotter ftiilit for me r
Now r snf r d hdlr i soon 1I1u1fi
pJI1L a pass heiy i trlbtmasfcomes j nPPy
dreainajtm ng and fay
And hang np my Ilmepalrol baby
sacks that mother knit for mo
When time or tide shall wash ate
Til 1 1 bq J me fend 1orsgib y loving l1 Ddf
J b a5t + S toy same old happy homo
1111 S 1151ntN lntho sky Ill be rah
tn baby form rocked to eleeit
iut then canlrear that little Jiatr
baby KSn y mother UjUt I for
i ji
t J 4 1 1 1
11 1
if5t8IMXK com
ij J
o O j
1 j ears now 4s on do war J j
ilfeaps of fun before ui
ClMjttpia < tay dons pans away J
laaeyrjlue deborot r fit
rljrpdal i
pdal IIb ill ti tai tQ tTXt
rl h 1 ro r 1 I
f U1fJ J de hOrui r rkhw 1i
dkTiMthg l
JJ6Ln a lfda3enln crllic
unehneS DJt1lu by apt Jti i
IaJloqo < ow Ina1deGbous
Da hero Slfe la hiest eonV v
iSomo time sad r tOIl1tt Hmo strong ti
SemI time short W1 some time tang
Atlanta Constitutions
if 1
Accidents OraheContt I
O onct of I n1ilcn I
11 fIIj f
i i
Kingston Jamaica Dec 2C = x At t
trot overturned this inoriUng near
Monlcgo Qiy Sixteen of Ihe pafc sey 1
Ecru wtro drowned
lat y
Elks Anti Union Kesoiio lUis
sioi Care For Many
Many Iauilllcs ItaiVlvc IbRk Vts of
Food mill Clalliliif HnlviKloii
i riiy
The poor of Paducah wore well
looked allot yesterday The Salva
tion Ariny the Union Rescue MUr
slow theRlka assisted by the poi
lice and tho colored charity organ
zation went Into the highways and
byways iud found where want was
most pressing and > there food and
clothing anil playthings tbr tho chil
dren werotakcri
A most systematic canvass eras j
made by the police and 1 patrolmtn re
Portcd to + headquarters every calls of
destitution on their beats Chief of
Police Jams Collins was confident
that not fi deserving white case was
The list of names and addesses
was submitted td the lilkg and Sun
day 150 baskets were distributed by
a half dozen wagons Monday hcarly
GO more were lakQI1 arollndA aw
From the Union Rescue Mission
approximately 100 baskets were to
lSi > n JWieso contained food and cloth
nrf I J
lnkjj the most generally celebrat I
ed Christmas ever experienced In Pai
The cimritV CtUjfKi c 7
Tha Charity club Old dSelient
work this t ChrIstmas but did not
distribute any thing expressly fof the
holidays Only those In noed were
furnished food and clotlifjifi and
ChrlBtmasday Mf Jap Toner agent
9for tho club supplied seven families
On Saturday a dozen pails were
made and Monday abound dozen o f
families wero supplied again To =
day the domard has cot been so great
but the cub is ettli lucnlsblng food
and clothing to many
Mr Toner hat an application from
1a 1 woman of mlddJeagi who desires
work at sewing iSlip Is tn experj
seamstress either Its 1 tailoring oK
expert dress making > r 1
PAPERS k < i
r <
> VJ
MrCrarken County olfetllenl Snclety
Irep ave for New Yrarg
j i
Tifc progk
The commwtee otS 1 prografls d r
the McCracken County lltdcafSh 1
pletj Las 3SJliJn i d tht Hfereni dodji
199ttollows M
follow V
i Anatomy JlIfH U i SmUhc M
Soars O A Hamlutt E 1 r Adams
> Pfi lojognrll fJ tK Yotihg
nalph Holt Leillo nfidolph
ChemlstryC It Llghtfobt Wi n
felt A
IJacterloiogy and Pathologysi R
Earle B AcWnshburn V
Practice of Medicine Dr h z
Holland JjTx Reddish H I P SlEuts
R Y 7Klmtiaeught
MeaiatrIcs n n Barle B THall
yBIytho R C Oore W T1 dVaves
General SlIrJeryDrl Fank
UE I Hearno I
Abduu inn Surgery 4 P H Stow I
tH C Rivers vf Bas 9 1
tetrlcs B B Orlmth H nj j
Jj B TroutmAiij S It Shell I
tt 1
jology Drs Delia CaldoH
Harper J T HeddlcH j
lirmatolqgy Drs CJH Brothers ti
Irthe I
FYptflrs II G R nnl4 1Itll t
m10 and ThroatdiB Pufcell I
1Lar L P WJIHanwtic 1
JQ 1ltilnary J Drooks1tj j
Smltb if II I
t irJa t31otlka and Fberapoutlciii 1
P JIiiPer FIJI o1er n J l
e 1 if Jf f
Tho rtjJs t eewngl i9d7 will bo
h9id a p fflrJilrl lljf W 1 Pltlgbt 1
X111 rend ppnpor T9J i + rebro Sp1tal
Meningifs nn ° c tyasnl Puree will
haVe a ipap r onJ > ta95lCatflrrh 1 and
Hr C lflBralbarYI1Jread n paper i 3
oh the Skin The program for Janu
ary And FebruaVyhaK5bcen arrang I
cd calling for wceklrainQ > tlng3 r
Ii llerlulIIl1iJ J4 rery >
dew YorK Dee 2Cr Alexander t
lierkman aalDadlfeAnjirtliint who r
tirwe4 13 Jflndprlion hi Pdnp I
1139la tan attnt thtav to kill lleh 1
r4 C FrlcK dufltfR tW Homestead tI
strlkoj ld i892 has opened a Job
prjiitl I fyofflce A3Qi gast Twonty l
80t enth street With tote al of t Em
ma Qoldm n who Is reputed to taut
hecpmo his wife on ian aparchlttlc l
plan ol trial marriage and other
ftypo f
typo nnd arranging his shop
j I
All tl1ola lul fri are sere they
would bo successful flf only they
tbeylcOllld i I I
rtioJ4 i i4
A Scene from Paul I t JJHmorvh realest KimcfcH At YultVul Tim KH < jitiuky TliuiMlay Night if 1
f 6F dr national o pmby
oXmally elcctcx Oen < Qoy Alfaro
the acting president to bo constitu
tional president for foUr yoar The
election of Alftxro who worked 1
large majority of < the vot Cast fe
very VoPular fr f
Secretary Tuft has nppont < Sd a
bar of ofllwr to meet + Iaouqy 16
nL Sprlngn Jrli tap fottjh lckrpPse
i ascertaining a deslijn of iiA Mite
mar da te1 l
to fulfill therequtremen ij ie nil
Mary service qurtmlnl
JE Roodwee1 K ten t OOl 1
dealers oporatuk amiuoStt Dyti
Vjlp hay ghrought suit tot f 20100
hpalnst 1c DurllngtonIlalJ Tiy < m
puny for coal nhlegtoiQa bitin
pohnscated t y9t
Tho ooDlm tonerS of tlieJame
town exposition have cxprcwoiu theft
dlfwatldtactlon with Iho vrcs > tit con +
dlUon or the prPOMd J lltbttenof
tir f
Uefitn prod y 1 1
Commander Alfred JtiiriiKra in
charge of the steam entaiiQ ring de
I IKtrtmenfof tho Charleston navy
yard tiled yesterday of nponlexjr
A paper manufacturing plant o14t
Marietta Oa was bjtpntMl yesterday
cniiainp A loss 1 > of J20JiWO grid throw
Ing Stt men out of employment
fM Qhrtnicfatl cotoinnndcrof tliq
klJht Jirs SRituan intantr11ne
been killed WliU osfoto t > eartJlApr
Poland by oa uuknowii man iV
J r The Southcin PapHlr strlk < > iha + al
most com pi cutely I cjoacil th3 Sfcm Or
1 tie gateaeyt for tnsorinInenta
trelght to astern ii6tnt
1 iTho suprctuo court of IJttnoM IMS
UAiiet an ardor of absolute disbar
mr nt afalnllt lIt C n augh ntate
a orner of Clnrk UIi V I tl 0
HarlAnd Cleveland ono i r Clndh
natls loodlng eJ oran nd former
ITnlted S4atoet district attorney died
of Drighta < 1 IJeiiso
A gaJ boat with iwehtyflvo parson
on board was overturned matt MorTO
go lay Jamaica Slxli tn of the pa
wngers WIV drpwp d
I f Tho fynorftCofstV16 l Mf > bishop
1CltahttyC J i i hold Mndny
Iin the lIrt Mutb illsC IJtllvopal
Tflo forty gt JI aoq I prc hding
Chrlstma diywarb projjpcyotYerimo
ant111Menot1ri tnan aectlonsbt the
t4qntr 5 k t
O3ivJ t K I Pepper < i w < > ll I I known
dfst tier of Lexington dkdast night
l a tUiisV WvrfAstorl iiOtMn I Now
VorH i
The whole B0i4irji4fc t i f doll n of R1 rho Icy
Krpof antjend in tmf Yrk and
ale v ahetv t there is 1 rauctriiurferlnp
Thom was q decided felumpln I some
of Ujo promlnmit railroad stock on
the NCw < Ycrk exchange Monday
Got Magoon ycstorday dimieil the
dcore sappolntlug a commlsalon to re
iM1 ihii lu ya of Cuba
The S d em4court ot the Tnllu
SUitwQdJoucnod until January 1
I Kn > lil > Il roirwl by Clmnco Ito
iiinrk Shortly llrforo Xrciiioiiy
< i
Hlclvaril Watson a minor living In
the ° a taiinltUnH naT Atlantic City
Wjo dlBOoyered a few hours bet f pro
thoHme net for her marriage to him
tlu ta t young woman who had boon
knVwfa by ih fnomo of Annu MMts
was 111 oft slater M U9s Watson war
kltihapijgil from the home of her par
ate npar Joronto Can when aha
was tour yvafi 41dby Joijie Mills
who win omiijoyed by her father us
si farm fiand Mills brought her up
ft > belief that ho wan her father He
brought her to the Unlit Stoi siand
kept her frtth him iinUlton years ago
whon he d rtcd her In Butte Mont
From tltht tnt8e1tb1lbinli ig
Uhoro ellband > itfon itiht few
months HRO N Y orid
airs Austins Duokwhoat Hour is
hoi of nil Dont forget to ask your
grocer for lit j j J
ASihon words I fl fit woman In an
Argnment she rosOift tft tears
Good coffee sausage nail a pinto of r
Mrs Austins Buckwheat cakes mnko t
n perfect breakfast
Most Ttoplo would fail rehort It p
measured by the golden rule
KTtrjr dose makes you led l better LaxPol
ktepi roar whole Inside right Sold on the
mOD ckpi n ntrwlere Price 801 11011
Not A truth to art or science hass
been given
I But brows havo ached for It and
I souls tolled and striven
And many have striven and many °
1 +
have failed
And many died slain by the truth k a
they assailed
The OsteopathIc science hal been
assailed as vigorously as ever any
world but today It Is rapidly coming i
Into1 Us own as tho people becomeT T 1
bettor acquainted with Itlu10W It
Osteopathy Is an evolution pt tho
science of treating disease It went A
back to tho lint principles In nature
for Us foundation and by taking a
step backward It has made a great
stride forward
It Is merely a commonsense
treatment a method of manipula
lion to restore tho normal conditions
proof nerve control and blood supply to
every organ of tho body by removing
the physical obstruction or stimu
bating or preventing functional ac
tivities as the condition may rc
Tho success I lave had In Padu
cah In treating rheumatism neural
gin nervousness malaria conditions
such ns the tired out rundown feel
lag sick heavy headaches and
utomach disorders are but a repel
oji4of Uiqsuxcqsoa of thq Jclonjo
Como to see mo at anytime and
let mo tell you of Paducah people
you know well who will pb
banoflta received from tho treatment
That the bests
tan give you
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l I clA I Christmas Gift l I
1 t t i From the New Store AJy
J IrI4jfr 1 A Price Concession on Christmas Goods f
1 y MIf you forgot to remember some one with a Christmas giftI I
tor if some oine gave you some money as a gift and you wish to
r purchase vyith Jtthis will interest you
l unoking 1
lcIrf Cent > Off on Smoking Jackets A 1fd
t f 1j3 Msand Lounging Robes t
i aVe Rr aye buf > apfw left but they are choice ones and this reduc iri
A lion offers ycfy a splendid opportunity to save money This mi
I eludes Jacket and robes priced at 18 down
OneThircJ < VV Off on Suspenders f
1We have cut the prJ9d p riethit don all fancy suspenders hatt t
sold above 75 cents t r
T 1
a 25 Per > Cent Off Fine Ties li l J
V iAll i fine grades of ties that sold above 1 have been cut one = t
fy tf fourth Now is the time to remember a friend or lay l in a supply I
sWior yourself J r
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