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The Paducah weekly sun. (Paducah, Ky.) 1902-19??, December 26, 1906, Paducah Weekly Sun, Image 7

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yr I I
t lBU l The Return of Sherlock IJolmes
Sr r
runilll clierKdleim iTul iliT TeliT t1
Sto no feeling of despondency Tbe In
taut that the clang or the prison door
bad n enured him that he wan safe
4 from Interruption ho Imd felt all
round the walls ant flooring to eee
what manner of place this might ho l
His search bud ended In the discovery
A of n small fireplace nt one corner nnd
4of two great cluniny billets of wood
whlcb Bcvined to have ben left there
to servo as pillows for the prisoners
k Having FatlsIIwI himself that tho chim
Iniixiaslble to paM even his bend up It t
ho drew the two blocks of wood over
to the window nnd was able by pine
log ono above the other and standing
on tiptoe nu the highest to roach the
lmrn which guarded It Drawing him
L self up and fixing ono toe In an In
equality of the wnll ho managed to
look out on to the courtyard which
they had Just quitted Tim carriage
mid Ic Vlvonne were paRxlilg out
through the gate as he looked nUll he
heard n nfimicnt later the slain of the
heavy door and the clatter of hoof
from the troop ot bargemen outside
TIm Hcnescbal and hU retainers had
rj dUappoarr I the torcheK too were
gone and nave for tho measured tread
of n pair of HcntlncU In the yard twen
o ty feet lienratli htm nil was silent
t throughout tho great castle
f I The window was largo enough to
I pan his Ixxly through It It were not
for Ihoao liarx Ho shook them and
hung his weight upon then but they
wcro ns thick an his thumb and firmly
welded then gettlug some strong hold
for his other foot 1m supported him
self by one hand while ho picked with
his knlfn nt the setting of the Iron It
wns cement an nmooth an glaM nUll ns
t hard nu umrlilo Ills knife turned
S whon he tried to lonxon It But there
trait 9111 tho Mono It was sandstone
not so very hard It he could cut
groove In It ho might he able to draw
out han cement and all He Hprang
down to tho floor ngnln and was think
Inc how bo should boot set to work
whiii a gronn drew his attention to his
companion HainetliliiR on your mlndV said
Anio iivcn AlttlUK down upon bin
billets ot wood What was It then 1 i
The RuanlKiiian here made a move I
ment of Impatloncp Wliat was It i
t Hqw < an yon IIIIk we when you know
nl writ an I do till wretched illuru
of my mission It wan th > KhiKn
wish itlllt the anIJilJop liquid JII ITT
thorn The archbishop xhoulil have
bcou nt the Imhlle by now Ah I can
L HO the kings cabinet I can wo him
V Von it 111 I mil IH > tnndnme waiting I
S ran hear them speak of the unhappy
Do Catlnat
I son all Hint tilt tho American
stolidly nut I HOC nomrthliiB more I
Miat thonr
I see the archbishop tying them up I
I He could not lie at the palace I
s On the contrary bo readied the pal
ncc nbout half nn hour ego
Do Cntlnat rprnng to Isis feet At the
palace his Hrrciunod t Then who ntvo
blm thl 1IIIIlOKI
I illd saul Amos Oreon
It the American had expected to sue
prlso or delight bin companion by this
t curt announcement be was woefully
dlxappolnled tot Do Cntlimt approach 1
nl him with 0 taco which was full of
sympathy nnd trouble
4sly donr frlond mid he I have
been nelllnh nod thpuphtlcj flint fall
from your homo lion rlinkpti you lucre
than you think Lie flown upon this
straw nnd soc It n llttlo sheep may
dl I tell you Hint the bishop Is there
cried Aino Oreon
Ho In he Is l said De Catlnat pooth
Ingly lIel In most certaInly there I
tnwt that you have no pain V
The Amerlran raved In the nlr with
his knotted 1 fists Von thliiU tbnt Im
crazed bo cried ml by the eternal
k you nro enough to mnke me ol When
j I ssy that I sent the bIshop I mean
9 that I HOW to the Job You remember
when I stopped back to your friend tliu
major It was the soldlcrw turn to grow ox
cited now Volir he crlod gripping
tho others nrin
Well AThon wo scud n scout Into tho
wood If tho matter i U worth It we
send n second one nt another hour and
so ono or other conies back with his
hair on ThnllI tlm Iroquois fashion
and n good fashion too
My God 1 bellevo that you hove
Bayou inch
1 I wont Imtk to the major then and
I asked hlni when he was In Paris to
pass by the archbishop door 1 show
cd him this lump of chalk If I weve
boon there snld I youll see n great
cross mi tho left side of the iloorpot
If theres no cross then pull tho latch
t and nnk the hlxhop If hell come up to
Ibo palace nu quirk as hili horses cnn
bring him The major started an hour
after us Hn would bo hi Paris by half
past 10 the bishop would bo la his car
riage by 11 ami ht t would rench Vvr
I salllos half an hour ago tmt III l to say
H about half past i2 i By the Lord I
thInk Ive driven 111111 bIT hIs hoacll
Do Catlunt spun roiiud the cell now
waving his arms and his legs with his
ihadow capering up the wall behind
Mm all distorted In tbo moonlight
Oh If I could but do something for
youl ho exclaimed
You can then Lie down on that
I sleept
t By persuasions and n little pushing
be got his delighted companion on to
r his couch again and heaped the straw
HJE lluito t seryjoas ajjlanke
J z 1
I So weary wall tho young guardsman
that It was long past noon nndtJlOI
run was shining out of a cloudless bluo
iky before he awoke For a moment
g I with the rude arch of the dungeon
I I mooting In tour rough hewn grolnlllg
jibovo I his head bo stared about him
1tn i bewilderment Then In an Instant
the doings of the day before his misI I
lion tho ambuscade his Imprisonment
all flashed back to him and ho sprang
to his feet His comrade who had
been dozing In the corner Jumped up
also at tho first movement with his
hand on his knife and a sinister
glance directed toward tbo door
Qb Its you Is It sulk ho I
thought It w M the man They brought
those two loaves nnd a Jug of water
Just about dawn when I was fettling
down for n ivit
And did ho say anything
Xo It was the little black one
Simon tboy t cnllod him
The same He laid Ufo things down
nnd was gone I thought that maybe
It bo cnmo ngnln wo mlgljt get him to
stop May bo It wo got those stirrup
leathern round his ankles bo would
fell 1111 where we arc and what Is to
be done with us
IVhnw Wbstdoerit matter since
our mlAnbn Is don cr
It may not matter to ypulbcrcs
no accounting for tastes but It mat
tees a good doal to me Im not used
to Hitting In n bole like a bear In n
trap waiting for what other folki
chsOTo to dp with me
Theres no help but patience my
1 dont know that Id get more
help out of n bar and n few pegs
He opened bis coat and took out a
short piece of muted Iron and throe
small thick pieces of wood sharpened
at one end
Where did you get those then
Those are my nights work The
bar 1 U till top ono of the grate I had
11 Job to loosen I It but there It Is I The
> cgn I whittled out of that log You
fo pig tiiiiilM ono goes In bore
where I have picked a hole between
the stones Thou Ive made this other
I log Into It nmllet and with two crack
thero It U I firm fixed so that you ran
put your weight on It Now these two
go In the name way Into the holes
above hero Sol Now you free you tan
stamt ujllhPit and look Jut of that
wludow without asking too t much of
your too Joint Try It
Do Cnllnat sprung up and looked
eagerly out between the bars
1 I do not know the place said he
shaking his head Jt may be nny ono
of thirty castles which lie upon the
south side of Paris and within nix or
seven leagues of It
Ho wan dropping back to the floor
and put hits weight upon the bar To
his amazement It came away In his
Look Amos look I be cried l
Ah youve found It out Well I
did that during tho night I could
make no way with my knife butt when
I got tbo bar out of the grate Iman I
aged faster Ill put this one back
now or some of those folk dowubclow
may notice that we hare got It loose
Are they all loose
Only tho one at present but well
get the other two out lurlnfftho night
You can take that bar out nnd work
with It while I use my own picker at
the other Yotrsee the stone Is soft
nud by grinding It you soon make n
groove along which you can slip i tlio
bar It will be mighty < jueerlfjjwo
cant clear a road for ourselves Uc joro
Well but even It we could get put
Into the courtyard whero could wo
turu to thelll
One thing at n ttipc friend Any
way there Is more air In thd yard
than In hero and when the window Is i
clear we shall soon plan out tlio rcst t
The two comrades did not dare to
do nny work during the day fbr fear
they should ho surprised by tlnj Jailer
or observed from without TIll Mutant
that night fell they were both tin1 upon
the pegs grinding away at the haril
stone and tugging at tho bars it was
a ralny night and there was i Blmrli
thunderstorm but they could set very
well while the shadow of tho arched
window prevented their bejng > ftotiit
Before midnight they had looscii V 000
liar and the other wan Just l > eslmiltjj <
to give when some slight nolsotenJw
Ihctii turn their heads nnd therolwjj
their Jailer stniidlng open mouthcj la I
the middle of the cell staring up aV
them t
U was DC Catlnat who observed him
first and bo sprang down at him hi
nn Instant with his bar but At his
movement the man rushed for the door
and drew It after him Just ollni
AmeHeanVr tool whizzed past his ear
and down the passage
It Is scarce worth while to go on
told Do Catlnat
Wo may ns well be doing that as
anything elee If ray picker had ben
811 Inch lower Id have had him Well
aufybe hell get a stroke or break fts
DIrk down those stairs Ive nothing
to work with noVIr but a few rubs wltb
your bar will finish the Job Ah dear
you are right Dud wo nro fairly treed H
To be Continued
Out oC nearly 220000 miles 01
railway fa 4ho United Status pnl
4000 miles are equipped with blocl
Customs of Observing Day In
Germanys Royal Homo
Giant TIll Sully Dccoralril fur Im
JHTliil Family Kaiser Speaks
To All
The Beschcorung as the distribu
then of slftfj under the spreading
Christmas tree ta called In Germany
Is divided Intb two parts First comes
one for tho members of tho Imporlal
household from the meanest kitchen
scullion upwards andJlils taftes place 1
In a large gallery of tho None Pa laid
Hundreds of small tables arc placed
there each covered with presents
and the whole scene Is dominated by
a Christmas tree a perfect giant ol
Its kind and magnificently vivid with
Its I myriad of varloolored candles
stars and erf scents of gold and silver
crystal Icicles Iridescent snowballs
and hundreds of other glittering
baubles Each and every one of the I
servants higher and lower officials
la spoken to personally by kaiser and
kalserln and tho meritorious old ser
vltorif are slapped on the shoulder
aBd greeted with a few kindly phrases I
Tho bowing and scraping handkiss
ing and formal expressions ofxthanks
having at last come to a close tho
second part of the Bescheerung takes
That Is the one exclusively for tho
Imperial family themselves It al
ways taken place In the iMuschcU al
that I Immqnse hall hi tho Neues I
Ialals the decoration of which Is In I
motherofpearl and beautiful sea
shells ond clusters of coral of < very
Wnd h For this evening tho hall Is
bordered on each side by evergreens
holly and mistletoe forming two
graceful hedges wherein dark green
is enlivened by scarlet berries mak
Ing a fine elfect1A beautiful little
structure representative of tho Man
ger showing the ChrlsSchlld the
Virgin Mother and tho Shepherd L
King In adoration Is set up In iacpr
nor of the hall This Is always ibo I
special task of the kaiser himself
When the Beschcerung Is In full I
Wait everywhere are heard cries of
Oh and Ah Delight surprise
and gratitude on all sides 1 Mother
and father smothered under a shower
of kisses their children running to
and fro Inspecting breathlessly now
lytmoarthed treasures pficyolng those
of brother and sister < Most capti
vating the stern kaiser Is then
Standing beforcr his own 11 lIt
he shows all the boyish good naturo
and curiosity of his sons poking his
nose Into this box or that case mak
ing pretense of being unable to untlo
a parcel wrapped up with particular
cunning glancing through flome how
books or a portfolio of rare prints
emlHng laughing and shouting and
being a child again among children
Wolf von Schlerbrand In December r
Tho American Magnzlno Has
Changed Hand
For lot years It was Losllos popu
lar monthly I >
Ida M Tarbell whortToto IVIncoJn
and the famous Sto fN jnockefi f
Icr William Allen hltq the well I
known Kansas editor I P Dunn
creator of Mr Woloy Ray Stan
nar4 Baker and Lincoln Sfcffens er4
under the leadership of John S
rhiKlps now editing Tho American I
110 rlZlneI
Never before lite sucU a brilliant
group bcen trathpred together and I
they arc not only contributing them
solves butVfy filling the magazine
with the ver > Qtet rvovpls and short l
stories aijilrgr at timely articles b r i
other famous fjters And boouUtul I
pictures by griSt artlsta
1 IartISlnII II
The regula prlce fop the twelve I
numbers of Tie Amerloftn Magazine
Is 7120 IJUjo i enough as it Is but
far a llmitc tlmo you can go tho N oi
vember and i ppcwnbcr 19OG num
hers with av tilt years subscription I
for 1907 fora dollar or
II Number for Only ftoo I
Think of ttl Think of the quality
of roadlngiju get Cor1iIO Think i
of the quauittyat least two great I
hvvMs 98 short stprlou 28 poems 70
jjmoly articles S < VO beautiful plcti i
Ures and all for 100
tfow About Your Winter Reading
n Cut this offer out write your
immd and address on a slip of paper
and mall Jl with 100 Send it now
today before tho special 14 l
months offer is withdrawn Send It
by chjck postal money order or a L
dollurblll at tho pubKshorn risk to
Tho American Magazine 141 Fifth I
Avenue NOW York city
Hard Times
A thief brokp Into a millionaires
mantlon early tho other morning
and found himself In tho music room
Hearing footsteps approaching TIC I
took refuge behind a screen
From 8 to 9 oclock the eldest L
daughter had a singing lesson
i From 9 to 10 oclock the second I
daughter took a piano lesson l
From 10 to It oclock the oldest L
son had a violin lesson
Il I rom 11 toU the other eon bail I
a lonon on tn i tliite V
At 12iC all the 1 rovers and sis
tnrt assembled and stule4 an qar
RplUtlDg piece for yols piano vie
111 frh v < rWn from be
hind the screenfat n 45 and Call
Ingat their feetcrlfedj i f
For hJ 1vcn8 take have me ar
Couldnt Find It
Gay Ioch of Kansas never took
any stock jn the rajnnukers who I
In yean past picked upa good deal
of money from farmers In thin Sun
flower state At one time the rial
dents of Marion were subscribing to
pay for some rainmaking experi
ments Mr Hoch declined to chip In
had an elderly deacon quoted feel
ingly The Lord lovetb a cheerful I
Riven Hoch replied I recognIze I
tlie quotation but let me remind you I
of 7nothert A fool and his money I
aro toon parted Dons forget that
Where do you find that In the Scrip
tures asked tho deacon Why la
Bartholomew lllsD answered Hoch
moving away Tho deacon and his
friends hunted up a Bible and not t
for same tlmo did they djecover that l
there wAs no such book In tho scrip
Origin of the JtolliMlilhJs
The foamier of the Rothschild tam
ily Awschel loseS nothschlld kept l I
a coin store at 152 Judengasse or
Jewish quarter Frankfortonthe
MaIn Before this shop was display
ed a red shied hence the nllme
Ttothscblld Amschel deaft In curl
O3ltcsf arli g goods and old sold and I 1
His son Maya Arschel was born i
In 1743 and died 1U18112 He like his
father continued In the coin business 1
In the course of his coin business ho
met a collector the court banker to
Ibo Landgrave of Hesse This bank
or was so Impressed by 1 M 1a yerbuil
neB ability that tic loaned him money I
for lnvestment apd It was In this way
that tho great banking firm of Roths f
child was established Elder
An oporttmlty In ottered a limited
number of desirable persots to tour
Old Mexico lu special Pullman pal
ace cars
A personally conducted tour start
ing January 113th by representatives
familiar with every point i of historic
Interest on thti route Tbe lUncrary
corers a period of thirty days of
8ight lngvatid lo unusually com I
photo satrsfaclory and interesting r
The coat ot the tour is cry tow and
inembere of the party Absolutely ror
laved of all responsibility regarding
arrangements If Interested write ii I
for i > arUcu > an > at once
Kentucky Tour Association
J 510512 MagonlR bItJpgb9u1t l I
tile Ky or C H Uungerford Dis
trict Passenger Agent Southern Rail I
way Louisville ICy 1
Christmas and New Vcar Holiday
Tho Illinois Central R R Co will t
sell tickets tdtiU points on tholr line
and to all points south of tha O ilo
and Potomac rivers atid east Jf > the
Mississippi river also to irlous
points In tho west northwest and
southwest Rate one and onethird
fare plus 26conlsi Dates of sale De I
cember 20 i l V22 23 242530 1
Anil 31 190G and January 1st 1907 f
final limit 7th 1907 For further 1
particulars apply to
Agent 510 Broad way
T A toton Depot
I Dead FillS
Few people probably know hat
dead flies have a commercial lu u
As reported from London they cbine
annually In barrels to thd English
capital where they are sold at auc
tion and finally serve as food for
birds and goldish They como frpm t
Brazil where they hover close abovo
the surface of the Amazon river and
aro caught In nets by the fishermen I I
Until recently a pound of dead flies
tost In London tlvopence but th
growing demand fpr which h et i
no corresponding stipply has increa
Pl tho price to a shilling and a halt
a pound New York Tribune x
Dont your conscience some lme
trouble you about thing you have to
do In financial deals A little
answered Mr DustJu staX Wbdte2 o
ypil do in Such aca 0r t I Wf
a U wy er Waslilhgton Star
If 4
iicerporsteL I j
27ColIemla 18 Suit POmjTlM as
rated or money KBFUNOBO AIM tech BV
MAIL CataJorD will pinTtBt you Ff
ffiSittoni TK BBST Call ovine 4 oi
rat logue
the Prices Below JI t
Made Until Dec 3 iflf
Gold Shell Crown 22k MI3ff6
Gold Filling 100
SI1verFl1IlngsM 00
Plato Fillings w 75
Bridge work and all grades ot
plate workguarantecd Painless
extraction of teeth
Sixth t anct DENTIST Brpadj
And Fonr Others wounded Bjr
Flying Bullets
Striking Mliuix nnd Juanls 1 lIgugo
Iii Tcirlflc Battle Christ
nias Kvc
C J DOUOIIKUTY mine guard
luiLlR MAIJXY minor killed
WIII allAY minor klllod
li I MOORE mine guard four
woundx ulll die
t8UI IJARNEUYj miner three
wounds dying
arm HEXIIY DKIUNKY miner shot In I
Bturgls Ky Dec 2GThree men 1
were killed and four probably fatally
wounded > In a battle Monday nJght
betwoen guards employed bj > 4 tho
West t Kentucky Coal company and l
the striking minors at this place t
Of the wounded one man < 15Ionol
expected to live Until mornilng VThe
other wounded are under guard in
too office of tho coal company by
Oftesn mcunbers of the union
The flgbt ocurred in a Downtown L
street and a half mlla from the milne
Just what precipitated tbe aUlpn i
not 1e learned as It broke out sud
denly and continued until fully tvfVn
tyQve shots had been flrd Jmmedl
atpjy after tho firing had ceased > wn
era of Btyres and shops lockiJ up
thiofr placa and the tow i was quiet t
with tht exception of the force of r
mltisre standing guard over the
wounded men
Time members of the miners union
haveboeu on a itrlke for a ear and I
two toonths The West Kentucky
company ihaft been worWng nonunion
men unSer guards almost r
and Berlbu8 trouble hax been expected
Roller Skallng
Did you ioer notice the number
of men walking ardund with their
hands behlhid their backst t demand
cd a Ibcalclub man who prides hIm <
bolt on being ob trRoc llnga
hegatvv reply the observant nSan i
conilnued Keep your eyes opened
TsJiouIlrbfi lIurprle4f ftihowma
ny there are Pro gol t tho aniwer too I
Roller Skating is the cause Your
roller sjcateriand hero1 are tbousr
ands of him jot course likes to looic
easy and graceful glldlngarounll with
his hands b tilndlim as though he
wasnt jnatanj ail effort The habit I
clings when ho g tsvoft tils wheels I
sea a lot J of girls and women who al
eo unconsciously jaKune tho post
tion of a skater l jqille walking on tho
stMot Phliadelphia Record
A certain profe eor rM giving his i
pupils a lectUfe qn ScoUand end the i
Scots Theo Ivarrfy m nbb said CI t
think gtlitng l of swimming 1 across 1
th Tar three tlmeaovory morning
before ak atto
Sud4enI a loud burst of laughter
camo front > ho cent + of < tho hall and
the pVofesqotv ahiiiSdiiat the idea of
any ono 3arng to1nUrrupt him In
the inlddld tif his kkturei angrIly
askodjtio offender what he meant by
l5 iw jut jhilklng sir11 replied
the lad ihat hef poocScotch chaps
wpuldflndthemfeelves tin thewrong
side for l1i lrclOtheli when they
4ahdedNoveinbpr Lipplne3ttL
Overth < 1 mnr Wcildmigs
SQurretlKg I tt of Metropollf hat d
a iit 4Y day Monday whefa
U from Paducah I pieentetI
before him j armed with
nss The couples woe 3
and Murtha Njckleu
a RI and Itoia Thomas I
Ca r ralfcjin and Crcna Clark I
chorge til and Amelia NaIl
ThIownoil the Cowling
p r Krlolids 1
r lp litt friend Ytiu
Iuig yqu i l when you gnu ll1
J IHt 1 dlth not hirci t toe me I Y06 r
Sfek te4 Wo to indrrx hlin 1
tt4n imo etluild eat nie imp
Itmttal C Brat udto JPJI I ha d 1
always heard that 7iis I faVorUa dish 1
atlantic tates from MefegrettdiorfiK
I Platter gg17
Mt ihb Matrimonial Ago 11
4 i Iadanie l biyo plcked OIltl
fcNilnK hus r arler7pm Qnfy I l
1i ifyou netfathowMiSi sportsman
totA ot jantomo illnif moUntiin
pllrapig bicycling ahdpailoVnlng
vA iloant J hough g11Oant 1
ypib lvo mo something that lasts I
longfcri1 l TranH U for Transat
lantl Tales trpnvTilpg nda tiiatt
lItheitG pd morning Mrj JOnes I
You dont siem to mInd tho head
Jones suilyi houM say not
Aliwy frlcnila tie Bi BnijjBe the
cold shouiairV TcaMlate t for
iTranslantlo Tale l from Jburnal
Lots o1i money that man marry
1 Iqountek i
Iqounteky i
AWdiiccotd I ift t
As thadbp rred and etaet
malli Verlt Prcscrfn
tiOii is t efficlfnt remedy errcRU
lating l a the wnmaiuljfunctionscomrcct
lag al III < QI prtIapius an liver
lion an uoverslonovreomlrig 1iIniui l
61IQfJs hug imp the nflVl18 and bring
l IlhiI1Muit a perFect state ofnealth U
Iareti LIII backache wrlodeal headaches
tHO IragRlngdown distress Id the pelvic
region tho pain and tenderness over
lOwer abdominal region dries up the
pelvic etarrhal drah so disagreeable
and eakOlJlnlf and Dverconles every
form of vpakness incPnt to the organs
dtttlnctlr feminine
I Kavorlto Prescription Is the only
medicine for women the maker of
which art not afraid to print their
formula on the bottle wrapper thni
taking their patrons nto their full 1 I con
ndence Ins tbo Pnly iscdlclnn for
women every ingredient of which has
the strongest possible endorsement of
the most < fealnent medical practitIoners
aim writers of our day recommending
It for this diseases for which Favorite
putup > medicine for women sold
through druggists which does not con
taln I large pprccntagc of alcohol so
harmful In the long rm especially to
delicate women It bts morn genuine
cures to Its credit thanall Other medi
cines for women combined having
saved thousands of sufferers from the
It has restored delicate weak women to
strong and vigorous health and virility
making motherhood possible where there
was barrenness before thereby brighten
lag and makmgibappy many thbussnds
of homos by the advent of little cues to
ttraiathen the marital bonds and add
sunshine where gloom and despondency
bad reigned before
t Writ to Dr RV Fierce Ho will send
you coed fatherly professional advice
In a plain scaled envelope absolutely
fren Address him at Uulfalo N Y
Dr PlftrcQs Plewant PolleU do not
gripe They effectually clcinso the iyt
torn of accumulated ImpUrltlav
The Peoplnt Common en o Medical
Advisor by Dr Pierce 1006 puges Is sent
free on receipt ofS stamps to pay expense
of mailing wiy Send 21 l onecent stamp
for Ihia book In paper covers or 31 stamps
U above
Charms Morris ami August In Daly
In The American Magazine for De
cember Clara MOttle writes of a ban
tiuet given by her manager Augustin
Daly Miss Morris was dressed in a
black grenadine over which she and
Daly had quarreled At the banquet
t e was unexpectedly called upon for
aTspeech tier first speech Reading
It almost makes ypUr own knees
Sot the east interesting part of
the story Is Miss Morris account of
the spat sheotidDaly had before tho
banquet Miss Morris refused to go
b ause she possessed no suitable
You onty require a very simple
dress salA Sir Daly
jMr DaliVyou are acquainted with
tibth my shabby strjiet dresses I
KaVorbesldfirth m onf > soTno ntht l
drcsfefr anil I fancy they are barrbd
for a banqUeji
Ho Dds angry I was sorry
t Please MrDaly < dont bo yexedI
Jtjibw no and In New York I will
H6verbe missed
f Then Indeed the storm broke ito
1ahcUs d me fit meanness Incredible J
tat I wished bo my absence to make
1t myself a dram lBJCIndcrellavTb
use tM r sympathy > bfthepi bllc
add with botH up and eyes blinded
with tears f walked out and home
Two sulky sullen days then
Miss Morris can you be ready In
halt an hour fltter curtainfall to
tide Over tolhe hotel with Mrs Oil
bVrt on Saturday night l
iUdrew a long breath t I cant
KoslrV > <
j S You will got
pNir I have no desire tulip
ri1lllatq Plcr mysef YlU know I I
Qit rgcf to W banqqet IV a worn and
shabby streefjdress1
And roUl now you have only Jo
n rno tho establlshnSent you favor to
liavQ a suitabla costume III onto Jiq
draw a checkbpbk toward him A
sound wordlftis sound came from my
throat Hq gl nced UpPs Ue1l
laughed a nftvous little laughV sad
exclaimed 1 Youyotmll i l die I pq the
eaffold jf youre not cnrefuir <
If I dplt will bu for Tesehttatf
an Insult like thlsl t vj
r I beg ybur pardon Iberoi DO
Jrtsult l In a manager prpvldin fqrfa
d iBss T
IFor a play I I broke ip You I
have iiVoydedJtwo for meln the new
play but when a man pays for tay
personal clothing that man will lie
niy husband ghoL my manager
There Js a VrfcnandouB power In
character when aded to ability A
1reat mltnfil ou W s tluinkthiat ability
is i everything thsiit a man has brain
ppwer heKnvac Pmpilib inert any
thing t but bo Is a ji hUwpl ghVnian
rip matter how able If he does not
add character to his nblllty1t ucccss
Magazine g
1soutemell I find It taftps 1 lesicofir i i
r > A n i + i > < T VPK
At t ace Jho worlc1 than to facE
i cot JI e I z 1
tj < to >
D 12 H
IE 1 oJi USIJP r I
lB B l i1h4CoI3IINIl Q
1IIlIIIiltllrtri tf I
Jo 1 >
PlijQS iiiil Q lJAM
Sell Ovn f nstalimeats and i
take old lBstr meaU til 1
ez ang
K P BourqulC tuner1
< J <
Wg I
t IW
t tU hiH
c < I1
L f
Steamer 6biiIj 1
L caves u 1 1 I nnah iiecern
ber IS for Louisville l j3y it J
ville Paducah Memphis r
and all way points k
Through rale to Helens
Vicksburg and Pine BloJTi
Ark < arriving Padncah Sap
urday December 15
Eothit honesitBSA 55
IIa erporAtedjI
Daily Hxcept Sunday H
Steamers Jo Fowler and j
Tlll and way landings at XljiY JBY
Special excursion rate a tS1
feet from Paducah to KTaiUT jL
return 400 Elegant mMU 1
1boat 1 1
j St r 0 d
< I jrl
JMVetl Paducah for CiIro < Mtw f
landings at 8 ai m fcarp
cept Sunday Special scust l
now In effect irom Patacalr t
and return with or without
and room Qood tatulc aa4
l1rpalsedMI 0 1 f
For turthaLiloriMilett J I
Q A Fowler l4braPass
Given Fowler Xt1PH9 Atf
FowlerCruml Ugli ces f a
Both phoaeS 81 it
> I r
JuV 4 oUr iinMiulrlf
lvrwcrI t I
FOE rN1le vw
tti i
1 tt
4q LP
Leve PJR k for Tisu
ET r7 Wednesday at 4 p
Thj company act r1sMibP
for invoice chargw a4s pu
by the clerk ot U > 0ft4 t
List of new Biibsjrlbvr b7
the Host TeniirsseoelepI
pany today
Ei 44 fWeathiwfprd J lila
klevllle 1 1
llfiO4 Tortan 3 A jL Ilefiton
lG51lflodguru p i F F B
Noh r i
ISGCa drlni Tcjiy Ldmi
C20a Charity Club Ki
avenue j A
Wp have Jn tre arijoTeT
scribers gr five UnifaMa tM
Independent compicy re
city an4 within thfcCountyjj It
63 times < u many s bKrl tbi
IndependeEt company Yc ni
place a telephone itf TourJ
at the same rate the indepea 4
pany5l2 ipiosed 1 hiige
TitW In ddlHonrlonK dlstai
Ueflwjikih villl enihle ypai
fully fifty million p ipla tf
saie o
Call 300 for urweciformMQo
i t
Nsw Dit
Pt4siF F
Bivrcot Uta quickest Cure ft
THKOAT and XtriQx
r oaJ tkrooma
hotel it tlM rftyi
1 CtumttM FJ4M11 j
ffeflrlJa 4 1
1if itN lW
J 1 W Wtqig
I BrookportI
kis 1 I by

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