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The Paducah weekly sun. (Paducah, Ky.) 1902-19??, December 26, 1906, Paducah Weekly Sun, Image 8

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indow Glam
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the cannon craclfer
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Pew a cannon crpckeron
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miker exploded with
4and tore a targe
fey and wrecUoJ five
Fri htene4 Rorper
rung near Flevnpth
h gta some one threw
acker unddr a team
bkm Lultrell driver
rt BreijfBg company
were frightened tie
trt the high seat ana
cH a way as to break
sin his left wrist The
e ed by Dr J W
Gla s
d hgen South Sixth
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lpf WAoot and cat
L fry iwas dressed ty
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Ir I night t tat n ff
me aflnartiuy tcnyearrol A J
I rtfu > d ttikeI Iti fvj
What dla youse do dat for
1 Cause t knoi d de nilanltTtrWI t
taid a drink IdValte ptsivdd 1
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lttd roiD a
youngun Vbu regard society as
merely > tiiacWfle dp you Wel1 v fai I
part lot tlie machine aorou coasfdeV I
Oldfia t = OH youre one oC the cranks
t ThovB t sire Could Do
1iJ axtrlre1a ° nq4tal fJ i l
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Mile Ito ii syx r
Dust itdutplyt some cbatbosed
Why Eats payl c ag little asIcaa <
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A ave6it1 0 F your de f Tn Xar
Yps Ieall him rdrle Greeny
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l 4 Y U t OBSEPD
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tJe r i x
Manner till loor nnd Kiilcrtal
° nicnt Fralurc of Grace Kplscopal
Sunday Sellout
A Christmas service was bed yes
Wrdey morning at Grace Episcopal
hutch Thti music was very fine and
I ipnI std of a number of especial
Obi tmas anthems Tho soloists
w vwxMlsa > Faith Langstaft and Miss
iiel Oallssl The church was
iutlfully decorated In the Christ
hr ene
The Rev David C Wrights sermon
was from the text And there ehMl
J sign unto you ye shall find the
wrapped in swaddling clothes
jgln a manger and cmphaiszcd
tbo asceselty of receiving religion a
altttgchildcc CTirtat camo to earth
in that toTKt to dwell among men
Tie jStiB iky school of Grace Epis
copyyTChvhad1 its annual Otaist
mea furtVai this afternoon A beau
tifnt nwivger fuss arranged in the
jnrrlr < a d the pupils pktcod in it
Itlif fOfviie poor of the city This
wijs ji y ezf pretty and Impressive
rembhy Afterwards the Sunday
schootadJ irMd to the parish house
whereClAtetcas tree was lighted
For th u a choo1 pupils and
cuoh n A gift Thla was a
ua a children hsShcyhod
opee4o o have th4 pie aura
gftdng e tge oor ygam
wer e nerved
r i lI t Jtesbytcr
irpadodjasfunl ir
padodjasfunl to wJt
ChrI tma2trcaMBd hearr
proSmm Seret hundree
membor9ot tJrs1 nday f
thatch tenkzpph a
missions and vpg c re
colvedlrull att t fits to
First pst f
Tft lrst Iki t t c tYtplt a
tree wasty
t 4S
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1 S Frinck 1
ehurplr imhresMy t4chotl
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tended n wu gihut
and ylalioYe
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re9ulted jItlte deatk
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men In lyceeat that tb1
uternoon wbR Cdhuctd
has fight esroea
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1i1 ttrine YY > piy A
Bert Roplvvat wr ad Monday
t Sto4kat pncoq the
irI mtjtkert 926 It bfu street
tlw Catyi Tjompsep bmctat
starhan i
Ia lgdycah iiom
Th etith
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Ya a tliso by
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1f11ll sRlrte11R1rn t r
TlftmlnyTl > aul l Gllmoro In At
Friday inntlnec pud night = lloyta
A Munch orKcjs
MnnsflcldH Beau llninunel
Dandified egotistic sardonic phil
osophical Imperturbale noble human
but never lovable Beau Bruminel
Mites In the Impersonation of nlchard
Mansfield Who presented the play by
that name for the first time Christmas
I eve before a Paducah audience Crit
ics have aiwayn been forced lo fall
back on Manflelds jlhysltlal imper
fections of voice and mannerisms in
their efforts to save themselves from
fulsome praise of his purely dramatic
productions Mr Mansfield the
critics and public Join In proclaiming
Beau Bruramel the great artists
greatest creation and glancing back
over tho half score of Characters M
has made famous there Is none other
that stands forth so human TO real
or one other that keeps Us bold on
the theatergoing public lko Beau
Brummel Tho very excess of dignity
wlthwhlch the character Is Invested
the Imperturbrablllty which must be
maintained until the Chattered hulk
of tho once famous beau sinks under
the weight of poverty hunger and
age make the TOle difficult of por
trayal and liable to overacting even
in the hands of a mater buC not
once during the fourtracts and six
scenes does Mansfelda rmlt tho Bin
sion to be marred rfls work 3s so
perfect that a spectator does not do
Justice to his effort
Only in tho last act are the natu
ral limitations of Mr Mansfield 4n ev
idence and then not in his delinea
tion of the character but Jnferentlal l
f from the sort of characters in which
Tier has been successful Ills Beau
Brummo clinging to the forms of
egariceiBven when the > go forms are
rjdlculbusly contrasted With his obvi
bus helplessness and want Is a rnrq
workof art but Beau Brommel la
< bnrybjcct never pathetic One can
n tjimiconiparo the Beau Btnouael
A to < > garret In Calais with some of
thjjIprwiWtora portrayed by tho late
Jcei > lr Jefferson and > Sol SmSlh Bus
letlr tender pathetic flgupesJn their
poyptiy and oJdi age Such depths of
Plt oS and gentle humor are beyond
qf beneath Man flcld He Is usacn
tlllythe Intellectual artist and His
art Ja buldcd on conscious effort the
rcal anus of Intense appHcatl < ffi
Jjlio P genius too his excels jn
II tai 1gentu II
die ducUol III an that could be
fe3tpept 4 4 + wlth Mansfields accurac J
ntf thftrpughnwa Evwy pIece of
pro ty and scenery every chair nv
jrvQ lns usdd in the production Is
cjtjrle4 on the Mapsfleld apedal The
Interior of bartetyn house probably
hls flcaUy correct b magnificent
Thocostumes are of course just
right and they sup beautiful The
special music flu tIM music of tho lime
of Beau Bruramet
The company If I excellent all other
characters naturally being subordi
rated to that of Beau Brummet The
work of Mies Irene Pramir In < the
part of Marlanha Vincent might 6e
improved I blLt poor Marldnna has po
i t rany calls to make what is termed In
the reading editions of Stpgkcspeare
lWIUI nsldev that they detract She
oeago much thinking aloud the In
genuity of tho playwright might f Im
rove on some of her linos and tip
tf the compe lty of hw emotions
and the confusion of her heart to
the audience In some less direct way
Berry IV nman its Oliver VJncent
ws good Walter Howe as Morti
mer Brummels valet Marc McDor
mott aa Abraham and Ernest O
Varde as Reginald all has oppor
upDU 3 and acquitted themselves
Rh honors Of the women aside
jromMfcs i rahar > ltei Eleanor Bar
jn the role of Mrs StAubyn had
i wba 1r opportunity and made good
u Brummel Is one of those IlOr
cleaar playa without the least
llpn of even naughtiness a
t t tHat should always o publicly
d done of its kind They are
tMbwquent enough not to mSkd tho
Inul Cillmorv
irhing PauTcilmore whole to
In At Yrtkat The Ken
Thursdfly nlght the Tampa
h vt lieu other attractions
but the 1 opening or 4thc play
hoii1 n k tlnight when Paul
Gllmoie hiO1ourtlt annual sap
aeetTampai this time in a
w play ioii onf jwrltten especially
Ilstachartdlng picture of eel
athl ll itfe At Yale In a
witerd ereib practically no
l musty
ot 1 euperitir order of
Hsr t S pd presented Jn a
riBjanner to ariuse the
enthu 4IeIt the pralse that
ar eyldexgthe usual crowded
eIe pt the Caslno last
iTaer uslaem and prshe
tt ° ttue much tie pUroly
oThvat 9 tiefB of the pruduo
lurIlprdatglW9i3r at ra e vueno but
wther1U a touches of httnsaA
lsfarre vhf t aria eocleverly brought
opv nd to erly manner In
Ii M portrayed the
rn pathetic abused
R t n +
but finally undoratood Dick 3oe4ey
the stroke of the winning crow HJ
a play of exuberant action as all eel 1
lege plays should be and as this par
ticular college play centers about a
very exciting race between Yale and
Harvard It la more than unusually
Hoyls A Bunch of Kiys
After nil Is told and done there
can be no mistaking the character of
stage entertainment which vouch
safes the greater amount of pleasur
able enjoyment to the masses of the
ater patrons ltis for amusement
solely that the beat patronage la I
given to the playhouse How well dPd
the late Charles H Hoyt understand
and appreelato this colossal truth
whan with the aid of Willie Edouln
hernattaged to evolve such a pro
nouncodjhlt 1w A Bunch of Keys
signftll d wow years ago when It may
lie isalil the whole world of amuse
ment was suddenly end agreeably as
tounded by tho Introduction of a II
ries of laughable Incidents jfdrqltly
and Ingeniously strung together and
cleverly Interspersed with popular
musical gems Indeed It was A
Bunch of Keys which set the pace
for all later las palleif comedy juc
ce 9cs r Iii M1 I
A Branch of Keys Mill ijo pre
sented at The Kentucky 1 rda maf
Ineo nnd night s i
Jlodl vku bi JInclxtli 1
MadaMe Helena i Olodjeslca whpso
exquisite art and lorabl character
are known and adralrod baJi patrons
of the dramrfrv Is this > easbrjr m klni
her fiireKyU tffur Her early appcJV
lincoln 1hisC ty wfll bo made t ooc
castoff of a grwit dompiistrntfon by
her host of frleniis airtonfi 6uV Ijlayj
goers She wlU Daiy Maitj th Jan
Mary 3 at The kepiuclcy On that
occasion the Knights hf Columbus a
will entertain her 0 I
The lets Were Off
A woman has no scncc of humor
they say said Miss Leslie Leigh of
the Isle of Spice company but
this has always struck rue as being
the best story 1 ever heard iilke
eQ arty arid Jacob Schmidt r wefo <
fishing frlmn pier ono day and
finally one of them bet the other no
that he would catch the flrst fish oM1
the other took the bet and the two
kep on flshlng earnestly until noon
It was a warm day and Schmidt over
come by tho heat felfc Into the water +
This aroused McCarty who was oJsp
dozing If youre going to dive for
thorn the bets off fee cafd to his
companion struggling in the water
IDrcyfaii Cn e Shame or JovcniHicnty
v Yiiidirotlon Glory of l > cOiIo
Ydu rill t sir understand thq
rIC st triumpluulcsaydu martyr
aetJJ his trli mp y unlau y u ktlow t
vaguely at leastu onjethinS JiFlhU
third republic ofran rre which was
born in the Ignominy I of treachery
and defeat wblchnif d and lives In
the greater Ignominy of financial and
political scandals edandals soslnlstcr
that only those who live in the Iiatln
world can comprehend thefrjslgiiin
cance Even RB th Qlanaf affair
sbawel1how the rutsa of the tltrd
repuhlic Rouvier Crlmenceau ash d
many Juiotherriwtfre bought and
Bold In corruptlori jjje tawdrier Hu >
bert cane demonstrated that tho judo
tiary from tho puard o > Seals down
tb the casual JuilRe was capable bt
conspiring for wholesale theft Tho
third republic Is a polypus with three
tentacles bureaucratic judlclalmll
Mary Panama proclaimed the In
famy of the bureaucracy thd mon
strous theft set on toot by < bld Hum
bert the minister of justice and
guard of seals proclaimed that of
the judiciary It was reserved for tho
Dreyfus case to uncover the JrhljUary
Ignomfn not of France 1J1pr c you
but of the third republic wijtjh I Is > a
very different thing fj
In a way you know the story of
the young captain studious and good
whlwas caught up In is tentacular
orbit but you do not know It all
What Ufniost wonderftfjrin Il is tbo
fierce and sudden uprlslqg hq uman
ity in this old Latin worfd J tiieemed
for a while that the thlrajepubllc l
was a sewer notlsslma fq laIq
which all Ideals were drowjjed Then
as though summoned by a maker of
miracles there rose tills white idea
of humanity greater than the lovU
of countr race or religion man
love for man the hate of Injustice
anger against the lie What spok d i
then was the collective fitful of r
Franco and In that voice wasttieard I
the august ana savage wisdom of the
people peasants of the fields art d t
helots of the mines the people
When once that voice was heard tho
end way no longer In doubt Thd
drama row from its first baso acts
of Bhlclde murder forgery perjury
delation 1t became a revolution at t
once social and political It caught
Up in Jts swirling folds this young j
captain studious aolo Jtnd made
pt tilm a battle flaga point of al
t ltn rallying point thvs mule
and center of one of theereat hams I
movements af this age or any age
Nor did the civilized world stand I
nsido conten to 3vatch thQ battle
It poured millions of fighting money
Into France Us great men fought i tI
wlthjen > and voice in fill known Jan
gjiagea of Biirope local Ideals of
C r j
On Smoking Jackets
Robes Suspenders
Neckwear Sweaters
r d
t t
T HE Christmas shopping t
made a big raid on allof
this class of f high grade goods
and to sell it out before inven °
t ry we have put the knife to the
regular prices
All smoking jackets now one
fourthoff a 5 =
1fourth 1
fourth off 1 +
All fine suspenders now one
rfourth f off 41I
childrens sweaterss ohae fourths
off I
This is a good time to lay in
i Go a supply of any of these very
i useful articles Its a money
moneyr r
I i
5 1 E Go Pttlt t
4a5 I
4 40ft 413 BROADWAY
Hotel j Marlboroughi
Broadway 36th and 37th Sta Herald I square New York
P vs lot Rw tl50 std upward IJOO and upward with bath Parlor Bodrom1IIS Bath
31OOntraberstwopersenaapraalsapesmtrnrrc DatilI I
wnrrn ron uaoutrrr
Now located at s
J I Glaubers Stable A
We Vre ready for all kinds ef bitullngrt
1TELErUONE 1 yk t
race and Patriotism worn forgotten
this war WAS humanity war That
was the argots of n nation for
while DrJFfus hung chained to that
Devils Heck In the southern seas
France wfs thrown like a dead girl
to the lampreys and eels of anarchy
Succesf Magazine
t its Illll and Scissors Duel
labar IaDoc 26Franl 101
le l andjJohn Mcrcono fought a des
perate fuel by moonlight In a field
near here last night When found by
lha police both were almost dead
from w undo and loss of blood Four
ra ors od two pairs of scissors were
found m Mcrcenos pockets Ho Is a
The Iubstltutlon of t hu yard > on
ally for the loss of the ball when a
forward pass hits tho ground
The abolition of the 5yard rule
froracenter In the forward pass
The allowing of two forward pasres
In one scrimmage If Ute first doea not
cross the line of scrimmage
I jjq Increase In the number of
dawns in which to make 10 yards
The allowing of the exchanging of
positions between tho linemen and
bacUsipjpvIdlng drat such a skirt
lil 1idoI 1
Most Centrally Located Hotel on I
to 25 IraJinu theatres Completely
renovated and transformed in everyr
department Uptodite In all re
I < ct > Ttphone In each room
Four Beautiful Dining Room J
with Capacity 1200ft
The Famous t
FamousGerman d
German Restaurant
10 Broadvrayi chief attraction for Spe
cial Food Dishes and Popular Music V cI I
lanttta flin 4M IMIDI tti alt Iki
docs not produce mass plays
Tho abolition of the rule prohib
iting tackling below the knew
lure I keeping of fivo men on tho side
I lino back three yards from tho grid
The Increase to the time of play
to thtrtyflvo minute halves and tho
taking out of time for distance pen
alties a
I i The discard of the second umpire
1 Tho framing of a rule protecting
tho player catching a punt
The giving of tho control of the
progress artd condition of tho ball to
the referee and the directing of tho
umpire to look after the paqeres k
alollOf s
N 0ah ST L nv t
I Fare and a third plus 23c round
raundI I
1st Mmlt Jan 7th 1907 to local
and through points Including nil the
I Southeast and many points West
FOr particulars inquire of ticket of
I fice
No 430 Broadway phone 212
Norton street depot phone 22 Tick
et offla Union depot Phono 85
rM arr

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