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The Paducah weekly sun. (Paducah, Ky.) 1902-19??, December 26, 1906, Paducah Weekly Sun, Image 9

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a11CKII41Y i > icKAinin so
f But Householder
rFar It
lop Hoiho 1 right Ill txl
li Thrown and
Window Gln
atlas of the Homa Tele
any suffeieil loss In a
jj through the holiday eel
Hh the cannon cracker
Afternoon at 4 oclock
hro v a cannon cracker on
xprchi 211 SOulh Fourth
f bracker exploded with
o d and tore a large
parry A and wrecked flve
Frlghtenel horse
jyrnlnR near Eleventh
streets some one throw
ir cracker under a team
tbpm Luttrell driver
cah Brewing company
B were frightened Ho
rem the high scat and
ich a way at to break
01n his left wrist The
rested by Dr J W
likgugh liars
Ins on South Sixth
fctTeins4ce Direct was
jmiCtjfepanlons yesterday
rusthis right hand
Slasa of a door and cut
k r fUrilury = was dreswdt y
i ndl ytA
L tAnR11ALS1t
ttivSoutiiaU Jr Hop
Fir Purdy Bandana
Cegtralia Ili W
D C Roberts
r ManesDaQear
ham Cesar
In St bouts
j y jjjr < 5 Smith
G R n M aylleld
C raIl1 J B us
Ift i
r SPi Hiarri St Louis
Chcas6 JM 1 p Dolan
M Hpeper Ashfand
B tf llchelson Cairo
i Jdnosboro Ark
lied J W Jones
A kInt WeUocoo
ltd E Hackett
I LCpsby Slayneld S
Cal J C
itp enn M C Robortaeu
Foreman Metropolis
t hAlva Okla A 1
Wick CllntonrIL 1a
4Bentonc qv C Austin
f Ma E H Cooper
F sot 2tL pent
w n promised pet
opV5Vro today given
Nehojtatoff and fives
s Lt fJ llthq courtmar
Den rying tho cora
t y pMcpfji of hI tauad
tridfrlns to the Japa
R 9QhI L
doee > noL aunt to hear
Lyon rj It sits fort e
t l
a 1 A 1 y
fI like pretense to
otrekttitb 1 1mPllhJ
iy Countenance + Pa
w Liglrena With
r lappttneasr
K hahe you gloomy
PT ppy with continual
iseY idf paln of a bad back
J t a t t ha curee sick kld +
UT aa bappy
tc n
v d
with l
Ayes sA ac ti
pert inn
ri Y
R t YLy t
I 1 dreamt las night tint a guj1 o erd
1 me n floart uv tenyearold vfUslfeyTjMiti
1 1 refuwd f take If I 1
IWltat I did youse do datforl
Cause I knowd de nllnnlt I tried f
take n drink Id wake up
ICausc I J
Ills Ponlllon j
YouuGunYbU regard society II
merely n machine do you Well wbnt
part of the machine do you conslder
me Oldnn Ob youre one of the cranks
The ° Det Sho Oonld Do
Pomply a trills concpitedhum
used to t having people pay at least l a
llttlo attention td what I am saying I
Miss Homlly 1jf 1
Miss Itotnply somewhat I relj
Why I am paying na little nsI can
Mr Pomplyt <
Have Toni pamed your dog yet Har
rr j
Yes I call him Paris Oreen 1
Dear mel Why is that2gt
M gtCause HI
hOsfough on rntllI I f
1 1k
Not to He Cornrr l
Ptt bami
mlJO enjoy tli o alarm a eaGer
JstlIycIllt britigsatM
1i4a t
t 1i4LY < M w
3haglt ii1 dcslre6
I 1
f I aI
wtWi aft 5it r nat t
0 ylr 1
r ilna It rdltitllt
S li
I It
f 1J t
J + i t iU rs
cif t 1
t i
rrlCts Ana ieL I i
L r 1Zf
t i y
Manner for IVor and Kutrrtiilit
iiiint IVatuit of trace Uplscupnl
Sunday School
I A Christmas service wets bed yes
torday morn4ng at Grace EpKopell
I I burch Thw music was very fine and I
cbnslstod of a number of especal
ChrIstmas anthems Tlio soloists
rtfcho < Miss Faith Langstaff and Miss
r Hhol I Callsl 1 The church was
beutlfullx decorated In the Christ
OAq greens
The Rev David C Wrights sermon
was + from the text And there hMl
be l8lgn unto you ye shall find the
tfjitl wrapped in swaddling clothej
flying > In a manger and empKalszed
the necessity of receiving religion 04
a little child as Christ came to earth
ia that form to dwell t among tnen
Tho Sunday school of Grace Epis
copal church had Its annual Christ
mas foslirail this afternoon A beau
tiful I manger was arranged In the
church and tho pupils placed in it
gifts for ho poor of the city This
ha aeery pretty and Impressive
ceremony eri Afterwards the Sunday
school adJo rned to tho jwrish house
whereto CbVlstcas tree was lighted
for tbefjJumlay school pupils and
wch iisfglyen a gift This was a
suriirlit3 Kot t e children ill s they had
atpedcdon to have thijasure of
I y7gling1othadPoor
were paycil iliDd light Wfr wtira nts
were served n J 1
FIy t I 1nsbytcVthn I b i
rho F > ltstt Presbyterlarj t 1r 1
packed 1tsf night to wltffewf tinj
Christmas treeribd hear tft
I program Serera lhundrvh t1
member of hltA fttnday l isr r tl nl f
I that chuftt artiJ Ujzpah j a 1jJhbJon
mlsslongfand vbslnng chl1 dr6n t rev
calved fruit aJq ndyoui vita
Claus h
J t
liTt i
Tn + gFIr t Baptfttjfcbu hRl 1
tree ChIstmassve1 M a +
yih t1t14Mlirls jk iSnies i r ro of
alt S frrrrelSlt tf l r Ca Nll
church Impresalve ervlheld
yesterday 1 hero lTattJ 1t C
wscs3o A
330 p m 1dt q f1l g dsat
tended n1 1 rhomus wa I eagtllul i
and elaborate 1 It 4
I 1 f
YiI q 1if
rjrrlldb JHI > rl ri
At th rml1nlqt r1 church
there WK iChrktmda rorv hold In I
I German torday t < wUh spccIaJ 1 music
ClirlstJims Toe J i
ToeThe I
The Ohriatman Uws last 1 night at
fbi laet Baptist ehurof Ith < 5
Glithrw ar nuv Methodist ur1
e large sucrtuiesr Pr4ituv +
given by tho ebtldreti were au elt
tfbj Je feature > Theirce at the Ur
Itoscue liss14n I soil be gtf011
IJn5t I
Instead of Thureday evening aj
nouns d it
rIIE Ea noFg KH lt
yIx 1
furious 11acoVltios Break jtlnt Si
CqJumbui > OHsM Doc Gn1Ia >
bl Kpoif jccelviod I bero today from
ScooUn Matettbat tf race 7h > ttr or
I ponwthing 1 i rimflar to 11 I oaii Otis
broke out aOjliat prate toga i1
resulted In the death p f n
negroes Tbele were hilJowr
I hilJowrInfurlatoowJIt
Infuriated whites and ittYhoieved
from guarded Jtatemenis i dog jbyy
men In Scoobn that this Woat sa
that general cone nit rri ae Sun
afternoon when Conductor Cop r
had his fight tiitn negroes opjTfei
train near Wehalalii MC
t I a
Popular Q uMri
Miss A > irlne You i lave Viand Af
bprt OMlcau tf6r tiufrTf < dl Monday
Hi Sijitcjock at tliieetdcnceohe j i
brIdeTmnthBr 920 Trlm > fu street
the iVjjT CalrJn Thompsoiy ofnclat
pf The gtoohm is a populaf sniotor
Wan fbMN ltiIaducahTtacttfan < com
f fkny TheIff ltie la a ojk l ttCGuth
Hee lmmedlatery itter btt e eniox
borne at il p6 > TrfraWe Tilre r >
J t
rFalul 1ui AOPRrt11l t
vow Yo Dc2c four cnnady
ind JnnI I enJed 4taatlMelnat1I tv
er atabIP baf dtor i hourIa
pdy rln 11 17 Uf itltd4 ii f ore CoIi
nody r1 1 > atljilted I vr one
htoiof 111ttlonl4 Unr 1abbeJ
tItrt i S It 1 ieeb r Iit brain
ltbr J nIWdY yGl ar y8Y over
t11tausef I flue ft tt 4 > t v
NQ mi f r Ai i lUj l 4l
U hhuwet
li J tif1jt Io I tJ
WUL 1r
iwt i
TlinrMlny 1aul GHnioro In At
Friday I inntlncc niul night lloyts
i A Bunch otlcyc
MaiisllcldN Beau llniininrl
Dandified csotfcttc sardonic phil
osophlral 1mi > erturbale noble human
hut never lovable Beau nnimmel
IhS In tho imperxmatton of Richard
Mansfield who presented tho play by
that namo for the first time Christmas
eve before a Padnrah audence Grit
ics have always been forced to fall
back on Manflelds physlclal Imper
fections of voice and mannerisms In
their efforts to save themselves from
fulsome pralso of huts purely dramatic
productions Mr Mansfield the
critics and public join 1n proclaiming
Beau Drummed the great artists
greatest creation and glancing bark
over the half score of Characters be
has made famous there Is none opiiiT
khat stands forth co human so real
or one other that keep Its hold on
tho thoatorgolng public like Beau
Brumiuel Tho very excels of dignity
with which the character Is Invested
the imperturbability which must be
maintained until the Chattered hulk
of the once famous beau sinks under
the weight of poverty hunger and
afte mako ± the role difficult of por
trayal and liable to overacting even
In the hands of a master but not
once during the four acts and six
scenes dots Mansfleldrffermlt the Illu
sion to be marred its work Is so
i perfect that a Bportator does not do
justice to his effort
Only In the lad act are the natu
ral limitations of Mr Mansfield in ev
idence and then not In his delinea
tion of the character but Inferential
ly from the sort of characterS In which
hehas been successful Ills Beau
Brummo clinging to the forms of
elegance even when thrive forms are
ridiculous contrasted alth his obvi
bus helplessness and want Is a rare
workpf art but Beau Brummel Is
mbijbject never pathetic One can
n > t but compare the Beau Brummel 1
A tho garret In Calais with some of
thejjjfhwraetorsi portrayed by the late
Jofeplr Jefferson and Sol Smith line
teljf tender pathetic figures tn their
poypity and od age Such depths of
pathos and gentle humor arc beyond
V beneath Mansfield He Is essen
tially tho intellectual artist and hU
art Js bulded on conscious effort the
rtal spnius of Intense appNoatUm
UkxJ evfcry genius too his excels In
di r a j
Th e p ducton Is ail that oould be
ept pt tO < rtwth xiansHeldrt accuracy
anid hqroitHhneiJv Evory piece of
prdfy and scenery every chair ov
frUln l i used in the production Is
et let on tho Mansfield special Tho
ulterior of JJarletpn house probably
historically correct is magnificent
Tbo costumes are of raises Jiui
right and they alp beautiful The
special music is th music of the time
of Beau Brummel
The company Is excellent al other
characters naturally being subordi
nate d to that of Beau Brummel The
work of Miss Irene IraWr In the
part of Marlanna Vincent might lie
Improved but poor Marlanna has O
ninny calls to make what Is termed In
the reading editions of Shakespeare
walls aside that they detract She
jioeaK much thinking alollli the In
genuity of the playwright might Im
prove on some of her lines and Op
off the complexity of her emotions
and the confusion of her heart to
the audience In somo less direct way
Henry JVennian as Oliver Vincent
was god Walter Howe as Morti
mer Drummers valet Marc McDer
mott as Abraham and Ernest C
Varde as Reginald all has opi > or
timttlen and acquitted themselves
Vhh honors Of the women aside
from II1s Prahar Miss Eleanor Dar
iS n the role of Mrs St Aubyn had
o besj opportunity and made good
1 jBjau Brummcl Is one of those por
astfy clean plays without tho least
tigpstlon of even naughtiness a
merit that should always be publicly
corded ono of Its kind They are
Ittfirquent enough not to mitko tho
t Paul Gilmore
rnlng POUT G limor0w Is to
lies l Un At Yale at The Ken
lijcfiyHrhnrsdaj night tho Tampa
rbcrlhaTO hek other attractions
iU the TBay y OasIno this season
but the Frel l opening of Attic pay
hoard ocr il unred last night when Paul
Gilmore nwde hlji + fotirtli annual bp
iwaranco tk 1 Tampa this time In a
hew play and one wrltten especially
for hima charming picture of col
Iegeathjetl4 life At Yale In a
City c wherp tJIlJIOtl Is l practically no
college Jplrlt i a college play must
neccsawfr Jrf of a wi > erlor order of
meritItttbdPresentedIn a
nostiftttfJIta manner to arouse the
enthusiasm Iui elicit the praise that
way evident 4 tnltbe usual crowded
iiimoro hone at the Casino last
Vastn4Slit 1
wer t not dues d much o the purely
fcolleglute atmoshere Ii the produc
lieu uor tothoRreat 9 scene but
rather Ib ibatlttjf touches of humafl
nature which artitoClwirly brought
aiil and to liy iiflgt terly t manner n
Wlih rrGUn r Portrayed the
handtatdmanff l pa1hfJUc abused
r ojJ 1
a1Y tot
1 JjiJi
but finally understood Dick Sooley
the stroke of the winning crow it 19 1
a play of exuberant action as all ool
lego plays should be and as this par
ticular college play centers about a
very exciting raco between Yale ind
Harvard It in more Oran unusually
lloyts A Hunch ut > 1 Keys
After all Is mid and done there
can be no mistaking tho charucUr of
stage entertainment which vouch
safes the greater amount of pleasur
able enjoyment to the masses of the
ater Ilaironslt is for Anuisement
solely that tho best patronage Is
given to the playhouse How well dhl
the late Charles It Hoyt understand
and appreciate this colossal truth
when with the aid of Villlc KUouIn
he managed 10 evolve much a pro
nouncod > bit is A Bunch of Keys
slgnalleil 1 sumo years ago when It ma
le safil t the whole world of amuse
ment was suddenly and agreeably as
tounded by the Introduction of a s
ries of Vaughablo Incidents jdroltly
and Ingeniously strung toscthor and I
cleverly Interspersed with popular
musical gems Indeed l It was A
Bunch of Keys which set tho pace I
for all later day socalted comedy iuc
res ICS i
A Bunrh of Keys will be pre
sented at The Kentucky Friday wJ vj
Ineo and night
ModJ sku In Macbtth
Madame Helena l Modjeska whose
exquisite ert and lovable character
are known and admired by all patrons
of the ilramrf is this season niakuiR t
her farewell tcfur 1Ir early apper
IV co In this city will bo made the oc
casion ot3 great demonstration by
her host of friends among our i > lay
goers She wlU play Macbeth Jan
µ iary 3 at The Kentucky On that
occasion the Knights of Columbus
will entertain her
Tin Bets Wlre Off
A woman has no Benro of humor
they say said Miss Leslie Leigh of
the Isle of Spire company but
this has always struck roe as being
the best story I ever heard Mike
McCarty and Jacob Schmidt wero
fishlng frm a pier one day nnd
finally one of them bet tho other nO
that he would catch the first nllhj
the other took the bet and tho two
kep on fishing earnestly until noon
It was a warm day and Schmidt over
come by tho heat fell Into the wator
This aroused McCarty who was also
dozing It youre going to dive for
thorn the bets off he said to his
companion struggling In the water
Ilrcyfu CAM Slmnu of invrrnincnl
Vliullratlon dlory of IMiple
Ydu wtIEl Aetq understand the
ftqslc story of Djvfua his martyr
Satin > his trlumplffiunlewyou know t
vaguely at least ttjoni bathing nf this
third republic of inure which was
born In the Ignominy of treachery
and defeat whcb lly d and lives In I
the greater Ignominy of financial and
political scandals scandals poslnistcr
that only I those who live In Ute fiat n
world can comprehend thrVilKnifl
cance Even as thg Iananfl affair
showed bow the rulSrs of the third II I
rcput > lic Roiivljr Clemcnceau dftd II I
many mother w < Jro bought and I
sold In corruption jje tawdrier Hum
bert case demonstrated that the judl
tlary from the ftuard or Seals down I
to the casual midge was capable of
conspiring for wholesale theft The
third republic is a polypus with three
tentacles bureaucratic judicial mil
itary Panama proclaimed the In
famy of the bureaucracy the mon
strolls theft set on fool by did Hum
bert tho mnlstor of justice and I
guard of seals proclaimed that of
the Judiciary it was reserved for the
Dreyfup case to uncover the mljltary
Ignomfny not of France qinrV you
but of the third republic wfalclt Is a
very different thing
In a way you know the story of
the young captain studious and good I
whbtwas caught up in Its 1 tentacular
orbit hut you do not know It all
What Is most wonderful In It Is the
fierce and sudden uprlBiijgbf human
ity In this old Latin world Jt icomell I
for a while that the thlrd i republic
was a sewe1 notisslma fo > aln I
which all ideals were drowned Then
as though summoned by a maker of r
miracles therd rose this white Ideal I
of humanity greater than the love
of countr race or religion man s
love for man the hate of Injustice
anger against the lie What ipokd
then was the collective soul of f
France and In that voice wasfieard y
the august and savage wisdom of the
people peasants of the fields and
helots of the minesthe people
When once that voice was heard the
end wan no longer In doubt The
drama rows from Its first base acts
of sMclJo murder forgery perjury
delation It became a revolution at t
once social and political It caught l
up In Its twirling folds this young
captain studious and gouJ and made
of him a battle flaga point of at
taclea rallying pointthe mute
and center nf one of thcgreat human I
movements of this age or any ago
Nor did theI civilized world stand i
nfililn mntpnw to watch the battle
It poured millions of fighting money
Into France Its great men fought t
with pen and voice in all known Ian
guages of Europe local Ideals of
M e
On Smoking Jackets
Robes Suspenders
Neckwear Sweaters
THE Christmas shoppingr
L made a big raid on allof r
this class of high grade goods
and to sell it out before inven
Tory we have put the knife to theI I
regular prices I
All smoking jackets now one
fourth f off f
All lounging robes now one
fourth off s
All fillJ
fourth offI I
andg i
childrens sweaters onefourthII II
offThis I
This is a good time to lay inI
a supply of any of these very
useful articles Its a money
± ± q k
Hotel Marlborougli
Broadway hand 37th Stsl Herald Square New York
31t entnlY l eatrd IlIrcln
Ilf ajwav Only urn luinutc vik °
tn i5 lrai llintrc bngrrrh
crye b
Y o C ilcjartmi ri tptodate in a1 l rc
rJ siMrt 1drph nie in each ft rm
1i 4 Four Beautiful Dining Roomsr
I t f4 ljly l lwith l capacity of f I200 r
9 The Famous
1r J German Restaurant
i Ilrniiltrayi chief attnctinn fur spe
1 vial Kod Duhci and Popular Muiic
tartptia Mm 409 IHOI 2SI Buhi
F n fa Rsagr t50 and upward 1200 and ur + fJ with tuiti Park IJnlraanMo with
withO 1
Now located at
i Glaubers Stable
We are ready for all kinds of hauling
Ik f
race and patriotism wero forgotten
this war ins humanitys war That
was the ftragidy of n nation for
while Dr < mim hung chained to that
Devils Iwck In the southern seas
France wls thrown like a dead girl
to the 11 preys and eels of iiiiarchy
rSuccor Magazine
rturns anil Sflwni Duets
6haron 1 Pa Dec rranl Po
lelil anlllJohn Jtercene tOlllht a dOM
purate duel by moonlight In a fluid
near here last night When found by
from wpunds and loss of blood Four
razors llllldll wli pairs of scissors were
ao I
Thetsubsllttitlon of 1 13yard pcn l
alty for tho Ions of the ball when a
torwatd lass hits tho ground 1
The abftHtlon of t tho fiyard rule
from Center III the forward pass
The allowing of two forward passes
In one scrimmage If the first does not
cross the line of ecrlmmage
fiCrlmmagI I ofj j
downs In which to mako 10 yards I
oft 1
I positions between the linemen and
tbacks providing that such a shift
IJl k
d > oa not priHluco mass plays
The abolition of the rule prohib
ling tackling below the kneel
Th keeping of five men on the adds
lino back three yards froti Hie grid
i Iron
I I Tho Incroato to the time of play
to thirtyfive minute halve aril tho
taking out of time for distance pen I
The discard of tile second umpire
The framing of a rule proteethtgM
the player catching a punt
The giving of tho control of the
progress and condition of the ball to
tho referee and the directing ot the
umpire to look after the nkiyura l
utloueCIIIllSIIAS I O IT X n
X p fi ST It II V
Fare andn third plus 25c round
trip Tickets on sale Doc 2oth tn r
23th and 30th and that and Jan t
lilt Mmlt Jan 7th ID07 to local
and through points I Including nil the
Southeast and many points Woat
No ISO Broadway Phone 212
Norton street depot phone 22 Tick
et oinco f Union depot Phono 85

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