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Tim Roman candlo niikinci liuull
1c looked after by the police without
fall Tito streets are crowded hy poo
Vto day ml night and the IxiyK make
jt very dnnncruiis Tor them to pass In
tlictuoM puljlle places Tlify tdiool
sicross the streets through ami Into
windows and eoti shoot at each oili
er ovor people ItciuR Many com
philnts have been Tirade nnd tonight
the oillcers will have Instructions to
keep all such disorderly boy oiT the
IhereNnwi too much shooting of
Jlrc crackers It alright for the Ixiyt
to have Christinas hut theres no
necessity for ImvliiK It too soon o
matter what n IxiyV Intention may
be It does not repair the broken
MTHuon that thuhore runs away with
ami does not euro the eye that H put
uit by the carelev youriKhtur with
the popping crarker The boyi should
bo cartful on the street1
Attorney loslnh llarrUU peculiar
ly utTcctcd when he makes a speech
in court before a Judge or Jury He
becomes m engrossed In what he Is
siyliKi and his brain become mi In
volved In rhat he Is thlnklnjr thar
Jiocnnnot hear himself talk lie
knowe ho Is nayliik It but does not
licay hlmseir
nat may sound funny bo vald
to the writer yesterday but it was
always the cao with me I never
hear Ileum so Im deaf
for Im not but because mv mind Is
concentrated on Mmielitliitf else I
made a sHtth the other day and was
sifterwanls told of eursil things 1
isald but I did not know It -had no
recollection ortsiyimr nnj thing of the
kind t has always been my peculi
arity tolxdeaf to my owuwnnk
And MimoMiucii the Jury Is deaf to
them alMi concluded tin mjjor
wim a smile
Attorney llnl Oirlnitts frlondsan
enjoying a gol Joke at IiU expense
He Is ono of lMdiieahs mest talented
and brightest lawyers but on account
of his lx Mi face always wreathed
In untiles he Is sometimes misjudged
by those who dont know him
The other day a negro was brought
Into circuit court charged with some
olTctisv and Attorney Corliett was ap
pointed to defend him As the law
yer was pointed out to the prisoner
and he was told to go ovor and conult
wltli him the culprit looked htm
over a moment and then stld
Jvdgc 1 pleads guilty
Friday is the name of a very line
jnnlel dog that formerly liolonged to
Mr A a Khistoln 1rlday Is now
the property of Oil John MoXultv
or uie lTitmer and
Friday wiveU Col
from destruction ir
Ills life lkifore he
the othor nlghl
McNultyA home
he did not save
retired Col Mc-
ulli piled the lire with coal and
left the dog On the rug In front o JL
In Iho early hours bo wus awakened
by the nnlmal barking and Jumping
on the lied Ho loolreil up and found
the rug on tlru fsinie of thocoiil hav
ing popped rstt Friday seeiiied to
appreciate the thanks that were bo
Ktowwl on him In the form of an ex
tra ruoi breakfast and thore Is talk
of miVklng him an honorary niumbur
of the lire deiiatrnient
City Clerk 1attcrson Is tho jHisses
sor or a pipe that lias seen many year
ofKorvlcc It was given him by the
late Mr John Smedluy and Is nicer
Mitauin Ho ltis hinoked It twelve
years and It Is ntlll a most sorvlea
blo article despltotlio fact that It has
been broken and repaired by a silver
band being placed around it It was
once a large pipe but has been burn
ed and cut away until It Is greatly re
duced beyond Its original slzo Every
Iwdy who knows tho clerk Is familiar
with his pipe
There Is moro than ono yomigtor
who attended the reception of fttnta
Clans In front of a down town store
yesterday who now has It In for
Santy Tho hoso has been turned
on their ardor until It Is sadly damp
ened by tho Icy stream of disappoint
Up in the third story oj a building
was a small platform projecting over
the iiavcmcnL On tho olatfonn in
Ti full view of tho gathering crowds
were noverii ixiski isoi ioys iuai were
to bo given to tho children As the
young people ennio and saw they
stayed You couldnt Induce them to
leave The crowd constantly grew
for tho vJslhlo toys that were to be
given Ilko salvation without money
and without price held them as a
- magnet When old ftuity hove in
Right there was a mar from hundreds
of little throats and the distribution
begun Then camo tho fun Gallant
ry and garments were thrown to the
winds The boys and girls scrambled
together as the toys were tossed from
the third story window and when
Ono descended and camo within reach
It was seized by half a docu willing
bands Somebody always got 11 share
Tho dolls wero distributed piecemeal
somo of tho boys having n leg some
an arm and others most any old thing
Eyorytlmo a toy camo down many
Jiandswcro outstretched to grab It
Finally tho girls couldnt stand tho
gait tho boys were setting and re
tired The boys began to throw each
others hats out pf reach so thoy
wouldnt bo around when the toys
came down nndsoon If any boy had
a hat It was In his pocket Finally
one of the luskets with what was loft
lit ltas thrown own It fared no
bottcr than anything else It was torn
asunder beforo It touched the ground
When tho stnoko of liattle cleared
uwarnud the spectators began w end
ing their vay homo there were about
20 boya who had no liats They wen
wandering almlesly alwut wltli Ifro
koa dolls and w gons alnly punch
it I the citys mud for their lost
ht mhI caps
fejUofwiti lUln ktownus tlio
Htn who Mywjadpt ws founcl Wk
itJMtrbjdUih x u
A Mnnfo Curio Tragedy
Mr Ioppe of CJerrnnnj with Ida wife
unci u friend wertt to Monte Carlo re
cently to uln a fortune on a siiresjsi
tern of Wttlnp dcvlicd by the friend
lliry lost 2000 rtid determine 6
commit ulelile Thu three mttdoun on
tlic bench at Antlbcs then walked Into
toe water up to thtlrnecko ench held
n trtoher and nt n word from loppc
put It lotlielicndandflred Tlieloppei
were killed instantly hut tho friend
untied long enough to tell thertnrt
Chicago Inter Ocean
The rope line n Delila
Ilo Nonn liequenthed to the church
JOoooooo h nticsln gold ItoXlIUin
nlrcndy doubled that Mim which Is tlf
iioillcd onioncmrloti Kurotiekti banU
The holy sec lias no debt thone nlilci
existed hating boen paid by the pros
tnt pope Albany Argui
Uluoilhouuils Kan Down
posed Cattle Thieves-
ICtiHScll 1cldn anil Jcao Workman
A co Cutturc
vvuras K a ltussell
Fields and Jwtt Workman have been
rapturvil liycnrnireil fArniersSvktUbv
nut of bloodlioiimK NNorkhiau cs
caixsl froii m tlutchos of bis cap
tfs mill lied to the Obion river bot
tom where ho was again captured
and tied with ropes
There has been a regular tattd oV
organkeil cattle Ibldrts in this lm
niellitc ot0rt who have made their
headquarters In Obion river Ixittom
Many horses and cattle have mysteri
ously disappeared
A few nights ngo Joo Harris 11
farmer lost six head of cattle nird
found that they were cold by Httssc
Fields It ww learned that Fields
llvetl wllli his n irents near
villi1 seven miles south of Fulton
where It was supposed Uc was then
Several men from Fulton collected
and carrying bloodhounds ct out for
Kuthvllle In quest of Fields They
followed him and a new shoe was
round that had been dropped by the
fugitive The dogs kept up the chase
for alwut two miles to a place where
it Is suppose lie got into a friends
buggy where tho trail was for a short
time lost It was found again uhd
the result was the running down Of
the men
For X nuis
We haie Ixxjuots green wreathing
holly spray holly wrenlhs mistletoe
Christinas trees palm and fern In
cut dowers rosta carnations hello
trope and lilies
Al o gold and silver fish
Telephone 107 21d3t
Pealed bids will be received at the
mayors ofllco until noon Monday
January 2 liD for caring for and
kceplngjn repair the city clocks The
city reserves the right to reject any
or all bids
dill Gl JAS M LA NO Mayor
Eat at the Delicatessen
1rof SIsk teacher of violin guitar
and mandolin studios Campbell
Eat at the Delicatessen
There will tie an accumulation of
slack In your coil house dont throw
It away get one of Scott Hardware
Gos Moores Air Tight Heaters It
burns anything dil 2
One pound box fine candy at
25c Stutrs and Delicatessen
One ofjthoso celebrated Moores Air
Tight Heaters your mother or wife
would apprcelato and they are guar
anteed at Scott Hardware Cos d21 2t
X mas tree ornaments at Stutzs
Dr Edwards Ear Eye osc and
Throat Specialist Paducab tf
All our Holiday poods in fine
China Cut Glass etc has been
marked in plain ligures and
prices reduced
Geo 0- Hart Son
Pianos and Organs
you want a llrst class Instru
ment go to Harding Millers store
12o South Third street
21112 2 Manager
Go to Stutzs for candies
For Rent
The four story brick business house
Xo 422 Hroadway White building
ftfescssion given after January 1
1S91 Rent reasonable Adapted to
wholesale or retail business Apply
to C E Jennings agent 427 Broad
way 17d4t
Table knives and forks of every
thing at scotiHardwurcCos tl21 2t
Low Rate to New Orleans
On account of tho annual mcctlm
of the Southern Education Associa
tion tho Illinois Central Railroad
company will sell tickets to New
Orleans and return on Dec 26tb
27th and 23th at ono faro plus S200
good to return until Jnn Otli
One pound box fine candy
25c Stutzs and Delicatessen
Roys sleds velocipedes Jron nnd
wixxl wagons at Scott Hani ware Gos
Go to Stutzs for candies
Physlclanr grip containing Instru
ments Anyono llndlng It will please
bring It 70U Washington street Dr
W JL Nelson and receive reward
Chlldrcns desks at Scott Hardwaro
Cjs d21 2t
Go to the Delicatessen for can
Hickory wood Is best for heating or
cook stoves burns splendidly In your
grates Try a load and you will burn
uo other OosM you Telephone
Z Conductor Iarnscy Is on the sick
list this week
Conductor Henry Thompson has a
bad lmnd caused from n Imix of
matches exploding while striking one
on the lxix
OomluelOf Walkers train killed an
Unknown negro near tho new freight
depot at Fulton Monday evening The
negro stopped upon the track In front
of the engine too close for Engineer
Hudson to stop
Sporty Joe Endcrsls doing the hust
ling act at tho round house days and
Is kept too busy to keep his handsome
moustache cureld as In days gone by
Lloyd Grimes better known 11s
Daddy has been assigned to2 vi
This Is a good engine and tbcru Is riot
a better engineer than Daddy on
this pike
Joe McGinn has boon pulling the
varnished cars for tho last week and
Is all right
Tnn Aulti iil U Mi ni
tMr Kncr severe on the conductors
of late Whllo the blocking of the e
street crossings ttr every HVtj iislnlllte
U cry nwtylHg to tho public It Is
Wore so to tlic railroad people who
are doing their best to get out of the
place The marshal Is continually ar
resting the conductors ipd lmvalng
fines upon tbrni M lloi klng the cros
sing Idtlget than live minutes With
in the last week Conductors Foster
lnls and Anderson have been pulled
and lined 7 Tho city treasury must
be In a dilapidated condition Xo
wonder Its demo ratlo
Engineer Wlufree Has brf n put back
on paisorW u makes a good eagle
eye on the glass windowed cars If he
docs kill a wagon now and then
James Row Is has been put back to
work after being held oT for 11 month
or more
Hick Hamilton who tilled various
positions In tho yanl here has
resigned his position as yurdmaster in
tho Central Cltyjand will spend the
holidays at home Newborn
Paul Jones formerly switchman In
the yanl here Is In tho city mixing
with his old associate lie has a job
In Memphis but ala
Conductor McCutchen and family
have recehed passe from Supt Phil
brick and will spend tho holidays in
tho Com Cracker state with their
W O Hessey is able to lie out lie
and Shorty make a lino team
They met No 202 Tuesday wltli the
railroad amublance and carried luck
a bnikeman who had been knocked olT
the train by a wire while going nto
Freight trains arc moving much bet
ter this week Chief Dispatcher Har
lan is moving them days while O L
F nndC R R are looking after them
at night Second 172 came through
Monday receiving only live onlors and
and made no over t line and hadlcd IB
loads and 19 empties
Trainmaster Fratos came up the
lino Tuesday looking after the lxy
The line Is alwut cleared for the first
time In two months
F O Rolicrts ha been employed as
conductor on the Wingo
Conductor Arnold Is laying oil this
week on account of sickness
Clarence Holman an old main Hue
conductor who gave up his run there
to accept cne on the M SzO between
Columbus and Montgomery Is think
ing ofconilngbjck to the old reliable
Conductor Curtis has been promoted
from flagman and Is now putting hi
good time
Conductor Lcc Nance Is using
crutches to assist him about He has
1 spralncdf not
The continued rains have delayed
tho work on the New Memphis yanl
though they may be completed by
the tlrst of the year In all probabll
tles the crews will then head out of
Memphis Instead of Paducab which
will be much better as their superin
tendent and trainmaster Is there
We hear that Luther Ncwhouse has
a Job running a train on tho cotton
belt He was ono among the best
ilagmen on this pike
Posey Athcrton an old East End
conductor has a Job running train
out of Rlnnlnghaiii for tho Southern
Atherton Is a Hrst class conductor
Wo learn Eugene Ruckiiiastcr for
mer conductor on the Wlngo lias a
Job running out fo Atlanta
Under the now management of the
M O all the passenger conductors
that were discharged four or live years
ago was given their places back a few
months ago Perry Gillahan who
had embarked Into tho drug business
and Sain Nell the lumber business
returned with pleasure Rut Jim
Reynold who Is the proprietor of the
Ililuce Hotel In Iniou City declined
wltli thanks 11 111 Is and has always
been very popular with the oillclaN
and they tendered him an annual pass
over tho entire system The Palace
Is the only llrst class hotel In the south
without either saloon or billiard hall
attached neither closer to the Palace
than a block and still It doe good
business or tho proprietor would have
accepted his Job back a passenger
conductor j
Doll swings high chairs rockerMiml
doll carlrages 21 and 25e each at
Bols Co PareheoNl at lie for best
One pound box fine candy
25c Stutzs and Delicatessen
Repairing and cleaning New work
dono to order J F MeCreary 11H
North Third street 12dlm
The Sale SI dr
8lgnor Scnreni the noted wild onlmnl
tymer lind put Lis trained tlgcn
through Ihclr trldks Re had ilrlten
tliem round and round their cage and
they had crouched In a corner at tb
word ot command though he woi buf
a wenk human being and- they were
mighty Mild beast uhd could have
torn him limb from limb had theyireal
Ised their power
Ho had no Weapon In his hand If we
except a short Whip which he bccA
Mtfhnlly cracked oter the tigers heads
His performance being ended amid
breathless sllenco on the purt of the
rpcctatorsSlgnorScnrcm stepped from
the cage unharmed and then tho tu
multuous applnuso broke forth
People crowded about him to praise
his courage and one man said
Dont jou regard that as very dan
Not at all renllctl the trainer
Jntket he would certainly have made
a touchdown X V Sun
Iarlorlra rr Inrrmalni In Si
lirr mill Ihulnrtn l Iron
Where before poverty vvna grinding
the farmer mnss diintep attng the
nioldeiing vvnrehouen and the popu
lace content with Tokugavva
now SCO great chimney t made
the new mantifiiclurliigccnterof 0 aka
look like Pittsburgh railroads check
ered the provinces wnges had risen
nnd the pioplc were everywhere adopt
ing a higher standard of living It would
nciu ns If such expansion must IntereM
the nllcn resident but in fact it de
strov t d of his old mid unfortunate
privileges Japaneengents now bought
diieetly In western market new treat
Ira were to do away vvithvxtnwterritor
lality and the prestige of the foreign
merchant nnd the haughty master of
si superior and disdainful race vva nt
nn cud
It vvna clear thnt n new and power
ful factor had entertd Into the eastern
problem namely the Industrial There
was more thiiu 11 diplomatic storm-center
nt the fccene of the Chinese war It
was the rise of eastern manufacturers
nnd commerce to world Importance In
respect of these nt leant China vvas
following In Japans footsteps Cotton
factories were rising like lunchrooms
nt the mouth of the Ynng tsc Shang
hai was already a metropolis and the
openlug up ot n fabulous Interior trem
11 cl in the balance of negotiations The
Miprcme truth that Chinas wealth
would form tUe eorc of tho worlds
coming commerce nnd that itn con
tiollcr would control that world had
dawned upon Germany Itussla and
Japan but left Knglnnd napping In self
content with outgrown method The
fusion was not to be postponed to a
coming century but fought out in the
Immediate struggle for Chinas mark
ets truest V Pcnollofa In Harpera
A pneumatic corset for the use ot
women learning to Bwlm boa been in
The stockmen of Colorado and the
adjoining states havo figured it out
I that the wolves eat 100 worth of their
I property apiece ench year
Great Britain and her colonics lead
the world In tea drinking allowing per
y car 88 ounces for each person Ye use
110000000 pounds a year 24 ounces
us MAN
Vou miff lit sfcre tlioucrht said the
eld elreus nu that It would put us
to sdtne coojAsferable Itauble aiifl M
pefaso io prondo umbrella for tha
4 giant rthpic actual iize 1 hare
br Uareil tb tell foil or tttf jM
wouian t believe it it I did irusllbjr li
those things that I hare toI3 you about
him from time to time to give you some
approximate notion of It
As to the giants umbrellas we
never had any trouble at allau sim
ply used to use for that purpose the
tops of our discarded balloons We
neter fooled with balloons you under
Tigers nre not danUerous so Ion ai Mi hy hud becflnifc weak-
you keep On the Hght side of them nd 8 a11 vre bsed to put em aside
Which Is the right side asked th Bnu P1 m a new one we never took
questioner qtibvlnplv any risk Bttotllboni Before the gttkl
The putsidc replied lhe hairier ni
i fctrodc duny lo the dresslng roOTi
A To acini on n Sninl irnpB8
Hie Luii Incrs Of Mn Iilidi
Cnno JncUet
Little habiti of carelcssnchs soim
times produce unexpected rrstills
snld n old footbnll mnr fhtl 1 inotl
iiiifortumite INustratlon of this oc
curred In a game we played ngmnct
llnnnrd n docu jearfc ngo Jootbnll
jrl4ht jolued tU He Used to aell the bid
balloons for Junk and likewise we used
to cut up the old center poles of the
big tent when they showed any signs
of weakness for flrewoodj but fter
the giant came we saved 11 the balloon
tojfa lor umbrella coverings and the
old center poles we saved for umbrella
handles We had our blacksmith get
out n set of libs and fittings nnd those
wero good for d lon tim Wheietir
tht boveritlg bl the glafati imbtkiU
got so worn that it wis of no further
use as suoh or It looked bad when it
was opened why then wed Just re
117 old- frame Wnen we putin
wn not the game then that it Is now I
and although 1 wtis H nVbiiier of one a nerr hBd1
Irnns nt 4tiA
of lic Mimllcr New lnglnnd college
liiims we usually won from Harvird
on our otvn gioiladA Our best end
tush was n mnn whom I limy call
Smith and he was the most careless
mnn 1 ccr kniw He had lots of
money mil uruit nthletlc nbllltlcs II
was loget htm totrnln Jirfji
crU buj thai lib w 1sMwuyi
in condition thnn the rest ot
us He hud a con lltutionof iron
He was fo cnroltBK tliut he was In
hot water with the faculty most of the
time nnd he piled up so many comlt
tiuns that he never got his dhplomn
He was n star football mini On the
owiiMint of this game with Harvard
Smith came on the Held with the laces
of his canias jacket dangling loosely
around hit neck The captain spoke to
11 in ill 0 it them but Smlth snld
li let them go they wont harm
niii body
The tenuis were pretty evenly
matched 11 ml neither side scored In
the first half We made up qurmlndi
that we must score In the second half
At the end of 13 minutes we had the
bull In the center of the fleltl Jt vras
pasied back to our left halt back and
he In turn passed It To Smith who was
playing end rush Smith started for
the Hanard goal with tho ball unoer
his arm mid in Irm time than it takes
to tell It ho had dodged the entire liar
lard team and had 11 clear Held before
lm The Hnriard quarter back who
wns a star runner however was nftir
him hot foot The quarter back gained
so that he reached out one hand to
tackle Smith but he could get no huld
on the back of his enuvas Jacket Sitiith
wits approaching the goal rapidly and
It looked n Hire touchdown Just
ns he renched Harvards ten yard line
wc saw thnt tin quarterback had suc
ceeded In getting n grip on hs Jacket
and on tho the yard line Smith iias
downed ii ml in falling be dropped the
1 all The quarter back picked It up
rail carried It well up Into our terii
tory before he was downed
Then we dIcovered why Smith had
clled to make a touchdown The laces
of his Jacket which had been hanging
loosely had been blown back over hl
houldi r and tho Harvard quarter had
succeeded In getting a Rrlp on them
in Midi n fashion that when hepullei
Smith was rhrkrd to n standstill The
game closed without either side scor
Smiths carelrssneSK lost It for us
If he had tucked In the laces of I
wed simply take the
nlil nnm nft flnrl nut Tn nn
the new one
We used to make it a point to hare
the giant carry the umbrella In every
town we struck whether It r 1 -d or
not lie used to turn out nm walk
with tho show and walkii llifnd
him we alWaVs had tttt hieii I ying
Hit- umbrella rolled up and tfUi j um
brella case on It these men walking
five on a side and carrying it lying
along on sticks that they held by the
ends This always used to excite in
terest because people always wondered
vhat tie men were carrying but the
sight didnt begin to excite the inter
est that was felt when they discovered
what It was and saw the giant raise it
This of course he couldnt do tn
the street on account of the trees as
a rule the giant opened the umbrells
tn the public square of the town When
we came to that the procession would
halt and tho giant would step out from
It and step AVer the fence br the orna
mental gateway or entrance or1 arch or
whateter there was there If there was
one we always stopped so that the
giant would be opposite II and then
the men would walk in with the um
brella and stand beside him They
would lift it up on the carrying piece
as high as they could and then the
giant would bend down and take It
lie would draw off the case tEat cov
ered it which was something like a
wlndsall only many times larger and
of course made tapering and roll It up
nnd put it In his pocket and that made
a wad aa big as a bale of hay but it
didnt bulge out in hlB pocket enough
ro t youd notice It And then hed
hold the Umbrella by tho handle with
one hand point up and shake it out
as anybody does an umbrella thats
been rolled up tightly before they open
It nnd then hed set out to raise It with
the other hand in the customary man
By this time of course every body In
the cr6wri around would know what tt
was and It was fun to see em look at
it and I dont wonder I never alto
gether lost Interest In it myself be
caure when the giant held It up before
opening it the umbrella was about tin
shape nnd site of a church steeple and
as 11 matter of fact it waa often blgget
than the church steeple that happened
to be on the other side of that particu
lar given Hut when he came to open
It nnd they saw the spread of It
well at one time and auothel
the show- had a great many striking
features but 1 dont think we ever had
among our own minor attiactlons II
we did I certnlnlydont recall It at thin
minute ony single feature that was
more striking than that X YSun
Ills Tiimne III Weapon
An English writer who likens Talley
rand to a cot which scratches dealing
wounds that inflame but that do not
kill gives a few examples of his irri
tating wit Director Itewbell In a fit
of rage flung an inkstand nt Talley
rands head exclaiming Vile emigre
your mind is as crooked a your feet
The cripple waited his revenge How
are things going asked Itewbell one
dayi of the prince Crosaways as you
tee replied Talleyrand to the direc
tor whose eyes croised Mmede Btael
was suspected of painting herself ai the
heroine of her romance Delphlne
and Talleyrand in the character of the
greedy and artificial Mine de Vernon
They tell me sold the wit meeting
her soon after her books had appeared
that both ynu and I are la the book
madam disguised as females De
troit Free Press
Greater Tbaa Greek
Prof Jebb made an excellence ap
pearance on the congress platform and
showed that acadeiric pursuits need
not ninke n man a poor Judge of affair
Perhaps It Is to Mr Jebb that the Rec
ord refers In one of Its congress
Notes He waa learning golf so the
story runs at 9t Andrew s and making
but Indifferent progress Why cannot
I play golf he inquired of the ever
ready caddy I can manage tnost
things pretty well Aye nye re
replied the enddy ye ken Its uo vera
hard thing to tench Greek and such
like but It take a held to piny gowfl
-Pall Malllnrtr
X mas tree ornament at Stutzs
Something now I
pumpkin cutard at
Grocery Cos
dialing dishes
None Such
Jake Blcdernian
at Scott
Plnno Presents
Your wife or daughter would apprei
predate an elegant new piano for a
Christmas present Glrardey has
thorn Made right here nt home the
kind that look well wear well and
Miuutl well All styles of llnMi Gill
and see tTicin al 310 Hroadway Tlicy
aro of the Illicit tone and quality
and will mako the very best kind of
Christmas presents
V te w
nut M nhiin m jUcti6K
Tvoratn bleM em ire Uer erM
turta TI1I1 waa demonatrated al aft
auction sale In Omaha not long ago A
beautiful gilver toilet set waa put up
Ind the aeetionetr told a handsome
tory abbot the taluk of the articles
lie waa eloquent and tJefwaXre ind
a woman aUrted the bid at two dollaM
Another woman bid 280 The Aral
bidder looked daggers at the second
bidder and promptly bid three dollars
Tfcb Wflderi sawed until the bids
reached Un dollars Then the flrst
bidder shot ari angry glance at her com
etllcr anft bid 412 Tfce auetloneet
imllednnatjtlledi Allaone Twelti
tfollara once twice nhl
Then the triumphant bidder
turned pale She walked back to the
clerk charged vlth wrapping the pack
age and collecting the money nnd
nnto him she said Good gracious I
havent but 327 to my name I cant
nktt thnt set but I was Justbound that
that horrid woman should not have It
The Clerk wha evidently used to It fo
he smiled and put the toilet set bach
upon Ihehhlivtlthovttawttrd Omabrt
A 5bbl YonnK Man
I trust tlf that you have not been
Indiscreet enough iS speak ib m
daughter about marriage snld the
tern parent to the youth who had Just
asked for hia daughters hand
I have not sir replied tbo youth
but I waa strongly tempted to do so
hvai evening when she kissed mo good
night on the ater Chicago Evening
X mai tree ornaments at Stutzs
Jfre Girardcy is selling collarettes
at half price this wctk 1913
TAgents to handle Clam Ilartons
great book the only olllclal record of
Bed Cross work
4148 Pickering Building
Olnclnllrttl O
Skates atScott Hardware Cos
For Sale nt u Sacrifice
A 10 borsc power boiler and englno
for sale at a sacrlllce AIo set of
line Frenib burro and wood sawing
outfit Inquire at this olllce lOdtf
Secleys elegant perfumes at Soulcs
Trimmed hats at half
week at Mrs Glnirdcys
prico this
X mas tree ornaments at Stutzs
Misses Susie Tyson rind Llllie
Brooks of Princeton Ky will be
guests of Miss Ida Curd of 1OJ0 West
Washington street during the holi
Miss Georgia M Kurks will preside
at tho organ during the coming cele
bration of the emancipation procla
Mrsi Diana lloblnon nnd daughter
Miss Mattici will leave fuf Memphis
Tenn Tuesday to spend the liolb
Tlic funeral of Mrs Emma Hughs
took place this afternoon from the
Seventh street Ilaptlst church Kcv
V S Baker the pastor7prcacblng
the funeral sermon The funeral was
conducted under the auspices of
Queen Sarnli Tabernacle No 30 and
Interment was In Oak Grove ceme
The following program will be ren
dered at the high tchool Friday after
noon by the Original Division
ZOpcnlng chorus School
Essay Laura Howell
True Nobility Rena Matchem
Solo FIdglty Man E Grundy
Origin of Christmas Lula Davit
Sing Jehovahs Praxes School
Warwicks Reproach J A G Cot
ter M W Sales
Christmas Flcralds Zulu Brown
Song Quartette
General criticisms
Visitors nre nlways welcome
Mr T A MeMilkin arrived In the
city yotfii afternoon from
villi Ky ii fott to to Texas While
In the city he Is the guctt of Alvln
Tho Cliiren 0ipiird In TllTOrce
The queen Intimates that the pro
nouncement on the pnrt of the prelate
against divorce might hare been writ
ten In stronger terms as she is totally
averse to divorce under any circum
stances whatever Uer majesty Is
willing to adroit that In no institution
are there more people wronged than in
marriage nevertheless her belief la
that an Infinitely more satisfactory
state would arise were marriage made
indissoluble both by church and etate
Tha queen adda that she has no objec
tion to judicial separation her atrong
disapproval of divorce being due to the
liberty which it Imparts to divorced
people to marry again and to the re
marriage of divorced people no mat
ter what the grounds of divorce she is
unalterablv nnd most strongly op
posed Thin is the flrst official ex
pression lcr majesty has given to her
rfivi on the kiihject Mainly About
P cnle
A llrcerd far Palllast Teeth
A famous dentist of New York city
died rectntly at the age of 04 durirg
a vacation Journey In Uurope Ue was
widely known In hia profession as one
of theflitt users of nitrous oxide popu
larly denominated laughing gas but
a circumstance that mode a deeper Ira-
prefsoi upon the popular imagination
Is that lie held the worlds record for
pulling teeth He claimed to have re
moved a million It Is a sad thing tor
science that sucb a man could not be
fitted with a phonograph attachment
undoubidly he bad heard every tone
and iuUtctlon of which the hunun
voice Is cauablr London Tlt Dlts
Christmas Is coming and so am I
with a load or good dry stove wood
to bako that cake and turkey Wood
20dlm Cor Seventh and Trimble
Capital and Surplus 3305CCOO
American -German
National Bank
Interest Paid on Time Deposits
Olflccsin second and third floors
Oeo 0 TnoMpHON Pros
Hft L Atkinp Cashier
at night or on Sunday
Ring 446
Call and seo his lino 0
Tubs Stands Gas Fix
tures and Fittings
of all kinds Dont fall to boo hl cel
ebrated Aqua Pura Water Filter
I2 Broadway Telephone 113
jtjg -
are particularly careful in tho laun
dering of colored goods handlinc
each in such a way that ovon dyes
which aro not warantod fast will not
Negligee shirts starched and plain
shirt waists ties socks etc cleansed
Ironed and finished by tho Star Steam
Laundry hi a manner which cannot
fail to pleaso
J W YOUNG BON Proprietors
120 North 4th St Leooo Block
Baker and Confectioner
All kinds ef baktug prniptly done
123 South Third SI
Capital and Surplus 300 000
City National Bank
S R HllGiES PrsslJdf
Interest paid on timo deposits A
genoral Banking bnsluoss Unnsactod
Depositors given ovorv accommoda
tion their accounts and responsibility
Ma EfnngsrCo
Undertakers and emualmcr
BtoreTelepboue lxfl
Kesldsnce TalrptoneltO
YYISFM Wiolesale Agent
Illinois Centra R R
n connection with the Southern Pa-
clflo Through Weekly Tourist
Sleehno Oar leaves Cincinnati over
the B O 8 W Ky and Louisville
on I O R B fast Now Orleans Lim
ited train EVERY THURSDAY for
Los Angeles nnd San Francisco with
out change Tho car is Personally
Conducted by o compoiont agent
whoso sole business It is to look after
the welfare of patrons The Limited
also connects at New Orleans daily
with express train for tho Paclila
Coast and on Mondays and Thurs
days at New Orleans alter December
1 with the
of tho Southern Paciflo giving spe
cial through servico to SanFrnuciseo
Tickets and full information concern
ing the nbovo can bo bad ot ogoutd of
tho Oertral and connecting lines
A G P A Louisville Ky
A II Hanson O V A
J T Donovan Agent
Paducab Ky
United Sutti Wr Clilm Accnt anil Notary
Inhiip voucilKltS amwcUlir 6JS CUrk i
onn court hciUMlMUnih M icn Ky
If You Want Your Laundry
Oons Right
Havo It done by THE CHINESE
103Broadvriy Clothes called for
and turned promptly
Lnulivtlle 8 ISim
owenswiro a onam
llorne Ilranch 11 Mjia
Cantrst Cliy
rmincan Je
Jvckson Tenn
New Orlesns
1 Hutu
1 7pm
a inm
New Orleans
lack son Teau
1lUlllCAtl Jc
Cairo ill
Onlral cm
HoKe Urancti I 07pm
uwiuiD4iro a inpis
Time Table In effect Dtc 1899
s ipm 1 1 Cum
p zpm 7 Htm
4 lepra s Gftam
Ii Sam io ttani
tZNHnt ii Cam
sum It 44ain
4 4siHa H lSam
iJ3pra Dam 4 ispra 6 cosm
3 trpm e ootni ni tt 42pm
5 37pm 8 scam 3 ilam
3 4tm
4 Mtm
t tirwi
a IT in
a Mmtn
7 4pui
8 Wpm
ti nam
2 05pm
7 45am S OOrm 2 10pm
s topm
x sopm
s 5pm
4 ilpm
a 17pm
4 I0ptn
6 AOpm
7 30pm
7 33am
9 ooam
8 ltrjm
lOUVtmlu 05pm
II Main li 3upm
II Utn 0 05pm
9 Otoni
U 40pm 13 10am
I 37am
t m 7 wpm 3 37pm t mm
8 ospm 8 wim e ajsm
7 Upin to Warn
10 55am 4 Mom 3 Ilam
II lUm 5 20pm 4 17am
6 OOpta
0 Upin n Ortam
i mm
9 Itpm 7 4m
7 10am tl 45am
Nos 33 and XI carry Pullmnn traffot sleeping
arnanu ire ruciimnKcnair cars Deiweea
cinoau ana nw Orleans
Trains 201 and U02 run anlld twtwcn Hlnrln
nail and New Orleans carrying rnllman bat
tel sleepers
KORin BonnD 80S 394
CrPadacab 12 15am 6 15pm
Arlaik r xsopm WtSpru
Carbondalo 3 5 pm
Cblcatro 12 5m
KSt Louis 7pm fl 53 am
St Louis 7 48pm 7 16am
- t
sotrrn bousd 301 303
LtSi Loulfl 800am 84ipm
ArE bt Louis 8 20 am V il pm
Chicago z 50am
UarlHindalo 11 50 am
Parker illpm 350am
ar Fadacaa 325pm 7S0am
All trains runaaUy
Trains o SCJand 304 hare throngh Pull
man palace plDK and parlor cars cwtwun
Iaducab and S ioul
For lnformaiiou tlcketa or reservations
apply to A II Hanson U 1 A dntcairo III
W A Kellond A U I A LouUTlIte Ky
O C McCatty u i a at Louis or JT
Donoran C A Iaducab Ky
Physician -
and Surgeon
OfllcoSrth and Broadway
i1at Infirmary
Ofllco Hoars
9 to 10 a m 3 to 4
1730 to 830 p m
Telephones 63 and 293
p m
Dentist and
Oral Surgeon
20 North Fifth Street
Telcphono Call 402
Ofllco 418 Adams strcot
Telephono 270
Physician and
Ofllco and rosldenco 622 Broadway
Ofllce hours H to 11 am 2 to 4 pm
Telephone No 191
Physician and Surgeon
1522 Broad St
Telephones Ofllco 378 Rosldenco 432
Residence 1110 SouthFoorthSt
See me to buy atlt or
mortgage realty
Camimiki1 Hcimjino Ui Stairs
Fifth and Broadway
Regular hours for ofllce rctlce 7 to 9 a m
t to S p m and to 7j P ui
Wben practicable call eaily la rather tha
near tbo clone ot theso bourn
OMce on Nlatb between Uradway and Jo
Residence corner Nlntb and JeOerson iTele
phone 1 1 J
Physician and
OCce tinrtl
7 tows ui Itolpm
Ojlco No 4J2K Broadway
Ofllce 118 8onth Filth Strcot
Rosldtinco 904 TeiiBcasoo street
Office Tolophono 110 Rosldenco 416
J W Ploore
Staplo and fancy Grociriis
GntmcJ Goods ot Al GKIsds
dee delivery to all parts ol th city
Cor tb nl Adams
A Ptrftet Wail Oresswg and Rtitorcr
If your Merchant doesnt bandlo send llOO to ua Kid
get ono bottle or ISOO and set nix bottle
CHABOB8 PREPAID to any part U B or Caaad
8r rrcrllM MEMPHIS TEH
V i
w -I

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