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The Paducah sun. (Paducah, Ky.) 1898-1906, July 12, 1899, Image 1

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of nin Taylor Who Mil tlif ki y lX
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for temporary mt Um1 for
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JlopklnnvUif will uiiniliiats Oviwral
ftl TltomaiSit ruitoiu autl nttirt
Hair of Iwliah arc Iwtli fairly
Ctirif litint of winalnif pta the
lok t Baih luve many frlciulii In
jln ittjttjatloo
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aro ii Ait for a hot flRht Uforih
ronuultitw on vn ilniHaU wiifWc
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jom laDMMii time If the
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huili L iu rralleKatlou from Mi-
raften Hinuly wilt lm turneil ilnwii
1Unt miiv lusn comproinUe anil lnlh
llKUnii i teatetl ami Bivlng earli
a part of the vol -
TriVrr h no talk t anythtnE elic
lat a sfPtl xffrvt ctHiveuttnn
lASdriaTON kV iy 2 no
p rh Th atratwor Hshfr
lion was rrcottnltrd In the district
orgnnlrallon as the reKular dalejji
tion from Mcttackn county snd
wilMie given the aeata In the
tlon Jirlnto which they arc enUtcd
bontfVAsroatt Jloerlng will It Is
jS aettled In the temporary
ilut rten T11 v I or Will h1
V - on tho flrat laot with a
- hip aild a hurrah
rfu convention will assemhe Ot 2
oclork aharp and be called to order
by Hato Olialrman Harnett without
the leant delay for tho deegatjs
v inrt oil ready nn more thnn anxious
rip get to work The footls a rwdy
itiip crowd bas begun to move toward
th hall wheif the b6dy la to meet
IEXINnTONi Ky July ta 1
in T dUMtiH conventions all
noxsed off very ituietiyv tnere vn
- tti
juts or uo rriciidii hi jhd 1
Hlonrr contMllcd tin- Klehtli dlstrlcl
nml the Hecond hut Uie other
nine ihrlndliig th Vlrst was easily
Taylora pie Then
ixfKited In the I
waH no Hill ns
if Hi dlKirlct
IXMNflTON Ky July 2 220
1 nr Tho convention la now lillbiil
rfalli jo go to work Order wus
rapped for by Chairman Harnett nt
2ViVJoek aharp after much nmslOr
llin Taylor men have conin Into tlm
haUltiJilrllBlrUi tlolr victory IHnK
a huOaledhy net of the convention
as a body The leaders vvreqlinrvl
Jotidly a tliey nppearM and -were
11 Jcinoton icy Jaiy - w
- lint -In cnllfnK tho convent ln to
iAirlflrClinlrinaii Harnett made a nhort
Vsldii h nanred tonBresinnn Hojirrng
nS t hv diolre nf the convention for
tjiinpornri dmlrman nud that
moit CiHnc forward and was received
With fnyoV He Mlefly ltnnert
tlwnSa for Iil contentions
nunt aodWtdwUat time lift ifts In
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KlAV 6KiEA8 L4 July ISrtb T
t prerTUHic IBfotmatlDE cornea from
qanUjnnla Via patsenkrra on iccMii
rri 7hf rvport betldei belef of
iiitctea IU thtir natutH are aUo quKo
ravp In irnparC It i aaht arrcnaay4
ami Knpntul are toroakf a
ftavnl ilruioflrtrfttlori toKarJ fJaUtc
mna Ixicaiiiic liil country hat jf pa
llntl hrr ttoted lAdbteitoi much
f whH llalHlittj heW by tbf ub
of the if countries araed
JLierift may Uayq to ritaUlt
to preerve proper 1u
leretr hi thli lit t la renuhlla lit Cm-
rftl Anriea
Few Cases for Trial TtoU Morntaff
Ileforc Judge Saidra
The ae aralrul rieorgr TVtlgbt
l oloieil wu lull norntnff left opea
until tomnrrow Wtisht U charged
with uslnr vrry Indecent lanctuiC
totvardH Abo Marcotfiky ttie sa
loon keeper an di wore positively that
he illd not me It while ktrMarcAff
y aw ore poltlvclytha be did
KIIa Hay anrtJoileJkVaikrr colofed
Koinen had a dUpute prer a feather
bed 01 one laid lovrn on It toleeep
the other from jivlnj it hauedatray
Stie nak atlll oil It when the pollca
arihed and tliera wa nolbinr to
show n breach of the peace hnc
J u ilte Baudert dlkmUsed ibe rase
The fine of 23 against 7il To
trrJ BMseised last week was ttils
rrdueetl to 15
Vlll Itfoehe colored pleaded fullty
to hitting IMntt lieale wbo poiued
Atit ntittiR of his lieer With a chair and
van fined 20 and costs
Quits a Crowd Hera to Join th
Woods Wagnar Go
Toiirteen ropli Including a TaatAl
of ten pleeTs and a kooi
11 ml -1 doK for the Wagner
and Sools rlrcus being organized at
Ninth and Madison et reels arrived
thla morning and went to work at
jo circus Is now almost ready for
business ami will open about Satur
day It has good people and ts under
the direction of Die best show people
ft la tlin Vrond drcus that ever
Matted out ot faducab
fwo Couples File Bull or Divorce
lu tlic Circuit Court
Mrs Annie Howllctt this After
noon filed suit lu the circuit court
against Dave liowlelt for divorce
alleging abandonment -They lve In
the county
W A Thompson today filed suit in
the circuit court against Alice Thomp
son for divorce alleging abandon
ment rf
s Well and Wiieu tic Leaves It
Will Ho forfiibrallar
SUB7 Kgypt July tS Admiral
Uuwey ou his flagship Otymplii or
rlvcd here today He Well and When
ho Iriivcf hl ri Is to go t Olhraliar
w illtyt nH h can From llnraltar
he Is tTrTtPto New York
Second Vice President J THora
ban Of the Illinois Central pusset
lirniiRli the city tliUr afternoon en
route from Chicago to the
villa dvKon Ho was la his special
Itegiiar meeting Of Ksther Chapter
Sa 21 fit Maionlo hall tonghC All
roemJierH tettesteij to epresnf
dftnd com
ffii fW wrt HMiuitUM
4y -
9tM Wkt ts I 84 ftflHtt Nat t
1 - 1
aJlilriUryiitlyl2 5rie
Zihtitti of IW VmlihmMtLlJS i aatlat
JtCif cutire rwtMiiltVe briefly
mciriu vritrjRim
stWirSWrtlatk f Imna
ftVtewi yMo Valley Hmf
rtee 1 ftiikfiadtCtiotf atfaM
U lialil thVnakks HiUilOaWa or
lMi rirnrrint tWan to make a lifYt
l IAtljaurnF rnt DPVunV
ChfaJoiiWaB fthr aatlAnM
tfatfert of U4rKeBUy enrrtat story
1haVtJo nomiaatlon of dcKlel for
joVernor am tin change of party ma
chfo fry t nrw hands la to- b used
toward kJdetrackJnff Bryan ami lbe
ciacaKO platform In thorampalsa of
1600 Clark ras la the Oolurabns
p conference between Col Bryan
Allen Thurman Judge James f
TarYla an4 others lattrreWgark
rduld not talk toUay and Vhenaaked
Jf Bryan would respond to the request
Miicn yiU uc made oa mm to make
sonn apeechu la Kentucky In th tar
tcrest of Qoeprl and ho Deruocratio
ticket this year replied that bo did
not know
It teema to be aettled there 111 be
an arttro vluoroui campaign on tht
Deroocratlo side though tt will u1it
bi lorraally opntd till further aloox
It Boetps also that the reorsanlzatlu
of party machinery in IoulsYllle and
other places where the men not par
tlcnirly favoraUrt to Ooebel ar In
charge will be taken up at rneetlnr
of tho state committee which will t o
held liter on The campaign commit
tee If one Is appointed nhtrii now
seems assured will alxo be- nttmid
later on
Congressman Berry rresn trjm w
fnfc mo oyer by the aoebel band wa
jonnt lhoLtlivllecinvenilori whlch
stripped him of the machine In the
dixth district was flattcRd out Home
Though the Jolut
mttti es Was achedultil for 1 oVf Pfc
It was 23 when they coavcn il A
soon us tho conmlttee got toitdtra
resolution to exclude everybody ex
cept members of the committee ard
aomloee rn the state Icknt Was
rondeand carried
This jxtliulrd Congressman Al Ber
ry of NeWjmrt who had business
with tho committee Col Berry senl
to the committee a resolution which
lie asked to have passed Ihu reso
lution provldrs for the reorganization
of county commlttfe by allowing the
Oemooratlo voters at next falls reg
istration to Vote for precinct commit
Ihc resolution was reail and
riveted llSlW
VPrcy llaTy of FrarAfoit was
lltrrcfl accecury or tue maie i eniriu
comiulttce and Chairman Toung was
dlri cted tp confer with nil of
for state offices and to appoint
a ampalft y committee The date
for tho formal opealnr of the-campaign
was not finally agreed on but
Ibe concensus of opinion was thai It
should he opened aot later than
Jieptemter 1
Congressman Hrry niVr got an
hpportuntty to mnkoa verhlal statt
metftof his case and the iictlmi of the
commltti e In turulaghlin down as
ho puts it without a hearing has
made hm hotter than ever
Aft IV a general discussion regarding
plans for the state campaign theoom
niltti adjourned to meet again sul
Jict to the call of Chairman Young
rhtiTla What Major Ibuk Has to
i Say Abont it
i -
There ocnslderable cf a stir Id
councllmanto circles over reported
schemes of various descriptlui The
second class city ordinance Is tm ot
tho sublets It Is given out XX
ono c the counrllmen who br
foro Voted for the ordinance wld t
to auslaln the mayor when th oltir
vetoes It
VorLaug this saornlnritIicil Mt
htfwcnld crtalnly veto the ordinanco
and tlmt wbeu h deems any ordi
nance Inimical to th Interests or tho
city he wjll veto It no matter If every
councilman on ihc Iward voted for
It It Is his privilege as well as his
duty he declared
kioynr Cang stated further I have
acec since I have hren iu Offkit
a coiiurllman and asked hlui
to fnvcr cither manior rneamre and i
nrwr sfiall 1 cOaslaet JKe dignity of
my office too tar a hove pitch a course
Everytlilng Thave saidfor or agauut
any man has been tothej
nounllfrom the mayors chair orlo
Sjpin session not once have VUt
tttteihpUd lh anyway to JntltuaCft
Say couucllman In any Way in any
malt crouslda ihe council cliambcn
rVMklMe kipeB5ed on t bf l w
CaywMcr cttrr1i at Ixth nml lflrwel
wa oj Rccoaat of tti faltwitp tjt
hectfed supply of chipped bVkfsjM ar
rive Te brfck Is tkte amSa is
berig placed on the extftlor front
and was liue yf4lenlaTt Aa wuit
of it on arrival all thp Workmen
nirt tisstop work from the hod cat
rlera ig the Stone mA loa
four Men field Up a Colorado
Soathertf Bxreaf
fbsjjr Dyaawlto the Car akd Alttr
RobbiHg UMaksiaGbd
i arhjlr BscapB
JlUNinAI Col J ulyi 2 yia aouth
bound Colorado Southern express was
held up by four masked men sear
T otoom New Uexlcq tta niorniruT
The express car was dynamited una
then rotaeil and after raaklruT good
their effft a nbiahr What -was to
e hadtherWn took to the woods and
escaped itlj said the menniad n
food haul XfJarts to catclijthe men
are Already Inxeoutlcnr
Capt Jon fowler Will Send t 0
Nww Ytrk
Canlalu Joe Fowler stated this
morning that be would In all proba
bility send his raadstohe to Ne v York
II baiwuedit since 1880 tvhen he
rtxcletl It from Virginia aed tt has
hecomo celebrated throughout the
ountrj und hundreds of peopiehari
lien to test Ha efficacy The
fate Dr EdAVltson took a great deatj
of interest In It hut since his death
ao one else has end It has been kept
at thi boa t store for some tlmenpd
proved h source ot considerable nnnoy
Captain Towlor has refused some
prctty good amounts for the son
nd could have msdehsshelsof ruotu y
nit of It but never in his lire would
ho recti a a cent for applying It lo
ITOivnw niwpiiai lUr cr juri
want It nd Captain Kowfewfll
protabr send It to theaj
Tint Masons of thpcounty are
Ins to build a nice hall at Massac
Tin building will be two story the
upper to 1m used for tha lodgiV and
the Inner for a store Vork wilt U
Xln at once y
Dr J Q Taylor and Benry Beyer
ami Captain Smith belifa live bird
hoot La JBelle park jejterday af
teruoou and Dr Taylor killed ten
while hit other two killed nine
WASHINGTON July i2 Brlgadter
general Asa DCarey paf master gen
eral of the army was today placed
on the retired list by operation of tho
tgu limit Colonel Alfred E Dates
It Is understood will be General Ca
reys successor as paymaster genera
Colonel Hates is a native of Michigan
a graduate ot the military academy
and fdrsomc time nerved as mllttary
attache of tho United States emlmssy
it Ujndon
LONDON July 12 -Mobilizing for
the ntval maneuvers began today 118
worships and aboqt 20000 men taking
part lit the operations One of the
principal objects of the maneuvers la
to exhaustively study the value of
ibe toipcdQ boat destroyers of which
fifty tout are engaged
Louhvllo 0 Ualtlmoro 0
ft Louis 10 Brooklyn IW
littsburg 8 New York 11
Washington 0 Cincinnati 10
Cleveland I Philadelphia C
Chicago 10 Boston- C
DENVER Col July 12 Qe6rge
Dixon was given the decision over
Tommy White at the Cad of the twen
tieth yoand before the Olympic chth
last night j
L0N110V Eng July 12e Thp
Ih arc still rushing machinn gniii to
5outh Africa Tjie fact istaken as
lgnlfiiaat of War andnnt niacetn
A LUVttit CUf
nrvM n Coifuii wf
Jf jeruciTiaffu J urjfi rias oeeapreseaecinwjtava
chit t
SENSATJwiLjSyiT J ftfuiu Mtmfa vrW
im v r - -- rw 3
WTBBSj8riuVwV iHiftMijHiyaliiyi - f tIiyjyltfV
Ma CWj - rik ftWt
V uwt -
jw r
ikuu WftaL liiiadriKilit
ajn Los ASKelas
t 5
Xtteniiac vttte NatfOHal Edua
tlonal AssoclatloB Wlilch
LOH ANafeLE8Cal July lJ More
than iSOit Cilucators ftotn all parts
of t he oilntry crowded Hazards la
vUIirffi this morning nt b0 oivnfng
business sWon of the National Edit-
t liwuuai ppoiAiavivu vuni luilliui m
seSdlon Wa bgun Willi prayer and
Song after WhJch tlis convention
teneilio the reading of
utopaperson a variety t etlucailopal
tpptct The first speaker was Mrs
Helen L Oreatell statu supyrlnten
ijratfof publlaIritruction of Colorajiu
Mr Grcnfell took as her aubjecjr
vno Vadlrinls and spoXe In part J
as follows
Must ris the strength of a chain
depends upon the strength of the
Hnkii tfie Btregth of the nation
depend upon the Strength ot tho In
dividual tlurefpre the perfeotlini it
thQCIiaracterpf tho Individual through
education should he tho subject of
thu closest study There Is iKtthlnlj
mot u IHpf ul tothe clild than the
zatlqo that comowliatmjsy there are
hoe a t home who aret oa his ld evuo
are InteteiUiVin hU ttorlif proud -if
succcssei and sympathetic iiiihis
failures The more nearly the school
approaches tills relationship the more
nearly will It have removed One of
the great olistacles to efficiency nr
xsronjon whools grew ouUot the
home and its necessities In much ihn
same way as the nation grew outfit
the family the graded school system
frojn hi5classand the claiia f romlhe
assemWlng of pupils whohadbeeu hi
illvduilliy taught by a tutor In Ui
Home Kcni parents believe that the
etluoatihif or failure to educate -their
children was a matter for their sole
decision hut the conception of the
ftritc sroms to be that tho child does
not exist entirely for the
good but for the good of all wint
puHoryiication Is apparently an
kafrlnKifientof parents rights al
though certainly a necessity at pros
ijt MantlTrbjk esncstln association
LIvIok alonohifmeHJhd thoughts nor
wants rdgtlrr Jhati himself Tim
moral law hasllttlcor no uppllcadnn
fur htm He cannot hive his neighbor
amMfThe school Is ajjlace
- -Ck I i lb 1ilnil Will
ri irnnl for lberttSTrwftrrciV
hiii be attained without the daliyW
contact with many fellow creatures
An advantage bt the home ovtr the
5Chocl lies in the power of parental
lufltK uce which I
ot virtue obedience
tns --
s the foundation-
Bilf coutnd
lntcgrity tralulng lu wheh shoulld
relegated to tin work of lh school
llnce education isthe work ot all the
hours of all the day and the childs
life contains full as fori
mutlyu influences a liU school lite
A danger Is threatening us in the so-
claltstli tendency tt the conduct of
our school and crowded cirrlculunt
It ttc are lo lroceia f rom tno siep
of providing free text books to that
of providing the Indigent wltlj an niH
tca series the nation will awake at
some future dc to the knowirdgo
thataUrejponsWlhy hasboea grudui
ally removed from parents and every
encouragi inent Is differed for the con
tinued reprpductlon of beneficiaries
of the government Nrhhi r home nor
ichoi1 Is a coiifplete organization for
the dtfvelopunnt of llm child There
U toom tor boih uhd lusti ad of op-
jtoslng eacho lifer they should be
intdc to work in harmony- Apprecia
tion of irfch otlur has at hut tiegim
Ings l s significant Of a widespread
awaienlng on the subject of theeiiu
thchlldtiU iUereare Vr
things of which tho American may
ftTl justly proud tie American
borne and tho Aiqcrlcau soUoal Theee
united and haruttalous will dovelop
citizens who realize for what thi y ar
called on the Worlds stage and that
their call must not tie for welt alone
hut for liumantty
Thi were many moro lulerestlhg
tai in the same line- all pluses of
cducrMRm being touched by the in-
A report comes from Washlngtcn
tllat the president deslrea to shortly
tubmlt to the Putiapa thefluesttojtas
to whether annexation or indeptndr
nee Is desired s tv
The disease ot charlirin U jjilayipg
havoo among deer rabbits and smajj
same in lpuisiaja t
leneral Joe Wheeler Has sturte
for tlje Philippines He will not resign d
hUpluew ln congress
The Southern railroad is pfepaimk
to tunaeiiiookput Mountain
Aylittle son of AdamVade ht lion
InVsilter by
a mad dor
Injuries to the bnttcshlp
Kt Verecftue iyher xuifJfrorn
Nw YorW toBaa Franelsco -
iElgbt tiuBdredlcbal miners
XiX W4 -
1Ttf r T a
focreAsea wa get f
fB cusrofns receipts oavaa for
jiirw wereferanirtltqfdotlaM
The Columbia CliciuipUl Ciapy
Ws lUJorporated afi Hlttsbaf gwflli
sy iiwiestfin nw
knartfeiiiiauVor Aiioffea
tpRat efStlO0OOWi fiie
wrl TPt
t y
A Vm
Hy tlonnitiff
hnu r nil A
- H s tijraLliJiXlLKOL C2KEII1
ar JghTal
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rt i f Q5 - - - - j n 1 ra a m u wv t
J s w 4J krfHB
h M
Plain and Fancy
7 0 fancy upholstered rockers tV
49c for baby slipper lu black and
740 for a piss laa or blaeji sitp
per with bow and buefcYes
former price SlOOffc
- mce 5150 v
anil 1175 Vfe
All Linen Suits
yCncuUa or sis I pes 91
and 90 Latest
style uibVy
J t
- h - Al
300 plain nphohteredrockera t rAv tb tf
A f ntnln nnlnlJ 1 - U a lii
ju uuwawicu ruuKKia v Im J jmfjQL
vu ibuuv uuuouierea rocxers ic - - sjm
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wyu laucjr upuoisierett rocKeMfT
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- -
The Latest Fad jn
WWJIlJUiJXli Vtilk3
The uTbnimy Adkinstt
From liio dozen
up ApompUta
spect Largest
Variety of any
lioosa lu Padccab
PRIQE 50 CENbvC ijs
Llgbt nif nobby silver tipped Iit ftwslViUester
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