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ScrippsMcRae League
Mows His Forces From Han
Fernando Out Among
larking Insurgents
In OccaHlnneJ by I he Persistency
or Rebels to Stiuul Their
fo lowing cablegram was received from
niucralOtls tills morning flcneral
MacArthur with 1000 men encounter
nl the Insurgent army 0000 strong
concentrated around Ban Fernnnd
at r15 this morning At 10 Moo
Arthur had driven the Mifrajr five
mils In the direction of Angeles
TUo casualties to American were
few Tim attack was ordered for
the 7th Inst but ttio rain would not
pi Mult tin movement
MANILA 1 I August O Durinc
the advance this morning of Mae Ar
thura troops the American captur
rd the town of Calulut The enemy
r tired In good order hut lost heavily
roui Han iernando to talohit the
enemy sturdily opposed the A inert
can advance and It rtiiulrrd steady
hard fighting at times to make the
Kill pi mm give ground
MANILA V August 9 Evening -The
American casualties in thui
mornings battle near Ban Fernando
number alxmt forty lenenil Mao
Arthur contlniud to drive the Insur
gents before hint today until he reach
Hi tiandallni three mllea from An
geles where he lit bivouacked tonight
The advance will be continued to
morron The progtcs of our troop
I oh a the rouda and field are
flood d still
General Ur oLols Oidered loStop
rilllliuslrrit Leaving Culm
HAVANA Cuba August
Jlmlnex who I expected to lead
tho P b Domlcan revolt that
betwern three and four hundrril men
havealreaUy gone from Havana to Han
Domingo and that nnothrr expedition
wlllioon start Jlmlncz doesnt uy
vhrn ho will go
WASHINGTON August 9 flcneral
llrocko ha been given iitrlct onlei
not to allow any filibustering ex
pedition In Jlmlixis Interest to
leave Cuba
9 -The Domlcan troop sent to nttack
the revolutionists at Paction the
revolutionists headquarter deceit
rd to the enemy when tho latter
camp was reached Not a hot wa
fired Tho revolutionary foico I
growing New from all over the 1
landfno i Jlmlnezs cause
llIILADKIrillA August O Itep
resontntlvcs or the Ban Dominican
rtvolutlonlsts aro here trying to se
cure vessels to carry munitions of
war to Ban Domingo The officers
are watching ilium and they will be
arrested If they Attempt to start u fill
huRtrrlng expedition from tin or
an other United State port
l iigUiiii Inrlliiiiiont Quiet Tbl
Afternoon Queen Speech
LONDON Kng Aug O The Hn
glleh purllaimnt a prorogued thin
iftrrnuui The iie nit spiivh re
fined to the excellent results of the
pmre conference uud the Intolerable
i million of affairs In Bouth A f rkn
Iloth these refill mxs arc coiibidcrcil
LONDON Ung Ago fl A Ilrlt
Ui fi boat this nr lug ir d en a
TPirr fishing sTTiack off jiukciics
sou tin Hussex coast One flaher
man vw
fishing boat fired on tv is tres
pasMni In llritltli water Iliink
cariidei were first imeii but this
Nil nli C was not heeded The Miack
w i captured and the 5ipln ur
re St J
HENTON Ky August 08am
Crossland of Mayfleld spoke here
yesterday to n small crowd In the
Interest of Mr doebola ticket Mr
Crosslands Attacks on John Voting
Drown fell flat There was iio u
plause Tho feeling ngalnst Ooebel
Is growing more Inteiire nnd wde
sprtnd In Marshall county
street car was blown up early this
morning but nobody was hurt All
the explosions under the cars nrore
marknuly harmless and the strike
Matters offer tho theory they nic
Jug cnused by the Ilnkertons who
will loso their Jobs If there are no
manifestations of violence
CANTON Ohio Aug O Edward
Eckluger last night murdered bis
wlfo and ohlld becausu tho former
threatened to Icavo blm
Next Open Heaslon to Occur St
urday What Dreyfus Attor
neys Think of tbe Case
KENNEH France O The Drey
fus court martial resumed its secret
srsrlon thl morning Today the ex
amination of the fifty ninth docu
iik lit of the secret dossier was bgun
Fifty eight of the total of four hun
dred papern which compose the dossier
nre finished yesterday Dreyfus Is
Winning the strain of the rigid ex
amination He ha -a haunting
fear that some jKiInt will escape him
and that he may InnOVf rtnntly do
oiui tlilng which will lead to a new
conviction flrneral Chanolne wa
the only Mlturss examined today
The court will flnlb with him to
morrow and prootfil to the examlnaton
of M ialrologur of the 1orrlgu
df flee wlioic examination will also
he la connection with the dossier
The next public session will prob
ably be held Kilt unlay
Mnltre Labor one pf Dreyfus
lawyers talks with remarkable free
dom on the attitude of the judges
Do you feel quite sure of victory
this lime
Vrs entirely bs said conflilrndy
The Judges -are sntlrrly assured of
Dreyfus Innocence Only old Col
Jauausl seems seems shall I aay
afraid lest he appear prejudiced
Bo he appears unnecessarily hamh
tonards Dreyfus
Do you think the general opinion
Is that Dreyfus is too vehement
Put yourelf In his place an
snereil Latiotl wlth feeling Nat
urally he I anxious to Impress hit
Judges This7 Wretched Joke has
alrrAdy lasted too long
How long will tbe trial last do
you think
Anywhere from eight day to three
month I have no Idea what tactics
thu governments commissioner In
tend to adopt
Peiimiirc another of Dreyfus ntor
nejj snv that he Is convinced the
examination of til
secret dossier tb war departments
mysterious budgst or document
ulilcli Dreyfus was condemned file
years ago will not require more than
smlrns 12SZMKM
A soon as they exhibit the docu
mints wr will puncture their famous
Merit dossier and It will be shown
that there I nothing In it
The general Impression is that both
fnriirre And Jouaust made a liad
debut Even the antl Dreyfusltrs
are dissatisfied They art heard on
all sldts saying that it Is a trick of
the government puting such n ridic
ulous person a Carriers in charge of
the prosecution
Whin Laborl came out of the prison
last night he told group of news
paper men Walt till I get some
of those strutting generals on the
nltues stand Mercler llolleff
and others then Me hall all have fun
I Din anxious to get at them
Reckoned Without Thalr Host in
Tackling a Ncitro Uully
Considt rattle excitement was cre
ated yesterday afternoon about 4
oclock near Blxth and Clay streets
A colored bully was riding a bicycle
when two yokels from the county whe
came In to see the show approaches
in a buggy- They drove ilelllierately
toward the negro and he yelled for
them not to run Into him With an
oath they replied that they would
and drove until he was crowded Into
the gutter lie tiegau to remonstrate
nltht Into and one got out He aim el
the negro until the latter struck
him He then gave the negro iicut
with t he whip and the colored bully
silred It and gave tbe youth such m
caMlgatlnn a he probably hadnt
had In years The other young man
pnliably didnt want any of it and
got out of the way The horse came
near demolishing the vehicle and
whin the country man finally g
loose he was glad to get out of the
Boon afterwards he appeared on
the scene With his band on his hit
pnrkit boasting of What he would do
but the negro bully could nowhere be
found Quite a number of people
witnessed the encounter but did not
offer any objection saying it was
not their fight and the country bori
deserved a drubbing
Arrested at Union Olty Is
W inled In Grarcs
A few days ago M II M Griffith
of Folsnmdalc Grave county came
to the city and cosnplalned to Mar
shal Collins that his horse had been
stoen leaving hlra ussaus a tery
valuable animal
Marshal Collins had cards print
rd and Rent out and last nght re
eelved a telegram from Marshal DJ
Hickman Union City Tenn riyng
that he had under arrest a t that
place Thomas Lewis white of Trcn
ton Tenn charged with the of
fen re iJffJ
Tho horfie It Is understood was
found where he bad sold It Mr
Griffith will go down t onion ow and
identify the animal
Hew Are Tear KMun I
Dr Hobbt Bpsrtfus Pltltrars all klitosr Ills Btni
pU res Ada iiUb Htntdr Co CUcsga or M I
Wcz fpafrucah gitm
Court In Still Wrestling
With the Dossier
Burylluby Case Goes Over Un
til Friday Morning
Judge Banders Had a Very LarRO
Docket to Consider This
The case against John Qury and
Will Iluby charged with rape and
the former with robbery was call
ed in the police court this morning
and continued until Friday There
are many witnesses more for the do
Cense than for the prosecution It
Is predicted that an acquittal will
George Bheppard and Ed Washing
ton colored bad an 8th of August
row last night and Washington was
3ut The case was continued until
tomorrow on account of the absence
of witnesses
The case against Oeorge Allen col
ored oharged with breaking Into
West ourt street house was dis
missed x
Nat Gilbert for fait driving wa
fined 6 and costs lie Is colored
Oscar Oee for a breach of the peaoo
was fined 5 SJ3HiBfi
Frank Itoss colored for carrying
concealed a deadly weapon was
fined 25 and sentenced to ten days
John Tatum for a breach of tho
peace was fined 2Tand costs
A breach of tbe peace case against
Ida Dloodworth and Mary Craig was
George Tatum was fined 1 and
costs for drunkenness
Cora Allen colored for a breach of
the peace was fined 5 and costs
A breach of the peace case against
Alex Thomas colored was continued
Uob Roberts wanted In Ballard
county for shooting George a code at
a Bandana barbecue Saturday was
turned over to tho Dandana oonsta
ble this morning and taken to Dal
lard county
Meagre Report of Disaster in
Central Africa-
Point Anllre dundilopc KnyaRed
uy a Distinctive Storm Steam
ers loHt aud City injured
dlan consul nt Point Apltreguailo
lope cahlt ft the state department
under date of the 8th as follows A
serlou hurricane suddenly commenced
thl morning A great many vessel
are already lost Damage In city
great No details from country
Noahs Ark Friday Hill Mil fl lull
crrqtut sets for 10 cent Bee coti
dltlcns SSI
la Wanted ni a Veno War
rant Now Getting Unri
The last diopter to the feud I
tween Tex Spraguo and Vernon Illow
tt and Lee Walters Is that tho two
latter have taken out a peace wur
rant before Justice Morgan of Den
ton for blm 2vti
Bprague teems to bo gcttng qulto
a reputation In Marshall county as
well as elsewhere and If there were
many more men In the county nt
desperate as ho la supposed and re
desperate us ho la supposed and ro
ported to be there would doubtles
be more than one feud
Spraguea present troublo began
a few weeks ago when ho nnd Vcr
non nicwett who bad been on bad
terms for some time had a dlffl
ciilty over some hogs and Ulewctt
was assaulted and stabbed Spraguo
was arrested after eluding tho offi
cers for some Utile time nnd upon
trial was held to answer Ex Con
gressman John K Hendrlck went
his bond after Lee Walters bad ro
f u fed to become his security
A few night 8 after tbe trial somo
one fired a load of buckshot tbrougb
Walters window Into bis bed and
be would bare been killed bad not ho
moved from the bed a short tl mo
previous Spraguo was aires ted
for this and held to answer Mr
Hendrlck again went his bond
It Is uow said that be swears be
will yet kill Dtewett and Walters
and they arc both ufrald of blm
Yesterday morning accoidlng to
reports a mob collected about
Spragucs house for the pmposo of
wreaking summary vengeance on
blm for his actions but he coud
not be found
Deputy Sheriff Dean was In tbo
olty last night looking for blm but
without success
This morning It was rumored that
Sprague was In Ilenton and two dep
uty sheriffs were detailed to nrrest
him They went to where they
thought he would be found and mean
while It became rumored among the
popunee what was up and a mob of
over 100 people collected and followed
the officers swearing vengeance
against Sprague and that they woud
take him away from the officers If
he was found and bang hint
There has been aroiibed a great deal
of feeling In the case and It la thought
It will be very unsafe for Rprngue to
venture back Into the county again
It whs reported that he was hero
last night hut a starch failed to re
veal any trace of hlin
Noahs Ark Friday will mil 125
vase lumps for 10 cents
His Watch aud Money Stolen
LuBt Night Sometime
Found Ilia Pantaloons and
CulT Button In the Dack
City Physlolan Rivers retired last
night near a screen window The
only fastening to the window was a
large clasp knife driven Into the
window over the top of the screen
This morning ho arose and when he
was ready to don bis pantaloons found
that they were missing He looked
aliout and found that the screeti had
been raised Ills big knife had been
dislodged and In falling stuck up In
the floor making practlcally no noise
This Is how the thief came to get In
without being beard
The doctor found his pants In the1
back yard and nearby was one cuff
button which the thief evidently
dropped From his pookcts were taken
37 In money and a fine gold watch
worth about 50 or 75 Ills wifes
jewelry case was taken from tbe drees
er but Us contents are unknown as
she is out of tho otty
If anything else was taken It was
not missed There Is no clue
Wai Catmht Beucuod and Do
Htroyed After Heine Sh k d
MANILA P I August O Addl
tlonal advices regarding the destruc
tion of the steamer Baturuas by In
surgents has been received hero Tlio
vessel was discovered beached by
the Aiuerlcun gunboat at Han Fer
nando The passengers were taken
off but the boat could not be floated
Tbe cargo and 100000 In specie had
been sacked When the gunboat left
the Insurgents set fire to the Batur
nas The gunboat Yorktown bombard
ed Ban Fernando afterward
Noahs Ark Friday will sill
china bowl and pitcher for 10 cent
and many other articles at the same
Price rtr
Hut I J Did the Work Admira
bly YeHcrday
The Illinois Central yesterday as
en former occasions fully demons
trated Its ability to handle trains
and people In any quantity Last
nght the anion depot resembled
some large depot In a motropolls
There wero flvo trains ready to pull
out at the same time and ad reach
ed their destlnatlrm WltWtit an nc
Yestreday the clrucs was b ought
aerors tha river In reroaiknb y short
time and delivered without an no
cldcnt or delay and last night sent
In two sections to Morgantled
Conductor James brought in a
tran from Memphis with axtcen
coaches yesterday afternoon wltb
1120 people some of whom canto
from Mississippi and points that
far south I
Conductor Hill brought in 700
from the Evausvllle division and
Conductor llansbro brought in 170
from Louisville and wayatattons
There was no trouble on any of
the trains and tbe people came
and went without an- accident
ItiANA Cuba August 9 -A
stent er f rem Oarcel aarivul hero
todiy will elg Ueu oases f
on board
Noahs Ark Friday will tell a
beautiful Jardenier for 10 cmts
Eee window
cUt htdetln issued by tho t eather
bureti stntes a hurricane i center
ing pinbably near Porto Rico
Noahs Ark Friday will svil 126
hammocks for 10 cents w win
dow and condition a
ItrilDGLrORT Conn A irfilit 0-
IFuneriil services over seven victims
of hindaya trolley disaster were
held tilt morning Seven itier fun
erals wlh take place this ifternooi
Noahs Ark Friday will cll en
Ice craem freezer for 10 cents Kcc
wludc w
WASHINGTON August O Tliero
have been no new cases and no deaths
from yellow fever at nnmpton since
last report
Pout fall to call and see those ele
gant dinner sets at The Arcade
-Ninety five people went from
here nn the St Louts excursion this
morning leaving about 10 oclock
Noahs Ark will sell
for It cents Friday
16 foods
See n rdl
-The house of Mr M W Oliver
Hen on was damaged by fire this
morning The blaje was checked
In the roof
That coat of yours looks had The
Orand Lender 321 nroadway can
sell you a new on cheaper than you
cau liu tho oMume clean M
Ncabs Ark rrlday bare ila day
He Went to Sleep ou the Track
Near Etldyvillo Yesterday
Never Awoku Train Delayed
Half nti Uour lly the
An uukaown nctvo tramp went to
sleep yesterdr afternoon on the II
llnols Central rack between Eddy
vllle and Dultcy and uever awoke
The fast po engcr No 201 due
here at 210 i m struck hlin and
killed him Ini ntly The body was
hurled some di ancefrom the track
and the train jpped and picked blm
up being dolt J about half an hour
The man wan stranger and was cv
Idently drunk No one knew him and
the remains - id probably be burled
at Eddy vllle today
Lotia UodRe Aged 10 Tails Into
tho River From a IloaU
Last year a colored woman was
run over and killed by a street car
near the fair -rounds as a culmina
tion of the Htli of August festivi
ties This year it was n drowning
Lena Hodge aged 10 years came
to town on tbe steamer Golcoudo
yesterday from Southland wltb her
mother Harriet Ilodgo The home
of tbe mother is in Smith and aud
they came bote to celebrate
Laat nlglt after enjoying them
selves all day they repaired to the
boat for their passage home The
girl went to iler p and in a short time
was missed Her hat was found
boating in tho river and there could
He no doubt vt her fate
The work of dragging for the body
began at orjoe and lasted until after
tbe boat left Tbe mother tetnained
The remains were found about 2
Itlock this morning near the nhaif
ooat and Justice Charles Emery held
an loquest at 830 oclock this morn
ing The evidence showed that no
one saw the girl fall overboard but
several heard the splash and there
was a cry of somebody overboard
The gill was seen to come up
twice but no more and tbe verdict
of the jury was accidental death
The remains will probably be taken
to Smithland for interment
They are f t 111 arriving fee them
before they are all sold The Arcadns
dinner sets
Kugcno Datilton Not Tried Tbli
Morning for Fmbezileintnt
The case agaitnt Eugene Daulton
formerly with the Ne City Steam
Laundry charged wib embezzling
funds was called at 10 oclock this
morniog in Justice Emerys court
and continued until the 19tb at tbe
request of defendants attorney who
was not ready fur trial
Tho young mans former employ
er Air h J Jlarkit u understood
is willing to withdraw the charge but
County Attorney Graves said this
morning that he would not consent to
it but would prosecute it
Mr Andy Clark is on the defend
ants bond It is understood that
be will go to Kvanston III to
Joe Scapes Had Too Much Hb of
of August Aboard Last Night
Joe Scapes li the nanie of a negro
youth who dro a hack No 20 for the
Wllkerson IalnJr company op North
Fourth street Last night he showed
up about midnight with two worn
out horses and c few frayed remnant h
of harness and said the horses had
run away out near the fair grounds
and demolished the hack He was
drunk and the wreck of the hack was
found out near Mr Muscoe Burnetts
residence on Wast Broadway where
It had been reduced to a mass of
wreckage by onilng in violent con
tact with a wooden crossing
The negro said no one was In It at
the time and If there was no one has
her n a ble to f ad out w ho
Holdup mi Hrondwny
Holdup beforo purchasing your
clothing famishing goods bain
caps shoen trunks and valines e
the grand leader 323 Broadway
Mrs S C Vaugban and otlursdii i
to 1 C Mjret propertj on Eleventh
street bet ween Clay and Trlnibl
Dr J q Taylor drcila to J C
Mont property on Trimble stieit
bitueen Eleventh and Twelfth
New York B Louisville 4
Button IB Cleveland 8
llrroklyn 5 Cincinnati 0
lltisburg 4 Philadelphia ft
Washington 4 Chicago 1
To Car OnuUuri rorentr
TksCHKrt4 Camlr Cathartic 10c orKe
1 C C full In cut 1ruilt rrtuM ruur
Nothing finer ever seen In Paducah
before Thosa dinner sets Just re
ceived at The Arcade
Pudtuuhd Finnic
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tbrlr clothing from the Grand Leader
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the middle minis profit t
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