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The Paducah sun. [volume] (Paducah, Ky.) 1898-1906, October 21, 1899, Image 4

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w Itfi W III wll
Two dollar plaid skirts 1 25 I 00
plaid skirts at 1 50 1 00 t laid skirts prices
Dr II II Griffith office baclc of
MoPhersonj drug store Tecphono
180 RcsJdeuoe 415 South Ninth
Rcsldenoe telephone 40
Tho most stubborn cases of Dron
chills succumb to COUSSRNS IIONCr
OP TAR Irlco 25 and CO cts Sold
y Dultola Oo I
It is easy to locate the wiimer on tailor suits
and ladies ready made clothing at
When you are in a hurry for anything- in the
ready made line seed right to us for it You
will got j ist what you want for our stock is
complete and we carry only such goods as we
can guarantee to to the latest style and fit
Ilandsomotallor suits nil the latest
shades and styles worth 10 00 at
Handsome Venetian tailor suit
braid trimmed piin 1 sMr latest
cut actually wur h 15 00 for 9 98
Habit bark suis in new shades a
bargain at ill 00 for orly 9 50
lLAID SK1UTS Plsid skirts in
every imaginable color and roavritl
would be cur ip at 100
lUutiMfiil taffeta silk wai ts actual
valuo 5 00 st 2 98
Of course you med full u nk rwear
We can show jott the light kinci at
the lowest prices No more couipltte
tinder near line in town Ask to sec
New outing llannel wrappers at
75c worth double
Fsncy outing wrappers at popular
at 200 camels hair plaid skirts in Hair switches to match an color
beautiful desigus and patterns and n or texture of hair If you hiu any
guarantee to fit an lady in Iaducah trouble matching jour hair come
It is a good idea to call ami get hero We show an i truant switch
urst selection on fall waists We will at 75c
show jou right kind at right prices New feature for the Uazaar Just
Handsome braided waists at price received a aaaiplo line of line don
to suit any iiune 200 waists at poia aul licl Lid shoes Hring your
UBii 3 00 waists at 1 98 feet with jou and let us fit them
i A 1 andsome sttin waist til 29S Our catalogue on application
Trimmed hats stjlish nobby beautifully trimmed every color ever
stile every price Silk velvet hats latcs dress shapes with ostrich plumes
silk drapery oman ciK etc ixaet copies of imported pattern hats can
not be duplicated for les than 10 Come and sec them before buying at
4 39 Choice line of tiimmed velvet hats attractive styes at 2 89
The new style in golf and felt tans A large shipment of these received
but 30slerdij they come in Frcuch grays and all the mode shades pe
cfol showing and pricing Four lots at 75c 98c SI 25 and I 98 Sec
qur 10 iueii black ostrich plumes we are selling for 50n To sec these is to
be convinced that they are a mo d excellent value fir the money We are
selling birds cheaper than auv homo in the city Come and get our prices
and Fee if tins is not true Mil iuciy -d The IJ siar The Hazaar for
cheap inilhuery
Good Words Spoken for tlio Homo
of tile Friendless
On Tuesday the second day of court
Judge lien O Jones ami wife Increas
ed their family by adopting in open
court little Utta Hall a b Ight time
yeat ol waif that they procured from
the Home of the friendless Iaducah
K says the Metropolis
We have seen this luio
ijlfl in charge of Mrs Judge Jones on
public occasions and the picture
lif cMtiftd WTfsa most pleasing- oue
niotuerlyvntfjcctioii on the
Jones nud childish trust aid af
fection on the part of the child The
little lady haiLfoiind n home where
she wilt be given1 every opportunity to
grow liiCbone of Godsbefit gifts to
nKiu a pure noble woman Wc con
jjfatulatetli Hdopted parents we re
joice with the child Surely wo muit
Hot forget the Home of the friendless
of which Mrs Judge Campbell of
181 iicali Is president for It whs
through them that tills cIM has found
cuch a good home and plrismt home
Ought we not to have a brntich homo
Metropolis Think of It
When Ion Kido Vonr WIicm
Always shake into your shoes Alk ns
Jjji l Uasc n powder for Mm feoi
ltkecps your feet fool prevents s sit
iu ft el and makes your entiiinu
ten fold greater Over trie mdltn
yhcl people nro using Allms rmt
Uase Jliey all praise It It gtus
rest and comfort to smarting hot
6woHu aching feel and Is u cerUtn
cure for ingrowing nulls At ull
Jruggl6ts and shoe Ntoi cs 2o Sam
ple 1ItUI by mail Address Allen
HOImsUd Lc Hoy N Y
following deids have lnui
Willi the county chrk for ret-
O M WilMin deedul property
Jersey to J L Kllgore for 2r0
A II Caldwell deided property in
the cilyto C L Welltu for the oou
tldcintli n of 527G
T A Jones deeded properly In tho
county to Mary K i cott fur the e
ihango or properly in LiviiigMou
T J Walker duelled propirl y In the
Clin to i I ThtiriKUli for thu bum
if 710
O M Murioii jiml wiredetfhil pioji
er y In the cly to b Wellle for the
coiikiderniliin of 27 b
II Wellle Rons deed to the lailu
ah Coal mid Mining coinpnity for
Sf2rA land on tho South Bide
Harriett L and WIIsou Khinn docd
o 8 T WadllngtOB for oo land
near rouutaln avenue
Dont Tobarro Spit and Smolc lour Lire inaj
To quit tobacco easily and forotcr boinae
netlc full ol life liervo and ltfor taltc No To
llac tbo wonilcr worltcr thatinaltcs u call men
fitronc All drugcHtsOcorIl Curctuarun
teed Ilooldct and eiinplo free Aildrcrs
Sterling lletnedy Co Chlcaco or New Yort
Paducrth Will Shortly bo Con
nected With Thru Place
The llrooklyn Eaglo say
Tho force of trcn engaged In the
construction of tho telephone lino
from Goleomla to this place liavo
reached here and poles arc now being
erected In tho city This line will
bo competcd by Saturday
The line Is being rapidly con
structed from Metropolis to ttllspaco
Mr Henshaw tho manager of the
Metropolis line was In this city last
evening consulting with our city of
ficials and mapping out the entrance
of his line to this place
When the lino is completed from
Brooklyn to Metiopolls It is under
stood that Iaducah will then be con
nected with Goleomla via Metropolis
a nd Brooklyn
Capt Ed Faley went to Smith
land lliU morning to make a speech
lion John W Yerkes wm billed to
speak lhmj hut on act ouit of illns
wjs tiualile to fill his appi intuit nl
aud Captuin Failey went up to seak
in His place
The Illinois Central ran an excur
sion to Louisville from Central CKy
aud olher miniu points this morn
ing for the Miners day at the
val A large crowd went up
100 Reward SIOO
Ihoreadertof thUiiarr HI be p ted I o
leara that there Ii at least oue dreaded dlse isu
that aclcDDe his bjuuabt to tuta in all Its
augut and that H Latarrb lulls Cttarrli
Cure U He only poritv cnio known to tbu
ruedlcil fratruliy Catar h beluga con
j tlonal dl eanj ralres n loustituilona Irrat
mem nail Laltrrti Cure 1 tuleu Internally
acting directly in u the blood aud mucuous
surfacwl of ite ystem thereby d ntrilng
the foundation of the dilate and clvlug
by ImlUluc up thecontliu
tlua and aselallus nnuiu m dilnjlt uoiO
The proprietor have aMniuh flto lu lim
alive twer thai bey oflr Oae ItundrvU In I
tars tor any cue tbn it fa 1 u cure Send or
Uiif tojili unlaw
ddrex T J CIIKNEY i O Til ro O
hold by U ukkUU 6c
liairnrjmni t hi
A Japuncsu firm Is contcinpntlnc
the establHliiiunt of a new Japanese
American steamship lino
Ii Vara Uouatliuttlmi torntrr
Tako Cjscarets Canilv Cathartic 10oorS3c
II C C J fall to cure Uruoclsts refund money
If j on nnt Rood noods nt prlc
that urcHlrietly fair we cordlalljl
itnltu yon onr stock
Plaid IJrchs lootls nt line fic
mid 50c it j aid
IJIacic Ur puns IS- 75c 8j
OHcaud jtl IX 3 tirtl
W HITCH CRCAM VKRMIFUGK Is a Fancy Silks for Shli tAnMs J5 j
Mglily valTiablo preparation capable 15c S9c nud DScn jarl
from tho promptitude of Ifs action of 27inch iilnck SatiiiltVcies all
clearing tho system In rr fow hoursofl
I fall If flKi i ril -
every worm Irlco 25 cts Sold by -v---
lied Coinforth 75c SI and 1 i5
Jilankcts lUc 05 SI 0 Si J5
SI 85 SHOO S20 uid mi to
050 each
linrcnliH lu Moqiietto Rugs nt
1 5 nnd ljti5 c i iU Hats 75
For One Week
Guarantee a
The Tailor
lo9 North Fourth street
On and after this date a charge
will be made for the iu lillenllcii of
r volutions of respect obituary no
tlces cants of thanks official not era
of meetings of lodges societies or
other organizations mat nil notices
of eliuich entcrtnihnieiitH where n fet
Is charged or collt ction taken-
The Old Kelirtbli St Be
mini Coal comntmy aro selling
coal tit the same prices Lump
lie per bushel nut 7c per bushel
delivered until further noticA
Telephone No 8 Office 127
Broadway l7o
Mr nnd Mrs Frank Turner nre
praents of a fluo girl baby
-The artificial palm tree- In the rr
tumid of the Palmer House caught
fire from a cigar stump last night
but wns extinguished before nnygicat
damago was done
John Scott colored wns trapv
fcrrutl to tbo lockup yesterday from
the county Jail where he served ten
days for carrying n pistol concealed
He will work on the streets for thirty
There will be a grand tally at
tho Washlngton strectllaptlRt chutch
Sunday Rev Cccry Smothcis of Ver
sailles Kyls In the city and will fill
tho pulpit during the day Every-
ludy invited
-Broadway Is being cleaned today
of the mud thereon This is good
but If gravel was used Instead of dltt
this cleaning would not bo necessary
Next week will bring tbccarnlvnl
Get ready for It t
This ha1 been a bright and calm
day and quite pleasant It is no
tloubt a weather breeder
-The Ladles Aid hoclcty of tho
Broadway Methodist chinch will
meet Monday at 11 oclock at the
It you nre troubltd with sore corns
do not fall to try the following treat
ment f oak the feet well nt nlgtitf
in hot water in which ban bien d e
solved a few crystals of pe
nate of potash Then dry carefully
especially lietwecn the toes and duijfc
thekln In these parts freely with a
mixture of tnnnlc acid and boraee
acid Nexfc morning wash carefully
with pure soft scop and cold water
thoroughly dry and powder with bo
A plice of lemon on a split ralslii
bound on a hard corn will very oftoi
cure it Tho first application may
produce soreness but if treatment
is persisted in a reasonable length
of time a cure will I lkely be effected
If not try the following preparation
Thirty grains of salicylic mid and
five grains of Indian hemp to lie dis
solved In halt an ounce of collodion
lor tired and tender feet nothing is
better than to bathe th feet and tegs
from five to eight minutes in hot wa
ter In which has been dissolved a
handful of good sea wilt Bub brisk
y with coue towel and apply hllces
of lemon to the soles of tho feet
A sure cure for broken chllhalm I
the following Take a quarter of rt
pint of oil of sweet almonds one oico
of Venice turpentine three ounces of
Innollue and one ounce of beeswax cut
Into slneds melt all together In
white war pot and then put aside
to cool stirring co dsloiirdly to prcj
tent the preparation from becoming
too hard Spread ths oiutimntan
Int and keep the ehllljnliiH covered
with it at night and as much of tlie
day tin Is practloulile
Tlie syndleati represeiittd by Kyre
and Cragin last y nr 6cuivd from
the old Nicaragua goveiiiniont n re
version of tho rights of the Marlllit
Canal company
voted by the
Tlio caiicession was
Nicaragua canal
grcss ontho last day that body laid n
legal existence Those who under
itnnd the condition of affalr relat
ing to the Nlcaraguan cana knojy
that American ownership Of thu en
terprlso was In Jeopardy tint 1L tills
contract was approved Tho grant
ing of the concessions to Kyre and
Lrngln by the Nlcarngonli government
tu is ci all rights of tho Vlntlmo
ioniiiiiy to the new AlerlllrJfrl
pany thus blmtting out fot vr tie
possibility of foreign ixn Iliuj of
M Olflut Vfoi h
Wary Madame I havent had
anything to cat for threo days Mrs
Hardup Youro doln pretty well but
Ivo Just been readln about a man
who fasted for four weeks and tvorUed
very day at that
3f9099K 3raCHHV
Mm 1iltc K Ovcrllu and mii Mor
ion of lvansville arrived In the lly
yosientiy from Kvausville to Join
Mr Uveitiu and make this city thilr
lion e Mr Jveilln Is In the employe
of thelC ralliond nnd hna tlio day
rim i ii thu jard switch engine
An enjoyable dance Was given ast
night over llulliuanH grocery at
Twelfth and lliirnett streets Quite ft
irowd enjoyed the occasion
Mr A W Urelf who has bein ill
for sainetline piKt is able to Hit up
Cl y Attorney ltghtfinit will le
urii tonight from Cairo where he
Went to defend a mail for murder
Mrs Duvld rioilrnoy Is rcrtrd
boitir thlseMiiing
Mr John McNulty hits ruturued from
Iioulsville and MadUoii Iud
Rev W K itvo arrivid home this
Uiirtilug andexpecu to be lu his put
pil tonortow
Mr J Wiillerslcln left at ik on to
dnj for St Louis to visit hor two
suns Mel in and Herbert who are
u tending whcol there
Rev W R Taylor has returiuil from
he lrehbjtery at Danville
Mr J I I eo and wife of Alabama
afier u Mslt to the letters part nts
Mr and Mrs J T Wright returned
hone this morning
Mlas Carrlo Wright of Ma field
is ii guest of Miss Klin Wright
Miss rnollno Davis of MlilbonMlle
will nrrlvo tomorrow to spend the
Wiek of the cntnlil with her aunt
Mrs Allen Jorgenou
Mrs O K I Inning returned yester
day from fct lnul Minn whore Mm
spent tho sumraer
Mt and Mrs J K llonduraut nud
grnnd daughter Mary ruturued today
frcoi n visit to Clmiuuatl
Mr A Knox of tho Y M C A
will leave for HaleSMlle Miss tidy
lo attend the btstslde of til father
bi is ngain very 111
Mr Prank ltiirch left for Wott Vir
ginia jesterday
Mr Mike Michael returned from M
Louis yesterday
Mr Stiuuiil Jacksou retttrurd from
Marion III yesterday
Mi V A MiCuUiien hit return d
frou Louisville
Mr Pat tllrlen and wife returned
last night froiikLouUviilc
Mnjor J if Yshcraft hits returned
from Louisville
Contain Terry nnd souMuoiiand
daughter Mss Eleanor Weill to Orn
cey Ky tills inorutug Oil a brief visit
Mrs Teiry will Join them at Louisville
lu a few diy m they will n ruru
lion c to Washington
Mrs RoWena Rivers has returned
fri ni Cincinnati
Mi K W Whltteiuore of Orunil
Rlters wasTn tho city today
Mr James II Nellie of owtnton
is at the Palmer
Traveling Prelght Agent L T fjwtin
nut of tho St Louis ditHou of the
I c Was in the city today
Hon JoliiiK Ilendrlck went Up to
Lyon county tills morning to make a
tpee Ii for the uoehel ticket
Mr- K G Oleaves gos up to Dawnon
tonight to spend Suuilny
MlbS Harry Ilelle Brandon n turned
his afterncon from Lotitvilie
Mr O C Pmley the Well known In
surance solicitor who hat heci nick
for several Weeks is slowly improving
Mrs L W Boswell went to Piillou
his afternoon on a visit
Association Hrlcf Firnl lmt
Nov Inform ition
Tho ushorlatiou has a i oinmittee for
visiting the sick ami would be gtid
lo have reported any case where young
n en aro sick especially where friends
tan- needed J Ids Work is not confined
to members alone but all ouug men
are included
The Paditrah association needs loy
al y on the part both of tho mem
bers nnd rf Interested frttnds It
w il dolt great work when the men nnd
women of the illy are loyal ami not
ui H then
The Association Jlrlef purposes to
si on reach Us tenders through the
n niK Application has aheady been
naile lo enter It us
Physiral Instructor Potter has been
in the sick list foi a week past and
was forced lo inlw two tlasse
last weidc He Is o IC now and will
be mi liuiul Saturday night es well
iiHjjiasH ifvfiiliigs following The men
itlioliavo enTi reil theilasses Hits year
arc more than phased and already
est If y to the biii fits of tin gmus
jltim -Join now The Junior depir
tii iif Is grOw fug Ojtniiusliim oIukkvs
every- Tuesday nnd Thursday afler
iifinii Infomiecthm with ho gymna
sium workarraiigeiiittlthaH beeifniude
u n ake regular physical
Ions This will help very niikli in
will enable the men to know
best how miii Ii mill what kind of
each needs Mr Tolte will
coiiduottiiv incasuruuiUtB
Tin new -looks have Arrived and
Hie library members eomplltni nt llum
highly -You lead the best hooks at
tlio lowest cost bj having a member
bV An effoit Is bolng made to
havo h course of practical talks is a
feature of the fall aiitUWJiiter work
In tho city will have a part
these mens mettlngs to grow
Tho Conductor I dont bolUre I got
your fare sir The Mlssloner Ah
brother will you not allow we to lead
you from the waks of the unbollev
mK Wr
Cairo II 1 rising
Cliiattanooga 1 1 stationary
Cincinnati 18 falling
rvsiisvllle 1 1 stationary
Florence 0 1 stationary
Johusonvllle Ot falling
Loulsilvle IS stationary
Mt Carmel Oil htatlonary
Nnshvillc 08 stationary
Padurnh 10 rising
Pittsburg 58 rising
St Louis 33 stationary
Observation taken at 7nni River
lo feet on the gauge a rise of 01 in
the last 1 I hours Wind cntt a light
breeze Weather clear and cooler
Temperature 51 Pell Obso vcr
The City of Memphis In fine repair
left for St Louis from Memphis yes
terdn at 5 p m
8perlal to OloliflVmoernt wiys
While racing for this poit Wixlnos
isy night tho Incoming steamers Co
lumbia nnd Cherokee mlllilcd in shoal
water near Dlrkcy Pldd At the time
of the accident Pilot John War en w ns
handling the Cherokee and She man
Ilnwn the Columbia The Che nkec
being a steel hulled boat suffered
but little damage The Uotimhla
however was damaged to tlicaniount
of nearly 200 Muci ctemint
prcvalletl among the ptsscngc a of
Inth steamers but no t aMiallUot
were rcpaitcil The case will be
tried before government authorities
llobe Democrat of yesterday says
Capt Hunter lien Jcnlkns was pic
setited with an elegant pincushion
mounted on highly polished horns
ami a hoof of a Jersey cow It was
mnic by a Capt 1 M Morris who
manufactures such ornaments as a
piMlmc and Is very skillful
Supervising Inspector General IHi
mint In his annual report simmcnts
n tlie fact that no lives were lot on
the exi urslon steamers In the Unitod
States on the Pourth of July ol
tlioug It was estimated thut ono
thif I more persons pitronlcd tho
boats this year than ever lxfoic
The J It got off with
nlre business on schedule time for
Cairo this morning
The steamer Tennessee will repait
for Tennessee river this afternoon at
5 tihck She has a good trip Capt
King Hale says he will have his b ml
crowded with people for tho ivi nival
here on the return from Tciiucssm
rvor noxt Thursday
The Hob Dudley from Rvaiisvllc
Arrived and departed on return trip
today Shu left here w I Hi good busi
ness I
The City of iolcomla left hero nt i
noon today with all the freight sho
c miii pack on the present water
Capt Ramltil Hallow o says he
thinks he will bu able to leave here
for TennesiW river early next week
with the Pavouia and barges to load
with ties
The Illinois Central pay train nr
rved this afternoon at Uir oelcok
after a two days delay It vtn met
at the Union depot hyipiltea uuuils r
of employes of the road All will bu
pt d off today
OWensboro Inipiircr Whin Ooebil
was pretending to flgli the battle of
lllu kburii uuil free sliver In the
w iiii tiw f ir Mnfi isla urn In IHSilJ he was lu reality
In Novcuihor some veryflhe nddreshm oring in his Icy bosom plans for thu
will be given on Sunday afti moons defeat not onlyqt Rlttekburn but of
A program of subjwtii iirjills cuuse He explained to Carlisle
being made up aud the best spi akuriilhat Ire was supporting lllaekbiirn for
In HI Una
peisoual icasoim but that hu really dlil
not mean It After Blackburn wasihs
feuled Ooebel went to Curllslu and yr
Makes the food more delicious and wholesome
oi pKirtr owocoiirwoai
Etl Liiulsey is Wuiitel in
shall Count r
Ifo Wan Olio of the Con plrutors in
the Atteinpletl fail De
If Kd Lludsey Is not eoivlctui hero
of roblery when he In Irled not week
ho will bo trau tfcriul to the lUntou
Jail He is wantul thereon a giavu
charge and was Indlettd together
With several otherh at the last term
Of the Marshall county circuit curl
A bench warrant wan noeivrd by
Sheriff Rogers this morning for I Hid
ry on a charge of ciufedcmUiig and
conspiring to liberate the prisoners
In the county Jail at Denton
In the snine warrant and Mine In
dictment Horace Powell Joe Dinle n
M V Powell nnd Walter Liiulsey
are charged with Implication in the
same conspiracy It Is allegtil that
early lu the year they attempted to
form n conspiracy nnd did form one
to let all the prlsmers out of the
Ronton jail especially Horace Pow
ell and Walter Llndey who ne held
on charges of grand larceny ami house
The two latter wore brought lo the
city for safe kis plng and art now- In
Jail charged In addition to the Mar
shall county offenses wltti breaking
Into the at Calvert City
If llndsey Is aci ulttttl here ntlils
preliminary trial ho will lie remanded
to Jail on the bench warrant
f eet
A 1 1 he Third street Methodist t Inn ch
tomonow Pastor Wellborn Moon y
will conduct services Sunday
at KMi in U P Sears SupeMiilrnd
etiU Pnacliing at II n m aid t
JIO p ui Prajer miellng Thurs
daj evening al 7 io oikek
Set vices tolnoriow at the llroidway
li thodtst church as follows Sunday
Wtiool at t 10 rt m C II Hatfield
Sttperiutindeut PrehChliig at Klin
a m and 7 io p m Junior lviguo
at i p m llpworlli Monday
at 7 11 p m uuarterJj con
ference Wednesday at p in
All the societies will please Mind 111
the reports for the year by Monday
HII Johnston Paslor
ynnl Sunday
at Kalleijohns
nt 3 p m by Rev
Pervicis will be held tomorrow nt
iirmati Kvangcheol utnmli us
follovs Sunday school at ttrn
m At 130 1riiiiiti pritehlng
piepamtory services for the Lords
supper which will bocelelroted Mum
day October 10 Kngiisli plflehlng
at night nt 730 Kverylwdy is tiea t
lly Invited to attend these servcn
1 P Wulfmati
The usual services miy he expected
at the Plrst lVtlVtulan rluitch lOr
aer ttivetith and Jeffeison strivts
by the paslor Rev W I Cave 1
1 tomorrow at 10 ir a m and 7 30
p m Sunday schoul at 0 10 a in
L M Uleke rsiipurlntiliilelit Suudny
school at Hebron Mission at 1 p tit
Mr J 1 Mociuoi HtiHTintndoiil
Sunday school at Miipih Mission at
Up m Ceo II Hart Superintendent
Mr Ot o U Hart will eondtiet s r
vices at Mlrpih Mission trahlmtti
alglit at 7 30 oclock
Cioapel meeting nt the Union Reseuo
Mission 131 South Third stre I every
night nt 7 30 oekek All are In
vtcd to attend R W Chllos So
t i i i
Ladles Ald oC tho bcootid Ireibtf
rlnn chuich meota with Mrs Joseph
Lockwrnsl Sixth and Jones strict
Monday afternoon at 3 oehok The
ladles are reiiieslcd to be presmit
Servlci s at Si omul Piesbjterlnti
ehutoh tomorrow us follows Premli
lug at 1 1 a in mid 7 1 p m Sunday
school at Pao it m Y P S C 1
at 7 p m Priyer meeting Wednm
lay evening at 730 p in
Musical Progruni Plrst Christian
church Sunday OcIoIkx 22
Organ preluli Seriiph St wins
0ien ng Antlieni Rohoiw Prom
1h f ntine1 i
Offertory liitfrmetzo Mascagln
Vlblln MIss Aline llaghy
C M Davis
Mrs Austin TlmMII soloist
Violin ll Hag by
organ Pelude Kntieo Ho Proees
s oir Kduard Hiillstiv
Antheni Hrtlleliijihl thu
Lord Is Risen TodayTDavis
Anthem dord of 11 ateii -II L
At the Plrst Christ lit i chinch
southeast comer of Seventh ami Jef
ferson streets the ctngrigutieii will
Worship at 10 15 a in and 7 30 p in
Mr Plnkcrlou will fill Die pu pl
morning and evening Sunday school
at I 30 a in ieo C Wallace Su
pcrlnUndent Junior ludeavor so
cU tf at 2 p m Senior ludeavor so
clity at 131 j ni
At the Cumberland Piesbjterlan
church corner of Sixth and Court
streets Snhday school at 030 a in
Christian RniteaVor nt 030 p m
Prajer meeting Wednesday at 730
fi in everybody Invitrd to all ser
vices -
Rev A R Wllsouof Jackson leiiu
will tomorrow vocoupy the pulpit of
Trimble strict Methodist chuich both
morung mil livening at 1 t a in and
at 730 p in The eongn gatlin will
wek oine li I ill by giving him a good
aiidifiicK on both occasions
At tho Tenth strict CTirlstlan
church tomorrow Rev W A Parker
having returuttl to the city will be
lu his pulpit Morning seivRe at
1015 Theme True Irentness
Luke 11 10 Rvenlng theme De
sign and Destiny of he Church iph
2 Rverybody cordially Invited
Illncato 1 diipl ui l will
Candy nilmrllo
10c so itcrr
0 1
ficnr ls
lOiimlputinti tore
I inlie
A Satisfied Customer
Prsiik Dean expert tuuu t jo
jrcjilrei if p am s and orgajis Orders
left at llalilu Ills miiso store No
loS llr uduav ivU lercivu p dji pt
attrutlon 1 o0
FOUSAI K lioicilot of fnll
liIootliHl Slietltiiid pntir rf my
stitlio A IMIJBEK
No advertisement hai the power
ot a customer satisfied with onr
goods oiti prices and onr t erviec
We endeavor to keep onr stock
hij h in quality our prices low
and our service perfect We gttir
antee to he
Rr you mojieyjs refunded
Uerei satisfactjpu for ypu and for
It protecH yoiv and tt pays u
J Yi V- V
I wr
nowed hlsaliegianu both by word and wiii yuu iu ue oue 01 our sat
in writing only to betray hi us ho vd CUbtoiners WtiJl make you
be rajetl Ilia kburii The serpent of
Edcu Was without guile In tomparlMin
wi Ii this man
lone if given the chaicc
rlHrtTantl Teun Sts
To tho Decorators o
and PrivatD Vehicles
Wo have Decorating ropo in one two and three
colors nicely blouctod also Wire oi every de
scription and Gilt Head Tacks at
Hardware Company
Sign of Big Hatchet
Big White Store on Broadway
Houses Built
On choice lots and sold to acceptable parties for
small margin in cash and remainder on easy in
stallment payments For further information
apply to the undersigned
AiiiKiiinciM to tho eiilns i f Hist he lint removed to lal NUUTII
Til 1UTHKN Ill si UKKT i urm t id Mnroe In liw new nud commiHliiiiii
itisrtrrs sou will Hml ow of the lioist larijest freslu s most couiilcto lint
if PROVISIONS rUODtlH etc ever opened in tlie city
He extends a cortlin hit Ration to all lo cull ami iusHCt Ids K Hxls anil ns-
t res tlieui the oloust market uolntions In the rear of thu store will bo
mid tlio lust of wines liiiiors litmnlies eijjars cto
weeks Os
Deafer in Wall Paper
BaiiaiRS for Two
How is the Time
104 North Fifth
Prepares ggp ZA
Her Home 5aii gS fe3 Vi
for Winter W -3
Comfort Cjm
The Paducah Furniture1
Manufacturing Company
Have everytliiiiK vv to hatk and they will sell you ni their whole
sale prices Cnn yon afford to go elsewhere when ni and iifi Sontli
rhird street is so near
Everything in Furniture
To tlie Public
Owing to tho Increased cost of pro
during coal nnd tho tinpreeeilintcd
demand for our coal elsewhec wo
see no good reason why wo should
continue selling coal hero nt less
than cost No ono can shlpcoil hero
by rail as wo aio now doing and get
out even selling lump coal at 8 cents
per bushel Hereafter our price for
lump coal Will bo 10 CRNTS PER
All oniers on our books unfilled will
lie filled at 8 rents per bushel for
lump and 7 cents for nut Respect
ISAAC RERSR See aud Treas
In order that tln io may bo ample
accommodation for visitots during
the carnival It is earnestly requested
that all persons Who can furnish rooms
with or without board MI1 notify
the undersigned at once giving uuiii
ber t hat they can cntortal n and prices
GKO II DA INS Secretin y
Wanted at Onco
One liniidri d tie makers to mako ties
on Tcnnisseo rlYer Oood timber
lord board can be had nt 2 per week
Ties iiispecUil and making paid for
i vi ry t wo weeks Apply to J 1 Heat
ty this city or to Huston Hruoe
tuli Ureek Tonn Signed
Im Salo
Itesldences all slzos Lou nil parU
of cltyv Itargalu prices Cash or
Install inents
rn l
Tho property comer of Hroadway
anil Second stn ct now ooaupled by W
r Husbel A Co Apply to Oo Iang
tuff trustee or 0 K Wheeler
It is almost complete at Tue Ai
Mortons Opera House
FiiTCiiKii Tnum Malinger
f uesday October 24
The Utlginnl
1 1 isli C iurtliin
Barney Ferguson
In lus coiuuly fcucces
Supporiidliy MAIllirKKlTH
the clever eoinedietine mid
a st roii company Tlie longest laugh
of the season More new fealuiea
sweet sinjeis and dainty dance h
than 3011 livc Vrr son with one
company Prices 25c lio 60o and
7flo heats on sulo next alond iy
mornlnij at VanCuliiis hmk store
Iced Tea If Extracts
drink when
Thin la
the rlRlit kind ol
raw material We
have II lu utock
iltotilil tie puteto
injure Hie ptrtc
linn o cooketj
tltere ii alto thl
mallrr of heallh
Out cxtiacti are
Die brat to be had
Barksdale Brothers
PRO S SISK Is the lemllng vio
Hu mandolin gu tar ami cello teach
er in Iho citv He suits his methoiN
to thu individual requirements of
each pupil and ilion withou a
onablo amount of talent nro lejeoted
Studio Campbell hldg 3l floor
i i

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