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The Paducah sun. [volume] (Paducah, Ky.) 1898-1906, November 09, 1899, Image 2

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tlirUty Cliillutl an election officer
In Magoffin county whs stiot and
fatally wounded while trying to
mppresN a right
At llltftcrstiiff voting precinct
In Madison county a difficulty took
jilaee between James Herring mill
Jatiirs ICelly ulien tlio latter htiuoW
the rornier with a Ntone fracturing
hlf skutl Up will die ICelly was
In a row nt llee Springs Idmcnion
rounty Will Mcrldeth lllll Anglic
Juki Merldeth and Jako Vanmeliir
were nil suilotisly If not fatally In
Jnred ly s hooting nnd cutting
James Kerrlck was killed in an
election qtiarrel In Hath county
A difficulty occurred at Lancaster
In which Hon linker was Miol twiro
hy Huston Clark The toube lie
San early In the afternoon whei
linker shot atClark but missed him
A convention of Mormon chlers from
Italian n Ueorgln Kcntueky Teimos
kee and the Ciirollnns has lin called
to meet at Knoxvlllu Noveinlnr X
and 11 -
Notice of First Moetlnj
of Creditors
In he District Court of the United
Mnts ftr the IUtrct of
tucky In Itimkriiplcy
In I In- matter tit Will Klclmnl bank-
nipt In lianknipley
To the ciedltom of Will Kichaid of
1adticnli in the county of MeCracken
and district nforeFaili u bankrupt
Nutlet Ik heieby nivcli that on tho
1 Id day if Novi iultcr A I 18ifl the
said Will Itlelmid was duly ailjinllcutiii
Iki iikruji t aud that the first meeting
cf his creditors will beheld at office
if iiudrHlluil rtfi iiv ill IKfuenh
tracken county Kentucky on thelTtli
J day if November A 1 1800 at 10
ee i k In the foil in mi ai wiivii tiiiid
the said Creditors may attend prove
their caiuis nppclnt n trustee exsin
ine thu baukriipl nnd traiisiirt such
other business as mny conn properly
hi fore paid meeting
JIMIt W IIVUIIV Ueferee In Hank
Iniluoali ICy Nov 8 1800
j J T rrauclx u government printing
officii employe at Washington Was
burned to death
PM FUH rrtildenl
J KWiLtiAxiios VIce rrtildrnt
John J Donun Sccrclry
Kntered l the pottoffict at radnctb Ky at
itcoad clan matter
By carrier per week
By tuall per mouth In advance
By mall per year la advance
One year by mall poitate paid
Addreti Tim Sen Taducah Kr
J jo
1 00
Orrica J14 Broadway TiLKrnoNa Noj
Member of the Scripps McRae
League the best atternoon leie
graphic Association in the States
TIHllSliAY NOV 0 1800
ioehels trathety brouglit Its own
re ward
If lllackhurn goes down with tho
king It will be no more than tho fato
ho nought
The Kepobllean pnrty grows tettor
with age The Dem ocrn tic pari yoleur
y weaken ns Its iiays lengthen
It I generally believed Hint the pres
ident will advocate the annexntlon
of the Philippines In his next message
The lleinccrats should tnkc their
defeat with better grace They set
the pace nnd lost Their Miuenllng Is
Prosperity no doubt cut a bg fig
ure In the election Tuesday Incrensed
Republican majorities are repotted
frim all sections but Nebraska
How ridiculous was tho talk of
Ohio going lVmocratlo is made clear
by tho returns Tho 1807 Itepubll
can plurality Is almost doubled
Many arrests for unlawful voting
ami ncilcns have grown out of Tues
days election The guilty are to bo
prosicuted Insplteof the Ooebel elec
tion law
New York and New Jersey have set
tled themselves In tho Hepubllcan
column Talk of them In connection
with the national contest In any other
way Is folly
The HepubllcausVwon Tuetdsys
election and they will get the fruits of
their victory There w ill be no further
stealing of voles nnd no bulldozing
There may be attempts but there will
also be regrets The division of the
people will and must stand
The Leader was n very funny paper
yesterday It was crow Ing as much as
If it had renlly played n part in the late
elect lin and was a winner It doesnt
seem able to recognize the fact that
It Is so dead that It cant even raise a
cent Hut It was passing Its grave
yad nnd Its whistling iildnt hurt any
The returns from the election Tues
day night must hnvepled all of the
Ow ensboro Messengers ulllorlal
matter Though usually up to the
nioiiK ul on all such quest Ions ns resul t
of Interesting events the Messenger
had net a line yea not n word of edl
torlal comment on the Important bat
tie of the ballots The Hun Is cnud dly
surprlsid at the Messenger It should
have taken Its dose with more grace
The Louisville Tost Hem 8th The
returns from the state are Incomplete
hut theestlmates based upon Khackn
ftrds votefor the remaining counties
I nil call- the clicikn of Tnylor by a
This Is after the O cebel conspira
tors have done their utmost to prevent
the holding of an elect ion They seized
In advance the machinery created by
the Infamous Ooebel bill which Wat
tersou denounced in langtmge nono
too strong when It was proposed to put
It upon the statute book It Is the de
vice cf a very devil It has proven an
Instrument of Intolerable oppression
It has every where debauched onoe
honorable men who have becone the
Instrumtnla of the most infamous
gang of desperate politicians that ever
curstd any state of the American un
ion nnd yet the people of Kentucky
have arisen and have overthrown these
conspirators They hnve ecatleied
the revolutionists Under thu shled
tf tin law even of the law made by
these men themselves thty have
brought to naught all of their crimes
aud all of their desperate actions and
have wiped the disgrace from the fair
name of the state
Kentucky Is redeemed redeen dl
by tin loyalty of her own citizens He
ilemptlon has been nindeiil response to
the nppenls to the manhood and wom
anhood of tho slate Had the eectlon
been free and the count fair the ma
jority of Taylor would not hnvefalen
shut of 50000
We congratulate nil men who have
any Interest in the stnte of Kentucky
We congratulate especially the young
mi ll of t he slate that the false standards
tf morality in politics which were
mixed by Ooebel nnd his followers
have been overthrown and that our peo
ple have proclaimed t hat there Is moral
law I n politics ns well as In other de
part ments of life and that no man can
seize power by force and perpetuate
that power by fraud
Theieturli8 for the legislature show
thai It will be If not Kepuhlcnh at
least surely niill Illackburu uiul anil
Ooeliel The Ooebel election law wll
bn lepealed The threnttned evil
legislation will be prevented aid Mr
nnekburn w III not be elected senator
The lower house will almost cer
lalnly he Republican by a decided nut
Jurlty and ns man of the Democrati
senate rs nre opposed to the Ooebel
hill that infamous law will surely lie
repealed Any phaiige will probably
be I ha advantage of the Republicans
iiiUvlllo Commercial 8th Thu
Ooebel machine is smashed to smith
erei ns The people of Kentucky took
this Infamous piece of political mech
anism In hand yesterday and this
murnlng there Is not a vestige of It
left to menarii citizenship to encour
age conspiracy against the right of
this lotmiiouWcnlth Against tcrrlflo
odds they have fought nnd won a great
battle fir civil liberty With the courts
stripped of authority with tho execu
tive officers of the state shorn n a
tremendous proportion of their orig
inal power over the conduct of dic
tions with every part and parcel of
the election machinery In the hands of
a partisan roiiunlssloii a Iwiiy organ
ized ami mnsteriil by Mr llmbilhiiu
self Willi appalling violations of pro
priety and law marking the t iurse of
events ftr a fortnight befote the elec
tion the law abiding and liberty lov
ing people of Kentucky have
rlsin In their might and rees
tablished citizenship firmly fixed an
orderly government In iowcr at 1iiiiik
foit and perpetuated all of the bits
tings of liberty in this commonwealth
They hnve re axsertul Kentucky mm
hood They have set Liberty up where
Servitude had threatenul t o take her
pla e
The election of William Sylvestir
Tnyh r to the governorship and of Hie
remainder of the Republic tin state
tKket totheotlnr places of executive
power under all of the circumstances
vii rounding the canvas1 Is therefore
a partisan victory In a sense merely
Incidental to the gnat inoveinint of
the people which has swept tliise Re
publicans Into power while It was elim
inating William Ooebel and what has
cctre to be known as Ooebelism from
factorship In public af fairs In this state
forever The Republican organization
was the ngency nbout which an out
raged ami Indignant people rallied for
the accomplishment of their own great
purposes but the victory Is of the peo
ple IVer their common em my rather
than of party over partisan opponents
The antl Ooebel platform upon wlibh
the ennvass for the preservation of
Ivll lllterty was waged was framed hi
a Republican convention but It was
the utterance of the inassis of lltw
sovereign voters of -Kentucky
That Republicans throughout the
stnte and Hint nil lVise clcvatnl to
places cf public responsibility and
power fully recagiilze these conditions
doca not admit f doubt Ihat hey
will nilmlnlster the government or t In
state wlh abUitc fidelity to the
pledges upon which they were success
ful nt thu polls yesterday Is evident to
every candid observer of the course of
the cnmpalgn which has now Item
brought to so glorious a cte That
they will repeal the Ooebel election
law If a Republican majorlt j has been
chosen to tho legislature is h certain
as the rising of tomorrows miii
The Iienirxrntlc party Is playul out
This Is especially true In Kentucky
wliere nil the smart men who have
not left the ranks of thilr own a vnnl
haM been klckeil out The so called
Democrats In this last election put
cut a man that thousands of gii
men In the party could not Indorse at
the polls and the result was his de
feat They will never forgive the
Hrown men yet they forget there
wculd never have been any llrnwu
men but for the tnachery of party
leaders Who foisted Mr Ooebel u the
part when the party did not want
him with his duplicity aud bis oppo
sition to the best cwrnmi rdal Inter
ests In the stilte They can call the
Hrown men traitors and other haul
names but down in their h -arts liny
know that the Hrown men have dared
to do right by voting against a
they believed unworthy to be governor
of Kentucky nnd a menace lo goixl
gu eminent
What Is Mr Ooebel going to say
when he is finally fcn ul to admit
that he Is beaten Is he going to come
up like a man and say helms list or
Is he going to claim that he didnt have
a fair count It will be quite Inter
esting for Mr Ooebel to say to the
people of Kentucky that there was
fraud tu the clcction und his own
election law too Kit In r he must ad
mit If he makes such -a claim that
he is very much a novice at making
election laws or else that the fraud
Was committed by his own henchmen
If he undertakes to steal It will he
wont have ns eas a time as he did
stealmc the nomination
The Ocebelltes claim Hie earth but
show no figures Are they afuid of
their owncalciilntlons It lsclcnrthls
Is tbe case
Jclin I Hennett chief of polee of
IlattliSburg Miss wns shot ami killed
by I N Holllngsworth a washing ma
chilli man Hennett struck Holllngs
worth with his fist and the latter tin
niidlntely shot him The slayer nar
rowy i scaped a lynching
The federal and municipal author
Hies clashed over tho eltcilou at Cov
Jngtcn and chhf of Iollce 1iigh ami
other police officers were arrestnl by
Unlliil Htates marshals They were
charged with Interfering with election
Christy Gullutt nn elrcticn officer
tu Mngoffincounty was fatnlly wound
ed while trying to suppicss a fight
Tour men were hurt at llee Springs
ldmonson county One iinn was se
riously wounded In Madison county
A trust to combine all the rubber
blcyole and automobile con panics
Into one big concern with a capita 1
rat le n of -00000000 is lo be formed
u New York
Ilelden Hlukle formerly of Nats
ow Women
May Keep Young
The real secret of youthful features
In women is regular menstruation
If there is an irregularity of nny
nature if the menses be suppressed
or too scanty too profuse or painful
the trouble will show in the fuce
The eyes will be encircled with
black the skin sallow blotches
and pimples will appear and the
sufferer although young in years
will appear old in looks The un
failing remedy is
It cures all ills of the womanly or
gans Falling of the Womb Leticor
rhcea or Whites and Bearing down
Pains Cures Backache Headache
and Nervousness nil of which arc
due to weakness in the same organs
Iwg bottlat r told by Draggltta tor SI
nek Li u rente county twnUIhil in j K
he n lues nl Acme W Va by slate
falling on li I in The body was hor
ribly mangled
A mill fired Into the house ofHatl
Iarkei tctuitly uriiiltted of the mur
der if A t Turner in Clayiounly
Seven suits Were gained In the New
Jersey bglslalure by the Rcpuhlli ans
Aunt thanej Howard an old negro
woman who lives oat on the Harks
ville read near OlivpoW and who Is
now past her ninth cnr Is very low
with the iuNrmltlcs of old age
I lie four i uses of court martial deatli
M iilciHis of soldiers In the riilllpplues
nidi h reached the war ilipiitiiniil by
Tuesiitja Manila mull are awaiting
transmission to the secretary of war
Kxciutive action tauiiot be fores anted
but It Is generally understood here that
hi i nsitlleseiileiicis are not commuted
by the president II Is more than likely
Ihat the atlirneys for the mnvlcted
neii wilbnndervfir bv tisliiitcil flaws
hi thu priKeedlngs to prennt the Itn
pililoii of the extreme penalty
Mr Mar onl sailed for Lngland
terday Ho Mild nt the steamship pier
that his assistants had gone lo South
Africa with wireless telegraphy ap
paratus expecting to give the sstim
a test hi actual warefare
SI Mars Hptsropal church nt
umii the oiliest i liureli la New lerscx
ns destroyed by u file of supp nl
liner nl oilgln Tuesday nUiit It
i In it In l7rt
Kenat I Tl
art Ms v est id and fln l
1 1 Void HUrttlng il be d
Seilius trouble Is feared ns a result
if the miners strike nt Durktowii
Thomas llrock an Owen count far
ner while under the 11101111111 of whis
key stabbed his sou to death
The Women of Chhago will present
ficiicrnl Whecli r aud General riuhiigh
Lee curb with a i00 sword
filoiiel Dallas l IrMi one of Illttc
birgs wealthiest men was found dead
In lite streets Apoplexy wjm the
Vim President Hobirfs ceunlltloii
thows considerable Improvement
tnplalu LrWIs McNabb of the Tor
ty nluth volunteers committed sulilde
at Jefferson barracks by shooting him
self with Knig JorKenscii rifle
An agreement has been reached be
I ween Oreal Britain mid Oiimniiy rtl
alive toSuinon The agreeimnl Is sub
ject to Hie npprnl of the fulled
I ho Illinois Central JlvwS Order
for US Now IMssiiijjerCufH
The Illinois Central has onh red thlr
l -eight new pissHiger 1 ais for its er
vLc between Chicago and New Orleans
nnd Louisville and New Orleans There
a 111 Is two dining cars iilueehalrcars
fifteen cimicIhs six composite and ilc
baggage iars All will have steel axles
mil pin I firms nnd will Is equipped
with high sliced brakes brans ilut
guards full vcsllhulcd platforms anil
nlll lie lighted with gas and healed
by sleaiii The new niulpmilit Is the
finest evi r ordi nil for a southern rmid
and will be tlelivi rid January I
Ircm the Philadelphia Thins
A Woman Isnt necessarily cowardly
who Is frightened at a shadow these
autumn I H lights
No matter how well brid a woman
may bn she always tnkis an Interest
in the loading up of a patrol wagon
Why does the condition of a Womans
hair always reflect so accurately the
ettled or unseat lid slate of her inlncV
When someone said there were no
genii Indians but dead ones the foot
ball team had not yet been discovered
There Is real Joy In the hi art of the
child whose mother declares there Is
absolutely no use trying to kiep Hinii
ch nn
There Is nothing so delights a woman
who knows better as to be told that
she diesnt apparently grow a day
oliti r
Tim person who does not g to the
park llieso days Is luting a rare treat
tf color hi the brilliant autumn leaves
Tim luve of a dollar Is a mild term
compared with the positivily mad aT
f ec din of somo pi rutins for n fl cent
The perse n who walls for Inspiration
In any line of work ought to liae a
pretty strvng bulk account to fall back
Many 11 very fat feminine purse that
lioks as though it Is bursting Willi
bills ically Is doing so but they are
of he unrott Iptctl variety
WheneVir a person glvis us somo
gcod atlvlm We always feel that It
mlglii have answered in their tav
hut has no bearing 011 our ow n
Il Is a Wise woman who rather Insists
c n a man having his llltlo fling Instead
cf objecting lo It He tins if It Se
mite h sooner that way
I lie short goWu has become suth an
ordinary affair that it is a wonder
that any man era Iv found who will
turn to look after a woman wearing
Il U really n remarkable woman who
an It ok Interest 1 I In some one elses
talk w hen she Is Just dying to break in
and Icllsiiiicthlug herself
The woman who allows a men lo
mike when he Is walking with her
gives perse ns the Impresiuu that sin
has less or an Idea of the fitness of
lhhs even than be has
A womans real devotion to a man
Is show n by her ability to let him alone
when shesees hoiloesiit want her and
to show no resent mi lit when he Is at
lasi 1 1 ady to come mound
Anmilne Nprrd of Hie litter
The speed of an otter under water
Is amazing FUh havo no chance
against them In some places In In
dia otters aro kept by tho natives to
fish for them They aro tied up to
stakes like dogs when not working
wear plaited collars and ecem happy
Chlmau Icz Ilcrniea
In Chicago 33000 do licenses have
been Issued for tills year and 7000 or
8000 vaore are oxpected to ba taksn
Yuclt mi tiiiert Am IHelilr irrmrd
lijr I lie People
From tho Mexican Mornld Three
of tho most curious pots lint wero
ever fed were hroiiplt to Mexico City
the other day I Iiey were brought
thero by tho butler In tho household
of President Diaz who haa been on
n trip to lrogreso They aro three
bugs of a rare bleed Tho only place
In the wot Id In which they aro found
Is Yucatan The average specimen Is
nbout nn Inch nnd a half long Ha
body Ig In two jcctlon resembling
tho bodies of sonio speclei of tho bee
tle and each section Id covered with
n stout shield or pinto which Is almost
Hat curving but a llltlo at tho edges
When the head of the hug U placed
under tho mlcroscoin It looks rather
Intelligent anil amiable Tho hugs
wincn wero brought hero aro In a
highly ornate stale Porno cunning
artist of Yucatan has painted rhiolils
in tho Mexican national colors on tho
rear plates over their bodies and
highly colored bundle of lloxvers on
tho front plates and has gilded their
long ilouhlcil iip logs Little gold
chains aro attached to tho niUUUo of
tho rear plate whlca Is the larger of
each bugs body by which Ms bugsltlp
can bo lifted up or led around One of
tho bugs was presented to Irosldmt
Diaz one to a Mexican lady and the
other to an American lady They nre
fell In the literal sense of the woid
The American ladys bug Is receiving
all kinds of collcltlmis nlteutlon rnd
seems to like It at effort will bo
nindo to teach him sonic tricks Ills
habits nnd manners are being closely
wntched He loves tho sunshine hav
ing been raised In tho hot country
ami when he Is lifted I his gold chain
and dropped In ihf fell glare of the
sun with the cork of a beer bottlo In
front of him to munch he seems to be
supremely happy
Tjiiiie rroplv lime
llrrlcm nt Ilrnlii
Troiii the Boston Transcript A
noel custom started In the days of the
civil war prevnlls In tho eastern part
of West Virginia At Shopherdstown
they havo a picnic railed soups Kat li
person linlted brings a dresned chick
en the host providing the vegetable
Poultry and egetu tiles are plnrcd In
large buttles holding from ten to twen
ty gallons and the combination Is
cooked over open fires for several
hours or until It Is reduced almost to
a Jolly Pepper and other seanonlngs
are Introduced The girls and jouiig
follows stir the soup with long handled
Iron spoons keeping up a march or
walk around the kettes as they do so
When a girls spoon clicks against ihe
spoon of a young man he is at llbuy
to catch and Kiss her Of courKe
there are many lively skirmishes and
a great deal of fun In the giime Wnen
the coup Is done It Is ladUd out Itro
plates and eaten It Is said to he ic
clous Tbe custom ows Its orlgn to
a company of Stonoval1 Juckson t 111 n
who were recruited In that part of ti
state These ex confeds keep up tin 1
organization They have a reuiion
oneo a year at which they celebrate
with a grand soup It Is mild tliit a
soup properl gotten up should ho
made of stolen chickens but the ft
erans had to gle up foi iiclug after the
war and make a oompromlhe by solnn
around In squads and robbing each oth
ers roosts by mutual understanding
The lrlii tllnl
In the Paris Miincum of Natural His
tory at present there Is to bo seen the
only living captle specimen of what
African explorers have called the prU
on bird Tbe peculiarity of this
feathered neauty Is that he is the most
tyrannical nnd Jealous of husbam
Imprisoning hla mate throughout her
nesting time Livingstone watched the
birds habits while In Monnottr and In
his subsequent observations referred to
tho nest 93 1 prison and tho female
bird as a slave The nwt la built In
the hollow of a tree through an open
ing In the bark As soon as It Is com
pleted the mother bird enters carefully
and fearfully and settles down In It
Then papa walls up the opening leav
ing only Just spaeo enough for air and
food to pass through He keeps faith
ful guard and brings food at regular
Intervals without fall The female
thrhes under her enforced retirement
I ut If the prison bird la killed or In
any other way prevented from fulfill
ing his duties the mother and her Utile
onos must die of starvation for she
cannot free herself from bondage Nor
mally the Imprisonment lasts until the
chicks are old enough to fly Then the
male bird destroys the barrier with his
beak and liberates his family It Is
charming writes Llvlngstono to see
the Joy with which the llttls prisoners
greet the light and tho unknown
Tlio Noo u ut Importune-
to the
Itnullns of Cliimctrr
Though the other features all reveal
their special characteristics It Is hope
less to try to read and balance them
aright without first carefully examin
ing tho noso and allowing for tho weak
new or strength lundlcated by It The
Itoman nose Is unfailingly nnd correct
ly associated with will power and com
mand the snub variety with
and the thin high bridged
hooked type with avarice A compress
ed nostril Is not to be wlahed for as II
Indicates suspicion nnd penurlousness
When the cune Is heavy the character
is usually correspondingly dull and un
interesting well defined It points out
the well balanced ml nil and perhaps
n6o a passlonato disposition easily
roused and as easily calmed The lit
tle pointed narrow noso proclaims It
self as Impudent and wanting In rever
ence and when it Is united to a reced
ing chin and forehead with eyes close
to the nose the wider tho berth given
tho possessor of such unenviable quali
ties the better So thero is much very
much in physiognomy and oned con
stant not first Impressions though
not always availably correct may on
the whole be trusted
New Ztiilniida Old Ace 1emliiiit
Tho New Zcalandcrs at C3 years of
ago are entltlod to a Btato pension of
y0 a year The most interesting part
of tho lnw which provides for this pen
slon Is tho preamble which reads
Whereas It Is equitable that deserv
ing persons who dm lug tho prime o
life have helped to bear tho public
burdens of the colony In tho payment
of taxes and to open up its resources
by their skill and labor should re
colvo from the colony a pension In
their old ago bo it thereforo enacted
etc Under such a law the New Zea
land pensioner will not feci that bo Is
an object of charity
To Sweeten Foul llrrath
A foul breath may be sweetened by
A simple mouth wash of crystal pr-
manganaU of potash In a tumblvrful
of water
V tz
In the
World for
and Cooking purposes
and goneral satisfaction
St Bernard Goal Coke and Anthracite
For Spot Cash Only
Office 427 Broadway Telephone No 8
fu rapidly becoming tho fnvorlto with tlio people of hla city It leads
oUiur3 for tho reason that il in
K J Bcrgdoll lroprietoi Tenth nnd Madison strcctt
Tclcphono 101 Onlcn filled until 11 p is
Ma Pop Seltzer Wnlci and nU ttLda ot Temperance D
Minzeskmer Plumbing
104 North Fifth
Telephone 362
Solicits your patronage Wo thoroughly guar
antee all our work Wo employ experienced
workmen and will do your work in a sanita
ry scientific mannor at tho lowest prices
Good Measure
Drop in and seojus
You will always gc
good measure here
You will always get
good quality here
You will always get
courteous trcatmcnthcrc
H 1l J J J I h
If You Want---
A W GRIEF Cau d0 loryou
vos 826 827 S Third St
Fine Jewelry
Watches mi
Physician and
Once Uocrsi
T to 9 xn I to I pm
OUlco No 419K Hroadwy
Now Work
anybody does Repairing
The same old place 218 COURT St
A thoroughly equipped Book mnking plant
you ueeasemi uouimg out ol town
Pateot FUt Oocninp Books
J W 01
cko Co
-Dealer In
Staple and Fancy Groceries
Provisions Produce Feed Etc
Try our Celebrated Sugar
Ourod Meats
Hams Shoulders ami Uacon nml Strictly Pure Lnnl
pack and Bold under a guarantee
our Ohu
Teirio 08
I W Moors
Staple and Fancy GrocerlK
Canned Goods of All Kinds
Frflo delivery to nil parta of tho
7Ui i Adam
war claims
J HI i III- Ki n sjiocUlty
I5rKytCTlu To- eu
If You Wanl Your Laundry
Done Right
v Jt n by THE OniNEBIP
102 Broadway Olotboacnllod
and returned promptly
Physician and
OOlco and realdonco 523 Broadway
Offlco honra 9 to 11 am 9 to i pm

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