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The Paducah sun. (Paducah, Ky.) 1898-1906, July 03, 1900, Image 4

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4Kl l
aofirslucafof u
fof frllayqeuainot1311tuJles1
iraclalelby4i 4i
e =
hIt1Wdlsls al a l action of leek Value
iiill fiaort > d bids ablia and
r ri w + a1nsrColnrtd for our
JY lysyurd4j lRlt to 50d
150 jlGadlho ddrr waMla hand
tomcb ftjraronl rrilli InicrtlnganJ
T Tien 1131 gratiil
rks ngulsr prrl551Sr
nnlay310 l vleo Olrr
7W ourvrty One oliHa ktilrl waists
tVlrrtolly trimmed v1111 luscrtlDgs
and Uce rcgiiW > rfce I5Uraod
SI l74i reduced tot out grand Sitift
dewy sala lt > DRc V
Ladies end chiMrtnn sumrnc
onion mils reduced to half > ticc
10 and ibo l fire Saturday only
All out It fine linen oodilcrol
drcsi fllrta reduced loSOo fur oar
grand Siturdsy sale
111 Satin and Crepon Skirts 4
2QO tcry ADD silk and satin a mj > le
skirt no stilt in ttili lot worth Is 1
P Ibanfi jour Choice nl any iu Ibo
lot fur Saturday only t3J 8
15C tine Bilk and IIUn walsU rrg
nhr price fl 1 and fRrand Satur
day sate price iB I O < > and 2iO
JSO pMra ehildreua noo bfs reo
awducal fur Saturday only to SOc 75c
and 1
Clearance Sale of Midsummer J
Tiimmcd bits chep sailor hats clap i chiffon cTiesp Everything
la lhe millinery lino ac prices never Ufore equaled In Ibii city This ia nu
myth come and see for yourself
Dont forget our ologant Irco gift a 5 sSvjrr
ma rug 32xiBO with 26 worth of coupons
THE BAZAAR 215 Broadway
Fire Work
Thcro will bo a free display
of fire works at
I La Belle Park
° JULY 4th
rV A cordial invitation
Vi extended to all
LOST On street ear Suruhiy night
Jodl s nmlitvIU name engravnl on
MMudle Reward for return Jllst
r llreneVcott JJtf
Barbecue apd Dance
at ranemUalcaaUsU neP1m
till < CM I Tlf pit but
A wUe will be awarded to the test
tIdy suet gcutlcinaa dancers
r Sick Race Two Prizes
kraal dinplav of Fire Works No
tnilcatlnif Liquor plenty of ro
fyjniuilUcc Joo W Wallace J A
i Jones
JonesFloor Managers Joe Taylor Je
s r aI I B
rev be alb a
ur ma e
of I will
he IIo
Mhheilt I
Kan nut
SJO pairs ladles Due aloaai real
vicl kid IS in IU I ibritf go In out
grand Ealutday sale al tl and IMS
Roat show lea courtesy to Tour ie
Ixnit nH than you would to your
equals In position
Dont take the world Into your con
fidence either about your troubles or
rout family affairs
Dont forget to be gentle and respect
fed 1 to the rstd eta whew they see
Nosy and tiresome
Dont rrltlclte the food at meat
Dnt contradict your friends when
speaking and dont appear impatient
It they are somewhat longwinded
Dont when traveling by train or
hue behave as It you were the only
person who bad a right to bt there and
the Kit were aU Interlopers New
York Telegram
If yon heat your knife slightly you
can cut hot bread or cakes smoothly
Dont fall to add a drop or two of
vanilla flavoring to a pot of chocolate
It Is I a great Improvement
Ihangawlenactkelaluking door luaaar
bang when esko Is I baking Ilia Jar bat
polled many a fine loaf
Dont wonder It corned beet la I tough
It put In not water flntj nor that It Ii
tod lilt t1 water Is not changed at
lust three times while bolllag
Dont boll any meat or vegetable
rapidly klramtr Is the word for good
boiling else tho outside Is I overcooked
the inside raw
A tad rapid bnlllpg ruins lh hover
Vny sa a H must boll up at once
r do more than simmer
wc f
t t
J jiX 7y1tn
l fir WILL BK OPkN rr
The Carnival committee and
all friends arc urged to attend i
a meeting to be held at the I
hall Every member and every I
citizen Is asked Let none stay
away The detention will be
short but the business of in
dytnMw eaoooow + oeiJSNa r1
I lallaewaaeooetsHgel LOCAL HUES
Tomorrow promises to be a net I
hot Fourth
The Paclncah Furniture factory
will ulrat np ThnmUj without fall
and will inn both day and night
was taut tl I and costa I by Judge San
den today
Allert Smith colonel for sink
ing Joule Smith hit wife WM arrest
RI J hut night and fined tK and coat s
by Jn < lfiv Sanders this morning
Suiunwr was tardy but the season
Is I imilonbtFtlly here now
Jam Dooley war aojnitteil of a
breach of the peaoa In the < ollc court
this morning
John Itarnrs and Jane Qn > ert col
oral for gaming were arrested but
night and Inlay fined I UO and cotwby
Judge lanII I
As tomorrow It July 4th Judge
Panilort will take a holiday and there I
will INI no police court
tHcnry Jackson colored one ot
the trnmnt finest 5 and costa yeller I
day for sleeping In a tot car was reoI I
leaned last night after City Phyilelan I
Fniiclcrs hail ilrriwd a painful Injury
Iu hit head 1 which he said 1 war InI I
Iflctnl IIT a brick falling on him tromI I
a twontory house In Lonltvllle
Captain Jim Howard came np to
day from Metropolis and reported hit
father Captain lien Howanl some
what Imjiroveil I
Mr 0 A Willis little ran It nfTI I
illat the family resilience on South I
Ninth street
The Sniulay school pienio of the
Evangelical Lutheran church lab
place tomorrow A wagon will leave
the Lutheran church at S a m and ttI I
a m All scholars ant parents are re I
quested to meet the wagon at the I
church Each bring hit huttt J I
II Hartcnbrrgcr
ibe Fourth u to KO almost until
aenre > l In Ibis section But patriot I
im I la not dead the people are only I
unprepared because of the eontlnnnl
wet weather
Secretary of Stale James A Rose
s nit wife ot Springfield III are In
Ibo city from talcomla gnrttt of Mrs
Jatutrs P Smith
The proprietors of the Mascot sa
loon on South Thlnl street cloned It
today to take stock It Is understood
It Is to change hands
Wlllim Tucker aged 84 and l loon
llnilton aged 30 colored were mar
rind toilay
Charles P Young was today ap
rnlntvdfulmlnlitrator of the e late of
Boa Lee wlth J 8 Jaekton aa surety
There will be preaching InI I
llroadfoota hall tonight at 8 oclock I
by EvaDRcllst II L Cslhoon Sub I
ject Devices of Satan These
meetings lonllouo to grow In Interest I
Three additions at last service You
are Invited to come
The Y M C A gymnasiums I
removal 1 baD complete and It I nil
nut bo b long until the new headquar
ters will bo ready in every particular
The btilTt the old beadquarlcra
1111 n v the If1ed Tuesday I
pool 1 III le I blare IU
refer r Meun Usnrey
manfe In nlnlcd carI
pieoplee I
tD lk
Wu aiiub
I Cke rrmnrpl ky Ma irilr
Abram WkI 4 ywNtya a
S e ago Itfero are sever tit tkeiei r
Iaall three ottki4 l
L osillsv
alto e
SalurdayjnlghU UonU CW MO Ire ae i
f llanklns ctnomis ugIsuues A
bss beell moved from Not th tiKoml
Iq thenen building on South Second
bet srcen Court and Was tle too
Len Pettit hid raigoat LJi Jas
sltten T with the American ipnasd
Company d
There Mu a cllnt t luctlloR ol
the Retail Clerks Union at Elks
Hall last night to tnlliale several new
The bubtfuo and brsn dance al
Clstka Kffer jeslcrday and hut t
night were well atlendat
The II P O K Ladlca Auill
lary meets Thursday at t p m in
Ihe Elks Hall New butlnes of
great importance I
Ooservatioq taken at 7 a m I
U vtr 25 1 fret on Ibq gang a l 1
tall of 13 Inches la last Iwenlyfour
houiiWind Southwest light breueI I
Weaiher Clear and hoi I
Temperature 81 rauObeener
ObeenerI I
lucre la some apprehension of an
OTCI flon of the low lands In Tenure
nessee liver who lives la ibe neigh
borhood of Fort Henry raid that he
bad a 120 acre of corn whlvh be was 1
afraid bo would loose Hut nilI I
pooled tlver men think the danger Is I
past and the crop In the Ion lands
will be saved
Mr Cal Hyde agent of the LoulaI I
villa and Kvansville mill pickets has
places I
In the railroad bad i eu
The Dick Fowler pulled ml fur
Cairo at Silt title morning Kith a I
very rice trip
The City of Uemplih ii I due this
afternoon for SI Loins out of the
Tennessee river
The John 8 Hopkins attired front I
Evsnsville on good lime Ibia morning I
with fair business Sha departed on
return trip at 10 a m
The Dick Fowler gives an ozone
don to Cairo tomorrow letting ths
wharf at 830 a m
The Clyde attired from Tennessee
liver this morning with a good trip
She leaves on return trip tomorrow 5
p m
The City of Paducah lures St I
Louie tomorrow 5 p m for Temiei I
lee rare
The towboat Woolfulk leave for
Tennessee river tomorrow
+ I
Public Notice
Uy authority of the common coun
cll all persons biting bills III I
the city of Paducau are hereby I bllI I
Oed to Ole them duly approved anal l
sworn to with the clerk of the city OD
or before 4 oclock p m of the Sal
noisy befate the first Monday In
each and nero month or such bills
will be referred unlit thy Grit regular
meeting in Ibe succeeding month
thereatler After this notice local
bills will be allowed only at the first
regular meeting la the month JDI
dltldusls or firms ale specially re
quetudto present all bills monthly
Old bills cause a deal of annoyance
U > all li riles in checking back to
learn whether correct or not
Very respectfully
29 Jl Its 11 LINO Major I
Weather Indication
Partly cloudy tonight and Wesloes I
day I
Notice to Die Public
I bare this day moved my stock of
Groceries from my old Hind 203
Broadway to the wellknown cornet
lately occupied by Ling llros as a
Drug Store just opposite my old I
stand I will be more thin glad to t
continue to serve all my oU custom
era and I am always ready and mote I
than willing to setre new DOCK You
will always dnd my prices as low asI
the lowest and astlJfacUua always
guaranteed or money rcfn5 tied 1
thank every one fur peel faros sod
will be glad to see everybody lOllI J I
their family 4 my new aland LDgJ
corner Second h DroadalI
Yoon respectfully I
61 M V CIIKllII i I
A kitchen cup means onebait pint
One cup of butter weighs onehalf
pound One tablespoon of butter la 011I I I
Four teatpoonfula equal one table I
tpoonful I
tpoonfulTwo tablespoonfuls ot fluid equals
an ounce I
Two cups of granulated sugar welgn
one pound
One pint ot granulated sugar weighs J
on pound I
Butter the alas of an egg weighs I
wo ounces
DWlCs11 drops or oat dram makes a
nt solid plat of chopped meat
rah one pCJno
ifvrwiping quart of sifted flour
c t pouad
s Xonfula of flour or pow
t means three I
to a
t JJ = gl
1 f
Mn Kee tltear 1f 1I
Ieaeher10 1 tttvalffmpirm
IllitfM of malaria
willLIf llypaeotmkblriaM
LIf ftlltblhinga
kitst iiii s Berwretejt lam l lell
siwnt tBe lUUnt J
Mr 000 Aloxindtt IcaTcila tylN rrsr aI
dura for Arkunm on a trip for the
Furniture eomiamf
311s Alico NVcslernian vent to
Unioutoirn today on k visit I
Mr Ell n ant wife and Miss nlI I
Dalcame la dqwntrom Smlthland I
slay v ES
IlIlr Gee W Rune anti wife cit 001I I
eonda are at the Piluifr Inlay
D r W II Sanders left Inlay for
Builthltul on a tltit 1
lilies Flora Dicta learn Mnmlaj for I I
flrit III to Mtenda house patty I
given by Ulna Margery Manning 01I I
Bt Louts
Mr F M lltnloy and witcv of Mel I
Morn ArLare at the Paltarr
Rev W 11 Pinkerton and family
lest In a few days for upper Ken
lucky on a several worse visit
Mr Uovcrljr Marlln of tlOIMnnroo
street Ii I very 111 from malaria
Mr and Mrs James Kercan ol
Went llroiKlway are irents of a flute
IWpound l boy
Capllan II A Kell nf the Cummins
end wife and lobr left for their home
In DnnilUa Sunday after a vlnit to
Captain Kelps mother SU North Rev
enth street
Meun A O Atklru Oat RnRert
and It P Nunn leave Batnnbty night
for Atlantio City to attend the Elks
Mra Charles Abbott left yetlrr > lay
for Oolcnml on a vliit
MMUIMM AlWrt Ruperliu Hel > ln
Ilomlae arid Richter left on the Joe
Fowler for O loon l yesterday
MUaMary E Minor left yesterday
for Salem Livingston county to re
main a week r
Chas Sexton bartender at Ligot
nsninos has beta very III
The Infant child otilr and Sits
George Katlerjaho Is nylll
Mrs N L NelturTand daughter
BUM Sue and Ml W C Scboneld
bare gone to lient n on a visit
Mrs Iou Dryer ham rttnrccd from
a two weeks chit to bet mother at
Ojkkloosa Kan
Miss Minnie Roberta has tilurutd
from a visit to Little Rock Ark
Mrs G D Palmer bas gone Io
Kansas City for a visit to her broth
er lr William Rcctl formerly of
this city
Mr GT Uunnif handle Is st
the Palmer
Mr L U Linn Jr of Murray
was In the city today
Mr J O Ferrell of Hopklnivllle
WH at the Palmer today
Mr S N Lsontrd of Kddjrille
was In the city today
Mr It J Waters pf f Murray was
at the lalmulO ly
Mr W 11 1oll of Louisville Is I
lam the city
Miss Addle Hyrd Las gone Io
Mont Eagle Tcnn to spend a
month I
Mrs J C Flournoy accompanied I
by her mother left yesterday for Od
Iolnt ComfoltI I
Mrs Maiy Mallory of New Or I
lrns la rlsltlog ber ptrents Dr SI I
U Caldwell and wife
Miss Ruth Edwards of Wlngu Is I
visiting her shier Mrs Mat rIle
Snpt W J Hills of the N C h
St K went to Memphis last night
llr Ed Minter wife and daughter
Mils May of Louisville arc visiting
Crpt J K Willlamion and family
Day Clerk ItoUtt Itudvlpb of
the Palmer Is I quite 111
Mr Oscar llailey a telegraph op
erator ot Little Rack Ii I visiting his
uncle Mr E U Curiogkm
Mts J lHolconib and daughter
of MayBeld are flitting relatives
Mr William Buck of Coringion
Dtus bas goon to Nashville oo a VU
it Io friends
Mrs W E CoTlnglon Is I visiting
her parents In Liga county Mr
Covinglon will join her la a few
Mrs ausCovingUmcf Mayfield
Is riiiling relatives here
Miss Harriet Dean of St Louis
rtturoii homo yesterday after a vUll
to the Misses Heed
Prof C II IlatOcU left today for
Caseyville on business
Her W II Pinkerton went to
nopkinsvillo today to attend Ibe
ministers meeting but I will lieal
borne tonight
Miss Flora Nail who bas been
ilslllng her sister Mrs David Van
Cullo lefil last night for Lam home In
Loulirllle to join some friends and
go os a several months trip to noittt
1m Wisconsin
VGco C Sandifer of Dawson
Bfrlrg war at the 1aimcr today
i Luke Russell flit Louis Is I at l I
lie Palmer
VjV A CoprJi of IfldlinopolUi
U at l le Palmer I
t3fd Knr loom
ter pod Cal rlI I
yJal S
o t sr
> l4O
Igesso 4
OfcJin ne Reiliiclli
fWf Ilitkt to l Itrereoa
1 1
lesjti o rouitSVil filth SlreIIJo
The city coiiucll bold llategular
nlcellng last night and elected
Chattanooga brick lor paying t
Broadway Only name new otdU
was That was
trance presented
one fixing a public Uud fur hacks I
and other public passenger vehicles II I I
The minute ol tlic last meeting
were read and approved alter
which Cualimau Jilliotl of the
finance commitlcr reported tulcel
Icncoua lulls Mayors order and
regular par roll which were readI
and allowed I
City Tax Collector reports the I
collection of jj6o6 < j taxes II hlchI
was received and filed I
Theb11ciIi4s9blfor i Inter t
escon 60000 refunding boudaI I
was allowed
Mayor Lang reported collection
of I jo tot three months rent of city
property adjoining the city hall
The deed ol Kagsdalc and wile i
and Griffith and wife for properly
for alley on Adam street was rat
The finance committee made a
report relative Io the extra cost ol
140 for cleaning the city hall clock
Mr Frank Hugger who has the
contract for keeping clocks In re
pair claimed that the fO would I
be extra as his agreement was on
ly Io keep the clocks wound dp
and tunning and not to overhaul
them He reccomm tided that on
account of the hot weather the
work be postponed 1he commit
tee recommended that Mr Hugger I
be required to overhaul the clock
at the proper time without extra
charge which was concurred lu
The ordinance for Improving
31st street to Mat Millers tine was
The ordinance for the Improve
meat of soth street from Broad
way to Court ot Court street from
qlh l to 2oth and of iglb between
Court street Io the Clinton toad
was given final passage
Au ordinance prescribing ni a
public stand for public passenger
vehicles the cast bide of Illh
slteel from llroadway Io Court the
street lns eclor lu suitably bridge
that sldcof the street and have the I
chain gang to clean it at least once
a week was read I
Councilman Davis moved to t
change the locality to the south
side of Jefferson street between 4tli
and jtli which rir < Uon prevailed
The ordinance was then given first
passage A prayer for relief from taxation
from the AycrL ° rd Tic Company
and Its boats was referred Io the
city aliorucy
A complaint from the CohauVus
Manufacturing Co tvlativc Io a
saloon near Us establishment was Ii
referred to the city marshal e
A prayer from Mr W J White t
or1I reduction in taxation trout I
Mrs D I H Jones asked to be re I
leased bore paying poll lax for II
Jones Tuc prayer was granted r
Mr J C Wadllnglnns prayer l
for a reduction in assessment was
Mrs Ida Wilsons prayer for a u
reduction of assessment on proper c
to the special board of supervisor s
Mr OeD Lernorc prayer for a
reduction was also referred u
Mrs S II Clank and Henry
Boyd asked Io be released from
paying the 3 per l cent penalty on
city taxes thinking as July tat I
was a Sunday they could pay 01I I
Monday Referred to city aUotI If I
ney Sewerage Inspector Gco At
Gardners rc > ort showing fourteen
plumbing and five yard l ernallt
issued during June was received
and file
S It Iton tiers saloon license I
was trausferaed to S C Oailherc
J 1 C Parley was refunded 30I
paid on Uuplidatc license
Chairman Jones read a report I
reportfrom I
Faddeu had bcca appointed a sta
tlontnau to succeed Jack llurkc
The appointment was ratified
Dan Meyers asked rclcif from
ovrassesmcnl on a lit on Ilfib
oar A GENUINE st t
Wash il
WashyGoods 1
White grounds with Black licit and
Ulue figure and stripes gcrtds that l
solJ last season at j2ji cents will
Outwear 1crcafos and nVlljo price o1e
Five Cents per Yaifd 1
r f 3 hey make the wMcras pure
and Sparkling asA A
For sale only bya Ira
1 gWhlle tkay
rrif i t f 1
t URNED 0 T r
INO I Then why do you tell at half price p Ovt U
woes Yes rgot to move and a wove la Ibe tight dime
1 thin first we arc going to move roost of fiiir Stock by
will be sold rrgsrdlesl of
Profit and Loss
Cheapest SIIOh > i on Kktlht needless la I quote figures as
PRICES WILL UK lUtVKlIXKII Come at uncejaho
I lime Is I short null wo morn to our hsndiUDq new bulkli g
I SH llrosdway vpputiU IVagos Thlswwk you will find
us al the old land
JOHN J DORIAN 205 Broadly
r I I
street Referred to tpcclal super
The mailer of repainting the
market house roof was referred to
the public Iniproveuient committee
with rower Io acl
Painting desired at the cemetery
was referred to the puhllo Improve
went committee
Mayor Ling read the monllily
report ol Chief lloyer which was
received alIt filed
The report of Superintendent
Wallace of the rlcctric light plant
was received and filed
Councilman Jones said the rrsl
dente al Seventh and llusbsnds want
c1 l an electric light and were williog
tu pay for the lamp If nfcc s ry It
the city will tarnish Ihe lower lie
fcrred Iu the light committee with
lower > Io act
Tin Water CvWly i u 11 tU
completion of nulDS un Gay street
between Tenth and Thlrltnlh streets
and the plsclo amt four Ore hydrant
Mr Wesley lowers was granted
until August Ifln Io complete Ills
contract on the alley bewrca Ohio
Tennessee Tenth and ltIu lIb
slrcelsMayor Lang reported that the city
prison baj been overhauled Iron
beds had beta adde l soil the prison
was la the brat condition ever known
Councilman Davis said ha was not
al Ibo other meeting but mural 1 nOli
llannon brick be used In paving
Broadway Councilman Smllh asked
the contractor would guarantee
the Usnnon brick Contractor Pat
terson wss present and the question
was put to him He replied thai he
dido t Ihink tho conlraclors should
ssy what they would do until they
found out what the city wanted
Sir Wellle said be thought the coup
ell did wrong In awarding Ibo coo
tract until the brick was decided cm
and thought the belt war out of It
nee to select Ibo brick Darned In con
Iracl Cballanvoga brick
He moved as a substitute thai
Chattanooga brick be used
Councilman Davis situ why the
councilmen went dowu to the foundry
and spent severs hours tesllng Ihe
brick If the council didnt intend to
pay any altcnlicn Io Iho let
Councilman llyinsrsb said ho
tltuaght the Kvansvllla brick were
Ihr best and stood Ihe best lest
Mr Jones diked it the city would
jct Ibo difference In price of brick If
Ibo council selected the cheaper
brick City Attorney Mgblloul replied
that If the brick selected cost less
lhan lhal mentioned In the Ootra l
it would not bcnrtlt the allyN oleo
lea contractors agreed 0 rccJdla the
contract Inca I
Councilman llannon ssfit bo had
mho pleasure of seeing Usorion and
several other bilck streets umlsy In
Louisville but could not ell which
was Ibo best brick lie ss 1 a man
their however fold lreelljUDIaY t use
the Chattanooga brick ti ider any
circnmslaoccs Councilman Hymarsb wLo Ii an
expert on bricks was aka his opts
Ion Ho said lie preferred lL I Evans
vllle brick H a cheaper bfTJi bU If
the city wanted Id g as bid as US
be prefertcdthe Chatlaaoott
Councilman JobMojuijiHHawuold
acv hdhee
Cvnlrsctur Patterson rcportnl Hut
the contractors wouldnt aat what
they would Oo until the council de
cited what U waotetl
Council Johnson mural aa a sub
slltiile that tbe Evsnsvillo blck U
used l r
Mr Loul of the KvaaullfsTrtck
company all in reply Io a question
that all his brick were pressed and
would Lace the name stamped In I
each Mick
I Mr 1allcrson laid alter some
I further dlicusiion that they would
guarantee the Chattanooga brick
and wouldnt gusrsnlcd any other
CouMllman Johnson withdrew hU
motion and said Ibo citys only al 1
ternative was to reject the contrail
or adopt lIe Chattanooga brick
Tits vle on alcptlnj Ibe I Hjnnon
brick war lust by a vole of tl to 3
TU DiulluiUu milujil the Chatta p
a to 3
Tho council then adjourned l
ur fill
Al tho close of Iluhleuh
Jun W 1100
dito Snr1 Im Iw m
mran t
rI TnwC
ti es
f from uilosLavl lunh
11761 tl tii
DIM rrnra ttku UaaU
MVllUfhtT HI UW U i i
O YtraedNt N 1Sr M
Mnno aver at
UlaerMUii1 ia udJ hueW
orae a aa1
irran tale su
ruiaiun sail nitun setae
41 Brrv MKfrftrkit CO
Xoreuitcr tax Lure 10 C
Zen area Callow r ru
AIOI iw7 Low T
lllranM udder rail
al IiiKlhJllf I > W IKOCC
I Ikn llojrorbure lij
Ise rev rumJv
TWai tiNJa1 LL
Wpmtlsioek paid le ii cash f pasta to
an 10 1 ffl a ni
0541001MaeoSokye1a elar
aback Pea bich is
irtIu nosiaidr lille5al
Tin a1eata of
oirpl U paHtien w aura
StI1aWMani4 kdm r
lodd dlrileada Loa
Kent aenal el dl
Tam ruan ita e
Tool l hra p
> Stool t KflUcky ny y
tbust d MaCruke
L WM limbs CMkt r of Ux l 4ucti
lUokiDiccucipADrt t > nk lusted all tiulnn
baiDnw i MutuWt rut UroMiwajp Mrt tltn
tit eltrol Pducsa IQ Mi < l coney bflukf
duly swum wiyi ikal are rcHvcolnc rrpurilai
la 11 rp eu ft tni uumroiof ultI
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