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The Paducah sun. (Paducah, Ky.) 1898-1906, July 03, 1900, Image 6

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ij cLB
IvESSITIES at Bargain Frlcoa
I 2supply your waltsnndJil many
cur savoyouD Dollars
r I
t Wa Offer Wash Dress Goods i
iu endless variety oE Fattorus and quautlUos
emiilie printed Orjjandios now designs for
z V2 12 cents a yard
PinelUcer printed I Irtwcf Sniimjsul llallttoii will lutke iitetl iy
r Af I < ratr Ida yardv t
SWr fAit colored lawns In nest dislgnJ for 3 l2o I yard l
Colorul llulliUJ a sheer pretty falitlc fast colors fur Be yard
Iitnt llllUiill 1 In new dcrigns fur 50F JrI
104 neh for cool l cjualily bleached catsilk taped 7 +
iSa n jnul fur strictly al linen tbccr llallsto furdrzalei 1 1 nsliti
SQj tu IaSfut mill made uvei clolb and linen tkirli
lOo yard for sheer while Mnon a beautiful quality
3ao a jatil for hot quality shilling calicoes f
SO Iud 25o a yard fur belt quality Itliela iljbni tn all color fur
Dcck and Mg <
80d a yard tpr gKt l quality lace allover fur yoke end reheats
iUo for perfect tiling will mule summer comet
y lad pair fcr drop glitch fislUaik ladle hose
4ke kind that it i mule of good material neatly llaiaicJ nod llimiuol
in Our Carpet Deparlnrent
15 i ilcecs ranlilim weight China JlaltlngJ fr lOj a yard hjr the bolt
cf f 40 Jrll
12 l Jitctvs bf Iicavy weigh Joinllca Malting that will give lalufactorv
acara fur lie a yard
10 i iilctci heavy China Slalting a 2iu value fur 20aa yard l
tuT Wo can pare IOU money on anything you need In Cartel Lace
Cuftalo Hugs or Window Shades
Our Loss YOUR GAIN 1
1 10 por cent off on any and nil Boys and Youths
ran Shoes
10 per cent off on all Misses and Childrens
Tan Shoes 8 12 to 2
108 takes an elegant line of Womans Tan
Oxford wore 260
108 Tafeea Tan Bussia Calf Mannish Last
woro 250
125 Takes Tan Laco Oxford heel or Spring
128 Buys Nice Quality Tan second best
Oxford small sizes quality limited were
76 cents buys Womens Tan Oxford usually
sold hi il00
S 200 Slipper buys hand ome patent Vici Strap
> 3 0 buys patent Viet or Kid Oxford good us
kiys patent Vici or Kid Boot cant bo
dopartment for good work
aftittc nNl1ATl1
ligh d1at orepetln at raish Ks s
T8g DAqY ifllywti
tiarnirhbeerak II
5r wn vn w tkl Aearee + L r
De yetrr7eeltt i iwr
adorer Tws i y
onrn areaeilrrnn t
Pot Irwllcnt + i
Ul OhIo
For Ve leI II
Ot Now York
nryani hand Is at the brim way ill 1
reports from Mamas City
It having bees ntablltheil that the
Oman minister to China has teen
ninntered the country now looks t o
Oerraany for a lecbiratloa of war In
other respects conditions In the Flow
ery Kingdom grow worse day by lay
Kanms City ls the hub of the great
prwiierlty t < elt The Kansas and Mis
Burt farmers never were so prwpcrori
Ills notan Ideal plMS for a cnlnmil
gatheringR h
In deetarlagforhthe repeal o1he
Ooebel wlh IJon Jo Blackbnri
mob f Vicious kirk at 1rT Ii ladder
which enablnl bloc tosecnre a no
el clloo to the Unilr1 States senate
Is U not shoat tlniownne baelraa
tealgidng troUt the election oommlaalon
In this connty At leant I one of the
occupants of K plAco on this txmnl Is I a
elate oRlce holder and ls jherefore
inellglWe a a
If the gang has Its wry Beckhan
will Ie nominated for governor by the
coll lDemocralio convention And
It does 1 appear a if the better element
of the party propones to remain away
from the county conventions arull let
the gang get what they want and re
arise 1 It In the neck In November
There was always more than ono way
to kill a snake and It seems the gad
JVmwrnU havent forgotten this fact
While all the appropriations made
daring t hIt session of congress were
121000000 larger than In 1859 It I
should be remembered l that nine mil
lions will be expended tn taking the <
census and upwards of seventeen mil
lions will lie used for Improving the
postal service while another seven
millions will 1e spent In Increasing
our naiy In other directions there
has been an actual decrease In the ap
propriations I
The party that constantly endeavor
to drag foreign qucHtions Into a presi
dentist campaign Is natnratlyafraM
of Us domestic record
A Republican victory In Nebraska
IhUycar wonld lie a fitting cllmai
for the Democratlo campaign on false
The Hon John It Mclx > sn bas re
tired front Ohio jollllm unit sallnl for
Knrope Mr BIcLrans vxpelrencs
with the Ohio voters was anything but
Governor Beckham has gone fo Ihp
Kansas City convention He hopes no
doubt tn secure recognition there to
offset the distinction shown Governor 1
Taylor at PhlldelphlaI I
Democrats are trying to make the
farmers discontented because they are
paying alittle more money this year
for their wire nail end wire fencing
Of course they never point out to the
farmers that his extra profit this year
on two or three bushels of corn will
1 alor any Increase In the price of it
keg of nails and that his profits on all
his farm products In this year along
will pay for many times the cost of hit
barbed wire bctHto leaving him a
handM > mf inrplnt to put In bank or
pay off his tu rilaltej j v
The fact that the llabilltl 01
xinks that failed In the last two years
iveraged nearly 130000000 less than
the annual liabilities of the banks that
failed daring President Clevelands
term will probably be nued by the
Democrats as an argument to put them
lu lower again so that they can smash
Ihe capltalltt toncfl most Bal the
people wont be tooled t Ibis way they
refer ho panics suitno rnns on the
naxm as they would rather have their
ntoIe In sound Institutions
i a would be nominees
yHnd alllltin
ity It i1
4ttcal poor
JelkigSng A
rlrannMkn totai
nsMR 1 r
his towk1
I1ee rIJsY r
natdlfiritudk 1t
itltreuj almost a <
mat nttat onotf < t fc
itif kertncky the nonne
IIjLrj1e Fj1l ten
itiroliak4ghrad t11hn reverse
the remit from that state U it tefaj
Torable to Bryan or throw out the
rote altogether Borne of the mat
loyal and broadrntiiifm l tVntocrats tn
the bluegrass state bum lira boMlj
nrglng the repeal of the octet law
for the very reason here pointed nut
TJiPj reatlte hat If Hie Itrpolilioiiu
nee < I Ito thirteen electoral votes of
KcntncsrJheT will get them hy hook
of crook Why In view of inch a
prospect the Democrats of Kentucky
should hesitate to Insist upon Oovernoi
Beckham railing the legislature to
gether for the repeal or material moll
Oration of the OoeM Uw cannot le
understood by earnest party workers
In this region
What more need be tall ai proof ol
fear ami not r Itiht POUMICM on the part
of tho Democrats
Chief Dispatcher Allen Jorgenson Hit Re
turned Home Railiosdeii Want I
v PicoicI I
Conductor Dngan U off on account
nt his mothers death at Ixinlivllla j
Chief Dispatcher Allen Jorgennon
Mrs May Bennett formerly stenog I
replier In Berry k Harrisons law oltlc
has accepted the MiMltlnnof ptn j
rapher for General Yardnuuter W 11
Pnrran of the Illlonis Central
Ur W B Onrney until recently
foreman of one of the switch engines
has teen appointed night yanlmatter
to succeed Mr J 8 Taylor trans
Mr W W Sloan late Greenville
Is agent at Knttawa succeeding For
mer Agent Pizemore lln1I I
Mr Qhsilea Itlchsnloon oneof the
clerks iniJje Illinois Central freight
a mashttl by a wagon > tfetnrility at ternoou
1iII 1
The big pom near Ihe new IllluoU I
Central depot has been hln1 Into
Island creek Thousands of fish were
caught by men and boys as the water
became shallow The draining of the
lake consumed two weeks
The employes of the Illinois Central
I hops here desire to have a big basket
picnic It will lie given at Knltswa
Springs between the 241h and 281h of
the month As yet the committee has
not decided upon any certain time for
having the outing The let 1 will be
entirely at the diupwal of the trans
portatlon department of the I 0
About 1200 persons are eirvctnl to
attend the picnic from this city A
committee composed of the following
has 10 appointed to confer with the
officials Enille Gonrlcni chairman
of the car building department 1 i Charles
G Morris secretary of jhe master me
chanics office J O Martin paint de
partment George Bondnrant plaining
mill department Charles Meyers tin
ners shop and Foreman W O Bcho
field of the blacksmith department
About sjoo has been raised to defray
the expenses of special trains I etc
Tye Atiw q on4
Beds were unknown among the an <
dents who slept I on the floor or on a
divan covered with skins It was la
the middle ages that beds Ont became
common being made of rushes leather
or straw It U I supposed that feather
beds were known to the Romans since
men are reviled by one of the Latin
poets for their luiury In sleeping upon
feathers Hellogobslnt the most
effeminate of the Romeo emperorspos >
essed an air cushion and an air mat
tress as early as A U 210 In Eng
land the better classes began to use
farther beds for the Ont tine luring
the reign of Henry VIII and In cer
taln districts of Holland and Germany
bedsteads are still filled as they were
then with two feather beds upon one
the sleeper lies the other being used
for covering The Russian peasant
places his bed on the top of the oven
for the sake of the warmth given out
by the flre Philadelphia Times
How tUlhodUt MliUUrt An raid
The average salary paid to the Met
dlst preachers of the United States
list ear was 147993
I ties atoned Ia made d a
I thont U g tie place tIthe
Ithe ill skirty1 I t sipldste
yoke la I a fashlofilncreatlnfti J opm
larlty Heavy laces jf t the trimming ot
frocks are to heabooed of ultra flab
lion since they favt been taken up by
the rank and Ale I Only Ihe delicate
I cobwebby kind of lare now Jielng per
missible 1 t
miseibleLong coats of black net lined with
ILooc I
white chiffon are among the tiaclna <
Cons which tho new wrap tugged I
I The long quill haallvedj ita day as
accessary to the outing hat Its placj
I now being filled by two silk pompons
the color of the haL
I ITb I long military cape reaching to
the hem of ones frock Is the latest
utility wrap I
The Best Prcicrlptlon for Malaria I
Chilli and Fever Is I a bottle of
10 It Is I simply Iron and quinine In
a tasteless 1 form No cureno pay
Price 600
Twee e new II Draeefliy
There Is a moil admirable lesson
contained In the following extract from
Hannah Motes Strictures on the Mod
em Salem of Female Education
Since then there Is a season when
the youthful mist cease to be young
and the beautiful to eiclte admiration
to learn to grow old gracefully Is I per
haps one of the rarest and most beauI
trial 1 acts that can be taught to omI I I
And It must be confessed It Is I a molt
severs trial for those women to lay i
down their beauty who have nothing
else to take up It It I for this sober rea
son of life that education should lay up
Its rich resources However disre
garded they may have been they will
be wanted now When admirers fall
away and flatterers become mute the
mind will be driven to retire within It
self and lilt finds no entertainment at
horns It will be driven back again
upon the world with Increased force
Vet forgttllng this do we not seem
to educate our daughters exclusively
for the transient period ot youth when
It Is to maturer life we ought to advert
Do we not educate for a crowd forget
ting that they are to live at home for
a crowd and not for themselves for
chow and not for nse for time and
not for eternity r
ped TaleaUe rorrto
Burled under rubbish and debris ot
fallen houses and temples two mom
bon of the Egyptian exploration fund
have found valuable papyri and object
of domestic use preserved from the
ancient and famous classic Greek
town In Egypt Giyrhyncus Among
them Is I this petition for alimony
To Heraclldes priest chief justice
and superintendent of Chramatlstae
and other courts from Sirs daughter
of Theon married Uaraphlon bring
ing him by cession a dowry amounting
to SCO drachmae of silver As he had
no mean of his own at all I received
him Into my parents house and I for
my part conducted myself blamelessly
In all 1 respect But Saraphlon having
squandered my dowry as he pleased
waa constantly Illtreating mo and In
suiting me and using violence towards
wards me and having reduced me to
poverty he finally deserted me Inv I
tag nut In I 0 delltnle condition There
t k nu IT i o 0 NmneIlN
nranry Is the chief vlrtueof a solt
ilea If a cannon ball blows your head
off even yoti must bear this la mind
1 not lose your LedlnIl
tke AiillMM
the showAt the
as g as ye
vertlsed laugh
torn lq
plied to
ocular 01
tbs people
thus prepared u tbelt us vw r
It U true that we hate toe Cape Cud
turkey which li I a cmlflih nod num
erode other nmnorontlir applied sp cMl I
dishes Th lamb try li I a mountain
nester the oil li an Cues lion
the calfa head li mock turtle tte I
cured him U I Cincinnati chicken1 red t
herrings an Glasgow blhlrI fI1 I
or Norfolk capons the potato U I nn
I Irish apricot a Murphy un a i
Munster splumi the ihrlmp li a i
Oraresenil iwtttmeat1 whisky M
IwiD I of the country or hair if the I
dOl the ramp of a fowl U tbl
popes psrsons or blthbpV
nose a bowl knife II 1 an Arkanaai
toothpick a rallrcad porter It a bag >
gage smasher a native of Nova Sco
tia It I a blue noee temper It I Irish
to walk li I to take thanks cure eta
Asarule a wo who canjjraltp
Neatly has nothing to do t
Everyone thinks he works for a man
who Isnilihty unappreclatlre
After a man docs a clever thing he
utually talks about It too much
There Is a disease among cattle
known nt bill jaw many people catch
1 never appreciate the politeness of
I a man who has something be wishes to
I sell O1lJrak Watson
I A Ctrl deserts her father during the
period of her lore affair but ale
cornea bark to him after the baa mar
1 fled and brines her husband with hor
I People Who are very positive thai
they biro a right to their opinions
deny the same right to others
I Those whi dire nothing to charity
themselves usually criticise those who
do and say they should lire more
I We are tired of being bluffed Into tl 1
leceo by being asked If wo hare read
the latest book We are also tired of
the air ot pity that follows when wa <
I admit that we bate not only not read
It hut hadnt beard of It before Then
II i Is surelysomethlng more to living thai
I to be up at daylight to read Jbe nowcs
book published during the night Do
I people no longer read good books or
III t It only new boob that are read
Atchison Globe 4
Careful messurments prove that
the assuage curvature of the earth li
699 Inches to the statute mite
IThe I soil of Hawaii Is of a dark
chocolate or reddish brown and the
darker la best adapted to growing cot
I fee from the 140 pounds of gas tar ex
tracted In coking a ton of coil over
2004 distinct shades of aniline dye are
III I we mored our legs proportionately
as fast as an ant It Ts calculated we
could trarel nearly tOO miles an hour
I ICOUld notable event In municipal magi
neering Is I the operation of an electric
light plant at Bhorcdltch London In
which the steam Is I generated by the
combustion of city refuse
I A twentyyears record shows about
a fourth of the days at Greenwich
observatory to be sualcM while only
14 per cent of the days from May to
September bare ten hours of sunshine
ISePlember florist after many expert
mentor Is I able to grow chrysanthe
mums with the odor ot the rose sun
I Powers with the perfume nf the Jan
i ne and calla lilies with the scent of
nly the best of London fire engine
i pump COO gallons a mlnuto where
some of the steamers In use li
raa like Utetpuul aud Minrbester
> equal to 1600 and 1500 gallons a
ales Tlcrffjct Cnra 055
The famous Kintui viaduct near
adrord Pa I which has for years been
obl1 cf curiosity for ilghlsctrs Is I
on to be replaced by a wholly differ
t structure Tbo bridge ls I aOL feet
lh at the blchcat point and until the
mpletlon of the Qarabtt viaduct was
e highest bridge In the woill The
irsblt 110 the Truycre In the south
Frame U I USD feet long and at tits
ghett point the rail level la I 401 feet
Hire the river It was designed by tl
Iffel builder of the famous tower and
as computed In stet The Klniua
dge Is I iCCO feet long The valley
lie Klnius which this crest trestle
inns Is I one of the wildest regions L
It In western Pennsylvania Beware
lentllul and deer are occasionally
and In this valley
be was
a pro
band th
as warmly
1 hate andfa
who went ti
birds and w
when the wart 1
a elvllua sun
I Instantly 57the
m1 cat Many of his fr I
land supposed that ke referred
catalogue but his family knew bet
ter He often told them that he was
never able to concentrate his Ideas
satisfactorily unlera a cat was near
him Whenever he was engaged In his
favorite study that of ornithology or
of a game of thus ot which ke Mao
tool hr liked to have puts on his
knee AiD ardent naturalist he woe
allover of animals neutrally but Us 1
> particular favorites were cats and
birds and though friendly with dogs
he did not care for one as a compan
wu rtppo
BhVou used to call ms an angel
lie yes I remember I called you my
angst without wings BhlIut you
never du su any more 1I00No Ive
begun to believe that yap have wings
after alt Its so easy liar you to fly
Into a passion Catholic Standard
and Times
VjaIfrln i
raik y
Meals rat
ilratae es
IIwsa1yweaIesoiej 1 I s
i wouM stator
L > r > 1 < CIk
A l Irodelt
AT Chlrftff
Ar 0 M i Ixmli
Al at Lasts
ie N lasts
1T H u Lode
Lr Chkva
Ar Is4sh
The Father of
Large Family
of fafKM < Knows tho importance
of frost firstclass groceries Nothing but the
best goes is his motto so ho goeu to Lallys
for his groceries and fresh moats
Ie I = A W GREIF =
Now WorkRepairing
All Guaranteed 218 Court Street
Look What You Save
Corner Niulli and TilinUe Icn I furnish you wllli tlsplo and fancy OHO
UKUIKS Krcsli Mrnts mt Vegetable promptly Just telephone mo yqur
onlcr ting No 130 Kluo Cigars anti obaccii and LIla licit ot Wlilskloi
and Wines Give me a call
II tJAUAGHKIt Ninth and Tilinblo
A thoroughly c < jilnt eJ Bookmaking plant
You urcdienil nothing out ol town
Patent FUtOotnln < flocks 120 RROADWAY
I ilJlCE5TAe1nIJTCr1 r U yrirRYoE11TIt1r rJH 1 tI
Wants Your
races MM 4111
4111CAY7l0CUE I I
I PARRY MFG C tlndflnaPolis
Groves Tasteless t Chill Tonic i
The formula is plainly printed on every bottle hence you
know just what you arc takingwhc you take Groves Imitators
do not advertise their formula knowing that you would hot buy
their medicine if you knew what it contained Groves s contains
Iron and Quininc put up in correct proportions and is in a Tasteless
form IThe I Iron acts as a tonic While the Quinine drives the
malaria out of the system Any reliable druggist will tell you that
Groves IS the Original and that all other socalled Tasteless
Chill Tonics arc imitations An anaVrsis of other chill tonics shows
that Groves h superior to lIa cn in cvcry respect v You
arc not experimenting when you c Grovesits superiority
and cxccllcIcsttblis ed Grove is Jhc
on Ch entire malarial sections of

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