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The Paducab Sun
5 r
rum u lens President ana Editor
EDWIN J IAxrox General Manager
dwrad it the postofflce Paducah
ICy q u second class matter
e T carrier per week + iin
By mall per month to advance 40
By malL per year ta adrane 450
t One year by mall postage paldfIOII
Addreu TITS SUN Paducah Ky
Urrrca Ill South Third I Tmu not 14 No Lie
r Chicago Office t 8 Osborne In charge looa I
I Tribune UuUdluaI I
I tCbluco t
t t NNK 04tr40O a t 060100 i
t The SUN can be found for
j4 plocosI I
i sale at the following places
R D Clements Co
I VtnCullr iSrot Coi i
Palmer House J
HON P H DARBY of Caldwell
for Court of Appeal
HON OH LINN of Lyon for
I Congress I
CongressDAILY I
We cannot help anybody farther J
up than we itand ourselleII I
1alr tonight and ThundarI
The dunghill policy of the present I
city administration in the bond ques I
j tion ii almost equal to repudiation ofI
which their predecessors In office were I
I unfortunately gntlty Judge Evans of I
1 the federal court decided that the I
overtherlver bonds are legal and I
that the interest on them malt be
paid The city decided to accept the
i Judgment > i final and the council 10 c
Toted The bondholder who hare
been deprived of the use of the money t
that was due ai interest on the bond 0
for several years are entitled to InterII
pit on that interest It Ii just ta b
much due them aa the interest Ihelfg
If a man had t600 interest due him Ii
from the city on a certain date and b
the city didnt pay it he Ii entitled I
to Interest on that 500 the me of ie
which he had teen deprived of by the
I oily through no fault of his own
The council Monday night decided tor
borrow 13600 and pay off the con
pout on which no compound interest
ii demanded Those on which the C
compound interest ii demanded will I
j not be paid not now at lead This I
ii a skin game It Ii I an effort UnI I
Jilt worthy of peblla officials and goodC
builneii men to bluff the holders of C
those bond out of what Ii justly due I
them It ii equivalent to laying If t
youll knock off the compound Inter 1
est well pay off the coupons if you
dont we wont pay them off until we 1
get ready All good citizen wantI I I
the bondholder to get the interest
1 that is due them and the interest onI I
that interest which has remained un
paid for several years through the stu
pidity of a former Democratic council I
If the city bad paid the interest when
c l it was due the bondholder would have
i I been able to invest it 10 it would yield
r I them something It was withheld
and they should now be paid for being I
deprived of iti use If the city can
v get enough money to pay off the con
poni without the compound interest
it can just u easily obtain money
In Irving Enlckerbock
ers New York one reads of
the little ichoepen who con
cluded that the bed way to
get over a bill in bit path
was by taking a two mile
running start and then leap
over it But when he reached
i the foot of the hill he was so
i tired that he tat down and
retted himself There be
many advertiser like the
little ichoepen They start
out valiantly enough and go
i at a brisk gait for a season
and then lie down The small
Ihili I of difficulty magnifies its
I self into a mountain Wulle
he ret the itealy going
+ plodding advertiser forget
h > a V1
thingn I
And she ought to do It
The report of the joint committee 01
the general council on the water flits
tlon plant Ii one that will donbtlfr
meet with the approval of the people
who have long wanted filtered water
and have never had an opportunity t o
secure it unless It ii now It u pro
posed by the water company to put In
the nitration plant at no cost to the
people and In addition to reduce the
suhydrant rental to the city and save
al5000b during the life of the fran
chise on condition that the clause 01
the franchise giving the city the right
every five yean to buy the plant be
abrogated The rereal of this will
euable the company to Interest foreign
capital in the concern and by an in
creasing its stock raise the money need
cstary for present needed extensions
and improvement and for those that
ara certain to come within the next
few yean ai the city expand thus
benefiting the city In every possible
way and absolutely depriving the peo
pie of nothing at It Ii patent to every
sensible person that the posilblllty of
the cltyi ever being able or willing
to buy thevater works Ii very remote
Indeed It Ii I probable that the gener
al council will order the question vot
ed on at the November election which
Ii desired by the water company and
If it U it will then be up to the peo
ple to decide whelther Paducah If to
have filtered water or not
Yesterdays registration shows that
there are many voters in Paducah
who failed to register The Demo
crats showed gain over the first days
registration lad year and the Repub
lican showed losses The reason of
this may lie In the fact that today a
Democratic primary ii being held and
it war known In advance that those
who expected to vote today had to
register yesterday and alto in the fact
that the Democratic committee baa In
measure opened the doors and a
number of persons not heretofore vot
log the Democratic ticket have in all
probability registered M Democrat
in order to vote in the Democratic
primaries The fact that yesterday
registration Is short of the first day
last year and that the Democrats
have gained and the Republicans lost
Indicates that the above Ii correct
in part at least There It no reason
why any Republican voter of Paducah
should flop over and vote the Demo
cratic ticket with the tax rate tl86
and the condition of municipal attain
the wont ever known With both the
cltr and county borrowing and all
under Democratic rule If the people
bent got enough of the Democratlo
grog they ought to have The Repub
lean party in Paducah ii now la a
better condition than ever before and
when the vote Ii counted in November
it will be clearly shown that the peo
ple are not going to longer put up
with Democratic incompetency and
mismanagement In Paducah
Mr W R Hearst the millionaire
owner of the New York Journal and
several other similar newspapers hat
accepted the Democratlo nomination
for congress in the Eleventh district
of New York In his speech of ac
ceptance he advocates public owner
hip of railroads telegraph the an
thracite coal mine and other things
but leaves out the yellow journal
It Is likely there it ai much room
for improvement and reform in these
s i In the railroads and tolegiaphi if
not more for the yellow journals are
the wont menace that edit against
public Institution and the peace and
harmony of the people Half of the
strife and dissatisfaction rampant In
this country are the direct results of
the effort of inch papen at Mr Hearst
owns to array the manes against the
lasses Mr Hearst owes his political
advancement solely to his success in
arousing the prejudices of the poor and I
Ignorant and bin liberal donations to
the campaign fund
Tom Johnson the political clown
who hai a little onering circus over in
Ohio will be changed into a monkey
when Senator Mark Hanna gets
through with him They are to dU
come the tariff Senator Hanna who
Ii a scholar with none of the idtniyn
craciei of the Populists thoroughly
understand the subject but Johnson
along with most other Democrats
know very little about it But he
has been limiting about so heroically
for the past few yean that he dare
not decline and the discussion ought
to be one of nnnsnal Interest It is
hoped Senator Hanna will let John
son down light for it Is never very
commendable to bo too rough on a
It has come at fait They etc try
ing to boom John Mitchell tfie man
who Ii reiponilble for the hard ocal I
Crowded street People
f passing by Old and young
All eager about their own
I affairs and always somebody
in plain sight who needs Scotts
I Emulsion
Now its that whitehaired 1
whitehairse I
old man weak digestion
I and cold body He needs
Scotts Emulsion to warm him
feed him and strengthen his
Sec that pale girl She has
thin blood Scotts Emulsion I
will bring new roses to her face
There goes a youngman with I
narrow chest Consumption is i I
his trouble Scotts Emulsion I
soothes ragged lungs and in
creases flesh and strength
And heres apoorsickly little
child Scotts Emulsion makes i
children growmakes children
famine in the United states which
has canted infinite discomfort and
suffering and has interfered will the
working of the government itself
for governor of Illinois It Ia usu
ally the aim of inch men to break into
office Instead of elevating them to
office the people ought to allow them
to lint Into the obscurity from which
they sprang as soon aa the country re
covers from the effects of their nilI I
influence and work
When the people think of the tl86
tax rate and remember that the city
has had to borrow 60500 already
this year and that there It to be
another tAX levy early in the year I
they will not be in any hurry to elect I
any more of that clique to office IJ J I
A member of the council was I
heard to declare yesterday that jndg j
fig from the way the city was get
ting away with Its money the general 1
council made a great mistake when
It fixed the tax rate at 185 It I I
ought to have made It larger J
The island of Guam experienced 180
shocks In twentyfour hours the other I
day but this ii nothing to what the I
Democratic ticket Ii I going to expert
ence this November
It seems to be the fond delusion of a
few that everyone who remitter the J
Democratic ticket TOte It Well not
Tne fl81 crowd Is today selecting
the little Iambi that are to be led to I
the lauGhter In November r
The Republicans in Paducah will I
not be disappointed over the result ofC
todays AlecUont t
The boys are speeding their hones I
today but they will all be alsoran I
In November I
NovemberThe II
The first days registration is nei i
the only thing There Ii yet another 1
Baltimore Oct 8 Samuel Arnoi j c
74 yean old who was convicted ki
1865 for participation in the assassina 1
tlon of Abraham Lincoln It dead at t t
I his home at Masonvllle Anne Arniel I
country Arnold with Dr MnddPrank I
McLaughlin and others was tried andI I
convicted in Washington during An
drew Johnson term of office ArI I
mld and Mndd were sent to the Dry I
Tortugas for lire but were pardoned
by President Johnson after he had been
acquitted in the impeachment trial
All effort to get Arnold story sf
I i tie Incidents leading up to the tragip
death of President Lincoln were futile
I have prepared a statement which
will exonerate rae from guilt which
will be given to the world after my
death was all he would aay concern
ing the tragedy It is not known
whether Arnold left his promised state
ment or not
Bible Text on Hoe Grave
In the center of a field at Wayerhlll
Suffolk England Ii a large flat stone
covering the grave of a mare which
died In 1862 Inscribed as follows
Polka She never made a false step
Ecclesiastes ItI Itth verse A refer
elect to chapter and versa shows the
following Vor that which befalloth
the coal of ron befalleth beasts even
one thing bet leth them ai the one
dleth to die the other This la
probably the ffcljr Instance of a test
from the lei I tog ppearln Oil s
memorial at a aaaallaal
> 11
The Primary Brought Out Good Dem
ocratic Registration Yesterday
The Republicans Fell Short Over 200
1Manr Neglecting to Register or
1Reglaterlng as Democrat
Yesterday registration shows a fall
lag off In the total I vote of 141 On ac
count of today primary which acted
1as an Incentive to get out the fall
Democratic registration the Democrat
ic increase yesterday was 109 over
fhe first lays registration last year
The decrease of the Republican over
the tint day last year was 230
By precincts the remit yesterday
was at follow
Precincts Dem Rep Mina
Butlers 104 41 3
Chalk 154 38 8
Dlegeli 113 77 80
Soamldti 47 55 8
Elrkpatrlcki 189 78 18
8 S a Homo 163 114 4
N 8 a House 137 13 5
Glauber 117 80 5
Warehouse 184 34 6
Plow Factory 210 67 4
Qallmani 95 106 1
Uennebergeri 112 61 6
Roger 286 80 7
Total 1884 774 104
Grand total 2742
The result the tint day last year
was H follow
Precincts Dem Rep Mice
Butlers 102 61 4
Chalks 141 66 18
OhalkiDlegeli 114 114 20
Schmidt 113 VII 8
Klrkpatrlcki 148 124 10
t 8 O lions 140 120 6
N B 0 UOUM 139 III 4
OUnberi 138 46 1
Warehouse 123 23 I
Plow Factory 213 110 1
Uallmani 90 113 3
Hennebergeri 107 80 6
Rogers 349 74 14
Total 1755 1004 JJ4
Grand total 3883
Qlarkivllle Tenn Oct 8 Olarki
viUe ii to have two more railways
Local capitalists In connection with
men of means from other places have
formed two distinct companies the
one for the purpose of constructing
tlectrto railway from Clarksville
through Pleasant View to Nashville
and the other to construct an electric
line front Ularktvllle to Hopklnsvllle
and Guthrie Ky Both of these com
panics wfll be composed of men of
prominence who can command ample
mean for carrying out their project
lID the ultimate success of the two
enterprise named ii confidently hoped
forthe name of the promoter have
not yet been Dade public The norm
ty court baa granted the right ot way
to both road along the pike of the
county the right of way for the Nash
vlllo road having been granted to T
N Watson of this county and asso
elates It Is i understood that Oheatbam
and Davldnn county people ate asso
elated with Clarksville people in this
The right of way for the road from
here to Hopltliitlllo and Qnthrie was
granted tII N Leech and II a
MemtL Claim Discovery of a Larg Trees
The largest tree In the world Ii I laid
to have recently been discovered In
Africa In the region of tie upper NI
ants Its height Is said to be half
again that 0 the tallest trees In Call
fornta and Its thickness doublo that
of the largest giant redwoods Tile
particular an however suiplclooal
Manomif vacation
Mahomet when allied where he
would spend bit vacation rqlUe4I
Mahomet will w ta the mountain
Upon counting 1Wi change however
be lound that b TU short so was
compelled to stay his two weeks TacaI
tion in the city Later on he made
capital but of the saying and was alto
enablud to take a trip to the seashore
Mr tM Banderton bu estab
lashed Hwry stable on Croadwayad
jolnlrtt the wareholll la which the
Bam Jones meetings will be held
Peniis attending la vehicles can leave
the to his abarglC 1I11tiM S9
Il ioY
Melt riwdMU and niton all the trouble tad
dent K > abUloai state of the system such M
MUnf rail la the HJ4 ao wane then meet
mesartbbaotw has been ahown la easing
Headache yd Carter Little tl a rffli ara
oquall oIuabllu OoUlIo e urto4 pees
= We
tamcl all Uaonkn of theetmaaehrtUmarlin ttu
ar dregaiatthbowel grnutheyooy
Ache they would U almost prltwlM to these who
ones from IMjdUtniMiDgeonipUlDtj but fortes
naty lhirgnwlnrlone oolad b4Ib
was oc try teem will h4 taw nine pUta sloe
ahle In M tn ny wtri tk l they will nol be wIG
10 thebanof ee many Rye that b Iwhn I
others 40 hot
Carton Little linr nits ara wrf small and
Vary stay to take OM or two Idle make a doM
gal toor
They ara strictly Weglatde and do nol gripr
parr bat by their geniis action p1 all wan
them tnylwat rg Beats t cars = 11 old
fry druggists vnrywatra or Beat by malL
Sml E Small nE 1 Small Price
No Session Today on Account of the
Primary Election
Accounts Allowed Yesterday Hut Lit
tie Else of Interest Done
Fiscal court yesterday afternoon ad
journed over until tomorrow morning
on account of Uxlaya primay also
A claim of I12SI1 was allowed the
AmericanGerman National bank for
interest on the money the county has
bad to borrow tb run the goyernment
A claim of f M > from S 13 Oholaon
for Injuries to a bone which fell
through a culvert was rejected
Justice Sean and Sheehan and
County Attorney Grave were appoint
ed a committee to investigate alleged
erroneous ametiments in the county
It was ordered that all money lite
gaily collected be returned to the PIT
sons from whom It was collected
This Is In cases of double aaaeasment
for which the assessor Is to blame
The following accounts were allowed
from the pauper fund
F M Boyd 5BO Laogttall Orme
and Oo e5 F N Gardner ISOHank
Drop 1770 T Schwab 1388 M
Marks ft O W Robertson AIC
Sellers and Oo 13 Mattll and Effln
ger 133 Eo B Berry 9 11 A Pet
ter fltO J W Moore CIAS Lang
Ore 8435 W N Moore 4BOMr
Rodfns 550 F M Matlock tl L
a Ogllvle and Co tl21 J W Orr
f3 Eo n Harbour U A Yopp 19
60 J E Potter 14090 M W Clark
IS215 Total IJC6SS
From the county levy the follow
ing allowance were made L D
Potter 111350 LangitaffOrmo and
Co 11800 AWarell38Bhorrell
Rnssel 1393 J W Ftjr 6048 Rob
ert Parish 4Sr J It Bend 340
Frank M Diegel t211 Scott Hardware I
Co U Register Publishing company
fll Western DUlnT ettlng company 8
36 U 11 MoNntt 1380 T W Lot
trell6 D E WUtoa 11434 J L
Powell U76 E Guthrie tl09 Pads
cab Furniture coupany 960 Jackson
foundry 960 0 A Coleman ts A
M Ogilvie 56J6 DuBois and Et > lb
1380 Total9 3440
The fight to have the over aesess
menU repaid to those who base to
uffel from them wai waged by Judge
Llghtfoot and Justice Barber U favor
of fiscal court refunding the money
and Oounly Attorney Oran who
wanted sham to get redress from the
asicisor This Ii an Important mat >
tcr and has caused the court mud
trouble Many times thb aucsior adds I
an extra uO to the Pgnris of an ai
lenmuat causing some one to have to
pay many dollars he dent awe
hereafter by order of fiscal court inch
mousy will be repaid by fiscal court
D L Farjeon Early Day
D U Farjeon the Rngiih novelist
celebrated his 69th birthday a few
days ago lie Will a gold digger In
Australia In the SOs and did not dis
cover his own ability aa a writer of
fiction until he vent to work on the
Dunedin Time He wrote a serial
story of an Australian waif and It mt
with such success that he Immediate
ly went to London Mrs Farjeon Is
a daughter of Joseph Jefferson the I
actor The author fell In love with
Inkier Jffnon s picture long 1 before he
aLw odt + Gal
Corner Stono Laying of the Public 11
Library Today
Masons Have Charge of Ceremonies
Which Attract Many People
The ceremonies attending the raying
of the cornerstone of the Carnegie
library at Ninth and Broadway were
in progress at lCA time and a forgo
crowd was In attendance
The Masons who have charge of the
laying of the stone started at Fourth s
and Broadway shortly before the hour
set for the ceremonies to begin headed
by Deans band which plays between
speeches at the ground
This afternoon at press time the
crowd present at the cornerstone was
so great that a traveling photographer
could not get a photograph of the
It it estimated that fully 3000
people turned out ami all streets were
adjacent to the building 1ecked
Indianapolis Ind Oct 8The Na
tional Ano latlon of Manufacturers It
lending oiroular letter to manufactur
ers urging them In defeat the eight
hour bill pending in Congress beyond
resnrreetloa The leading labor or
ganlzatione are tending the circular
broadcast with an appeal to union
men to pledge their representatives in
oongres and the sinatato Support the
The circular is signed by President
D M Parry of Indianapolis and
Marshall Cashing of New York sec
retary of the Manufacturers Associa
Regarding theauoclatoa pottton
Mr Parry laid We are opposing
the eight hour day bill not only for
our own good bnt for the good of the
men I believe It Is I a shortsighted
policy In them to advocate the bill
The association in fighting the bill
is not opposed to organized labor but
ii merely opposed to the policy of the
O Clark to W T Lucy for t BOO
property In the county
Chariot Wheeler to John Dloko for
1600 property on the Mayfield road
W H Smith Sr to W II Smith
Jr for 1600 property in the coun
Mary AMitchell to Lula Blngham
for UOO property onSoath Klovontli
Mrs L 1C Taylor Ja JamcSprlggFt
for 9175 property on South Eighth t
J M Wortea to W Eo Cochran
for 260 property in the Worten ad
Xdna Allard to Josephine Spaldlngi
fee 4300 property on North Sixth
near Barnett street
Break Owen and otbex o W A
Well and others for 1900 vreo r
ty on the Olarka ivn read
Coins Struck by Kruger
Several Kruger sovereigns the
last Issued by the xiirIdent ot the
Traaavaa and struck In bit train
near Machadodorp in 1990arae now an
view U Lnntanpe
settlers rate to California and the
Northwest vU the Missouri Pacific
Hjr and Ironi maintain bate horn
SI Louis or Memphis
Tickets on Sale dally during the
months of September and Catchers I
from St Louts and Memphis to pdn
olpal points In California 30
From St Louis to principal points f
In thoNorthwest t26 9750 tSO ao
cording to location Tourist sleepers
free reclining chair can operated via
the Missouri Pacific system and Ii the
but way to reach Western state
IIomeiMkirt excursions liberal
limits ana stopover privilege on Ball
first and third Tuesdays of eacn f
month to certain points in the West
and Southwest
For fall information map folders
descriptive literature etc consult
nearest ticket agent or address It
T G Matthews T P A LonlsviU
Kyj I H O Towmend G P and Tj
A St Louis Mo
All taxes not paid bv October J3
will be advertised and sold Please
call on she iii and save cost of Sliver
t TTKU Sheriff

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